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From the Notebook

Feb 15, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With rosasolis dream


ᒄ₍⁽ˆ⁰ˆ⁾₎ᒃ♪♬ 🚫💢💘🧨

streaming from a trapped vintage tv in the middle of the ]!_€~#<<\![!

From the Notebook
8:02 PM
Musica Transonic Black Editions 2020


8:07 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:12 PM
The Lazy Cowgirls - Time
The Lazy Cowgirls Time
The Lazy Cowgirls Restless 1985


8:16 PM
Midori - エゾシカ
Midori エゾシカ
Shimizu Sony Music 2007


8:19 PM
Brainiac - V1nc3nt Com3 On Down
Brainiac V1nc3nt Com3 On Down
Hissing Prigs in Static Couture Touch and Go Records 1996
8:22 PM
bygones - When a Vegan Eats a Vegan
bygones When a Vegan Eats a Vegan
Spiritual Bankruptcy - EP Sargent House 2010


8:24 PM
Grave Lake - Traneberg Bridge
Grave Lake Traneberg Bridge
Grave Lake EP Bort Ad 2016


8:28 PM
Gallon Drunk - Arlington Road
Gallon Drunk Arlington Road
From the Heart of Town Sartorial Records 1993


8:34 PM
Screeching Weasel - I Love to Hate
Screeching Weasel I Love to Hate
Boogadaboogadaboogada! (2020 Remaster) Monona Records 2020
8:35 PM
Koenjihyakkei - Molavena
Koenjihyakkei Molavena R
Hundred Sights of Koenji God Mountain 1994


8:40 PM
Bo Ningen - Daikasiei , Pt. 2 & 3
Bo Ningen Daikasiei , Pt. 2 & 3
Line the Wall Stolen Recordings 2012
8:45 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


8:52 PM
Pet Shimmers - Super Natural Teeth
Pet Shimmers Super Natural Teeth
Face Down in Meta PS 2020


8:57 PM
Lip Critic - Why Not?
Lip Critic Why Not?
Lip Critic II Birdbeak Records 2020


8:59 PM
TMA - Crack Me Up
TMA Crack Me Up N
What's for Dinner? Beach Party 2000? 2020


9:01 PM
SB the Moor & Signor Benedick the Moor - Lilith Moon (Pleasure) [feat. CINDY BLURAY]
SB the Moor & Signor Benedick the Moor Lilith Moon (Pleasure) [feat. CINDY BLURAY]
Spirit Realm.Final Deathbomb Arc 2019
9:05 PM
F/i - Space Mantra
F/i Space Mantra
Space Mantra Sorcerer Records 1988


9:13 PM
Last Exit - Crackin
Last Exit Crackin
Last Exit Enemy Records 1986
9:22 PM
Mindflayer - MOLD & DIE
Mindflayer MOLD & DIE


9:24 PM
Sam Rivers - Tranquility
Sam Rivers Tranquility
Crystals Verve 1974


9:33 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


9:40 PM
Jellyfish - Joining a Fan Club
Jellyfish Joining a Fan Club
Spilt Milk Virgin Records 1993
9:43 PM
Mercury Rev - Syringe Mouth
Mercury Rev Syringe Mouth
Yerself Is Steam Columbia/Legacy 1992


9:47 PM
Green - She's Heaven
Green She's Heaven
White Soul & Bittersweet Ganggreen 1989


9:52 PM
The Plastic Cloud - You Don't Care
The Plastic Cloud You Don't Care
The Plastic Cloud Pacemaker / Fontana North 1968
9:58 PM
Maquiladora - Ritual Of Hearts
Maquiladora Ritual Of Hearts
Ritual Of Hearts Better Looking Records 2004


10:05 PM
GEZAN - 赤曜日
Klue 13th records 2020


10:09 PM
chelmico - Iruyo
chelmico Iruyo
maze WM Japan 2020


10:11 PM
Solex - Pick Up
Solex Pick Up
Pick Up Matador 1999
10:14 PM
Crushed Butler - My Son's Alive
Crushed Butler My Son's Alive R
Uncrushed - EP RPM Records 1969
10:19 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


10:25 PM
Black Dresses - PEACESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black Dresses PEACESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Forever In Your Heart self-released 2021


10:28 PM
Kraus - Force
Kraus Force
End Tomorrow Terrible Records 2016


10:30 PM
Cats Millionaire - Dragons Aren't Supposed 2 B Cute Right?
Cats Millionaire Dragons Aren't Supposed 2 B Cute Right?
Fun Fun Fun Blacksquares 2020


10:34 PM
Sonic Coaster Pop - Attraction Pop
Sonic Coaster Pop Attraction Pop
Future Electro Star 2000


10:37 PM
Chell/Oracle Turret - Wake Up To Test Enter This Anxious Building, The Old Marathon Oil Refinery.
Chell/Oracle Turret Wake Up To Test Enter This Anxious Building, The Old Marathon Oil Refinery.
The U​.​S. Crack Open - New Jam​(​bient) Rhetoric Please Enter This Anxious Building self-released 2019


10:41 PM
Storm & Stress - Orange Cone Made No Noise
Storm & Stress Orange Cone Made No Noise
Storm&Stress Touch and Go Records 1997


10:50 PM
Jessica Bailiff - Big Hill
Jessica Bailiff Big Hill
Jessica Bailiff Kranky 2002


10:54 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


10:58 PM
Say Sue Me - But I Like You
Say Sue Me But I Like You R
Where We Were Together Tugboat Records 2018
Chat is archived.
rosasolis dream (host) 8:03:13 PM
good evening everyone!! who else here has a throbbing headache in need of relief
Bo 8:07:13 PM
Hi Rosasolis, I'm OK but I'm working on it, you sound like you could use a wee bit of the "hair of the dog"?
jimbeauxtron 8:08:52 PM
rosasolis dream (host) 8:13:25 PM
i was just thinking of that bo!! but it's weird, haven't been drinking this weekend, maybe it's the lack of caffeine
rosasolis dream (host) 8:13:48 PM
hi jim! hope everyone had off on this "legal holiday" lol
jimbeauxtron 8:16:08 PM
Always nice to have an extra day off. Hope you feel better!
rosasolis dream (host) 8:19:12 PM
thanks!! these days off are always the best time to catch up on films, i was hoping to include some cinematic scores
jimbeauxtron 8:21:42 PM
Kōenji Hyakkei...future request!
rosasolis dream (host) 8:24:01 PM
awesome request! love their 2005 album but i'll make sure to check one of their other ones
rosasolis dream (host) 8:24:09 PM
coming right this way~
jimbeauxtron 8:26:01 PM
Tatsuya is a genius.
rosasolis dream (host) 8:28:21 PM
agreed, so many great Japanese drummers tho. have you listened to proto-Ruins YBO2? i think it's tatsuya and the same core
Bo 8:30:24 PM
I've heard cutting out caffeine can result in that however I can't attest to that, feel better.
rosasolis dream (host) 8:32:38 PM
hm probably, it's a curse of all the yerba mate i drink... thanks bo! hope everyone also had a lovely valentines loll
Mike Lupica 8:35:27 PM
The Gallon Drunk renaissance starts RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.
rosasolis dream (host) 8:36:23 PM
hi mike! yess i am all for their first two albums, i've never heard a better nick cave impression haha
Mike Lupica 8:37:21 PM
Also, that may have been the first airing of a Screeching Weasel record on WPRB since 1996. Congratulations, I believe there is a recognition dinner in your future!
jimbeauxtron 8:37:23 PM
Thx rosasolis!!!
jimbeauxtron 8:39:24 PM
Yo mike & bo!
rosasolis dream (host) 8:40:08 PM
of course jim! and LOL mike, I feel like that happened when I played Claw hammer a couple weeks back 😭
Mike Lupica 8:46:01 PM
Yeah, you're on a streak! Also, s'up Jimbeauxtron and Bo! I'm only passing through tonight, but glad to see the jams are being kicked out in abundance.
Bo 8:52:38 PM
Hi Jimbeaux and Mike!
Bo 8:55:15 PM
DRATT! I missed Bo Ningen :(
rosasolis dream (host) 8:55:27 PM
haha id love to know what forgotten tracks from the 80s and 90s are yet to be played
rosasolis dream (host) 8:55:39 PM
oh no! i actually played the track you recommended a couple weeks back
Bo 8:56:53 PM
I know, I stepped away for five friggin' minutes, sigh!
Bo 8:57:20 PM
Thank you though!
rosasolis dream (host) 8:57:53 PM
no thank you! you were right, absolutely great band
rosasolis dream (host) 8:58:04 PM
they'll be appearing in the future for sure
Bo 8:59:12 PM
BTW, I could've sworn that WAS Nick Cave singing in Gallon Drunk, uncanny.
Bo 8:59:32 PM
rosasolis dream (host) 9:03:21 PM
right?! like I was so impressed, pretty hard to match Cave
Bo 9:24:31 PM
Some frantic stuff here!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:25:47 PM
definitely! i was tempted to play some crazy Naked City but might keep that in store for later hahah
Bo 9:26:36 PM
I Look forward to it!
Bo 9:28:44 PM
Nick Cave was in a band called The Tuff Monks I just found out, they had one single and it's bound to be a treasure.
rosasolis dream (host) 9:30:38 PM
ooh i love the name!! lol i have to look it up now; it's super early, 1982!!
Bo 9:33:06 PM
He was but a lad!
Bo 9:34:44 PM
Quite a few names in that band I'm sure you will recognize that went on to be in some big name bands.
Bo 9:35:53 PM
That Sam Rivers track was amazing! :)
rosasolis dream (host) 9:40:12 PM
your right! it's basically proto birthday party... haha you're getting me into a nick cave type of mood!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:40:26 PM
i agree! that album and Streams are fantastic and i can't recommend enough
Tyler Blaetz 9:44:10 PM
Wow that was great
rosasolis dream (host) 9:45:16 PM
hi tyler! yeah it's such a fun, catchy track, their first two albums are one hit after another
Bo 9:45:47 PM
Ha! No bad thing eh? Thank you for the Sam Rivers recommendations!
jimbeauxtron 9:45:53 PM
Oh yesssss. Mercury revvvv v
rosasolis dream (host) 9:48:07 PM
ofc bo, also let me know if you ever have any requests!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:48:20 PM
and yess jim!! that's my fav of their albums, so so good
Bo 9:58:06 PM
Ooh requests, requests! :)
Bo 10:00:12 PM
Anything or are you sticking with the current vibe?
rosasolis dream (host) 10:01:34 PM
bo it can be anything! love mixing and mashing things, it's about to pick up again~
Bo 10:03:35 PM
OK, I was gonna suggest Say Sue Me or Devilla 666 :)
rosasolis dream (host) 10:04:14 PM
love say sue me! very tempted to play one of their singles then haha
Tyler Blaetz 10:04:18 PM
That station ID made me lmao
rosasolis dream (host) 10:04:58 PM
loll it's hilarious, i feel like there are 100 gecs memes for every show
Bo 10:05:02 PM
That'd be SUPER :)
rosasolis dream (host) 10:07:28 PM
will come sometime shortly after the next break!
Bo 10:07:29 PM
And if you happen to have any Crushed Butler lying around that'd be DOUBLE SUPER!
rosasolis dream (host) 10:09:05 PM
oooh we do have the single here!
Bo 10:15:28 PM
YAYZZA!!! :) My Son Is Alive :
Bo 10:15:42 PM
rosasolis dream (host) 10:24:50 PM
glad you enjoyed it!
rosasolis dream (host) 10:25:49 PM
i hadnt actually listened to them beyond that track
Bo 10:27:50 PM
We're in the same boat heheh
rosasolis dream (host) 10:33:01 PM
how did you first hear say sue me?? i was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them in korea! for like 10 min lol
Andrew Bowers 10:34:55 PM
Hey RD. I don't know any of the music you're been playing but I've been listening with rapt attention to all of it. I suspect I'll be listening much more in the coming weeks. :)
rosasolis dream (host) 10:37:31 PM
Hi Andrew! that's so great to hear, glad you've been enjoying it thus far :) hope you're enjoying this monday night!
Bo 10:38:43 PM
On the radio in Ireland
rosasolis dream (host) 10:43:28 PM
speaking of ireland, any irish bands that have stood out for you lately?
Bo 10:46:01 PM
Oh jeez, yes loads!
Bo 10:49:00 PM
Fontaines DC would be the obvious one
rosasolis dream (host) 10:51:08 PM
oh yeah i listened to Dogrel! that was a fun album
Bo 10:52:14 PM
Sons Of Southern Ulster, they have great songs lyrically and musically.
Bo 10:52:57 PM
Yes, Dogrel is good!
rosasolis dream (host) 10:59:03 PM
will listen to them for sure!!
Bo 10:59:08 PM
Great show rosasolis, thank you for playing my requests, see ya next week I hope, be well.
rosasolis dream (host) 10:59:28 PM
thanks bo! always love the requests
rosasolis dream (host) 10:59:31 PM
hope everyone has a great, fun, lovely week!!
Bo 11:00:15 PM
Ah, thanks, same to you!