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The Scarlet Pumpernickel Show

Feb 27, 2021 2:00 PM β€“ 3:00 PM

With Pangaeo

Not Pangaeo, Pato

The Scarlet Pumpernickel Show
2:02 PM
Colin Cannon - Screaming Kids/McGolrick
Colin Cannon Screaming Kids/McGolrick
McGolrick Infrequent Seams 2021
2:11 PM
Adrian Younge - Patriotic Portraits
Adrian Younge Patriotic Portraits
The American Negro Jazz Is Dead 2021
2:13 PM
Visionist - Form
Visionist Form
A Call to Arms Mute 2021
album coming out march 5
2:18 PM
Cheekface - Emotional Rent Control
Cheekface Emotional Rent Control
Emphatically No. New Professor Music 2021
2:21 PM
Michael Ford - Loud!/Quiet
Michael Ford Loud!/Quiet
Blue Moo: 17 Jukebox Hits From Way Back Never Rounder 2008
2:24 PM
Hand Habits - 4th of july
Hand Habits 4th of july
dirt - EP Milk! Records 2021
2:26 PM
Pat Irwin & J. Walter Hawkes - Automatic 3
Pat Irwin & J. Walter Hawkes Automatic 3
Wide Open Sky Open Sky 2019
2:30 PM
Set Break: And now it's time for the SCARLET PUMPERNICKEL GAME SHOW. Is this cover song A. Better than the original; B. Waaaaaay better than the original; or D. All of the Above. G'luck
2:34 PM
John Cale - Heartbreak Hotel
John Cale Heartbreak Hotel
Slow Dazzle Universal-Island Records Ltd. 1975
2:37 PM
Barra Brown - Whoa Hey!
Barra Brown Whoa Hey!
LFT:RT Cavity Search Records 2021
2:40 PM
Spirit of the Beehive - There's Nothing You Can't Do
Spirit of the Beehive There's Nothing You Can't Do
Entertainment, Death Saddle Creek 2021
2:44 PM
Leandrul - Therapy
Leandrul Therapy
Psychosis of Dreams Handmade Records 2021
2:47 PM
Rachika Nayar - The Trembling of Glass
Rachika Nayar The Trembling of Glass N
Our Hands Against the Dusk NNA Tapes 2021
2:51 PM
Naked Eye Ensemble - Knock 'em Back: VII
Naked Eye Ensemble Knock 'em Back: VII
Toy New Focus Recordings 2019
2:53 PM
Baits - Parallel Universe
Baits Parallel Universe
Never Enough Numavi Records 2021
2:56 PM
Gaudi - Why U Wanna Run (feat. Danny Ladwa)
Gaudi Why U Wanna Run (feat. Danny Ladwa)
in between times Six Degrees Records 2013
Chat is archived.
Pato (host) 2:03:28 PM
Hey all. What better way to start than with "screaming kids."
the_dude 2:06:48 PM
Fun track
Pato (host) 2:08:14 PM
New stuff.
Mark 2:36:52 PM
Hmmm πŸ€” can’t decide on an answer on this one/ yes im a very simple listener;)
Pato (host) 2:37:42 PM
Congrats, @mark. "Can't Decide" is today's correct answer!
Mark 2:38:10 PM
there was someone on an earlier chat who voted b. In the nine am o’clock hour ! :)
Pato (host) 2:38:37 PM
As 'If."
Mark 2:41:03 PM
I wanted for c for cale but couldn’t find it in the drop down :) did the bloke Oliver make a cameo in the previous show / unfortunately i missed him :(
Pato (host) 2:41:51 PM
No. We were just talking about him behind his back.
Mark 2:43:59 PM
Haha / very Nice show & the weather is getting nicer out today. :)
Pato (host) 2:45:28 PM
Thanks Mark. Glad about the weather. My plan is to go for a walk/hike while listening to Selecta J.
Mark 2:51:30 PM
woulda been my plan too but my trails r still snowy icy & wet !
Mark 2:54:35 PM
the album art on this one as good as the music :)
Pato (host) 2:55:37 PM
Yeah, very tasty
Pato (host) 2:55:58 PM
One more song to go. Here's an appetizer for Sounds of the Caribbean ...
Pato (host) 2:56:32 PM
Thanks all for listening. I'll be rounding up some more sounds so let's meet again a week from now