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Feb 6, 2021 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Elliot

Weekly broadcasts from an overeager listener.

new time! same me!


6:01 PM
N-Tyce - Hush Hush Tip (ft. Method Man)
N-Tyce Hush Hush Tip (ft. Method Man)
Hush Hush Tip / Root Beer Float Wild Pitch Records 1993
prod. by 4th Disciple
6:04 PM
Blo - Atide
Blo Atide
Phase II Afrodisia 1974
6:10 PM
The Wretched - What Is History
The Wretched What Is History N
Indaba Is V/A Brownswood Recordings 2021
6:19 PM
Ακρίτας - Το Όνειρο
Ακρίτας Το Όνειρο
Ακρίτας Polydor 1994
6:22 PM
Cyril Cyril - Al Boustan
Cyril Cyril Al Boustan N
Yallah Mickey Mouse Born Bad Records 2020
6:27 PM
Noura Mint Seymali - Eguetmar
Noura Mint Seymali Eguetmar
Tzenni Glitterbeat Records 2014
6:29 PM
Germ House - No One Is Listening
Germ House No One Is Listening
Spoiled Legacy Fuzzy Warbles 2020
6:38 PM
Reymour - De ma Tour
Reymour De ma Tour N
Leviosa Knekelhuis 2021
6:40 PM
Ströer Duo - Machen Wir Nicht
Ströer Duo Machen Wir Nicht
Fluchtweg Madagaskar Mood Records 1982
6:46 PM
Monuments - Oblivion
Monuments Oblivion
Age Mannequin 2013
6:53 PM
Automatic - Too Much Money
Automatic Too Much Money N
Soul Jazz Records Presents Two Synths a Guitar (And) A Drum Machine: Post Punk Dance, Vol. 1 V/A Soul Jazz Records 2021
6:56 PM
Karl Blau - Dragon Song
Karl Blau Dragon Song
Beneath Waves 7e.p. 2006
6:56 PM
Tony Schwartz - Street Musicians (excerpt)
Tony Schwartz Street Musicians (excerpt)
Music in the Streets Folkways 1957
'Superimposed over the sound of the saxophone is the voice of Pietro Carbone, a guitar and instrumental repair man of 184 Bleecker Street, telling of the tradition of street musicians'
6:56 PM
Callahan Brothers - I Want to Ask the Stars
Callahan Brothers I Want to Ask the Stars
Baby, How Can It Be? Songs of Love, Lust and Contempt from the 1920s and 1930s Dust-to-Digital 2010
6:59 PM
The Plastic Cloud - Bridge Under the Sky
The Plastic Cloud Bridge Under the Sky
The Plastic Cloud The Laser's Edge 1990
7:04 PM
Ananda Shankar - Raghupati
Ananda Shankar Raghupati
Ananda Shankar Reprise 1998
7:12 PM
Frente Cumbiero - Unconvention
Frente Cumbiero Unconvention
Unconvention Names You Can Trust 2012
7:15 PM
Grupo Monumental - Mi Son Caridad
Grupo Monumental Mi Son Caridad N
Cuba: Music and Revolution - Culture Clash In Havana Cuba - Experiments in Latin Music 1975-85 Vol. 1 V/A Soul Jazz 2020
compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker
7:20 PM
Umas E Outras - Tango De Maurício
Umas E Outras Tango De Maurício
Máximo De Sucessos Vol. 7 V/A Philips 1972
7:22 PM
Nosferatu - Vanity Fair
Nosferatu Vanity Fair
Nosferatu Ohrwaschl Records 1993
7:31 PM
Shorty - Fresh Breath
Shorty Fresh Breath
Fresh Breath SKiN GRAFT 1994
7:31 PM
The VSS - In Miniature
The VSS In Miniature
Nervous Circuits Sargent House 2012
7:34 PM
Huggy Bear - Erotic Bleeding
Huggy Bear Erotic Bleeding
Weaponry Listens to Love Kill Rock Stars 1994
7:36 PM
Part Chimp - Ro Ro
Part Chimp Ro Ro
IV Rock Action Records 2017
7:40 PM
Cathy Berberian, Juilliard Ensemble, Luciano Berio - Folk Songs: Rossignolet du bois
Cathy Berberian, Juilliard Ensemble, Luciano Berio Folk Songs: Rossignolet du bois
Recital I for Cathy / Folk Songs BMG Classics 1995
comp. Luciano Berio
7:41 PM
Bertrand Belin - Le mot juste
Bertrand Belin Le mot juste
Cap Waller Cinq 7 2015
7:53 PM
Akiko Yano (矢野顕子) - "It's For You”
Akiko Yano (矢野顕子) "It's For You”
Welcome Back Midi Inc. 1989
7:59 PM
Slint - Rhoda
Slint Rhoda
Slint Touch and Go 1994
Chat is archived.
Elliot (host) 6:01:24 PM
good evening everyone! welcome to a new semester of freeform radio!
Elliot (host) 6:15:18 PM
who could argue with the guitar tone on this recording?
Selecta Jerry 6:24:00 PM
Greetings Elliot welcome to saturday night
Selecta Jerry 6:25:06 PM
Always enjoy your worldly grooves
Elliot (host) 6:26:21 PM
I'm trying to bring my best tonight, since I knew who I'd be following...
Elliot (host) 6:26:58 PM
if my show is worldly, Bob Marley Day was otherworldly!
Krista 6:29:15 PM
I love this Noura Seymali! Gonna be stuck in my head all week.
Elliot (host) 6:30:06 PM
paired now with a very different tradition of making a guitar string go SPLANG
Selecta Jerry 6:30:39 PM
Thanks man you will be my sound track while making dinner and putting music away.
Twofive Assity 6:41:25 PM
Great selections
Elliot (host) 6:43:04 PM
welcome, 2-5!
Elliot (host) 6:44:45 PM
you: 'can we listen to Depeche Mode?'
Elliot (host) 6:44:54 PM
me: 'we already have Depeche Mode at WPRB'
Elliot (host) 6:45:07 PM
*Depeche Mode at WPRB*
Selecta Jerry 6:51:43 PM
Is this depeche mode? 🤣
Elliot (host) 6:51:55 PM
just an Italian knock-off!
Krista 7:00:13 PM
I just got that compilation,haven't listened yet
Elliot (host) 7:01:26 PM
oooooh, which one?
Krista 7:01:50 PM
I cried a little listening to that man's description of live music. Thinking about Hanna's flamenco field recordings this morning too
Krista 7:02:27 PM
Love, Lust, and Contempt
Elliot (host) 7:03:10 PM
Dust-to-Digital has so many amazing records
Elliot (host) 7:03:19 PM
I wish I could afford to buy them all
Krista 7:03:27 PM
Dream job to be the Sifter tbh
Elliot (host) 7:03:31 PM
the liner notes are *chef's kiss*
Elliot (host) 7:06:05 PM
this crescendo is one of my favorite things in music, ever
Brian D 7:13:18 PM
Noura Seymali "Tzenni" lp is a winner.
Elliot (host) 7:14:27 PM
music so good it made my dad text me about it
Krista 7:15:20 PM
I'm at the stage of quarantine where I've been trying to get people to join my AfterQuarantine Klezmer Band
Elliot (host) 7:15:45 PM
yes! call it Gesundheit!
Krista 7:18:25 PM
We're infectious!
the_dude 7:28:45 PM
What a jam!
Elliot (host) 7:30:59 PM
sure was! from 1968, and it sounds like the missing link between the German bands that aped English electric blues and the ones that flew to outer space
Twofive Assity 7:34:05 PM
This song!!
Elliot (host) 7:34:33 PM
no punches pulled here at WPRB!
Krista 7:38:47 PM
Pretending I am listening to this at a concert, just the kind of sound I like to be barraged by (ro ro)
Elliot (host) 7:39:58 PM
Part Chimp - a hint of what's to come on Uneasy Listening!
jimbeaux 7:42:42 PM
Enjoying the new time slot!
Elliot (host) 7:43:28 PM
good to see you, jimbeaux!
Elliot (host) 7:58:37 PM
thanks for joining me today, and stick around for UNEASY LISTENING!!