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Jan 6, 2021 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

With Elliot

Weekly broadcasts from an overeager listener. Order, chaos, and unnecessarily specific edition information.


The Name of this Show is Elliot on WPRB
12:00 PM
George Atkins and Hank Levine - Begin Anew for Two
George Atkins and Hank Levine Begin Anew for Two
Sing Along with JFK Reprise 1963
12:03 PM
The Triumphs - We Don't Love Enough
The Triumphs We Don't Love Enough
World Spirituality Classics 2: The Time for Peace is Now: Gospel Music About Us V/A Luaka Bop 2018
12:13 PM
Nduduzo Makhathini - Umyalez'oPhuthumayo
Nduduzo Makhathini Umyalez'oPhuthumayo N
Modes of Communication: Letters from the Underworlds Blue Note 2020
12:19 PM
The Cradle - One Too Many Times
The Cradle One Too Many Times N
Laughing in My Sleep NNA Tapes 2020
12:22 PM
The Left Outsides - Between the Lines
The Left Outsides Between the Lines N
Are You Sure I Was There? 842100 Records DK 2020
12:25 PM
Death Valley Girls - Hypnagogia
Death Valley Girls Hypnagogia N
Under the Spell of Joy Suicide Squeeze Records 2020
12:30 PM
Hen Ogledd - Space Golf
Hen Ogledd Space Golf N
Free Humans Weird World 2020
12:38 PM
Mica Levi - One Tear
Mica Levi One Tear N
Ruff Dog Mica Levi 2020
12:42 PM
Aural Indifference - Conceptual Car Crash
Aural Indifference Conceptual Car Crash N
The Sound of Indifference Minimal Wave 2020
12:44 PM
Scarlatine - Sédum Peireaki
Scarlatine Sédum Peireaki N
Mimosa Indian Redead 2020
12:46 PM
Guerilla Toss - Own Zone
Guerilla Toss Own Zone N
Human Girl Sub Pop Records 2020
12:50 PM
Aksak Maboul - Histoires De Fous
Aksak Maboul Histoires De Fous N
Figures Crammed Discs 2020
1:00 PM
Nakul Krishnamurthy - Anudhatthamudhatthassvaritham
Nakul Krishnamurthy Anudhatthamudhatthassvaritham N
Tesserae Takuroku 2020
1:22 PM
Oh Jeong-Seon (오정선) - 사랑의 물결
Oh Jeong-Seon (오정선) 사랑의 물결
마음 Recording Industry Association of Korea 1978
1:24 PM
Hebephrenic - Hide
Hebephrenic Hide
Hide Tapehiss Recordings 1999
1:28 PM
Nichts - Wer Du Bist
Nichts Wer Du Bist
Made In Eile Schallmauer 1981
1:32 PM
Danny Kaye - The Peony Bush
Danny Kaye The Peony Bush
My Best
1:35 PM
Bob Downes - Electric City
Bob Downes Electric City
Open Music Esoteric Recordings 2010
1:41 PM
Norma O'Malley - Some Tame Gazelle
Norma O'Malley Some Tame Gazelle
Kiwi Animals - Future / Primitive Aotearoa V/A Strangelove Music 2020
1:48 PM
Didier Bonin - Juin 81
Didier Bonin Juin 81
L'Air Lumière Creole Stream 2013
1:51 PM
Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen - On the Way Home
Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen On the Way Home
Fancy Pants Now-Again 2018
2:00 PM
Guerre Froide - Ersatz
Guerre Froide Ersatz
Guerre Froide Genetic Music 2004
2:02 PM
Vera Kaa - Nun Stehst Du Da
Vera Kaa Nun Stehst Du Da
Das Macht Dich Frisch Repertoire Records 1981
2:06 PM
グレナデン - 農政マヒがやってくる
グレナデン 農政マヒがやってくる
From Backside Japan (Underground Music Scene in Niigata: 1980s - 90s) V/A Suezan Studio 2020
2:09 PM
Five or Six - Another Reason
Five or Six Another Reason
Another Reason Cherry Red 1981
2:13 PM
Roomful of Teeth - Just Constellations: No. 3, The Magic Constellation (Winter) [After L.M. Young]
Roomful of Teeth Just Constellations: No. 3, The Magic Constellation (Winter) [After L.M. Young] N
Michael Harrison: Just Constellations New Amsterdam 2020
2:22 PM
Still House Plants - Shy Song
Still House Plants Shy Song N
Fast Edit Bison Records 2020
2:26 PM
Age - Werkzeug
Age Werkzeug
Age Summersault 1994
2:30 PM
Barcelona - I Could Be Happy
Barcelona I Could Be Happy
Little Darla Has a Treat for You: Reincarnated Tracks 1995-2009 V/A Darla 1995
2:33 PM
Data - Boppin' Around
Data Boppin' Around N
Data 2020 s/r 2020
2:36 PM
Eduardo Mateo - El Chi-Li-Ban-Dan
Eduardo Mateo El Chi-Li-Ban-Dan
América Invertida (Leftfield Pop & Experimental Folk From 80s Uruguay) V/A Vampisoul 2019
2:38 PM
Shapoval Sextet - I. Oi Zbyraisia Kozache Pokhid Bude
Shapoval Sextet I. Oi Zbyraisia Kozache Pokhid Bude N
Kobzareva Duma (1976) - EP Shukai 2020
2:45 PM
Ronald Langestraat - In the Middle of the Night
Ronald Langestraat In the Middle of the Night
Searching South of North 2018
2:48 PM
The Six Degree South - Loving You (Is Too Far Out), Pt. 1
The Six Degree South Loving You (Is Too Far Out), Pt. 1 N
Loving You "Is Too Far Out" Athens Of The North 2020
2:56 PM
00110100 01010100 - 0000 871 0007
00110100 01010100 0000 871 0007 N
871 s/r 2020
Chat is archived.
Elliot (host) 11:58:36 AM
'less chamber rock, more thrash', said Dave The Obscure
Elliot (host) 11:58:41 AM
words to live by
kentman 12:04:20 PM
Wodenday Smack Down, thank you Georgia for making the sun shine
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 12:09:58 PM
Yes, more thrash.
Elliot (host) 12:14:09 PM
I stayed up way too late last night, well after the trend was clear, reading and re-reading the same poll statistics over and over again
Elliot (host) 12:14:52 PM
all credit to Odin (and Stacey Abrams)
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 12:15:02 PM
They just need to find those 11,780 votes.
Elliot (host) 12:17:04 PM
have they tried turning it off and back on again?
Krista 12:21:35 PM
Don't forget the Latino/Latina organizers who called literally every single registered Latino voter! They took the percentage from 10% who voted in runoffs last time to 65%. That's huge.
Elliot (host) 12:27:49 PM
The numbers are humbling, and full of lessons for other states in the South
Elliot (host) 12:28:25 PM
this song blew me away on the Freeform Pathogen a month ago -- I hope enough time has passed that playing it doesn't count as stealing
kentman 12:31:01 PM
more like borrowing an idea
Mark 12:32:52 PM
I agree about hearing on the free form / super fantastic: hope other dj’s now lift from u / just sayin Krista & Dave :)
Mark 12:33:55 PM
Great gif up top / isn’t that what the kids call them ?
Elliot (host) 12:34:04 PM
what I'd really like to know is how the kids 𝓅𝓇𝑜𝓃𝑜𝓊𝓃𝒸𝑒 it!
the_dude 12:34:47 PM
Howdy! Yeah it's definitely nice to exhale in relief. Still a lot to do ahead, gotta hold these people accountable too, the last time Dems had all branches was a little lackluster . And yeah mark, beat me to it, love the Sting gif. And it's gif, pronounced like gift without the t
the_dude 12:35:10 PM
How do you say it Elliot?
the_dude 12:35:19 PM
Don't tell me it's jif!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 12:36:31 PM
The creators of the format pronounced the word as "jif" with a soft "G" /dʒɪf/ as in "gym". Steve Wilhite says that the intended pronunciation deliberately echoes the American peanut butter brand Jif. Sorry.
Elliot (host) 12:36:57 PM
clearly I'm having a lot of pronunciation issues right now, in the chat and on air
Krista 12:38:05 PM
Who would write a song about a tear- orange juice, that's who
Krista 12:39:07 PM
Linguistics are fluid and change according to what the people want. GIF us what we want
Mark 12:40:26 PM
Ha endless possibilities on this ones title interpretation! I’m surprised Shazam picked it up/ grateful that I have it now in my library !
Krista 12:42:31 PM
Natalie Imbruglia that's who (a song about a tear)
Elliot (host) 12:47:16 PM
I was... torn... when I learned that that song was a cover!
Brian D 12:50:02 PM
I have a gif of a song about a tear but it got torn (ouch). I'll send it to you in a jif
Brian D 12:50:24 PM
Good show today!
Elliot (host) 12:51:30 PM
Hey Brian! Glad you're back!
Brian D 12:52:23 PM
I did hear the composer of Natalie I's hit perform it. She (composer) reminded me of Melissa Etheridge
Elliot (host) 12:54:41 PM
Yes, it makes me wish there were a better word than 'cover'. Smash Mouth doing 'I'm A Believer' is a cover, but 'Torn' was just a song working its way through different performers.
Brian D 12:57:06 PM
Yes. The setlist dot fm site is useful for looking up concert stats for example. But they robotically use the term "Cover of a [earliest known performer] song". It's awkward. Not always a 'cover' per se as they use that for Trad. and public domain songs etc
Brian D 12:58:19 PM
But I get it. It's a human fed, computer generated site so robotic results expected
Elliot (host) 1:02:13 PM
welcome to the Drone Zone™, folks!
Teresa Peacock 1:06:13 PM
I had forgotten that there are 2 different "Honeymoon Killers' bands! The better-known one is the Belgian band whose members are now part of Aksak Maboul; the other one is from NYC, active between 1983 and 1994, and was led by Jerry Teel and his wife Lisa Wells (on guitar and bass, respectively). I saw them perform on several occasions in the late '80s and early '90s. On one occasion in 1991, the band was still fronted by Teel and Wells but also included Jon Spencer and Russel
Teresa Peacock 1:07:20 PM
Simmins -- on the cusp of forming the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. I met my husband-to-be at that show! We've been together ever since! :-)
Mark 1:09:12 PM
No complaints from me about the drone zone ™️
whiteuncle 1:09:39 PM
i'm gonna keep the volume where it is...it's right near my ear. don't wanna tear a drum. how would i hear. and to be fair, i think you pronounce "tear" as it is.
whiteuncle 1:10:49 PM
laugh out loud...great set elliot. happy new year, everybody.
Elliot (host) 1:12:02 PM
you'd think a band name like that would be back luck, Teresa, but you've proved otherwise!
Mark 1:11:30 PM
And r any of the chatters familiar w flying drones ? I’d like to hear from anyone who has any experience w one 🤔
Elliot (host) 1:14:48 PM
I've listened to drone while on a plane, which is almost what you're looking for
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 1:14:41 PM
My Sangeet alterego is fascinated by thi Krishnamurthy track.
Elliot (host) 1:15:24 PM
which makes me wonder: what happens if you listen to Merzbow with noise cancelling headphones?
Elliot (host) 1:15:33 PM
you were on my mind, Dave!
whiteuncle 1:15:08 PM
whoa...surrounded by surround sounds.
Mark 1:18:06 PM
Darn no Shazam’s on this one / i think deirdre has the least shazam hits according to my unofficial stats :)
whiteuncle 1:18:58 PM
that was eighteen minutes???!!!!!
Elliot (host) 1:19:39 PM
Mine too. I have no idea how Deirdre does it!
Elliot (host) 1:19:47 PM
Felt like a breeze, Joseph!
whiteuncle 1:22:05 PM
thought time might become a construct again in twenty one...guess not, yet.
Mark 1:22:41 PM
This one has me thinking korean style chicken for dinner 🍽/ fantastic!
kentman 1:38:46 PM
Mitch McConnell making the speech of his life on U.S. Senate Coup tv
Elliot (host) 1:39:58 PM
I'm glad to be isolated for the time being
kentman 1:42:33 PM
I was making lunch and broke away from the radio
Bud Burroughs 1:43:11 PM
My wife was just telling me about Mitch's speech - he seems to finally have come to his senses!
kentman 1:44:53 PM
We The People have spoken
Krista 1:46:59 PM
What is he sayin, kentman? I'm in the car (not driving) right now.
Bud Burroughs 1:50:15 PM
My wife's synopsis is that he's very forcefully telling republicans to cut the crap and move on.
kentman 1:49:40 PM
I'm sure they'll quote it or play it back in the days to come everywhere. An Obstructionist he may be, but he's nobody's fool, except corporate kingpins in Kentucky, of course, he said the people have spoken and that the Senate cannot overturn the will of the people
kentman 1:53:57 PM
Sorry, Elliot, great show by the way
Elliot (host) 1:56:46 PM
Thank you for the update AND the praise, kentman!
kentman 1:57:11 PM
Bubbha Thomas HITS THE SPOT
Elliot (host) 1:57:15 PM
I've been staring into space while this Bubbha Thomas plays and lost track of the chat
Bud Burroughs 1:58:01 PM
Excellent track!
Elliot (host) 1:59:06 PM
imho, if there weren't solos, the Bubbha track would sound like one of those jazzy, Tortoise-y post-rock bands
Elliot (host) 1:59:21 PM
which I guess is a long way of saying 'Tortoise'
Bud Burroughs 2:00:21 PM
Good point
kentman 2:04:09 PM
Elliot how many hats do you pull tracks from?
Elliot (host) 2:06:24 PM
I think I've spent too many early mornings hearing WPRB on shuffle
Elliot (host) 2:06:42 PM
it warped me for good
Bud Burroughs 2:10:17 PM
I kinda miss the old WPRB overnight playlist that sounded like a 1950s classical station.
Elliot (host) 2:10:47 PM
Wow! What was it like?
Bud Burroughs 2:11:59 PM
It sounded to me like early classical records with easy listening oddities thrown in.
Bud Burroughs 2:12:27 PM
This was probably at least 5 years ago
Mark 2:19:19 PM
Did i hear correct a water tank concert venue ? Where did u say it was ?!
Elliot (host) 2:19:24 PM
northwestern Colorado!
Elliot (host) 2:19:27 PM
kentman 2:21:42 PM
Mark, the New Yorker again
Mark 2:21:49 PM
WOW 😳 must visit !! Or recreate somewhere within a driving radius !
Mark 2:22:18 PM
Yes the NYer does rule for interesting stuff :) !
Krista 2:22:26 PM
Anywhere in the continental USA is driving radius of you are midwestern enough
Krista 2:22:31 PM
Mark 2:23:33 PM
Haha I’m kinda Midwesterner Krista/ i certainly remember u r Minnesota/ Wisconsin from previous shows !
whiteuncle 2:24:23 PM
elliot...it's all good. time is not a construct, yet...remember???
whiteuncle 2:24:47 PM
the drone must've dropped a time bomb on us.
Mark 2:24:55 PM
And I know midwesterners think nothing of getting into a vehicle and drive a 1000 miles / into US & Canada
Krista 2:26:19 PM
My parents drive to visit me in NJ (not during pandemic) rather than fly!! They live in Western Wisconsin.
Elliot (host) 2:25:48 PM
Can confirm. In Missouri, we thought that Chicago -- over 6 hours away -- felt like a sister city.
kentman 2:25:53 PM
MAGA Psychos have breached security at the Congress building
whiteuncle 2:26:53 PM
right after teresa dropped that knowledge bomb on us...or, on me, at least. i have a feeling mrs. peacock has more music knowledge in her elbows than i do in my recently resurrected ceedee tower.
Elliot (host) 2:26:15 PM
How far can you get from Princeton NJ in 6 hours?
whiteuncle 2:28:09 PM
you could make boston if you stay away from the g. dubs.
Krista 2:29:01 PM
You are right about Teresa!! She's a treasure!
Krista 2:29:43 PM
Lol @ Elliot, I also lived 6 hours away from Chicago but in a different direction and we also considered it "not far"
whiteuncle 2:29:49 PM
let's share her with the world!!!
whiteuncle 2:30:06 PM
when it's less...this.
Krista 2:30:55 PM
Montreal is about 6 hours from Princeton, always wanted to visit
whiteuncle 2:31:38 PM
ooh...who's down for some poutine???
Krista 2:31:42 PM
Also aww I miss the huge library of little Darla comps in the library
whiteuncle 2:32:11 PM
stroll st. katherine's with some gravy fries???
Bud Burroughs 2:32:48 PM
Montreal is awesome - it's like driving to France!
Krista 2:32:55 PM
Me, white uncle!! Me!!! I had wild game poutine that CHANGED ME. I don't speak French but my boyfriend does, he can translate while my mouth is full of gravy and cheese
whiteuncle 2:34:17 PM
whoa...think that's what they call a keeper.
Mark 2:33:49 PM
Haha about driving stories/ @jrista Montreal is a must visit / maybe my favorite- I think Amtrak goes there too / real poutine tho lots of attractions!
Krista 2:35:08 PM
Apparently montreal makes legendary bagels and there is a blasphemer in my car claiming the bagels are BETTER there than NYC
whiteuncle 2:35:16 PM
i just spell out one-syllable words and hope i get close to something...like, "s-o-c...k-s???"
whiteuncle 2:35:31 PM
sometimes it works.
Krista 2:35:47 PM
The WPRB 6 hour tour bus
Mark 2:35:43 PM
Ha there’s a couple of places opening in Phil saying they’re making Montreal bagels !
Mark 2:36:18 PM
Might not b blasphemy!
whiteuncle 2:37:26 PM
we should open a poutine place, next door.
Mark 2:38:51 PM
And smoked meat / another specialty / I love the franco/ québécois music too
whiteuncle 2:39:19 PM
if someone tells me there's already a poutine place downtown...i'm pulling this bus over.
whiteuncle 2:40:22 PM
damn...bet you're rethinking that korean chicken, 'bout now.
Mark 2:40:42 PM
One of the dj’s played some recently and it was sublime / there is Maybe was poutine in Philly- down around 18th iirc
Elliot (host) 2:40:57 PM
so many great places in the world are islands that don't feel like islands!
Mark 2:42:13 PM
anyone near. A tv & can update on wtf is going on in DC ?
whiteuncle 2:42:13 PM
i've been feeling so landlocked, recently.
jimbeaux 2:42:20 PM
Hallo peeps! Late to the party.
Elliot (host) 2:43:26 PM
always nice to see you, jimbeaux!
whiteuncle 2:43:30 PM
jim...you speak french???
whiteuncle 2:43:37 PM
or, creole
whiteuncle 2:43:42 PM
jimbeaux 2:43:03 PM
I see we've been discussing poutine, gifs (hard G), and midwestern driving.
Mark 2:44:12 PM
Haha given his name / québécois or creole ?!
jimbeaux 2:43:52 PM
no, justy a frenchy screen name! Jimbo became something fancy.
whiteuncle 2:44:37 PM
uuhhh...thank god i missed the midwest driving bits. if i never seen't another cornfield...i'd be okay.
jimbeaux 2:45:12 PM
I'm from Nebraska, so we would regularly drive to Chicago or Minneapolis for shows
Bud Burroughs 2:45:28 PM
@Mark Capitol offices are on lockdown while trumpsters roam the hallways. Police are politely standing to the side in a small group. I actually watched a policeman say "Please don't to that, sir" to a group crashing through the barriers...
whiteuncle 2:45:36 PM
ooh...you fancy!!! do you!!! be brand new in twenty one through twenty two!!!
Mark 2:46:40 PM
Ha such a great show & chat today monsieur Elliot on the worlds greatest radio station :) !
whiteuncle 2:46:41 PM
the world's only radio station!!!
whiteuncle 2:47:05 PM
au revoir, mark-o!!!
Elliot (host) 2:47:19 PM
There's nowhere I'd rather be while the world falls apart. Thanks for listening!
Mark 2:48:05 PM
Agreed I don’t think I use any of my other Car presets
Bud Burroughs 2:48:48 PM
I have an old receiver that stopped working for stations below around 100MHz. I quickly realized that it didn't matter.
Mark 2:51:06 PM
@bud : sounds pretty scary :(
jimbeaux 2:51:38 PM
PRB is locked into my car, work vehicles, clock radio, home tuner, and bluetooth speaker, and MP3 player/tuner!
whiteuncle 2:51:37 PM
i've yet to dedicate a button. i feel like i should earn it every time. because...that almost makes sense...i'm just a jerk and a sucker for faulty logic.
Elliot (host) 2:57:40 PM
important news! starting next week, my broadcasts will be 100% live! that means I'll be able to, e.g., stop playing groovy Dutch funk as the capitol is evacuated
Elliot (host) 2:58:06 PM
(this was in the works before today's events -- and should be spreading even more widely in the coming weeks!)
whiteuncle 2:57:34 PM
ooh...that was close. but i love what you did there...my great aunt calls herself "newly archival" every time she gets back from a cruise.
Elliot (host) 2:59:59 PM
every time I'm in a library, too
Elliot (host) 3:00:24 PM
stay safe, all~!
whiteuncle 3:00:51 PM
mic drop. well done, sir...until next, then. thanks, buddy. you, too.