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The Sonic Bloom

Mar 4, 2021 12:00 PM โ€“ 3:00 PM

With Esoterica

Spinning tunes, chatting with folks.

I Think Like Midnight

Chatting with Andrew Chalfen at noon. Sneak peak of I Think Like Midnight's newest offering to be released on Bandcamp tomorrow, Friday, 3/5!

The Sonic Bloom
12:08 PM
Lalo Schifrin - Main Title
Lalo Schifrin Main Title Lalo Schifrin
1972 Parlophone UK 2001
12:15 PM
andrew chalfen interview - andrew chalfen interview
andrew chalfen interview andrew chalfen interview andrew chalfen interview
12:30 PM
I Think Like Midnight - nautical twilight
I Think Like Midnight nautical twilight i think like midnight N
Interim Contingent s/r 2021
12:34 PM
I Think Like Midnight - Kit Lambert Begins To Dream
I Think Like Midnight Kit Lambert Begins To Dream i think like midnight N
Interim Contingent 2021 2021
12:42 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:45 PM
I Think Like Midnight - Raincoat
I Think Like Midnight Raincoat I Think Like Midnight N
Interim Contingent 2021 2021
12:47 PM
I Think Like Midnight - Scruff Response
I Think Like Midnight Scruff Response I Think Like Midnight N
Interim Contingent 2021 2021
12:52 PM
I Think Like Midnight - Head Illuminator
I Think Like Midnight Head Illuminator I Think Like Midnight N
Interim Contingent 2021 2021
12:57 PM
I Think Like Midnight - Circadian
I Think Like Midnight Circadian I Think Like Midnight N
Interim Contingent 2021 2021
1:03 PM
I Think Like Midnight - Deep Feelers
I Think Like Midnight Deep Feelers I Think Like Midnight N
Interim Contingent 2021 2021
1:11 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
1:13 PM
Kiln - Plum Hax
Kiln Plum Hax Kiln
Astral Welder
1:16 PM
Kiln - Open Field
Kiln Open Field Kiln
Astral Welder
1:20 PM
The Wishniaks - Thirteen
The Wishniaks Thirteen The Wishniaks
Not the Singer but the Songs: An Alex Chilton Tribute 1991
1:22 PM
Lazy Salon - Pure Gradient
Lazy Salon Pure Gradient Lazy Salon
Lazy Salon LZY_SLN 2020
1:26 PM
Pell Mell - Nothing Lies Still Long
Pell Mell Nothing Lies Still Long Pell Mell
Interstate DGC 1995
1:34 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
1:36 PM
The Ventures - Slaughter On 10th Avenue
The Ventures Slaughter On 10th Avenue The Ventures
The Ventures Greatest Hits
1:38 PM
Silver Chapter - Morpha Too
Silver Chapter Morpha Too Big Star
Not The Singer But The Songs: An Alex Chilton Tribute
1:43 PM
Camino Sound - Schadenfreude
Camino Sound Schadenfreude Camino Sound N
Western Excuses
1:49 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
1:51 PM
The Neon Boys - That's All I Know (Right Now)
The Neon Boys That's All I Know (Right Now) Richard Hell
The Richard Hell Story (Remastered) 2005
1:53 PM
Dim Stars - Monkey
Dim Stars Monkey Richard Hell
The Richard Hell Story (Remastered) 2005
2:00 PM
I Think Like Midnight - Reef
I Think Like Midnight Reef I Think Like Midnight N
Interim Contingent 2021 2021
2:02 PM
I Think Like Midnight - Future Melt
I Think Like Midnight Future Melt I Think Like Midnight N
Interim Contingent
2:10 PM
Marshall Crenshaw - Crying, Waiting, Hoping
Marshall Crenshaw Crying, Waiting, Hoping Marshall Crenshaw
La Bamba (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Rhino/Slash 1987
2:12 PM
Joe Jackson - Fools In Love
Joe Jackson Fools In Love Joe Jackson
Look Sharp! (Bonus Track Version) A&M 1979
2:16 PM
Roxy Music - Bitter Sweet
Roxy Music Bitter Sweet Roxy Music
Country Life EG Records 1999
2:21 PM
Lena Horne - Come Runnin'
Lena Horne Come Runnin' Lena Horne
Stormy Weather
2:27 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
2:28 PM
The Duprees - You Belong to Me
The Duprees You Belong to Me The Duprees
You Belong to Me
2:30 PM
Patti Smith - Kimberly
Patti Smith Kimberly Patti Smith
Horses Arista/Legacy 1975
2:34 PM
Faust - Piano Piece
Faust Piano Piece Faust
Faust IV 1973
2:40 PM
Psychic TV - L.A.
Psychic TV L.A. Psychic TV
Pagan Day Sacred Bones Records / Dais Records 2017
2:43 PM
Screaming Females - Black Moon
Screaming Females Black Moon Screaming Females
All At Once
2:48 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
2:51 PM
Charlie Feathers - Defrost Your Heart
Charlie Feathers Defrost Your Heart Charlie Feathers
Defrost Your Heart / A Wedding Gown of White - Single
2:54 PM
Woody Guthrie - The Sinking of the Reuben James
Woody Guthrie The Sinking of the Reuben James Woody Guthrie
This Land Is Your Land: The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1
3:00 PM
Michiyo Yagi - Rouge
Michiyo Yagi Rouge Michiyo Yagi
Rough Guide to Avant-Garde Japan World Music Network 2014
Chat is archived.
Esoterica (host) 12:08:27 PM
hey guys!
Esoterica (host) 12:08:32 PM
sorry a little late
Stevie P 12:08:34 PM
Esoterica (host) 12:08:39 PM
hi stevie p
the_dude 12:10:06 PM
Howdy dje and all!
Mark 12:10:39 PM
not the most authentic Clint imitation:)
Stevie P 12:10:49 PM
it made my day
Esoterica (host) 12:11:24 PM
hey the dude!
the_dude 12:11:33 PM
I used to work at a brewery in Philly suburbs and I think like midnight has played there, they're a lot fun fun! Joe Jack has played some solo sets there as well
Esoterica (host) 12:11:49 PM
man, you're tough critic, mark:)
Brian D 12:11:56 PM
Hello Eso & chatters ! One o my fave parts of the week
the_dude 12:12:07 PM
Sadly it closed due to covid, the venue part any way not the whole brewery
Esoterica (host) 12:12:09 PM
that is awesome, dude, and hi, bri!
Christine Duffy 12:12:24 PM
Hey DJ Esoterica & fellow Sonic Bloomers *waves*
Esoterica (host) 12:12:47 PM
waves, christine!
Esoterica (host) 12:12:59 PM
one of my fave times of the week, too, bri!:)
Esoterica (host) 12:14:27 PM
no bags of white powder stories today! haha
Esoterica (host) 12:14:51 PM
but there may be an allusion to flutes and codpieces.
Mark 12:21:00 PM
if anyone is near jenkintown the art exhibit is a must / not much time to view it !
Esoterica (host) 12:21:45 PM
it sounds great! and he is giving a talk on the 13th at 10 am
Brian D 12:21:50 PM
Ventures! Pell Mell is the good ol Jon Solomon Concert Calendar...haha beat me to it
Esoterica (host) 12:21:56 PM
i think you have to register
Esoterica (host) 12:22:07 PM
yup, bri! haha
Esoterica (host) 12:22:17 PM
maybe i'll play the ventures
Mark 12:23:47 PM
hope u register for ur b-day / itโ€™s obv a zoom
Esoterica (host) 12:24:07 PM
oh cool! maybe?
Esoterica (host) 12:24:23 PM
but you go to seethe show in person
Tom 12:24:24 PM
checking in, hey all !
Esoterica (host) 12:24:31 PM
howdy tom!
Mark 12:25:29 PM
yes art exhibit only one week left & itโ€™s really interesting/ recommend highly !
Esoterica (host) 12:26:20 PM
cool, has an homage to elliot smith??
Selecta Jerry (1) 12:27:49 PM
Greetings bloomers
Selecta Jerry (1) 12:28:08 PM
Esoterica is he strumming the guitar while talking?
Mark 12:28:28 PM
yes 4 great pieces r homages include Elliott Smith really gotta see :)
Esoterica (host) 12:28:34 PM
greetings, jerry! yes he is
Esoterica (host) 12:28:53 PM
awesome, mark.
Selecta Jerry (1) 12:29:04 PM
Is he gonna do a tune for us?
Esoterica (host) 12:29:34 PM
unfortunately not:)
Selecta Jerry (1) 12:29:54 PM
Man the guitar is coming through nice and clear
the_dude 12:30:06 PM
Yeah, bummer! Next time
the_dude 12:30:57 PM
Find it funny hearing Joe Jack on keys instead of guitar
Selecta Jerry (1) 12:31:02 PM
Glad to know i am not the only one not being able to speak complete sentences any longer
Esoterica (host) 12:31:32 PM
you and me both!
Esoterica (host) 12:32:00 PM
yeah i will have them live in the studio sometime, fingers crossed.
Esoterica (host) 12:32:12 PM
i agree, dude, re: keys
Selecta Jerry (1) 12:32:24 PM
Do you think that is the lack of social interaction from this pandmic?
Esoterica (host) 12:33:09 PM
me not being articulate? yes...
Esoterica (host) 12:33:20 PM
do you think?
Selecta Jerry (1) 12:34:16 PM
Same i gotta bust outta this funk
Mark 12:34:26 PM
@dude what brewery did they use to play ?
Esoterica (host) 12:35:16 PM
bye jerry!! thanks for checking in:) take cre
Esoterica (host) 12:35:23 PM
take care
the_dude 12:35:27 PM
Idk if I could ever do the uhh complete sentences thing ..
Brian D 12:35:37 PM
Hey Tom. Yes Eso Ventures always welcome.
Esoterica (host) 12:35:40 PM
dude, i was curious, too. what brewery
Esoterica (host) 12:35:54 PM
which tune, bri?
the_dude 12:36:12 PM
But yeah Mark, the brewery was called Round Guys in Lansdale, their venue was called the underground
Selecta Jerry (1) 12:36:17 PM
Im not leaving just saying i gotta bust out if my anti social funk ๐Ÿ˜‚
Selecta Jerry (1) 12:36:33 PM
Cant get rid if me that easy โ€ผ๏ธ
Esoterica (host) 12:36:36 PM
haha! oh good, jerry
the_dude 12:36:49 PM
Oh and dje, there ya go, it's a solid brewery!
the_dude 12:37:24 PM
If anyone's interested, the venue did an interview with the whole band too
Mark 12:37:33 PM
thanks Iโ€™m gonna check out at some point / especially w weather getting nicer
Brian D 12:37:42 PM
Round Guys make some good brew. Tom might agree too
the_dude 12:38:39 PM
Thanks Brian, I'd concur! It's quirky but they have some winners for sure, I used to brew and do the canning but mainly bartended, got laid off last March
Brian D 12:39:52 PM
Oh I would love the Live Japan 65 "Walk Don't Run, Perfidia, Lullaby of the Leaves ". That is most bang for Ventures buck
Brian D 12:40:13 PM
That medley
Brian D 12:41:13 PM
Slaughter on 10th Avenue also great.
the_dude 12:41:52 PM
All their beers are song titles/music related so that's fun to figure out too. And for sure mark, they have a lot of patio space too for nice weather/covid
Mark 12:43:30 PM
yes he and the other exhibiting artist will b giving online talk
Mark 12:44:27 PM
or just check ur oblique strategy card daily :)
Esoterica (host) 12:44:36 PM
wait, bri, mick ronson??
Brian D 12:45:15 PM
Ventures did it first. Mick covered it
Esoterica (host) 12:45:51 PM
oh wow!!!
Esoterica (host) 12:46:07 PM
see, thanks for that! I learn so much from y'all
Brian D 12:46:32 PM
Or at least Ventures most associated with thay instrumental. No doubt Mick R liked their version
Esoterica (host) 12:48:01 PM
Brian D 12:48:15 PM
Heard Tom Petty & HBs do a great version of it too on an FM broadcast from the Warfield in San Francisco. Some grea shows
Esoterica (host) 12:49:22 PM
wow that is something i need to check out
Mark 12:50:28 PM
this music all being released tomorrow? Its pretty great
Esoterica (host) 12:51:02 PM
Esoterica (host) 12:51:10 PM
bandcamp friday
Brian D 12:51:27 PM
Strange moments in the Ventures huge discography. New Testament Lp they do weird faux psych Whole Lotta Love that is comical but doesn't quite work.
Esoterica (host) 12:52:16 PM
that is funny, bri. like andrew said, try stuff and see what flies
Brian D 12:52:34 PM
Mark 12:53:01 PM
and proceeds split mostly go artists on fridays?still trying to figure out these new distribution methods
Esoterica (host) 12:53:25 PM
i feel ike bandcamp fridays proceeds go mostly to bands? i am not exactly sure
Tom 12:55:25 PM
Bri Yes, on the Round Guys. really missing playing music at brewpubs during this pandemic, never played at Round Guys though
Brian D 12:56:36 PM
there's a band touring under the name The Ventures or at least there was in last 10 years. But no orig members save drummer Mel Taylor's son Leon who took over the throne in late 90s after Mel passed. So it's a tribute band . 1 orig guy alive still Don Wilson rhythm gtr extraordinaire. But he retired
Mark 12:57:28 PM
itโ€™s kinda crazy the way art & music etc being sold now / see that grimes sold $6 million in Digital art & video 2 days ago
Brian D 12:58:03 PM
That NFT thing.
Esoterica (host) 12:58:13 PM
interesting, bri. and crazy, mark!
Esoterica (host) 12:58:35 PM
haha NFT? Please translate for the old gal
Brian D 12:58:43 PM
Still have to read more on that thing (non fungible token or something like that)
Brian D 12:59:02 PM
I just read about it this am
Esoterica (host) 12:59:23 PM
ok got it
Esoterica (host) 12:59:30 PM
and thanks...
Brian D 12:59:57 PM
I think it is like a bitcoin analog but it can store information/ music/art along with the value of token ?
Esoterica (host) 1:01:26 PM
ha alright.
Mark 1:01:41 PM
the whole nft thing is so new and incredibly crazy ! Check out the guardian article about grimes to get some idea how it works / bidding wars etc & it uses a ton of electricity/ green house gas
Esoterica (host) 1:01:41 PM
how you all digging I think like midnight?
Mark 1:02:02 PM
fantastic sound !
fr1dayafternoon 1:02:18 PM
Sounds like some serious privileged stuff of those on major label with marketing, etc.
Esoterica (host) 1:02:31 PM
hi friday!
Esoterica (host) 1:02:38 PM
you mean grimes?
Stevie P 1:02:42 PM
fr1dayafternoon 1:03:07 PM
hey everyone. And yeah
fr1dayafternoon 1:04:13 PM
Meanwhile our favorites scrape for percentages on individual physical sales.
Esoterica (host) 1:06:21 PM
Mark 1:07:44 PM
yeah Iโ€™d like to hear Andrews take on it given heโ€™s in both the music & art world
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:08:27 PM
Liking the ITLM Esoterica great different sounds from song to song
fr1dayafternoon 1:09:26 PM
Love the Hiss
Tom 1:10:48 PM
i get up around 5:30 and ususally go to bed around 1am
Tom 1:11:04 PM
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:12:23 PM
730am - 100 am are my open hours ๐ŸŒ›โ˜€๏ธ
Mark 1:13:12 PM
17 year cicadaS to emerge again this year :)
the_dude 1:13:12 PM
And Tom I miss going to brewery shows! Keep us posted on far away guys - and yeah digging all of it as always
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:13:15 PM
Naps are always in play
Esoterica (host) 1:13:41 PM
totally , jerry!
Esoterica (host) 1:13:59 PM
mark, the end times?
Esoterica (host) 1:14:26 PM
me, too, friday, love the hiss
Mark 1:14:34 PM
@selectta rip bunny wailer
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:15:08 PM
Yes mark another rough week for us reggae heads
Esoterica (host) 1:15:18 PM
oh yes, jerry
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:15:48 PM
Bunny wailer saturday incoming
the_dude 1:16:03 PM
Yeah too many tribute shows lately Jerry
Esoterica (host) 1:16:54 PM
aw yes, true, but jerry you do the tribute justice:)
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:17:53 PM
Thanks E your the best
Mark 1:19:44 PM
funny online story about dylan getting hon degree at princeton in 70 & getting drowned out by cicadas / he wrote song about it :)
Brian D 1:20:29 PM
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:20:37 PM
Esoterica (host) 1:21:10 PM
thanks, jerry:) you are too
Esoterica (host) 1:21:16 PM
crazy, mark!
Esoterica (host) 1:21:42 PM
the wishinaks doing big star? bri? lovely
Brian D 1:21:54 PM
Brian D 1:22:38 PM
Paint it Jersey you devils!
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:22:39 PM
Mark 1:22:47 PM
it looks like that brood is due to emerge this year on their 17 year cycle
Esoterica (host) 1:22:51 PM
i agree. i don't know if that was Andrew on vocals, though, but it is his band
Tom 1:24:20 PM
I got to hang and chat with Alex Chilton for a few minutes once at the upstairs bar at JC Dobbs. My friend Ken was interviewing him
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:24:26 PM
cicada uprising 2021!
Esoterica (host) 1:24:45 PM
whoa, tom. what was that like?
Mark 1:25:29 PM
haha hope they donโ€™t interrupt anyoneโ€™s already disrupted sleep cycles :)
Esoterica (host) 1:25:33 PM
wow, jerry, cicadas! btw, i started watching Small Axe (the series) about an immigrant community in London...lots of great ska
Esoterica (host) 1:25:43 PM
i think it is on amazon
Esoterica (host) 1:26:02 PM
john boyega just won the golden globe for his acting in the show
Mark 1:28:10 PM
the cicadas remind me of the crickets at the end of eno : great pretender:)
Esoterica (host) 1:28:57 PM
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:29:02 PM
Did you get to the lovers rock episode esoterica?
Ookla the Mok 1:29:33 PM
*Milkmen stomp!
Esoterica (host) 1:30:04 PM
yes, ookla!!!
Esoterica (host) 1:30:07 PM
Ookla the Mok 1:30:10 PM
:) :)
Esoterica (host) 1:30:29 PM
refresh my memory, jerry?
Esoterica (host) 1:30:40 PM
lovers rock episode?
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:31:03 PM
In the small axe features
Tom 1:31:25 PM
he was kind of keep to himself guy wasn't real chatty,
Mark 1:32:12 PM
@selectsa I heard that highly recommended/ I assume u rec
Ookla the Mok 1:32:38 PM
will I Think Like Midnight be doing any live shows this year? Their website only has shows from 2020
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:34:32 PM
The first three episodes are vey eye opening for people who are not aware of the prolofic predjudice in london in the 1970s
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:35:22 PM
Very close to an Authentic jamaican presentation as can be expected
Brian D 1:36:07 PM
Thank you Eso!
Esoterica (host) 1:36:18 PM
Esoterica (host) 1:36:34 PM
yes, jerry!
Mark 1:36:40 PM
on kinda similar theme to that poly styrene documentary comes out tomorrow/ x ray specs
Esoterica (host) 1:36:51 PM
ookla, not any planned as of yet
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:37:12 PM
Lovers rock episode shows house parties known as blues dances with big soundsytem. Blacks and jamaicans were not alloeed in clubs so they would hold their own parties
Ookla the Mok 1:37:44 PM
Studio 17: The Lost Reggae Tapes is worth at a watch. It's a BBC thing
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:39:19 PM
Yes thats good too ookla but more music related the other shows have a social awareness while using the music as the soundtrack to life
Esoterica (host) 1:39:38 PM
haven't seen it yet, jerry! interesting! I only watched half of the first episode
Ookla the Mok 1:45:36 PM
Jerry: is Inna De Yard (2019) any good?
Mark 1:45:55 PM
Lovin the vibe & sound today / where do u guys find these pieces ?!
Esoterica (host) 1:46:49 PM
thx! i do some digging. andrew was helpful
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:47:03 PM
Camino sound tune is ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:47:26 PM
Dont know if i saw that ookla
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:49:02 PM
Whoa and their from nj ?
Mark 1:49:13 PM
haha yes conflicted on if i should harbor those feelings :)
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:50:58 PM
Esoterica is ready willing and able!!
Esoterica (host) 1:52:07 PM
Esoterica (host) 1:52:20 PM
#confused, mark
Esoterica (host) 1:53:16 PM
Esoterica (host) 1:54:56 PM
damn, mark, you were right about the spelling of smyth!! haha
Mark 1:55:14 PM
schadenfreude in a messed up / pandemic world :(
Mark 1:55:50 PM
haha remember now McEnroe wife :)
Mark 1:57:32 PM
and speaking of 70s dudes - iggy released his cover of sunshine Superman yesterday!
Selecta Jerry (1) 1:58:52 PM
Sneak peak teasers ๐Ÿคฃ
Esoterica (host) 1:59:36 PM
afraid of lyrics...haha never know wit Watt
Ookla the Mok 2:06:41 PM
yargh i need to pick up some tampee, walk the dogs and hit the Peloton. good day all! *car listening enabled*
Esoterica (host) 2:07:05 PM
nice! thx for popping in, ookla:)
Mark 2:07:22 PM
i canโ€™t see these guys playing a brewpub/ more in a gallery setting/ itโ€™s fantastic
Esoterica (host) 2:11:07 PM
agreed, mark
Stevie P 2:11:31 PM
i had to google tampee
Stevie P 2:11:45 PM
now added to my vocabulary
Esoterica (host) 2:13:08 PM
haha mine, too
the_dude 2:13:35 PM
Hahaha same, rare I hear a new one!
Esoterica (host) 2:16:25 PM
lol dude
jimbeaux 2:17:52 PM
Peter Tosh included that synonym in Legalize it :)
Esoterica (host) 2:18:35 PM
cool, jimbeaux, and hello! welcome!
jimbeaux 2:19:02 PM
tampee AFTER Peloton...you'll get pulled over by the virtual bike cops
Mark 2:19:21 PM
Haha just saw it began w peter tosh/ love the roxy b-sides- could listen all day
jimbeaux 2:19:34 PM
hell-yo E-SO!
Esoterica (host) 2:21:34 PM
me, too! mark and haha yes tampee post-peloton
Mark 2:21:56 PM
on the tampee note / love the prb station ID : holden caulfield - william holden wake-n-bake :)
the_dude 2:22:32 PM
Loved how casual it was, and yeah that's a great one mark, from aqua teen hunger force, I think that's Paton Oswald's voice
Esoterica (host) 2:22:33 PM
haha yes
the_dude 2:22:54 PM
Or patton oswalt sorry
Esoterica (host) 2:24:10 PM
love oswalt, sad story about his wife
Mark 2:24:29 PM
haha dude now Iโ€™m gonna have to find it
Mark 2:31:11 PM
where the exec asst to fact check for u ? Thom York was vocalist for vrnus in furs film band :)
Esoterica (host) 2:32:05 PM
Esoterica (host) 2:32:34 PM
haha Mark! NOW we're even. It is spelled Thom Yorke, with an e
Mark 2:32:45 PM
NP / the lyrics on this one :)
Esoterica (host) 2:32:50 PM
Smyth and Yorke
Mark 2:33:58 PM
haha unlike u i donโ€™t have an exec asst / which chatter was assigned the task ?
Esoterica (host) 2:34:08 PM
right-o. haha
Brian D 2:34:41 PM
Great Patti tune
Esoterica (host) 2:35:42 PM
i agree. once i saw a free at noon at xpn with all these women covering patti smith tunes. awesome,
Stevie P 2:35:51 PM
mark, i thought dude or mr. m was exec asst
Stevie P 2:36:02 PM
i'm just the receptionist
Esoterica (host) 2:36:04 PM
you're right!
Esoterica (host) 2:36:16 PM
please, stevie, take a message!
Stevie P 2:36:49 PM
please hold
Mark 2:37:14 PM
haha / where is that mrM when u need him ;)
Brian D 2:38:50 PM
Fleetwood Mac "Albatross" would be a nice instrumental for this or other show
Mark 2:41:05 PM
agreed on that amazing the sound difference of peter green fleetwood to rumours
Esoterica (host) 2:41:52 PM
oh cool idea bri
Mark 2:49:55 PM
great show thanks for introducing us to i think like midnight/ itโ€™ll b a fantastic late nite relisten / remember the art exhibit @ aac !
Esoterica (host) 2:51:36 PM
will do, thx!!! mark:).
Esoterica (host) 2:51:47 PM
thanks for all who stopped by!
Stevie P 2:54:19 PM
another great show. thanks, dje!
Esoterica (host) 2:54:21 PM
maybe i'll get to albatross next week:)
Brian D 2:55:23 PM
Woody! This was a fun show. Good contrasts w vocal & instrumentals of all types. See y'all
Tom 2:55:44 PM
great show as always
Brian D 2:56:13 PM
Similar to melody of Wildwood Flower here
Brian D 2:57:24 PM
Aka I'll Twine mid the Ringlets going back earlier. Recurring melody
Esoterica (host) 2:58:49 PM
thanks, a:)
Esoterica (host) 2:59:17 PM
i meant all!! i appreciate all of you!
Brian D 3:00:21 PM
This RG AG Japan is awesome
Esoterica (host) 3:02:42 PM
yes i agree! i thihnk i will ply more next week. bye for now!!!
Esoterica (host) 3:02:54 PM
be safe! take care...