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Weird Old America

Mar 1, 2021 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

With Dylan Fox

Weird Old America
3:00 PM
Marianne Faithfull - It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Marianne Faithfull It's All Over Now Baby Blue Bob Dylan
Rich Kid Blues
3:05 PM
Lead Belly - Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Lead Belly Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Lead Belly
Good Night Irene 1965
3:08 PM
Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Nirvana Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Traditional
MTV Unplugged In New York (Live) Geffen 2019
3:13 PM
The Kossoy Sisters - In the Pines
The Kossoy Sisters In the Pines Traditional
Bowling Green and Other Folk Songs from the Southern Mountains
3:16 PM
Wanda Davis - Where Did You Sleep Last Night
Wanda Davis Where Did You Sleep Last Night Wanda Davis
Where Did You Sleep Last Night - Single Secret Stash Records 2013
3:20 PM
Grateful Dead - In the Pines (Live In San Francisco 1966)
Grateful Dead In the Pines (Live In San Francisco 1966) Traditional
Complete Live Rarities Collection Grateful Dead/Rhino 2013
3:25 PM
Doc Watson - In The Pines
Doc Watson In The Pines Traditional
Doc's Guitar HHO 2017
3:27 PM
Loretta Lynn - In the Pines
Loretta Lynn In the Pines Traditional
Full Circle
3:30 PM
Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys - In the Pines
Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys In the Pines Traditional
The Essential Bill Monroe & The Monroe Brothers 1989
3:38 PM
Lucrecia Dalt - Mono
Lucrecia Dalt Mono Lucrecia Dalt N
No Era Sólida (Outtakes) - EP RVNG INTL. 2021
3:41 PM
The Rajasthan Express - Junun Brass
The Rajasthan Express Junun Brass The Rajasthan Express
3:45 PM
Odetta - Gallows Tree
Odetta Gallows Tree Odetta
At the Gate of Horn Everest Records 1957
3:47 PM
Reverend Gary Davis - Death Don't Have No Mercy
Reverend Gary Davis Death Don't Have No Mercy Reverend Gary Davis
Harlem Street Singer (Remastered) Fantasy Records 1992
3:52 PM
Led Zeppelin - The Battle of Evermore
Led Zeppelin The Battle of Evermore Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV (Remastered) Rhino Atlantic 1971
4:02 PM
Mark Feldman - Unbound
Mark Feldman Unbound Mark Feldman N
Sounding Point Intakt Records 2021
4:07 PM
Club Soda - It's Electric
Club Soda It's Electric N
Club Soda s/r 2021
4:08 PM
Townes Van Zandt - Dead Flowers
Townes Van Zandt Dead Flowers Townes Van Zandt
Roadsongs Fat Possum 2018
4:13 PM
Aaron Diehl - Broadway Boogie Woogie
Aaron Diehl Broadway Boogie Woogie Aaron Diehl
Space, Time, Continuum
4:15 PM
The Original Dixieland Five & Nick LaRocca - Tiger Rag
The Original Dixieland Five & Nick LaRocca Tiger Rag The Original Dixieland Five
The Complete Original Dixieland Jazz Band (1917-1936) RCA Records Label 1992
4:18 PM
Miles Davis - In a Silent Way
Miles Davis In a Silent Way Miles Davis
In a Silent Way Columbia/Legacy 1969
4:39 PM
Chris Watson - El Divisadero
Chris Watson El Divisadero Chris Watson
El Tren Fantasma Touch 2011
4:44 PM
Francisco López - Qal'at Abd'al-Salam: VI. Horses
Francisco López Qal'at Abd'al-Salam: VI. Horses Francisco Lopez
Francisco López: Through the Looking Glass KAIROS 2009
4:57 PM
The Beatles - Sun King
The Beatles Sun King The Beatles
Abbey Road (2019 Mix) UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2019
Chat is archived.
Dylan (host) 3:01:30 PM
Brian D 3:02:16 PM
Yonder stands the chat
Dylan (host) 3:03:04 PM
Imagine someone handing you this song and they ask what you what you think about it
“It’s fine enough”
sounded FuZzY
Dylan (host) 3:06:33 PM
One of the first people to see the lyrics to The Times They Are A Changin (not the best Dylan song but it makes liberal grandparents happy) said "what is this bullshit." Bob Responded, "I don't know, people seem to like it."
Dylan (host) 3:06:54 PM
It rains and often floods in my home town in the spring
DJ McSweden 3:07:06 PM
will we hear the nirvana version? that and lead belly's are my favs
Dylan (host) 3:07:31 PM
Just wait a lil bit
DJ McSweden 3:07:40 PM
I agree and concur with DJ McSweden
Dylan (host) 3:08:20 PM
It's like the most famous one (being Cobain's last public performance), so you can't not play it.
Dylan (host) 3:09:17 PM
The video of it online is really great because it shows what happens right before and right after the song. Really kind of moving knowing this is the last time this will ever happen.
jimbeaudelaire 3:09:44 PM
Mark Lanegan from Screaming Trees does a version on his first solo album. Deeeeeep voice.
Brian D 3:09:48 PM
1st I ever heard it was a pre Grateful Dead (when they were acoustic bluegrass / jugband ) band recording back in the cassette tape trading days. Listed as In The Pines on the tape
DJ McSweden 3:10:07 PM
cobain version time
I’m cry
DJ McSweden 3:10:22 PM
i know this just by the first few strums lol
Dylan (host) 3:10:27 PM
Brian D out here is a seer
DJ McSweden 3:10:44 PM
i listened to nirvana/kurt cobain every single day in my senior year of high school haha
Brian D 3:10:52 PM
Peeks over Dylan's shoulder...
Dylan (host) 3:11:59 PM
Haven't listened a lot to nirvana since high school but did have an argument with my barber when he called the a one-hit wonder
DJ McSweden 3:11:59 PM
i love the one part when kurt sings it while straining his voice a lot
DJ McSweden 3:12:34 PM
one hit wonder to POSERS
Dylan (host) 3:13:05 PM
It was like when Seinfeld met Larry King
for realz?
Dylan (host) 3:13:46 PM
Brian D 3:15:09 PM
Rolling Stone magazine used to have these Rockwell esque art depictions of rock artists. One of the best was a classroom setting w schoolboy versions of Bob Dylan (front row) and Springsteen, Petty, Cougar Mellencamp all sitting behind in same row each craning their necks to peek over Dylan's shoulder
DJ McSweden 3:15:37 PM
haha @dylan's video
Dylan (host) 3:16:17 PM
Brian: Link
will watch after show
I like this cover
this one has a nice vibe too
Dylan (host) 3:22:28 PM
We're always trying for good vibes
Brian D 3:23:02 PM
oh i had this version too. 1966 electric this is
Brian D 3:24:50 PM
Also the aforementioned acoustic jugband version. You can hear the House of New Orleans verse parallels in these last couple versions.
Dylan (host) 3:25:28 PM
The beautiful thing about folk music is the interconnected worlds of the music
Brian D 3:25:51 PM
Yep. The folk process. Never ending
I’m glad you put this together, DJ DylanFox! I’ve always luvd this song with the different names.
Dylan (host) 3:26:51 PM
Well, it did end when the phonograph was invented.
Brian D 3:27:23 PM
Oh so glad you put the Doc major key banjo version on too!
Hallvard Halrgar 3:27:41 PM
Were you ever involved with WHRW or the 607at all
Dylan (host) 3:27:58 PM
Dylan (host) 3:28:13 PM
Didn't get on radio until college
Dave Leafey 3:28:22 PM
which is the original
Dylan (host) 3:28:37 PM
There is no original
Hallvard Halrgar 3:28:39 PM
Kopy, good music, keep it up
Brian D 3:28:42 PM
Oh i can assure you it's still going on in living rooms, stages, campgrounds etc
Dave Leafey 3:29:16 PM
somebody had to do it first
Brian D 3:29:33 PM
Not necessarily.
Dylan (host) 3:30:04 PM
But the process of music recording crystalizes the song. You're doing Leadbelly's or somebody else's, not the song itself
Brian D 3:30:18 PM
The folk process involves taking a story and retelling it. Town to town, porch to porch etc
Dylan (host) 3:30:23 PM
Dave, it's the homer dilemma
Dave Leafey 3:31:15 PM
thank you sir
Dylan (host) 3:32:00 PM
Don't call me sir, that's my ex (joke)
Brian D 3:32:01 PM
The idea of "original " and "copyright" involves record companies, publishing, contracts etc
Dave Leafey 3:32:03 PM
love them all
Brian D 3:32:12 PM
Dylan (host) 3:32:51 PM
The one currently playing was at first comparably popular to Lead Belly's
Brian D 3:33:22 PM
Mr Monroe. (That's M'nroe not MONroe)
Brian D 3:33:51 PM
Great biography on Mr Monroe
Brian D 3:34:27 PM
"Can't You Hear Me Calling..." long title
March Fools!
No idea
Couldn’t tell you
Is this the survey?
Dylan (host) 3:36:39 PM
This is not the survey
I’m busy that day
Brian D 3:36:56 PM
Ides might've known
Dylan (host) 3:37:21 PM
Brian D 3:37:46 PM
Aha thanks for link Dylan
Brian D 3:38:54 PM
Archive dot org has the stuff
Dylan (host) 3:44:56 PM
Junun is one of my favorite albums
Brian D 3:45:52 PM
There are some shows from 1970 and also from 1980 where the GD perform some entirely acoustic sets. Originals and some traditional folk songs & country songs honoring their jugband and bluegrass roots. Those shows would be good toe dip in water entry points Dylan
Brian D 3:46:31 PM
Yeah Junun is so great!
Junun was a good time!
Dylan (host) 3:46:54 PM
It's like with Bob where there is so much material that's hard to grasp
Brian D 3:47:24 PM
Yes. And well documented fortunately
Brian D 3:48:15 PM
Those 2 specific years 1970 and 1980 btw (not decades)
Dylan (host) 3:48:44 PM
Didn't Jerry also do a bunch of bluegrass?
Ookla the Mok 3:48:48 PM
most people would say try Barton Hall 1977 but there are better shows
Ookla the Mok 3:49:24 PM
I think Dicks Picks 3 is a good starting point for n00b
Ookla the Mok 3:50:24 PM
70-71 is a fertile period..as is 73-74. 1972 is my favorite year. You get the Europe tour then the Dead return home to crush the remaining Fall-Winter 72 shows
Brian D 3:50:29 PM
Oh yes! Before GD he was strictly folk & bluegrass. Great banjo player. Then in the 1970s he was in a side bluegrass band. Then he reconnected with David Grisman in the 90s and did it some more
Dylan (host) 3:51:14 PM
Ken Kesey comin at ya
Brian D 3:52:23 PM
I regret that he did not take a break from GD and do more acoustic performing in later years. The Grisman reunion 90s years never toured the Eastern USA
Ookla the Mok 3:52:38 PM
Jerry Garcia Band is some GREAT stuff. Anything he did with Merl is aces. Reconstruction is a short-lived band that was my fav side project
Brian D 3:53:19 PM
Odetta and Rev Gary great additions to the set Dylan!
Dylan (host) 3:53:29 PM
I try my best
Ookla the Mok 3:53:50 PM
that Pines string of songs was great. Roped me right in :P
Dylan (host) 3:55:09 PM
I've thought of doing a whole entire show on one song but it would have to probably be something like house of the rising sun
Dylan (host) 3:56:00 PM
But too many versions of that song are too similar to the Rock/Dylan/Burdon version
fr1dayafternoon 3:56:05 PM
Dan Melchior's version of "Death Don't Have No Mercy" is awesome too. Find it on an Ever/Never 12".
Ookla the Mok 3:56:54 PM
Satisfaction does a great hosue if the rising sun
Brian D 3:56:59 PM
A Dave Van Ronk set would be great
Ookla the Mok 3:57:16 PM
oh yeah if anyone can help identifying this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PDFvNGGdx0
Dave Leafey 4:01:17 PM
Dylan (host) 4:03:43 PM
The problem with Ronk is he likes to curse
Brian D 4:06:54 PM
Skip the stage patter yes
Brian D 4:09:10 PM
Heard this Club Soda the other day. So much fun
[ ]
Brian D 4:12:03 PM
Makes me want to go bowling
Dylan (host) 4:12:18 PM
Bowling is so strange
Brian D 4:14:10 PM
I could do without the shoes and the thumb blister. But i liked learning how to use the boards when I took it as a gym class in college. Half credit to bowl? I am in
Dylan (host) 4:15:12 PM
I have too much gym trauma to relate
Brian D 4:15:33 PM
They did not have beers at the college alley. Another minus (note i did not say "strike against them")
Dylan (host) 4:15:57 PM
I haven't been able to drink in public yet and so look forward to it
Mark 4:17:47 PM
story of how coens secured rights to dead flowers is quite amusing/ those interested can google
Dylan (host) 4:18:21 PM
tell us mark
Brian D 4:19:32 PM
I cheated and refreshed playlist... Miles great choice Dylan!
That one was a great choice too! 🐅 🎶
Dylan (host) 4:23:46 PM
Thank ya
Brian D 4:26:34 PM
This piece would have been great background music for Joe Frank's radio plays. He did use some Donald Byrd music very similar to this
Dylan (host) 4:28:00 PM
I always feel weird about doing music as a background thing.
Brian D 4:28:02 PM
Thre LP Eectric Byrd. Not a far cry from this LPs sound
Brian D 4:29:24 PM
Yeah for just talking it's one thing. Joe had these bizarre scripts and monologues it worked well
Dylan (host) 4:30:24 PM
Was involved with a plan to do radio plays on wprb before the pandemic hit.
Brian D 4:30:26 PM
He looped a lot. Back when it involved scissors/razors and adhesive tape
Brian D 4:31:29 PM
Didn't prb do some radio plays for fundraisers in recent years?
Dylan (host) 4:31:51 PM
Dylan (host) 4:32:03 PM
I would ask a smarter dj
smartAss DJs are guud too
Dylan (host) 4:35:38 PM
Imagine being smart, what a concept
Dylan (host) 4:35:55 PM
I'll just keep being a dumbass
Dylan (host) 4:37:24 PM
So glad I wasn't labeled gifted as a child
Dylan (host) 4:39:11 PM
I got good grades but I think they thought I was too weird for them
Dylan (host) 4:39:41 PM
I also have trouble in math. Got straight A's but actually had to try hard in those classes
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 4:41:26 PM
Former WPRB Music Director Aida did a few live radio plays on her show.
Well definitely keep labeling yourself as weird and strange etc. That will have great benefits. 😐
Dylan (host) 4:42:30 PM
At one time we were developing a script for a 1920s version of much ado about nothing
Dylan (host) 4:42:49 PM
Sir, you're a scull
a skull, even
Brian D 4:43:58 PM
Only thing that gave me real trouble was Chemistry. I took as many music courses as i could. Music was my 'science'. Then years later i end up working at a co. where chemistry is like everything. Fortunately I just ask the coworkers that are experts.
Dylan (host) 4:44:23 PM
Chemistry was okay but mostly memorization
Dylan (host) 4:44:37 PM
Still don't know multiplication tables
DJ DylanFox, I think you’re AWESOME or I wouldn’t waste my time here *twice a week!
Brian D 4:46:12 PM
I liked the complex math classes because I had good teachers. They let us write out a note sheet of whatever we could remember (without looking at texts) right before the tests
Dylan (host) 4:46:25 PM
Thank you mr skeleton
Dylan (host) 4:46:59 PM
Like I did fine in math but never felt passionate about it like English or history
Brian D 4:47:07 PM
Statistics was cool. And Logic too.
Dylan (host) 4:47:48 PM
Dual enrollment statistics was the easiest thing I ever took
Dylan (host) 4:48:12 PM
Never had much interest in logic, this show as illustration of that
Brian D 4:49:05 PM
Exactly. Math is calisthenics, cardio, core exercise for thought. Not nec. activity you need to repeat or love doing. Just helps with other things
Dylan (host) 4:49:47 PM
I have a very powerful sense of intuition
Brian D 4:50:36 PM
Logic is ok to visit. Would not want to live there all year round
Dylan (host) 4:51:12 PM
Film editing is a great lesson in logic
Brian D 4:51:24 PM
I bet
Dylan (host) 4:52:41 PM
The many different permutations of "this doesn't work" are insane
This insane and illogical Show, DOES work!! Thanks, DJ DylanFox! Cheers!
Dylan (host) 4:57:11 PM
Thanks everybody! Have a great night!
Cheers Dears and especially those with Big Ears!
Brian D 4:58:56 PM
It's your show! Had a great time Dylan. Great sets. Great chatting with you all!