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From the Notebook

Feb 1, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With rosasolis dream


(≧∀≦) ๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ ❄️ 新しい sessão 이月


Rest In Peace Sophie you beautiful soul

From the Notebook
8:03 PM
High Rise - Wipe Out
High Rise Wipe Out
High Rise II (High Rise II) - EP P.S.F. Records 1986


8:08 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

she's a bit too early for her noise show

8:13 PM
Midori - Rhythm
Midori Rhythm
Shinsekai 2010


8:19 PM
Universal Congress Of - Step Back
Universal Congress Of Step Back
Prosperous and Qualified SST 1988


8:23 PM
The Many Moods of Marlon Magas - Melt Your Gold!
The Many Moods of Marlon Magas Melt Your Gold!
Melt Your Gold Scratch Records 1997


8:24 PM
Acoustic Ladyland - Cuts and Lies
Acoustic Ladyland Cuts and Lies
Skinny Grin UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2006
8:27 PM
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Star Trek
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Star Trek
Mother of All Saints Matador 1992


8:32 PM
True Sons Of Thunder - Male Box
True Sons Of Thunder Male Box
It Was Then That I Was Carrying You Total Punk 2020
8:36 PM
Phantom Tollbooth - Last Exit Before Toll
Phantom Tollbooth Last Exit Before Toll
One Way Conversation (2020 Remastered / Bonus Track Edition) Pt 5 Speed 2020


8:40 PM
Viagra Boys - Ain't Nice
Viagra Boys Ain't Nice
Welfare Jazz YEAR0001 2021
8:44 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:50 PM
Chiko Hige - FEINT
Chiko Hige FEINT
Trap 徳間ジャパンコミュニケーションズ 1985


8:54 PM
Chicken Zombies 1997


8:59 PM
Kris Davis - Rhizomes (feat. Nels Cline)
Kris Davis Rhizomes (feat. Nels Cline)
Diatom Ribbons Pyroclastic Records 2019


9:04 PM
Girls Against Boys - In Like Flynn
Girls Against Boys In Like Flynn
Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby Touch and Go Records 1993
9:08 PM
Life's Question - Broke
Life's Question Broke
Broke - Single Triple B Records 2020
9:11 PM
Häpeä - Kukaan ei ole mitään
Häpeä Kukaan ei ole mitään
Valistuksen aika on ohi self-released 2020


9:12 PM
Friendship - LACK
Friendship LACK
UNDERCURRENT Daymare Recordings 2016
9:14 PM
Space Streakings - Kai Kai Scratch
Space Streakings Kai Kai Scratch
7-Toku SKiN GRAFT 1996
9:18 PM
Lake of Dracula - Four Teachers
Lake of Dracula Four Teachers
Skeletal Remains savage land records 2006


9:22 PM
Harry Pussy - I Don't Care About Sleep Anymore
Harry Pussy I Don't Care About Sleep Anymore
Harry Pussy Siltbreeze 2020


9:25 PM
Stabscotch - Along Alligator Drunes
Stabscotch Along Alligator Drunes
Uncanny Valley Virtual Disturbances 2017

6018b836da4b4.jpgone of my favorite albums of the 2010s

9:31 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:39 PM
LMNOP - Idea
Mnemonic Pony babysue 2000
9:43 PM
Psychic TV - The Orchids
Psychic TV The Orchids
Dreams Less Sweet Less Bizarre 1983


9:46 PM
The Toms - That Could Change Tomorrow
The Toms That Could Change Tomorrow
The 1979 Sessions 2020
9:49 PM
The Residents - The Walrus Hunt
The Residents The Walrus Hunt
Eskimo Ralph Records 1979


9:53 PM
Parson Sound - From Tunis to India in Fullmoon (On Testosterone)
Parson Sound From Tunis to India in Fullmoon (On Testosterone)
Pärson Sound Subliminal Sounds 2001

6018be9fd3b4a.jpgoriginally recorded 1967?-1969

10:04 PM
Coz the Shroom - Decorator Tornado
Coz the Shroom Decorator Tornado
Bum Henry Adams and Craig Stewart's Prince self-released 2020


10:08 PM
Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel - Di-1-9026
Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel Di-1-9026
Nail Self Immolation 1985


10:12 PM
SOPHIE / Vince Staples / Arca - Ponyboy / Yeah Right / La Chiqui / BIPP
SOPHIE / Vince Staples / Arca Ponyboy / Yeah Right / La Chiqui / BIPP
rest in power 2020

Sophie Tribute -- Starting with Ponyboy and making our way through her amazing production

10:26 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


we’re good to go

10:31 PM
Dreamcrusher - Trapdoor
Dreamcrusher Trapdoor
Trapdoor - Single Fire Talk 2015


10:38 PM
To Live and Shave In L.A. - Ideas Make Men Hard
To Live and Shave In L.A. Ideas Make Men Hard
The Wigmaker in Eighteenth​-​Century Williamsburg Menlo Park Recordings 2002


10:42 PM
Gravitar - Brain Circus
Gravitar Brain Circus
Now the Road of Knives Charnel 1997
10:46 PM
Yeongrak - Easydoesitheal Nd Dont Even Feel Realeasydoesit
Yeongrak Easydoesitheal Nd Dont Even Feel Realeasydoesit
Whats up Absorption & 9999999 Virtual Disturbances 2016


10:48 PM
Soft Girl - Home/You
Soft Girl Home/You
Trans Forever - Out of Flux with the Universe blacksquares 2018


11:00 PM
Sergey Kuryohin - Fresh Air
Sergey Kuryohin Fresh Air
The Ways of Freedom Melodiya 1981


Chat is archived.
rosasolis dream (host) 8:04:06 PM
hello everyone! and welcome to this wonderful new hour slot~
the_dude 8:05:36 PM
Ready for some horse meat
rosasolis dream (host) 8:06:08 PM
honestly even that sounds appetizing on an empty stomach LOL
rosasolis dream (host) 8:06:14 PM
(not really)
the_dude 8:06:23 PM
Haha almost
the_dude 8:06:44 PM
I hear their fat is yellow, like a human..
rosasolis dream (host) 8:07:10 PM
it's so funny because that skit is from one of my favorite recent artists, Stabscotch, and i had no idea lol
rosasolis dream (host) 8:07:16 PM
oh no...
the_dude 8:08:45 PM
I was wondering what that was from lol, it's pretty good. And yeah.. it's eaten in France I think ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
the_dude 8:09:25 PM
Have we talked about wondershowzen yet?
rosasolis dream (host) 8:09:28 PM
why am i not surprised loll how has the snow been in philly?
rosasolis dream (host) 8:09:32 PM
and no we havent!
jimbeaux 8:10:24 PM
but now who is going to play HIGH RISE at 10AM?
the_dude 8:10:24 PM
Heavy! There's a lot, it's cold, but maybe I'll get out to walk around..
the_dude 8:10:36 PM
Haha agreed beaux!
the_dude 8:11:57 PM
But you've seen it right? Pffr - Great show, there's a bit on a hot dog factory and dog meat
rosasolis dream (host) 8:14:34 PM
hi beaux! i hope someone continues the legacy in my absence
rosasolis dream (host) 8:14:50 PM
and of course! i wanted to include a nice piece from the show on the playlist
rosasolis dream (host) 8:14:58 PM
any recommendations? love the puppet there
Bo 8:16:18 PM
Hi rosasolis dream!
rosasolis dream (host) 8:16:41 PM
hi bo! hope you're having a great evening
the_dude 8:18:39 PM
This is the clip i was talking about if you haven't seen ithttps://vimeo.com/4394789
the_dude 8:19:32 PM
And I have really been liking Midori lately, thanks for introducing that one
rosasolis dream (host) 8:21:00 PM
LOL i just started watching it and im dying, this show was a treasure
rosasolis dream (host) 8:21:15 PM
bit sad i was a little late to see it on air
rosasolis dream (host) 8:21:39 PM
and that's great to hear!! i also just re-discovered them last month so they've been on heavy repeat
Bo 8:24:01 PM
Yes, and improving by the song thank you :-)
rosasolis dream (host) 8:25:29 PM
that's great to hear! as always, everyone is more than welcome to share any requests recommendations
the_dude 8:29:25 PM
Haha well glad to have provided some lols , if you haven't seen all of the show it's one of their best. Only two seasons, and then they kind of let the show implode on itself..
the_dude 8:30:21 PM
And yeah great set, looking forward to hearing your selections for a nightly set
Bo 8:31:01 PM
How about some Machine Gun Elephant from circa 1997?
rosasolis dream (host) 8:34:05 PM
I have only seen clips, mostly the ones that are viral or featuring the blue puppet hahah but im going to try to watch it asap!
rosasolis dream (host) 8:34:46 PM
and ooh Bo I'm liking the sound of this band already, japanese garage rock!! let me look through some songs
Bo 8:38:16 PM
rosasolis dream (host) 8:43:53 PM
okay that Chicken Zombies album has some quite fun cuts on it
Bo 8:44:40 PM
Fire away!
Bo 8:51:54 PM
True Sons Of Thunder are from Memphis TN.
rosasolis dream (host) 8:53:07 PM
yeah I knew they weren't from boston! confused them with the band, life's question
rosasolis dream (host) 8:53:36 PM
here's that lovely Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
Bo 8:55:55 PM
BRILLIANT!!! I left out "Thee" my bad, thank you, I LOVE this song!
Bo 8:57:57 PM
And Michelle LOL!
rosasolis dream (host) 8:58:50 PM
LOL it's okay i figured as much! i feel like machine gun would have made more sense haha
rosasolis dream (host) 8:58:58 PM
glad i chose the right one!!
Bo 9:00:34 PM
Probably :)
Bo 9:01:22 PM
Can you guess how they came up with the name, it's fairly obvious?
rosasolis dream (host) 9:04:07 PM
i feel like they must have misspelled or misappropriated a different band's name or something!
Bo 9:06:46 PM
Very good guess, it was the difficulty in pronouncing Machine Gun Etiquette by The Damned apparently but I love their name.
rosasolis dream (host) 9:09:52 PM
honestly i feel like that could be the only reasoning for such a fun, unique name!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:10:25 PM
it's crazy to me for some reason how it seems they're much more popular in japan than elsewhere
jimbeaux 9:13:52 PM
loving these last few trax!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:14:40 PM
glad to hear that jim!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:14:57 PM
gotta couple more hardcore ones i think
Bo 9:18:29 PM
The music Bizz is somewhat nuts
Bo 9:21:46 PM
rosasolis dream (host) 9:23:08 PM
for sure, no way to predict how it ever goes.. and yeah it's getting loud!! :)
Bo 9:23:49 PM
rosasolis have you heard of Bo Ningen? And no, that's got nothing to do with this Bo?
rosasolis dream (host) 9:25:13 PM
I think i've seen them in a compilation for japanese noise music somewhere! haven't listened to any of their albums tho, any that stand out?
Bo 9:26:15 PM
Stand out? DO THEY EVER!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:27:50 PM
wow im excited to check them out!! line the wall looks dope
Bo 9:33:20 PM
Daikaisei ...Throwing you in at the deep end.
rosasolis dream (host) 9:40:35 PM
oh wow im super looking forward to this!
Bo 9:42:02 PM
rosasolis dream (host) 9:44:22 PM
how did you first hear about them?
Bo 9:45:21 PM
Over in my homeland Ireland on the radio
jimbeaux 9:46:29 PM
must be the pinnacle of psychic tv (in my book)
rosasolis dream (host) 9:47:06 PM
agreed, it is the one track I always return to!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:47:34 PM
and wow Bo that's great that you had some awesome radio shows back home
Bo 9:51:39 PM
Well, I was weened on John Peel so its all his fault ;-)
jimbeaux 9:53:06 PM
lucky! guess I was happy to have access to so many incredible Peel Sessions on vinyl at the time. Pre web radio!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:54:51 PM
oh wow yeah that's the best of the best! any live recordings that stuck with either of you? i think i have a henry cow copy somewhere
jimbeaux 9:55:54 PM
i worked in a record store, so we previewed everything! Ones that stick out are Birthday Party, Nico, Joy Division. Just love any sort of alternate take...
Bo 9:56:13 PM
Jimbeaux, on vinyl? I can't remember seeing those in the record shops but I am old.
jimbeaux 9:57:04 PM
yep, i still have the Birthday Party and Nico ones.
Bo 9:57:46 PM
Those are precious records Jimbeaux
rosasolis dream (host) 9:58:05 PM
birthday party!! i imagine that was fun.. gosh i'm surprised he never got the captain and magic band there
jimbeaux 9:58:06 PM
oh gosh, that tells me I may be "older" :)
jimbeaux 9:59:41 PM
BBC and Peel live archives are massive, so I bet there's a Beefheart at BBC
Bo 9:59:54 PM
He loved Beefheart for sure from back in his radio days spent in California
jimbeaux 10:00:49 PM
when he start doing shows...early 70s?
rosasolis dream (host) 10:01:19 PM
i think so! or maybe late 60s.. but i think he was widely established by the 70s
rosasolis dream (host) 10:01:35 PM
at least if the documentary i saw was right hehe
Bo 10:02:27 PM
In England? Prob '72-'73 yep
jimbeaux 10:04:03 PM
dang love parson sound, trad gras och stenar, related swedish freakout bangers
Bo 10:04:10 PM
That Parson Sound was special!
Mike Lupica 10:05:02 PM
Here for the killer jams, but also here to find out what record store Jimbeaux worked in.
rosasolis dream (host) 10:05:54 PM
i've actually never listened to the whole cd cause the parson sound release is over 2 hours but its sooo good
rosasolis dream (host) 10:06:09 PM
hi mike! yeah im interested too
jimbeaux 10:06:16 PM
It was like the PREX of Nebraska..."Pickles"!
jimbeaux 10:07:07 PM
thank you for alleviating our Freeform Pathogen withdrawal!
Bo 10:08:07 PM
Hi Mike the elusive one
Bo 10:09:42 PM
rosasolis dream, that's a lengthy listen!
rosasolis dream (host) 10:10:06 PM
that's an amazing name for a record store! tho i do admit i don't like pickles hahaah
rosasolis dream (host) 10:10:26 PM
it is! but i imagine a lovely record to have in the car, during road trips
Bo 10:11:11 PM
Like going to Nebraska?
Mike Lupica 10:11:51 PM
Ahh, the PREX of Nebraska. Will have to put that one on my list!
jimbeaux 10:13:58 PM
this was 30 yrs ago. free tix to shows, most of the employees were in bands, fun stuff. they did a huge shadow business of rarities that never hit the floor, plus boots, etc. Went out of business, tho.
rosasolis dream (host) 10:16:36 PM
that's so unfortunate.. i remember a couple years ago there was just a bunch of record stores closing throughout the country
Mike Lupica 10:17:34 PM
Nice. Sounds like the place I worked in Trenton (also 30 years ago.) Was mostly a mailorder gig, but they had a shopfront in Hamilton Square where I would sit blasting music and huffing Parliaments for eight hours a day, while selling Bad Brains/Rollins Band tix to local criminal-types.
jimbeaux 10:19:13 PM
Nice! This was a smoking/drinking job, too. We used to deal with Scorpio dist which is weirdly still in operation. I live nearby!
rosasolis dream (host) 10:20:01 PM
lol local criminal types, they were getting good gigs with those tickets tho haha
rosasolis dream (host) 10:20:20 PM
drinking on the job?!
jimbeaux 10:20:53 PM
there was a fluid transition to nearby bars :)
Mike Lupica 10:21:41 PM
Oh god, Scorpio! Yeah, I've heard they still have a warehouse in Trenton somewhere.
jimbeaux 10:22:26 PM
right near Grounds for Sculpture. saw it one day and made the connection back to the record store.
Mike Lupica 10:22:51 PM
All those local criminal types are probably still listening to PRB.
jimbeaux 10:23:27 PM
they wish they were this kewl
rosasolis dream (host) 10:24:51 PM
at least they have decent taste! haha
Mike Lupica 10:25:07 PM
Truth. Anyway, I gotta peace out for now. Thanks for the great show tonight! Hope to see you weirdos back in the ring for my new timeslot on Wednesday nights!
Mike Lupica 10:25:14 PM
(And RIP Sophie.)
jimbeaux 10:29:09 PM
later mike!
Bo 10:29:49 PM
See ya hump day Mike!
rosasolis dream (host) 10:32:18 PM
thanks for stopping by Mike always appreciate it!
rosasolis dream (host) 10:32:31 PM
loll hump day
Bo 10:36:08 PM
Yes hump day!
rosasolis dream (host) 10:39:15 PM
i actually never knew why it was called that!!
rosasolis dream (host) 10:39:36 PM
i feel like the gears are turning in my head now tho, like when i guess michelle elephant gun's name haha
Bo 10:45:41 PM
Heheh! I really screwed that one up :-? I guess cos it's mid week but ..
rosasolis dream (host) 10:49:30 PM
that's what i think! like a camel's hump is in the middle... wednesday is the middle of the week
rosasolis dream (host) 10:49:42 PM
it all makes sense now! lol i will have to use it
Bo 10:52:26 PM
LOL! Yeah why not
Grady 10:53:04 PM
hi! really vibing with the whole playlist rn
rosasolis dream (host) 10:54:20 PM
thanks grady!! always appreciate everyone listening
rosasolis dream (host) 10:54:32 PM
actually having the biggest problem with my mic now..
Bo 10:57:54 PM
Great show rosasolis, stay safe n well.
rosasolis dream (host) 11:00:03 PM
thanks so much Bo! great to have you and stay warm!
jimbeaux 11:00:18 PM
thx rosasolis! later bo
rosasolis dream (host) 11:01:19 PM
thanks jim as always!
Bo 11:01:27 PM
Night Jimbeaux