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Lost in Time & Sludge

Jan 20, 2021 8:00 PM β€“ 11:00 PM

With DJ Flex Luthor

Lost in Time & Sludge
8:01 PM
Space Afrika - 217
Space Afrika 217 N
New Neighborhoods Freedom To Spend 2020
8:01 PM
Skeletonwitch - Fen of Shadows
Skeletonwitch Fen of Shadows
Devouring Radiant Light Marquee Inc. 2018
8:12 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:12 PM
Witchery - The Burning of Salem
Witchery The Burning of Salem Witchery
In His Infernal Majesty's Service Century Media 2016
8:16 PM
Mastodon - Crystal Skull
Mastodon Crystal Skull Mastodon
Blood Mountain Reprise 2006
8:19 PM
Orange Goblin - The Fog
Orange Goblin The Fog
A Eulogy For the Damned Spinefarm Records UK 2012


8:25 PM
Killer Be Killed - Wings of Feather and Wax
Killer Be Killed Wings of Feather and Wax Killer Be Killed
Killer Be Killed Nuclear Blast Entertainment 2014
8:29 PM
The Ocean - Jurassic I Cretaceous
The Ocean Jurassic I Cretaceous The Ocean
Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic I Cenozoic Metal Blade Records 2020
8:42 PM
Witchcraft - Nucleus
Witchcraft Nucleus Witchcraft
Nucleus Nuclear Blast 2016
8:57 PM
Woods of Ypres - Modern Life Architecture
Woods of Ypres Modern Life Architecture
Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light Earache Records Ltd 2011
9:04 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:08 PM
Deafheaven - Canary Yellow
Deafheaven Canary Yellow Deafheaven
Ordinary Corrupt Human Love Anti/Epitaph 2018
9:20 PM
Horrendous - Soothsayer
Horrendous Soothsayer Horrendous
Idol Season of Mist 2018
9:25 PM
The Body - Manifest Alchemy
The Body Manifest Alchemy The Body
Released From Love / You, Whom I Have Always Hated Thrill Jockey Records 2015
9:31 PM
Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked
Nile Annihilation of the Wicked
Annihilation of the Wicked Relapse Records 2005
9:39 PM
Melana Chasmata Century Media 2014
9:47 PM
Wargasm - Bullets & Blades
Wargasm Bullets & Blades Wargasm
Why Play Around? Astor Place 1988
9:51 PM
Black Pyramid - Visions of Gehenna
Black Pyramid Visions of Gehenna Black Pyramid
Black Pyramid MeteorCity 2009
9:57 PM
Dvne - The Crimson Path
Dvne The Crimson Path Dvne
Asheran Wasted State Records 2017
10:09 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:09 PM
Khemmis - The Bereaved
Khemmis The Bereaved
Absolution 20 Buck Spin 2015
10:19 PM
Bongzilla - Amerijuanican
Bongzilla Amerijuanican
Amerijuanican Relapse Records 2005
10:24 PM
Baroness - Ogeechee Hymnal
Baroness Ogeechee Hymnal Baroness
Blue Record Relapse Records 2009
10:27 PM
Baroness - A Horse Called Golgotha
Baroness A Horse Called Golgotha Baroness
Blue Record Relapse Records 2009
10:32 PM
Thank You Scientist - FXMLDR
Thank You Scientist FXMLDR Thank You Scientist
Terraformer Evil Ink Records 2019
10:41 PM
Rock n' Roll Heart - EP Anti Fade Records 2020
10:45 PM
August Burns Red - Three Fountains
August Burns Red Three Fountains
Guardians Fearless Records 2020
10:50 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:53 PM
Tribulation - Hour of the Wolf
Tribulation Hour of the Wolf Tribulation
Where the Gloom Becomes Sound Metal Blade Records 2021
10:58 PM
Mastodon - Joseph Merrick
Mastodon Joseph Merrick Mastodon
Leviathan Relapse Records 2004
Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon 8:01:10 PM
Go get 'em Flex!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:02:19 PM
we bringing it
Mark 8:03:04 PM
And now the relaxing sounds of EZ103 :)
Mark 8:04:11 PM
the_dude 8:04:22 PM
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:04:28 PM
gonna bring the doom and gloom tonight
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:18:36 PM
another great scott kelly and mastodon collab
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:18:58 PM
I think he provides vox on a track every album
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:25:19 PM
I have such a soft spot for this movie
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:25:26 PM
and this song gets in my head all the time
Mark 8:32:56 PM
The beauty of shazam this metal / sludge is I can follow along w the lyrics !
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:33:42 PM
I feel like this would be great live
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:33:48 PM
like crowd singing along
Mark 8:33:57 PM
If anyone needs any lyric clarification i can roll back the transcript:)
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:34:07 PM
sing about the extinction of dinosaurs and our inevitable demise
Mark 8:34:33 PM
It wud b great live at the inauguration Ball :)
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:34:47 PM
speaking of
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:34:55 PM
later we'll hear a patriotic ode from bongzilla
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:35:12 PM
they advertise their own form of patriotism
Mark 8:35:22 PM
Haha great !
Mark 8:36:59 PM
I don’t think any of these guys will get near the Capital: they all kinda look the dudes that stormed it last week :(
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:38:18 PM
sadly true about a lot of metal bands
Mark 8:38:18 PM
I’m strapped in for next couple hours / talk to ya later
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 8:38:31 PM
yeah see ya later! hope you enjoy
jimbeaux 9:04:33 PM
yo flex, enjoying the show!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:08:43 PM
hey jimbeaux!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:08:51 PM
nice to see ya as always
Hanna Sz 9:13:10 PM
yo yo
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:13:29 PM
hey hanna!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:13:34 PM
how's it going??
Hanna Sz 9:13:34 PM
i've been tuned in
Hanna Sz 9:13:39 PM
rocking along
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:14:01 PM
hell yeah
jimbeaux 9:14:20 PM
hanna is METAL!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:14:41 PM
I remember when we first got this song Michael and I played it nonstop
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:14:58 PM
mho michael I mean
Hanna Sz 9:16:51 PM
mho michael is now legendary, a true icon
Hanna Sz 9:17:04 PM
hi Jimbeaux !!!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:17:13 PM
I miss him I haven't talked to him in ages
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:17:43 PM
jimbeaux is truly a wprb allstar
jimbeaux 9:17:43 PM
mho...was that a show or his name?
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:17:53 PM
he used to run crash landing
Hanna Sz 9:17:57 PM
jimbeaux 9:18:26 PM
i remember that show!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:18:39 PM
from like 2016-2020 I think
Hanna Sz 9:18:43 PM
Hanna Sz 9:22:21 PM
so , i'm not 'in' the scene enough (yet), but i picked up a queensryche cassette at prex yesterday
Hanna Sz 9:22:29 PM
am enjoying
jimbeaux 9:23:31 PM
that's some throwback stuff hanna :)
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:23:31 PM
hell yeah which one?
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:24:51 PM
can we just appreciate the line "the road to salvation is paved with your bones"
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:24:54 PM
too good
jimbeaux 9:25:18 PM
gotta be paved with something, so if bones are handy...
Hanna Sz 9:26:13 PM
i cant remember, left the tape in the car , 1 moment tho
Hanna Sz 9:26:44 PM
agreed...plenty of bones to go round
Mark 9:26:49 PM
@hannah : isn’t that a line in the alchemist :)
jimbeaux 9:27:11 PM
picturing hanna running half a mile to get queensryche cassette out of her car :)
Hanna Sz 9:27:16 PM
lol, could be could be
wade 9:27:35 PM
i love this band
Hanna Sz 9:27:38 PM
go and picture jimbeaux, i'm from the new generation, and I googled it
Hanna Sz 9:28:10 PM
(it's too cold nowadays), album: hear in the now frontier. perfect for speeding on route 1
jimbeaux 9:29:11 PM
wade is right on
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:29:24 PM
@wade I love the body! this split they did with thou is also great
wade 9:29:37 PM
they have a new song that is really good
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:30:29 PM
oh whoa I gotta check it out
Mark 9:31:07 PM
Speaking of alchemy ....
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:34:04 PM
I used to listen to a lot of Boris and Fu Manchu while driving
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:34:30 PM
it's perfect need for speed fuel
Hanna Sz 9:35:03 PM
this song would hype me for a battlefield
jimbeaux 9:35:58 PM
outta control. are those drums or jackhammers or advanced weaponry?
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:36:15 PM
nile is actually disgusting
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:37:28 PM
crazy drums, unintelligible growling, and rad riffs
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:37:31 PM
face melting
Mark 9:38:35 PM
Cleopatra wud disagree w u :)
jimbeaux 9:45:35 PM
{insert bouzouki solo}
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:46:36 PM
yeah they made some choices during that solo that are surprising but
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:46:42 PM
it sounded rad
jimbeaux 9:47:17 PM
caught my attention!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:47:35 PM
up next is one of the first albums I found at wprb when I started
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:48:01 PM
abbie from mars and I combed through the stacks to find some cool metal and we found this with the beat up clown on the cover and I just couldn't resist
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:48:50 PM
its some serious shredding
jimbeaux 9:50:36 PM
it's tight! I wiki'd triptykon...guy was in celtic frost and was last album cover art by HR Giger!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:50:59 PM
oh whoa I had no idea!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 9:51:23 PM
I didn't realize it was actually done by him that's so cool
jimbeaux 9:52:56 PM
thought it was just Giger-esque, but real deal!
Hanna Sz 10:10:07 PM
that;s it for me folks, good to hang
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 10:11:18 PM
seeya hanna!!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 10:11:30 PM
thanks for tuning in!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 10:20:06 PM
truly a patriotic song for a patriotic day
jimbeaux 10:22:01 PM
*think* they performed sometime between lady gaga and garth brooks...may have missed it.
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 10:25:41 PM
they probably hung out with bernie for most of it
wade 10:25:59 PM
i like his mittens
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 10:27:26 PM
they were lovely weren't they?
jimbeaux 10:32:38 PM
made from old sweaters, by a teacher!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 10:37:12 PM
it took me a long time to realize it but this is a tribute to fox mulder lol
jimbeaux 10:53:28 PM
thanx flex!
DJ Flex Luthor (host) 10:53:58 PM
nah thank you for tuning in!