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Jon Solomon

Mar 3, 2021 5:00 PM β€“ 8:00 PM

With Jon Solomon

Every Wednesday night on 103.3 fm WPRB.

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Jon Solomon
5:02 PM
The Rub - The Death Of Pop
The Rub The Death Of Pop
Bikini Gospel Happy Squid
5:06 PM
Set Break
5:09 PM
The Martha's Vineyard Ferries - Betty Ford James
The Martha's Vineyard Ferries Betty Ford James
Suns Out Guns Out Ernest Jenning 2021
Bob Weston, Chris Brokaw & Elisha Wiesner.
5:10 PM
Jane Weaver - Pyramid Schemes
Jane Weaver Pyramid Schemes
Flock Fire Records 2021
Out Friday!
5:15 PM
Mia Clarke & Andy Moor - Guitargument Part 1
Mia Clarke & Andy Moor Guitargument Part 1
Guitargument hellosQuare 2008
They of Electrelane and The Ex respectively.
5:38 PM
Ahmed Malek & Natureboy Flako - Tape 9 (Pt. 1)
Ahmed Malek & Natureboy Flako Tape 9 (Pt. 1)
Habibi Funk 005: The Electronic Tapes Habibi Funk 2017
5:42 PM
The Rutabega - I Don't Believe in Crocodiles
The Rutabega I Don't Believe in Crocodiles
PRF Thundersnow

5:50 PM
I Think Like Midnight - Kit Lambert Begins To Dream
I Think Like Midnight Kit Lambert Begins To Dream
Interim Contingent



5:53 PM
Street Eaters - Simple Distractions
Street Eaters Simple Distractions
Simple Distractions EP Nervous Intent

5:56 PM
Set Break
6:05 PM
Palberta - Big Bad Want
Palberta Big Bad Want N
Palberta5000 Wharf Cat Records 2021
6:09 PM
Nubiyan Twist - If I Know (feat. K.O.G.)
Nubiyan Twist If I Know (feat. K.O.G.)
Freedom Fables Strut 2020
6:12 PM
The Still - The Chunk
The Still The Chunk
Got It Bronzerat 2021
With Chris Abrahams of The Necks.
6:27 PM
Black Country, New Road - Athens, France
Black Country, New Road Athens, France
For The First Time Ninja Tune 2021
6:34 PM
Vapour Theories - Breaking Down (The Portals Of Hell)
Vapour Theories Breaking Down (The Portals Of Hell)
Celestial Scuzz Fire Records 2021
John and Michael Gibbons from Bardo Pond.
6:41 PM
Nightshift - Make Kin
Nightshift Make Kin
ZΓΆe Trouble In Mind 2021
6:44 PM
Slomosa - There Is Nothing New Under The Sun
Slomosa There Is Nothing New Under The Sun
Slomosa Apollon Records 2020
From Norway. Thank you Cap'n Ahab!
6:48 PM
Set Break
6:55 PM
Dog Chocolate - Dog Chocolate 1995
Dog Chocolate Dog Chocolate 1995
Moody Balloon Baby Upset The Rhythm 2018
6:57 PM
Fairuz - Entowrah
Fairuz Entowrah
Maarifti Feek WeWantSound

Originally released in 1987.


6:59 PM
Small Awesome - Be Nice
Small Awesome Be Nice
7:05 PM
KMD - Humrush
KMD Humrush
Mr. Hood Elektra 1991
RIP Zev Love X a/k/a MF Doom.
7:08 PM
The Scarlet Henchmen - Crystal Palace
The Scarlet Henchmen Crystal Palace
Spare Parts: The Night Owl Label V/A Numero Group 2020
1969 single.
7:11 PM
Mogwai - Drive The Nail
Mogwai Drive The Nail
As The Love Continues Rock Action 2021
#1 in the UK!
7:19 PM
Boyracer - Hit & Miss (First Mix)
Boyracer Hit & Miss (First Mix)
Kings & Queens Of The Do It Now! V/A


7:21 PM
Set Break
7:26 PM
Wussy - 28:20
Wussy 28:20
Live on WPRB
7:54 PM
Set Break
7:58 PM
Damaged Bug - Sold America
Damaged Bug Sold America
Bug On Yonkers Castle Face 2020
Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon (host) 4:47:38 PM
If you can see my words the CHAT is open and I welcome you to it!
Brian D 5:05:25 PM
I can see the words... they spell 'time to clock out and think about dinner' if i squint just right
Jon Solomon (host) 5:06:03 PM
You've earned it!
Heather Larimer 5:10:46 PM
Happy wednesday.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:12:19 PM
Hey Heather! Happy Wednesday!
fr1dayafternoon 5:12:53 PM
Speaking of, I spun my copy of the new Chris Brokaw solo LP last night for the first time. Got some cool parts, and others I'll come around on.
fr1dayafternoon 5:13:27 PM
But I'll now I'll check out some of that Martha's Vineyard Ferries for sure.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:13:47 PM
Oh, I like that Brokaw record a lot but it is pretty varied stylistically from song to song if memory serves.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:14:00 PM
The MVF record is a tidy one! That song I played is on it twice!
Brian Kijewski (1) 5:16:43 PM
Hello Jon and hello chat! Friday can't come soon enough. Dying to hear that new JW in full. Was hoping the radio station I host a show at would receive a digital copy early, but ah well, I can wait.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:18:07 PM
I was glad that there were still some favorites to discover (like the song I played) beyond what I'd already aired.
Brian Kijewski (1) 5:21:32 PM
Totally. Really enjoying this Guitargument. Had no idea this existed.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:22:29 PM
Me neither. Found it by chance after going for a walk in the snow listening to Electrelane and then searching "Electrelane" on Bandcamp curious if there were any covers or related things I'd missed...
Wheel of Randy 5:22:38 PM
Guitargument >> Guitarzan
Jon Solomon (host) 5:23:15 PM
Had to look Guitarzan up!
Wheel of Randy 5:23:25 PM
I'm so sorry
Jon Solomon (host) 5:23:52 PM
I didn't press play, so you're in the clear for the moment.
Brian Kijewski (1) 5:25:32 PM
Haha @Wheel of Randy, no competition. I remember hearing that on some Dr. Demento compilation tape as a kid.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:31:55 PM
For nothing but a pair of guitars, this piece still takes a lot of compelling twists and turns.
jimbeaux 5:34:07 PM
This. Is. Good!
fr1dayafternoon 5:35:02 PM
Yeah, they both make compelling points to back up their sides of the guitarscusion
Jon Solomon (host) 5:35:23 PM
Two guitar players from two of my favorite bands. Sounds more like The Ex than Electrelane but a winner either way.
Teresa Peacock 5:40:41 PM
Hi Cap'n Solomon & Co! That long track that just ended reminded me of the Swiss-German band Schnellertollermeier's 'Rights' (2018?). What about you?
Jon Solomon (host) 5:41:32 PM
Love a good Schnellertollermeier reference!
Teresa Peacock 5:46:19 PM
Did you know they came out with another recording just last year? Sadly, it just didn't grab me like 'Rights' did. Also -- I'm making a frittata with zucchini, green olives, celery, onion, and a generous amount of parmigiano for dinner tonight. Also also -- On KPC's end-of-year-bests show(s), I heard a German band called Urlaub in Polen whose 2020 recording I really, really like! Top track: 'The Witcher'
Jon Solomon (host) 5:46:29 PM
Getting close to dinner time. What are you having? What are you prepping? To my surprise it looks like a thai butternut squash and green been risotto is happening next to where I sit.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:46:51 PM
I did not know that! Frittata sounds excellent.
Teresa Peacock 5:47:16 PM
Risotto! Che buono/bello! mmmmmmm
Jon Solomon (host) 5:47:53 PM
Yeah, I didn't know that was in the cards this evening at all.
John Hastie 5:47:53 PM
Great... I tune in just in time to start crying!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:48:26 PM
Is this show part of your press junket, Mr. Hastie?!
John Hastie 5:49:05 PM
HA! I'm not gonna lie. I'm EXHAUSTED. I don't know how Jennifer Lawrence does it.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:49:50 PM
Well, I sold two of your records today so something is working!
Wheel of Randy 5:49:57 PM
I may have to try this Filet-o-Fish everyone's talking about
Jon Solomon (host) 5:50:30 PM
I don't remember every day of my life clearly, but I am near-100% certain I've never had a Fillet-o-Fish.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:51:59 PM
I should let you all know that Andrew from I Think Like Midnight (who are playing presently) will be on Esoterica's program tomorrow afternoon at noon ET.
Brian Kijewski (1) 5:54:17 PM
Very cool. Heard ITLM for the first time on a WFMU session from maybe...2014? Been a big fan ever since.
John Hastie 5:54:47 PM
jimbeaux 6:01:43 PM
Dinner = hummus, cuke, tomato over couscous with fried halloumi cheese
jimbeaux 6:02:38 PM
Thai risotto sounds πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
Krista 6:05:54 PM
Picked up Indian takeout from Jaffron in New Hope, excited to eat it
Jon Solomon (host) 6:08:18 PM
Let me know how it is!
Brian Kijewski (1) 6:09:42 PM
dinner = leftover homemade sweet potato lentil vegan stew with rice
John Hastie 6:18:55 PM
"Zombie StreetEatahs"
Jon Solomon (host) 6:22:01 PM
Cliff just Cliff 6:24:24 PM
Hello, is the stream working? I can't hear anything
Twofive Assity 6:24:27 PM
Whoaaah what a tracj
Twofive Assity 6:24:36 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:25:30 PM
Stream is working AOK over here. Where are you accessing it, Cliff?
Cliff just Cliff 6:25:49 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:26:27 PM
Hmmm. I'm streaming http://player.streamguys.com/wprb/sgplayer/player.php right now with no issues.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:27:18 PM
My wife just re-connected via her phone, also coming through OK.
Brian D 6:27:28 PM
Epic sets back to back Ahab & Jon. We're in for a night....
Jon Solomon (host) 6:28:31 PM
This risotto was very good.
Jim Haku 6:28:36 PM
Stream works here, terrestrial signal's been kinda crap lately tho.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:28:46 PM
Cliff just Cliff 6:29:14 PM
Huh, it's playing on my phone, but not on my laptop (it would connect but not play any sound)
Brian D 6:30:46 PM
Sorry for obvious Cliff not a joke but check to see volume is up, play button is pressed, bluetooth or cable ends are connected, internet speed & connectivity ok etc. I say because i have missed on those checkpoints before
Brian D 6:31:59 PM
Ok laptop sound controls then maybe. There are often multiple sound settings, volumes, devices to choose etc.
Cliff just Cliff 6:31:59 PM
No worries Brian, I used to do tech support & had to ask the obvious too
Jon Solomon (host) 6:32:02 PM
For me it is sometimes that I have the wrong audio output selected on my laptop.
Brian D 6:33:16 PM
The work laptop they gave us has so many combinations & permutations of devices & volume & eq options. Strange navigation
Cliff just Cliff 6:34:30 PM
It's on speakers, I can hear it clicking when I press volume buttons. I'm posting to the chat from my laptop so internet is fine. No big deal, I'll just keep listening on my phone
Brian D 6:42:21 PM
Marinated griddle pan chicken breasts. Kasha. Broccoli.
Jim Haku 6:46:52 PM
Crazy that Desert Cruising and Post-Post Scum are back.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:48:02 PM
Welcome re-additions, each.
Christine Duffy 6:48:56 PM
Hey DJ Jon & chat peeps *waves* Did I miss the food talk?
Jon Solomon (host) 6:49:13 PM
There's some quality food talk, yes!
Brian D 6:49:16 PM
Hello Christine
Christine Duffy 6:50:21 PM
Hi, Brian!
Christine Duffy 6:51:21 PM
Come for the music talk, stay for the dinner discussion.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:51:33 PM
That's the goal. 100%.
Brian D 6:55:06 PM
For dessert, earlier this week we made Tasty Hack versions of butterscotch Krickets and chocolate peanut butter Tandy Takes . We beat the orig in my opinion
Cliff just Cliff 6:55:23 PM
I'm feeling lazy so carbonara for me again tonight
Mark 6:57:22 PM
any prize if we can guess what cfl tshirt it is :) ? Would need a small hint !
Jon Solomon (host) 6:58:42 PM
I have two different CFL shirts for two different teams. Same design, tweaked logos. Wish I had one for every squad across the league.
Brian D 6:58:52 PM
Ooh carbonara sounds good
Jon Solomon (host) 6:59:36 PM
You have a 1/10 chance of being right!
Mark 7:00:25 PM
haha i used to be a bit of a cfl afficiando / what is primary Shirt color ?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:00:38 PM
It is a grey shirt (but not a grey cup shirt).
Brian D 7:00:39 PM
"How about that local baseball squadron ? The Nye Metts are my favorite " (not)
Mark 7:04:23 PM
Haha tough to make a guess from that but I’ll go hamilton tiger cats ?! i was always a fan of the grey cup half time prrforners :)
Cliff just Cliff 7:04:24 PM
It IS good! Used up my last 2 eggs in the fridge for it
Jon Solomon (host) 7:05:02 PM
Roughriders! I've been to the T-Cats stadium (parking lot), though.
Mark 7:07:10 PM
lol no prize ! I believe Hamilton stadium is iver wynne i think i drove past it once :)
Jon Solomon (host) 7:07:50 PM
When I was in Hamilton summer of 2019 my friends took me to the stadium on our way home. This was after we drove past a park concert I jokingly guessed was Loverboy and it turned out to BE LOVERBOY!
Mark 7:09:49 PM
haha that’s why Torontonians make fun of Hamiltonites / never know where these PRB chats go / gotta put that on my survey :)
Brian D 7:13:59 PM
Cliff just Cliff 7:14:09 PM
Mogwai has a new album?! AWESOME
Brian D 7:14:58 PM
Life just got a tad better
Cliff just Cliff 7:15:43 PM
Still waiting for Lorde, haha
Jon Solomon (host) 7:16:50 PM
Mogwai's album is the #1 album in the UK and #9 album in the US this week. What a world!
Cliff just Cliff 7:17:36 PM
The US is cooler than I thought
Francis Poulenc 7:18:16 PM
Maybe it's a sign that you should play Loverboy.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:18:35 PM
While Hot Girls In Love is a quality jam, perhaps on a future show.
Brian D 7:21:01 PM
A great guitar solo on Hot Girls In Love. MTV moments there
Jon Solomon (host) 7:22:10 PM
When I saw Loverboy for real we were already in the parking lot when they played it but for reasons I can get into later I couldn't handle the set any longer.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:23:07 PM
An endless guitar solo was involved.
Brian D 7:39:35 PM
I think I remember this live set
Jon Solomon (host) 7:41:48 PM
I really enjoyed their company.
Brian D 7:43:29 PM
Yeah I don't think I could do a long set of Loverboy. But they were at one of those JFK Jams in the 80s at the presidential named stadium that I saw as a lad . They worked for a stadium. I think it was the Journey headling one. Joan Jett way in beginning probably the best act that day. Bryan Adams. That Hagar guy.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:45:04 PM
I think I saw Loverboy at a Ribfest the same summer I saw Joan Jett at a town fair. She ruled! Did Replacements and Lungfish covers!
Brian D 7:49:07 PM
Joan always turned up on the bill at great outdoor shows I saw over the years. 2 at JFK (the other being The Police headlining Jam at JFK). And a concert out in a nice setting outside of State College the even was known as The Regatta. The Romantics also on the bill with a diff drummer but still Wally on gtr/vox. Oh and the Journey 83 jam... I looked it up and THE TUBES were on the bill! How could I forget that. Tied w/Joan J. The Tubes knew how to put on a SHOW!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:50:26 PM
I also saw Joan Jeff play a very short set before a New York Liberty game. She performed the Liberty's anthem that season.
Brian D 7:51:39 PM
Brian D 7:53:36 PM
I wore out the "Bad Reputation" lp (aka self titled but mine was Bad Rep title). And I wore out the" cassettes of I Love RnR" and "Album". Joan Jett was huge in that early "getting into collecting rock and roll" age in the early 80s in jr high school.
Christine Duffy 7:56:55 PM
Thx, Jon! Have a good evening, everybody
Jon Solomon (host) 7:57:20 PM
Great to have you in the chat. Going to stick around / decompress for an hour during ML's show at the top of the hour.
Brian D 7:57:44 PM
Always did the greatest covers. And well. Good night Jon and chatters! RIP John from Wussy & Ass Ponys.
Mike Lupica 7:58:32 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 7:59:07 PM
Mike Lupica 7:59:27 PM
Mike Lupica 7:59:46 PM
Wait, I missed a Loverboy conversation? Damnit...
Jon Solomon (host) 8:00:03 PM
Christine Duffy 8:00:08 PM
Apparently, Loverboy was a hot topic.
Brian D 8:00:33 PM
23 Minutes in Brussels followed by 28 Minutes in Brussels
Jon Solomon (host) 8:02:48 PM
See you all soon!