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Jon Solomon

Dec 25, 2020 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM

With Jon Solomon

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


25-Hour Holiday Radio Show! (Hours 13-25)

Jon Solomon
5:00 AM
Dead Artist Syndrome - Christmas
Dead Artist Syndrome Christmas
Dead Artist Syndrome
5:04 AM
Warm Digits - Good Enough For You This Christmas
Warm Digits Good Enough For You This Christmas
Lost Christmas V/A Memphis Industries 2020
5:08 AM
Orange Monster - The Night Before Christmas
Orange Monster The Night Before Christmas
Snow On The Beach and Sand In The Pines [Bonus Songs]
5:11 AM
Team Tomato - Sledge Ride (Nutcracker)
Team Tomato Sledge Ride (Nutcracker)
A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Volume Six V/A
5:15 AM
Dom Mariani's Orange - Christmasonic
Dom Mariani's Orange Christmasonic
Rockin' Bethlehem (The Second Coming) V/A
5:18 AM
Malcolm Tent - Under The Mall
Malcolm Tent Under The Mall
5:21 AM
The Long Blondes - Christmas Is Cancelled
The Long Blondes Christmas Is Cancelled
Demos Vol. 1 & 2
5:25 AM
Set Break
5:30 AM
Silent Winter - Holy Land of Fire and Snow
Silent Winter Holy Land of Fire and Snow
Holy Land of Fire and Snow 2020
5:36 AM
"Morrissey" - Tears Under The Mistletoe  "Commercial"
"Morrissey" Tears Under The Mistletoe "Commercial"
5:37 AM
murderedman - Christmas in Little Armenia
murderedman Christmas in Little Armenia
PRF Week 14: It's Christmas! V/A
5:40 AM
Sara Noelle - Christmas At Sea
Sara Noelle Christmas At Sea
Christmas At Sea
5:44 AM
Dubrovniks - Bah Humbugger
Dubrovniks Bah Humbugger
Rockin' Bethlehem V/A
5:48 AM
Nancy and Mark - Last Year's Tree
Nancy and Mark Last Year's Tree
Last Year's Tree
5:51 AM
5:53 AM
Set Break
5:57 AM
Merkel & The Merkelettes - Merkel's Waiting for the Man
Merkel & The Merkelettes Merkel's Waiting for the Man
A Sack Full Of Music
6:01 AM
Lou Reed - Christmas In February
Lou Reed Christmas In February
Cool Christmas
6:04 AM
Taylor Mac - All Tomorrow's Parties / Little Drummer Boy
Taylor Mac All Tomorrow's Parties / Little Drummer Boy
Taylor Mac's Holiday Sauce Favorite Fruit 2020
6:08 AM
Michael Lynch - Donde Esta Santa Claus
Michael Lynch Donde Esta Santa Claus
Michael Lynch Xmas Songs: 2009-11
6:11 AM
Tom Dyer & His Queen’s Pajamas - No Lou This Xmas
Tom Dyer & His Queen’s Pajamas No Lou This Xmas
Christmas Boogie Woogie: Ten Years of Green Monkey Christmas 2019
6:16 AM
Arty Need - "The Velvet Underground and Nico Christmas Album"
Arty Need "The Velvet Underground and Nico Christmas Album"
6:18 AM
Dub Proof - Fly My Way
Dub Proof Fly My Way
Season's Greetings 2019
6:22 AM
DJ Tenderloin - Walk on the Wild Silent Night
DJ Tenderloin Walk on the Wild Silent Night
6:26 AM
Bruce Cockburn & Lou Reed - Cry Of A Tiny Babe
Bruce Cockburn & Lou Reed Cry Of A Tiny Babe
6:33 AM
mojochronic - Lou Christmas (Without You) (The Velvet Underground vs Straight No Chaser v Staples Singers vs Salzburg Children's Choir)
mojochronic Lou Christmas (Without You) (The Velvet Underground vs Straight No Chaser v Staples Singers vs Salzburg Children's Choir)
Santastic 8 V/A
6:38 AM
Set Break
6:43 AM
Ski Patrol - Lighting Up A Dark Season
Ski Patrol Lighting Up A Dark Season
2020 Christmas Stories
6:49 AM
Set Break
6:50 AM
The Sonics - The Village Idiot
The Sonics The Village Idiot
Merry Christmas
6:53 AM
Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Christmas Time in the Mountains
Bonnie "Prince" Billy Christmas Time in the Mountains R
Hello Sorrow / Hello Joy
6:54 AM
Mikal Cronin - The Worst Christmas Album
Mikal Cronin The Worst Christmas Album
The Worst Christmas Album
7:21 AM
Jim Becker - Christmas Must Be Tonight
Jim Becker Christmas Must Be Tonight
Whiskey Unplugged - Open Mic at PBC
7:25 AM
Albert Brooks - Daddy's Christmas
Albert Brooks Daddy's Christmas
7:28 AM
Half Man Half Biscuit - It's Clichéd to Be Cynical At Christmas
Half Man Half Biscuit It's Clichéd to Be Cynical At Christmas
Trouble Over Bridgewater 2005
7:32 AM
Run On - Xmas Trip
Run On Xmas Trip
Start Packing Matador
7:33 AM
Set Break
7:38 AM
George Korein & The Spleen - Upsot Bells
George Korein & The Spleen Upsot Bells
2020 Christmas Stories
7:40 AM
Set Break
7:43 AM
Tom Ryan & Friends - Coming Home
Tom Ryan & Friends Coming Home
Arbor Christmas: Volume 21 V/A
7:46 AM
The Mountain Goats - Merry Christmas From The Family
The Mountain Goats Merry Christmas From The Family
Live At Cat's Cradle, Dec. 18, 2006
7:50 AM
Hefner - The Little Baby Hefner's Xmas Song for Holland
Hefner The Little Baby Hefner's Xmas Song for Holland
Catfight Belka 2006
7:54 AM
Mars Williams - The Hanukkah-Xmas March of Truth For 12 Days of Jingling Bells With Spirits In Chicago
Mars Williams The Hanukkah-Xmas March of Truth For 12 Days of Jingling Bells With Spirits In Chicago
Mars Williams Presents An Ayler Xmas Vol 4: Chicago vs. NYC Astral Spirits 2020
8:18 AM
Reigning Sound - If Christmas Can't Bring You Home
Reigning Sound If Christmas Can't Bring You Home
A Christmas Gift To You From Norton Records, Vol. 1 V/A
8:21 AM
The Ornaments - A Coca-Cola Classic Christmas
The Ornaments A Coca-Cola Classic Christmas
A Coca-Cola Classic Christmas
8:24 AM
AC/DC - Mistress For Christmas
AC/DC Mistress For Christmas
The Razor's Edge
8:27 AM
Set Break
8:33 AM
Seth Herzog - Christmas Story
Seth Herzog Christmas Story
2020 Christmas Stories
8:40 AM
Set Break
8:42 AM
Couch Flambeau - Santa Claus Skips Cudahy
Couch Flambeau Santa Claus Skips Cudahy
I Did A Power Slide In The Taco Stand
8:43 AM
Galaxie 500 - Listen, The Snow Is Falling
Galaxie 500 Listen, The Snow Is Falling
This Is Our Music
8:51 AM
Stan Kenton - What Is A Santa Claus?
Stan Kenton What Is A Santa Claus?
Merry Swacmas 2004
8:54 AM
Bob Chapman - What We All Want For Christmas
Bob Chapman What We All Want For Christmas
Gang of Four vs. The Waitresses
8:59 AM
Last Chance - Jingle Bells
Last Chance Jingle Bells
Explosive Sound Christmas
9:15 AM
Jim Backus & Daws Butler - I Was A Teenage Reindeer
Jim Backus & Daws Butler I Was A Teenage Reindeer
9:17 AM
Randolph's Leap - Christmas Burn It All (Featuring The Olive Grove All-Stars)
Randolph's Leap Christmas Burn It All (Featuring The Olive Grove All-Stars)
Christmas, Burn It All
9:22 AM
Set Break
9:28 AM
The New Birds Of America - Balthazar's Song
The New Birds Of America Balthazar's Song
2020 Christmas Stories
9:32 AM
Set Break
9:33 AM
Killdozer - Oh Little Town Of Deathlehem
Killdozer Oh Little Town Of Deathlehem
Hardcore Holiday
9:36 AM
Fishbone - Slick Nick, You Devil You
Fishbone Slick Nick, You Devil You
It's A Wonderful Life (Gonna Have A Good Time)
9:41 AM
Beck - The Little Drum Machine Boy
Beck The Little Drum Machine Boy
The Little Drum Machine Boy Geffen 1996
9:48 AM
Nate Ruth - Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)
Nate Ruth Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)
9:51 AM
Sonic Youth - Santa Doesn't Cop Out On Dope
Sonic Youth Santa Doesn't Cop Out On Dope
Just Say Noel V/A
9:54 AM
The Galaxies - Please Come Home for Christmas
The Galaxies Please Come Home for Christmas
Merry Christmas
9:57 AM
Bitter Grin - Xmas Day
Bitter Grin Xmas Day
10:00 AM
Set Break
10:05 AM
Policymaker - Straightedge Santa
Policymaker Straightedge Santa
2020 Christmas Stories
10:07 AM
Set Break
10:09 AM
The Snaildartha 6 - Snaildartha: The Story of Jerry the Christmas Snail
The Snaildartha 6 Snaildartha: The Story of Jerry the Christmas Snail
Snaildartha: The Story of Jerry the Christmas Snail


10:55 AM
Set Break
10:59 AM
Deth Elf - Xmas 2020
Deth Elf Xmas 2020
2020 Christmas Stories
11:02 AM
Set Break
11:04 AM
Lindstrom - Little Drummer Boy
Lindstrom Little Drummer Boy
Little Drummer Boy
11:47 AM
Set Break
11:51 AM
Sebastian Petsu - Long Strands Of Light
Sebastian Petsu Long Strands Of Light
2020 Christmas Stories
11:54 AM
Set Break
11:59 AM
Ozzy Osbourne - Christmas Greeting #3
Ozzy Osbourne Christmas Greeting #3
Holiday Greetings From The Epic, Portrait And CBS Associated Families
11:59 AM
Santa Sabbath - Santanaut
Santa Sabbath Santanaut
12:03 PM
Xmas Pigs - Xmas Pigs
Xmas Pigs Xmas Pigs
Cd single
12:11 PM
SANTA WEARS BOOTS - Santa Wears Boots
12:17 PM
Ozzy Osbourne - Christmas Greetings #2
Ozzy Osbourne Christmas Greetings #2
Holiday Greetings From The Epic, Portrait And CBS Associated Families
12:18 PM
Santa Sabbath - Frosty the Snowman
Santa Sabbath Frosty the Snowman
Children of the Sleigh Santa Sabbath 2015
12:20 PM
DCTV - Sabbath Santa
DCTV Sabbath Santa
Noel interdit
12:24 PM
Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio - I Am Santa Claus
Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio I Am Santa Claus
Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio - Twisted Christmas Boxed Set 1993
12:27 PM
Ozzy Osbourne - Season's Greetings
Ozzy Osbourne Season's Greetings
Holiday Greetings From The Epic, Portrait And CBS Associated Family
12:27 PM
Santa Sabbath - Nativity in Red and White
Santa Sabbath Nativity in Red and White
Christmas Bloody Christmas
12:33 PM
Sluggishas Xmastravaganza 9 V/A
12:38 PM
Santa Sabbath - Sweet Tree
Santa Sabbath Sweet Tree
12:43 PM
Ozzy Osbourne - Season's Greetings
Ozzy Osbourne Season's Greetings
Holiday Greetings From The Epic, Portrait And CBS Associated Family
12:43 PM
I See Hawks in L​.​A. - God Rest Ye Merry War Pigs
I See Hawks in L​.​A. God Rest Ye Merry War Pigs
Something Shocking from the Stocking
12:45 PM
Set Break
12:53 PM
Edith Frost & The Snowflakes - Forget About Christmas
Edith Frost & The Snowflakes Forget About Christmas
2020 Chrismas Stories
12:56 PM
Set Break
12:59 PM
The Sonics - Don't Believe In Christmas
The Sonics Don't Believe In Christmas
Merry Christmas
1:01 PM
David Hill (produced by Cameron Flemming) - Gift Of The Magician
David Hill (produced by Cameron Flemming) Gift Of The Magician
2013 Christmas Stories
1:14 PM
The Bigger Lovers - For Christ's Sake
The Bigger Lovers For Christ's Sake
This Affair Never Happened... Yep Roc Records 2004
1:19 PM
Ghostface Killah - Ghostface X-mas
Ghostface Killah Ghostface X-mas
GhostDeini the Great RAL 2008
1:22 PM
Say Sue Me - Out Of Bed
Say Sue Me Out Of Bed
Christmas, It's No Biggie
1:26 PM
P.S. Tail, Esq. - Jingle Rock Bell
P.S. Tail, Esq. Jingle Rock Bell
I'm Taking You With Me...For Xmas!
1:29 PM
Sloan - December 25
Sloan December 25
Kids Come Back Again at Christmas Murderecords 2016
1:32 PM
Set Break
1:34 PM
B. Musikoff - Isolated, Capsulated, Christmas In Space
B. Musikoff Isolated, Capsulated, Christmas In Space
2020 Christmas Stories
1:37 PM
Set Break
1:38 PM
Misfitsmas - Christmas Eve
Misfitsmas Christmas Eve
11 Hits From Heaven
1:41 PM
Two Inch Winky - Last Christmas
Two Inch Winky Last Christmas
Legacy of Nativity
1:43 PM
Angry Snowmans - Horror Christmas
Angry Snowmans Horror Christmas
What We Do Is Festive
1:45 PM
Two Inch Winky - Christmas Tree
Two Inch Winky Christmas Tree
Legacy of Nativity
1:47 PM
Misfitsmas - Eat Pie!
Misfitsmas Eat Pie!
11 Hits From Heaven
1:48 PM
The Misfit Toys - Figgy Pudding
The Misfit Toys Figgy Pudding
2018 Christmas Stories
1:51 PM
The Manischefits - Hanukkah
The Manischefits Hanukkah
1:53 PM
Two Inch Winky - Presents
Two Inch Winky Presents
Legacy of Nativity
1:55 PM
2017 Christmas Stories
1:56 PM
Angry Snowmans - 20 Lights
Angry Snowmans 20 Lights
What We Do Is Festive
1:58 PM
Great Whyte Lyin' Snake - I Killed Santa Today
Great Whyte Lyin' Snake I Killed Santa Today
1:59 PM
Two Inch Winky - Santa
Two Inch Winky Santa
Legacy of Nativity
2:01 PM
Misfitsmas - Astro Santa
Misfitsmas Astro Santa
11 Hits From Heaven
2:03 PM
Two Inch Winky - I Turned Into Santa Claus
Two Inch Winky I Turned Into Santa Claus
Legacy of Nativity
2:05 PM
Misfitsmas - Merry Christmisfits!
Misfitsmas Merry Christmisfits!
11 Hits From Heaven
2:07 PM
Two Inch Winky - Christmas Eve
Two Inch Winky Christmas Eve
Legacy of Nativity
2:09 PM
Set Break
2:13 PM
Taxi Vision - Christmas On The PATH Train
Taxi Vision Christmas On The PATH Train
2020 Christmas Stories
2:15 PM
Set Break
2:18 PM
Joel RL Phelps - O Come Emmanuel
Joel RL Phelps O Come Emmanuel
2016 Christmas Stories
2:21 PM
Joel RL Phelps - When In Come The Newborn Kings
Joel RL Phelps When In Come The Newborn Kings
2016 Christmas Stories
2:26 PM
Joel RL Phelps - We Three
Joel RL Phelps We Three
2012 Christmas Stories
2:31 PM
Joel RL Phelps - The New Year 12-13
Joel RL Phelps The New Year 12-13
2012 Christmas Stories
2:32 PM
Joel RL Phelps - Someday Soon
Joel RL Phelps Someday Soon
2016 Christmas Stories
2:36 PM
Joel RL Phelps - The Most Highly Favored
Joel RL Phelps The Most Highly Favored
2019 Christmas Stories
2:40 PM
Joel RL Phelps - Gone Home For Christmas
Joel RL Phelps Gone Home For Christmas
2016 Christmas Stories
2:49 PM
Joel RL Phelps - The Devil Wins
Joel RL Phelps The Devil Wins
2016 Christmas Stories
2:54 PM
Joel RL Phelps - The Secret Strain
Joel RL Phelps The Secret Strain
2017 Christmas Stories
3:00 PM
Joel RL Phelps - The First Christmas
Joel RL Phelps The First Christmas
2019 Christmas Stories
3:01 PM
Joel RL Phelps - Heard On High
Joel RL Phelps Heard On High
2019 Christmas Stories
3:10 PM
Joel RL Phelps - Underneath The Tree
Joel RL Phelps Underneath The Tree
2020 Christmas Stories
3:12 PM
Joel RL Phelps - EXMasPrez
Joel RL Phelps EXMasPrez
2020 Christmas Stories
3:19 PM
Set Break
3:35 PM
ANDEMIC - Posi Xmas
2020 Christmas Stories
3:38 PM
Set Break
3:42 PM
The Fall - Happy Holiday
The Fall Happy Holiday
Behind The Counter
3:45 PM
The Fall - No Xmas For John Quays
The Fall No Xmas For John Quays
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004
3:50 PM
The Fall - Christmastide
The Fall Christmastide
Levitate Cherry Red Records 2018
3:54 PM
King Mistletoe Jr - Hark, Oh Brother Tannenbaum
King Mistletoe Jr Hark, Oh Brother Tannenbaum
2016 Christmas Stories
3:57 PM
The Fall - Jingle Bell Rock
The Fall Jingle Bell Rock
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004
3:58 PM
The Fall - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
The Fall Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004
4:01 PM
Theme Weavers LLC - No Xmas For John Quays
Theme Weavers LLC No Xmas For John Quays
4:04 PM
John Peel - Introduces The Fall
John Peel Introduces The Fall
4:06 PM
The Fall - Blue Christmas
The Fall Blue Christmas
Live 2011
4:09 PM
The Fall - (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas
The Fall (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas N
(We Wish You) A Protein Christmas
4:13 PM
After the Fall - Totally Tired (Of Xmas)
After the Fall Totally Tired (Of Xmas)
2017 Christmas Stories
4:17 PM
The Fall - Xmas With Simon
The Fall Xmas With Simon
High Tension Line
4:19 PM
The Fall - No Xmas For John Quays
The Fall No Xmas For John Quays
The Fall Box Set 1976 - 2007
4:24 PM
The Fall - Happy Holiday (Promo Mix)
The Fall Happy Holiday (Promo Mix)
Middle Class Revolt Cherry Red Records 2015
4:27 PM
Set Break
4:30 PM
The Rutabega - Christmas Fell To Pieces
The Rutabega Christmas Fell To Pieces
2020 Christmas Stories
4:33 PM
Set Break
4:35 PM
King Diamond - No Presents for Christmas
King Diamond No Presents for Christmas
The Dark Sides 1988
4:39 PM
The Wailers - Maybe This Year
The Wailers Maybe This Year
Merry Christmas Etiquette Records
4:42 PM
ScreamerClauz - 12 Days of Ax-Mess
ScreamerClauz 12 Days of Ax-Mess
Northpole Hellhole
4:45 PM
Cookin Soul - MF Grinch
Cookin Soul MF Grinch
4:49 PM
Ol' Pal Irwin - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Ol' Pal Irwin Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Stay Free Xmas 2004
4:52 PM
Prince - Another Lonely Christmas (Extended Version)
Prince Another Lonely Christmas (Extended Version)
4:58 PM
Mac McCaughan - Happy New Year (Prince Can't Die Again)
Mac McCaughan Happy New Year (Prince Can't Die Again)
2016 Christmas Stories
5:02 PM
Set Break
5:08 PM
Humpers - Run, Run Rudolph
Humpers Run, Run Rudolph
Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus, Vol. 1 & 2 Sympathy for the Record Industry 2011
5:11 PM
Hybrid Kids - We Three Kings / O Come All Ye Faithful / Deck The Halls
Hybrid Kids We Three Kings / O Come All Ye Faithful / Deck The Halls
5:28 PM
The Little Places - This Year We're Having Christmas On Your Birthday
The Little Places This Year We're Having Christmas On Your Birthday
December V/A
5:34 PM
Jake McKelvie & the Countertops - Rock n Roll Saint Nicholas
Jake McKelvie & the Countertops Rock n Roll Saint Nicholas
2017 Christmas Stories
5:37 PM
DJ Tenderloin - Christmas Is A Magic Number
DJ Tenderloin Christmas Is A Magic Number
5:40 PM
The Galaxies - Christmas Eve
The Galaxies Christmas Eve
Merry Christmas
5:44 PM
Low - Just Like Christmas
Low Just Like Christmas
Christmas Kranky 2000
5:46 PM
Set Break
5:49 PM
The Law - What Did Santa Claus Bring You For Christmas
The Law What Did Santa Claus Bring You For Christmas
5:52 PM
Silkworm - Merry Christmas
Silkworm Merry Christmas
The My Pal God Holiday Album V/A
5:54 PM
Set Break
5:57 PM
The Wailers - The Christmas Song
The Wailers The Christmas Song
Merry Christmas
Thank you.
Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:03:35 AM
Are we back, chat?
Jon Solomon (host) 5:07:38 AM
I think we are back!
Factorial 5:09:04 AM
Jon Solomon (host) 5:08:51 AM
Phew. Thank you. There's a FALSE PLAYLIST in the mix but I am glad this is basically sorted.
Mark 5:11:35 AM
Congrats 🎉 on making it to the new playlist !!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:11:44 AM
It still isn't assigned properly to my shows but it is better than nothing. Working on it!
Mark 5:14:27 AM
Hmmmm seems fine to me ...
Jon Solomon (host) 5:14:20 AM
It is a different header. Will manage but I fixed it before...
Jon Solomon (host) 5:14:39 AM
Should show up here, but doesn't! - https://spinitron.com/WPRB/show/206059/Jon-Solomon
Mark 5:17:33 AM
Ok I did notice that ... hmmm call spin tech support sure there’s someone there right now :)
Jon Solomon (host) 5:17:32 AM
Jon Solomon (host) 5:19:17 AM
Mark 5:22:41 AM
Yes !! All is good in the Playlist world / nice work figuring that out in hour 12 :)
Jon Solomon (host) 5:22:57 AM
It was not intuitive, but now I can focus on, uh, radio again!
Mark 5:25:16 AM
Hahaha ... great show I’m surprised the European listeners aren’t here now
Jon Solomon (host) 5:24:49 AM
I have heard from a few, just not in the chat.
Mark 5:26:02 AM
I knew there had to be a contingent !
Jon Solomon (host) 5:25:37 AM
Europe, Asia, South America all checking in.
Mark 5:27:40 AM
Fantastic leaves only Africa India and Australia that still have to contact:)
Jon Solomon (host) 5:29:33 AM
Jason Goldman 5:30:35 AM
I will say that the amount of fireworks that went off around Asuncion at midnight was second place only to the amount that went off in the New Orleans metropolitan area when the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:30:47 AM
DJ Tenderloin 5:31:48 AM
Good morning sir - what I miss? :) Keep on keepin' on Jon you're doing great!
Carlin 5:31:22 AM
Jon Solomon (host) 5:32:25 AM
A whole lot of weather is what you missed (but I bet you didn't)!
Eva Hanna 5:34:04 AM
Scotland checking in, a little late
Jon Solomon (host) 5:33:31 AM
Factorial 5:38:19 AM
how have i missed morrissey xmas before?
Factorial 5:38:43 AM
thought "jingle bells, what the hell" rings, ahem, a bell
Jon Solomon (host) 5:38:29 AM
Because I haven't played it before!
Factorial 5:39:25 AM
thumbs up i legit loled
Jon Solomon (host) 5:38:49 AM
Still going strong on new material outside of Misfits / Ramones sets, shockingly.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:39:28 AM
Hope this isn't too much new for you all. It has proven to make my stress level far lower, actually. I am not running around like a loon though I miss a ton of old favorites already I know I won't have time for...
Factorial 5:43:04 AM
it's been all quality!
Factorial 5:43:23 AM
new favorites
Jon Solomon (host) 5:46:24 AM
Yeah, pretty happy with my 2020 finds. There are a lot of 'em but they fit my conception of the show still.
Mark 5:48:05 AM
We still on track for vu set at 6 am ?
Jon Solomon (host) 5:47:37 AM
Around then, yes.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:47:42 AM
With additions!
Chandler Lewis 5:48:02 AM
Thoroughly enjoying the new tooonz. 2020 ain't all bad.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:48:39 AM
Chandler! Hello!
Mark 5:50:16 AM
Great hope there’s some post ‘70 since it would have some Yule ! :)
Carlos Pedroni 5:57:32 AM
Why can’t I see the entire playlist. Wanna see what was going on when I was catching some zzzz
Jon Solomon (host) 5:57:47 AM
I can help!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:57:53 AM
First 12 hours are here:
Jon Solomon (host) 5:58:25 AM
Factorial 6:05:43 AM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:05:36 AM
I hope that's a good +!
Dan Weis 6:12:23 AM
couldn't stay away for too long. 3am PST!
Mark 6:14:49 AM
Hahaha this is fantastic/ i hope the sunrise isn’t too startling next hour
Jon Solomon (host) 6:14:55 AM
I really can't wait for the sun. A lifetime of basement DJ-ing and now it is going to be like the end of Blade......2?
Dan Weis 6:15:15 AM
Any other San Diego County folks on? If so, glad to be listening with you....
Dan Weis 6:17:33 AM
I am still reeling over the new addition by the Kyle Sowashes.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:18:27 AM
That is a gem indeed. Last minute addition!
Dan Weis 6:20:27 AM
Jon I expect that one to be heavily requested in future years :)
Jon Solomon (host) 6:20:49 AM
Or they'll just go and top it!
Dan Weis 6:22:07 AM
Good point. With their talent that is definitely a possibility
DJ Tenderloin 6:24:34 AM
WE ARE IN VULCAN MIND MELD! thx brother! much love -
Joanna Hutchinson 6:24:35 AM
Loving the show, Jon
Jon Solomon (host) 6:25:13 AM
Thank you!
Joanna Hutchinson 6:25:27 AM
Baking bread and listening to WPRBXmas! Thanks for playing that Merkelettes song.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:25:43 AM
My pleasure. Wish the new one had come out sooner so I could preview! 2021!
Sebastian Petsu 6:27:12 AM
good morning!
Carlos Pedroni 6:29:12 AM
Thanks for playing my request, “Santa take me off that list”. Of course I was sleeping on couch and missed it
Joanna Hutchinson 6:28:34 AM
It's always that way! haha #merkelettes
Jon Solomon (host) 6:29:03 AM
But I did bookmark moments ago for later listening.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:29:13 AM
They show up in other spots however.
Sebastian Petsu 6:30:58 AM
had no idea Bob Weir and the Rob Wasserman played together. Where is this track from? is is a ROIO as they say?
Sebastian Petsu 6:31:17 AM
notr bob weir i meant lou reed
Sebastian Petsu 6:32:19 AM
i KNEW Wasserman was weir's long time bassist in his solo band, cuz i'm a deadhead and all...but had no idea about this collaboration
DJ Tenderloin 6:33:26 AM
completely unaware that bruce cockburn and lou reed recorded anything together. very cool.
Sebastian Petsu 6:33:03 AM
of Reed/Cockburn/Wasserman
Jon Solomon (host) 6:33:21 AM
I am still not 100% satisfied with this VU / Lou set but I think it is close to what I want it to be and this song sounds especially good at 6:30 am!
DJ Tenderloin 6:35:07 AM
Love that Lou ID
Jon Solomon (host) 6:34:56 AM
I wish I did more with all the band Xmas IDs I have. If you want some...
Sebastian Petsu 6:35:11 AM
love this mash-up!
DJ Tenderloin 6:35:56 AM
WHAT?! what a cool mash up!
Sebastian Petsu 6:36:16 AM
surprised there aren't more sleighbells though. "Waitin For the Man"'s rhythm is perfect for heavy bells tacked on
Carlin 6:37:35 AM
now wait a minute
DJ Tenderloin 6:37:59 AM
of course - mojochronic - thought it seemed familiar. his zeppelin xmas mash is life changing
DJ Tenderloin 6:39:13 AM
as well as his? hers? theirs? beatles and motown mashes too. way outta my league
DJ Tenderloin 6:44:23 AM
thanks again Jon for the shout out - for anyone lookin' for even more - complete album released this year! Happy happy joy joy er'body - https://soundcloud.com/djtenderloin/sets/the-inevitable-dj-tenderloin-holiday-record
Sebastian Petsu 6:45:28 AM
glad you played my "Morrissey" find a little over an hour ago!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:46:25 AM
Thank you again for that. I admit I was not 100% sure who sent it my way but I suspected...
Sebastian Petsu 6:46:30 AM
sad i missed "Sleigher Snowing Blood" but intrigued to search it out!
Sebastian Petsu 6:48:23 AM
and i only had it cuz a friend passed a "Moz odds and sods" tape on to me....the marathon takes a village, really!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:48:31 AM
True true.
Joanna Hutchinson 6:48:55 AM
Thanks for the shoutout to Merkel and the Merkelettes, who are all certainly still sleeping.
Dan Weis 6:51:15 AM
I wonder if the Misfits parody band the Misfats have written any Holiday tunes
dave doughman 6:52:04 AM
Germany is wide awake.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:51:54 AM
Good day, Germany!
Dan Weis 6:52:01 AM
dave that's awesome. Merry Christmas
Joanna Hutchinson 6:52:22 AM
Guten tag!
dave doughman 6:53:06 AM
love you Jon, thanks for soundtracking another traumatic, i mean joyous Christmas!
dave doughman 6:53:49 AM
Guten Tag, or as we say in Hamburg: Moin Moin!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:54:40 AM
Get ready for a ride!
Sebastian Petsu 6:58:10 AM
thanks for the link DJ Tenderloin!
Joanna Hutchinson 7:02:16 AM
This Mikal Cronin is epic
Jon Solomon (host) 7:02:48 AM
Yeah, it is an odyssey but so ridiculous I am charmed.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:05:37 AM
Ride the ride!
DJ Tenderloin 7:07:49 AM
My pleasure Sebastian Petsu - and yes this is mesmerizing in a horrible way - and scarily this is just the tip of the iceberg for 8 bit christmas music.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:08:01 AM
The transitions are what get me.
Joanna Hutchinson 7:11:52 AM
haha this song is great. 27+ minutes?!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:12:14 AM
All I'll say is your ride is more than 50% complete.
DJ Tenderloin 7:13:58 AM
this is what it sounds like when santa gets into the crystal meth
Jon Solomon (host) 7:14:11 AM
I am both energized and demoralized by this. Neither is a bad thing.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:15:26 AM
I can't believe my family is still asleep. Expected a kick line out of the bedroom while this was on.
Carlin 7:15:46 AM
Pleased with my decision to transition to better headphones about a half hour ago - really getting the full suffer^h^h^h^h^h^heffect.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:17:01 AM
I support this. I believe in you!
DJ Tenderloin 7:20:33 AM
santa's pupils look big and glassy and he just threw up christmas cookies all over blitzen...
Jon Solomon (host) 7:20:15 AM
DJ Tenderloin 7:21:30 AM
my wife is actually loving this.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:21:07 AM
I think it is actually very enjoyable. Maddening, but enjoyable.
Sebastian Petsu 7:21:12 AM
Jon Solomon (host) 7:22:17 AM
Sebastian Petsu 7:23:15 AM
[audible cheering]
DJ Tenderloin 7:27:05 AM
i love this albert brooks thing - a classic.
Dan Weis 7:27:26 AM
RIP Jek Porkins
Jon Solomon (host) 7:26:53 AM
There we go.
Dan Weis 7:27:44 AM
It's early ha
Dan Weis 7:28:27 AM
Jon how's it feel doing the show from home and not in the studio?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:28:44 AM
To this point and no point further I like most of it an exceptional amount.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:29:11 AM
Just a couple minor things I would change. Like this chair I am in isn't as good on my back as a WPRB chair, weirdly.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:29:28 AM
But still better than our regular dining room table chairs.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:29:34 AM
No load in! No load out!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:30:49 AM
It will be nice to turn the house back into a house eventually.
Sebastian Petsu 7:31:15 AM
"It's Cliched to Be Cynical..." is now in my top 5 Christmas songs. And I probably would've never have heard it if it weren't for this marathon years ago
Jon Solomon (host) 7:31:36 AM
Aw. That's so great.
Sebastian Petsu 7:32:12 AM
but i'm not gonna lie, i started crying over here. it's tough this year
Dan Weis 7:33:16 AM
Wishing you a great Holiday Season and awesome 2021 Sebastian
Sebastian Petsu 7:33:54 AM
aw, thanks Dan! you too!
Steven Howard 7:34:00 AM
so happy I got to hear half man again, my fav from last year!
DJ Tenderloin 7:36:16 AM
hey man i don't know you but amen to that brother - tough year all around. 2020 can kiss a pig's ass! Hang in there man - maybe just maybe that light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train! Sending you the good thoughts...
Sebastian Petsu 7:38:15 AM
nice deep Bridgewater NJ reference there in the mic break! A "Commons" problem! I was crying, now i'm laughing! so much of my misspent youth was at that mall. ahh the emotional rollercoaster of the marathon!
Maura Johnston 7:38:25 AM
hi y’all! merry christmas
Mark 7:39:19 AM
Happy first sunrise in 32 years !
Jon Solomon (host) 7:38:51 AM
I can see the outside with my own eyes!
Dan Weis 7:39:04 AM
DJ Tenderloin amen brotha
Sebastian Petsu 7:39:29 AM
And thanks for the positive wishes DJ Tenderloin!
Dan Weis 7:40:06 AM
This show brings people together :)
DJ Tenderloin 7:41:17 AM
on a completely different and perhaps happier note - please tell me I have not missed JINGLE ROCK BELL
Dan Weis 7:41:37 AM
I don't think so
DJ Tenderloin 7:43:19 AM
thanks Jon - i think we all need a little JINGLE ROCK BELL this year for sure
Sebastian Petsu 7:44:28 AM
Merry Christmas Maura!
Maria T 7:45:03 AM
Merry Xmas!
Maria T 7:46:42 AM
How did I, of all people, not know there was a RUN ON holiday song?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:47:08 AM
I forgot and I own the record! Their drummer posted the video day before last and I said "Aha!"
Carlos Pedroni 7:50:07 AM
The wurster kid looking up at a Christmas tree
Jon Solomon (host) 7:49:36 AM
Lovely to see you all back in the chat this AM.
Sebastian Petsu 7:49:46 AM
, Mountain Goats' "This Year" was just in my head and we get this. Jon, I think you got my request telepathically
Bagel McJohnson 7:52:02 AM
Mountain Goats shows are one of the things I missed most this year
Rob Martinez 7:53:39 AM
Since 2006, I've called Jon Solomon every Christmas morning to say hello. It's a holiday tradition that I look forward to each year. Except the phone kept ringing and ringing at the WPRB studios.... Jon's at home!
Rob Martinez 7:54:19 AM
Merry Christmas Jon - glad to see you're still on the air!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:54:31 AM
Great comp this year, Rob. One of your best - and that is saying something!
Rob Martinez 7:55:55 AM
With all the USPS troubles, I'm glad it arrived
Jon Solomon (host) 7:57:25 AM
Oh, I am still working off the download I must admit! But I believe I played 2-3 things from it.
Rob Martinez 7:59:07 AM
Thanks Jon! REQUEST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5gUNUPsLmc
Rob Martinez 7:59:22 AM
Emailing you the file now - off to open presents with the family
Sebastian Petsu 8:02:02 AM
what was that Mountain Goats track just before Hefner? it looks like it wasn't added to the playlist
Carlin 8:02:52 AM
It was a Robert Earl Keen song called Merry Christmas From The Family
Carlin 8:03:20 AM
(covered by your Mountain Goats)
Sebastian Petsu 8:03:45 AM
thanks, Carlin
Jon Solomon (host) 8:04:10 AM
Weird. It didn't get posted? Let me fix that!
Jon Solomon (host) 8:04:37 AM
It is in now.
Sebastian Petsu 8:04:59 AM
Jim Haku 8:06:21 AM
gotta request Space Christmas
DJ Tenderloin 8:06:33 AM
the Robert Earl Keen "bluegrass" version is really great - maybe Jon sticks it in somewhere? boy that didn't come out right...
Dan Ruccia 8:09:47 AM
Morning! Can't think of a better thing to start the day with than an Ayler Xmas!
Jon Solomon (host) 8:09:50 AM
I don't have a full library accessible b/c of my "from home" status for this marathon.
Jon Solomon (host) 8:09:57 AM
Perfect way to start the day!
Dan Ruccia 8:15:49 AM
I'm also here to tell you all that for reasons unknown, MF DOOM is trending on twitter right now. Has he ever done a Christmas song?
Jon Solomon (host) 8:16:05 AM
There's a mash up to be had. I'll make a note!
Jon Solomon (host) 8:16:39 AM
Thank you for being our man in the field (if Twitter was a field).
Andrew Wilkinson 8:17:14 AM
Merry Christmas Jon !
Jon Solomon (host) 8:17:22 AM
Hello! Good morning, Andrew!
Maria T 8:28:04 AM
Maria T 8:28:07 AM
Maria T 8:28:10 AM
Sebastian Petsu 8:27:59 AM
haha, did you request this?
Carlin 8:29:44 AM
"I'm gonna tell my kids that was AC/DC." =(
Joe Levora 8:29:19 AM
Happy Holidays, Jon. Thanks again for doing the marathon. You are the best!
Joshua Hensley 8:30:09 AM
Maria T 8:30:41 AM
Carlin 8:31:02 AM
Maria T 8:31:26 AM
Who would retire "mistress for christmas," what kind of monster are they
Dan Ruccia 8:31:10 AM
Maybe they finally got a mistress?
Maria T 8:32:44 AM
@dan LOL
Carlin 8:32:52 AM
Ginsu II (?)
Carl Zimring 8:36:10 AM
Waking up to discover my wife had put the show on our sound system in time for me to fix breakfast to Mars Williams is truly the spirit of Christmas in action.
MHR 8:38:21 AM
*yawns* merry xmas from the west coast
Live From The Barrage 8:40:33 AM
Merry Christmas, everyone! Does Eric Clapton have a Xmas song? Failing that, please play SHAZAM!
Dan Weis 8:43:21 AM
Jon I remember your old Commerce Bank Santa hat
Live From The Barrage 8:44:02 AM
It’s like 1010 WINS but with sleigh bells
Jon Solomon (host) 8:43:55 AM
Traffic AND weather together!
Marisa Simon 8:44:49 AM
Good morning from the fog bog!
Jon Solomon (host) 8:44:12 AM
Oh wait that's News Radio 88. I apologize!
MHR 8:45:28 AM
ooooh perfect to wake up to g500
Live From The Barrage 8:45:36 AM
On the eights!
Maria T 8:45:43 AM
merry xmas @mhr!
Live From The Barrage 8:47:06 AM
Nina Levinson is our writer, Bernie Wagonblast behind the editors desk, I’m Jon Solomon and here’s what’s happening...
Live From The Barrage 8:47:36 AM
Good job, Jon! Hang in there!
Jon Solomon (host) 8:48:13 AM
Can't wait to hear where Anthony Dias Blue has been dining with Jeffrey Lyons!
Live From The Barrage 8:48:58 AM
boardwalk empire intro guitar tone
Maria T 8:48:21 AM
Carlin 8:49:35 AM
I just want to remind everyone that Edible Worm Parka is an anagram for Boardwalk Empire
Live From The Barrage 8:50:38 AM
Carlin always drops the knowledge
Selecta Jerry 8:50:40 AM
Good morning all back after a power failure sent me to bed a little earlier than usual. Glad to wake up with electric and the marathon⚡️⚡️📻🎶🎄
Brian D 8:51:22 AM
I just started reading Dean Wareham's book yesterday and I keep hearing and seeing references to Galaxie 500 now!
Brian D 8:51:54 AM
Good morning & Merry Christmas to you all
Live From The Barrage 8:52:11 AM
Santa Claus is childless. Jesus too. It strikes me odd! Thanks.
Jon Solomon (host) 8:51:36 AM
The power has held here so far, thankfully.
Selecta Jerry 8:51:56 AM
Your sounding strong Jon great job!
Commie Francis 8:53:25 AM
Ooh which Malcom tent did you play a song by back 4 hours ago after I fell asleep again?
Carlin 8:54:11 AM
He walked on the water, and he swam on the land.
Jon Solomon (host) 8:53:42 AM
Under The Mall.
Commie Francis 8:53:56 AM
The one who was in bunnybrains or the other one?
Carlin 8:55:01 AM
Maria T 8:54:57 AM
Commie Francis 8:56:19 AM
Ah i googled it myself, it's the other one
Maria T 8:55:42 AM
MHR 8:55:57 AM
@maria t and to you + seb p + monty
Maria T 8:56:03 AM
[i swear i can write in something other than uppercase]
Jon Solomon (host) 8:56:29 AM
I wonder if this is the Christmas Wrapping that listener was thinking of?
MHR 8:56:39 AM
it's warranted
Brian D 8:57:59 AM
Commie Francis love your show!
Kevin M 8:59:00 AM
Good morning and merry Christmas everyone!
Commie Francis 8:59:00 AM
Thanks! I remember you from the chat! Good ol chat.
Brian D 8:59:57 AM
Commie Francis 9:00:13 AM
Merry Christmas! I got up in the middle of the night to watch my niece open presents in London, rewarding but exhausting!
Commie Francis 9:01:00 AM
For everyone involved. She went from squealing with joy over individually wrapped plastic dinos to demanding to open everyone else's presents too (she is 3)
Brian D 9:01:22 AM
U are the Transistor Sister and Jon our host is the Human Radio Station
Brian D 9:02:23 AM
Haa! She sounds like a kid. We'll let her into the club
Sebastian Petsu 9:03:32 AM
this is gettin' down music! give the bass player some!
Dan Ruccia 9:04:16 AM
@Commie: So did she get to open everyone else's presents??
Carlin 9:06:02 AM
OK - it was driving me nuts for a minute there - that earlier quoted bit was from "Get Ready" by Rare Earth
Brian D 9:07:03 AM
This does indeed rock the low end of Christmas
Brian D 9:07:17 AM
Yes Carlin!
DJ Tenderloin 9:07:27 AM
really digging this one Jon - do you know Molto Groovy Christmas?
DJ Tenderloin 9:08:17 AM
Carlo Poddighe
Jon Solomon (host) 9:08:05 AM
I don't believe I do!
DJ Tenderloin 9:11:14 AM
oh man you'll love . send you an mp3 via email now.
Commie Francis 9:13:07 AM
@dan she did not, she did rip the wrapping paper on one present for my brother and then sheepishly fold it back.
Jon Solomon (host) 9:13:11 AM
It can wait until after the marathon!
Kevin M 9:14:13 AM
Power stay on overnight Jon
Kevin M 9:14:17 AM
Sebastian Petsu 9:14:23 AM
with this drum solo i'm now chuckling at thoughts of the great Setting Up Drums LDB parody from yesterday. my fav new find so far of the marathon
Jon Solomon (host) 9:14:25 AM
So far!
Jon Solomon (host) 9:14:36 AM
How good was that one, Sebastian?!
Sebastian Petsu 9:15:04 AM
soooo goood.
Matt Emmerich 9:17:58 AM
This is killing me dad.
Maria T 9:17:38 AM
Is this a Personal & the Pizzas holiday song
Maria T 9:17:44 AM
feels like it
Matt Emmerich 9:18:47 AM
Good stuff, Merry Christmas Jon.
MHR 9:21:19 AM
wow this hits even more than last year. shouldn't be surprised but it just gets me on my knees
mike@plottwist.com 9:25:05 AM
Alex Kennedy has requested 12 Days If Ax-Mess
mike@plottwist.com 9:25:39 AM
This is mike Kennedy btw
Patrick Rapa 9:26:24 AM
Garth Mason 9:26:55 AM
Marry Christmas
Maria T 9:27:07 AM
Maria T 9:27:15 AM
Dan Ruccia 9:27:30 AM
Next years goal is to get a snail ornament
Dan Ruccia 9:27:45 AM
Also, who's taking a Lindstrom walk/run today?
Ross Dickinson 9:27:58 AM
Jon that was it! I just woke up and missed it playing, but I found it on soundcloud. Thanks!
Maria T 9:28:19 AM
@dan lindstrom group workout
Jon Solomon (host) 9:28:42 AM
Oh wow! What luck, Ross!
Jon Solomon (host) 9:28:58 AM
Sweatin' To The Lindstrom.
Maria T 9:29:33 AM
Do y'all think we can get Gritty to tweet about Jon's show?
Jon Solomon (host) 9:29:46 AM
I don't know if Gritty's handlers will allow.
MHR 9:30:38 AM
we can dream
MHR 9:30:59 AM
@dan same. don't know why I don't already
Sebastian Petsu 9:32:02 AM
parts of this This New Birds of America song sounds to me like David Bowie and Bruce's Dancin Ithe Dark making out together at a party.
Dan Ruccia 9:33:33 AM
Ross Dickinson 9:34:12 AM
Hah, you're telling me Jon! I tuned in just in time to hear you talking about the set
Maria T 9:35:30 AM
Maria T 9:35:35 AM
Carl Zimring 9:34:58 AM
Apparently God does hear the pleas of the innocent.
jimbeaux 9:36:04 AM
Killdozer just came down my chimney.
eliza rohr 9:35:31 AM
Merry Xmas. Here for Snaildartha and looking back at what I missed out on
Commie Francis 9:36:33 AM
It's funny feeling warm nostalgia listening to killdozer
Jon Solomon (host) 9:36:20 AM
They're our classic rock!
Commie Francis 9:36:59 AM
Jon i hope you will play Christmas fish by the didjits this year.
Jon Solomon (host) 9:36:29 AM
I might only have that one at WPRB!!
Commie Francis 9:37:17 AM
Oh no!!
Jon Solomon (host) 9:36:41 AM
Need to double-check but this dawned on me late in the game.
Commie Francis 9:38:09 AM
That is my favorite "edgy" Christmas song of all time
Maria T 9:38:37 AM
Oh man, this Fishbone song destroys me everytime
Jon Solomon (host) 9:38:11 AM
It is a true gem.
Commie Francis 9:38:53 AM
I can't believe there's only 8 hours and 20 minutes left
eliza rohr 9:39:12 AM
God, we are at that timetime where Killdozer/Minutemen are like about the same amount of time in the past as Zep, Stones, Beatles, Doors, etc. was back in the 90s (90s teen here)
Maria T 9:40:24 AM
Every time I hear the "you devil you" part I think they're about to sing WPRB's callsign, which of course would be a GREAT station ID to have
Carl Zimring 9:39:55 AM
More like Elvis and Chuck Berry in the 90s.
Adam Hart 9:41:02 AM
I'm looking at the track list for Hardcore Holidays and whoooooa
Brian D 9:41:39 AM
Snaildartha determines our whole morning schedule.
Joanna Hutchinson 9:41:31 AM
Loving this Fishbone song
MHR 9:41:33 AM
@maria yesss
Dan Ruccia 9:41:52 AM
@maria now that's all I hear
Maria T 9:42:47 AM
Maria T 9:43:01 AM
does fishbone have a cameo? how can we make this happen
Jon Solomon (host) 9:43:03 AM
There IS a Fishbone song with WPRB's call sign in it! #trivia
Maura Johnston 9:44:01 AM
i wonder jon if there’s enough christmas music content to do a tribute to the q101 jamboree we attended. we’ve already got beck
Brian D 9:44:05 AM
This one makes both Hannukah show and the Marathon
Maria T 9:44:10 AM
OMG you're right, but now we need THIS version
MHR 9:43:44 AM
@eliza one of my best prb memories was having that realization with some summer djs whose first record purchase was nirvana. mine was pretenders
Season’s Greetings and Peaceful Salutations!!
MHR 9:44:20 AM
@jon I do recall that!
Maria T 9:45:03 AM
@eliza @mhr hey wait, that's kindasorta my generation
Commie Francis 9:44:50 AM
I can make the station ID or better pax can do it but yeah we should really get angelo moore to do it
Commie Francis 9:45:33 AM
Also what is the song with wprb's call sign in it??
MHR 9:45:42 AM
@maria yep
Jon Solomon (host) 9:45:49 AM
It might only be the video and I'd have to look it up.
Maria T 9:47:18 AM
@francis please be advised that i am ready to sing any and all WPRB spots, it is literally my favorite thing to do: https://soundcloud.com/thisismariat/8-16-2010-wprb-concert-promo
Commie Francis 9:46:49 AM
Commie Francis 9:46:59 AM
Commie Francis 9:47:18 AM
Maria T 9:47:58 AM
That's a good deal
Commie Francis 9:48:21 AM
For the same price you can hang with Mike Nesmith on zoom for half an hour but that's an insane deal. If anyone was looking for a last minute present for me.
MHR 9:48:44 AM
re fishbone it's that "these are the voices..." song, isn't it?
Jon Solomon (host) 9:49:04 AM
MHR 9:49:59 AM
it's sounding like an fsa xmas but that can't be true because I can hear the lyrics
Jon Solomon (host) 9:50:38 AM
This is a trio of songs a musician's mom requests EVERY YEAR and I am so glad she came back for 2020. Usually it is Xmas Eve.
Maria T 9:51:21 AM
didn't nate ruth do a theme song for the show, or am i making this up?
Jon Solomon (host) 9:51:00 AM
Close. Noah Vail!
Maria T 9:51:46 AM
eliza rohr 9:51:17 AM
@MHR I started listening to PRB when I was 13 bored out of my mind visiting my grandparents and dicking around with the radio dials. That was when Nirvana was huge
Brian D 9:52:17 AM
Maria T 9:52:47 AM
Sebastian Petsu 9:53:00 AM
Maria- great minds think alike? I kept thinking "Devil you..." was gonna be "Double-U...PRB"!!!
MHR 9:53:06 AM
@eliza that's the way it should happen
Adam Hart 9:54:11 AM
merry christmas david geffen lololo
Brian D 9:56:20 AM
Who was original on the Sonic Tooth piece? Martin Mull?
Blaise Moritz 9:58:04 AM
Such a perfect song!
Justin Szeliga 9:57:32 AM
Has the latke lady been requested yet? Also Christmas in Hollis please
PAX 9:58:23 AM
mooorning jonnnnn im baaaaaack
PAX 9:58:30 AM
just in time for snaaaiiillllll
Jon Solomon (host) 9:58:33 AM
Martin Mull, yes.
Commie Francis 9:59:48 AM
I'm so excited, I've never heard snaildartha before
PAX 10:00:01 AM
snail time snail time snail time
eliza rohr 10:00:12 AM
I think I'm going to make latkes during Snaildartha
Commie Francis 10:00:52 AM
@eliza i was 13 the year punk broke as well!
Dan Ruccia 10:00:17 AM
@commie I'm so excited for you!!
Brian D 10:00:27 AM
Yay! Great song last night Pax!
Carl Zimring 10:00:29 AM
Welcome to the journey.
eliza rohr 10:00:42 AM
@Commie I was actually 11, so discovering PRB was the IN Utero year
Adam Hart 10:02:21 AM
Commie Francis 10:02:25 AM
Yes i gave that to you jon
Commie Francis 10:02:34 AM
I found it in Portland in January
Jon Solomon (host) 10:06:35 AM
Thank you! I dug it!
Brian D 10:07:14 AM
My wife or her friend? called straight edge folk kleenexes
Commie Francis 10:08:02 AM
I listened to it once and wasn't impressed but i liked it a lot more now!
Commie Francis 10:08:19 AM
Wait since when do sxe people say oi
Brian D 10:07:40 AM
Cuz they were clean and had an X on the hand
MHR 10:08:34 AM
omg commie you'll never be the same
Blaise Moritz 10:09:22 AM
What if Santa brings you alcohol? Can you drink it or is it a test for Christmas 2021? Straight edge Santa?
Commie Francis 10:09:29 AM
I cannot wait
eliza rohr 10:10:13 AM
Alright dragging my bluetooth to the kitchen for latke making (boxed not scratch)
Brian D 10:09:46 AM
Blaise, pivot... use it as a cleaning product around the house. There's that clean word again
Commie Francis 10:10:34 AM
From my extensive experience with high school sxe dudes it doesn't count if you nip some schnapps from your parents' liquor cabinet so i think santa booze is also ok
PAX 10:10:14 AM
Brian D 10:10:40 AM
Brian D 10:11:36 AM
Beginning microsecond horn note reminds me of Butthole Surfers. Just a microsecond
yoni from kdu 10:12:38 AM
Yay! 🐌🐌🐌
Brian D 10:12:49 AM
This band he has just swings mightily
Selecta Jerry 10:13:40 AM
Jerry is special when compared to other snails
Brian D 10:14:10 AM
Spines are overrated
Corage Mike 10:14:54 AM
Merry Christmas.... one hundred and three point three people.
PAX 10:14:37 AM
selecta jerry the christmas snail
Brian D 10:14:38 AM
Hi Mike!
MHR 10:15:21 AM
penchant 🤣
Corage Mike 10:16:03 AM
Brian, good morning
Brian D 10:15:39 AM
I thought this was Howie Mandel narrating first time I heard it a decade or so ago
Krista 10:16:00 AM
Haha "taking up the mantle,"! The mantle is their cavity that has all the stuff in it! Gills! Gonopores!
PAX 10:16:12 AM
snail facts!!!!
Selecta Jerry 10:16:17 AM
Thank you for that compliment of the highest regard pax
Brian D 10:16:46 AM
Golden ratio spiral shell
Dan Ruccia 10:19:03 AM
All the love for Bob the Arbor Day Snail Who Is Also A Close Personal Friend of Jerry the Christmas Snail
Brian D 10:19:55 AM
Marching exercise music when they kick in
PAX 10:20:49 AM
pax the take your child to work day snail
PAX 10:21:12 AM
copyrighting this currently
Maria T 10:21:28 AM
Listening downstairs on the radio while I prepare the pasta al forno! Sebastian has taken the dog for a walk, hopefully to return for his contribution
Brian D 10:21:16 AM
Mmmm.... pasta al forno...
Maria T 10:24:11 AM
Sad I missed the tail end of the previous set—I had my Annual Family Group Holiday Call from Abroad Ambush
PAX 10:25:18 AM
how many cups of coffee jon?
Jon Solomon (host) 10:26:45 AM
Jon Solomon (host) 10:26:53 AM
Coffee returns to my life tomorrow.
PAX 10:27:45 AM
MHR 10:27:48 AM
I still don't understand how that is possible
MHR 10:28:15 AM
still. after all these years
DJ Tenderloin 10:29:40 AM
No Coffee? amazing. Peruvian marching powder? :)
Jon Solomon (host) 10:29:31 AM
Tea. Green and black (not at the same time). Some chai. Really helps keep the highs and lows less extreme.
Jon Solomon (host) 10:36:30 AM
Some carrot / ginger juice for a different jolt.
Brian D 10:37:38 AM
Yes good idea! The vitamin jolt of carrot or other juices is great
Brian D 10:38:08 AM
Beet is good too but careful not to OD on IRON! Metal!
yoni from kdu 10:38:16 AM
How many seltzers so far?
Brian D 10:39:12 AM
Sometimes the live feed turns into "scary pixellated hallucination Jon"
PAX 10:39:26 AM
Larry MacGabhann 10:43:12 AM
Good morning everyone!! Merry Christmas!!! 🐌🐌🐌🐌
Dan Ruccia 10:43:19 AM
"The theory of Christmas, not the application."
Jon Solomon (host) 10:43:21 AM
4-5 seltzers? Not pounding them list year for whatever reason.
yoni from kdu 10:44:40 AM
Jerry is such a mench
Selecta Jerry 10:46:46 AM
Snaildartha is causing quite a self introspection this year. 🐌🤔
Krista 10:46:59 AM
@pax iridescent Christmas slime
Krista 10:48:41 AM
IM SCREAMING I've never heard this before
Corage Mike 10:49:26 AM
Super deep.
Carl Zimring 10:49:01 AM
It is wonderfully written.
Corage Mike 10:50:25 AM
It's a footprints in the sand moment.
Blaise Moritz 10:51:35 AM
Comment from Toby. a first time Snaildartha listener: “his father became a dalek snail”
Krista 10:51:24 AM
I agree, Mike
Jon Solomon (host) 10:51:28 AM
That is...fair!
Brian D 10:51:46 AM
Cactus Prop!
Selecta Jerry 10:52:38 AM
So happy but so sad
DJ Tenderloin 10:54:05 AM
he never knew his real father
Brian D 10:53:29 AM
Every year I hear something new. Every year that ending comes and I love hearing the end but a little sad that it is over.
Jon Solomon (host) 10:53:51 AM
It sounds different to me every year. I know there are a couple versions but...yeah.
Krista 10:54:20 AM
If my long lost father justified his absence by becoming A Santa, I guess that would be weird but okay
DJ Tenderloin 10:55:30 AM
it's like having a step ladder, but never knowing your real ladder
Blaise Moritz 10:55:47 AM
Really dug the musical breaks this time! Felt like they paced in with the story so well!
Carl Zimring 10:55:27 AM
I cannot let this hour go by without acknowledging last year's masterpiece. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vhRvmqU9Io
Kevin M 10:56:14 AM
Caught the ending after opening presents. Beautiful
Brian D 10:55:57 AM
If I discovered my real father was an elf Bob Newhart I would be weirded out and then request he recite some of his "button-down" stand up bits.
MHR 10:57:14 AM
jerry 🐌🎅🎄🛣️
Selecta Jerry 10:57:22 AM
How many years out if the 32 has snaildartha been featured?
Corage Mike 10:56:52 AM
Brian D.... Newhart! Stop it!
Brian D 10:57:00 AM
Now I take a pause from the audio and I do NOT get a seizure as I drive to mom's
MHR 10:58:08 AM
omg carl thank you
Blaise Moritz 10:58:08 AM
Brian D I expect to hear that story this time next year on wprb! That sounds great’
Liz Bot 10:59:32 AM
Snaildartha is strangely comforting. 🐌 🎅🏼
Marlin Corn 10:59:26 AM
Snaildartha / Lindstrom ~ the Christmas climax in this house
Jannon Sonja Stein 11:03:38 AM
Playlist stops at 5:00am, so I cannot tell if I slept through my request
Jannon Sonja Stein 11:04:08 AM
Can anyone tell me if Jon already played Low’s Blue Christmas?
Brian D 11:04:47 AM
Liz Bot Merry Christmas!
MHR 11:05:42 AM
MHR 11:06:18 AM
jannon I don't think so but there was a low cover st night
MHR 11:07:27 AM
of course I did sleep through 6 hours of the show so...
Jennifer Daltry 11:08:44 AM
Lindstrom!! I literally wait all year just for this!!
Marlin Corn 11:08:10 AM
Upon the final note of Lindstrom I fall to the floor like a giant inflatable Santa that someone has just pulled the plug on.
Larry MacGabhann 11:09:08 AM
@Janon, you can actually review the playlist up to 5am here: https://spinitron.com/WPRB/pl/12263578/Jon-Solomon
Mike Constantine 11:11:02 AM
Here we go.....
Sebastian Petsu 11:10:45 AM
Jon, I loved the little dance with yoda and a catcus[?] you and maggie just did to Lindstrom
Jon Solomon (host) 11:12:19 AM
I'm glad someone saw that and that the someone was you!
Jonathan Tannenwald 11:13:07 AM
Woke up to the great news that I didn’t miss Jingle Rock Bell
Jonathan Tannenwald 11:13:24 AM
Or Philly Boy Roy.
Jon Solomon (host) 11:13:22 AM
They're on my list!
Brian D 11:14:25 AM
What Sweet Child of Mine Is This. Another fine moment
Sebastian Petsu 11:15:39 AM
Jon, Aw, yay! I snapped a screenshot of it it was so cute! i heard you hint earlier this morning that it was coming up but any further idea when you might be playing my new piece?
Jon Solomon (host) 11:16:09 AM
Glad you asked! You're next!
Sebastian Petsu 11:16:34 AM
aw hey thanks. good to know!
Brian D 11:17:15 AM
I wanted to snap a screenshot of hallucination pixellation fractalization Jon but missed the chance
Jon Solomon (host) 11:16:37 AM
Getting hard to follow the script with presents being opened under me but...
Factorial 11:17:36 AM
hi marlin! merry christmas!
slashturtle man 11:18:38 AM
Definitely listening to this in the background
Sebastian Petsu 11:18:10 AM
and if things go asunder no sweat. i'm here for the whole thing except an inescapable family zoom at 1pm. PS are you multitasking and opening any presents WHILE DJing?
Trash Flow 11:20:14 AM
Lindstrom = xmas.
DJ Tenderloin 11:21:51 AM
this is ecstasy. on ecstasy. so loving this right now
Larry MacGabhann 11:21:45 AM
I don't suppose any of you fine people are secretly JavaScript geniuses?
MHR 11:22:56 AM
the part where it goes beep boop beep boop is my favorite
Jon Solomon (host) 11:26:21 AM
I will open my presents after the show I guess?
Marlin Corn 11:27:45 AM
Julia!! Merry Christmas!! Much holiday love to you!!!!!!!
Jannon Sonja Stein 11:28:24 AM
Waking up again just in time for Lindstrøm = my Christmas
Jannon Sonja Stein 11:28:47 AM
Also thanks Larry!
Hugh Buffalo 11:30:00 AM
Best part of Christmas!!! I know I'm VERY late to the request party but wil No Doubts Xmas jam "Oi! To the World" be playing 😁
Hugh Buffalo 11:30:19 AM
And Merry Christmas to everyone listening!!!
Merl1960 11:30:31 AM
This is perfect.
Larry MacGabhann 11:31:07 AM
No problemo Jannon! I love Low's Christmas album. I don't even mind that "Little Drummer Boy" was in a GAP commercial.
KatKat 11:32:21 AM
Omg is this the little drummer boy 40 minute slow burn???
Jannon Sonja Stein 11:32:24 AM
Also ♥️🎄♥️ to everyone
Factorial 11:33:13 AM
yes happy holidays to Jannon! MHR (matt robb i'm assuming?) SKM and katkin!
Factorial 11:33:31 AM
calling out WPRBers like the 8 tiny reindeer
MHR 11:33:32 AM
yes julia!
Jim Haku 11:33:38 AM
Haven't heard Christmas w/ Satan in a while.
Steven Howard 11:33:55 AM
First time I heard Little Drummer Boy like this was on Gross Santa's Yuletide Favorites out of Boston. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Sound-Museum-Presents-Gross-Santas-Yuletide-Favorites/release/8717414
Factorial 11:34:41 AM
if you'll excuse me, i have to go destroy the smell of this house by frying up some xmas kielbasa
MHR 11:34:43 AM
did anyone make it to the ldbc challenge this year? I lost right away, the sunday after thanksgiving
Mark 11:36:55 AM
Wow this sounds like something that would close out Pat’s Clamour Club / gonna be hard to top this
gudemameshiba 11:38:04 AM
i just had a weird glitch when i refreshed the player where little clicks from earlier songs were cutting into drummer boy
gudemameshiba 11:38:45 AM
and it took me longer than i want to admit to realize that it wasn't a new exclusive remix
Sebastian Petsu 11:42:13 AM
Monty dog seems serenely transfixed by Lindstrom this year. usually we're kneedeep in family chaos on Xmas and he can't truly appreciate the majesty
Blaise Moritz 11:43:58 AM
It’s minute 30 when it really starts to take you to nirvana which I take it is DJ Jon’s intentional deep linking to Snaildartha
Carl Zimring 11:44:01 AM
Wife's blurb for Lindstrøm: "Quite tolerable."
DJ Tenderloin 11:45:40 AM
I'm peaking!!!
Corage Mike 11:46:15 AM
Charlie Neibel 11:46:03 AM
Merry Christmas everyone
Mark 11:46:34 AM
Had to take it into Wawa and stream at full volume in there ! :)
KatKat 11:47:18 AM
God it’s so good
Jon Solomon (host) 11:47:35 AM
Jon Solomon (host) 11:47:40 AM
Jon Solomon (host) 11:47:43 AM
Jon Solomon (host) 11:47:46 AM
Larry MacGabhann 11:47:08 AM
Mark please tell me you got video.
Blaise Moritz 11:47:22 AM
And everyone at the wawa stopped their shopping and danced!
Mark 11:47:50 AM
@wveryone there were looks of appreciation !
MHR 11:47:50 AM
DJ Tenderloin 11:48:49 AM
Oh yeah, now my jaw is beginning to hurt, I remember this....
. 11:48:56 AM
That track really captures the true relentlessness of Christmas.
MHR 11:48:18 AM
Michael McKee 11:48:23 AM
Lindstrom is such a cleanse!
MHR 11:48:26 AM
John and Tina 11:48:31 AM
I wasn't awake for the Waitresses track but I listened just now and I'll count it for the annual streak :)
John and Tina 11:48:43 AM
what time did you wake up yesterday, Jon?
John and Tina 11:49:02 AM
Blaise Moritz 11:49:11 AM
@. “The True Relentlessness of Christmas” is awesome!
Dan Ruccia 11:49:15 AM
My lindstrom hike was 2.4 miles!
Jennifer Daltry 11:49:16 AM
Full Lindstrom coma : )
MHR 11:49:33 AM
Carlin 11:49:36 AM
I took advantage of the lag between the laptop to bluetooth boombox speaker setup vs my phone's speaker and got a killer warbly hazy effect. Kathy woke up and came downstairs, unimpressed.
Michael McKee 11:50:56 AM
I stupidly fell asleep around 3:15am-6:45! Did I miss the 12 Days of Axe-mas!? argghhh
Maura Johnston 11:51:08 AM
lol wild palms
James Totally 11:52:15 AM
Mr' Moneybags over here with his sunlight and electricity
James Totally 11:52:38 AM
Mike Constantine 11:52:42 AM
So i did a little experiment. Brought up Lindstrom on youtube about 4 minutes in and played both over the Bluetooth on the recever.....mind blown.
Dr. Vaughn Heintz 11:53:01 AM
Merry Christmas Jon
Nick Boston 11:52:43 AM
merry christmas everyone
Sebastian S. Stirling 11:52:44 AM
Larry MacGabhann 11:53:59 AM
Well done, Dan Ruccia.
Larry MacGabhann 11:54:32 AM
Anyone else getting Casiotone for the Painfully Alone vibes from this Petsu tune?
Carlin 11:54:43 AM
Mike Constantine - yeah!
Betsy Herbert 11:54:20 AM
Jerry and Lindstrom. Christmas officiale! (My personal 12 year anniversary.)
Maura Johnston 11:54:49 AM
Maura Johnston 11:54:53 AM
Yay :)
John and Tina 11:55:24 AM
Orange Mascot :D
Patrick Rapa 11:55:35 AM
that was dynamite
Blaise Moritz 11:55:46 AM
Krista 11:56:25 AM
Tag urself I'm orange sauce
MHR 11:56:34 AM
nicely done sebastian!
Sebastian S. Stirling 11:57:03 AM
Hi Maura!
Sebastian Petsu 11:56:28 AM
aw thanks, all! bandcamp link is all live!
Blaise Moritz 11:56:31 AM
That was cool Sebastian! Could be cool to build it up to Snaildartha or Lindstro
Blaise Moritz 11:56:40 AM
Sebastian Petsu 11:56:43 AM
Jannon Sonja Stein 11:57:48 AM
Totes great Sebastian!
Sebastian S. Stirling 11:58:13 AM
I didn’t meet another Sebastian until an exchange student my senior year of high school, now it’s a popular kids name and I constantly think parents are inquiring as to my whereabouts.
Sebastian Petsu 11:58:49 AM
and Larry, my little Casio PT-82 WAS employed in that recording and I do like Casiotone/Advanced Base so yes, there probably was some influence!
Larry MacGabhann 12:00:04 PM
Excellent Sebastian! I loved it. A WPRBXmas submission worthy of your influences!
Maria T 11:59:45 AM
Yay Sebastian
Corage Mike 12:00:34 PM
This riff.....!
Dan Ruccia 12:00:09 PM
MHR 12:00:18 PM
ooooooohhhhh yyyyyyyeeeaaaahhhh
Corage Mike 12:01:17 PM
It makes me tingle!
Mike Constantine 12:01:14 PM
Great minds Carlin....
MHR 12:01:40 PM
Where does emphasis go in sabbathmas? gotta get the pronunciation right
Brian D 12:01:57 PM
this warms my heart
Dan Ruccia 12:02:02 PM
I feel like I saw something on twitter not too long ago mixing like jingle bells and war pigs. Wasn't a full song or I would have sent it to Jon
Sebastian S. Stirling 12:02:12 PM
sab BATH mas
Jon Solomon (host) 12:03:22 PM
Dan I saw that too and it was cool but TOO SHORT. But...it planted the seed!
Corage Mike 12:03:27 PM
Gazoo solo.
Carl Zimring 12:04:40 PM
Xmas Pigs is fantastic!
Nick Boston 12:04:50 PM
we love xmas pigs don’t we
eliza rohr 12:04:55 PM
What would an Xmas take on Sweet Leaf be called?
Maria T 12:04:59 PM
. 12:05:52 PM
The sleigh bells are crushing it here
Sebastian S. Stirling 12:06:15 PM
Sweet Wreath
MHR 12:06:23 PM
Corage Mike 12:06:33 PM
. 12:06:51 PM
...and the bells over that riff. Perfect.
Jason Goldman 12:06:34 PM
This set is heavier than Red Skelton telling the baby Christmas tree he has to die to defeat Communism
Jon Solomon (host) 12:07:20 PM
Dan Ruccia 12:07:33 PM
Definitely inspired to finally plug the stream into my stereo for some real bass
Nick Boston 12:08:00 PM
I wish we could send pics of our wprbxmas home setups
Mike Constantine 12:08:57 PM
That would be cool. Nick
Jon Solomon (host) 12:09:15 PM
I was sent a photo of a inflatable pizza slice being used as a Christmas tree so all bets are off!
Nick Boston 12:08:49 PM
Patrick Ganley 12:09:06 PM
So why wasn’t there always Sleigh Bells in War Pigs?! Huge misstep for Sabbath there
MHR 12:09:56 PM
@patrick seriously
Dan Ruccia 12:09:18 PM
This reminds me, it's probably time to put in my annual-ish request for "No Presents for Christmas" if it's not too late.
Mike Constantine 12:10:08 PM
The pepperoni was hung with care
MHR 12:10:18 PM
Hugh Buffalo 12:10:35 PM
Oh! Santa! Ho ho ho
Maura Johnston 12:10:41 PM
. 12:10:42 PM
This is instantly a new favorite
Larry MacGabhann 12:11:31 PM
@Nick Boston If you e-mail elves@marathon.christmas I would be happy to post pics of listeners home setups in the archives!
Nick Boston 12:13:06 PM
cool! thanks for letting me know!
Dan Ruccia 12:17:15 PM
Carlin 12:17:15 PM
eliza rohr 12:17:21 PM
figgy pudding or firggin pony
MHR 12:18:17 PM
bacon pudding
Carlin 12:17:40 PM
eliza rohr 12:17:49 PM
Carlin 12:18:16 PM
I owe you a good cat pic next time I get one
jimbeaux 12:20:11 PM
Now we need Sabbath Arbor Day songs all about tree planting...
jimbeaux 12:20:51 PM
...and Arbor Day snails.
eliza rohr 12:20:26 PM
Bob needs his own Arbor Day journey jazz odyessy
Jon Solomon (host) 12:21:33 PM
I played a song overnight called Snail Christmas that might be a big hit with the Snaildartha lovers.
Jon Solomon (host) 12:21:58 PM
Wish I could have saved it but sometimes the marathon is difficult to steer.
Carl Zimring 12:22:34 PM
So much Whametal.
Nick Boston 12:23:18 PM
hearing james greer on a christmas track is making me realize that a tobin sprout christmas album would be incredible
Jon Solomon (host) 12:25:08 PM
Whametal is a curious thing, no? Perhaps there's an easy instrumental to work with?
eliza rohr 12:24:55 PM
If I were in NY now, now would be the time we start driving to Queens and being subjected to whatever Q104 is playing rn
DJ Tenderloin 12:26:32 PM
Ronnie James Dio does a ridiculous - ly great - version of Rest Ye' Merry.... that would fit in nicely - note maybe for next time?
Jannon Sonja Stein 12:26:51 PM
The prior one wasn’t a total set fit, but I totally totally loved it
Jon Solomon (host) 12:27:30 PM
Sabbath Santa by DTCV? There's a deep cut through line I believe!
Jannon Sonja Stein 12:28:25 PM
There is! But it’s less obvious anyway gosh that was beautiful
Jon Solomon (host) 12:28:57 PM
Glad you enjoyed!
Richard from Rocky Hill 12:28:22 PM
Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio ... I Am Santa Claus ... That is just too flippin' hilarious! Thanks, Jon, for yet another astounding edition of your X-Mas Music Marathon. :-))
Jon Solomon (host) 12:29:37 PM
Thanks for tuning in, Richard.
Maura Johnston 12:33:37 PM
This vocalist should give a Queensryche holiday song a whirl next.
Jon Solomon (host) 12:35:19 PM
If they haven't already!
Jon Solomon (host) 12:36:52 PM
These Ozzy PSA IDs bring the room together, as it were.
Maura Johnston 12:37:02 PM
Operation: Yulecrime!
Jon Solomon (host) 12:37:20 PM
I am laughing, but I am not happy about it!
Mike Constantine 12:37:31 PM
lol Maura
Sebastian Petsu 12:37:07 PM
this current one makes me think of Keith Morris fronting Sabbath!
Jon Solomon (host) 12:38:08 PM
I'd pay to see that.
Kevin M 12:37:44 PM
Jon, I know you’re a seltzer guy. What do you think of Poland cranberry lime? Having one now to fend off the coffee jitters.
Kevin M 12:37:56 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 12:38:41 PM
Quality can.
Jon Solomon (host) 12:38:53 PM
I'd drink one if I had one.
eliza rohr 12:38:35 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 12:39:40 PM
If you see your mom this weekend, be sure and tell her CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS.
Carlin 12:39:50 PM
Poland & Polar are just a few letters apart, but what a difference those few letters make (with respect to seltzer)
Steven Howard 12:40:01 PM
Jon, Are there any Van Halen Parodies? I have Ho Ho Ho, Santa's Flyin' ready to be re-writ to Jamie's Cryin
Kevin M 12:39:22 PM
I’ll send your comments to Polar. Don’t think you can get a much better endorsement.
DJ Tenderloin 12:40:01 PM
Sweat Elf
Carlin 12:40:32 PM
(I am excited we finally got some Coconut Limeade out here)
Jon Solomon (host) 12:40:54 PM
Coconut Limeade is the only one I have yet to try.
Jon Solomon (host) 12:41:11 PM
Pineapple Ade was pretty good but also a lot like regular pineapple Polar offerings!
Carlin 12:41:33 PM
That Pineapple Ade must be the other one we have not gotten around here yet (that I know of)
Space Cowboy 12:40:59 PM
hi wprb
Jon Solomon (host) 12:41:53 PM
Hello...Space Cowboy.
Space Cowboy 12:41:48 PM
hi jon solomon - i never knew there were so many black sabbath /santa songs - seems like an unlikely combination -
Carl Zimring 12:42:15 PM
Polar Raspberry Lime accompanied dinner last night and lunch just now. Red & green fruit are seasonally appropriate, right?
Mike Constantine 12:42:19 PM
The unlikely combo makes it perfect
Jon Solomon (host) 12:42:59 PM
I agree but I guess I have been collecting them for just this moment. There are more I am not playing this time out!
Space Cowboy 12:43:04 PM
thats great - yeah i was driving listening to the set -
Space Cowboy 12:43:26 PM
next year the mega sabbath - santa set
Space Cowboy 12:45:53 PM
there it is
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 12:46:09 PM
jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle
Carlin 12:48:25 PM
Be sure and tell her SANTA! SANTA! SANTA!
Brian D 12:48:10 PM
Do the craisin dance: put dried cranberry in champagne glass. Be amazed. Or any tiny bubbly drink maybe
Jason Goldman 12:48:25 PM
I survived the Great Sabbath Set of 2020....BARELY
. 12:49:23 PM
I live Giving Yourself A Gift (in the style of Killing Yourself To Live)
Space Cowboy 12:50:47 PM
oh i just found the video feed - that shirt is wacktaucular
Space Cowboy 12:51:30 PM
what if santa creeps up slowly behind solomon on the video
Brian D 12:51:49 PM
The Who request... 1921. 'Got a feeling 21 is going to be a good year..." rings so true
Carl Zimring 12:52:14 PM
The PowerPoint explanation has to have at least a dozen slides with nothing but bullet points.
Space Cowboy 12:53:32 PM
i guess jons paretnst parents were like - sure the virus is a disaster wrecking lives- but on the upside falling asleep in our bed this year instead of a sofa
Steven Howard 12:53:50 PM
Brian D! I played that last week on my wife's suggestion!
Carl Zimring 12:54:24 PM
This song is begging to be expanded into a 30-minute ABC holiday special.
Space Cowboy 12:55:44 PM
@ carl yeah
Jeff Jotz 12:55:22 PM
Jon, the dog & hiked in Hunterdon County in he RAIN while listening to Snaildartha & Little Drummer Boy. TOTALLY WORTH IT.
Brian D 12:56:12 PM
Nice Steven!
Dan Ruccia 12:56:09 PM
@Jeff nice!
Space Cowboy 12:58:34 PM
thats funny
Steve Kirsch 12:58:42 PM
That Sabbath set/hour was really delightful.
Space Cowboy 12:59:15 PM
yeah thast no biggie
Space Cowboy 1:00:03 PM
family silliness and crazy on christmas/holiday is expected and justifed
Space Cowboy 1:00:16 PM
Jeff Jotz 1:00:25 PM
I saw the Sonics live in 2014 and they brought the house down. I kept thinking THESE GUYS ARE AS OLD AS MY PARENTS.
Space Cowboy 1:00:42 PM
@ jeff as old guys they were still good?
Jon Solomon (host) 1:01:03 PM
Jeff, did you hear that a band I recently became pals with has a member who is the son of a member of The Galaxies?!
Space Cowboy 1:01:30 PM
oh cool a story!
Larry MacGabhann 1:01:54 PM
Oh dear. Here's the WPRBXmas story that always makes me teary-eyed. No idea why. But this song gives me all the Christmas feels.
Larry MacGabhann 1:02:05 PM
Story, I meant story.
Space Cowboy 1:02:15 PM
i was just thinking i haven't heard any good stories yet this year
Jon Solomon (host) 1:02:54 PM
Unexpectedly, more songs than stories submitted as Stories this year and I haven't pulled from the past as much as I have in years gone by. Each show takes a life of its own.
Larry MacGabhann 1:03:26 PM
The sound editing on this story is ON POINT.
Space Cowboy 1:03:39 PM
its all fluid -
Richard from Rocky Hill 1:04:57 PM
I don't know if anyone has chat-posted this yet, but ... Ya just GOTTA check out the music video for Bob Rivers' "I Am Santa Claus"! And don't snack on Santa's cookies -- unless you're ready to REALLY go on tour ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMA-D9LLiuk
Jeff Jotz 1:05:03 PM
@Space Cowboy, the Sonics were loud and raucous...if I was alive in 1965 I guess that's what they sounded like
Space Cowboy 1:05:04 PM
@jeff sweet- nothing better than a rambunctious garage rockband
Jeff Jotz 1:05:56 PM
@Jon that is impressive. Does the son have any of his old man's records? Master tapes?
Jon Solomon (host) 1:08:07 PM
They didn't have a spare copy of Merry Christmas for me! I asked!
Jeff Jotz 1:08:35 PM
Jon, Vicky says hello but when she asks Alexa to play WPRB it plays some Asian radio station. Unless you have an entire set in Mandarin, I don't think that's the station's stream.
Jon Solomon (host) 1:10:16 PM
I think that's the HD2 stream, not HD1.
Space Cowboy 1:09:55 PM
eds gonna kick ass
Jon Solomon (host) 1:10:35 PM
But I have heard about this. Can you email me about it tomorrow (or after)?
Space Cowboy 1:12:38 PM
Larry MacGabhann 1:13:19 PM
I'm just realizing that petty larceny is a recurring theme across WPRBXmas stories...
Jon Solomon (host) 1:13:45 PM
First time I heard that one, I gasped.
Carl Zimring 1:14:01 PM
The writing is as precise as a Rolex.
Jon Solomon (host) 1:15:09 PM
I need to get his book.
Larry MacGabhann 1:15:42 PM
Well said, Carl!
Jim Haku 1:21:03 PM
Raising my banana Nutriment to GFK Xmas song.
Carl Zimring 1:21:10 PM
Jon, is there enough material for a future Wu-Tang set?
Jon Solomon (host) 1:22:43 PM
I wish!
Carl Zimring 1:23:21 PM
There's gotta be tributes to the birth of Big Baby Jesus out there.
Maura Johnston 1:27:27 PM
Kevin M 1:27:06 PM
Did I miss Philly Boy Roy or still to come (understandable if not)?
Jonathan Tannenwald 1:27:08 PM
. 1:27:27 PM
love JRB
Jon Solomon (host) 1:28:23 PM
The fate of PBR is to be determined by time!
Jannon Sonja Stein 1:28:26 PM
This was ny old fave from the pre-Lindstrøm era 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jon Solomon (host) 1:29:07 PM
4.5 hours with 3x thematic sets minimum yet to come = it is gonna be close!
Mike Constantine 1:29:14 PM
bell rock bell bell
Kiswick von Oskenflieger 1:29:53 PM
I've already slept twice.
Kiswick von Oskenflieger 1:30:58 PM
I was in slow wave dreaming when Snaildartha came on. It was glorious.
DJ Tenderloin 1:31:57 PM
ok so my wife just literally came and pulled me out of the shower for JINGLE ROCK BELL! god bless you jon solomon
Larry MacGabhann 1:32:27 PM
You got this Jon. You're the only DJ that's made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.
Carlin 1:32:06 PM
I had held out just fine for the overnight portion (as I regularly stay up until 5am like a dummy, anyhow), but now it's 12:30pm CST and papa needs a caffeine device.
Carlin 1:32:54 PM
(Since I am nowhere near as disciplined/prepared as our host)
Kevin M 1:33:45 PM
oh god it’s already 1:38...how?!
Mike Constantine 1:36:40 PM
Made it past one last night...then up at 5
jimbeaux 1:38:35 PM
@jon & @jeff: 103.3 HD2 is Radio Mirchi...Indo-Pop. Like Sat AM Sangeet show 24/7!
Trash Flow 1:38:38 PM
Liz Bustamante 1:42:25 PM
I finally disabled enough extensions to be able to use chat! Happy Holiday Radio Show to all!
Frances Clark 1:42:33 PM
On this, the one year anniversary of my now-husband proposing along to the sweet sounds of the marathon, I’d like to thank Jon Solomon (and mushrooms) for inspiring this whole marriage plot to begin with. 11/10, would marry again and again, all 365 days of the year. WE LOVE YOU JON SOLOMON.
Carlin 1:43:18 PM
Liz! Do you know what extensions had ya wrecked? P.S. (((HHHUUUGGGSSS)))
Carlin 1:44:04 PM
Frances, that is great!
Liz Bustamante 1:45:32 PM
Carlin, I don't. Because after trying one after the other and different combinations of them, I finally just opened an incognito window. I did want to marvel at how the lead singer of Say Sue Me sounds like Karen Carpenter!!!
Jon Solomon (host) 1:45:45 PM
Wow. Woah. OK. Thank you!
eliza rohr 1:45:30 PM
That Say Sue Me song also gave me Cowboy Junkies vibes
Jeff Jotz 1:47:02 PM
This is the Garden State content I tuned in for.
jimbeaux 1:46:45 PM
Yay Frances! And henceforth, all thanks to Jon in future for whatever reason must also include "(and mushrooms)"
eliza rohr 1:46:54 PM
This is my first year in chat b/c I am in Chicago with my laptop and not using my phone for 'net stuff because I fly light
Jon Solomon (host) 1:49:27 PM
My dinner stew had onion, potato (and mushrooms) in it.
Liz Bustamante 1:49:34 PM
Eliza! Enjoy your midwestern holiday!
eliza rohr 1:50:02 PM
It's different. We're dropping off presents to John's fam in a bit...
Carl Zimring 1:55:22 PM
NYC got up to 60 degrees overnight in the storm. My mom reports snow sticking in Michigan, so Midwestern weather is more in the season's spirit this year.
Jon Solomon (host) 1:56:20 PM
The park across the street from us is a BOG.
Dan Ruccia 1:56:41 PM
As is all of central North Carolina...
Jon Solomon (host) 1:58:50 PM
All that snow, gone. Boo.
eliza rohr 1:59:19 PM
It's like 20 degrees and sunny
eliza rohr 1:59:50 PM
was nearly 60 on Wed, IIRC
Liz Bustamante 2:03:06 PM
I know it's ridiculous to have a favorite Misfits Xmas tune, but this might be it for me.
Jon Solomon (host) 2:03:20 PM
I do love We Are 12/25!
DJ Tenderloin 2:05:54 PM
saw the misfits oct. 22 1982 at wilson center in DC. incredible. i'm old
Steven 2:07:03 PM
It rained all day in Asheville, so bad my back yard flooded, then, cold front andwe got 4" of snow! It's supposed to be 11 degrees tonight.
Jon Solomon (host) 2:07:31 PM
I do not know how we did not lose power overnight.
eliza rohr 2:07:48 PM
I remember Xmas Eve being like 75 five years ago in the NYC area
eliza rohr 2:08:33 PM
I walked on Riverfront Green park in Peekskill for a bit
Carl Zimring 2:08:03 PM
Delayed Hannukah miracle. We had lights flickering around midnight.
Jeff Jotz 2:09:18 PM
I always sing this song on Christmas Eve in my my off-key dad voice
Sangeet Wprb 2:10:22 PM
@Jimbeaux. Radio Mirchi on HD2 is NOT anything like Sangeet on Saturday mornings. Both feature Indian music, but there the similarity ends.
. 2:11:08 PM
hahaha :pause: Angelhug
Rob K 2:12:45 PM
Merry Christmas! Enjoy the festivities!
Maura Johnston 2:15:38 PM
This is fantastic!!
Jeff Jotz 2:15:39 PM
I'm surprised this song about the PATH couldn't work in the phrase "ho ho Hoboken"
eliza rohr 2:17:14 PM
talk about dropping the ball....
Bud Burroughs 2:17:35 PM
Crap, we tuned out for a bit and missed Jingle Rock Bell! Can you play it like 5 more times?
Carl Zimring 2:18:13 PM
Jeff Jotz 2:19:10 PM
Wow what strum & thrum version of "O Come Emmanuel" I dig it
eliza rohr 2:19:10 PM
Catholic Choir FTW
betsy grossman 2:24:10 PM
going strong!! yay jon!
Jon Solomon (host) 2:29:09 PM
eliza rohr 2:30:06 PM
I just opened my fam Secret Santa gift and got Fetch the Bolt Cutters and the super special edition version of Then Play On
Carl Zimring 2:29:50 PM
This is my favorite part of the marathon.
eliza rohr 2:30:40 PM
vinyls, of course
Joshua Hensley 2:31:46 PM
I love the goth elements that come through in Joel's xmas songs
Jon Solomon (host) 2:33:38 PM
Yeah, it is a lot for me to listen to (in a good, overwhelming way).
Joshua Hensley 2:34:37 PM
how are you holding up, Boss?
Jon Solomon (host) 2:34:57 PM
Pretty good. The sun is going away but boy it is amazing to see light while broadcasting.
Jon Solomon (host) 2:35:27 PM
Some aspects of the marathon = much easier from home. A few things I still need to adapt. But this has been cool so far, minus the harrowing 10 hour storm.
Joshua Hensley 2:36:24 PM
it's been so nice for Emily and I to spend the day with you <3
Jon Solomon (host) 2:39:19 PM
Carlos Pedroni 2:38:52 PM
Just curious,,,how many times do you brush your teeth during the show?
Carl Zimring 2:39:57 PM
"Someday Soon" is quite a song for this year.
John and Tina 2:40:49 PM
How many websites do you have, Jon? I just googled a track and your site was the first hit
Jon Solomon (host) 2:41:03 PM
If I'm at WPRB, once. I do a "freshen up" midway through. But at home, not as much!
Jon Solomon (host) 2:41:27 PM
For the show there's keepingscoreathome.com and now for the Xmas show there's marathon.christmas.
John and Tina 2:42:07 PM
Jon I'm trying to find a track with Santa Baby and a sitar track in the background. I'm listened to it for years and googling comes up empty. Does that ring a bell with you?
John and Tina 2:42:27 PM
also marathon.christmas A++
Jon Solomon (host) 2:42:58 PM
Yeah, Larry did a great job. By 2021 I think it will do everything we want it to do. You should see the domains we didn't opt for!
Larry MacGabhann 2:43:33 PM
Sorry I was out with the dog! Thanks for the kind words! John & Jon! They mean a lot!
Larry MacGabhann 2:44:12 PM
I actually have a list of all the possible domains I ran by Jon if anyone's interested. I can post them!
John and Tina 2:46:02 PM
Larry MacGabhann 2:46:10 PM
This is funny I searched my PC for "Jon Solomon" and the first thing that came up was a recipe for a Spicy Peanut Butter Sandwich.
John and Tina 2:47:10 PM
I mean you need to post that recipe now, too
Jon Solomon (host) 2:47:33 PM
Really? I made that once! Was tasty!
Larry MacGabhann 2:47:07 PM
I think you're right, John. Strangely, I have a vivid memory of hearing Jon share that recipe on his show and thinking "I need to eat that."
Kevin M 2:49:12 PM
Since these songs usually come later in the show when I’m typically busy, I miss a lot of them. Man, these are beautiful.
Larry MacGabhann 2:49:16 PM
Alternate domain names for the marathon website. 5 groups. Group 1: MUSIC / RADIO. mixtape.christmas remixed.christmas sound.christmas soundslike.christmas suchsounds.christmas sweetsounds.christmas tunes.christmas
Daniel Cohen 2:50:20 PM
i always love this set but man this is hitting extra hard this year
Larry MacGabhann 2:49:45 PM
I'll wait a bit to share the next group. Don't want to spam the chat.
Carl Zimring 2:50:42 PM
This is an emotional B12 shot in a malnourished year.
John and Tina 2:51:20 PM
strong list, Larry!
Maria T 2:51:21 PM
@larry no jonsolomon.christmas
Maria T 2:51:26 PM
John and Tina 2:52:11 PM
my hard drive search for "sitar" is still running...
Larry MacGabhann 2:53:51 PM
Excellent ceist, Maria. There were several iterations of Jon's name in GROUP 3: JON STUFF!
Larry MacGabhann 2:54:09 PM
Including one of my favs: seltzer.christmas.
Larry MacGabhann 2:54:26 PM
Also, the recipe for Jon's Spicy Peanut Butter Sandwich is on the site now: http://marathon.christmas/misc/jon_solomons_spicy_peanut_butter_sandwich.pdf.
John and Tina 2:54:15 PM
thanks larry!@
John and Tina 2:54:58 PM
John and Tina 2:55:45 PM
I'll assume Larry is a programmer or engineer of some stripe
Larry MacGabhann 2:56:26 PM
TFR John. No problem. And yes, it is a bit embarrassing to admit but the recipe template I ginned up has a section for "iterative improvements". I am both very efficient and very, very lonely.
Carl Zimring 2:56:29 PM
May need to crowdsource lyrics for 2021 track seltzer.christmas.
Larry MacGabhann 2:57:56 PM
It's a long story but I transitioned to front-end development work two years ago. Prior to that I was an academic, which is just a very impressive way of saying "well read" and "poor."
John and Tina 2:58:13 PM
congrats! React?
Larry MacGabhann 2:59:04 PM
@Carl. Yes. This needs to happen.
Larry MacGabhann 3:00:28 PM
Lol! My JS skills are limping along. I try to stick to vanilla JS (for performance reasons) as much as possible but I've also been digesting Vue.js in small, easy-to-manage bites.
Jon Solomon (host) 3:01:03 PM
What about *my* JS Skills?
John and Tina 3:01:20 PM
I'm enjoying these websites a lot, guys
Maria T 3:02:00 PM
Jon, your JS skills are doing just fine
John and Tina 3:01:32 PM
also I found the sirta Santa Baby track!
Daniel Cohen 3:02:14 PM
vue is great, especially if you don't have the luxury of being able to start from scratch and/or don't need to use redux actions
Carlos Pedroni 3:02:30 PM
One ,ast
Larry MacGabhann 3:03:10 PM
Jon's JS skills are scary, scary good.
Liz Bustamante 3:03:11 PM
I just thought of one: youcallthis.christmas/
Carlos Pedroni 3:03:22 PM
One last personal question, how long are you awake for when you do the marathon?
Maria T 3:03:24 PM
@liz that's GOOD
Carlos Pedroni 3:03:45 PM
What time will you hit the sack this evening
Liz Bustamante 3:03:47 PM
Thanks, @Maria! I laughed.
Kristin Belz 3:03:36 PM
glad i tuned in for much of the JRLP. just stunning as usual.\
Larry MacGabhann 3:04:18 PM
Thank you for seconding Vue, Daniel. I had "reasons" for starting there but, if I'm being honest, it was also partly a "gut" choice. Always good to have your judgement calls seconded by someone more knowledgeable than yourself.
Jon Solomon (host) 3:05:02 PM
I would expect I'll be asleep by 8 pm ET or so. But I don't have to load out and I'm supposed to join my standing Friday night Zoom so who knows!
Jon Solomon (host) 3:05:45 PM
I'll likely fall asleep on the couch, as is tradition (and better than the bath tub).
Carlos Pedroni 3:05:58 PM
What time did you wake up on Thursday am ?
eliza rohr 3:05:26 PM
@Carl, you listen to Knowledge Fight? John's a wonk and they were doing seltzer rankings but they fizzled out, if you will..
Jon Solomon (host) 3:06:28 PM
I only need a normal night of sleep really so like 8 pm to 8 am or so and I'm good. Sweatpants and thai takeout tomorrow.
Carl Zimring 3:05:52 PM
Ha, no. But I should!
Carl Zimring 3:06:11 PM
I cannot imagine being up more than 24 hours AND THEN GETTING ON ZOOM.
Carlos Pedroni 3:07:05 PM
Thanks,,,it is appreciated by all
betsy grossman 3:06:39 PM
thai takeout tomorrow sounds delicious
Jon Solomon (host) 3:08:45 PM
Since we can't go out for our annual post-marathon nice dinner, we'll pick up something nice.
Larry MacGabhann 3:09:11 PM
Added your domain to the list btw @Liz Bustamante!
Brad Searles 3:09:12 PM
Damn, this JRLP set is killing me in the best way.
Carlin 3:08:42 PM
circling back - whazzabout
eliza rohr 3:09:27 PM
Since we're reaching home stretch, any PRF crew going join the Fuzzbox Twitch?
Carlin 3:08:51 PM
eliza rohr 3:09:58 PM
Someone page Neal Markowski wonderful.christmastime
John and Tina 3:09:52 PM
what a swerve!
Carl Zimring 3:09:54 PM
Oh, Joel.
Kevin M 3:10:05 PM
Got me
Brad Searles 3:10:45 PM
Damn, Jon. From sadness to gladness in one long pause.
Jon Solomon (host) 3:10:46 PM
Carlin 3:10:08 PM
Eliza - maybe? (re: twitch) - but some of us are watching Coming To America from 10pm to ?? (if it don't get zucc'd)
Carlin 3:10:20 PM
for no particular reason I guess
. 3:10:32 PM
eliza rohr 3:11:11 PM
Ah nice. BTW, Wizard's set was fun
Carl Zimring 3:10:41 PM
What time did he get these tracks in, Jon?
Carlin 3:11:03 PM
dangit - How Can I Be In Two Places At Once...
Jon Solomon (host) 3:11:45 PM
Joshua Hensley 3:11:08 PM
gonna just go ahead and melt into the floor
Joshua Hensley 3:11:18 PM
Carl Zimring 3:11:40 PM
Carlin 3:11:43 PM
...When I'm Not Anywhere At Alllllll!
Bob Chapman 3:12:58 PM
had me in the first half, not gonna lie...
Bob Chapman 3:14:35 PM
Hi Carlin! Hi Jorsh! Hi Eliza! Hi Brad! Wow... virtual Christmas with far-flung friends
eliza rohr 3:14:39 PM
John is OBSESSED with Angry Snowmans. @Jon, you've created a monster
Joshua Hensley 3:14:14 PM
hi friends!
Carlin 3:14:15 PM
Hola Bob
Carl Zimring 3:14:16 PM
Love this, cosign the sentimen
Carl Zimring 3:14:20 PM
Carl Zimring 3:15:05 PM
Did he just quote the Guess Who?
Brad Searles 3:16:36 PM
Heya Bob!
eliza rohr 3:17:18 PM
W00t Bob. Liz has been here too...
Dylan Stephen 3:17:59 PM
Wow this song COMPLETELY slaps
Mark 3:18:23 PM
Ha never expected one with PiL beats in it
Kristin Belz 3:18:31 PM
wow that new jrlp song really gets this year, and this feeling.
Larry MacGabhann 3:18:29 PM
Somebody already said it but I loves me those goth flourishes on JRLP's stuff.
Carl Zimring 3:19:23 PM
EXMasPrez bookends The Devil Wins nicely.
eliza rohr 3:20:19 PM
My parents are sadists and wake me up at 6:30 AM for Xmas
Selecta Jerry 3:20:40 PM
That past hour of Joel RL Phelps was amazing 🔥🎄
eliza rohr 3:20:55 PM
Selecta Jerry 3:21:47 PM
Put my friday afternoon in quite a mood
Liz Bustamante 3:22:06 PM
Jonathan Tannenwald 3:22:40 PM
Hi, Maggie!
Joshua Hensley 3:22:48 PM
Carlin 3:22:13 PM
Howdy, Ms. M!
Maria T 3:23:12 PM
John and Tina 3:23:22 PM
or they can make additional Mando socks
Maria T 3:23:37 PM
Unitards are very easy to make, 10/10 would recommend
Kevin M 3:23:48 PM
Mandalorian season 2 was so good. Up next, cobra kai season 3!
Jonathan Tannenwald 3:24:06 PM
Maggie is in 7th grade, gah
eliza rohr 3:23:31 PM
I used to be skilled in sewing at 13 and I didn't keep it up...
Marisa Simon 3:24:18 PM
Did I hear sewing machine?!
eliza rohr 3:23:52 PM
I was hoping to get back into it during pandemic but...
Selecta Jerry 3:24:36 PM
She is almost old enough for her own gig on prb
Dana K 3:24:43 PM
Larry MacGabhann 3:24:05 PM
You sure did Marisa. Was I the only one that flashed to Curb btw?
Selecta Jerry 3:25:01 PM
Hi marisa
Marisa Simon 3:25:09 PM
Hi Jerry!
Maria T 3:25:28 PM
Yes, us sewing enthusiasts want to know
Marisa Simon 3:25:30 PM
Virtual sewing classes
Selecta Jerry 3:25:36 PM
Hope you and yours are having a great holiday
Marisa Simon 3:25:46 PM
And to you!
Marisa Simon 3:26:37 PM
Loving this interview. 💖
Bob Chapman 3:27:02 PM
"what do you think of the Electoral College, and can I remind you that you are on the radio so keep your language mild"
Kenneth Dotsey 3:26:33 PM
just amazing this show is my tradition and after listening and viewing for all of the 32 years Jon has not aged at all but does grow the traditional 25 hour beard
betsy grossman 3:27:57 PM
yum baguettes.
Larry MacGabhann 3:27:31 PM
I came for the music. I'm staying for the cheese.
Bob Chapman 3:28:14 PM
manchego, aged cheddar, gruyere
Maria T 3:28:15 PM
Marisa Simon 3:28:20 PM
Humboldt fog!
John and Tina 3:27:42 PM
terrific interview here
Liz Bustamante 3:28:25 PM
Oh! Surprise 2nd choice!
Factorial 3:28:36 PM
i beg to differ maggie
Joshua Hensley 3:28:45 PM
tacos.... mmmmmm
Factorial 3:28:53 PM
i can def put away cheddar all by itself
Sweet Dreams are made of CHEESE. Who am I to dis a BRIE?!
Bob Chapman 3:29:05 PM
that a good sharp cheddar is great on its own?
Maria T 3:29:06 PM
brie, pecorino sardo, cheddar are mine
Larry MacGabhann 3:28:40 PM
Am I the only one in the chat that stress eats cheese? Is that statistically possible?
Jonathan Tannenwald 3:28:48 PM
No, Larry, you are not the only one at all.
Kristin Belz 3:29:28 PM
love the in depth interview. making me hungry again. cheese talk excellent.
eliza rohr 3:28:53 PM
This is cute. I'm wondering if she's at my mom's Jr. High
Maria T 3:29:35 PM
Selecta Jerry 3:28:57 PM
Mr malcontent 🤣🎶
Liz Bustamante 3:29:39 PM
She's not wrong.
Marisa Simon 3:29:40 PM
Larry you are not then only one!
Kristin Belz 3:29:47 PM
you tell him, maggie!
Maura Johnston 3:29:13 PM
Hi Maggie!
Mary Krause 3:29:26 PM
Hi Maggie! Great to see you!
Factorial 3:30:11 PM
Sewing School 2: Electric Boogaloo
Kevin M 3:29:45 PM
I don’t discriminate with my cheeses
Maria T 3:30:38 PM
@factorial 💯💯💯💯
Factorial 3:30:54 PM
@maria t i thought you would have gotten there before me
Factorial 3:31:01 PM
i raced to the keyboard to type it
Maria T 3:31:23 PM
@factorial you know i cherish any and all "breakin' 2" references
Maura Johnston 3:31:26 PM
but what about hangman the handsome cowboy
Maria T 3:31:45 PM
but it's xmas, consider it my gift to you @factorial
betsy grossman 3:32:00 PM
xmas song on the piano?
Tiffany Smith 3:31:34 PM
Hahaha! Factorial. I had 2 books I bought for Frances (one we never used) so I took them over!
Factorial 3:32:34 PM
@tiffany! Nice!!
Mary Krause 3:32:44 PM
I have so much cheese in my house right now. The next few days will be glorious.
Carl Zimring 3:32:06 PM
Humboldt Fog is also popular in our home.
Marisa Simon 3:32:48 PM
This is fabulous
Maria T 3:32:49 PM
MARATHON RESCUE is definitely a reality show I would watch, however
Chris Daltry 3:32:38 PM
i had hoped for some insight into how your family felt about having you do this in the house this year.
Maria T 3:33:31 PM
Where was MARATHON RESCUE when I started getting sleepy during the "103 of 2008" marathon
Marisa Simon 3:33:49 PM
🔔 💖🔔💖🔔
Mark 3:34:04 PM
Great cameo appearance and take on Rudolf ! :)
eliza rohr 3:33:54 PM
That response could go either way...
Factorial 3:34:49 PM
"the gourds been cut for time"
Liz Bustamante 3:34:50 PM
YAY! What a treat!
Big CHEERS to you, DJ Selecta Jerry! #EURYTHMICS 🎶🎵
Selecta Jerry 3:35:00 PM
Larry MacGabhann 3:35:06 PM
My thoughts exactly Factorial.
Selecta Jerry 3:35:47 PM
Cheers Mr. Mal!
Larry MacGabhann 3:35:20 PM
SEWING MACHINE ER. Calling the band name.
Marisa Simon 3:36:00 PM
I hug my machine every day!
Carl Zimring 3:36:01 PM
The huggable sewing machine, from Husqvarna.
Marisa Simon 3:37:05 PM
Interesting fact: At the beginning of the pandemic I fixed Marvin Rosen’s wife’s machine.
eliza rohr 3:36:53 PM
I think we'll be leaving in a bit....we'll finish out listening in the car
Tiffany Smith 3:37:08 PM
Nicole and I text every year to get the half price humboldt fog from whole foods during the 12 days of cheese each December.
Commie Francis 3:37:24 PM
Jon what is the last name of this Andy if that's ok to disclose?
Frances Clark 3:38:11 PM
I def agreed with a bunch of Maggie’s takes ✊❤️🎄
Larry MacGabhann 3:37:48 PM
WPRBXmas car listening is the best, Eliza. I have very fond memories of barrelling down I-95 on Christmas afternoon.
Jon Solomon (host) 3:38:31 PM
Andy Williams, also of Lefty's Deceiver.
eliza rohr 3:38:24 PM
@Larry I"m subject to my dad's car stuck on Q104
Kevin M 3:39:11 PM
Re: Star wars/mandalorian talk...anyone play Jedi fallen order? Brother got it for me for Christmas
eliza rohr 3:38:39 PM
When we go to my aunt's
Commie Francis 3:38:44 PM
Ok bill was wondering if it was andy wheeler from RAMBO haha
Kat Kat 3:38:54 PM
Making cookies and listening in, coming here to say that I’ve thought the same thing about Rudolph!!!!! Dam it was really days something about Santa’s character if he only accepts rudolph once he becomes valuable 🙄
John and Tina 3:39:38 PM
nice track!
Larry MacGabhann 3:39:10 PM
I can recommend a very simple hack, Eliza!
Selecta Jerry 3:39:28 PM
I dont know #Wprbxmas listening from my couch is pretty sweet listening experience
Kevin M 3:41:12 PM
Haha! Thanks Maggie and Jon
eliza rohr 3:40:57 PM
We're going out and leaving the chat. Maybe next year I'll have a tablet to bring to NY. Merry Xmas!
Merl1960 3:42:15 PM
Mark E. Smith...psyched!
Maria T 3:43:19 PM
And now, the only time of the year I actually enjoy listening to the Fall
Kiswick von Oskenflieger 3:43:35 PM
marathon.christmas is slick
Larry MacGabhann 3:44:02 PM
Thank you so much Kiswick!
Kiswick von Oskenflieger 3:44:32 PM
the fall the mighty fall the fall the fall
Liz Bustamante 3:45:44 PM
Gotta head out to deliver gifts. Happy holidays, pals!
Jon Solomon (host) 3:45:57 PM
Bye Liz!
Liz Bot 3:46:43 PM
Happy Fallidays!
Maria T 3:46:48 PM
Kevin M 3:47:59 PM
Maria, same...The Fall don’t do it for me (outside of this show)
Readie R. 3:48:16 PM
Bye Liz! Merry Merry!
Readie R. 3:48:34 PM
Sorry I missed ya!
Maria T 3:49:56 PM
I love when this comes on at my parent's house during a holiday meal and it makes them so mad
Beth McDonald 3:51:08 PM
I was convinced it was "No Christmas for donkeys" until I checked the playlist. A little disappointed
Ryan Godfrey 3:50:34 PM
Just wanted to formally check into this year's chat in case the marathon's server logs are ever donated to the Smithsonian or the Broadcasting Hall of Fame or something. Merry Christmas, everyone!
Carl Zimring 3:51:07 PM
Jen always hears that song as No Christmas for John Cage and I want that to be a thing.
Maria T 3:51:52 PM
@beth I will record that for next year's marathon
Maria T 3:52:03 PM
@carl I'll do that one as well
Maria T 3:52:31 PM
actually, everyone: give me your favorite misheard version of "no xmas for john quays" and i'll use for my version
Larry MacGabhann 3:52:06 PM
Jon my mother just said "He looks good. He doesn't look tired at all." This is high praise coming form an Irish woman.
Larry MacGabhann 3:52:15 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 3:52:57 PM
It is No Xmas For Junkies, right?
Carl Zimring 3:52:56 PM
Thank you Maria!
Jon Solomon (host) 3:53:54 PM
Joshua Hensley 3:53:25 PM
no xmas for chomsky
Ryan Godfrey 3:53:34 PM
No Christmas for Joe Keyes
Maria T 3:54:19 PM
Joshua Hensley 3:53:48 PM
no xmas for zombie
Carl Zimring 3:54:09 PM
Josh, you are assigned the Chomsky version.
Michael Schmelzer 3:55:04 PM
Yeah the name John Quays didn't just come outta nowhere.
Commie Francis 3:54:26 PM
Christmas is 100% for donkeys
Joshua Hensley 3:54:27 PM
Commie Francis 3:54:43 PM
If not for donkeys then for whom
Joshua Hensley 3:54:52 PM
Carl Zimring 3:55:59 PM
(Done in the style of Digital Underground)
Beth McDonald 3:56:47 PM
@Maria You are a true hero!
Kevin M 3:57:09 PM
Forgot to say...we were doing presents during Lindstrom and I had it coming from the iPad for a good ten minutes before my mom asked if she could put on a CD comp of christmas songs that Kohl's (yeah, the store) put out in 2000
Bernadette M Smith 3:57:23 PM
love the dancing
Carlin 3:57:59 PM
"Sorry, Mom - you know the rules - driver picks the tunes." "But we're not driv-" "DON'T MAKE ME PULL OVER."
Readie R. 3:59:39 PM
That was a beautiful yawn just now, Jon
Jon Solomon (host) 3:59:54 PM
Thank you both. I dance AND I yawn!
Carl Zimring 3:59:42 PM
This song and the Peel aircheck comp are my favorite parts of this set.
Michael Schmelzer 4:00:31 PM
Chris Mohr 4:00:33 PM
Thank you for The Fall set, Jon! As always
Carlin 3:59:57 PM
"No praises for yawn, please!" - M.E.S.
Readie R. 4:00:59 PM
Yawn Jawn
Kevin M 4:01:29 PM
@carlin it's got a weird children's choir version of feliz navidad she really likes. yeah, didn't get my music tastes from my parents
Chris Mohr 4:01:31 PM
The Fall is my favorite band. These are not my favorite Fall songs. But the Peel loop is brilliant!
Jon Solomon (host) 4:01:33 PM
I keep hoping others will answer the Fall Call in future marathons but I love what we've got.
Bernadette M Smith 4:00:55 PM
All in the family!!!! Join in!
Maria T 4:01:45 PM
Chris Mohr 4:02:08 PM
Also hi Kiswick and Mr. Mike
Bernadette M Smith 4:01:40 PM
Count down let's go!!!!!
Kevin M 4:03:10 PM
jon, challenge "maybe" accepted for next year. i'm good friends with one of the dudes in the manischefits
Kevin M 4:03:34 PM
we were gonna do a song for the marathon this year (not The Fall, but still) before covid threw a wrench in that
Chris Mohr 4:03:35 PM
Belatedly the Sabbath set was a wonder to behold.
Jannon Sonja Stein 4:03:48 PM
Carlin wins for best comment
Chris Mohr 4:04:20 PM
Thumbs up on the best comment!
Jannon Sonja Stein 4:04:59 PM
Although Ryan’s burn gets fingersnaps
Michael Schmelzer 4:05:11 PM
Larry MacGabhann 4:05:23 PM
RIP John Peel. Teenage dreams so hard to beat...
yoni from kdu 4:05:33 PM
The best!
Carl Zimring 4:04:59 PM
Find someone who looks at you the way John Peel looked at The Fall.
Jon Solomon (host) 4:06:01 PM
We like to do "The Fall, The Fall, The Mighty Fall..." at home for fun.
Jon Solomon (host) 4:06:09 PM
Especially when summer ends.
Michael Schmelzer 4:06:14 PM
hola Mode!
Dana Hartman 4:05:54 PM
The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall
Patrick Ganley 4:06:34 PM
“C’mon that’s The Fall”
Jon Solomon (host) 4:06:42 PM
John and Tina 4:06:48 PM
Dana Hartman 4:06:28 PM
The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall The Fall
Joshua Hensley 4:07:12 PM
Russ Smith 4:06:37 PM
I used to record "The All Fall Decline and Fall" which was a yearly Fall Marathon on WPRB
Michael Schmelzer 4:07:22 PM
Mode, and somehow this is best block of music played all year.
Chris Mohr 4:07:00 PM
"Benighted souls who don't like The Fall" 😂
Chris Mohr 4:07:28 PM
Russ, I used to do that show!
Jannon Sonja Stein 4:08:15 PM
Russ is officially a wprb hero
Kevin M 4:07:49 PM
Is there a YouTube video of John peel saying “the fall” for 10 hours on loop?
Maria T 4:08:35 PM
Related, I highly recommend the John Peel bot on twitter: @johnpeelbandbot
Jannon Sonja Stein 4:08:37 PM
Pls donate for digitization
Jon Solomon (host) 4:08:38 PM
I love how last night the chat was stacked with current / younger WPRB DJs and now it's an excellent mix of vets.
Chris Mohr 4:09:29 PM
I was lurking last night, Jon. This chat stuff is newfangled!
Larry MacGabhann 4:10:42 PM
@Kevin M If there isn't a YT vie of JP saying "The Fall" for 10 hours on a loop I will make sure Jon Solobot creates one.
Carlin 4:10:13 PM
Fall me once, shame on you...
Chris Mohr 4:11:04 PM
Fall me twice, won't stop til I get enough.
Michael Schmelzer 4:12:39 PM
A big part of the Fall's appeal to me is how they sound on something like Blue Christmas. It's like a pure musicality than transcends the underlying "songs"
Russ Smith 4:12:17 PM
DJ Carlos said to go see the Fall on his radio show around 1980 or so and I ended up seeing them about 20 times over the years.
Chris Mohr 4:12:54 PM
Do the Shields Brothers (Detention) still ever drop in? Well, pre-covid. They used to crash our staff holiday party
Michael Schmelzer 4:14:10 PM
The closest I came was having tickets to a show in Brooklyn just before he died. Sorry, everybody.
Chris Mohr 4:13:32 PM
Kudos, Dj Carlos
Jon Solomon (host) 4:14:24 PM
Kevin Shields calls my show regularly! Every couple of Wednesday I will hear from him. Well, not since March obviously...
Chris Mohr 4:14:04 PM
Cool to hear, Jon
Carl Zimring 4:14:09 PM
Switching the times of the jrlp and Fall sets makes this song particularly well-timed.
Jon Solomon (host) 4:15:15 PM
He's a character, enjoy our conversations. He knows when to let the DJ go!
Russ Smith 4:15:47 PM
Mark E. Smith used to wear a watch that did not run that was set for the the time the show started. Sometimes he had a second watch on that ran and had the current time.
Russ Smith 4:17:11 PM
They played Revival in Philly and did not start the show until 4:30 AM
Maria T 4:17:43 PM
That sounds about right, Russ
Jason Goldman 4:18:08 PM
Went to Shields Brothers gymnastics back in Hillsborough on 206. That's where I first heard about PRB, when Paul was saying they got played on that station.
Chris Mohr 4:19:13 PM
There are some YouTube videos of the Shiledses skateboarding at the gym
Commie Francis 4:19:33 PM
The first time I subbed for jon kevin shields called in IMMEDIATELY to poke fun at jon. And I was a little confused because he has the same name as the mbv guy.
Jason Goldman 4:19:47 PM
Was so sad when I saw it boarded up and long since used....only to google Shields Gymnastics and saw they had an even more amazing building in Flemington with parkour and all that.
Chris Mohr 4:20:23 PM
Correction: "Shieldses" in case the chat logs go to the Smithsonian
Michael Schmelzer 4:21:16 PM
I saw Fugazi at Maxwell's with the Shields Brothers.
Michael Schmelzer 4:21:53 PM
We may have taken a panel van.
Chris Mohr 4:21:46 PM
And you lived to tell the tale Mr. Mike
Factorial 4:22:08 PM
an hour and a half! there are still so many songs!
Jason Goldman 4:22:20 PM
This being 2020 and RIP Eddie V, they had us do "Eddie V's" when we jumped like Eddie V with both legs curled up to the side on the trampoline.
Chris Mohr 4:23:12 PM
"Dead Christmas carolers, they were out of controllers, played the marathon game but they couldn't maintain!"
Jason Goldman 4:23:18 PM
It was also the place I first heard the Beastie Boys, and we all made bets on if Quiet Riot would beat Journey in that Friday Night Video Fight thing that was on MTV at the time.
Jon Solomon (host) 4:24:38 PM
Tell me about it, Factorial! Scour old playlists for some favorites! Because I am!
Chris Mohr 4:24:17 PM
Jason, I'm so glad they were WPRB evangelists.
Factorial 4:24:31 PM
no more xmas for john quays!
Commie Francis 4:25:25 PM
So has anyone stayed up the whole marathon besides Jon?
Factorial 4:25:41 PM
sadly i am off my game this year