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Roll the Dice

Jan 23, 2021 6:00 PM β€“ 8:00 PM

With Hanna

roll the dice 30

rejoice rejoice! , glory hallelujah glory to the highest heavens, we have a new president

Roll the Dice
6:03 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:08 PM
Amanda Gorman - The Hill We Climb
Amanda Gorman The Hill We Climb
Inauguration of Biden & Harris 2021
6:12 PM
Simon & Garfunkel - Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall
Simon & Garfunkel Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme Columbia/Legacy 1966
6:14 PM
The Velvet Underground - I'll Be Your Mirror
The Velvet Underground I'll Be Your Mirror
The Velvet Underground & Nico 45th Anniversary (Deluxe Edition) Polydor 2012
6:18 PM
Macklemore - Trump's Over Freestyle
Macklemore Trump's Over Freestyle
clean edit
6:19 PM
Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Blanche Comme la Neige (Remastered)
Kate & Anna McGarrigle Blanche Comme la Neige (Remastered)
Dancer with Bruised Knees (Remastered) Rhino/Warner Records 1977
6:24 PM
Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Perrine Γ‰tait Servante (Remastered)
Kate & Anna McGarrigle Perrine Γ‰tait Servante (Remastered)
Dancer with Bruised Knees (Remastered) Rhino/Warner Records 1977
6:26 PM
Chicago - Beginnings (Remastered)
Chicago Beginnings (Remastered)
Chicago Transit Authority Rhino 1969
6:35 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:53 PM
Tonio K. - The Ballad of the Night the Clocks All Quit (And the Government Failed)
Tonio K. The Ballad of the Night the Clocks All Quit (And the Government Failed)
Life in the Foodchain N.Y.M. Recording Co. 2013
7:02 PM
Black Sabbath - War Pigs / Luke's Wall
Black Sabbath War Pigs / Luke's Wall
Paranoid Rhino/Warner Records 1970
7:10 PM
Set Break: die roll: double 4's. I gave this one to C. Mike
7:14 PM
Frankie Rose - Pair of Wings
Frankie Rose Pair of Wings
Interstellar Slumberland Records 2012
7:18 PM
Angus & Julia Stone - Chateau
Angus & Julia Stone Chateau
Snow Nettwerk Records 2017
7:23 PM
James Baldwin - interview in French TV
James Baldwin interview in French TV
7:26 PM
James Baldwin - How Much Time Do You Want For Your "Progress"?
James Baldwin How Much Time Do You Want For Your "Progress"?
From the documentary 'The Price of the Ticket'
7:27 PM
Vin Scully - Vin Scully Calls Hank Aaron's 715th Home Run
Vin Scully Vin Scully Calls Hank Aaron's 715th Home Run
7:32 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:39 PM
Mariee Sioux - Bundles
Mariee Sioux Bundles
A Bundled Bundle of Bundles Mariee Sioux 2006
7:48 PM
Jon Batiste - Kamala (MVP)
Jon Batiste Kamala (MVP)
Most Vice Presidential
7:53 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:54 PM
Korhinta - clip from the movie
Korhinta clip from the movie
Chat is archived.
Hanna (host) 6:00:17 PM
Kevin Swords 6:06:50 PM
I don't think anyone really lives in Delaware
Hanna (host) 6:07:49 PM
hi Kevin, I agrree! I just wasnt brave enough to voice that onthe radio
Hanna (host) 6:08:06 PM
the state definitely fails to exist
Selecta Jerry 6:09:22 PM
Hi hanna i was gonna play amandas speech too over some dub but decided not to at last minute. So glad you did πŸ”₯
Kevin Swords 6:09:24 PM
The FCC is definitely in on it, probably safer not to reveal the truth on-air
Matthew Budd 6:12:15 PM
What was playing in background at intro?
Hanna (host) 6:13:17 PM
hi Matthew, that was Penguin Cafe Orchestre, Numbers 1-4
Hanna (host) 6:13:33 PM
hi jerry! the poem killed me, she was fantastic
Hanna (host) 6:14:13 PM
kevin: what you think about rhode island? and idaho? those are almost equally deepstate coverups
Christine Duffy 6:17:29 PM
Hi DJ Hanna πŸ‘‹ What an inspiring start to your show.
Christine Duffy 6:17:54 PM
I feel like PRB is our mirror. πŸ’—
Hanna (host) 6:18:01 PM
hi Christine, love to have you in the chat ❀️️
Hanna (host) 6:18:10 PM
that IS MY favorite song, omg
Christine Duffy 6:18:16 PM
Hey DJ Selecta Jerry & chat roomies!
jimbeaux 6:20:23 PM
Hey rollers! Amanda Gorman is incredible...more moving each time i hear it.
Hanna (host) 6:20:48 PM
they're publishing the poem, special edition, penguin randomhouse
Krista 6:21:21 PM
Fantastic message and song
Ossy Hyouka 6:22:08 PM
Spectacular choice of soundtrack Hannah from Macklemore! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£. Yes, sure real, Amanda Gorman is indeed spectacular poetic girl
Hanna (host) 6:23:16 PM
welcome Ossy,! yeah I've been listening to that macklemore track On Repeat since I found it yesterday
Hanna (host) 6:23:56 PM
the 'trumps over he lost' part gives me massive endorphins Every Time
Krista 6:24:40 PM
(I'll be your mirror) is one of my all time favorites, always love hearing it
Hanna (host) 6:26:04 PM
ditto krista ditto. i've never gotten a tatto but if i do, the first one will be a lyric from that song.
Corage Mike 6:28:16 PM
Hanna (host) 6:28:58 PM
got the chicago transit authority album for $2! at PREX
Hanna (host) 6:29:04 PM
on thursday, lmao
Lesley Melincoff 6:29:19 PM
More mcgarrigle sisters in life is a good thing, all the time
Corage Mike 6:29:21 PM
Great they sold so many albums!
Hanna (host) 6:30:07 PM
welcome Lesley, ! yeah this album is great, also just got it at the record exchange.
Corage Mike 6:30:56 PM
Jealous. One of the many things I miss from NJ.
Corage Mike 6:31:41 PM
Air trumpet!
Kaleb Houston 6:33:26 PM
My goodness these horns are bonkers. what is happening!
Hanna (host) 6:33:55 PM
chicago is happening Kaleb, of course :D
Corage Mike 6:33:55 PM
Howard Marching band was awesome!
P Sturg 6:34:42 PM
chicago really knows how to stick around
Kaleb Houston 6:35:04 PM
really spectacular
Corage Mike 6:35:47 PM
Big Al 6:36:57 PM
The winner is 11
Ossy Hyouka 6:37:56 PM
Yeah, Hannah, especially the one kid in the "trumps over he lost" at the end lmao
Kevin Swords 6:40:10 PM
Obviously because Chicago best music city in the world!
Christine Duffy 6:40:12 PM
PREX is awesome 🌟
Kevin Swords 6:44:36 PM
Roll the Dice 31: macklemore discography exploration?
Michael Rothmel 6:46:32 PM
Chicago's initial band name was Chicago Transit Authority. The Chicago Transit Authority sued them for copyright infringement so they had to change their name to Chicago.
Krista 6:48:58 PM
Michael Rothmel 6:49:05 PM
My wife gave birth to our second child in 1992 at midwife center on Tulane St. (no longer there) At pre natal visit we went with our three year old to PREX. They had poster of Nirvana cover up. My three year old says, "There's his pee pee"
Krista 6:50:11 PM
Krista 6:50:18 PM
Switches you can flip
Krista 6:53:28 PM
Welcome to the poems out loud club!
Hanna (host) 6:56:44 PM
kevin: could be could be. i actually like his stuff, i just never play it on the radio
Christine Duffy 6:56:56 PM
I'm loving Poems Out Loud Club
Hanna (host) 6:57:02 PM
ossy: the kid's voice is Sloane, macklemores child
Hanna (host) 6:57:10 PM
thank you Michael!
Hanna (host) 6:57:43 PM
wow, i didnt know there was a midwife center in town, ever. i was born at the now nonexistent hospital on witherspoon
Hanna (host) 6:58:00 PM
appreciate it Christine <3
Corage Mike 7:05:36 PM
Wow , all my kids were born at Princeton Medical. Went to the store to get a record each time! Detention was the one for my first born!
Hanna (host) 7:06:53 PM
Mike, that's a great tradition , music and birth. I will continue my tradiiton of great traditions of a die roll, sometime soon. :D
Corage Mike 7:08:01 PM
Four.... just sayin.
Ossy Hyouka 7:09:17 PM
Wow, that makes it even more interesting of Macklemore having his child in the song.
Hanna (host) 7:09:27 PM
just saying....you and Al are the only loyal customers to the dice roll game
Hanna (host) 7:09:48 PM
yeah, she features in his public life alot, esp. instagram
Brian D 7:10:47 PM
Brian D 7:12:02 PM
Christine Duffy 7:12:10 PM
🎲 🎲 eight!
ǝɹnΙ”sqκ“³ ǝΙ₯κ“• ΗΚŒΙκ“· 7:12:18 PM
Five (5)
Christine Duffy 7:12:26 PM
@Brian, lol
Corage Mike 7:12:48 PM
Doubles....roll again!
Big Al 7:13:59 PM
Let's roll!
Big Al 7:14:55 PM
Hanna (host) 7:17:08 PM
pi :D I'll bring an apple pie for you next week Brian
Hanna (host) 7:17:40 PM
goes to say, i 'm an amateaur die rolling, forgot about the doubles rule Mike
Christine Duffy 7:18:23 PM
Too bad 3/14 doesn't fall on a Saturday this year. Pi Day!
Hanna (host) 7:19:50 PM
oh lol i just checked it's on sunday. A sunday, pi day, and valentines day are collaborate to make one strange day in March
Brian D 7:21:53 PM
Ghee on stovetop oily popped popcorn!
Hanna (host) 7:22:16 PM
healthy alternative to apple pie?
Kaleb Houston 7:24:40 PM
I'm still thinking about Tonio K.
Hanna (host) 7:26:12 PM
mmmm Kaleb, i'm with you
Mark 7:30:32 PM
Never expected this tonite/ fantastic!
Mark 7:31:09 PM
Rip Hank
Ossy Hyouka 7:33:19 PM
and rip Larry King as well
Hanna (host) 7:38:52 PM
hiya mark, yeah I didnt expect it either, it's such a moving clip
Mark 7:41:33 PM
Vin Scully the announcer is probably greatest of all time / he captured the moment perfectly - it might turn u into baseball fan :)
jimbeaux 7:42:31 PM
Mariee Sioux is...woooooww.
Hanna (host) 7:45:05 PM
never say never, mark, :D, I've been to yankee stadium, but it was for princeton's 150 football anniversary with dartmouth. i've never seen a baseball game irl
Hanna (host) 7:45:39 PM
Mariee! she can write my lifestory film's soundtrack, or smthg, anything she's amazing
jimbeaux 7:46:18 PM
Indigenous/Polish/Hungarian !
Mark 7:47:02 PM
Agreed on maree / following along w these lyrics amazing :)
Christine Duffy 7:47:08 PM
Dreamlike, hauntingly beautiful.
Hanna (host) 7:48:14 PM
the lyrics always hid something new for me, each time i listen
Mark 7:50:37 PM
Re: college football I support UPenn / maybe see ya at that game in the fall :) very nice show again
Ossy Hyouka 7:51:48 PM
Nice stylized unique rendition of Next's "Wifey" for Kamala
jimbeaux 7:55:29 PM
Thanks hanna...prb 4 lyfe ⭐⭐⭐
Christine Duffy 7:55:45 PM
Almost 8:00 already? Thank you for an exceptional show, DJ Hanna 🌟
Hanna (host) 7:56:12 PM
ikr so soon ! thanks for sticking with it Christine :D happy saturday
Hanna (host) 7:58:34 PM
byee ! enjoy Commie Francis up next
Paul Nolan 8:01:52 PM
During Black Sabbeth tunes I asked my wife to refresh about when she booked them to play at her college 1970, There is much to the story but after she (Stephanie) was warned that they would have crazy demands, including heroin,... Ozy’s request was a case of Orange Crush soda. They were perfect gentlemen (still teens) and stayed for 3 days. Maybe someday she’ll tell you the whole story.