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The Sprawl

Feb 25, 2021 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

With Mickey

Episode 481

The Sprawl
3:00 PM
MF Doom - All Spice
MF Doom All Spice
Special Herbs Vol. 2 Metal Face/High Times 2002
3:03 PM
The Badakhshan Ensemble - Rapo
The Badakhshan Ensemble Rapo
Music of Central Asia, Vol. 5: Song and Dance from the Pamir Mountains Smithsonian Folkways 2007
Recorded in 2005
3:07 PM
Machito - Tin Tin Deo
Machito Tin Tin Deo
Kenya Roulette 1957
3:10 PM
Skelethal - Antropomorphia
Skelethal Antropomorphia
Unveiling the Threshold Hells Headbangers 2020
3:14 PM
Lucrecia Dalt - No Era Sólida
Lucrecia Dalt No Era Sólida
No Era Sólida RVNG Intl. 2020
3:23 PM
King Crimson - Fracture
King Crimson Fracture
Starless and Bible Black Island/Atlantic 1974
3:34 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:37 PM
"Blue" Gene Tyranny - A Letter from Home
"Blue" Gene Tyranny A Letter from Home
Out of the Blue Lovely Music, Ltd. 1978
Kathy Morton, narration
4:03 PM
The Jimmy Knepper Quintet - Cunningbird
The Jimmy Knepper Quintet Cunningbird
Debut Rarities, Vol. 1 V/A Debut/OJC 1992
Originally Recorded & Released in 1957
4:07 PM
Ace Frehley - Snow Blind
Ace Frehley Snow Blind
Ace Frehley Casablanca 1978
4:11 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:14 PM
Black Sabbath - Snowblind
Black Sabbath Snowblind
Vol. 4 Warner Bros. 1972
4:19 PM
Spirit Free - Isis Unveiled
Spirit Free Isis Unveiled
Plays Starship Vega Sound/* 1971
Live at the UNLV Jazz Festival, 5/14/71
4:28 PM
The Master Drummers of Dagbon - Gaabiti Zamanduniya
The Master Drummers of Dagbon Gaabiti Zamanduniya
Master Drummers of Dagbon, Vol. 1 Rounder 1985
4:34 PM
Steve Reich - Electric Counterpoint: I. Fast
Steve Reich Electric Counterpoint: I. Fast
Radio Rewrite Nonesuch 2014
Performed by Jonny Greenwood
4:42 PM
Roughriders Troupe - Peliatan Night Walk/Gamelan Rehearsal 1 & 2
Roughriders Troupe Peliatan Night Walk/Gamelan Rehearsal 1 & 2
Night Recordings From Bali V/A Sublime Frequencies 2003
Recorded in 1989
4:46 PM
Maria Teresa Luciani - Traffico Caotico
Maria Teresa Luciani Traffico Caotico
Free Jazz Le Monde/Cinedelic 1972
4:50 PM
Mt Gemini - Long Shot Kick the Bucket
Mt Gemini Long Shot Kick the Bucket
Just Like a River (Yannick Franck Presents Mt Gemini) Sub Rosa 2019
4:57 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:59 PM
Meade "Lux" Lewis - Honky Tonk Train Blues
Meade "Lux" Lewis Honky Tonk Train Blues
Single A-Side Victor 1936
Chat is archived.
Mickey (host) 3:03:44 PM
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 3:04:25 PM
esoterica 3:06:16 PM
'sup mick!
esoterica 3:06:22 PM
hi dave!
esoterica 3:06:39 PM
do people call you mick ever? haha
Mickey (host) 3:06:58 PM
Yes, usually men.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 3:07:36 PM
👋🏽 DJ Esoterica!
esoterica 3:08:05 PM
well, let me be the first womyn!
esoterica 3:08:09 PM
hey dave!
Mickey (host) 3:08:46 PM
At least when I was a kid, it seemed like dudes had at hard time calling Mickey. Some tried "Mike". Fascinating.
esoterica 3:09:13 PM
yes it is! i love this tune
Mickey (host) 3:11:14 PM
Thanks, great hearing The Syn on the radio.
Mickey (host) 3:12:07 PM
Dave, I enjoyed the Chick Corea career survey last week. Thanks for that.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 3:12:53 PM
Glad you enjoyed it. And only 1 duplicate song.
esoterica 3:12:55 PM
hey thx, mickey!
Mickey (host) 3:13:55 PM
I'm about to play Lucrecia Dalt, Erica. I didn't know about the outtakes thing. Thanks for that!
esoterica 3:14:52 PM
esoterica 3:14:56 PM
and sure thing!
esoterica 3:15:57 PM
i am going to ask a dumb question. is RVNG pronounced like "roving"?
Mark 3:17:10 PM
Man I gotta resign myself that I’ll never get any work done on thursday :)
esoterica 3:17:17 PM
this is a cool song
Mickey (host) 3:19:08 PM
I've been saying "Revenge", but I really don't know.
esoterica 3:19:26 PM
i have to roll! bummer! have a great show:)
Mickey (host) 3:19:45 PM
Just made myself laugh, cuz why would I assume it's revenge. roving sounds good too.
esoterica 3:19:47 PM
hmm makes sense, mickey! hah
Mickey (host) 3:20:13 PM
Later Erica, thanks.
esoterica 3:20:24 PM
I KNOW IT'S FUNNY WHERE THE MIND GGOS AND MAKES SENSE OF STUFf (caps were an accident but kind of humorous so kept)
esoterica 3:20:38 PM
i really need to eat! haha
Mark 3:21:36 PM
lucrecia described as a trained geologist thus it was not solid is aptly named ;)
Mickey (host) 3:21:54 PM
ok, from an article: pronunciation, even at the label itself is debatable, advising us to “please consult the cosmos”—though most go with “revenge”
Mickey (host) 3:22:13 PM
so i guessed right-ish.
Mickey (host) 3:22:32 PM
Mark, she's a fascinating person.
Mark 3:22:33 PM
We lose the stream ?
Mickey (host) 3:22:44 PM
i still hear it.
Mark 3:23:38 PM
Ok I restarted / amazing radio station:)
esoterica 3:24:33 PM
that is cool, mickey! revenge it is!
the_dude 3:24:39 PM
Killer segue!
Mickey (host) 3:25:15 PM
Thanks, dude. I am pleased with myself.
Mark 3:25:59 PM
Almost time for follow up to ur 50 year retrospective/ not sure i can wait till the 75 retro:)
Brian D 3:27:42 PM
Lisa 3:27:46 PM
Really enjoying this set, though I'm afraid I may have damaged my headphones turning it up so loud when this Crimso track kicked in
Mickey (host) 3:28:52 PM
This is a speaker breaker for sure, Lisa.
the_dude 3:29:41 PM
No problemo Mickey! And speaker breaker, I like that
Brian D 3:36:23 PM
Ha. Shh-Boom warped in background
Mark 3:42:07 PM
What’s the back story on this amazing sound / 78? How do i have no idea about it ?!
Mickey (host) 3:44:11 PM
Mark, an interesting character named "Blue" Gene Tyranny: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_Tyranny
Mickey (host) 3:46:22 PM
He plays the piano a lot of those Robert Ashley Perfect Lives records.
Mark 3:48:22 PM
Wow RIP Robert Scheff/ just read the nyt December obit :( :(
Mark 3:49:41 PM
I am moved by this beyond words
Mickey (host) 3:51:52 PM
Glad you like it Mark. I recorded the show during the last snowstorm, and this went well with that.
Mickey (host) 3:53:48 PM
The rest of this album, "Out of The Blue" is real good and eclectic. It starts with a ballad and gets into some James Brown territory.
Mark 3:58:15 PM
Just amazing / he was an iggy collaborator/ hope u heard esoterica interview earlier there was a funny iggy story told ;)
Mickey (host) 3:58:51 PM
Didn't get to hear that.
Mark 4:00:25 PM
Just wow i really don’t know what u can flow this into / thanks so much - truly the worlds greatest station
Mickey (host) 4:00:58 PM
Thanks Mark. I/we make it work.
Brian D 4:02:54 PM
That was a journey
Mickey (host) 4:05:49 PM
And now it's time for the midshow "who's reading what?" survey. Who's reading what?
Mickey (host) 4:08:08 PM
Again, this show was recorded during the storm the other day.
Mickey (host) 4:10:31 PM
No one is reading, everyone is digging the riff. I appreciate this.
the_dude 4:14:24 PM
Nothing new since last week,m unfortunately, also, what was that about the snow blind name issue?
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 4:14:34 PM
I can barely keep up with my Harpers and Atlantic magazines.
Mickey (host) 4:15:56 PM
Dave, that made me chuckle. Did you just make a political statement?
Brian D 4:16:32 PM
Finished a quick re read of Elmore Leonard's 'Killshot" the other day. Reading a CSNY rock bio now. Lined up some classics and the Ministry/ Al Jourgensen bio. And John (-ny rotten) Lydon bio
Mickey (host) 4:16:37 PM
Vol. 4 was supposed to be called Snowblind. Warners' front office got the reference and nixed it at the last minute.
Mickey (host) 4:17:07 PM
Nice, Brian.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 4:17:14 PM
No statement. As much as I like to read, those magazines are about all I can manage, No time for fiction.
Brian D 4:17:58 PM
"Classics" include Heart of Darkness; Sun Also Rises.
the_dude 4:18:17 PM
Keeping up with the world can be a full time endeavor! And thanks , funny they let the song stay then
Brian D 4:18:38 PM
Sabbath Organ!
Mickey (host) 4:18:48 PM
I'm about halfway through "The City in the Autumn Stars" by Michael Moorcock. Still working on the HUGE "Children of Ash & Elm" about Viking era Scandinavia.
Mark 4:42:54 PM
Speaking of music books I’m about to retry reading Nancy Spungen’s mom book next week/ had to put it aside last week because so disturbing :(/ never knew until late last year she was from Philly area
Mickey (host) 4:43:44 PM
I knew she was from the area, didn't know there was a book. I can imagine it's a mess.
Brian D 4:45:58 PM
Okay ma! I'll take out the trash cans! After i bang on them for a while....
Mark 4:46:07 PM
It’s an out of print from the 80s i had to get the mt airey indie store to order for me Look up the background on Debra Spungen/ an incredible woman
Mark 4:47:03 PM
She just released a book a couple years ago at age of 82 and did an author event at this book store!
Mark 4:48:41 PM
Lizbot has mentioned forming a virtual book club in her chat :)
Mickey (host) 4:49:55 PM
I like seeing what people are up to.
Brian D 4:51:06 PM
Place yer bets....
Mark 4:51:51 PM
Call to post ... !
Mickey (host) 4:52:01 PM
Brace yer pets
Mickey (host) 4:52:34 PM
Are you guys all working right now?
Brian D 4:53:14 PM
Yes. About to clock out!
Mickey (host) 4:53:35 PM
Congrats Brian
Mark 4:53:41 PM
Haha Thursday is tough day to get work done / WPRB too compelling a listen:)
Brian D 4:54:40 PM
well deserved. Got a lot done despite a night of less sleep.
Brian D 4:55:47 PM
Yeah Mark. One eye on chat one eye on work screen all Thurs. Both ears in on the prb
Mark 4:56:12 PM
Haha great multitasking on ur part !:)
Mickey (host) 4:56:53 PM
3-5 on Thursday means I gotta type in the playlist, make sure none of you are nazis, and figure out dinner.
Mark 4:57:59 PM
Last 5 hours of listening have been fantastic & now lizbot 🤖 still to go ! Thanks for blue gene tyranny!
Brian D 4:58:14 PM
See y'all. Good tunes Mickey
Mickey (host) 4:58:53 PM
You bet Mark. Thanks everybody. Please proceed to Lizbot's place.
Bud Burroughs 4:59:45 PM
Great music to work to, as usual!
Mickey (host) 4:59:57 PM
Thanks Bud.