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The Sprawl

Feb 4, 2021 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

With Mickey

Episode 478

The Sprawl
2:59 PM
MF Doom - Nettle Leaves
MF Doom Nettle Leaves
Special Herbs Vol. 2 Metal Face/High Times 2002
3:03 PM
Eddie Gale - A Understanding
Eddie Gale A Understanding
Eddie Gale’s Ghetto Music Blue Note 1968
3:11 PM
Ayalew Mesfin - Hasabe (My Worries)
Ayalew Mesfin Hasabe (My Worries)
Good Aderegechegn (Blindsided By Love) Now-Again 2020
Recorded in 1973
3:14 PM
Leo - Fee Fi Fo Fum
Leo Fee Fi Fo Fum
Space Funk: Afro-Futurist Electro Funk in Space 1976-84 V/A Soul Jazz 2019
Originally released in 1983
3:18 PM
David Axelrod - The Smile
David Axelrod The Smile
Song of Innocence Capitol 1968
3:22 PM
Cüneyt Sepetçi & Orchestra Dolapdere - Gogocular
Cüneyt Sepetçi & Orchestra Dolapdere Gogocular
Bahriye Çiftetellisi LM Dupli-cation 2013
3:25 PM
Naná Vasconcelos & Egberto Gismonti - Cego Aderaldo
Naná Vasconcelos & Egberto Gismonti Cego Aderaldo
Saudades ECM Records 1979
3:36 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:39 PM
The Nels Cline Singers - Segunda
The Nels Cline Singers Segunda
Share The Wealth Blue Note 2020
3:45 PM
Peter Criss - You Matter To Me
Peter Criss You Matter To Me
Peter Criss Casablanca 1978
3:49 PM
Peter King - Prisoner of Law
Peter King Prisoner of Law
Shango Afro Strut 2002
Recorded in 1974
3:54 PM
Burial/Four Tet/Thom Yorke - Her Revolution
Burial/Four Tet/Thom Yorke Her Revolution
Her Revolution / His Rope 12" XL 2020
4:00 PM
Invincible Force - Perpetual Black Mass
Invincible Force Perpetual Black Mass
Decomposed Sacramentum Dark Descent 2020
4:03 PM
Slint - Nan Ding
Slint Nan Ding
Tweez Jennifer Hartman 1989
4:05 PM
Manny Corchado & His Orchestra - Pow Wow
Manny Corchado & His Orchestra Pow Wow
Aprovecha el Tiempo Decca 1966
4:08 PM
Aaron Copland - Vitebsk (Study on a Jewish Theme)
Aaron Copland Vitebsk (Study on a Jewish Theme)
DL 10126 Decca 1966
Performed by The Nieuw Amsterdam Trio. Also features Ives and Bloch. Bought this at a library sale in high school. First time hearing them.
4:20 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:23 PM
Nazz - If That's the Way You Feel
Nazz If That's the Way You Feel
Nazz SGC 1968
4:29 PM
Professor Liang Tsai-Ping - Inlaid Zither
Professor Liang Tsai-Ping Inlaid Zither
The Chinese Cheng: Ancient & Modern Lyrichord 1976
4:35 PM
Daniel Zamfir - New Thirteen
Daniel Zamfir New Thirteen
Redemption Songs Tzadik 2015
4:40 PM
Martin Rev - Temptation
Martin Rev Temptation
Martin Rev Infidelity 1980
4:48 PM
Krallice - Feed on the Blood of Rats
Krallice Feed on the Blood of Rats
Mass Cathexis Hathenter 2020
4:53 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:55 PM
Eddie Gale & The Noble Gale Singers - Song of Will
Eddie Gale & The Noble Gale Singers Song of Will
Black Rhythm Happening Blue Note 1969
Thank You Eddie Gale
Chat is archived.
Mickey (host) 3:02:37 PM
Beans and Disease everybody.
jimbeaux 3:03:52 PM
please tell me it's not monday morning?
the_dude 3:03:58 PM
Howdy mickey, welcome to Thursday s! Big fan of your show
Mickey (host) 3:04:20 PM
I assure you it is not Monday.
jimbeaux 3:04:50 PM
Mickey (host) 3:04:53 PM
Thanks. Thursday has been my most often home over the years. Good to be back.
Brian D 3:05:50 PM
Welcome back to Thurs
the_dude 3:06:51 PM
Yeah I used to listen a lot then, haven't been able to catch Mondays much, though I did catch khanate the other week and that was awesome
Mark 3:07:01 PM
Ha I hope everyone had as much fun in the last half hour as I did / tho I could just imagine poor esoterica excitement level
Mickey (host) 3:09:29 PM
Thanks for digging Khanate at 8am, dude.
Mark 3:09:50 PM
Keep it mellow mickey to soothe everyone’s jangled nerves
Mickey (host) 3:10:45 PM
You've got the wrong man, Mark
Mark 3:12:20 PM
Haha I’ve already forgotten the monday morning crazy vibe / u do u :) lovein the playlist so far
the_dude 3:14:44 PM
Of course, thanks for the tunes. Signing off chat but listening, until next time y'all!
Mickey (host) 3:15:05 PM
Thanks dude.
Mickey (host) 3:18:42 PM
15 minutes in, and I'm remembering how much better this is AFTER work.
horsewater 3:36:58 PM
This is sounding good, I'm sad I missed the axelrod!
Brian D 3:37:10 PM
Beautiful guitar piece. Love the warped bed behind you
Mickey (host) 3:38:51 PM
It makes the mumbling bearable.
Shane Navoy 3:44:19 PM
I’m glad to have you back on in this timeframe, Mickey. I would often forget on an early Monday morn that you were on.
Mickey (host) 3:44:57 PM
Thanks Shane, I was never quite sure I was there myself.
Bud Burroughs 3:45:25 PM
I wasn't usually able to listen much on Monday mornings, so this slot is working much better for me, too!
Mickey (host) 3:46:04 PM
I had fun, but I agree Bud.
Shane Navoy 3:46:20 PM
You are welcome, Mickey. And thank you, again for all the great stuff you spin.
Mickey (host) 3:47:06 PM
Thanks for enjoying me amusing myself in the guise of community service.
Esoterica 3:47:59 PM
hi, mickey! thanks god it's you in the hot seat!
Esoterica 3:48:39 PM
i had a little issue last half hour but I am recovering. peter crisis is helping haha
Mickey (host) 3:48:51 PM
If it ain't hot, what's the point?
Esoterica 3:49:07 PM
haha did i write crisis? tha's my mindset
Mickey (host) 3:49:15 PM
Thanks for "Tangerine," amongst other things.
Esoterica 3:49:27 PM
awwww, you're wlecome
Mickey (host) 3:49:53 PM
So, starting next week, this show will be renamed "The Hot Seat with Peter Crisis."
Esoterica 3:50:03 PM
great to have you on thursday! (again)
Esoterica 3:50:15 PM
omg THAT
Mickey (host) 3:51:25 PM
Great to be back. Bummer I can't hang with you and Liz in person, but I'll take this for now.
Esoterica 3:52:59 PM
you and me both:). wow, who knew that new york congressman plays some mean tunes (haha peter king)
Mickey (host) 3:53:35 PM
Shout out to Mike Lupica, by the way. I had to get him on the horn at 7am last week because of a glitch. We all gotta get him a case of whatever he wants.
Esoterica 3:55:09 PM
absolutely! man, thank goodness he was on speed dial
Brian D 4:08:37 PM
Peter Crisis (The Crisis Cat) was born Peter Criscoularisis
Brian D 4:09:52 PM
He was later replaced by Eric Carrisis (RIP). And Eric Singerisis
Mickey (host) 4:10:21 PM
I mean, I laughed
Mickey (host) 4:11:24 PM
My first concert: Kiss @ the Spectrum, December 1985
Esoterica 4:11:53 PM
haha, brian
Esoterica 4:12:01 PM
nice first concert
Mickey (host) 4:12:26 PM
Eric Carrisis on drums
Brian D 4:12:55 PM
Ahhh pancake not paint years. Hair metal competition did funny things to KISS then. Was that Heaven's on Fire era maybe?
Mickey (host) 4:13:41 PM
Tears Are Falling era. I was 5. I did not care.
Brian D 4:14:01 PM
Mickey (host) 4:15:29 PM
Here's your heavy trivia for this week: The opening band was Black 'N Blue (so they're technically the first band I ever saw live). Anyhow, their lead guitar player was Tommy Thayer, who is now in Kiss.
Brian D 4:16:19 PM
Hair was mighty that night. I remember seeing the Black n Blue lp cover then. They had IMAGE
Mickey (host) 4:18:04 PM
I remember nothing about them other than the immediate realization that I was not prepared for how loud it was. Got over it quick though.
jimbeaux 4:19:01 PM
Saw KI⚡⚡ when they went back into makeup around 1990. Free tix from the record store, couldn't pass it up. 🤘
Mickey (host) 4:19:28 PM
I do remember Paul Stanley rapping about a female airport security agent making him take out his Love Gun though. So there's that.
Mickey (host) 4:20:36 PM
My younger brother was way into them by the time they re-makeupped with Ace and Peter, so I saw that too, circa 1996 or 7. That was real good.
Mickey (host) 4:20:51 PM
Hey Kiss and Aaron Copland, amirite?
Bud Burroughs 4:20:55 PM
Well it's not often that you hear Peter Criss and Aaron Copland in the same show, so kudos for that.
Bud Burroughs 4:21:22 PM
Ha, apparently we were typing that at the same time...
Mickey (host) 4:21:25 PM
Like I just said, you are listening to The Sprawl.
Bud Burroughs 4:23:08 PM
And this was the second time this week I've heard a track from Slint's Tweez record. I've barely listened to that one even though I've listened to Spiderland 1000 times. Guess I need to rectify that.
Brian D 4:23:18 PM
That Shango lp is great
Mickey (host) 4:25:37 PM
Glad everybody is digging it.
Esoterica 4:26:19 PM
i played nazz last week!
Mickey (host) 4:26:44 PM
Did Todd Rundgren write a handful of masterpieces when he was 19, or what?
Mickey (host) 4:26:55 PM
I should mark this as local...
Esoterica 4:27:19 PM
Esoterica 4:27:53 PM
got to get outside before it gets dark, walk the dog! cheers, super dj mickey:)
JimmyCarter IsMy Hero 4:28:56 PM
This is great
JimmyCarter IsMy Hero 4:29:14 PM
Not many songs make me stop what I am doing.
Mickey (host) 4:29:24 PM
Great to see you Erica
Mickey (host) 4:29:51 PM
It is stunning, yes.
Mark 4:33:25 PM
Mickey aren’t u forgetting ur actual 1st concert u mentioned a few months ago : Yes at the Spectrum:)
Mickey (host) 4:34:32 PM
Without making this too political, I definitely count Kiss '85 as the first :)
the_dude 4:34:39 PM
You beat me to it mark! Was just gonna ask too
Mickey (host) 4:35:29 PM
Besides, there were others in gestation. The Who I think? Maybe Genesis
the_dude 4:36:11 PM
I have a similar experience Mickey, my mom saw the stones at the vet before I was born
Mark 4:36:32 PM
Haha dude / Hope Mickey watches the you tube of yes at spectrum in 79 / wow how did mom not go into labor at those shows ?’!
Mark 4:37:15 PM
You two have THE coolest moms ever !!
Mickey (host) 4:38:05 PM
To be fair here, my dad was the instigator 100%
Mark 4:44:42 PM
Haha/ very nice show Today - love ur sched placement between esoterica & lizbot 🤖:)
the_dude 4:45:26 PM
Ha! Thanks, I'll share that with her, she'd get a kick out of it. Fist actual concert was bruce Springsteen at Vet, dad won't the tickets on the radio
Mickey (host) 4:45:38 PM
Thanks. I used to hang out here between Will Constantine and Liz. Good to be back.
the_dude 4:49:34 PM
Whooaaa krallice had a new album?!?
Mickey (host) 4:50:01 PM
Hell yeah they did.
Mickey (host) 4:50:44 PM
That's a band I still gotta see. I love all of their records.
Mark 4:51:25 PM
Little bit of every sound / this is my new lullaby music that flex plays :)
the_dude 4:51:40 PM
I am lucky enough to say that I have, kung fu neck tie im pretty sure
Mickey (host) 4:52:08 PM
That'd be a good place to see them too, congrats.
Brian D 4:52:49 PM
I mean I saw a bunch of great fiddle and banjo fest concerts at a young age. And James Taylor at the Mann Music Ctr 1981 when I was 12. But the first real concert I count is June 1982 The JFK Jam. Kinks, Foreigner, Loverboy, Joan Jett (local tag) and Huey Lewis and the News. That one was the real deal. James is great but ... so I see what you mean Mickey
Brian D 4:56:30 PM
Great show Mickey!
Twofive Assity 4:57:28 PM
PHENOMENAL SHOW today. Every song was unique. Thank you!!
Mickey (host) 4:57:56 PM
It's been a pleasure to hang with y'all this afternoon. Great to be back on Thursday afternoons. Please stay tuned for my friend Lizbot. 'Sup Liz?
Mickey (host) 4:58:31 PM
Thanks Twofive Assity, who just squeeked in here to win best name of the week.
Twofive Assity 4:59:02 PM