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The Name of this Show is Elliot on WPRB

Jan 20, 2021 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

With Elliot


The Name of this Show is Elliot on WPRB
12:00 PM
Amon Düül II - Crystal Hexagram
Amon Düül II Crystal Hexagram
Pyragony Revisited Records 2008
12:03 PM
Ti-Fock - Sokouye
Ti-Fock Sokouye
Mafate Sonodisc 1985
12:12 PM
Ti-Fock - Lo De
Ti-Fock Lo De
Mafate Sonodisc 1985
12:17 PM
Dara Puspita - Pest Pak Lurah
Dara Puspita Pest Pak Lurah
Java-Java Indonesia Screaming Fuzz Vol. 2 V/A Nosmoke 2012
12:19 PM
Le Théâtre du Chêne Noir - Le Numéro De Miss Madona
Le Théâtre du Chêne Noir Le Numéro De Miss Madona
Miss Madona SouffleContinu 2020
not announced, but killer nonetheless
12:23 PM
Eskaton - Plus et moins
Eskaton Plus et moins
Fiction Soleil Zeuhl 2005
12:26 PM
Viagra Boys - In Spite of Ourselves
Viagra Boys In Spite of Ourselves N
Welfare Jazz YEAR0001 2021
12:38 PM
Enrique Rodríguez & the Negra Chiway Band - Descenso
Enrique Rodríguez & the Negra Chiway Band Descenso N
Soul Jazz Records Presents Enrique Rodríguez & the Negra Chiway Band: Fase Liminal Soul Jazz Records 2020
12:42 PM
Гая - Желтые Листья
Гая Желтые Листья
Вокальный Квартет "Гая" Melodiya 1969
12:45 PM
Ljupka Dimitrovska - Šta Je Tu Je
Ljupka Dimitrovska Šta Je Tu Je N
Jugoton Funk Vol. 1 - A Decade of Non-Aligned Beats, Soul and Jazz 1969-1979 V/A Croatia Records 2020
12:49 PM
Prophets & Yabby You - Plague
Prophets & Yabby You Plague
Beware Dub Grove Music 1978
12:52 PM
Tavasco & the Millionaires - President's Blues
Tavasco & the Millionaires President's Blues
Tavasco & the Millionaires Mid-South Records 1984
I played this a few weeks ago, but who cares!
12:57 PM
Teleclere - P.M.T.N. (Pardon Me, Time Needed)
Teleclere P.M.T.N. (Pardon Me, Time Needed) N
Affection/Defection Numero Group 2020
1:04 PM
Pitch - What Am I Gonna Do for Fun?
Pitch What Am I Gonna Do for Fun?
What Am I Gonna Do for Fun? Idle Press, NYC 2016
1:13 PM
Mark Barkan - A Great Day For The Clown
Mark Barkan A Great Day For The Clown
Fading Yellow Vol.15 - US Canadian Rare Popsike & Other 60s Delights V/A Flower Machine Records 2013
1:16 PM
Bebe Manga - Ami
Bebe Manga Ami
Ami - Oyomiya Ekila Music 1980
1:23 PM
Volodymyr Bystriakov - Living Backwards
Volodymyr Bystriakov Living Backwards
Alice Through the Looking Glass (1982) Muscut 2019
1:27 PM
Brigid Mae Power - We Weren't Sure
Brigid Mae Power We Weren't Sure
Head Above the Water Fire Records 2020
1:29 PM
yMusic - Tessellations
yMusic Tessellations
Ecstatic Science New Amsterdam 2020
composer: Gabriella Smith
1:34 PM
清水靖晃 - Tamare-Tamare
清水靖晃 Tamare-Tamare
Subliminal INVITATION 1987
1:39 PM
Chöying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts - Kyamdro Semkye
Chöying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts Kyamdro Semkye
Selwa Six Degrees Records 2004
1:41 PM
The Clear - I Don't Want You
The Clear I Don't Want You
Fill It In Your Self s/r 1981
1:45 PM
Zounds - True Love
Zounds True Love
Can't Cheat Karma Sealed Records 2019
1:46 PM
The Honeymoon Killers - Kansas City Milkman
The Honeymoon Killers Kansas City Milkman
Hung Far Low Fist Puppet 1991
2:00 PM
Voice Imitator - Sweltering in Leather
Voice Imitator Sweltering in Leather
Plaza 12XU 2020
2:01 PM
Terry - Lino Deen
Terry Lino Deen
8 Girls Aarght Records 2016
2:04 PM
Breeding Ground - Reunion
Breeding Ground Reunion
Reunion Fringe Product 1983
2:09 PM
P.E.E. - Treeeeed
P.E.E. Treeeeed
Now, More Charm and More Tender March Records 2004
2:12 PM
The Crainium - Cut It Out Of My Body, Cut It Out Of My Mind, To Look, No Look, With These Eyes
The Crainium Cut It Out Of My Body, Cut It Out Of My Mind, To Look, No Look, With These Eyes
A New Music In A New Kitchen Slowdime 1998
2:15 PM
Vyto B - To Commemorate an Imaginary Life that Dies Prematurely
Vyto B To Commemorate an Imaginary Life that Dies Prematurely
Tricentennial 2076 Clay Pigeon International 1976
2:19 PM
Bachikaburi (ばちかぶり) - 稲荷
Bachikaburi (ばちかぶり) 稲荷
Nagomu Collection Nagomu Records 2007
2:26 PM
The Lyman Woodard Organization - A Portrait of Martha (Organ Interlude)
The Lyman Woodard Organization A Portrait of Martha (Organ Interlude)
Live At J.J.'s Lounge, 1974 Uuquipleu Records 2008
2:37 PM
Dan Boadi & The African Internationals - Onua Kae Dabi
Dan Boadi & The African Internationals Onua Kae Dabi N
Money Is the Root of Evil Numero Group 2020
2:49 PM
Batang Frisco - Myth
Batang Frisco Myth N
Reach V/A Numero Group 2021
2:55 PM
Broadcast - You Can Fall
Broadcast You Can Fall
Morvern Callar V/A Warp 2002
2:58 PM
Carl Stone - Au Jus
Carl Stone Au Jus
Stolen Car Unseen Worlds 2020
Chat is archived.
Elliot (host) 12:00:42 PM
hi! welcome! I can't believe you're choosing ME over the inauguration!
Brian D 12:11:05 PM
Consider me dedicated. Interesting sounds
Elliot (host) 12:13:40 PM
glad you made it! there will be some vague (and not so vague) allusions to the events later on, but I figured that, if you're listening, you're probably avoiding it for a reason
Krista 12:14:46 PM
I'm listening to it as the background music to the inauguration
Krista 12:15:07 PM
Ok garth brooks is on, g2g
Elliot (host) 12:15:33 PM
what an upgrade: Three Doors Down to Garth Brooks!
Elliot (host) 12:15:42 PM
I do love the Chris Gaines album, obvs
Krista 12:16:06 PM
It is. Garth is a treasure. He put out a gay anthem in the early 90s and he has a beautiful voice.
the_dude 12:16:56 PM
Wprb over the inauguration every time!
Elliot (host) 12:17:12 PM
did you know his first name is Troyal?
Elliot (host) 12:17:20 PM
imagine being Troyal and going by Garth
Brian D 12:17:51 PM
Can't really watch video at workplace save for tiny screen phone viewing. So I prefer prb thanks for providing
Krista 12:23:33 PM
I did not know, Elliot.
Krista 12:24:08 PM
This is the perfect background to the poet Amanda Gorman
Elliot (host) 12:24:19 PM
I'm sure I'd be saying the opposite if he went by Troyal Brooks
Elliot (host) 12:24:47 PM
anyway, I'm buying tickets to the Troyal Brooks / Royal Trux co-headlining tour
Elliot (host) 12:26:44 PM
this one's for you, Krista!
Krista 12:27:46 PM
This is one of my favorites
Krista 12:28:17 PM
A beautiful john prine cover
Brian D 12:29:03 PM
Wow never heard this cover. John Prine / Iris Dement made did this
the_dude 12:29:04 PM
Ha yeah, a cool cover for sure
Krista 12:29:31 PM
I've never heard the cover! It's the song that is one of my favorites! Fantastic cover
the_dude 12:29:35 PM
Anyone ever see the movie he wrote this song for?
Krista 12:31:31 PM
NO and it looks TERRIBLE😨 can't wait to watch it
the_dude 12:32:20 PM
Haha it's not bad!
the_dude 12:32:31 PM
Better than you think but yeah not a good movie for sure
Brian D 12:32:49 PM
Don't be zeuhl....
Krista 12:33:18 PM
Billy Bob is a favorite of mine, I suffered through a whole season of that lawyer show he was in
Brian D 12:33:32 PM
Is it the movie where John Prine & John Mellencamp star?
the_dude 12:33:42 PM
It's fun to watch, prine is in it and Laura dern and Billy Bob, could be better but it's worth a watch, my favorite scene J's the car crash (don't worry didn't spoil anything)
Brian D 12:34:36 PM
Yeah we watched all of Goliath too! Had to. BBT and the feisty co star. She is great
Krista 12:34:41 PM
*adds "movies where john prine and John mellencamp star"
Krista 12:34:57 PM
In addition to*
Krista 12:35:31 PM
They're marching into the capital to one of the flute's greatest marching band numbers
Krista 12:35:39 PM
You got a reason to live
the_dude 12:35:40 PM
Well if you like Billy Bob no matter what you'll like it. And idk Brian, I don't think mellencamp is in it, is there anotber they're both in? But prine does have a minor roll
Brian D 12:36:09 PM
Oh yeah! The kick yer azzes lyric haha
Brian D 12:38:29 PM
I'm thinking of Fall From Grace. Mellencamp and Prine are in that film. Not sure if it is same one you all were referring to
Brian D 12:38:54 PM
FALLING not Fall. ..
Krista 12:39:15 PM
Mark 12:39:53 PM
Thanks for that mic discussion/ got a lot to explore becuz of it :)
Elliot (host) 12:41:44 PM
I realize I forgot to announce Chêne Noir! the perils of live radio
Krista 12:47:17 PM
Croatia records is killing it recently
Krista 12:47:44 PM
I wish it was my job to sift through every record bin
Elliot (host) 12:48:41 PM
there's a huge back catalog of smooth Yugoslavian funk records still waiting to be discovered!
Krista 12:48:48 PM
A question for the chat: is it bad manners to look at someone's record collection or bookcase when you enter their home?
Brian D 12:50:12 PM
I often do that Krista. But maybe i subconsciously "read the room" ...depends on person
Elliot (host) 12:50:20 PM
I forgot what 'enter their home' means
the_dude 12:51:33 PM
Ha! True Elliot, but I'd lean towards yes as the default, I feel like people with a collection like talking about their collection. So I guess it depends on how you do it, idnyoire curious and not just trashing it or being pretentious
Brian D 12:51:53 PM
I'd often get lost in book & record shelves as a kid. Kept me busy while the adults talked
Krista 12:52:50 PM
There is a bookstore in Flemington that has an outdoor bargain cart
the_dude 12:52:52 PM
That's probably lost a bit to this generation Brian.. and yeah just don't be ongo gablogian lol
the_dude 12:53:32 PM
Missed this song last week, glad you decided to play it again!
Brian D 12:53:56 PM
Then later people that worked in record or bookstores would keep coming up to me asking if I needed help. One time i nicely informed a record store employee that i would be there for about 4 or 5 hours and that i am fine thanks
Mark 12:54:01 PM
@krista I guess the only bad manners is when u frown when u realize they aren’t the slightest bit PRB listener :(
Krista 12:54:03 PM
I got Light in August by Faulkner last week from the cart, and I am bowled over
the_dude 12:54:16 PM
Oh and btw the movie we were talking about is called daddy and them brian
Krista 12:54:52 PM
@Brian, I do the same at bookstores and the last time I was at the WPRB archives last year I crouched on the floor for hours
Brian D 12:55:43 PM
Okay. I looked further into the cast on Falling from grace.... Claud Akins from Sheriff Lobo! Kay Lenz of motorcycle movie 70s not so fame
Brian D 12:56:00 PM
Sounds like me Krista!
Brian D 12:56:58 PM
Been reading a lot of Thomas Berger the past year
Elliot (host) 12:58:27 PM
Krista 12:58:40 PM
I was just about to comment that
Krista 12:59:10 PM
your song is perfect and we laughed and popped champagne
Krista 12:59:27 PM
Literally that's what we did
jimbeaux 12:59:43 PM
this jam is nasty good!
Elliot (host) 1:00:36 PM
when I heard this song, I felt like the radio gods had rewarded me for a virtuous life
Mark 1:01:23 PM
@brian did u read Berger’s neighbors / turned Into belushi ackroyd movie ?
Brian D 1:03:07 PM
You bet
Krista 1:03:08 PM
*adds "Berger's neighbors/turned into belushi ackroyd movie" to the watch list*
Brian D 1:03:50 PM
Watch Neighbors after midnight Krista. That enhances it.
Mark 1:04:27 PM
Haha b forewarned about neighbors probably had the most cocaine ever consumed on a movie shoot !
Krista 1:04:49 PM
Song about cocaine requested, Elliot
Mark 1:04:58 PM
I gotta pick up the book now
Brian D 1:05:08 PM
I love that movie. Not everyone in the cast did & critics did not treat it well. But Neighbors holds a special place for me
Krista 1:06:41 PM
They're doing militaristic trombone moves on the tv
Krista 1:07:05 PM
The drum major's hat is chef's kiss
Krista 1:08:40 PM
Deviant dancefloors are the best dancefloors
Mark 1:08:50 PM
Haha the stories about movie r almost as good as the movie itself / may have been the most dysfunctional movie set of all time too
Brian D 1:08:56 PM
Berger sometimes writes dialogue for some characters that is similar to JK Toole's Ignatius Reilly character. Very hoity toity, big HUGE words. Etc. Earl (Belushi role in film) is more like that style in the book
Mark 1:09:40 PM
Belushi last movie :(
Brian D 1:10:26 PM
That and Continental Divide.
Brian D 1:11:06 PM
Berger wrote Little Big Man too (Dustin Hoffman in film)
Krista 1:11:42 PM
My roommate went as ignatius for Halloween a few years ago
Krista 1:12:01 PM
He described a neckbeard before the term was created
Krista 1:12:32 PM
Kennedy O'toole that is
Mark 1:12:54 PM
And speaking of confederacy great nyER article about toole this month/ lotta misperception about him
Brian D 1:13:09 PM
Sneaky People good too. Meeting Evil was great. I think that was made into a film as well. That takes place in one day. Lots of bad decisions with bad people. Love those stories
Brian D 1:14:33 PM
Currently reading Berger's take on the Arthurian legend "Arthur Rex". Loving it!
Brian D 1:16:43 PM
Also read this year The Houseguest. Who Is Teddy Villanova. The Feud. All Berger. All were a lot of fun for me. On a roll last year
Brian D 1:17:21 PM
*last year
Krista 1:17:34 PM
I'm scanning the list, I don't think I've ever read a Berger book
Elliot (host) 1:18:09 PM
it's been too long since I've read a book of fiction :'(
Krista 1:18:20 PM
Burger books, yes, the grilling cookbook selection at mercer county library, ewing branch is extensive
Elliot (host) 1:18:31 PM
I did read a newly-(ish)-discovered Kurt Vonnegut short story this weekend, though!
Elliot (host) 1:18:38 PM
the_dude 1:18:43 PM
Keep it up Brian! I gotta make more time to read, I got more in this year than others but still..and isn't neighbors the one Fear was brought in on?
Krista 1:19:00 PM
I'm also reading player piano for the first time right now by vonnegut
Brian D 1:19:09 PM
Also binged many Elmore Leonard books in past few years. Time to go back & read em again
Krista 1:19:15 PM
The industrial machinist detail is great
Mark 1:20:21 PM
And I’ll HIGhLY recommend cat’s cradle/ reread it recently for first time in decades / beware of ice nine !!
Krista 1:20:34 PM
@elliot, it is someone's job to sift through vonnegut's papers????
Krista 1:20:49 PM
I love cats cradle
Brian D 1:21:23 PM
Like an ACDC song Elmore has a formula and it works! But he did more than straight up crime books.
Mark 1:21:34 PM
Haha reread if u haven’t in awhile / that short book is packed !!
Elliot (host) 1:21:43 PM
I think so! he has a dedicated library in Indianapolis
Krista 1:22:08 PM
The hand that stocks the drugstores rules the world
Krista 1:22:35 PM
That's from the bokoyok??? (Can't remember the name of the religious book)
Mark 1:22:46 PM
Lotsa Hoosiers in cats cradle :) Cornell grad too
Krista 1:23:09 PM
I had no idea such a job was possible
Mark 1:23:14 PM
Bokanism ??
Brian D 1:23:21 PM
What was the commercial where Kurt V was drinking coffee and ELO song playing back in 80s....
Mark 1:23:49 PM
Hmmm don’t remember that one ...
Krista 1:24:23 PM
I love this @Elliot, good to hear it again
Brian D 1:24:39 PM
Aha... looked it up "Join the coffee achievers '
Elliot (host) 1:24:48 PM
oh no! was it on a show of yours recently? :O
Mark 1:25:00 PM
I gotta think b4 I consult mr google
Krista 1:25:24 PM
I'm not sure, it was in my preview pile the same show as vlasek and I think the pyotrs
Krista 1:26:15 PM
Not oh no!
the_dude 1:30:38 PM
Wow Bowie and Vonnegut slangin coffee, no idea that existed
Mark 1:32:09 PM
@brian thanks for the coffee commercial heads up !! What an amazing piece of 80s zeitgeist/ no wonder we have Starbucks on every corner:)
Krista 1:32:15 PM
Is the bee picture originally in his papers or is it added by the Atlantic?
Elliot (host) 1:35:24 PM
he could draw, but I don't think that's his
Mark 1:35:59 PM
and the indie coffee shops that we should prefer & patronize !
Mark 1:37:27 PM
@krista in case ur wondering that’s what’s called a typewriter in the KV picture;)
Krista 1:37:54 PM
Haha Mark, little do you know the millennial fascination with typewriters
Krista 1:38:19 PM
I don't know EXACTLY how they work but I love the ribbon and pushing the buttons
Krista 1:38:34 PM
And the crank or the slider thing
Mark 1:38:58 PM
Haha there’s a retro typewriter store in mt airey I recently visited!
Krista 1:39:05 PM
Krista 1:39:21 PM
How did it smell? Could you still smell the ink behind the mask
Krista 1:39:59 PM
Tessalations was very exciting
Mark 1:40:29 PM
Lots of vintage typewriters she had a lot of stock / she was very old school and cautious/ we kept a 20 ft distance while outside :)
Mark 1:41:29 PM
It’s near weaver way coop for anyone who gets on that area
Krista 1:41:58 PM
"ecstatic science" is a FANTASTIC name for a record, reminds me of rumi, the pursuit of ecstasy is a beautiful thing whether religious or secular
Brian D 1:42:31 PM
Apparently not enough younger generation were drinking coffee in 80s. So The National Coffee Association put that out.
Krista 1:43:16 PM
I used to date a man who roasted his coffee for his coffeeshop to different songs, he had them timed
Elliot (host) 1:44:31 PM
they should have released the record on Ecstatic Peace!
Brian D 1:44:39 PM
It may have influenced me somewhat. I think I went from not liking the taste of coffee to LOVING it around that time. But I may have already started on the stuff
Mark 1:45:15 PM
Haha how long were the songs to roast coffee to ?
Krista 1:47:11 PM
My descent was from "I like my sugar with coffee and cream" to full on stovetop espresso perfecting my cortado but usually just drink french press
Krista 1:47:52 PM
Depends on the roast, mark, and it wasn't to the ending of the song. Specific things would happen in the song, crescendos or shouted swears
Mark 1:47:58 PM
@krista : possible theme set coffe roasts & their associated songs to roast to :)
Krista 1:48:14 PM
Oh no, he's a DJ too, I couldn't do him like that
Mark 1:48:33 PM
Hahaha 😆
Krista 1:48:37 PM
KBEK in minnesota, sadly just folded. He did a great local Minnesota show
Brian D 1:49:22 PM
I like the Metallica whiskey making process. They have branded whiskey that the distiller ages in barrels that are exposed to their songs at high volumes to agitate the transfer of flavor from the wood. They show the diff playlists used for diff bottle releases. Good marketing
Krista 1:49:29 PM
Hahahahaha elliot
Brian D 1:49:30 PM
Mark 1:49:32 PM
I don’t know how this station/ chat can get any more interesting:)
Brian D 1:49:45 PM
Coffee prayers aanswered!
the_dude 1:49:57 PM
Lol, live!
Krista 1:50:11 PM
@elliot, he brought up band alcohol
Krista 1:50:21 PM
Elliot knows about Santana and his alcohol
Brian D 1:50:45 PM
I like that latter era ELO tune too. Good memory of hearing that on radio
Mark 1:51:15 PM
Now everyone’s got me walking to the nearby indie coffee shop
Brian D 1:51:27 PM
Couchez toi a ton reve or something close to that
the_dude 1:51:53 PM
Shout out to the indie coffee shops!
Mark 1:52:36 PM
@dude stay away from the evil empires!
Krista 1:54:27 PM
I hope to someday have the turkish coffee made in containers set in hot sand
Krista 1:54:53 PM
I make vietnamese coffee at home, too
Brian D 1:55:26 PM
I like this trend of 80s ads on PRB. Pat Clamor Club with his great Komisar Tainted Love segue! More more!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 1:55:50 PM
Oh now do I have to retire Steve Tibbetts?
Mark 1:56:43 PM
Haha pass it forward to jon and even to Flex ?! Any Tibbets sludge ;)
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 1:57:26 PM
Actually, kind of, yes. His Exploded View CD gets heavy.
Mark 1:58:47 PM
Do the Soviet labels take bit coin ? wanna check out more of the looking glass stuff
Brian D 1:59:32 PM
I'm on smoko leave me alone! My fave Aussie yell of recent years
Krista 1:59:35 PM
The place I am at in the shirt story he linked: set his glass down hard on the desk, and a deep, lazy, fuzzy buzzing sound came from inside.
the_dude 1:59:46 PM
The chats!
Krista 2:00:01 PM
Perfect, no? Did Elliot plan this? Bravo Elliot
Krista 2:01:13 PM
My favorite aussie yell is cooee
the_dude 2:01:23 PM
Not this song, but I've been digging them too Brian, and if course Mark! I've actually gotten too customers lately who recognized my wprb hat!
Brian D 2:01:26 PM
O other reading favorite of mine is David Thorne. Funny Aussie guy. The "picture of a spider to pay a bill" email guy from years back. Great funny short reads. If you've ever worked in an office environment i recommend
Krista 2:01:39 PM
Omfg I LOVE him
the_dude 2:01:42 PM
Oh yeah that cartoon was pretty good
the_dude 2:01:53 PM
Or saga of his comic rather
Elliot (host) 2:01:54 PM
so much has happened since I went away! thanks for making this afternoon so fun!
the_dude 2:02:08 PM
Thanks for the jams Elliot!
Brian D 2:02:41 PM
He puts out a book a year with stories, emails fake or not doesn't matter, observations on moving to USA etc
Brian D 2:03:22 PM
He is right up my alley
Brian D 2:04:20 PM
And for audio humor i binge Longmont Potion Castle pranks
Brian D 2:05:36 PM
It's 1 thing to prank on phone. Another to really have fun with language and dated audio delay effects
Krista 2:06:10 PM
He's the one with recordings of dogs or was it sucks?
Krista 2:06:16 PM
Brian D 2:06:18 PM
As long as no one gets hurt
Brian D 2:07:03 PM
He has many releases over 30 or 40 years
Krista 2:08:27 PM
Related tangentially to funny internet spider guys the "how does a daddy long legs make a life" man KILLS me every time
Brian D 2:08:58 PM
He likes certain words and really grabs onto them. Like "nougat" . Great fake names too. Fennel Cartwright. Frickey Weaver.
Brian D 2:10:01 PM
And the warped harmonizer repeated vocals... Love
the_dude 2:11:27 PM
Lol Longmont! Was talking about him with friends just last week, the clown motel one is good
Brian D 2:12:14 PM
the_dude 2:12:15 PM
Gonna spread everything out
Brian D 2:12:26 PM
My weights!
Brian D 2:13:31 PM
Can you retrofit me in like a swamp donkey kind of outfit?
the_dude 2:17:50 PM
Lol, I'm the one leading the chaaarge, his pacing, tone, calmness is pretty great
Brian D 2:18:28 PM
Need a shot of bruschotti. And some freschetta.
Mark 2:18:42 PM
@dude : coffee shop I was just in wasn’t playing PRB / when I find urs i know I’ll be at the nexus of the universe :)
Elliot (host) 2:18:46 PM
there's nothing worse than learning about new things to listen to while I'm on air! I'll have to do some homework tonight
Brian D 2:19:06 PM
Ya the pronunciation on chaaaarge is great
Brian D 2:20:28 PM
I still have not found out how to rent or steam the Longmont documentary Where in the Hell is the Lavender House
Brian D 2:20:39 PM
the_dude 2:23:22 PM
Huh didn't know there was one but I'm on the hunt, will let you know if I find it. And Mark, thanks! Yeah this goes to everyone on the chat, if you ever make it to my coffee shop (and I'm the only employee) please mention the prb chat! And DJ's get coffee on me
Krista 2:23:33 PM
That vonnegut story was 💯 worth the dramatic reading I just shouted at my boyfriend. So many hilarious bits and oddly touching, too.
Krista 2:24:34 PM
Never gone squirrel hunting?
Elliot (host) 2:26:59 PM
It's further down my list of lockdown hobbies
Elliot (host) 2:27:35 PM
I still have to learn how to cross stich, then get bored with it, before I start hunting squirrels
Elliot (host) 2:32:46 PM
I'm a real sucker for jams like this
the_dude 2:32:49 PM
Lol, Elliot I wasn't sure if you said watered with a Philly accent at first
the_dude 2:33:26 PM
Instead of Woodard, but agreed, love the jam
Elliot (host) 2:34:15 PM
the_dude 2:34:25 PM
Also, Brian, apparently the creators of the lpc doc weren't big fans and it shows in the film? https://www.reddit.com/r/LongmontPotionCastle/comments/bncjs9/lavender_house_an_honest_review/?utm_source=reddit-android and you. And rent/stream it on Vimeo and YouTube
Elliot (host) 2:34:26 PM
I love the list of 'Marginal speakers'
Elliot (host) 2:34:58 PM
it feels like a passive aggressive insult
the_dude 2:34:58 PM
Lol same, Jill Biden on there? Lol
the_dude 2:35:52 PM
I love my philly accent, it's marginal though now
the_dude 2:36:20 PM
Just the phrase, marginal speakers of the Philly accent, is funny
Brian D 2:36:30 PM
This is a fine organ jam
the_dude 2:36:55 PM
I remember I did a UPenn study with my friend on the Philly accent, it was pretty fun, they pretty much just wanted to record us speaking
Elliot (host) 2:37:30 PM
I miss my days of doing psychological studies for beer money
Brian D 2:37:36 PM
Baltimore is similar yet worlds different
the_dude 2:38:11 PM
They mentioned ball-di-more in the study , yeah , same same but different
Brian D 2:38:38 PM
Did youse drive your Tayota cross the Tycony bridge on the way deeown the sheeore?
the_dude 2:38:44 PM
And Elliot it's never too late to do random things for beer money!
the_dude 2:39:25 PM
Only on Sat-er-dys , when the cars RADiator wasn't broken
the_dude 2:40:12 PM
My girlfriend loves the accent but hates how radiator is said, and my mom can't not say it it's pretty funny
Brian D 2:40:14 PM
Keent buynee thing on Sundees deeown Oashin City
the_dude 2:40:37 PM
Krista 2:41:10 PM
My boyfriend has a Philly accent and people in Minnesota found him unintelligible at times
Krista 2:41:27 PM
Ordering water at the restaurant they would just stare at hin
the_dude 2:41:34 PM
Ever see Bradley Cooper doing the Lee's hoagie commercial on some interview? It's pretty food
the_dude 2:41:38 PM
Brian D 2:41:45 PM
Djyouse havnee 64 keller Crayola crowns ta keller wid when youse were kids?
the_dude 2:42:16 PM
Totally Krista! Is he me? Had to stop saying wooder when I lived in Chicago, people legit did not know what I was saying
Krista 2:42:18 PM
My son says "crayon" like me and "whoa der" like his dad
Brian D 2:42:20 PM
That wudder thing is crazy
Krista 2:42:30 PM
Wood er
Krista 2:43:01 PM
I'm making him say it now. "He dries himself off with a tail"
the_dude 2:43:08 PM
Lol, that was a joy to read and an accomplishment to type out
the_dude 2:43:37 PM
Keep it alive Krista! It's dying out ..
Brian D 2:43:52 PM
My parents n grandparents are from other places/ states so the Phila accent did not get into me
Krista 2:43:57 PM
He would stubbornly ask for "jimmies" at the ice cream shop
Brian D 2:44:49 PM
But I love to imitate it and comment on it. I think Dead Milkmen helped bring it to the masses
Krista 2:46:22 PM
@the_dude, I will, it's adorable! His mom is from grey's ferry so the accent is strong
the_dude 2:47:19 PM
They did! GF is from Virginia and loves dead milkmen and says her and her friends would crack up at it.. and nice Krista! Jimmies all the way
the_dude 2:47:28 PM
And lol thanks Elliot! That made my day
Elliot (host) 2:48:54 PM
well, you made mine! I was speechless!
Brian D 2:49:09 PM
Ween song Shamemaker has a great Philly accent
Krista 2:50:07 PM
And a great worm reference
Brian D 2:50:51 PM
That finance Cramer guy has the Phila accent too. Tina Fey loves to bust out her accent too on occasion in skits n shows
Brian D 2:51:16 PM
Yes the worm reference!
Krista 2:51:42 PM
Tina Fey visits my boyfriend's parent's neighbors, they tell me every time I see them
Brian D 2:52:33 PM
We're about same age. I loved when she said 'haha yer burnt' as an insult on tv
Krista 2:52:34 PM
Which is now...only outside and fleeting
Brian D 2:52:59 PM
A great childhood memory
Mark 2:54:25 PM
Great show / great chat Dave to Elliot now onto Kat !!
Elliot (host) 2:55:05 PM
Thanks for listening and chatting! Stay tuned for weird northern European folk (probably)
Brian D 2:55:38 PM
Elliot this has been great. Thank you for playing the Vonnegut coffee ad! Only here.... thanks to all for great conversation & recommendations as always
Mark 2:55:57 PM
@krista i betcha u get some funny looks w Midwest accent in philly / i do at times
the_dude 2:56:40 PM
Cheers everyone! Thanks for the fun time and quality DJing Elliot, community radio at it's finest!
the_dude 2:57:12 PM
And I wanna be there for surprise Tina fey visits!