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The Name of this Show is Elliot on WPRB

Jan 13, 2021 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

With Elliot

Weekly broadcasts from an overeager listener. Order, chaos, and unnecessarily specific edition information.


The Name of this Show is Elliot on WPRB
12:01 PM
The Honey Drippers - Impeach the President
The Honey Drippers Impeach the President
The Roy C. Family: Impeach The President V/A P-Vine 1994
12:11 PM
Arbete och Fritid - ....Ur Spår
Arbete och Fritid ....Ur Spår
Ur Spår! MNW 1975
12:32 PM
Adriano Celentano - Un bimbo sul leone
Adriano Celentano Un bimbo sul leone
Azzurro Clan Celentano 1968
12:37 PM
J.C. Satàn - Hell Death Samba
J.C. Satàn Hell Death Samba
Hell Death Samba Slovenly Recordings 2011
12:40 PM
The Tomorrows - Need Only You
The Tomorrows Need Only You N
Gargano's Garage: Lavender, Magenta, Indigo, & Blue Fin Labels V/A Numero Group 2020
12:42 PM
Bad Sports - On Video
Bad Sports On Video
Bad Sports Douchemaster 2009
12:43 PM
Ex-Girl - Space Prot
Ex-Girl Space Prot
Heppoco Pou Paranoiz 1998
12:48 PM
Adriano Celentano - Tre passi avanti
Adriano Celentano Tre passi avanti
Azzuro Clan Celentano 1968
1:00 PM
Boris & Merzbow - Boris
Boris & Merzbow Boris N
2R0I2P0 Relapse Records 2020
1:07 PM
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell - Black Crack and the Sole Survivors
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell Black Crack and the Sole Survivors
Beyond the Black Crack Paradigm Discs 1998
1:11 PM
Vibes - Prisms of Fame
Vibes Prisms of Fame
Psychic Not Not Fun 2009
1:13 PM
Volition Immanent - Whiteboy
Volition Immanent Whiteboy
Photosynthetic MIND Records 2019
1:18 PM
Thrones - Nuts and Berries
Thrones Nuts and Berries
Sperm Whale Kill Rock Stars 2000
1:30 PM
Damily - Mipay Havelo
Damily Mipay Havelo
Early Years: Madagascar Cassette Archives Bongo Joe 2020
1:33 PM
Hamad Kalkaba - Touflé
Hamad Kalkaba Touflé
Hamad Kalkaba & the Golden Sounds: 1974-1975 Analog Africa 2017
1:37 PM
Harold McKinney - Ode to Africa
Harold McKinney Ode to Africa
Gilles Peterson Digs America V/A Luv N' Haight 2005
1:46 PM
Rev. Solomon King and the Glory Bound Singers - Didn't It Rain
Rev. Solomon King and the Glory Bound Singers Didn't It Rain
Saved and Sanctified: Songs of the Jade Label V/A Numero Group 2015
1:49 PM
少年少女合唱団みずうみ - ものおぼえのいい郵便屋さん
少年少女合唱団みずうみ ものおぼえのいい郵便屋さん
海や山の神様たち–ここでも今でもない話 Victor 2007
1:52 PM
Cracy Coconuts - Rubberdub Dance
Cracy Coconuts Rubberdub Dance
Rubberdub Dance Edition Hawara 2020
1:56 PM
Nathalie Letertre - Reveur (Instrumental)
Nathalie Letertre Reveur (Instrumental)
Reveur Titan Record 1986
2:01 PM
Astaron - Black Galley
Astaron Black Galley
Astaron Sealed Records 2020
2:10 PM
Ihsan Al-Munzer - Jamileh
Ihsan Al-Munzer Jamileh
Belly Dance Disco BBE Music 2020
2:10 PM
28th Day - 25 Pills
28th Day 25 Pills
28th Day Skyclad Record 1992
2:13 PM
Seely - Lucky Penny
Seely Lucky Penny
Julie Only Too Pure 1996
2:19 PM
Shoplifting - Raw Nails Now
Shoplifting Raw Nails Now
Shoplifting Kill Rock Stars 2004
2:23 PM
Night Sun - Got a Bone of My Own
Night Sun Got a Bone of My Own
Mournin' Second Battle 1997
2:31 PM
Adebukonla Ajao and Her Group - Lekele Bale
Adebukonla Ajao and Her Group Lekele Bale
Soul Jazz Records Presents APALA: Apala Groups in Nigeria 1967-70 V/A Soul Jazz 2020
2:34 PM
Brute Force - Conjugation
Brute Force Conjugation
I, Brute Force, Confections of Love Bar/None Records 2011
2:42 PM
Bill Fay - Love Will Remain
Bill Fay Love Will Remain
Countless Branches Dead Oceans 2020
2:48 PM
Long Fin Killie - Valentino
Long Fin Killie Valentino
Valentino Too Pure 1996
2:58 PM
Long Fin Killie - Coward
Long Fin Killie Coward
Valentino Too Pure 1996
Chat is archived.
Elliot (host) 12:01:12 PM
Elliot (host) 12:03:53 PM
this is my first truly live broadcast since March! I hope you enjoy it :)
jimbeaux 12:04:51 PM
Krista 12:05:44 PM
Perfect first song
Bud Burroughs 12:05:48 PM
Nice, glad so many of you are getting back to live broadcasting!
Bud Burroughs 12:06:11 PM
And yeah, this song is suddenly very timely again
jimbeaux 12:06:54 PM
Originally released in 1973 (for Nixon), not impeachee Clinton in 1994 :)
Elliot (host) 12:07:18 PM
I promise it won't run for the full 3 hours
jimbeaux 12:07:28 PM
It really could!
jimbeaux 12:08:58 PM
Hire a sound system truck to drive around D.C. today!
Elliot (host) 12:11:46 PM
with luck, the signal is getting picked up in Delaware
Krista 12:12:22 PM
With it is lack of boundaries
Elliot (host) 12:15:38 PM
the ghost of Albert Ayler lives in this one
Krista 12:31:13 PM
Give us an update
Krista 12:31:23 PM
Someone in the chat, not me either
Brian D 12:32:36 PM
Brian D 12:33:00 PM
I heard the word window in there. .
Elliot (host) 12:33:10 PM
I first got hip when his fake English video became a meme
Elliot (host) 12:33:27 PM
only years later did I realize there was TONS of more
Elliot (host) 12:33:42 PM
(a lot of crud to sift through, too, but that's the fun)
Brian D 12:34:56 PM
Yes! The brightly colored video with the schoolgirls. But I first heard the song in the tv show Fargo. Ewan MacGregor as twins season
Elliot (host) 12:36:30 PM
Amazing. Krista was just telling me that she first heard Al Green in the bad 90s movie where John Travolta plays the Archangel Michael
Krista 12:37:20 PM
This song fucking rocks
Krista 12:37:53 PM
We are driving to Aldi and omg it's perfect. A lot of buses and trucks on the road in rural Jersey
Brian D 12:37:59 PM
He has a not as good update version of that Prisencolin.... song
Elliot (host) 12:38:20 PM
I don't know if it's a """theme""" but a lot of the songs today will have m/f vocals
Elliot (host) 12:38:46 PM
I don't know what the difference is between a "theme" and "my taste in music"
Krista 12:38:58 PM
Elliot is correct about my Al Green realization. Fight Club is where I first heard Pixies.
Brian D 12:39:23 PM
I think his wife was in that school classroom video. They do a close up on her
Krista 12:40:22 PM
This is the perfect "historic event" soundtrack.
Brian D 12:40:34 PM
And she sings the ay ay ay part
Brian D 12:41:36 PM
If any artist should do the Hell Death Samba I guess it should be one named JC Satan
Elliot (host) 12:42:31 PM
do you think it's pronounced 'Satan' or 'suh-TAHN'?
Elliot (host) 12:42:49 PM
I hate to make all of my mic-break comments about pronunciation, but it's really been troubling me
Brian D 12:44:35 PM
That back angle accent has more to do w vowel sound than stress of syllable usually but... Who knows ...just a name
Brian D 12:49:55 PM
Hmnm . .. did Adele borrow from this... 12:48pm
Krista 12:52:58 PM
We have forgotten the aldi quarter
Brian D 12:54:08 PM
Oh no... cart rental
Brian D 12:57:31 PM
Bring on the distorted bass agression
Marisa Simon 12:58:26 PM
Thanks for the little lesson on Beckett!
Elliot (host) 12:59:04 PM
I hope you never have to use it! I still say 'guh-DOH' to fit in
Marisa Simon 12:59:13 PM
Marisa Simon 1:00:44 PM
Congrats on broadcasting live!
Elliot (host) 1:02:58 PM
I love the thrill, though I could've done without my laptop auto-updating at 11:50!
Elliot (host) 1:03:07 PM
Marisa Simon 1:06:08 PM
Yikes! Hoping to go live next week but having trouble w mic feedback. Maybe we can chat offline later this week?
Marisa Simon 1:06:37 PM
Always love your show btw. Learn something new each week. ❤️
Elliot (host) 1:06:56 PM
Yes! You know where to find me!
Marisa Simon 1:07:16 PM
Great. Thanks.
Brian D 1:17:01 PM
Pronunciation: is artist at 1:07pm pronounced "uh-NAL"?
Elliot (host) 1:17:47 PM
if I'm going to keep the FCC happy, yes
Brian D 1:18:47 PM
An improvement
Elliot (host) 1:19:48 PM
there was a debate at the station long about the band Pissed Jeans, and whether it was at least -possible- to interpret the name as 'angry jeans' instead of, well...
Elliot (host) 1:19:53 PM
*long ago
Brian D 1:20:15 PM
Drunken Jeans in the UK
Elliot (host) 1:20:27 PM
Brian D 1:29:34 PM
A little breather break in th emadness. Nice
Elliot (host) 1:30:24 PM
my apartment feels like I'm living in a noise album, so it's good to get a respite
Elliot (host) 1:30:50 PM
actually, maybe playing Merzbow softly all the time will be like wearing noise-cancelling headphones
Brian D 1:35:26 PM
Africa Comps and many "world " comps are always welcome. So many great ones
jimbeaux 1:47:59 PM
The Rev is shakin' it!
Elliot (host) 1:48:29 PM
consider me sanctified!
jimbeaux 1:48:51 PM
glory be, the funk's on me!
Elliot (host) 2:24:31 PM
get ready for a RIFF
jimbeaux 2:31:15 PM
that was solid riffage.
Elliot (host) 2:31:36 PM
a heavier Deep Purple! Deeper Purple?
jimbeaux 2:33:57 PM
deeper, purpler
Brian D 2:38:23 PM
No joke great pronunciation on that Adebukonla Ajao
Brian D 2:38:54 PM
You sailed through that
Elliot (host) 2:52:52 PM
I'm the biggest sucker for moody slowcore with violin
Elliot (host) 2:56:55 PM
once you practice a few Nigerian names, they get easy! I think all the time about a talk Uzo Aduba said her mother gave her: 'if they can pronounce Dostoevsky, they can pronounce Uzoamaka!'
Kat 3:00:19 PM
loved that last song!
Brian D 3:00:27 PM
Yeah I think they are pretty smooth to pronounce too. Beautiful names
Brian D 3:00:34 PM
Great show!
Elliot (host) 3:00:48 PM
lost track of time! onward to KAT!