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Running Redlights

Dec 16, 2020 11:00 PM β€“ 1:00 AM

With Jen

Every Wednesday this fall at 11pm ET.

Refresh the playlist page to see updated song info, and please do say hi in the chat!

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Running Redlights
11:00 PM
The Rondelles - Mission: Irresistible
The Rondelles Mission: Irresistible
Fiction, Romance, Fast Machines Smells Like Records 1998
11:01 PM
Set Break
11:02 PM
The Desperate Bicycles - Sarcasm
The Desperate Bicycles Sarcasm
Remorse Code Refill Records 1979


11:06 PM
Armitage Shanks - Borstal Breakout
Armitage Shanks Borstal Breakout
Cacophany Now Damaged Goods Records 1997


11:08 PM
Bad Moves - Party with the Kids Who Wanna Party with You
Bad Moves Party with the Kids Who Wanna Party with You N
Untenable Don Giovanni Records 2020
11:12 PM
Beach Slang - Spin the Dial
Beach Slang Spin the Dial
A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings Polyvinyl Records 2016
11:15 PM
Blue Feeling - And My Baby's Gone
Blue Feeling And My Baby's Gone N
Spare Parts: The Night Owl Label V/A Numero Group 2020
11:17 PM
Set Break
11:20 PM
Bluetip - Spooky
Bluetip Spooky
Post Mortem Anthem Dischord 2001
11:24 PM
Culture Shock - Pressure
Culture Shock Pressure
Onwards & Upwards Bluurg 1988


11:27 PM
Boogarins - Are You Crazy Julian
Boogarins Are You Crazy Julian N
Manchaca, Vol. 1 (A Compilation of Boogarins Memories, Dreams, Demos and Outtakes from Austin, TX) Overseas Artists Recordings 2020
11:30 PM
Matt Valentine - Hit the Trails
Matt Valentine Hit the Trails
What I Became Woodsist 2011
11:36 PM
Astute Palate - A Little Proof
Astute Palate A Little Proof N
Astute Palate Eternal Soundcheck 2020


11:40 PM
Set Break
11:42 PM
The Life and Times - Out Through the In Door
The Life and Times Out Through the In Door
The Life and Times Slimstyle 2017
11:45 PM
Cobra Verde - One Step Away from Myself
Cobra Verde One Step Away from Myself
Nightlife Scat 1999
11:51 PM
Dramarama - Anything, Anything
Dramarama Anything, Anything
Cinema Verite New Rose 1985
11:51 PM
Xray Eyeballs - Crystal
Xray Eyeballs Crystal
Not Nothing Kanine Records / Fontana North 2011
11:54 PM
VKTMS - Roma Rocket
VKTMS Roma Rocket
VKTMS Broken Rekids 1997
11:56 PM
Set Break
11:58 PM
Wax Chattels - Glue
Wax Chattels Glue N
Clot Captured Tracks/Flying Nun Records 2020
12:03 AM
Japandroids - Heart Sweats
Japandroids Heart Sweats
Post-Nothing Polyvinyl Records 2009
12:07 AM
Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou - Ancestral Recall
Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou Ancestral Recall N
May Our Chambers Be Full - EP Sacred Bones Records 2020
12:11 AM
Grails - I Led Three Lives
Grails I Led Three Lives
Deep Politics Temporary Residence Limited 2011
12:19 AM
Psandwich - We Remystify
Psandwich We Remystify
Northren Psych Columbus Discount Records 2011
12:22 AM
Set Break
12:24 AM
Moral Mazes - Gold Beach Fortress
Moral Mazes Gold Beach Fortress N
Gold Beach Fortress - Single Little Rocket Records 2020
12:28 AM
The Afghan Whigs - Scream
The Afghan Whigs Scream
Big Top Halloween Ultrasuede 1988


12:31 AM
The Blinders - Forty Days and Forty Nights
The Blinders Forty Days and Forty Nights N
Fantasies of a Stay at Home Psychopath Modern Sky UK 2020
12:35 AM
The Happy Thoughts - Bad Days
The Happy Thoughts Bad Days
The Happy Thoughts Hozac 2011
12:37 AM
The Bobby Fuller Four - Another Sad and Lonely Night
The Bobby Fuller Four Another Sad and Lonely Night
Never to Be Forgotten: The Mustang Years Rhino 1997
Originally released as a single in 1973
12:39 AM
Set Break
12:41 AM
The Vile Cherubs - Rose Garden
The Vile Cherubs Rose Garden
The Man Who Has No Eats Has No Sweats White Heap Records 1993


12:44 AM
The German Measles - Average
The German Measles Average
A German Joke Is No Laughing Matter Krazy Punx 2011


12:47 AM
The Gun Club - Hearts
The Gun Club Hearts
Mother Juno Red Rhino 1987
12:50 AM
Andwellas Dream - Sunday
Andwellas Dream Sunday N
Love and Poetry Numero Group 2020
12:53 AM
Set Break
12:55 AM
Waxwing - There Will Be a Reckoning
Waxwing There Will Be a Reckoning
One for the Ride Second Nature Recordings 2000
Chat is archived.
Brian Pinna 11:00:39 PM
Great song!
Jen (host) 11:01:22 PM
Nice, glad you’re into it! Great start!
Brian Pinna 11:04:44 PM
Bo 11:06:13 PM
Hi Jen, nothing like the scent of a great song
Jen (host) 11:07:51 PM
Hi Bo - we totally support synesthesia here. Equal opportunity playlists.
Jen (host) 11:08:52 PM
Also, this is one of those great songs! Total roll the windows down and yell at street signs kind of song.
Bo 11:10:41 PM
I'm down!
Brian Pinna 11:13:03 PM
What song is playing currently?
Jen (host) 11:14:05 PM
This is Beach Slang
Brian Pinna 11:14:55 PM
Thank You!
Jen (host) 11:16:03 PM
You’re welcome!
Bo 11:18:04 PM
Armitage Shanks were/ are famous for making toilets, ahem.
Jen (host) 11:20:09 PM
Hahahaha that totally makes sense.
Brian Pinna 11:20:18 PM
That's why that's a perfect band name yeah
Bo 11:22:26 PM
Shite yes!
Brian Pinna 11:25:24 PM
Is this ska before ska was popular?
Bo 11:26:31 PM
Bo 11:27:21 PM
This is damn tight though!
Brian Pinna 11:26:47 PM
It kind sounds like there's a little ska elements in it
Brian Pinna 11:26:56 PM
yeah it's really good
Jen (host) 11:27:13 PM
Before and after ska became popular.. OG ska-punk...
Brian Pinna 11:28:20 PM
oh, thank you
Jen (host) 11:30:40 PM
I love Culture Shock! Formerly Subhumans, and later became Citizen Fish, who are a blast live too.
Brian Pinna 11:32:08 PM
Subhumans were amazing
Brian Pinna 11:33:29 PM
Jen, have you ever listened to the band called " crack cloud"
Bo 11:35:30 PM
Awe BP, ya just gone did it!
Bo 11:36:12 PM
They are the shit!
Brian Pinna 11:35:51 PM
Yeah Bo. They're amazing
Jen (host) 11:37:13 PM
Yes! Played them last week - loving the record that just came out but don’t know enough beyond that.
Jen (host) 11:38:33 PM
I can see we are all friends here
Bo 11:38:37 PM
Roll on 2021
Bo 11:39:21 PM
Aye lassie
Brian Pinna 11:40:20 PM
yeah haha, we are making friends with each other.... Yeah crack cloud are amazing
Brian Pinna 11:41:22 PM
Do any of you like the band " wipers"
Jen (host) 11:42:48 PM
Love the Wipers!
Brian Pinna 11:43:37 PM
Brian Pinna 11:43:58 PM
Youth of America is one of the best albums ever made
Bo 11:43:32 PM
Wipers kick ass
Brian Pinna 11:44:25 PM
Bo 11:45:37 PM
Jen have you heard of The Sons Of Southern Ulster?
Jen (host) 11:45:55 PM
I have not!
Bo 11:46:19 PM
Jen (host) 11:48:09 PM
Roger that
Brian Pinna 11:49:22 PM
I'll listen to them as well after this
Bo 11:50:13 PM
Can't wait to here your thoughts
Jen (host) 11:52:26 PM
Oops sorry, was a little behind on the list. All salute Dramarama!
Jen (host) 11:53:03 PM
And great, thanks for the rec!
Bo 11:52:41 PM
You are forgiven.
Bo 11:53:26 PM
I thought it was my friggin' phone...
Brian Pinna 11:54:58 PM
I'm going to to sleep. See you guys. I'll be on for tomorrows show. I'll give you my thoughts of that band Bo.. Bye
Jen (host) 11:56:07 PM
Thanks for tuning in, Brian!
Bo 11:55:55 PM
Bo 12:34:44 AM
Blinders are blinding!
Jen (host) 12:38:31 AM
Good song, right?
Bo 12:38:50 AM
Damn Skippy!
Bo 12:45:57 AM
If I can be so bold ... will you please check out The Lovely Eggs and also The Wave Pictures.
Colin McDonnell 12:47:05 AM
Good show! at the moment the band I shazamed this show was northern psych.
Jen (host) 12:48:17 AM
Cool, Bo, will do, and Colin, thank you! The band is Psandwich!
Colin McDonnell 12:52:56 AM
I very had that mixed up, but my shazams dump to a spotify playlist. Probably my most play list. Yeah! I'm a modern man man!
Bo 12:53:49 AM
This is a killer song.
Colin McDonnell 12:53:44 AM
Bo and I agree!
Jen (host) 12:54:16 AM
Haha right on
Colin McDonnell 12:54:17 AM
Oh snap and they're Irish!
Colin McDonnell 12:54:38 AM
The songs of my people.
Bo 12:54:50 AM
Aye lad!
Bo 12:56:18 AM
Jen, you are the coolest!
Ian Smith 12:57:14 AM
it's always a good time tuning in to your show, Jen. Thank you for it!
Jen (host) 12:57:31 AM
Thanks, you guys! See you next time.