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Mar 6, 2021 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Elliot

Weekly broadcasts from an overeager listener.

Home Broadcast #44: Defective Disco


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6:00 PM
Skip & Laura - I Believe in Music
Skip & Laura I Believe in Music
I Believe in Music Rite Record Productions 1972


6:04 PM
Loshh - É Beré
Loshh É Beré N
Ífaradá TENNNN 2021
6:11 PM
Tatsuya Nakamura - 1/4 Samba II (excerpt)
Tatsuya Nakamura 1/4 Samba II (excerpt) N
J Jazz Volume 3: Deep Modern Jazz from Japan V/A Barely Breakin Even 2021
6:20 PM
Judy Bailey Quartet - Colours of My Dream
Judy Bailey Quartet Colours of My Dream
Colours Eureka 2006
6:29 PM
Δόμνα Σαμίου - Το Μουνί Το Λενε Γιώτα (Δρυμού Ελασσόνας)
Δόμνα Σαμίου Το Μουνί Το Λενε Γιώτα (Δρυμού Ελασσόνας)
Τα Αποκριάτικα Greek Folk Music Association ‎ 1994
6:30 PM
Wau Wau Collectif - Thiante
Wau Wau Collectif Thiante N
Yaral Sa Doom Sahel Sounds 2021
6:33 PM
Ali Birra - Abbaa Lafaa
Ali Birra Abbaa Lafaa
Ammalele Little Axe 2012
6:39 PM
Circuit Rider - Haunched as Lizards
Circuit Rider Haunched as Lizards
Photograph Attached Numero Group 2016
6:39 PM
Caribbean Sextet - Suspan'n
Caribbean Sextet Suspan'n
Haiti Direct - Big Band, Mini Jazz & Twoubadou Sounds (1960-1978) V/A Strut 2014
6:43 PM
Sulette - P'tit Courage
Sulette P'tit Courage
Té Maman / P'tit Courage Disques Royal 1978
6:47 PM
Amaia Zubiria & Pascal Gaigne - Egun argi hartan
Amaia Zubiria & Pascal Gaigne Egun argi hartan
Egun argi hartan Elkar 1985
6:54 PM
The Ukrainians - Koroleva Ne Pomerla
The Ukrainians Koroleva Ne Pomerla
Pizni iz the Smiths Cooking Vinyl 1993
7:06 PM
Anadol - Ay Çürüdü
Anadol Ay Çürüdü
Uzun Havalar Kinship 2018
7:15 PM
Sven Wunder - Hibiscus
Sven Wunder Hibiscus
Doğu Çiçekleri Piano Piano 2019
7:19 PM
Morteza Hannaneh - Track 06
Morteza Hannaneh Track 06
Tchashm-E-Del Collapsing Market 2017
7:21 PM
PRAED Orchestra! - IL A3sab (excerpt)
PRAED Orchestra! IL A3sab (excerpt)
Live in Sharjah Morphine 2020
7:32 PM
Taqbir - Aisha Qandisha
Taqbir Aisha Qandisha
Taqbir s/r 2021
7:34 PM
Prison Affair - I Want Ya (In My Cell)
Prison Affair I Want Ya (In My Cell)
Demo s/r 2019
7:35 PM
FACS - Strawberry Cough
FACS Strawberry Cough N
Present Tense Trouble in Mind 2021
7:40 PM
Maraudeur - Embarazada
Maraudeur Embarazada
Puissance 4 s/r 2021
7:42 PM
Zirkular Dion - Везунчик молодец
Zirkular Dion Везунчик молодец N
Chernye Rty Detriti 2021
7:50 PM
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Bill Callahan - She Is My Everything
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Bill Callahan She Is My Everything N
She Is My Everything - Single s/r 2021
ft. Richard Bishop
7:55 PM
Girlboy Girl - Should We Or Shouldn't We?
Girlboy Girl Should We Or Shouldn't We?
Fresco Blackbean and Placenta Tape Club 1999
7:58 PM
The Chipmunks - My Sharona
The Chipmunks My Sharona
Chipmunk Punk Excelsior 1980
Chat is archived.
Elliot (host) 6:00:38 PM
Good evening! It's always hard to come on after Selecta Jerry, but this week especially. What a bittersweet show!
Elliot (host) 6:01:42 PM
I'll try to do my best for the next 2 hours. I hope you enjoy it!
Elie Kassas 6:06:51 PM
Elliot, my roommate says that the next 48 hours should consist of 16 hours of sleep, 16 hours of homework, and 16 hours of leisure. Do you agree with this? also this is song is sizzling yo. ps my name is also eli(ot)e
Elliot (host) 6:09:34 PM
I feel a special bond with anyone named Eli(e), and a special hatred towards anyone named Elliot who spells it differently than me
Elliot (host) 6:10:04 PM
What's your opinion on Ellies?
Elliot (host) 6:10:43 PM
Anyway, that's how I've been living for the past year, and it's going great
Elie Kassas 6:15:37 PM
elies should be neutral, I was once the head of a small gaggle of e named fellows and we were all pretty mellow. The elliots handled the hunting/gathering while the eli's handled farming and the elies were the architects while the ellies handled the laws and taxes.
Elie Kassas 6:15:46 PM
that is my opinion on ellies
Brian D 6:16:40 PM
Sounds great Elliot with single t. For a great lp rarity seek out The J Ann C Trio – At Tan-Tar-A. I think ytubes has some of the tracks to listen. crazy rarity vinyl by some resort club band
Elliot (host) 6:18:27 PM
released by "Burdland Records"! 😂
Selecta Jerry (1) 6:21:21 PM
Thanks for the kind words elliot. Cleaning up my radio mess and dinner with Elliot on wprb is on the menu
Brian D 6:21:57 PM
Crazy high price by collectors for some reason. But really fun fiery music. What you'd expect to hear in a mid 60s resort in the Ozarks. Rockabilly & surf and feisty growly vocals not a far cry from Wanda Jackson but a bit more cocktail resort bar like if that's possible
Elliot (host) 6:21:59 PM
This track will start cookin soon, Jerry!
Brian D 6:22:31 PM
That Tatsuya Nakamura was smokin hot
Elliot (host) 6:22:57 PM
@ Elie, if your society is advanced enough to need DJs, you know where to find me!
Brian D 6:23:12 PM
OOoohhh you're right this just increased in heat. Yeah
Selecta Jerry (1) 6:24:43 PM
Does any other wprb djs living rooms look like a tornado hit them after a 3 hour show? 🤔
Elliot (host) 6:25:55 PM
I used to go to summer camp pretty close to that resort! I could reconstruct the Big Surf water park from memory if it were ever destroyed in a tornado
Elliot (host) 6:26:41 PM
I thought switching to 2 hours would help, Jerry, but it didn't work!
Selecta Jerry (1) 6:27:24 PM
Lol too funny E
Selecta Jerry (1) 6:27:51 PM
We need tax relief for wear and tear
Elliot (host) 6:29:34 PM
33.3 cents per LP, 45 cents per single
Elliot (host) 6:32:07 PM
Sahel Sounds never disappoints
Brian D 6:32:36 PM
Yeah this is beautiful
Christine Duffy 6:32:50 PM
💜 Wau Wau Collectif
Brian D 6:32:55 PM
Playing along in living room
Christine Duffy 6:33:21 PM
Lovely, lovely Sahel Sounds! Hey, DJ Elliot & all
Krista 6:33:36 PM
Some of my finer friends are named Christa. The hierarchy goes: Krista, Krysta, Christa, all other names, Crystal
Elliot (host) 6:34:12 PM
don't forget Christine!
Brian D 6:34:29 PM
Cristal with a big circle smiley face above the "i"
Elliot (host) 6:34:38 PM
the audio in this one is a little muted, but the chorus is so much fun to sing along with
Krista 6:35:16 PM
Christine is included in "all other names"
Brian D 6:35:48 PM
Christine Duffy 6:36:58 PM
@Brian, funny you mention that, I sometimes used Xtine
Brian D 6:38:10 PM
Looking forward to the latest animal segment Krista
Elliot (host) 6:40:03 PM
I wish I had a "segment". I ate a new fruit today and have no way of sharing it with central Jersey!
Elliot (host) 6:40:26 PM
It was a lemon/plum hybrid that I saw on sale (wonder why), and it was okay!
Krista 6:40:43 PM
I used to have fruit club back in MN where we would try novel fruits
Christine Duffy 6:40:43 PM
@Krista, from mallards to ______? I'll tune in & find out!
Elie Kassas 6:41:11 PM
@elliot what is the name of this fruit lelum or plemon
Krista 6:41:15 PM
I also was fooled by a citrus hybrid, the pumello, which is a very pithy thing and not that good
Christine Duffy 6:42:05 PM
@Elliot, we need to hear about this hybrid fruit you tried
Elliot (host) 6:42:18 PM
the best part about it was that it had a little tip, just like a lemon!
Brian D 6:42:44 PM
Robert Is Here fruit market in Everglades area of Fla. Great place to experiment w exotic fruit tasting
Krista 6:46:01 PM
Sounds like heaven, Brian. I'm planning a Georgia vacation this year specifically to eat peaches!
Krista 6:46:49 PM
Minnesota was a terrible place for exotic fruit! Unless you consider rhubarb exotic
Krista 6:48:01 PM
@elliot I don't know why they took a plum and were like hmm let's ignore the entire existing genre of sour plums and make ANOTHER sour plum
Krista 6:48:39 PM
@Brian how did it get that name? Robert is Here
Elliot (host) 6:48:56 PM
I have been trying for minutes to come up with a word funnier than plemon, but there are so few letters to work with
Elie Kassas 6:50:15 PM
lemon and plum = pleumonum
Elie Kassas 6:50:29 PM
not wuite as subtle
Krista 6:52:11 PM
Elie Kassas 6:52:57 PM
Lum is very good
Brian D 6:53:23 PM
I believe Robert is the proprietor. Friendly & informative guy. Helps you out on site. Down to earth
Elliot (host) 6:54:18 PM
yes, this track is what you think it is
Elie Kassas 6:54:45 PM
what language is this track
Brian D 6:54:54 PM
I tried caimito. That was good. And some good ol faves that are just great when down there & fresh like passion fruit. They will peel and cut up your mango for you in a way that is easy to eat. Sit on a bench and get some fresh air. Eat fresh fruit. Smoothies, juices galore
Brian D 6:55:16 PM
Young coconut yum
Krista 6:55:22 PM
Was just going to ask if this was morrissey, lol
Elliot (host) 6:55:59 PM
The Ukrainians!
Brian D 6:56:27 PM
Free From Pathlupica did up the Cyrillic Sabbath / Dio Heaven and Hell the other night
Krista 6:57:28 PM
Oh but singing the smiths, right? The voice is spot on, it's eerie
Elliot (host) 6:58:23 PM
Holy smokes, Diver! I can't believe I missed that!
Brian D 6:59:30 PM
It was this: Molchat Doma Небеса и Ад (Heaven and Hell) N What Is This That Stands Before Me? V/A Sacred Bones 2020 Black Sabbath cover
Krista 6:59:52 PM
Elliot (host) 7:03:08 PM
http://www.wprb.com/survey !!
Elliot (host) 7:08:55 PM
Molchat Doma becoming a TikTok meme was the Most Unexpected Thing
Elliot (host) 7:09:47 PM
I've got some gloomy Ukrainian EBM from their old label lined up for later!
Twofive Assity 7:10:48 PM
Fabulous song
Twofive Assity 7:11:27 PM
You've played some nice picks tonight. So unique.
Elliot (host) 7:13:29 PM
So glad you're listening, TfA! I got lost in this song the first time I heard it
Elie Kassas 7:29:05 PM
Elie Kassas 7:29:25 PM
Thank u elliot man
Elliot (host) 7:31:46 PM
I'm bound to hit everyone's nationality at some point or another! The main guy in that group, Raed Yassin, has been putting out a lot of really weird music.
Elliot (host) 7:31:55 PM
That was their most radio-friendly track, believe it or not...
Elie Kassas 7:33:22 PM
incredibly interesting and diverse!
Elie Kassas 7:33:44 PM
opening the mosh pits for this song shout out to mosh pits
Corage Mike 7:33:48 PM
Awesome bunch of tunes.
Elliot (host) 7:35:21 PM
Corage Mike! Good to see ya!
Elie Kassas 7:36:11 PM
this set is hot hot hot hot super fire
Elliot (host) 7:37:48 PM
I get bored if I stay in one place for too long. From Lebanon to the mosh pit!
jimbeauxdough 7:50:31 PM
Yello Elliot!
Elliot (host) 7:50:56 PM
just in time, Mr. J!
Elliot (host) 7:52:09 PM
it's not a John Prine song if there isn't a reference to breakfast food
Krista 7:54:06 PM
Wedding day in funeralville only references soup, which brings me to the question: is oatmeal stew
Elliot (host) 7:55:25 PM
Oatmeal is just unfiltered coffee as far as I'm concerned
Elie Kassas 7:55:57 PM
oatmeal is more of a smoothie to myself
Elie Kassas 7:56:18 PM
thank you for the experience elliot man have a good week!
Elliot (host) 7:56:34 PM
wrapping it up for today! thank you keeping me company, everyone!
Elliot (host) 7:56:52 PM
stick around for Uneasy Listening and enjoy the rest of your Saturday! see you next week!
Christine Duffy 7:56:56 PM
Thx, Elliot!
jimbeauxdough 7:58:06 PM
Oatmeal is decidely of the porridge persuasion.
Corage Mike 7:59:11 PM
Certainly sounds like corona....