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The Freeform Pathogen

Feb 24, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With Mike

Freeform radio for creative weirdos and deskbound dreamers. A sonic one-stop for Acid Dub, Beardo Bhangra, Micro-Folk Turntablism, Krautdrone, Cambodian Synthwave, Glam Pop, Art-Damaged Metal, Electro-Stoner Jazz, Proto Soul-Punk, DIY Hip-Hop, Psychedelic EDM, Minimalist Power Violence, Pre-Hipster NYC Weirdcore, and Afro-Hillbilly Futurism. Up and down this goddam dial since 1992.

Fantasy League

The Freeform Pathogen
8:03 PM
The Starlite Desperation - Go Kill Mice
The Starlite Desperation Go Kill Mice
Go Kill Mice Flapping Jet Records 1999
8:12 PM
TV Priest - Decoration
TV Priest Decoration N
Uppers Sub Pop Records 2021
8:17 PM
Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Sweet Freak / Where's Your Reality?
Frankie and the Witch Fingers Sweet Freak / Where's Your Reality? N
Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters... Greenway 2020
8:26 PM
Chance - High Test
Chance High Test
In Search Paradise of Bachelors 2013
8:29 PM
Fat Boys - Jailhouse Rap
Fat Boys Jailhouse Rap
12" Sutra 1984
RIP Prince Markie Dee. He was 52.
8:36 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:46 PM
Nilüfer Yanya - In Your Head
Nilüfer Yanya In Your Head
Miss Universe ATO Records 2019
8:50 PM
Richard Hell - Destiny Street
Richard Hell Destiny Street N
Destiny Street Complete Omnivore Recordings 2021
8:54 PM
LEENALCHI - Catch a Rabbit
LEENALCHI Catch a Rabbit N
Sugungga HIKE 2020
8:56 PM
The Disturbed - Dying of Boredom
The Disturbed Dying of Boredom
The WPRB Sessions 1984
8:58 PM
Pop-O-Pies - I Love New York
Pop-O-Pies I Love New York
Joe's 2nd Record Subterannean 1984
9:00 PM
Iggy Pop - Lust for Life
Iggy Pop Lust for Life
Lust for Life Virgin Records 1977
9:06 PM
Heatloaf - Fireman
Heatloaf Fireman N
Sweet Stroke heatloaf 2020
Featuring WPRB's own Pax!
9:09 PM
Ben & Spence - Long Ago
Ben & Spence Long Ago
This Is Fame 1964-1968 V/A Ace Records 2018
9:11 PM
Arlo Parks - Hurt
Arlo Parks Hurt N
Collapsed in Sunbeams Transgressive 2021
9:15 PM
Brian Eno - Mother Whale Eyeless
Brian Eno Mother Whale Eyeless
Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy Island 1974
9:31 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:32 PM
The Scientists - When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow
The Scientists When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow
Weird Love Big Time 1987
9:35 PM
Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - Manheru Changamire
Hallelujah Chicken Run Band Manheru Changamire N
Take One: Hallelujah Chicken Run Band Analog Africa 2021
9:36 PM
Snatch Tapes - Down a Denny Lane
Snatch Tapes Down a Denny Lane N
Passionate Particles 2021
9:42 PM
Githead - My LCA (Little Box of Magic)
Githead My LCA (Little Box of Magic)
Profile Swim 2005
9:46 PM
Voice Imitator - A Small Cauliflower
Voice Imitator A Small Cauliflower N
Plaza 12XU 2020
9:49 PM
Word of Mouth - King Kut (feat. DJ Cheese)
Word of Mouth King Kut (feat. DJ Cheese)
Coast to Coast (feat. DJ Cheese) Profile 1985
9:58 PM
Run DMC - Jam-Master Jammin' (Remix)
Run DMC Jam-Master Jammin' (Remix)
7" Profile 1985
10:12 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:13 PM
The Pretty Things - S.F. Sorrow Is Born
The Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow Is Born
S.F. Sorrow Madfish Music 1968
10:16 PM
The Saints - Private Affair
The Saints Private Affair
Eternally Yours Sire 1978
10:18 PM
The Waitresses - The Comb
The Waitresses The Comb
The Akron Compilation V/A
10:20 PM
Michael Rother - Feuerland
Michael Rother Feuerland N
Cafe Exil - New Adventures In European Music 1972-1980 V/A Ace 2021
10:27 PM
Buck Curran - Ghost on the Hill
Buck Curran Ghost on the Hill N
No Love Is Sorrow ESP-DISK 2020
10:31 PM
Zachary Cale - Blood Rushes On
Zachary Cale Blood Rushes On
Blue Rider All Hands Electric 2013
10:35 PM
Jackie DeShannon - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Jackie DeShannon Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Jackie Atlantic 1972
10:38 PM
Robert Plant - In the Mood
Robert Plant In the Mood
The Principle of Moments Atlantic 1983
10:43 PM
Orville Peck - Nothing Fades Like the Light
Orville Peck Nothing Fades Like the Light
Pony Sub Pop 2019
10:47 PM
Reigning Sound - You're Not as Pretty
Reigning Sound You're Not as Pretty
Time Bomb High School In the Red 2002
10:50 PM
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - The Waltz You Saved for Me
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys The Waltz You Saved for Me
The Bob Wills Anthology 2xLP Columbia 1973
10:52 PM
Charlie Rich - Behind Closed Doors
Charlie Rich Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors Epic 1972
Chat is archived.
Alia Palumbo 8:03:16 PM
YAY! I found the day you moved to
Mike Lupica (host) 8:04:08 PM
Awesome, welcome Alia!
Greetings and Salutations!
Jon Solomon 8:04:45 PM
Well if this song doesn't say "ML on WPRB," I don't know what does!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:04:52 PM
S'up, Malc? Get any sleep?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:05:19 PM
@Jon, ha! Yeah, starting out with popular favorites from the great American songbook.
Christine Duffy 8:05:28 PM
Hi all...Doom Pantry Pit Crew *waves*
Mike Lupica (host) 8:06:31 PM
Christine, I regret to inform you that finally busted into the Doom Pantry Banana Peppers you claimed a few weeks back.
Jon Solomon 8:06:42 PM
Please turn to page 31 in the book of Hip Transistor and join us in song.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:07:07 PM
Jon's shelf-stable tofu is all that remains, but I really want to try eating it in 30 years.
Jon Solomon 8:07:50 PM
Set a calendar reminder for 2051.
Charlie Lewis 8:08:34 PM
ha! here early
Mike Lupica (host) 8:10:04 PM
Charlie! Great to have you back, pal!
Jon Solomon 8:15:55 PM
The best songs on this record really are the best songs.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:16:25 PM
In my limited explorations thusfar, that would be all of them.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:17:24 PM
Ditto for this record!
Jon Solomon 8:17:47 PM
Having now heard sparkly numbers from you and JM in as many weeks, I will investigate more!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:19:08 PM
Captain Ahab is on the Frankie Fix as well@
Mike Lupica (host) 8:20:08 PM
By the way, I have no idea where all this energy is coming from. I had a fairly crap day, and a crappier night's sleep. I'm just playing everything REALLY LOUD and that seems like the right move.
Bo 8:20:41 PM
Hi Mike!
Bo 8:21:15 PM
Hi Doomsday Pantriots!
Christine Duffy 8:21:33 PM
Maybe the energy is just flowing directly from the turntables. ⚡
Christine Duffy 8:21:50 PM
Hi, Bo! What's the craic?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:22:12 PM
Bo, I think you just won the t-shirt slogan contest I just decided to have.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:22:24 PM
@Christine, worthy theory!
Bo 8:22:44 PM
Hi Christine, mighty MIGHTY craic this!
Christine Duffy 8:22:59 PM
Bo 8:23:17 PM
@Mike I am not worthy!
Charlie Lewis 8:23:51 PM
Nice watching you in action at the Starlite Lounge.
Charlie Lewis 8:23:57 PM
I mean "pantry"
Mike Lupica (host) 8:24:18 PM
Charlie, that's actually a way better name. This whole LLC might need a re-think.
Christine Duffy 8:25:05 PM
Rockin' devotional candles...!
Cliff just Cliff 8:26:37 PM
Is today Doomsday? I thought it was Twin Peaks Day
Mike Lupica (host) 8:27:17 PM
Cliff, it's *always* Doomsday up in here.
Bo 8:27:25 PM
@Christine, can you smell frankincense?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:27:37 PM
@Christine, one of them was handmade for me by Jetty on the Rocks. Wanted to show it off!
Cliff just Cliff 8:29:33 PM
Well it's Margarita Night just about every night at my house...
Mike Lupica (host) 8:30:34 PM
jimbeaudelaire 8:31:01 PM
Partaaaay in the Pantraaaaaaay!
Jon Solomon 8:31:52 PM
RIP. Someday I'll find the Fat Boys Swatch ad that only aired once...
Bo 8:33:06 PM
R.I.P. :(
Mike Lupica (host) 8:34:30 PM
Fat Boys were utterly essential 8th grade morning busride to school listening for me.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:36:18 PM
Also, @Jon, don't forget their cameo on Miami Vice.
Charlie Lewis 8:36:49 PM
The Fat Boys loomed large in your legend. I feel for you.
Jon Solomon 8:36:57 PM
This was an ad telling SNL viewers it was time to turn watches either forward or back one hour. Was just for that moment in time. No luck on YouTube over the years...
Christine Duffy 8:37:35 PM
Dang. A cultural artifact lost somewhere...
Christine Duffy 8:39:16 PM
Rest in Peace, Prince Markie Dee. 52 is too young.
Factorial 8:44:47 PM
Christine Duffy 8:45:43 PM
Hi, Factorial, hey MrM! 💀
Charlie Lewis 8:46:17 PM
I envy you growing up listening to hip hop in 8th grade (not that you didn't have to fight for that right). What did I have at that age? Uncle Albert; Maggie May; Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves; American fuckin' pie; and a Horse w no Name
Jon Solomon 8:46:42 PM
Factorrrrrrrrrrial! Factorrrrrrrrrrial! Factorial, Factorial. Davies voice>
Hi, Christine Duffy 💿❣️
Charlie Lewis 8:46:56 PM
but also Shaft; Family Affair; I'll Take You There...
Factorial 8:47:22 PM
oooh Jon i dig that. i usually get FACT-or-ial like the duran duran song "NO-tor-ious"
Christine Duffy 8:47:42 PM
@Charlie Lewis, that doesn't sound too awful bad.
Alia Palumbo 8:48:45 PM
thanks for the shout out!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:49:23 PM
@Charlie, I was still a major IDIOT when I was in 8th grade, despite the luck of blundering into cool music. Revel in your own time!
Charlie Lewis 8:49:57 PM
Well I too was an idiot! But at that age, I was an actual fat boy:)
Mike Lupica (host) 8:50:43 PM
So say we all.
Play something by Sillie Eyelash!!! Pretty sure that’s her name.
Christine Duffy 8:51:22 PM
@MrM, LOL! And yet I know who you mean.
Bo 8:52:31 PM
@Mike, this isn't Voidoid Richard Hell is it?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:52:42 PM
@Bo, sure is!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:53:05 PM
2nd LP. Or, "The One No One Ever Listens To But Which is Actually Pretty Great"
Factorial 8:53:14 PM
Bo 8:53:40 PM
WHUT?! :0
Mike Lupica (host) 8:54:19 PM
Factorial! How utterly top shelf of you to appear!
Factorial 8:55:28 PM
howdy! this is the soundtrack to oodles of homework tonight! perfectly distracting! good evening everyone!
Charlie Lewis 8:55:39 PM
is this some of that contempo music yr daughter was advocating for?
Bo 8:57:28 PM
Hi Factorial!
Bo 8:58:39 PM
@Mike, this fantastic!!!
Corage Mike 8:58:50 PM
Corage Mike 8:59:20 PM
Even better. Go Joe!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:59:31 PM
Hey Mike!
Factorial 9:00:42 PM
Corage Mike 9:01:08 PM
Heard there are some good extras on the upcoming Pop O Pies reissue.
Alia Palumbo (1) 9:01:12 PM
My husband and I are always trying to figure out how old you are based on your references to your age when you listened to certain things. Can’t figure it out.
Factorial 9:01:22 PM
ML is timeless
Alia Palumbo (1) 9:01:52 PM
You don’t need to find new music because your “old” music rocks
Mike Lupica (host) 9:01:54 PM
@Alia, I am 237 years old.
Factorial 9:02:03 PM
and has maintained boyish charm by living in a human sized record sleeve from Kim's
Charlie Lewis 9:02:10 PM
ML, you is a vampire, no?
Christine Duffy 9:02:13 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:02:15 PM
Bwah, Factorial!
Alia Palumbo (1) 9:02:36 PM
Ah, so your a wizard
Mike Lupica (host) 9:02:46 PM
I got kicked off the listening decks at Kim's like a CHAMP. You hear me? Like a fuckin' CHAMP.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:03:00 PM
@Alia, of a sort, yes.
Factorial 9:04:30 PM
i once bought a stack of records at kim's i could not afford just because i was too ashamed to try and put them back in the right places
Factorial 9:04:49 PM
i gave up and just paid and walked out better for it
Mike Lupica (host) 9:05:04 PM
I would've just faked a sunstroke and run out.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:07:50 PM
Hands up, who loves Heatloaf?
Christine Duffy 9:08:27 PM
*raises hand*
Factorial 9:08:30 PM
WPRB luminaries fer sure!!
Jon Solomon 9:08:31 PM
One of the top five Loaf bands, easy.
Bo 9:08:38 PM
Both hands raised like I'm under arrest!
Jon Solomon 9:09:49 PM
Heat, Meat, Renaldo and the, Archers of...?
Charlie Lewis 9:09:51 PM
Lust for loaf
Mike Lupica (host) 9:10:14 PM
Jon Solomon 9:10:25 PM
Archers of This Heatloaf.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:10:48 PM
Contacting the admin.
Bo 9:11:02 PM
@Charlie LMIAO!!!
Jon Solomon 9:11:08 PM
Time for me to exit for the night, but great to "see" you all. Unless I've been banned from the chat in which case only the admins can see this...
Christine Duffy 9:11:20 PM
I love when the chat goes off the rails
Factorial 9:11:30 PM
night, jon!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:11:33 PM
Thanks for hangin' out, Jon!
Jon Solomon 9:11:43 PM
Will need to hear more about The Disturbed session tapes tomorrow, please...
Christine Duffy 9:11:56 PM
Goodnight, Jon! Thanks for your show tonight 🌟
Bo 9:12:41 PM
See ya Jon!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:13:10 PM
Jon, if you can pound another espresso and stay awake, the details will be revealed after the next song.
Bo 9:13:13 PM
@Mike, battin' a thousand tonight dude!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:14:10 PM
Thanks Bo! I know you were feelin' this one last week. I am OVER THE MOON with this Arlo Parks record.
Charlie Lewis 9:14:39 PM
yeah, i gotta seek it out
Charlie Lewis 9:14:54 PM
she's def the best of the female recording artists named arlo
Mike Lupica (host) 9:15:45 PM
Arloaf. Wait, is Jon still here?
Charlie Lewis 9:16:03 PM
lol arloaf
Bo 9:18:32 PM
@Mike, Ron Ashton's little sister has a new single out BTW!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:18:45 PM
Bo, how long have I been sleeping?
Bo 9:19:35 PM
Where's my giant fork?!
jimbeaudelaire 9:21:20 PM
not a band (that I know of), but don't forget Sweat Loaf by the *hole Surfers
Charlie Lewis 9:23:21 PM
Aw, shucks, now you got me crying, Mike
Christine Duffy 9:24:10 PM
Arlo Parks is a young, tremendous talent, no lie. Her music packs an emotional punch!
Factorial 9:24:43 PM
yeah, i thought that mention of the pop o pies reissue was someone being funny
Bo 9:25:41 PM
Who is Joe?
Chris Mohr 9:26:33 PM
Just tuned in. Can't believe I missed "Dying of Boredom"!
Chris Mohr 9:27:51 PM
I was still in high school when that came out. VEEERRY popular on WPRB of that era!
Chris Mohr 9:28:07 PM
Factorial 9:28:58 PM
i'm on the edge of my seat
Chris Mohr 9:30:04 PM
Go Ken Katkin!
Space Cowboy 9:31:19 PM
ok im cating up 1. did a fat boys guy die? 2.wait what is kims is it a record store I havwen been to?
jimbeaudelaire 9:31:24 PM
Space Cowboy 9:31:27 PM
Factorial 9:31:54 PM
@space cowboy - yah, Kim's was an epic record store in nyc
Chris Mohr 9:31:57 PM
Factorial 9:32:04 PM
sadly no more :(
Space Cowboy 9:32:17 PM
welp i guessed i missed that one
I’m asleep 💤
Factorial 9:33:18 PM
ugh man i love this album
Space Cowboy 9:33:35 PM
whaddya mean judgment free zone im judgey just in a good way
Christine Duffy 9:33:44 PM
Hi, Space Cowboy! 1.) Yes, and 2.) I'm unsure, never having been there,
Space Cowboy 9:33:54 PM
@ factorial - did you really just go f it I'm just gonna buy these records
Space Cowboy 9:34:22 PM
@ christine in reagrds to number one --- nooooooooooo! ( falls to knees and looks at the sky )
Space Cowboy 9:34:57 PM
i guess you have to expect " fat boys" to die young
jimbeaudelaire 9:34:58 PM
hey you. be almost all you can be...as much as possible. if you can. or not, no worries.
Factorial 9:35:20 PM
@space cowboy -yes. i was like 20? too intimidated by the vibe to re-file the ones i couldn't afford. too many esoteric record subdivisions and such. so i just spent all my money and didn't eat for the rest of the weekend i was there
Space Cowboy 9:36:18 PM
@ factoral jesus--thats so funny dam intimidating hipsters
Christine Duffy 9:36:25 PM
Yeah! Chicken Run! 🇿🇼
jimbeaudelaire 9:36:47 PM
hostile record store tactic...jam so many records in a bin that you can't browse and when you manage to pull one out you have to buy it because you can't jam it in place
Space Cowboy 9:36:59 PM
@ jim a much more mellow version of the army ? recruitment saying
Space Cowboy 9:37:25 PM
@ jim hipster bastards and thier marketing tricks
Mike Lupica (host) 9:37:31 PM
@Christine, they instantly improve everything, amirite?
jimbeaudelaire 9:37:45 PM
this is a low-key aspirational pantry
Space Cowboy 9:38:27 PM
also who the hell named frankie and the witch fingers - great band but ..
Mike Lupica (host) 9:38:28 PM
Damn, just realized I forgot to do this week's fanzine letter section reading. Next mic break.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:39:30 PM
@Space Cowboy, I know. It takes everything I'm made of not to call them Frankie & the Witch FYNDERS, which is a nod to a NWOBHM band name.
Christine Duffy 9:39:48 PM
'Zine letter-reading is getting to be one of my favorite parts of the show.
I agree and concur
Mike Lupica (host) 9:40:53 PM
You will be PLEASED with tonight's selection.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:41:12 PM
I will now show off the cover for the webcam.
Space Cowboy 9:42:11 PM
uh oh this is the trip out part of the show --ii,,, i,, i,, can see into the future
Mike Lupica (host) 9:43:16 PM
Not quite yet... I'm still running on ill-advised mid-afternoon coffee.
Charlie Lewis 9:44:23 PM
nighttime freeform radio runs on ill-advised mid-afternoon coffee
Chris Mohr 9:48:29 PM
Just catching up to Hallelujah Chicken Run Band. New to me but the internet tells me Thomas Mapfumo was a member!
Chris Mohr 9:49:39 PM
Also I don't know You.Kids.Today can be on the radio AND post your play list AND be in the chat. Makes me nervous just thinking of it. Bad enough to get phone calls right when you were about to do a mic break.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:51:24 PM
@Chris, I am also on a hoverboard right now.
Chris Mohr 9:51:50 PM
I can see that via the Pantry Cam!
Charlie Lewis 9:52:03 PM
Andy Warhol's movies foretold webcams by 50 years. Discuss.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:52:50 PM
Charlie, I had to watch "Empire" for the film class I took in college. Fell asleep. So you may be on to something...
Chris Mohr 9:53:35 PM
Is that a WPRB 75th anniversary poster on your wall, Mike?
Mike Lupica (host) 9:53:51 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:55:09 PM
Malc, more 8th grade schoolbus jamz.
Chris Mohr 9:55:18 PM
Classy! (Poster, that is.) (And DJ CHEESE, too.)
Charlie Lewis 9:55:30 PM
haha. those films are soporifics. and there was no dj.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:56:15 PM
No love for the AOD, Yuppicide, Jonathan Richman Ween, and Big Nurse flyers that adorn the same wall??!
Chris Mohr 9:56:56 PM
It's ALL good. It was just a question of clarification.
Christine Duffy 9:57:18 PM
It's a bit dark in the Doomsday Pantry, so it's difficult to appreciate the décor.
Chris Mohr 9:57:54 PM
That's right, it's dark! And I'm an old and my eyes aren't what they used to be.
Charlie Lewis 9:59:58 PM
I blasted the first Run DMC album on my cassette walkman while walking and riding the subway in nyc many many times
Andrew Gruen 10:02:04 PM
this is giving me flashbacks to so many bar mitzvahs
Space Cowboy 10:05:39 PM
ahh the big taco truck payoff
Chris Mohr 10:07:38 PM
15 miles south?? From where, Hillsborough?
Charlie Lewis 10:08:14 PM
That's some radio fan dedication there.
Factorial 10:09:51 PM
especially if that is a crew of skater girls from philly
Charlie Lewis 10:10:37 PM
sk8tr gurlz rule
Factorial 10:11:08 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:11:19 PM
wear a helmet when skateboarding 🛹 and roller skating 🛼🛼
Chris Mohr 10:11:26 PM
Any Cyanamid reviews?
Christine Duffy 10:11:54 PM
Protect your skeleton & skull, right MrM? 💀
Chris Mohr 10:12:20 PM
No, really, I was there! I was there!
Factorial 10:12:58 PM
this is the perfect wheelhouse of everything i love
Space Cowboy 10:13:43 PM
what was that little magazine out of Jenkintown? -- also great song
Space Cowboy 10:13:50 PM
Bo 10:13:57 PM
@Mike, I am sooo proud of you for saying Butt Hole Surfers! :)
Charlie Lewis 10:14:05 PM
Gotta hit the sack. Thank you for your service, Mike!
Bo 10:15:13 PM
Pretty Things kick ass!!!
Bo 10:15:36 PM
Or they did!
Daveyglad Neversad 10:16:26 PM
i had a whole thing to talk about your last reading you're playn the pretty things
Corage Mike 10:17:27 PM
Great Show!
Corage Mike 10:19:26 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:22:05 PM
@Space Cowboy, this may be the cue you were anticipating earlier.
jimbeaudelaire 10:24:35 PM
pretty things > saints > waitresses sequence is the stuff of legends
Mike Lupica (host) 10:25:17 PM
Bo 10:27:54 PM
@jimbeaudelaire Totally!
Chris Mohr 10:33:41 PM
Fun show, Mike -- gotta dash -- have a good night!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:34:29 PM
Thanks Chris, don't be a stranger!
Factorial 10:39:55 PM
Robert Plant consistently surprises me
Factorial 10:40:10 PM
oh wait
Factorial 10:40:22 PM
i misread that as Robert Palmer
Factorial 10:40:40 PM
who is who i meant by being consistently surprised by
Mike Lupica (host) 10:40:54 PM
No apologies. I have always loved this record.
jimbeaudelaire 10:43:41 PM
Those Roberts are always surprising me, too. Late night, walking the dog...who but ROBERT pops out of the bushes.
Factorial 10:44:08 PM
sneaking sally through the alley, asitwere
jimbeaudelaire 10:45:06 PM
Yes, tho always impeccably coiffed.
Bo 10:45:21 PM
This guy's a piss!
Bo 10:45:39 PM
jimbeaudelaire 10:46:57 PM
Orville is fascinating!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:47:31 PM
Agree. He's great. The only guy on earth who could get me jamming to Shania Twain.
Factorial 10:47:32 PM
well pit crew, it's been real
Factorial 10:47:45 PM
oh wait
Factorial 10:47:54 PM
reigning sound can't go
Mike Lupica (host) 10:48:21 PM
Bo 10:48:51 PM
Damn Skippy you can't!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:49:55 PM
Factorial, I assume you will have a similar sentiment for Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys.
Bo 10:50:08 PM
This band didn't get their just dues!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:51:40 PM
But... but... but!!!!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:52:27 PM
Bo 10:53:04 PM
2nd time today hearing Bob Wills :)
Mike Lupica (host) 10:53:17 PM
We have now gone FULL SHMALTZ.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:54:06 PM
This has been another EXCELLENT show by DJ MikeLupica even though he never remembers to only refer to me as MrMalcontent or MrM. Who is “Malc”?!? Kind regards to you, Sir!!!
Bo 10:54:15 PM
That's Rich!
jimbeaudelaire 10:54:24 PM
Did you steal my parents' rekkids???
flex luthor 10:55:04 PM
wow the mood whiplash is gonna be real tonight
Bo 10:55:09 PM
Echo, echo!
Christine Duffy 10:55:22 PM
Christine Duffy 10:56:06 PM
MAX schmaltz
Bo 10:56:51 PM
@Mike that's the best, wish I'd bore witness %-)
Alia Palumbo (1) 10:58:09 PM
@Mike thank you for a great evening! Since you moved to Wednesday night I haven’t gotten to tune in, but tonight’s been awesome!
Alia Palumbo (1) 10:58:27 PM
Sweet dreams everyone
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:58:36 PM
Cheers Dears!! 🖤💀
Bo 10:59:07 PM
Thanks Mike, brilliant show as per ...!
Andrew Gruen 10:59:24 PM
thanks for the meandering journey tonight
Bo 10:59:33 PM
Slainte everybody!
Christine Duffy 10:59:37 PM
Alia Palumbo (1) 10:59:52 PM
Fuck fascist!
Bo 11:00:21 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 11:00:42 PM
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