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Feb 23, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With PAX

Weekly slime!



SLOP 104


8:01 PM
Dadamah - Too Hot to Dry
Dadamah Too Hot to Dry
This Is Not a Dream Kranky 1994
8:10 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:12 PM
Ohama - Midnite News III
Ohama Midnite News III
The Potato Farm Tapes Minimal Wave 2013
8:17 PM
Saskia - My Lips Get Hot
Saskia My Lips Get Hot
Eeuwig Op Reis - Single Stroom 2020
8:25 PM
Human Flesh - En de Stad
Human Flesh En de Stad
En de Stad Stroom 2020
8:31 PM
Sonoko - L'Oiseau Blue
Sonoko L'Oiseau Blue
Les Anges, Les Bonheurs - EP Stroom 2018
8:36 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:39 PM
Coldreams - Eyes (Extended Version)
Coldreams Eyes (Extended Version)
Don't Cry Camisole Records 2020
8:45 PM
Drahla - Godstar
Drahla Godstar
Godstar - Single Captured Tracks 2019
8:49 PM
Cryogeyser - Small Stuff
Cryogeyser Small Stuff
Glitch Terrible Records 2019
8:53 PM
Momma - Sidewalk
Momma Sidewalk
Sidewalk - Single Danger Collective Records 2018
8:56 PM
Trundle - Early Slowly
Trundle Early Slowly
Early Slowly - Single Window Sill 2020
8:59 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:03 PM
Mica Levi - Wings
Mica Levi Wings
Ruff Dog Mica Levi 2020
9:07 PM
John Bender - 35B1
John Bender 35B1
I Don't Remember Now / I Don't Want To Talk About It Superior Viaduct 2016
9:12 PM
Burka Band - Burka Blue
Burka Band Burka Blue
Burka Blue - EP Ata Tak 2004
9:15 PM
DJ Bert and Eagle - I Am Your Master! (feat. Wybovsky) [Remastered]
DJ Bert and Eagle I Am Your Master! (feat. Wybovsky) [Remastered]
I Am Your Master / Import (Remastered) - Single Onadisc / stroom 2017
9:20 PM
NSRD - Spilvens, No. 3
NSRD Spilvens, No. 3
Nsrd - Ep Stroom 2017
9:27 PM
Maria Violenza - Young Boy
Maria Violenza Young Boy
Tendres Tenebres Crudités 2016
9:30 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:35 PM
Ray Yours & The F - Fantôme
Ray Yours & The F Fantôme
Tendres Tenebres Crudités 2016
9:37 PM
Delacave - Absence Appeal
Delacave Absence Appeal
Tendres Tenebres Crudités 2016
9:40 PM
Leslie Winer - Cogged
Leslie Winer Cogged
Ymfees Bokeh Versions 2017
9:48 PM
Jarboe - Dance Demented (feat. Larry Seven)
Jarboe Dance Demented (feat. Larry Seven)
Beautiful People Ltd The Living Jarboe 2015
9:51 PM
Fred A. - Monster
Fred A. Monster
De Angst Voorbij Stroom 2020
9:57 PM
Cindy Lee - Model Express
Cindy Lee Model Express
Model Express W.25TH / Superior Viaduct 2018
10:02 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:06 PM
Romeo Poirier - Hotel Nota
Romeo Poirier Hotel Nota
Hotel Nota sferic 2020
10:10 PM
Smoke Bellow - Alan 3000
Smoke Bellow Alan 3000
Isolation 3000 Ehse Records 2018
10:19 PM
Arthur Russell - Hey! How Does Everybody Know
Arthur Russell Hey! How Does Everybody Know
Love Is Overtaking Me Rough Trade 2008
10:24 PM
Smerz - Hva hvis
Smerz Hva hvis
I don't talk about that much / Hva hvis - Single XL Recordings 2020
10:26 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:29 PM
Happy Jawbone Family Band - Fireflies Made out of Dust
Happy Jawbone Family Band Fireflies Made out of Dust
Tastes the Broom Mexican Summer 2013
10:34 PM
Eola - And I Know
Eola And I Know
Dang Leaving Records 2016
10:38 PM
Androgynous Mind - Knock On My Door
Androgynous Mind Knock On My Door
Nightstalker - EP Faux Discx 2013
10:40 PM
Androgynous Mind - Juanita
Androgynous Mind Juanita
Nightstalker - EP Faux Discx 2013
10:43 PM
Peter Kardas - I Saw You
Peter Kardas I Saw You
I Saw You Yoga Records 2018
10:45 PM
Leila - Underwaters (One for Keni)
Leila Underwaters (One for Keni)
Like Weather (Remastered) Modern Love, Thank U Records 2020
10:49 PM
rebecca bracewell - Matilda
rebecca bracewell Matilda
raveling wails 2759841 Records DK 2021
10:52 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:55 PM
Les Rallizes Denudes - White Awakening (Iv)
Les Rallizes Denudes White Awakening (Iv)
Mars Studio 1980 ODL 2015
Chat is archived.
DJ McSweden 8:08:22 PM
killer first track
PAX (host) 8:09:48 PM
yo! thank's mcswede!
DJ McSweden 8:10:21 PM
i just watched trainspotting for the first time, and this song feels like it could fit in that movie
PAX (host) 8:11:00 PM
it's been so long since i've seen that movie but i feel like i agree
PAX (host) 8:12:53 PM
no idea why it just cut out there, but this is a track by ohama!
jimbeaudelaire 8:20:58 PM
Yell-0 PAX & McSweden!
DJ McSweden 8:21:37 PM
hi jimbeau!
PAX (host) 8:23:54 PM
eyy welcome@
PAX (host) 8:23:57 PM
Bo 8:37:02 PM
Hello PAX!
PAX (host) 8:37:52 PM
Bo 8:40:13 PM
Hi other member's of the Litter!
DJ McSweden 8:47:10 PM
i thought you said "Draa" last mic break, i was in a different room from my speakers tho
DJ McSweden 8:47:33 PM
this Drahla song is p cool tho
PAX (host) 8:47:44 PM
i'm unfamiliar with draa!
PAX (host) 8:48:02 PM
and this is a cover of a psychic tv song, objectively one of their more easy listening
jimbeaudelaire 8:48:06 PM
Nice psychic tv cover!
DJ McSweden 8:49:27 PM
draa has some cool songs, my fav is prob "even in my dreams (all my life)"
PAX (host) 8:49:37 PM
the_dude 8:50:07 PM
Hey everyone! And a cover makes sense I was surprised it was them at first
jimbeaudelaire 8:51:10 PM
Yeo, bo & dude!
DJ McSweden 8:51:18 PM
idk how to describe it other than saying just "dreampop" lol im not too familiar what sun-genre they call their music
DJ McSweden 8:51:27 PM
hi the dude!
PAX (host) 8:53:03 PM
dream pop has grown to encompass such a big genre i know what you mean, but i'll check them out!
DJ McSweden 8:53:16 PM
hell yeah
DJ McSweden 8:54:23 PM
this song sounds so familiar
PAX (host) 8:54:57 PM
i totally agree, i think its maybe just the nostalgic indie rock sound but there might be something else there
DJ McSweden 8:55:36 PM
im gonna check my recent playlists, i def heard this somewhere recently
DJ McSweden 8:55:41 PM
good song tho
PAX (host) 8:55:46 PM
report back!
Bo 8:55:49 PM
S'up Jimbeauxelaire ?! And Le_dude!
DJ McSweden 8:57:56 PM
found it! ya i played that song on my show february 7th, i think i heard that song while shoveling snow during that first snowstorm the east coast had at the start of the month
PAX (host) 8:59:01 PM
you know what, i just checked my shazam playlist- absolutely stole that one from your show hah!
PAX (host) 8:59:07 PM
dated 02-07
DJ McSweden 8:59:26 PM
im actually honored to inspire some of SLOP
PAX (host) 8:59:44 PM
it's more likely than you think...
DJ McSweden 9:01:12 PM
i did the same just earlier in your show today, gonna steal a song for my next show lol
PAX (host) 9:01:20 PM
go crazy!!!!!!!
DJ McSweden 9:13:17 PM
blue blue blue!
PAX (host) 9:13:56 PM
do yourself a favor and check out the barbara morgenstern
PAX (host) 9:13:59 PM
remix of this
PAX (host) 9:14:08 PM
sorry that cut out before i finished typing lmao
DJ McSweden 9:15:22 PM
i will def check it out
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:14:54 PM
I’m doing a Demented Dance to all of the SLOP tonight 🤺🤾🤾🤺🤺🤾🤺🤾🤺 thx PAX!
jimbeaudelaire 10:30:25 PM
dance, dance, dance, MrM!
jimbeaudelaire 10:34:43 PM
oooh, i like happy jawbone family band!
PAX (host) 10:36:18 PM
jimbeaudelaire 10:42:14 PM
love this detour of distant psych/folque!
PAX (host) 10:42:35 PM
oh for sure it's always a good time
PAX (host) 10:43:03 PM
androgynous mind is actually a side project of pat flegel from women / cindy lee who i play all the time
jimbeaudelaire 10:55:48 PM
Thanxa Pax! ✌
PAX (host) 10:57:26 PM
you as well!