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The Litterbox

Jan 13, 2021 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

With Kat

mew-gaze and cat rock

bluuurrbrbbb gurgle gurgle

The Litterbox
3:01 PM
Lau Nau - Ruususuu
Lau Nau Ruususuu
Nukkuu Fonal 2008
3:05 PM
Shannon Wright - Black Little Stray
Shannon Wright Black Little Stray
Over the Sun Quarterstick Records 2004
3:11 PM
PJ Harvey - This Mess We're In - Demo
PJ Harvey This Mess We're In - Demo
single Island Records 2021
3:14 PM
Mary Timony - The Hour Glass
Mary Timony The Hour Glass
Mountains Matador 2000
3:22 PM
Lilien Rosarian - The Bell Tower
Lilien Rosarian The Bell Tower
A Day In Bel Bruit 1321678 Records DK 2019
3:23 PM
Grouper - Quiet Eyes
Grouper Quiet Eyes
Ambient Not Not Ambient V/A Audio Dregs 2008
3:30 PM
Smoke & Mirrors - Ocean
Smoke & Mirrors Ocean
Ambient Not Not Ambient V/A Audio Dregs 2008
3:35 PM
Mmm - Tokyo
Mmm Tokyo
Panuu kiti 2009
3:40 PM
heatloaf - Fine
heatloaf Fine
Sweet Stroke s/r 2020
3:46 PM
Dif Juz - Re
Dif Juz Re
Extractions 4AD 1985
3:50 PM
Jim Sullivan - Sandman
Jim Sullivan Sandman
3:56 PM
Cate Le Bon - What's Not Mine
Cate Le Bon What's Not Mine
Crab Day Drag City Records 2016
4:02 PM
Emerson Kitamura - Remember
Emerson Kitamura Remember
Rock and Roll No Hajimariha - EP bubblingnotes 2016
4:07 PM
Shohei Takagi Parallela Botanics - Triptych #1
Shohei Takagi Parallela Botanics Triptych #1
Triptych Sony 2020
4:07 PM
Mamman Sani - Kobon Lerai
Mamman Sani Kobon Lerai
La Musique Électronique Du Niger Sahel Sounds 2013
4:13 PM
Antena - Frantz
Antena Frantz
Camino del Sol
4:17 PM
Islaja - Pete P
Islaja Pete P
Ulual yyy Fonal 2007
4:21 PM
Paavoharju - Aamuauringon tuntuinen
Paavoharju Aamuauringon tuntuinen
Ikkunat näkevät Fonal 2011
4:24 PM
Tuusanuuskat - Viipula vaapula
Tuusanuuskat Viipula vaapula
Toiminnan aattona Fonal 2017
4:30 PM
Olimpia Splendid - Cebe
Olimpia Splendid Cebe
Olimpia Splendid Fonal 2015
4:39 PM
The Honeydrippers - Impeach The President
The Honeydrippers Impeach The President
single 1994
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpFZQtBJkMI Thanks Jimbeaux for passing this along after listening to Elliot's show 😎
4:43 PM
Kiila - Kaunis Saapuu
Kiila Kaunis Saapuu
Split (Chamellows vs. Kiila) - EP Fonal 1998
4:45 PM
Spacemen 3 - Just to See You Smile
Spacemen 3 Just to See You Smile
Recurring (Original) Space Age Recordings 2004
4:48 PM
Santa Cruz - Highway 84 (Yé Yé Remix)
Santa Cruz Highway 84 (Yé Yé Remix)
Cold Facts and Fictions (A Collection of Rarities) 2020
4:52 PM
Ilyas Ahmed - Love After Love
Ilyas Ahmed Love After Love
Goner Root Strata 2009
5:00 PM
Lee Noble - Paradise Life
Lee Noble Paradise Life
No Becoming
Chat is archived.
Kat (host) 3:01:53 PM
hello welcome to the show today folks
jimbeaux 3:06:04 PM
it shall be a good show from start to Finnish (folque)
Kat (host) 3:06:35 PM
hehehe precisely !
Corage Mike 3:07:08 PM
Kat (host) 3:13:17 PM
i think so!
Kris S 3:27:00 PM
Hi Kat. Enjoyed Mary Timony
Kat (host) 3:27:30 PM
Glad to hear it Kris! Thanks for tuning in
James Graham 3:37:19 PM
Hi Kat, rock on! 🤟🏻
Kat (host) 3:40:42 PM
lmao yes rock on james
Brian D 3:53:29 PM
Good show Kat. So that was a different Jim Sullivan than Big Jim Sullivan... had to look up
Kat (host) 3:56:19 PM
Glad you like it brian, thanks for tuning in! And ah yes, different Jim Sullivan!
Brian D 3:56:27 PM
Hmmm intriguing mysterious story on the Jim Sullivan you played. Disappeared
Kat (host) 3:57:36 PM
Yeah its so weird!!!
Brian D 3:58:21 PM
Always magnetized to disappearance stories
Kat (host) 3:58:56 PM
Totally... they're so creepy...
Kat (host) 3:59:25 PM
I wonder if it was aliens-related considering his first album is called U.F.O :-0
Jon Solomon 4:01:19 PM
I don't think anyone actually knows how to say Dif Juz correctly.
Brian D 4:02:11 PM
I'd like to think it's like the word "diffuse" but wishful thinking
Jon Solomon 4:02:58 PM
I wonder if a DJ on Def Jux ever sampled Dif Juz.
Brian D 4:03:08 PM
Brian D 4:05:11 PM
The nerve
Jon Solomon 4:05:39 PM
The House is voting presently. 5 Republicans so far.
Kat (host) 4:05:44 PM
hehe that would be epi
Brian D 4:05:47 PM
Don't interrupt Kat's show you news makers
Kat (host) 4:05:54 PM
oh damn wait so theyre actually voting right now
Jon Solomon 4:05:57 PM
Brian D 4:06:07 PM
O wow.
Colin McDonnell 4:06:31 PM
Do aliens eat peaches? did I hear that right?
Jon Solomon 4:06:40 PM
I can keep you updated or I can totally not!
Colin McDonnell 4:06:48 PM
the answer is of course they do
Kat (host) 4:07:10 PM
ooo yeah keep us updated jon! we can discuss aliens and news in the same space.
Kat (host) 4:07:26 PM
yeah i didnt say anything about aliens about peaches but i agree that they definitely do
Kat (host) 4:08:05 PM
Brian D 4:08:19 PM
The word impeach besmirches the word peach
Colin McDonnell 4:08:27 PM
Speaking of litter boxes, my cat eats pumpkin so aliens have to eat peaches. totally related.
Brian D 4:08:59 PM
No updates are great Jon.
Mark 4:08:59 PM
Just like PRB to send me down the jim Sullivan wurm hole for the night The long form NYT article hooked me w the 1st paragraph
Brian D 4:09:10 PM
I was being silly
Kat (host) 4:09:37 PM
oh to be a cat eating pumpkin
Brian D 4:10:29 PM
Or a porcupine
Mark 4:10:30 PM
Ur first instinct to suspect the aliens is correct:)
Kat (host) 4:11:24 PM
Ooooooo im gonna read that!!
sean burns 4:12:00 PM
Looks like you'll be continuing your string of history -making Wednesdays next week with the inauguration taking place
Kat (host) 4:12:10 PM
Hahahha i will be!!
sean burns 4:12:30 PM
Whack job Wednesday continues
Mark 4:13:24 PM
We may find the answer in a few months / added into the last stimulus bill is the requirement that the gov reveals all they know about ufo 🛸/ seriously!
Mark 4:15:41 PM
Maybe those reveals come out on a Wednesday afternoon :) great sound so far !
Kat (host) 4:16:06 PM
-: <>_<> :-
Jon Solomon 4:16:14 PM
Sorry, I was out of the room for a second!
Kat (host) 4:16:50 PM
yeah if the alien information the gov is sitting on were to be leaked it would happen during this show
Jon Solomon 4:17:16 PM
194 votes to impeach so far, need 217 in the house.
Kat (host) 4:17:30 PM
Jon Solomon 4:17:32 PM
Jon Solomon 4:17:53 PM
195-180 with 60 votes remaining.
Jon Solomon 4:18:32 PM
Kat (host) 4:18:49 PM
Jon Solomon 4:19:08 PM
Jon Solomon 4:19:29 PM
Also James Harden was just traded to the Nets (he does not get a vote either way).
Jon Solomon 4:19:37 PM
Kat (host) 4:20:32 PM
order of importance: aliens, james harden, impeachment
Jon Solomon 4:21:04 PM
Harden might very well BE an alien!
Jon Solomon 4:21:12 PM
Jon Solomon 4:21:54 PM
Kat (host) 4:22:43 PM
who isnt an alien is the real question
Brian D 4:22:55 PM
There it is 217
Jon Solomon 4:23:03 PM
Kat (host) 4:23:05 PM
gettin close
Kat (host) 4:23:09 PM
O !
Jon Solomon 4:23:16 PM
Jon Solomon 4:23:37 PM
I'll stop until there's a final total.
sean burns 4:25:05 PM
I have it from a reliable source that the aliens were here but when they got a good look at us earthlings they turned around and skedaddled
Jon Solomon 4:26:54 PM
Kat (host) 4:27:14 PM
sammies and aliens
Brian D 4:27:38 PM
ASMR. A Sandwich Mom Rightnow
Mark 4:27:53 PM
Who needs KYW when PRB live remotes give us late breaking news :)
Kat (host) 4:28:17 PM
jimbeaux 4:28:55 PM
Elliot played this monster funker to open his show today:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpFZQtBJkMI
Jon Solomon 4:29:10 PM
Seems at least nine Republicans voted to impeach.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 4:30:52 PM
I wonder just what it would take to convince the other 200.
Kat (host) 4:31:01 PM
i feel like more wouldve voted to impeach if it werent so close to the inauguration
Jon Solomon 4:36:26 PM
I think there are still five more votes to be counted, or five people who opted to "not vote"? I don't have the sound on. Because, WPRB ya know!
Kat (host) 4:36:44 PM
Ooooo jimbeaux i might have to play that now
Mark 4:37:49 PM
I do know 2 people who claim they were abducted and probed by alien 👽/ i was always skeptical 🤨
Kat (host) 4:38:47 PM
Woah whats the story behind that
Jon Solomon 4:39:16 PM
Brian D 4:39:31 PM
Kat (host) 4:40:12 PM
heck yea
Kat (host) 4:42:46 PM
back to our regularly scheduled pots and pans music
jimbeaux 4:49:09 PM
@mark: i was alien-probed, but they declined to abduct me. Kind of a let down.
Kat (host) 4:51:54 PM
damb.... that is unfortunate jimbeauz
Jon Solomon 4:53:09 PM
One final impeachment tidbit before we swap hosts at the top of the hour: With 10 Republicans voting to impeach a Republican president, this becomes the most bipartisan impeachment of all time.
Kat (host) 4:54:07 PM
as it should be! but dam still only 10 lol
Mark 4:54:17 PM
Haha yes unfortunate. the people I knew weren’t complete wackos and they’re separate incidents they each described similarly
Mark 4:55:11 PM
Maybe play some theremin music next week for a ufo 🛸 report :)
Brian D 4:55:37 PM
Bye Kat. Good show
Kat (host) 4:57:02 PM
Bye brian! Thanks for visiting :)
Mark 4:57:30 PM
Haha great show on worlds greatest and most interesting station
Kat (host) 4:58:11 PM
Thanks Mark!!! and i am very intrigued about your friends separate yet similar alien experiences....
sean burns 4:58:45 PM
I would think that any civilization that could come up with interstellar travel would not need to rely on something as primitive as an anal probe
sean burns 4:59:25 PM
It may just be id le dreams of wish fulfillment that have people claiming they were probed
Kat (host) 4:59:26 PM
wise words sean burns... wise words
Kat (host) 4:59:48 PM
sean burns 4:59:48 PM
Homer Simpson was certainly eager to get it over with when he was captured by aliens
Kat (host) 5:00:20 PM
Kat (host) 5:00:32 PM
Thanks for tunin in folks!