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Don't Back the Front

Jan 28, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With Dana K



Don't Back the Front
8:00 PM
The Desperate Bicycles - Don't Back the Front
The Desperate Bicycles Don't Back the Front
7" 1977
8:04 PM
Kandeggina Gang - Sono cattiva
Kandeggina Gang Sono cattiva
7" Cramps Records 1980
First all-female punk band from Italy.
8:10 PM
8:11 PM
Devo - Jocko Homo
Devo Jocko Homo
Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! Warner Records 1978
8:15 PM
Hüsker Dü - Beyond the Threshold
Hüsker Dü Beyond the Threshold
Zen Arcade SST Records 1984
Song has "Threshold" in the title, come on.
8:16 PM
Rikk Agnew - Fast
Rikk Agnew Fast
All By Myself Frontier 1982
Problems started when Tom Paris wanted to go fast.
8:18 PM
Man or Astro-Man? - Interstellar Hardrive
Man or Astro-Man? Interstellar Hardrive
Eeviac Touch and Go 1999
8:20 PM
The Soft Boys - He's a Reptile (Bonus Track)
The Soft Boys He's a Reptile (Bonus Track)
Underwater Moonlight 2001
Single from 1983
8:25 PM
The Scientists - Swampland
The Scientists Swampland
Weird Love Karbon 1986
The planet Paris and Janeway left their babies on.
8:29 PM
Monitor - Amphibious
Monitor Amphibious
Monitor (Bonus Track Version) Superior Viaduct 2013
1981 on World Imitation
8:32 PM
The Residents - Lizard Lady
The Residents Lizard Lady
Duck Stab / Buster & Glen: 2cd Preserved Edition CRYPTIC CORP 1978
8:34 PM
Godley & Creme - Babies
Godley & Creme Babies
Wedding Bells Polydor 1981
8:38 PM
Alien Sex Fiend - Evolution
Alien Sex Fiend Evolution
The Best of Alien Sex Fiend
EVOLVE OR DIE (or evolve AND die).
8:45 PM
8:50 PM
Mickey Bliss - Video Lizards
Mickey Bliss Video Lizards
7" Hitman Records 1982
8:52 PM
Exposure - Video Eyes
Exposure Video Eyes
7" Angular Music 1980
8:56 PM
Velvet Monkeys - All The Same
Velvet Monkeys All The Same
Future Fountain of Youth Records 1983
9:00 PM
Royston - Gerald's Eyes
Royston Gerald's Eyes
Shish EP Tuzmadoner 1979
Split EP with the Different Eyes
9:02 PM
Sometimes Y - Crazy Dancer
Sometimes Y Crazy Dancer
7" Jane Bear Records 1982
9:04 PM
Basczax - Madison Fallout
Basczax Madison Fallout
7" Pipeline Product 1979
9:07 PM
Emotion Pictures - Rescue Remedy
Emotion Pictures Rescue Remedy
7" Cherry Red 1980
9:11 PM
Airkraft - Move In Rhythm
Airkraft Move In Rhythm
Hicks From The Sticks 1980
VA comp featuring Clock DVA, Medium Medium, Section 25, among others.
9:15 PM
Digital Dance - Human Zoo
Digital Dance Human Zoo
B9 Sandwich Records 1981
9:18 PM
Neonbabies - Eingebrochen
Neonbabies Eingebrochen
Nervos 7" Teldec 1980
9:25 PM
The Human League - Being Boiled (Fast Version)
The Human League Being Boiled (Fast Version)
Reproduction Virgin Records 2003
Fast Product version from 1978
9:30 PM
Wall of Voodoo - Longarm
Wall of Voodoo Longarm
S/T 12" Index 1980
9:33 PM
Dark Day - No, Nothing, Never
Dark Day No, Nothing, Never
Exterminating Angel Fidelity 1980
Robin Crutchfield
9:39 PM
Indifferent Dance Centre - Flight & Pursuit
Indifferent Dance Centre Flight & Pursuit
Flight & Pursuit - Single Outer Reaches 2018
Originally released in 1981
9:44 PM
Minimal Compact - Statik Dancin'
Minimal Compact Statik Dancin'
S/T 12" Crammed Discs 1981
9:48 PM
Section 25 - Program for Light
Section 25 Program for Light
From the Hip factory 1984
9:53 PM
Lives Of Angels - Lives of Angels
Lives Of Angels Lives of Angels
Cold Waves of Color (1981-85) Cold Disc 2014
9:56 PM
Abecedarians - Smiling Monarchs
Abecedarians Smiling Monarchs
Eureka Southwest Audio Reproductions 1986
10:03 PM
X-Ray Pop - La Machine á Rêver
X-Ray Pop La Machine á Rêver
The Dream Machine Dark Entries Records 2012
10:06 PM
Bene Gesserit - The Funny Dutchman
Bene Gesserit The Funny Dutchman
Insane Music for Insane People Vol. 2 CS Insane Music 1983
Alain Neffe was a member of Bene Gesserit and ran the Insane Music tape label.
10:13 PM
The Passage - Sharp Tongue
The Passage Sharp Tongue
Enflame 13th Moon Recordings 1983
10:15 PM
Our Daughters Wedding - Airline
Our Daughters Wedding Airline
Lawnchairs 7" Design Records 1980
10:21 PM
The Pool - Burn The Bride
The Pool Burn The Bride
SNX Hawai 1985
10:28 PM
Maximum Joy - Stretch (7" Version)
Maximum Joy Stretch (7" Version)
Stretch (7" Version) - Single Y Records 1981
10:31 PM
Dinosaur L - Go Bang! [Francois K Mix]
Dinosaur L Go Bang! [Francois K Mix]
24->24 Music Sleeping Bag Records 1981
10:38 PM
Marie et les Garçons - Re Bop Electronic
Marie et les Garçons Re Bop Electronic
New York Sessions 79 - EP Ze Records 2008
10:42 PM
Lori & the Chameleons - Touch
Lori & the Chameleons Touch
Touch 7" Zoo Records 1979
Featuring Bill Drummond....
10:46 PM
Clio - Faces
Clio Faces
Faces (2020 Remaster) - Single 1985
10:56 PM
Cabaret Voltaire - Vasto
Cabaret Voltaire Vasto
Shadow of Fear Mute 2020
Chat is archived.
Dana K (host) 8:02:29 PM
The show is LIVE. The chat is LIVE.
Corage Mike 8:02:36 PM
Mark 8:04:18 PM
Ha ya gotta keep up the momentum/ such a great PRB day & week so far :)
Dana K (host) 8:04:40 PM
Oh, that's not putting any pressure on me or anything!
Rob from Maryland 8:04:59 PM
Mi piace questa canzione ;-)
Rob from Maryland 8:06:13 PM
*canzone. So much for my Italian
Mark 8:07:06 PM
I have total faith in DBTF / as do all other listeners!
Christine Duffy 8:08:12 PM
Hey DJ Dana! LOL I love tonight's theme. I think I better go back and watch Threshhold again.
Brian D 8:08:31 PM
I quest for calzone
Dana K (host) 8:11:17 PM
Hello everyone!
Christine Duffy 8:11:19 PM
There's only one de-evolution band...! 💗
Mark 8:12:06 PM
Haha dave the obscure played a parody version :)
Dana K (host) 8:14:05 PM
I was originally going to play one of the Hardcore or Ultracore versions of this song but I realized it's been a long time since I've just played something off of the album
Mark 8:15:34 PM
I did see the devo 1.0 version / they were fantastic :)
Corage Mike 8:17:37 PM
This is great, bar set!
Esoterica 8:20:26 PM
nice set!! hi, Dana K!!
Dana K (host) 8:20:55 PM
Hey Esoterica! thanks for listening tonight!
Esoterica 8:21:09 PM
Esoterica 8:21:36 PM
now i am inspired to watch threshold!
Dana K (host) 8:23:24 PM
it's an experience!
Esoterica 8:25:05 PM
did you see this syfy article? it's funny. https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/wtf-moments-the-craziest-thing-star-trek-voyager-ever-did-involved-lizard-sex
Dana K (host) 8:25:43 PM
that's a good primer!
Esoterica 8:26:06 PM
Krista 8:28:51 PM
I like to think the babies grew up into sentient, bipedal people and forever they are like "wow, our parents are fucked up for leaving us"
Dana K (host) 8:29:40 PM
i think they should bring them back as characters in discovery.
Yoni Kroll 8:30:17 PM
Hello everyone. We have a lot to talk about.
Krista 8:30:22 PM
That would be amazing. They have like an INTENSE and justified grudge against the federation
Krista 8:31:05 PM
I agree, Justice for Tuvix
Dana K (host) 8:31:45 PM
Justice for Tuvix.
Krista 8:31:47 PM
Why couldn't they have kept Tuvix and Tuvoc and killed off Neelix? That's my proposed solution
Lizbot 8:32:21 PM
Of course The Residents need to make an appearance to encompass the weirdness
Krista 8:32:23 PM
The small part of him that is charming is retained, the rest discarded.
Lizbot 8:32:49 PM
Sang along to He’s a Reptile here.
Dana K (host) 8:33:30 PM
I have to say, the episode would have been better with a Residents soundtrack
Lizbot 8:33:51 PM
My bird just hid in in my shirt. This is too intense for him. 🦎
Yoni Kroll 8:34:02 PM
Neelix is okay. He means well and he makes a mean gagh.
Lizbot 8:34:05 PM
Ha, I’d watch with a Residents soundtrack!
Yoni Kroll 8:34:58 PM
Baby alert
Dana K (host) 8:35:05 PM
Alert: Baby
Krista 8:36:10 PM
I'm upset that now I'm imagining lizards doing it to this song
Lizbot 8:36:27 PM
Krista, 😂
Dana K (host) 8:36:30 PM
My work here is done
Corage Mike 8:36:36 PM
Slow dancing in Denver.
Yoni Kroll 8:36:46 PM
Better that than "People Are Still Having Sex"
Mark 8:37:21 PM
What a group of bad a** PRB dj’s/ we’re all gonna eavesdrop on ur conversation:)
Corage Mike 8:37:21 PM
All night long.... this guy just raised the bar.
Dana K (host) 8:37:38 PM
Godley and Creme...two former members of 10cc
Rob from Maryland 8:38:31 PM
The Babies song it is over
Corage Mike 8:38:31 PM
We all know 10 Cc.
Lizbot 8:38:35 PM
I love Godley & Creme’s “Golden Boyf”
George Korein 8:38:49 PM
"It was a cool black night
George Korein 8:38:56 PM
a clear white moon
Dana K (host) 8:39:09 PM
listen, if the song Babies made you uncomfortable, try watching Star Trek: Voyager Season 2 Episode 15 "Threshold"
Lizbot 8:39:14 PM
George, no!
George Korein 8:39:27 PM
It was a cool black night / a clear white moon / lizards were in the street / trying to conceive
Christine Duffy 8:39:31 PM
Alien Sex Fiend, but of course.
Mark 8:39:33 PM
I thought godley & creme was lizbot intellectual property?:)
Lizbot 8:40:01 PM
@Mark- Ha! I release “Babies” for public consumption
Dana K (host) 8:40:02 PM
thank you George
Lizbot 8:40:39 PM
I abandon G&C’s “Babies” like so many unwanted lizard children
George Korein 8:41:10 PM
"you're welcome" -- Warren George
Mark 8:41:18 PM
Haha I gave jetty a hard time for playing commie’s ip today - chumbawumba
Lizbot 8:42:32 PM
Mark- Chumba throwdown on the rocks
Krista 8:44:50 PM
Not the worst ever
Krista 8:45:01 PM
Uh original star trek has so much crap
Mark 8:45:12 PM
Haha jetty response was commie would kick her but earlier today / a discussion ensued of who would win dj battle royale - Jon Solomon even weighed in
Yoni Kroll 8:45:42 PM
Wow, spoilers!
Krista 8:45:46 PM
Tell us about the birth of the babies
Krista 8:45:55 PM
Are they eggs? Goo?
Krista 8:46:00 PM
Yoni Kroll 8:46:33 PM
Alert: babies
Lizbot 8:46:35 PM
@Dana- Godley & Creme want you to know that “if you want to dance all night, if you play your cards right, you could be the girl on the arms of the golden boyf”
Krista 8:46:43 PM
Live birth amphibians are terrible
Mark 8:46:44 PM
Esoterica u still here / Jon suggested u might win :)
Krista 8:47:04 PM
There are frogs that birth them through their skin, if vague facebook pics are to be believed
Corage Mike 8:48:06 PM
Where do babies come from?
Rob from Maryland 8:48:34 PM
The Babies song, it was new to me. And not bad. I do still remember hearing Godley & Creme's "Riding on Joey's Camel" and "Snack Attack" though I last heard them in the early 80s. And I know nothing about Star Trek.
Krista 8:49:00 PM
No not the threshold beasts, amphibians who give live birth in general
Lizbot 8:49:45 PM
Krista, have you seen the peppermint shrimp birthing method? Only look it up if you want to be sick
Dana K (host) 8:49:52 PM
oh. i was not following the chat. i thought maybe there were behind the scenes photos of the birth of janeway's babies.
Lizbot 8:50:38 PM
@Rob- I will have to amend that. G&C coming up on a future ++good
Brian D 8:51:21 PM
Ha the "Who would kick azz DJ" chat was great today.
Krista 8:53:54 PM
Krista 8:54:09 PM
Obviously even the URL is body horror so I apologise
Krista 8:54:34 PM
@liz, I'm about to type it in
Esoterica 8:55:05 PM
this music just keeps getting better, and by osmosis i am letting the janeway comments sink into my muddled brain bc sure AF this girl I sgoing to start watching!!!
Rob from Maryland 8:55:10 PM
@Lizbot, cool. It has been so long since I heard those any G & C. I really only know the two songs I mentioned, and now Babies. Bring it on (and fwiw I normally can't listen to your show until some time after 6)!
Dana K (host) 8:56:56 PM
I think next year WPRB should devote our entire programming day to Threshold
Dana K (host) 8:57:11 PM
I know Lupica, as a Voyager fan, would be down.
Esoterica 8:59:13 PM
sounds like a great plan
Lizbot 8:59:35 PM
@Krista- I apologize in advance 🦐
Mark 8:59:47 PM
@brian looks like The dj’s here missed the jetty chat tho most were mentioned as who would kick a**
Brian D 9:01:39 PM
Great ID there
Krista 9:01:51 PM
Their larva are so weird @lizbot
Yoni Kroll 9:05:22 PM
Justice for Basczax
Dana K (host) 9:05:34 PM
Lizbot 9:06:13 PM
Krista, I watched a nature show about them a dozen years ago and still haven’t gotten over it. AND now I pass that’s legacy on to you
Krista 9:10:06 PM
I'm so glad human s
Krista 9:10:16 PM
Don't lay eggs
jimbeaux 9:13:17 PM
...i just walked into weirdness with this show/chat...
Dana K (host) 9:13:52 PM
Dana K (host) 9:14:35 PM
i take absolutely no responsibility for any of this
Dana K (host) 9:14:44 PM
i'm just the DJ
Christine Duffy 9:14:47 PM
@jimbeaux, you don't know...
jimbeaux 9:16:29 PM
I expect high weirdness.
jimbeaux 9:17:29 PM
But i am now wiki'ing Voyager episodes
Dana K (host) 9:19:21 PM
unfortunately the threshold set has concluded, but i encourage all of you to watch the episode tomorrow, on Threshold Day
Mark 9:22:13 PM
Haha shazam had the same problem w them
Brian D 9:31:50 PM
Ridgeway nice
Liz Bot 9:35:00 PM
Add that to the rewatch pile: Buñuel’s Exterminating Angel
julian c 9:38:04 PM
aaaa this is so cool
julian c 9:38:16 PM
this is so hard
Brian D 9:38:40 PM
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. And The Milky Way too. love those
Brian D 9:39:01 PM
Buñuel films
Esoterica 9:41:05 PM
been wanting to see discreet charm!
Liz Bot 9:41:24 PM
@Brian D- Discreet Charm & Exterminating Angel I always lump together as companion pieces. Both dinner parties from hell
Liz Bot 9:43:03 PM
Hey Esoterica! Def watch it as a double-feature with The Exterminating Angel!
Liz Bot 9:44:43 PM
The one Buñuel film I can’t make it through is a short- Un Chien Andalou. He made it with Dalí and it was before animal cruelty laws for films, and I’ll just leave it at that.
jimbeaux 9:45:33 PM
eyeball slicin' (human)
Esoterica 9:45:45 PM
hi liz! i will do both! and yes, i remember the sliced eye, right? ew
Esoterica 9:45:54 PM
yes, jimbeaux!! so dada
Esoterica 9:46:51 PM
excuse while i statik dance for a moment
Brian D 9:47:24 PM
good show g'night all
Liz Bot 9:47:32 PM
@Esoterica- Yes! 😬
Liz Bot 9:47:46 PM
‘Night, Brian!
Dana K (host) 9:48:16 PM
night, Brian! thanks for listening!
julian c 9:48:45 PM
i'm enjoying this turn
Mark 9:49:05 PM
The opening eyeball scene is squirm inducing
Liz Bot 9:50:06 PM
@jimbeaux- I think it was a cow if memory serves- made to look like it was a human. But yeah, nope!
Mark 9:50:14 PM
It was a cows that was used ?!
Esoterica 9:50:55 PM
good night, all! I need to turn in, too.
Mark 9:51:17 PM
@liz I recall from film class cuts that made it look like human
Liz Bot 9:51:17 PM
Man, Threshold kicked off such a body horror theme in tonight’s chat! Sweet dreams!!
Esoterica 9:51:40 PM
thanks, dana!! you are great!
Dana K (host) 9:51:42 PM
yes, i want everyone to have nice dreams!
Mark 9:51:45 PM
Or night terrors :(
Dana K (host) 9:51:52 PM
goodnight erica! thanks for stopping by
Christine Duffy 9:52:04 PM
DJ Night Terrors 😱😱😱
Esoterica 9:52:29 PM
sure thing! no night terrors or sleep paralysis!
Esoterica 9:52:45 PM
cheers to evryone:)
Mark 9:53:32 PM
Great live show Today cheers
Liz Bot 9:57:02 PM
@Christine- Good name!: DJ Night Terror
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:01:14 PM
Awesome tunes! - since I arrived in time for The Human League 💟
Dana K (host) 10:01:37 PM
thanks! i am getting sleepy so i think it's time for a cup of tea.
Christine Duffy 10:04:12 PM
Greetings, MrM 💀
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:05:10 PM
All the thanks goes to you, DJ DanaK! Cheers!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:05:26 PM
Greetings and Salutations, Christine Duffy!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:10:15 PM
Corage Mike 10:11:29 PM
Wall of Voodoo. Love that tune.
Corage Mike 10:12:17 PM
Dark Continent. Very good.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:23:55 PM
this vibe rn af
Dana K (host) 10:25:04 PM
Dana K (host) 10:25:11 PM
i have zoned out completely
Liz Bot 10:30:47 PM
That revving up horn!
Liz Bot 10:31:22 PM
It’s Jetty’s theme!
Liz Bot 10:32:50 PM
Fitting, since I think there was a whole discussion during Jetty on the Rocks today about cognitive dissonance when hearing one DJ’s theme or the bed music they always use on another’s show
Dana K (host) 10:33:07 PM
i seem to do that and never realize it.
Dana K (host) 10:34:11 PM
i played jon solomon's intro background music once - pell mell - and it freaked me out because i couldn't place where i had heard it before
Liz Bot 10:38:08 PM
Yeah, I’ve done that before. In addition to Go Bang, Jetty plays a lot of Dinosaur L / Arthur Russell in general
Dana K (host) 10:39:11 PM
luckily, my theme is rather easy to recognize.
Liz Bot 10:39:37 PM
Maximum Joy + Dinosaur L have invigorated me!
Liz Bot 10:40:45 PM
I will play other Desperate Bicycles tracks, but seems wrong to play Don’t Back the Front! Hattie knows it by heart- It’s always on as she does homework next to me
Christine Duffy 10:42:33 PM
These bouncy synths are like brain candy. Love 'em!
Dana K (host) 10:42:48 PM
I am so inexplicably tired I need these synths to keep me up!
Christine Duffy 10:43:38 PM
Dana, you have really outdone yourself with tonight's show. Take the rest of the week off! 🎖
Dana K (host) 10:44:44 PM
haha, thank you!
Liz Bot 10:45:07 PM
@Christine- Agreed! Great show tonight, Dana!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:45:25 PM
I agree and concur!
Dana K (host) 10:46:10 PM
thank you, thank you!
Christine Duffy 10:53:21 PM
Ian Smith 10:53:28 PM
LOVED it. Thanks for the Clio! And the KLF (half)
Liz Bot 10:53:52 PM
Clio would pair well with Swing Out Sister’s Break Out! I love that song but play sparingly cuz it often doesn’t fit into my playlists!
Liz Bot 10:54:48 PM
You’re welcome! And the video makes me so happy
Liz Bot 10:55:16 PM
It’s 11 pm. We’re on the Threshold of Threshold Day
Dana K (host) 10:56:31 PM
Everyone please drive safely on Threshold Day
Dana K (host) 10:56:37 PM
No going to Warp 10
Dana K (host) 10:56:46 PM
Thank you for listening, Ian!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:57:50 PM
8pm! Time for Big Salad! 🥗💚 WestSiiidddeee!!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:58:23 PM
Cheers Dears and especially those with Big Ears! 🖤💀
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:58:52 PM
Big CHEERS to DJ Dana K!! Many thanks and kind regards!