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Don't Back the Front

Feb 4, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With Dana K

Don't Back the Front
8:01 PM
The Desperate Bicycles - Don't Back the Front
The Desperate Bicycles Don't Back the Front
7" 1977
8:05 PM
Native Tongue - When The Walls Close In
Native Tongue When The Walls Close In
Boston Underground 1979-82 V/A 2007
8:16 PM
NEMB (Non-Erotic Male Bonding) - The Middle Room
NEMB (Non-Erotic Male Bonding) The Middle Room
7" Green Records 1981
8:21 PM
Method Actors - Do the Method
Method Actors Do the Method
This Is Still It Acute Records 2010
8:26 PM
Adam & The Ants - The Day I Met God
Adam & The Ants The Day I Met God
Dirk Wears White Sox (Remastered) Do It Records 1979
8:29 PM
Essential Bop - Chronicle
Essential Bop Chronicle
Avon Calling - The Bristol Compilation V/A 1979
8:32 PM
The Mekons - Never Been In A Riot
The Mekons Never Been In A Riot
7" Fast Product 1978
8:34 PM
Boots for Dancing - Oh' Bop Sh Bam
Boots for Dancing Oh' Bop Sh Bam
7" Repop-x 1982
8:37 PM
Sir Alick and the Phraser - In Search of the Perfect Baby
Sir Alick and the Phraser In Search of the Perfect Baby
7" Black Noise 1980
Bruno Wizard from the Homosexuals
8:42 PM
Nightingales - Which Hi-fi?
Nightingales Which Hi-fi?
Nightingales EP Cherry Red 1982
8:52 PM
Hüsker Dü - Eight Miles High
Hüsker Dü Eight Miles High R
Eight Miles High / Makes No Sense At All - EP SST Records 1984
this one goes out to our Philadelphia 76ers
8:56 PM
Parquet Courts - Pretty Machines
Parquet Courts Pretty Machines R
Content Nausea What's Your Rupture? 2015
9:01 PM
Adam & The Ants - Nine Plan Failed
Adam & The Ants Nine Plan Failed R
Dirk Wears White Sox (Remastered) Do It Records 1979
9:06 PM
Roxy Music - Street Life
Roxy Music Street Life
Stranded EG Records 1973
9:09 PM
The Ruts - In a Rut
The Ruts In a Rut
The Crack - Expanded Edition Virgin 1979
9:12 PM
The Still - 9.5
The Still 9.5
Unzipping The Abstract V/A MMC Records 1980
9:16 PM
Art Objects - Showing Off to Impress the Girls
Art Objects Showing Off to Impress the Girls
7" Heartbeat Records 1980
9:23 PM
Half Man Half Biscuit - The Trumpton Riots
Half Man Half Biscuit The Trumpton Riots
Back In The D.h.s.s. / The Trumpton Riots E.p Probe Plus 1986
9:26 PM
Teenage Fanclub - Metal Baby
Teenage Fanclub Metal Baby
Bandwagonesque DGC 1991
9:31 PM
Jesterbells - Bordighera
Jesterbells Bordighera
Just Like Apples On The Tree Marsh-Marigold 1989
9:34 PM
Les Calamités - Toutes les nuits
Les Calamités Toutes les nuits
C'est complet Last call records 1997
7" from 1984 on New Rose
9:36 PM
The Keepers - Lonely Girl
The Keepers Lonely Girl
In The Meantime Hyped 2 Death 2003
LP released in 1984
9:38 PM
The Rezillos - It Gets Me
The Rezillos It Gets Me R
Can't Stand the Rezillos Sire 1978
9:40 PM
Look Blue Go Purple - I Don't Want You Anyway (EP Version)
Look Blue Go Purple I Don't Want You Anyway (EP Version)
This Is This Flying Nun Records 1988
9:43 PM
Toy Love - Swimming Pool
Toy Love Swimming Pool
Toy Love Deluxe 1980
9:54 PM
Felt - Something Sends Me to Sleep
Felt Something Sends Me to Sleep
7" Cherry Red 1981
9:56 PM
Mirrors - Annie
Mirrors Annie
Something That Would Never Do (1974-75)
Cleveland, Ohio
10:00 PM
Milk N Cookies - Not Enough Girls (In the World)
Milk N Cookies Not Enough Girls (In the World)
Milk 'N' Cookies Captured Tracks 2016
Originally released in 1975. Long Island.
10:02 PM
The Twinkeyz - Aliens In Our Midst
The Twinkeyz Aliens In Our Midst
Alpha Jerk Plurex Records 1979
Sacramento, CA. (Single from 1977)
10:06 PM
Gary Quazar - News
Gary Quazar News
Suicide Deadly Ecstasy Records 1979
10:09 PM
Happy Refugees - Inertia
Happy Refugees Inertia
Return to Last Chance Saloon Acute 2011
10:12 PM
Hardware - Speed Unit
Hardware Speed Unit
Hardware EP N.A.R.C 1979
10:16 PM
Spizzenergi - Soldier Soldier
Spizzenergi Soldier Soldier
1978-1988 A Decade of Spizz History 1979
10:19 PM
Immune System - Submerged
Immune System Submerged
Ambivalence & Spark Plugs 1979
10:24 PM
The Stoat - Office Girl
The Stoat Office Girl
7" City Records 1977
10:25 PM
Laugh - Shed Caved In
Laugh Shed Caved In
Let's Try Another Ideal Guest House Backs Records 1987
10:28 PM
A House - I'll Always Be Grateful
A House I'll Always Be Grateful
On Our Big Fat Merry Go Round Blanco Y Negro 1988
10:30 PM
Momus - Eleven Executioners
Momus Eleven Executioners
The Poison Boyfriend Creation Records 1988
10:43 PM
Del Amitri - Sense Sickness
Del Amitri Sense Sickness
7" NoStrings Records 1983
12 years before "Roll To Me"
10:44 PM
23 Skidoo - Ethics
23 Skidoo Ethics
7" Pineapple Records 1981
10:46 PM
Animals and Men - Terraplane Fixation
Animals and Men Terraplane Fixation
7" Strange Days 1980
10:53 PM
Fire Engines - Big Gold Dream
Fire Engines Big Gold Dream
7" Pop:Aural 1981
10:55 PM
Jane From Occupied Europe - Ocean Run Dry
Jane From Occupied Europe Ocean Run Dry
7" 7% Records 1989
Chat is archived.
Dana K (host) 8:01:23 PM
good evening all! rather scatterbrained show tonight i'm afraid!
jimbeaux 8:04:30 PM
We are not here for predictability 💥💥💥
Dana K (host) 8:05:21 PM
good! because you're not gonna get it!
Lizbot 8:10:21 PM
DEVO karaoke sing along at our dinner table right now
Christine Duffy 8:10:35 PM
Hey Dana K! Yes, you have.
Teresa Peacock 8:11:14 PM
I love this emo instrumental-only DEVO album!
Rob from Maryland 8:11:18 PM
Yikes, that is quite a week you had today, Dana K
Christine Duffy 8:11:27 PM
You're awesome no matter what!
yoni from kdu 8:11:48 PM
Do you need an extra finger? Check under the couch. That's usually where they hide.
Christine Duffy 8:12:10 PM
@yoni LOL
Teresa Peacock 8:12:37 PM
And -- which finger? If it's the pinky on your right hand, we're freak finger cut twins! <3 <3
Teresa Peacock 8:14:03 PM
Aw man! Interfering freak finger cuts are THE WORST!
Lizbot 8:14:54 PM
Fingertips by They Might Be Giants OR Fingertips by The Residents
Dana K (host) 8:15:15 PM
my roommate brian sang all of TMBG's fingertips from memory the other night.
Lizbot 8:16:40 PM
Nice! I remember a Jetty on the Rocks DJ night upstairs at the Khyber circa maybe 2004ish when a spontaneous TMBG’s Fingertips singalong occurred!
Dana K (host) 8:17:26 PM
the only one i ever seem to remember is MYSTERRRIOUS WHISPER
Lizbot 8:18:02 PM
Haha! I WALK ALONE, darkened corridorssss!
jimbeaux 8:18:19 PM
Hate cutting my fingers, but happens regularly in kitchen, garden, bikes. Heal fast!
Lizbot 8:18:31 PM
I have been known to sing it from start to finish in the shower and in the car and whenever
jimbeaux 8:20:07 PM
Oh no this is technical difficulty song!
Dana K (host) 8:20:13 PM
did you guys hear the entirety of that NEMB song or did it cut off?
Christine Duffy 8:20:15 PM
Uh-oh. It's that music again...
Dana K (host) 8:20:24 PM
lmao there's my answer
Lizbot 8:20:26 PM
Yeah, I hope all is well!
Christine Duffy 8:20:43 PM
Hey, you're back! 💛
Lizbot 8:20:49 PM
jimbeaux 8:20:51 PM
Yes, hear a song intro...good.
Lizbot 8:20:55 PM
Coming through now!
Bo 8:21:02 PM
Hi Dana K!
Dana K (host) 8:21:17 PM
hi! yes, my program froze and i had to do a little reboot.
Bo 8:21:32 PM
Hi youruns!
Mark 8:21:55 PM
Haha to all the fellow esoterica listeners / chatters : a bit of deja vu for a bit :)
Bo 8:22:12 PM
*Yous one's!
yoni from kdu 8:22:42 PM
Can you play the Husker Du cover of Eight Miles High at some point?
Christine Duffy 8:22:52 PM
Hi, Bo! LOL Youse-one's
Bo 8:22:54 PM
Gremlins be at work again
Bo 8:23:52 PM
Hi Christine, yes a common expression in my youth.
Dana K (host) 8:24:39 PM
you got it yone
Lizbot 8:24:40 PM
Twilight Zone airplane gremlins come to mind
Mark 8:26:54 PM
Haha that’s a great episode : William shatner / now I gotta put that on my rewatch list !
Mark 8:29:01 PM
And if anyone hadn’t seen adam/ he really still brings it - played at the keswick a couple years ago
Lizbot 8:29:23 PM
I love Adam Ant and hadnt heard that song in a while. @Mark- I was at the TLA show he played about a year and a half ago
Mark 8:30:32 PM
Yeah that 79 stuff is great / year after keswick i think he played at Prince on Walnut
yoni from kdu 8:32:45 PM
This is a great soundtrack to all the bball I'm watching
Dana K (host) 8:34:11 PM
Ball is life
Mark 8:34:32 PM
Wrong theater meriam @ kimmel / I could go for more early Adam if any dj’s r listening :)
Dana K (host) 8:35:25 PM
i might be down for that. i have lots of favorites off of dirk wears white sox
yoni from kdu 8:35:29 PM
Music For Basketball Courts
Lizbot 8:36:20 PM
Oh yeah, it was the Merriam in September! I saw the Soft Machine at the TLA the same week and mixed up venues. Also, B-52s & OMD at the Mann the same week. I think there were 5 shows I went to that week so I mixed up venues!
Lizbot 8:37:57 PM
September 2019, that Adam Ant show- there were some rowdy ladies in the front row who tried to sweep me into their danceathon
Christine Duffy 8:38:14 PM
Parquet Courts for 🏀 courts?
Bo 8:38:48 PM
Christine, slam dunk!
Lizbot 8:38:56 PM
Sparks for BBall Court & Spark
Lizbot 8:39:08 PM
I’m confusing myself
Mark 8:39:25 PM
Haha lizbot we actually talked on phone in those Olden times / I recommended Steve Hackett at keswick to u same time period & btw Hacket is truly magnificent in concert
Lizbot 8:41:33 PM
Oh yes, Mark- I remember! I had an ambitious concert schedule that fall! I hadn’t gotten over that one fall a few years earlier when I went into a hermit-like anti-concert funk and missed both Kraftwerk AND Sparks...the one time I ever missed Sparks. I even travel far and wide to see them.
Mark 8:44:08 PM
Dana : how in the world r u so familiar w my favorite time period basically 77 to 82
Bo 8:44:41 PM
Nightingales, nice, and still going strong, or they were at least!
Dana K (host) 8:45:02 PM
very much so! they have a documentary about them premiering on UK TV this weekend - gotta find a way to watch
Bo 8:45:28 PM
yoni from kdu 8:51:09 PM
Go team
Mark 8:53:43 PM
I hope everyone sees the album cover / one of them is wearing a basketball tank shirt :)
Dana K (host) 8:54:47 PM
oh! i was expecting the single cover
Kristin Belz 8:55:14 PM
loving this high energy stuff while i'm wrapping up work out here in Portland. PRB rules all day Thursday!
Dana K (host) 8:55:38 PM
yay! thank you for listening, kristin!
Mark 8:56:05 PM
So u weren’t to far off : nothing quite says b ball 🏀 like husker du
Mark 8:57:49 PM
A little bit a language slipped thru ! :)
Teresa Peacock 8:58:33 PM
I keep forgetting about this album by Parquet Courts and every time I hear a track from it again, I think MY GOD WHY AM I NOT LISTENING TO THIS EVERY DAY? !
CMDR Poopypants 8:58:48 PM
I would just like to humbly state that Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth is my favorite Courts song. Maybe nextweek.
Dana K (host) 8:59:10 PM
this is quite honestly one of my favorite songs, period. and i'm glad christine mentioned them!
Teresa Peacock 8:59:33 PM
Great call, Christine!
Christien Ayers 9:00:13 PM
Really appreciate the Parquet Courts
Dana K (host) 9:00:56 PM
i love being the DJ and playing two songs off Dirk Wears White Sox just because
Mark 9:03:01 PM
Fantastic he had a bit more edge pre MTV
jimbeaux 9:04:06 PM
A&A So underrated! And that 1-2 punch of Husker & Courts...wow.
Dana K (host) 9:05:47 PM
all thanks to my lovely request line!
jimbeaux 9:06:31 PM
Sax & horns on that parquet quartz so good...
Mark 9:07:48 PM
Great show / hope others saw ferry @ Philly Met in 19 he was amazing & venue is great !
Dana K (host) 9:08:19 PM
i wish i had!
Dana K (host) 9:08:58 PM
i don't think i had the budget at the time. of course had i realized we wouldn't have any shows in 2020 i would have reconsidered
Mark 9:10:45 PM
He is still going strong in his 70s and to say the ladies still swoon over him is an understatement
Christine Duffy 9:11:12 PM
@Mark I loved the Met when I saw King Crimson there in 2019.
Mark 9:12:46 PM
Yes ! It is incredible- yet another place we all hope survives this !! I heard that KC was great there too
Lizbot 9:13:08 PM
@Christine- that was a great show. I saw Mickey and Thomas from PRB there too!
jimbeaux 9:14:05 PM
Heard the Met was "revived"...lived nearby about
jimbeaux 9:14:25 PM
25 yrs ago when it was a church.
Lizbot 9:14:43 PM
Anyone see Bryan Ferry with sleaze-stache in Breakfast on Pluto. He tries to pick up Cillian Murphy.
jimbeaux 9:14:44 PM
Or vacant...
Mark 9:15:18 PM
Revived is not a strong enough description/ what they did to it is stunning
jimbeaux 9:15:46 PM
Sleestaks? :)
Mark 9:16:05 PM
Haha I think u directed me to that clip lizbot! He so perfextv
Mark 9:16:21 PM
Perfect as a sleaze bag
Lizbot 9:16:34 PM
There were a lot of Met shows I wish I’d gone to but didn’t want to shill the extra cash, but once I finally went, I was blown away. Even the food is good for venue food. Now I wish I’d seen Bryan Ferry and Patti Smith there
Dana K (host) 9:17:32 PM
I still haven't been to the Met. Kraftwerk last summer was supposed to be my first show there.
Mark 9:18:20 PM
One other great one i saw there was ry cooder & rosanne cash doing music of Johnny / special tour they only did 4 cities !!
Lizbot 9:19:16 PM
@mark- haha! Yeah, he was perfectly cast. The main thing I remember from that movie was the trippy Wombles of Wimbledon Way themepark. I still have an old clamshell VHS cassette of that show, along with Simon In the Land of Chalk Drawings and that show with the puppet mouse...
jimbeaux 9:20:00 PM
There shall be a profusion of live music once (if?) we ever get a handle on our crisis mgmt.
jimbeaux 9:21:04 PM
Oh hell...Simon & chalk drawing land. Hitting me hard with that!
Bo 9:21:12 PM
@Lizbot, I was weaned on the Wombles :)
Mark 9:21:57 PM
Yeah it reminded me of some of his concert personas like when he wore an aviator uniform & eye patch w gorgeous back Up singers In stewardess outfits :)
Bo 9:22:23 PM
Chris Spedding was a member.
Liz Bot 9:22:52 PM
@Bo- Ha, I’ll bet! Who was your favorite? I liked Orinoco
Liz Bot 9:23:18 PM
@jimbeaux- Yeah, simon and I remember the puppet mouse was Fingerbobs!
Bo 9:23:30 PM
Great Uncle Bulgaria haha!
Mark 9:23:54 PM
Chris spedding is all time great / check out videos from early 2000s rocky tour
Bo 9:24:09 PM
Yep, loved Fingerbobs too
Liz Bot 9:24:17 PM
This is what I retain from my mom teaching in the UK for 10 years- lots of British kids shows with hedgehog, mouse puppets, and whatever the hell “wombles” were...some kinda vole?
Mark 9:24:17 PM
* roxy
Liz Bot 9:24:47 PM
Oh my god! Great Uncle Bulgaria!!!! That brings me back!
Bo 9:25:24 PM
@Mark he was a very versatile guitarist
Bo 9:26:25 PM
Lizbot ...I haven't thought of the Wombles in yonks! :)
Dana K (host) 9:26:46 PM
i'm not familiar with the wombles...only bagpuss
Mark 9:26:49 PM
Him and manzanara together : sublime
Liz Bot 9:27:54 PM
Ha, Bo- I’m here to help! @Dana- You havent lived until you hear the Wombles of Wimbledon Way theme song, which will lodge itself in yr brain for weeks
Bo 9:28:04 PM
Dana K holy shite, another one I'd just about forgot :)
Bo 9:28:43 PM
*Common not Way Lizbot
Liz Bot 9:29:34 PM
Simon in the land of chalk drawings was basically Harold & the Purple Crayon
Bo 9:30:02 PM
" the Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we"
Bo 9:32:21 PM
Dana K, got any Rezillos/Revillos handy?
Mark 9:33:04 PM
YA stumped shazam w the last one :)
Liz Bot 9:33:24 PM
@Bo! Aah! My brain wants to alliterate it!
Bo 9:35:01 PM
Lizbot, how were you able to view it?
Bo 9:38:56 PM
YAAAYS!!! :)
Bo 9:39:22 PM
Dana K many thanks!
Dana K (host) 9:39:23 PM
good request!
Bo 9:39:46 PM
Amazing band!
Bo 9:42:05 PM
Dana K love this!
Liz Bot 9:43:12 PM
@Bo- I have an old early clamshell PAL vid- doesn’t play on American VCRs. But I found an NTSC VHS at the Pennsauken Mart in Jersey years later, so I have both!
Liz Bot 9:44:15 PM
I live with the curse of PAL vs NTSC & Region 1 vs Region 2 DVD formats- drives me nuts. Converting them sucks and doesn’t work well.
Dana K (host) 9:44:54 PM
glad you're liking it! couldn't resist the pull of NZ jangle!
Bo 9:45:19 PM
Bo 9:45:34 PM
*Not :)
Bo 9:46:07 PM
It won't let me write your name aaarrrgh!
Bo 9:47:28 PM
*Liz Bot ... There, pheeew!
Liz Bot 9:48:08 PM
Liz Not is the absence of Lizbot
Bo 9:48:37 PM
LMAO! :)
yoni from kdu 9:48:59 PM
Boston is now officially the Midwest. Good job, everyone! We finally did it
Bo 9:52:20 PM
Boston might have something to say about that.
jimbeaux 9:52:22 PM
and I believe that California has graduated to "city" status! geography is all relative anyway :)
Dana K (host) 9:52:57 PM
Liz Bot 9:53:00 PM
YAy. Which Felt will it be- upbeat felt or slow Spanish guitar Maurice deebank felt
Liz Bot 9:53:10 PM
Jangly Felt
jimbeaux 9:53:14 PM
i know...it's the blood loss from kitchen accident!
Liz Bot 9:53:35 PM
I still haven’t found that Felt doc
Dana K (host) 9:55:04 PM
no making fun of the DJ! i'll turn this radio show around right now!
yoni from kdu 9:55:43 PM
I wasn't making fun! Though I am a bit sad for the Midwest
Liz Bot 9:56:17 PM
@Dana- I love all my old Hyped2Death comps from many years of chuck’s table at the FMU rec fair, but the paper stamped ones with ye olde CD stamper jammed up my optical drive constantly! They were hard to burn!
Bo 9:56:48 PM
I totally missed Felt first go around.
Dana K (host) 9:57:09 PM
I love all those old comps too, but they don't get played in their original format anymore
Dana K (host) 9:58:48 PM
Okay so apparently the KEEPERS were originally from OHIO but moved to BOSTON
Liz Bot 9:58:50 PM
yeah, I have all the messthetics and teenlines and hiss in MP3 format at this point, but I used to curse the stamped CDs! Stampers were fun until I realize who they completely screwed up the CD
Dana K (host) 9:59:11 PM
So I was right! Both times!
Liz Bot 10:00:00 PM
@Bo- Lawrence from Felt is tied in my mind with Mark E. Smith for the Loveable Curmudgeon Award
Bo 10:03:37 PM
Jaysus Liz Bot dilemma's, dilemma's.
Bo 10:05:58 PM
Is it a Manchester thing?
jimbeaux 10:07:13 PM
this track is FIRE.
Liz Bot 10:07:24 PM
Lizbot’s Dilemma. The B-side to Draygo’s Guilt
Dana K (host) 10:08:06 PM
if you have time, check out the link i posted under gary quazar
Liz Bot 10:08:08 PM
Yeah, visiting some more Gary Quasar after the show!
jimbeaux 10:08:36 PM
i forgive all cartographical assumptions...that song was worth it!!!
Bo 10:08:44 PM
You win Liz Not ;)
Richard Jefferson 10:09:30 PM
Thank you for being you, Dana K
Bo 10:10:10 PM
I guess bot isn't a word Liz ;)
Dana K (host) 10:11:55 PM
:) i do my best
yoni from kdu 10:15:58 PM
Mark 10:18:38 PM
Too good a show / I shoulda been tuned out long ago. hopelessly addicted to this radio station :)
Bo 10:18:56 PM
@Dana K I don't think I've heard this since 1978! WOW!
Dana K (host) 10:19:33 PM
Bo - you're referring to Spizz?
Bo 10:19:49 PM
Dana K (host) 10:20:15 PM
Commie Francis played the other side of this Immune System record on a recent show, so now I'm playing the other
Dana K (host) 10:20:49 PM
Where's Captain Kirk? is a favorite record of mine to play when DJing out!
Bo 10:20:52 PM
Team work, looove IT!
Mark 10:21:31 PM
And u stumped shazam again w it
Bo 10:22:16 PM
That was their Hit song if memory serves?
Dana K (host) 10:22:57 PM
i believe so, yeah
Dana K (host) 10:23:27 PM
that's what he performs in urgh, a music war IIRC
Bo 10:24:46 PM
Um, not familiar with that.
Dana K (host) 10:26:12 PM
live music documentary from 1982!
Dana K (host) 10:26:34 PM
i'd say more but i'm having a hard time typing tonight https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urgh!_A_Music_War
Bo 10:31:17 PM
No wuckin forties, you are nursing a damaged digit!
Lizbot 10:31:18 PM
Urgh! is a classic!
Bo 10:31:53 PM
*No worries
Bo 10:32:30 PM
Thanks for the info!
Dana K (host) 10:32:39 PM
haha i was wondering what "wuckin forties" meant!
Lizbot 10:33:31 PM
Nick Currie (Momus) was prancing around the last Whitney Biennial I went to, which was ages ago, when Taylor Mead was still alive and had a demented fairytale video installation
Bo 10:33:42 PM
I appear to be digitally challenged as well
Lizbot 10:34:20 PM
The Whitney made him some sort of unreliable guide who makes up stuff about the art
Richard Jefferson 10:34:41 PM
Would you play "Ça baigne dans l'huile" by Soda Fraise?
yoni from kdu 10:38:38 PM
Ask the cats to do your research for you!
Dana K (host) 10:41:54 PM
hey richard, i don't have that song in my collection but i'll try to get it for next time!
Bo 10:43:51 PM
Dana K, interesting bit about Del Amitri
Bo 10:46:42 PM
OMFG! 23 Skidoo ?! ℅-)
Dana K (host) 10:47:33 PM
yeah, less funky than most of their other stuff!
jimbeaux 10:48:52 PM
yeah that's goooood!
Bo 10:51:04 PM
Just another band from my youth that I haven't heard since and really appreciate hearing again, thank you!
Dana K (host) 10:52:03 PM
you're very welcome! i never get sick of hearing comments like that!
Bo 10:54:36 PM
BIG Up's, HUGE Up's!!!
Dana K (host) 10:55:58 PM
thank you all for hanging out tonight! always a pleasure!
jimbeaux 10:56:16 PM
thx DK, fab show as usual!
Bo 10:56:55 PM
G'night DJ Dana K, thanks for a.really terrific show, learned a lot tonight, take care of that wounded Index finger!
Dana K (host) 10:57:49 PM
goodnight lads, take care of yourselves!
Bo 10:59:24 PM