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Roll the Dice

Feb 27, 2021 7:00 AM โ€“ 10:00 AM

With Hanna


Yo ho ho & a bottle o coconut water - this one goes out to all y'all people - I see Ya contemplating

Roll the Dice
7:09 AM
Herbie Mann - In Tangier / Paradise Beach
Herbie Mann In Tangier / Paradise Beach
Stone Flute Rhino Atlantic 1970
7:17 AM
Herbie Mann - Flying
Herbie Mann Flying
Stone Flute Rhino Atlantic 1970
7:22 AM
Herbie Mann - Don't You Know the Way (How I Feel About You)
Herbie Mann Don't You Know the Way (How I Feel About You)
Stone Flute Rhino Atlantic 1970
7:27 AM
JEFF the Brotherhood - Focus on the Magick
JEFF the Brotherhood Focus on the Magick
Magick Songs 2018
7:30 AM
Labi Siffre - Come On Michael
Labi Siffre Come On Michael
Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying Edsel 1972
7:40 AM
William Onyeabor - Body and Soul
William Onyeabor Body and Soul
Body and Soul Luaka Bop 2014
7:48 AM
William Onyeabor - The Way to Win Your Love
William Onyeabor The Way to Win Your Love
Body and Soul Luaka Bop 2014
7:53 AM
Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
Sylvester You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
Step II 1978
8:01 AM
Set Break: ------------------i speak for 15 minutes--------------------

Patrick Cowley - Seven Sacred Pools - School Daze - Dark Entries. 2013.

8:15 AM
Tribo Massรกhi - A Side
Tribo Massรกhi A Side
Estrelando Embaixador River's 1971
8:49 AM
Syl Johnson, David August - Is It Because I'm Black - Live Reconstruction
Syl Johnson, David August Is It Because I'm Black - Live Reconstruction
- -
Original Song - Syl Johnson. Magnificent Reworking: by David August
9:01 AM
Syl Johnson - Anyway the Wind Blows
Syl Johnson Anyway the Wind Blows
Demon 2000
9:08 AM
Hugh Mundell - Africa Must Be Free By 1983
Hugh Mundell Africa Must Be Free By 1983
Africa Must Be Free By 1983 Greensleeves Records 2017
9:12 AM
Set Break: ------------django---monsr.---oiseau----------------


9:37 AM
Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice It's Alright
Bob Dylan Don't Think Twice It's Alright
9:43 AM
Telly Savalas - If
Telly Savalas If
9:45 AM
Joan Baez - Barbry Allen
Joan Baez Barbry Allen
9:50 AM
NEMB (Non-Erotic Male Bonding) - The Middle Room
NEMB (Non-Erotic Male Bonding) The Middle Room
7" Green Records 1981
Chat is archived.
Hanna (host) 7:08:41 AM
meine liebling listeners - <3 - how about dat?
Mark 7:12:03 AM
good morning show curator/ hopefully an extended set of meditative music:)
Hanna (host) 7:14:29 AM
Hanna (host) 7:14:59 AM
;0 - herbie mann doing all da heavy lifting for more rn
the_dude 7:48:33 AM
A-ok with me right now, good morning! Been listening but too busy to chat!
Brian D 7:48:53 AM
Morning folks
Hanna (host) 7:52:22 AM
guten tag the_dude wilkomen brian d
the_dude 7:55:33 AM
Scientifically impossible to not move along to this right now
Big Al 7:55:57 AM
Good morning everyone!
Hanna (host) 7:56:32 AM
185% the_dude
Hanna (host) 7:56:53 AM
SYLVESTER possesses my SOUL & MAKES ME DANCE !!!!!
Hanna (host) 7:57:15 AM
happy saturday Big Al :D
Brian D 8:05:31 AM
Brian D 8:13:36 AM
Spelled with a "-yck" if yer real real cool
the_dude 8:16:56 AM
Got those radio dj at home during a pandemic blues
the_dude 8:17:00 AM
Still got em
Hanna (host) 8:20:27 AM
Mark 8:23:57 AM
real witches also spell it mystyckal
Hanna (host) 8:24:32 AM
OMG u rite Mark - I cannot with that
Brian D 8:31:31 AM
It's a tryck spelling it lycke that
DJ McSweden 8:40:37 AM
i keep missing jeff the brotherhood, ahhhh
the_dude 8:45:26 AM
Oo so close mcsweden! Gotta work on those dj super powers ๐Ÿ“กโ˜ข๏ธ
DJ McSweden 8:45:56 AM
i keep getting up too late!!
Ossy Hyouka 8:48:59 AM
magburu onwe!!! ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’šโค๏ธโœจโญ Excellent in Igbo!
Hanna (host) 8:51:23 AM
! good to have you Ossy
Hanna (host) 8:51:47 AM
ohyoyoho McSweden - glad you could finally join us
Brian D 8:52:37 AM
Chanting vocals on that Tribo Massahi were a little bit like the ones on Dr John's Night Tripper LP. That's a great spooky lp. The one that has Walk On Guilded Splinters. A voodoo brew of sounds
DJ McSweden 8:53:07 AM
i always am so groggy when i wake up, by the time i realize what day/time it is roll the dice is almost over
DJ McSweden 8:53:46 AM
today was different, i think caffeine helped haha
Hanna (host) 8:54:09 AM
? OMG . How Would You Even Mean That Coffee Wake You Up ?
Hanna (host) 8:54:26 AM
all i want in life is more voodoo brew noise playing 24/7
Ossy Hyouka 8:55:05 AM
๐Ÿ’›โญ๐Ÿ˜Š Always Hannah. Btw, this current song playing sounds like Nina Simone singing
DJ McSweden 8:58:32 AM
caffeine is a magickly chemical!
DJ McSweden 8:59:01 AM
this song is really good, i might steal it for my show >:-)
Hanna (host) 9:00:14 AM
yoooo OSSY fuuuk NINA - not her i dont think - but her VOICE GETS ME EVERY FRICKIN TIME
Hanna (host) 9:00:47 AM
Jon Solomon 9:04:33 AM
Good morning! Have you seen the Syl Johnson documentary? The same people who made the Other Music doc did it. Recommended!
Jon Solomon 9:04:36 AM
Ossy Hyouka 9:05:56 AM
Anything wrong with Nina by the word fuuk LOL? ๐Ÿคฃ
Brian D 9:06:09 AM
Did you stay up a bit late Hanna?
DJ McSweden 9:07:46 AM
was the song at 8:59 part of "is it because i'm black" ?
Brian D 9:08:48 AM
The Fu'uk tribe were a peaceful people
Ossy Hyouka 9:12:01 AM
Brian D - Oh, there's a tribe called fu'uk? Never heard of it I thought it was that "f" word lol, which I had to curiosity ask and that Nina is very still exalted as ever.
Brian D 9:13:07 AM
They lived in the year Eleventy Twelve Overly Eight. In the Specific Ocean. In Squant coloured huts.
the_dude 9:14:59 AM
This guy is great
the_dude 9:15:10 AM
John tobias turned me on to him
Hanna (host) 9:15:19 AM
Brian D 9:15:28 AM
They used a metric time day. But they counted out the seconds in base-seven system. You know for poly rhythms
the_dude 9:15:42 AM
Hanna (host) 9:15:43 AM
bruh poly riddims slap
Brian D 9:15:59 AM
This guy has ten thousand or so songs
Big Al 9:16:06 AM
Ice is cold
the_dude 9:16:12 AM
Literally Brian
Hanna (host) 9:16:17 AM
yah wtf does he have a job??
DJ McSweden 9:16:18 AM
is this the same guy who does the name songs?
Brian D 9:16:23 AM
the_dude 9:16:23 AM
The Princeton one is great
the_dude 9:16:27 AM
And cities!
DJ McSweden 9:16:31 AM
he sounds like the guy who does the "ernie song" lol
Hanna (host) 9:16:31 AM
DJ McSweden 9:16:36 AM
hell yeah
DJ McSweden 9:17:00 AM
this guy just makes a song of every thought that comes through his mind lol
Hanna (host) 9:17:07 AM
Hanna (host) 9:17:15 AM
Jon Solomon 9:17:28 AM
Not a lot of second takes.
Hanna (host) 9:17:33 AM
the_dude 9:17:40 AM
It's a great improv, and like he's clearly reading wikipedia for the cities but it's done so well. Ha no Jon, one and done!
Hanna (host) 9:17:42 AM
DJ McSweden 9:18:18 AM
mist is amazing! and very very nice
Hanna (host) 9:19:01 AM
Brian D 9:19:42 AM
I mentioned to Jon Tobias that he ought to digitally edit his Tobias Tobias Tobias song to Jobriath Jobriath Jobriath and do a glam tribute w that as theme
Brian D 9:21:42 AM
I want to eat Dang rice crisps and listen to Django all day
Hanna (host) 9:21:57 AM
yo fuckin same
Hanna (host) 9:22:03 AM
n eartha
Hanna (host) 9:22:09 AM
all day every day this lady
Ossy Hyouka 9:23:47 AM
I thought this was Josephine Baker singing at first, but found out that it's the lovely "evil" Earth "Yzma" Kitt!
Mark 9:23:58 AM
did ya get that cat yet to name eartha ? :)
Ossy Hyouka 9:25:24 AM
Speaking of cats, Yzma from Empereos New Groove did turn into a cat at the climax at the movie, which Earth was Catwoman back in the day.
Brian D 9:26:15 AM
"It's melting melting melting outside! Melty melt melt in a melt like way. The water is changing its state o yeah! The tiny layer of snow flurries looks like some one badly smeared makeup on top of the dirty snow icebergs ... o yeah!" (Piano and drum machine etc)
Mark 9:29:12 AM
eartha was great catwoman but check out the behind the scene clip that was unearthed last week of michelle pfiefer do a one take CW scene / absolutely amazing !!
Hanna (host) 9:39:17 AM
Brian D 9:40:13 AM
The Zimm! Love this. Fingerpickin good
Pangaeo 9:43:28 AM
B. Waaaaay better than the original
Brian D 9:45:24 AM
Yes! In the third half of his career he hawked lollipops
Hanna (host) 9:46:07 AM
<3 da PICKIN gets me always - I CRY A LOT During That Track - the music video is fantastic on youtube. it is black and white. amazing.
Brian D 9:46:57 AM
This is good but I am biased towards versions that spell it Barbry Allen or such like
Hanna (host) 9:47:20 AM
Hanna (host) 9:47:38 AM
DJ McSweden 9:49:28 AM
was there a track between "is it because im black" and "anyway the wind blows" ? im trying to find that song i wanted to steal lol
Brian D 9:50:02 AM
My Mother was the West Wind. My Father was the sun (son) of a railroad man from east of Hell. Where the trains don't even run.
Brian D 9:52:20 AM
The playlist today requires a sextant, calm waters, clear skies, French language screenplays about Gypsy guitar geniuses that need to grace the stage, brief history of metric time and ummm caffeine
Mark 9:55:57 AM
is it already 10 watch ?/ didnโ€™t realize it was so much watch :)
Brian D 9:56:21 AM
If you press lightly on one eye you may be able to see it on the playlist. Don't try that at home. When the instructions on the packaging state "Open Here" be rebellious, go somewhere else and rip it open smiling victoriously!
Hanna (host) 9:56:55 AM
I Will Double Check What I Played McSweden - There Was A Brief Moment Of Me DJING W/O PLAYLISTING - But I'll Go Through The Show Again - And Write You What It Was
Hanna (host) 9:57:30 AM
wot watch - 10 watch -
DJ McSweden 9:58:08 AM
rogue DJing, NO playlists. playlists are overrated
Hanna (host) 9:58:13 AM
lebanese documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6DT2cRA21Q&list=WL&index=13
DJ McSweden 9:58:17 AM
thank you tho!
Brian D 9:58:27 AM
Mark I'm trying to conver 10am to metric time but I might not have enough....
Hanna (host) 9:58:42 AM
albanian wedding audio + docu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBjxBDm6T4c&list=WL&index=7
Mark 9:58:59 AM
nice show/sound/talk to brighten this grey morning
Hanna (host) 9:59:44 AM
<3 glad to hang together e'er-body
Hanna (host) 10:00:03 AM
honestly i needed this too - gonna be chill today n gonna take a nap
Brian D 10:00:17 AM
Hanna great time. Take a vitamin B but don't let them make it so complex