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From the Notebook

Feb 22, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With rosasolis dream


(=´∀`)人(´∀`=) 『』^ ^『」✖️🈯️💮


From the Notebook
8:02 PM
Mainliner - Blasphemy Hunter
Mainliner Blasphemy Hunter N
Dual Myths Riot Season Records 2021


8:10 PM
Set Break: god im tired


8:11 PM
Claw Hammer - Poor Robert
Claw Hammer Poor Robert
Claw Hammer Grown Up Wrong! 1989


8:17 PM
ゆらゆら帝国 - 発光体
ゆらゆら帝国 発光体
3 x 3 x 3 MIDI 1998


8:20 PM
Free Refills - Crusher
Free Refills Crusher
Raw Steak Black Coffee Free Refills 2019
8:23 PM
The Celibate Rifles - Kiss Me Deadly
The Celibate Rifles Kiss Me Deadly
The Celibate Rifles (5 Languages) Laneway Music 1984
8:24 PM
Celebrity Handshake - Chew Your Face Off
Celebrity Handshake Chew Your Face Off
no space/no time self-released 2020


8:26 PM
NoNoNO - No War
NoNoNO No War
Live fast self-released 2018


8:27 PM
Straw Man Army - Option Despair
Straw Man Army Option Despair
Age of Exile D4MT Labs Inc 2020


8:30 PM
Lime Spiders - Just One Solution
Lime Spiders Just One Solution
The Cave Comes Alive Laneway Music 1987


8:34 PM
Fishbone - Sunless Saturday
Fishbone Sunless Saturday
The Reality of My Surroundings 1991


8:38 PM
Angel’in Heavy Syrup - Water Mind
Angel’in Heavy Syrup Water Mind
III Alchemy 1995


8:42 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


8:49 PM
Bleach - 視界の幅
Bleach 視界の幅
起爆剤 Ripley 2000


8:53 PM
Faux Shaman - Tonight God Rides the Wind
Faux Shaman Tonight God Rides the Wind
Forbidden Mr. Snow Productions! 2020


8:56 PM
Mdou Moctar - Ibitlan
Mdou Moctar Ibitlan
Ibitlan - Single Sahel Sounds 2020


9:02 PM
Plastic Crimewave Sound - Perfect Glass Orchards
Plastic Crimewave Sound Perfect Glass Orchards
Flashing Open Eclipse 2003


9:09 PM
James Plotkin's Atomsmasher - Very Much Want Head Return
James Plotkin's Atomsmasher Very Much Want Head Return
Atomsmasher 2001


9:10 PM
Fuzz Against Junk - Rusty Fingers
Fuzz Against Junk Rusty Fingers
Netti Netti INVADA Records 2007
9:17 PM
Sun City Girls - Ghost Ghat Trespass / Sussmeier
Sun City Girls Ghost Ghat Trespass / Sussmeier
330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond The Rig Veda Abduction 1996


9:26 PM
Antique Pony - Rose Gold Passerine, Twelve-Eyed
Antique Pony Rose Gold Passerine, Twelve-Eyed
Unalbum 1354573 Records DK 2019


9:31 PM
Не Ждали - Носороги 1
Не Ждали Носороги 1
Ще-Е-Е 1991


9:37 PM
Set Break: I can’t think clearly


9:42 PM
Black Country, New Road - Science Fair
Black Country, New Road Science Fair
For the First Time Ninja Tune 2021
9:48 PM
Sidney Miller - Cicatrizes
Sidney Miller Cicatrizes
Línguas de Fogo Som Livre 1974


9:51 PM
The Savage Young Taterbug - The Paperstud
The Savage Young Taterbug The Paperstud
Shadow of Marlboro Man - EP Night-People 2016
9:55 PM
White Hills - Left Behind
White Hills Left Behind
Abstractions And Mutations Immune 2007


10:06 PM
World is Yours 2009


10:11 PM
Kayo Dot - _ on Limpid Form
Kayo Dot _ on Limpid Form
Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue Ice Level Music 2006


10:25 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


10:31 PM
Broadcast - The Book Lovers
Broadcast The Book Lovers
Work and Non Work Warp Records 1996
10:36 PM
Sewerslvt - Mr. Kill Myself
Sewerslvt Mr. Kill Myself
Draining Love Story SWRSLT 2020

wow, *she* is literally me lmao

10:40 PM
The Velvet Teen - Chimera Obscurant
The Velvet Teen Chimera Obscurant
Elysium The Velvet Teen 2004
10:55 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


11:00 PM
Freddy Johnston - Evie's Garden
Freddy Johnston Evie's Garden
This Perfect World Elektra Records 1994


Chat is archived.
rosasolis dream (host) 8:01:43 PM
happy monday everyone!!
Richard from Rocky Hill 8:02:22 PM
And to you, too!
rosasolis dream (host) 8:03:23 PM
hi richard! hope we're all in the mood for a lil bit of heavy space psych today
Andrew 8:05:03 PM
Bring it!
Richard from Rocky Hill 8:05:33 PM
It will go perfectly with today's heavy snow to rain to damp atmosphere!
the_dude 8:05:36 PM
Quite the start to the show!
jimbeauxsonic 8:06:13 PM
rosasolis dream (host) 8:06:33 PM
hi everyone! yes i was feeling extra chilly today so i needed some extra fuzz warmth
rosasolis dream (host) 8:06:44 PM
kawabata is as amazing as ever here
Andrew 8:20:53 PM
Have you ever seen the Japanese film Wild Zero? It's pretty crazy and the band Guitar Wolf is off the hook!
rosasolis dream (host) 8:21:52 PM
no i didnt, but now i know what i have to watch tonight. a guitar wolf movie sounds AMAZING
the_dude 8:23:08 PM
Yeah just checked out the trailer, looks rad thanks!
Andrew 8:23:38 PM
If you get it on DVD it has a drinking game feature.
rosasolis dream (host) 8:24:28 PM
oh my this sounds like the best time, hopefully i can find the dvd online somewhere!
rosasolis dream (host) 8:24:40 PM
now im all in the mood for some guitar wolf
kentman 8:26:00 PM
those drawings of the 2 women on your logo tonight are divine, were they standing in line in Texas for food this weekend?
Andrew 8:26:07 PM
I rented it on Netflix
rosasolis dream (host) 8:27:42 PM
hi kent! the image was actually from a russian magazine! found it online and it looked amazing, i think they are commenting on the girl in the background's lack of style haha
John Moriarty 8:28:08 PM
that was sweet
John Moriarty 8:29:13 PM
this is sweet
the_dude 8:29:23 PM
Yeah already a killer show
rosasolis dream (host) 8:29:31 PM
yea john! the songs are coming quick and fast
rosasolis dream (host) 8:29:40 PM
hopefully the momentum doesnt come to overwhelm hahah
John Moriarty 8:33:31 PM
John Moriarty 8:33:52 PM
yeah I just said that
John Moriarty 8:34:12 PM
(bad joke sorry)
rosasolis dream (host) 8:34:57 PM
lol its ok! we need all the jokes on mondays to get through the rest of the week
John Moriarty 8:35:19 PM
this is nasty though, dang
rosasolis dream (host) 8:36:03 PM
yeah! apparently it was a pretty big hit in 1991 and im not surprised why
rosasolis dream (host) 8:36:09 PM
its really been 30 years damn
John Moriarty 8:36:36 PM
Hahaha nope, thirty years ago was the 70s, permanently
rosasolis dream (host) 8:39:43 PM
lol in my mind 30 yrs ago was still the 80s...
rosasolis dream (host) 8:40:14 PM
on my recent birthday i went thru what they call a quarter life crisis probably
the_dude 8:41:00 PM
Ha! Agreed. I literally just turned 31, time is subjective, haha yeah been there rosasolis
Andrew 8:44:06 PM
I'm turning 62 this year and I've got all of my cool old-fogy friends tuning into this show.
Bo 8:47:28 PM
Hi ye Rosasalis dream!
the_dude 8:49:19 PM
Nice! I hope to be a fogy prb old head one day
the_dude 8:49:27 PM
On my way I suppose
rosasolis dream (host) 8:50:01 PM
yeah @thedude, I think its just the weird self reflection that always accompanies birthdays sadly
rosasolis dream (host) 8:50:34 PM
and i hope i can continue to be cool like you and your friends andrew! hope they are enjoying the shows~
rosasolis dream (host) 8:50:40 PM
hi bo! hows it been?
Bo 8:52:15 PM
Depends what ya mean by "it" LOL!
Bo 8:52:45 PM
You sound much better tonight :)
rosasolis dream (host) 8:54:50 PM
yes thanks! i realized intermittent fasting on mondays probably ain't the best thing to do hahah
Bo 8:56:15 PM
Perhaps not.
rosasolis dream (host) 8:57:10 PM
but your week has been good? im reaching the point where the snow has crossed a line haha
the_dude 8:58:09 PM
One of my last pre covid shows!
Bo 8:58:35 PM
I managed ...warmer weather approaches
jimbeauxsonic 8:58:47 PM
lucky...would love to see Mdou!
jimbeauxsonic 9:00:36 PM
yo Bo!
the_dude 9:01:14 PM
It was a lot of fun, interesting seeing him as a young artist in bigger crowds too, and then this newer album, gonna be cool to see their future
Bo 9:01:49 PM
Yeaux Jimbeauxsonic!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:04:38 PM
oh thats incredible @dude! what other releases of his would you recommend? i listened to just that double single but it was so so good
John Moriarty 9:08:12 PM
vocals remind me of bear vs shark
John Moriarty 9:10:35 PM
rosasolis dream (host) 9:11:17 PM
john you mean the track a couple back before??
rosasolis dream (host) 9:12:04 PM
oh i think i get what you mean! havent listened to them in years tho
the_dude 9:15:12 PM
Oh didn't realize that was just a single, but yeah the 2019 album Ilana is great and so is the previous stuff but that last album stands out
John Moriarty 9:20:05 PM
Haha already not sure which one I was commenting on about the vocals. All awesome stuff!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:20:45 PM
ooh another thing to look out for! so far i have that llana album and guitar wolf movie to get to hahah
rosasolis dream (host) 9:21:01 PM
glad youre enjoying it!!
Bo 9:21:49 PM
This is a spectacular piece!!!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:22:21 PM
agreed! one of my fave sun city girl releases
jimbeauxsonic 9:22:59 PM
Sun City Girls (actually bros) are incredible!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:24:14 PM
definitely! i remember i had a huge phase when tried to keep up with all their sublime frequencies albums they helped release
Andrew 9:25:13 PM
Elwood Blues (Dan Akroyd) once said that in the future everyone was listening to pre-programed electronic disco. Sadly he was right but I'm glad to find some folks here who aren't. :D
Bo 9:26:56 PM
@Andrew, WPRB has the cure! ;)
rosasolis dream (host) 9:27:54 PM
for sure! and theres a lot of hidden gems out there being made right now :)
Andrew 9:28:04 PM
@Bo A-Men to that!
the_dude 9:31:51 PM
Lol I'd check out some blues Brothers preprogrammed electronic disco.. but yeah I got that prb fever
Andrew 9:33:02 PM
I'm getting a Material (ft Bill Laswell) vibe from this one. Fred Frith had some wack guitar sounds a lot like this.
rosasolis dream (host) 9:34:48 PM
andrew i was just thinking that! fred frith is one of my favorites (i love his gravity album) but i can def hear a bit of that bill laswell vibe
rosasolis dream (host) 9:35:01 PM
now i need to find some wacky electronic disco @dude
Andrew 9:36:11 PM
Fred Frith's Dancin In The Streets is one of my all time fav covers.
the_dude 9:43:41 PM
Always leave this show with too many recommendations and notes!
rosasolis dream (host) 9:44:56 PM
great cover! i think he released it when he was making the album speechless? he was soo good with his releases then
rosasolis dream (host) 9:45:12 PM
and lol @dude thats why you need your own music notebook! haha
the_dude 9:48:55 PM
On that note, not exactly a request, but have ya ever listened to mass of the fermenting dregs?
rosasolis dream (host) 9:50:04 PM
i haven't! but im looking at their album artwork and i love it already haha
rosasolis dream (host) 9:50:33 PM
do you have a song you really like?
the_dude 9:50:52 PM
Ha had a feeling you'd be into it
the_dude 9:51:10 PM
Uh yeah let me double check name
rosasolis dream (host) 9:54:08 PM
thanks dude! i was looking at this one track called nan nan
Andrew 9:55:59 PM
RD, thank you for giving me a reason to look forward to Monday!
the_dude 9:56:45 PM
Yeah that's a good one! Was gonna say that or blue deep and orange day
the_dude 9:58:31 PM
Yeah I have to say I did like your previous weekday slot but you have an extra hour now, so trade offs
rosasolis dream (host) 9:59:32 PM
im so glad to hear that! really, really grateful
Andrew 10:00:07 PM
Why can't SiriusXM have a station like this? :/
rosasolis dream (host) 10:00:24 PM
haha that extra hour lets me play all the extended pieces i want~
rosasolis dream (host) 10:00:46 PM
i actually dont know how siriusxm works! but seem like it would not take too kindly to the station ethos sadly haha
Bo 10:10:07 PM
Something's "brewing".
rosasolis dream (host) 10:12:28 PM
haha we're definitely just getting started with this upcoming track
Bo 10:13:25 PM
I'm all ears!
the_dude 10:14:11 PM
Right on thanks for playing that! And kayo dot?! Nice!
rosasolis dream (host) 10:15:34 PM
of course! and yes first kayo dot ive played on the show i think! at least for a while
the_dude 10:17:55 PM
I tried to see them once but was underage and wasn't let in! Lol
Bo 10:21:30 PM
Pre the_dude.
rosasolis dream (host) 10:21:55 PM
hahah the_youngin
rosasolis dream (host) 10:22:18 PM
thats happened to me many times in a variety of settings, i feel that
the_dude 10:26:48 PM
Hahaha I've definitely matured into my full dude since then
Bo 10:34:23 PM
Love this kinda sound :)
rosasolis dream (host) 10:35:13 PM
yea bo i love broadcast! and their album haha sound is sooo good
rosasolis dream (host) 10:35:34 PM
also _dude heres that great electronic dance music i was meaning to play hahah
Andrew 10:35:46 PM
I did an image search on your lead pic. The caption is "I would have strangled myself of longing, if I had looked a little like her"
Andrew 10:36:05 PM
I don't get it either
rosasolis dream (host) 10:37:05 PM
oh because theyre supposed to be soviet alternative girls!
rosasolis dream (host) 10:37:30 PM
and they dont want to dress like normal women maybe? hahah
Andrew 10:38:01 PM
Probably. I was hoping for some wordplay on her lack of pockets.
Andrew 10:39:04 PM
BTW this is some pre-programed electronic disco I can totally get behind! :D
rosasolis dream (host) 10:41:39 PM
glad you liked it andrew! its actually an artist i heard on an online live concert so theyre pretty recent too
jimbeauxsonic 10:44:57 PM
Great show...thank you ! 💥💥💥
Bo 10:47:16 PM
The piano in this is intoxicating!
Bo 10:48:29 PM
Not taking anything away from the song, really amazing.
rosasolis dream (host) 10:49:04 PM
thank u jim! and i agree bo, the piano and especially this string progression is really great
rosasolis dream (host) 10:49:27 PM
forgot how good emo chamber pop can be! 😭
Bo 10:49:46 PM
the_dude 10:50:53 PM
Yeah that was a fun track, and great show! And agreed bo! The dude abides
Bo 10:57:57 PM
Now I know who you look like R.D. ;)
rosasolis dream (host) 10:58:17 PM
LOL who!!
Bo 10:58:39 PM
rosasolis dream (host) 10:59:05 PM
LOL oh yes except theyre from australia hahah
rosasolis dream (host) 10:59:11 PM
but thanks all for listneing!! hope everyone has a lovely week
rosasolis dream (host) 10:59:16 PM
stay warm! :)
Bo 10:59:38 PM
Dan unda!
Bo 11:00:23 PM
Great Show thank you for the great sounds!
Andrew 11:04:03 PM
In case ur still seeing this and ur looking for some TV to watch, have you seen Aunty Donna on Netflix yet?
rosasolis dream (host) 11:06:39 PM
i havent but ill check it out! i was going to try to find that guitar wolf movie first~