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Dec 31, 2020 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

With ameena

NEW wprb special dark roast ambient coffee coming soon to stores near YOU! but until then, join me on the sofa of life with a delicious advance copy cup of ambient joe. mmmm... velvety.

24 // bouncy jams for a fruity new year

feat. real LIVE countdown to 2021 (for EST at least....)


11:01 PM
Clan of Xymox - No Words
Clan of Xymox No Words
Clan of Xymox 4AD 1985
11:05 PM
Slava Tsukerman - The Way the Alien Kills
Slava Tsukerman The Way the Alien Kills
Liquid Sky Death Waltz Recording Company 2019
11:07 PM
Lene Lovich - Be Stiff
Lene Lovich Be Stiff
Stateless Oval Sounds LLP 2007
11:09 PM
C.Memi - Ishin-Denshin
C.Memi Ishin-Denshin
Heavenly Peace Fairy 1983
11:15 PM
TI-THO - Ich
Freuziel 2015


11:17 PM
Kaos - Tko Ste Vi
Kaos Tko Ste Vi
Kaos Kuca Na Vrata 1982


11:22 PM
Chen Yi - Rug
Chen Yi Rug
"The" 1978 - 1983 90% Wasser, London 2006
11:26 PM
Kraftwerk - The Telephone Call
Kraftwerk The Telephone Call
Electric Cafe 1986
11:34 PM
Set Break: dial again! dial again!
11:38 PM
From Nursery To Misery - Hills Of Freedom
From Nursery To Misery Hills Of Freedom
Equilibrium 1990


11:42 PM
POiSON GiRL FRiEND - The Future Is Now
POiSON GiRL FRiEND The Future Is Now
Melting Moment Endorphin 1992


11:47 PM
Shanghai Au Go-Go - I Cried All Winter
Shanghai Au Go-Go I Cried All Winter
I Cried All Winter 1982


11:52 PM
Einstürzende Neubauten - Z.N.S.
Einstürzende Neubauten Z.N.S.
Halber Mensch Some Bizzare 2017
11:58 PM
Set Break: countdown time??????
12:01 AM
Coil - Tainted Love
Coil Tainted Love
Scatology Force & Form 1984
12:06 AM
G-Schmitt - Cathedral Junky
G-Schmitt Cathedral Junky
Garnet Wechselbalg 1988


12:13 AM
Moral - Dance of the Dolls
Moral Dance of the Dolls
Dance of the Dolls 1981


12:20 AM
Miharu Koshi - 龍宮城の恋人
Miharu Koshi 龍宮城の恋人
Parallelisme 1984


12:25 AM
Phew - Being
Phew Being
Our Likeness Mute 1992


12:28 AM
戸川純ユニット - 極東慰安唱歌
戸川純ユニット 極東慰安唱歌
Kyokutou Ian Shouka 1985
12:32 AM
Phantasmagoria - Boje
Phantasmagoria Boje
Phantasmagoria 1989


12:35 AM
Syoko - Dance on the Brink
Syoko Dance on the Brink
Turbulence WEA 1992


12:39 AM
Geneva Jacuzzi - Executive Briefcase
Geneva Jacuzzi Executive Briefcase
Secret Demos 2016


12:42 AM
Beginnings Solid 1990
12:47 AM
Dragibus - Palladium (The Hip)
Dragibus Palladium (The Hip)
Tutti Frutti 2004
12:50 AM
Vaaralliset Lelut - Varjoihin Kätkeytyneinä
Vaaralliset Lelut Varjoihin Kätkeytyneinä
Lasisilmäpeli 1980
12:54 AM
Set Break: farewell till next week & happy new year! <3
12:56 AM
Strawberry Switchblade - Being Cold
Strawberry Switchblade Being Cold
Strawberry Switchblade Domino Recording Co 1985
Chat is archived.
Ameena (host) 11:02:00 PM
hi!!! happy new year's eve everyone :o)
Ameena (host) 11:02:14 PM
or new year... depending on your timezone?
the_dude 11:02:47 PM
Howdy! Happy new year to you!
the_dude 11:03:21 PM
Right? Was just talking about that ... Is the world ok?! Did it end already somewhere else??
Ameena (host) 11:03:31 PM
howdy dude!
Ameena (host) 11:03:54 PM
time is really.... wack
Dante Sudilovsky 11:05:36 PM
Ram ranch???
Ameena (host) 11:05:59 PM
eighteen naked cowboys...
Dante Sudilovsky 11:06:29 PM
Ram ranch will be #1 in 2021 🤤
Ameena (host) 11:07:18 PM
the future america truly deserves
jimbeaux 11:09:17 PM
Hiya Ameeeeeeennnaaa
Ameena (host) 11:09:59 PM
hi jimbeaux!!
jimbeaux 11:10:11 PM
happynewyear everyone !
Ameena (host) 11:12:16 PM
Bo 11:23:54 PM
Seems there's a twenty twenty minute delay on tonight's programming :-/
Bo 11:24:31 PM
Hi Ameena!
Ameena (host) 11:24:46 PM
oh dang really?
Bo 11:24:58 PM
Ameena (host) 11:25:21 PM
i assumed it only was a thing before the live shows started up...
Ameena (host) 11:25:32 PM
also hi bo!!
Bo 11:26:34 PM
Same shit happened with Dana K
Ameena (host) 11:27:06 PM
oh no :(
Bo 11:28:18 PM
History now :!
Ameena (host) 11:29:25 PM
it all gets solved eventually!
Bo 11:31:00 PM
Haven't heard this in sooo long, thank you for playin' it!
Ameena (host) 11:31:08 PM
aw glad to hear!
Bo 11:35:27 PM
R.I.P. Florian Schneider.
Sofia Lee 11:38:28 PM
hello from 2021 <3
Ameena (host) 11:38:09 PM
hi sofiiii
Ameena (host) 11:38:20 PM
how's the future so far?
Sofia Lee 11:40:15 PM
full of excellent music
Ameena (host) 11:40:15 PM
Sofia Lee 11:43:56 PM
poison girl friend!!!!
Ameena (host) 11:43:35 PM
spiraldream 11:44:22 PM
omg yes
spiraldream 11:44:46 PM
i love noriko
Ameena (host) 11:44:27 PM
she's incredible :')
Sofia Lee 11:45:20 PM
pgf is one of my favs that i first heard in 2020!!
spiraldream 11:46:19 PM
sweetreverb on tumblr introduced them to me in 2018
Ameena (host) 11:46:15 PM
oooh i only got into pgf this year!
jimbeaux 11:47:59 PM
Looooooving the show! ESP nursery to misery
spiraldream 11:48:45 PM
“i cried all winter”
Ameena (host) 11:48:08 PM
hehe thank you!!
Ameena (host) 11:48:34 PM
and lol...
Ameena (host) 11:49:02 PM
~all year long~
Sofia Lee 11:50:25 PM
love the vocals of this track, gotta check them out
Ameena (host) 11:50:30 PM
it's somehow hard to find more tracks from them... :(
Sofia Lee 11:52:41 PM
yeahh : ( some of their tracks seem to be on yt but not all of them
spiraldream 11:53:22 PM
maybe they have more tracks on soulseek
Sofia Lee 11:53:41 PM
i just checked but i couldn't find any
Sofia Lee 11:53:49 PM
not on discogs either
Ameena (host) 11:53:15 PM
yeahh same :'(
Sofia Lee 11:54:05 PM
or rather no one is selling their CDs/cassettes
Ameena (host) 11:54:38 PM
maybe one day ...
Sofia Lee 11:59:32 PM
Sofia Lee 11:59:35 PM
Sofia Lee 11:59:36 PM
Sofia Lee 11:59:38 PM
Sofia Lee 11:59:52 PM
Ameena (host) 12:01:42 AM
jimbeaux 12:04:21 AM
💥💥💥Happy Gnu Yeeaaarrrrr
Ameena (host) 12:04:12 AM
the_dude 12:04:58 AM
📣📣📣📣📣📣📣 Happy New year prb!
Ameena (host) 12:07:17 AM
it's been a long one...
Sofia Lee 12:08:13 AM
love g-schmitt
Ameena (host) 12:07:44 AM
excellent band !
Ameena (host) 12:09:12 AM
i think about this bassline a lot
Sofia Lee 12:10:25 AM
i wonder what syoko is doing these days? she hasn't released anything since the 90s
Ameena (host) 12:09:58 AM
ooh... i wonder too
Sofia Lee 12:10:43 AM
her solo album was produced by joe hisaishi apparently
Ameena (host) 12:10:41 AM
i hope she's doing well wherever she is!
spiraldream 12:12:40 AM
Ameena (host) 12:14:00 AM
Sofia Lee 12:16:30 AM
smooth synth arpeggios ..
Sofia Lee 12:21:50 AM
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa miharu
Ameena (host) 12:22:48 AM
Sofia Lee 12:29:55 AM
the second i heard that voice i was like 'is that jun'
Ameena (host) 12:31:03 AM
Sofia Lee 12:34:48 AM
како то видиш видиш
Ameena (host) 12:34:30 AM
Sofia Lee 12:44:17 AM
portable rock :' )
Ameena (host) 12:45:06 AM
Sofia Lee 12:55:38 AM
Far East comfort song?
Ameena (host) 12:56:47 AM
Ameena (host) 12:59:33 AM
well thanks for joining everyone~ it's been a fun way to await the new year (for me at least....)