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Mar 2, 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

With Pethie

episode 5!

10:01 AM
Dry Cleaning - Scratchcard Lanyard
Dry Cleaning Scratchcard Lanyard
New Long Leg 4AD 2021
10:05 AM
The Fat White Family - fringe runner
The Fat White Family fringe runner
Serfs Up!
10:14 AM
Tiziano Popoli - Blues Padani
Tiziano Popoli Blues Padani N
Burn the Night / Bruciare la Notte: Original Recordings, 1983–1989 RVNG Intl. / Freedom To Spend 2020
10:21 AM
Nancy Wilson - Born to Be Blue
Nancy Wilson Born to Be Blue
Ghost of Yesterday
10:21 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:24 AM
Jane Weaver - The Revolution of Super Visions
Jane Weaver The Revolution of Super Visions
Flock Fire Records 2021
10:28 AM
Mira Calix - Sonata I
Mira Calix Sonata I
John Cage Remixed - EP Classical Remix 2020
10:31 AM
Agnes Obel - It's Happening Again
Agnes Obel It's Happening Again
Citizen of Glass
10:35 AM
Chaz Jankel - Questionnaire
Chaz Jankel Questionnaire Chaz Jankel
10:40 AM
Claudine Longet - Everybody's Talkin'
Claudine Longet Everybody's Talkin'
Run Wild, Run Free A&M 1970
10:43 AM
Björk - Bachelorette
Björk Bachelorette
Homogenic One Little Independent Records 1997
10:49 AM
David Van Tieghem - Waiting for the Gizmo-no.1
David Van Tieghem Waiting for the Gizmo-no.1 David Van Tieghem
25 Years of New York New Music V/A 2010
10:51 AM
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - One Rainy Wish
The Jimi Hendrix Experience One Rainy Wish
Axis: Bold As Love Legacy Recordings 2009
10:55 AM
Art Patrice - Diaquiri
Art Patrice Diaquiri
11:02 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


11:05 AM
Nahawa Doumbia - Foliwilen
Nahawa Doumbia Foliwilen N
Kanawa Awesome Tapes From Africa 2020
11:12 AM
AGF - FUN-gi
Solidicity AGF Producktion 2017
11:17 AM
Minnie Riperton - When It Comes Down to It
Minnie Riperton When It Comes Down to It
Perfect Angel / Adventures In Paradise
11:20 AM
Jockstrap - Beavercore 3
Jockstrap Beavercore 3 Jockstrap
Beavercore - EP
11:24 AM
Pram - Chrysalis
Pram Chrysalis
Meshes - EP Too Pure 1994
11:29 AM
Tussle - Titan
Tussle Titan
Cream Cuts
11:34 AM
Cran Beret - Grateful Annie
Cran Beret Grateful Annie Cran Beret N
Heater Radical Documents 2020
11:38 AM
Material - Reduction
Material Reduction
Secret Life Subharmonic 2001
11:46 AM
Cockroach Eater - Kyogen Qabbalah
Cockroach Eater Kyogen Qabbalah N
Rough Guide to Avant-Garde Japan V/A World Music Network 2014
11:56 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:57 AM
Out Hud - Dad, There's a Little Phrase Called Too Much Information
Out Hud Dad, There's a Little Phrase Called Too Much Information
S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D. Kranky 2002
Chat is archived.
Pethie (host) 10:01:50 AM
Hello hello hello
Peter Small 10:02:32 AM
Jaden Shirkey 10:02:47 AM
yo yo yo, nice song to start off the setlist. This song has made its rounds on WPRB :P
Pethie (host) 10:03:12 AM
It's so driving, gets me bopping
Jaden Shirkey 10:03:28 AM
Same!!! I played it on my first show :)
Jaden Shirkey 10:03:32 AM
(dj.jd here hehe)
Pethie (host) 10:04:13 AM
Hey dj.jd! I enjoyed your show today!!!
Jaden Shirkey 10:05:25 AM
Thanks :D Looking forward to yours!
jimbeaudelaire 10:08:24 AM
yell-0 Pethie!
Pethie (host) 10:08:43 AM
Pethie (host) 10:09:10 AM
splendid moniker
jimbeaudelaire 10:13:07 AM
Will probably shorten it back up, but it's lasted a whole week!
Pethie (host) 10:14:44 AM
I'm honored!
Mike Abel 10:16:25 AM
Pethie (host) 10:16:52 AM
Pethie (host) 10:17:04 AM
HElloo there, Mike Abel!!!
Pethie (host) 10:17:14 AM
Thank you for listening!
Mike Abel 10:17:49 AM
I am enjoying
Pethie (host) 10:18:07 AM
I'm very glad! You taught me everything I know about enjoying music!
Mike Abel 10:19:54 AM
Richard from Rocky Hill 10:24:41 AM
Thanks, Pethie, for "Born To Be Blue" -- a classic jazz ballad with entrancing chord changes -- as sung by the great Nancy Wilson. Ray Charles also recorded a genius version, which is where I first heard it. Keep the wonderful tracks comin'!
Pethie (host) 10:25:46 AM
Thank you so much, Richard! I will check out Ray's version. Nancy has such a powerful voice, i'm a big fan.
Michael McCool 10:26:36 AM
Digging the Jane Weaver
Teresa Peacock 10:26:52 AM
Hi Pethie & Co.! Golly, I love this new funky 1-2-strut Jane Weaver! I really like her new direction on this album.
Pethie (host) 10:27:09 AM
Yes! She's fabulous!
Teresa Peacock 10:28:34 AM
Agreed! And her other styles and iterations were great too. I'm always impressed when an artist stretches herself/himself to incorporate new styles and just nails it! Jane Weaver just nails it!!
Pethie (host) 10:29:42 AM
I'm still honestly trying to figure her out, and it's been a lot of fun tuning into her different sounds. I agree, a great feat when folks move through genres and moods.
jimbeaudelaire 10:42:45 AM
wow, this version of Everybody's Talkin!
Pethie (host) 10:43:39 AM
Claudine gets it. She really does.
Richard from Rocky Hill 10:46:04 AM
WoW! What a lovely euro-country style version of the great Fred Neil's classic "Everybody's Talkin' " by Claudine Longet. Never heard it. Was released in 1970, so just at the time the song was used as the theme for the multi-Oscar winning film "Midnight Cowboy." Thanks for that one, too!
Pethie (host) 10:47:11 AM
Richard-I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm a big fan of Claudine's breathy-frenchy style of covers. And the fiddling in that one really tickled me.
Richard from Rocky Hill 10:49:58 AM
Oui, beaucoup!
Richard from Rocky Hill 10:50:44 AM
(Don't ask me for more French, please, I had to look that up via Google ... LOL)
Pethie (host) 10:51:21 AM
oh la la
Mike Abel 10:51:53 AM
thanks for this one
Pethie (host) 10:53:06 AM
I dedicate it to you!
jimbeaudelaire 10:53:21 AM
was listening to this with one of my kids last night...so good!
Pethie (host) 10:53:54 AM
Yes, cross-generational...I listened to this with my dad when I was a kid.
Mike Abel 10:54:09 AM
i suppose we hammered this one into your head
Pethie (host) 10:54:38 AM
Oh yes, and i'm the better for it
Mark 10:56:23 AM
Liked the claudine, we’ll overlook her killing her boyfriend:(
jimbeaudelaire 10:58:04 AM
Mark, you always have the celeb dirt!
Pethie (host) 10:59:30 AM
Oh yes, it was a glamorous crime, didn't it take place at a Swiss ski chalet?
Mark 11:00:22 AM
haha claudine was a great singer / andy Williams loved her / spider sabich - a champion skier was her late bf
Mark 11:01:09 AM
actually took place in aspen / she got off pretty lite
Pethie (host) 11:01:28 AM
When your name is Spider, you have to expect crazy misadventures
Mark 11:03:09 AM
yes Name spider 🕷 might be a harbinger of ur life’s fate :)
Pethie (host) 11:04:34 AM
If this show was live, I would have dedicated the Hendrix song to Mike Abel, but alas, I recorded it this past weekend. Someday I will be live again.
Mark 11:06:46 AM
and if anyone interested looks like they just release a documentary about it couple weeks ago
Pethie (host) 11:07:08 AM
Oh! I'd definitely check it out. Thanks, Mark!!
Mark 11:19:22 AM
one last claudine fact; snl around 77 did a vicious skit about the incident/ i think they had to apologize & the clip is no longer available/ called it the claudine ski tournament
Pethie (host) 11:22:03 AM
Oh! I have never heard of that. I only recall the scandal about Charles Rocket dropping an f-bomb and getting fired, back in the early 80s.
Mark 11:26:11 AM
charles rocket/ wow is that a name & incident that i haven’t heard in decades / just looked him up didn’t realize how he died :(
Pethie (host) 11:26:34 AM
So sad.
Pethie (host) 11:29:47 AM
Tussel has arrived to cheer us up though.
Pethie (host) 11:30:06 AM
Gah! I always misspell their name.
Mark 11:52:07 AM
lovely couple music hours as always :)
Pethie (host) 11:53:00 AM
Thank you very much, Mark!
Pethie (host) 11:56:37 AM
Thank you to everyone tuning in today! Have a fabulous day.
Krista 11:57:21 AM
Pethie! I've been tuned in! Thanks!
Pethie (host) 11:57:42 AM
Hey Krista! Good to see you here! Thank you!
Richard from Rocky Hill 11:59:12 AM
Thanks for another awesome show & chats.
Pethie (host) 12:01:11 PM
Thank you, Richard!