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Mar 13, 2021 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Elliot

Weekly broadcasts from an overeager listener.

Home Broadcast #45: Nowhere Special


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6:01 PM
Uschi Moser - Sunny Honey
Uschi Moser Sunny Honey
Birds Do It: Music from German Sex Education Movies of the 60's and 70's V/A Diggler 2002
6:06 PM
Electric Nightmare - The Improbable Love Story Between Cheetah And A Famous Pop Music Star (Back To You Cheetah)
Electric Nightmare The Improbable Love Story Between Cheetah And A Famous Pop Music Star (Back To You Cheetah)
Electric Nightmare WEA 1979


6:21 PM
Search - Peanut Butter and Jam
Search Peanut Butter and Jam
Search 1 Boogie Time 2009
6:27 PM
マリリン・モンロー・ハズバンド - ピーナッツ
マリリン・モンロー・ハズバンド ピーナッツ
変Disco V/A GT Music 2016
6:32 PM
The Pointer Sisters - Salt Peanuts
The Pointer Sisters Salt Peanuts
That's a Plenty Hip-O Select 1974
6:36 PM
The Truthettes - Peanut Butter and Jelly
The Truthettes Peanut Butter and Jelly
Take It to the Lord In Prayer Malaco 1983
6:43 PM
Cyril Cyril - Petit destin
Cyril Cyril Petit destin N
Yallah Mickey Mouse Born Bad Records 2020
6:46 PM
Mica Levi - Waves
Mica Levi Waves N
Blue Alibi s/r 2021
6:47 PM
Bill Nelson - When the Birds Return
Bill Nelson When the Birds Return
Sleepcycle Cocteau 1982
6:57 PM
Bell Orchestre - V: Movement
Bell Orchestre V: Movement N
House Music Erased Tapes 2021
7:03 PM
Bell Orchestre - VI: All the Time
Bell Orchestre VI: All the Time N
House Music Erased Tapes 2021
7:05 PM
De Haan - Veel Herrie
De Haan Veel Herrie N
Chagrijn Is Een Kleine Hondenvestje KRUT 2021
7:10 PM
Mitsu Harada - Haru Ni Nareba
Mitsu Harada Haru Ni Nareba
Codomo News Himico Records 1975
7:19 PM
Paul Adolphus - Butterfly
Paul Adolphus Butterfly
The Dawn Wind Shadoks Music 2007
7:21 PM
André Duchesne - La Chanson De Roland
André Duchesne La Chanson De Roland
Arrêter Les Machines s/r 2006
7:26 PM
Ayizan - Tribilasyon
Ayizan Tribilasyon
Dilijans Superfly 2019
7:32 PM
Fly - The Western Lands I
Fly The Western Lands I
Year of the Snake ECM 2012
7:34 PM
Mode Mind - $2.00
Mode Mind $2.00
Vazaar V/A Orgel 1987
7:39 PM
Donké - Keleteke
Donké Keleteke
Paris/Bamako Quattro 1990
7:42 PM
Teisutis Makačinas - Tau, Tėvyne
Teisutis Makačinas Tau, Tėvyne
Disko Muzika Vinilo Studija 2018
7:48 PM
成田由多可 - 八つ墓村
成田由多可 八つ墓村
金田一耕助の冒険 King Records 2000


7:55 PM
Captain DJ - Disco UFO
Captain DJ Disco UFO
Disco UFO G-Note Records 1978
7:59 PM
Moonriders - バースディ
Moonriders バースディ
マニア・マニエラ Japan Records 1982
Chat is archived.
Elliot (host) 6:00:20 PM
welcome to your Saturday evening! it's WPRB!
Brian D 6:05:24 PM
A Sunny Honey evening. Hello Elliot w 1 T
jimbreaux 6:05:52 PM
Well that opener was...instructional.
Elliot (host) 6:07:09 PM
hey hey! Brian, I realized this week where I had seen the cover of that J Ann C Trio album you mentioned last week
Elliot (host) 6:07:28 PM
it's on the back of Enjoy the Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992
Brian D 6:08:16 PM
Yeah put this song title on a diner jukebox . Fine font
Elliot (host) 6:08:39 PM
Jimbeaux, they do love giving orders...
Brian D 6:09:21 PM
Cool! That's right we chatted J An C Trio! Yes that is a swinging good time.
Krista 6:09:49 PM
I wish this diner existed, Brian. The extremely creepy song Sweet Cheetah by WASP could also be on the jukebox
Brian D 6:11:28 PM
John Mulaney's stand up bit on Salt & Pepper Diner is one of my favorite juke box stories and stand up bits ever.
Elliot (host) 6:12:32 PM
a classic! shamelessly copied by a Vice reporter, of course
Elliot (host) 6:12:34 PM
Brian D 6:12:38 PM
Short & long: John & his buddy pre loaded the juke at populated diner with 20 some plays of What's New Pussycat by Tom Jones. Hilarity and almost riot ensued
Elliot (host) 6:15:24 PM
if anyone can explain what this song is about, I would be extremely grateful
Brian D 6:15:59 PM
A working man slightly bikerish leanings bar had Allman Brothers Eat A Peach on the juke back late 80s early 90s. It had the full continuous 30 min + Mountain Jam. That was fun to put on and just watch. Heads bob and like it for a little. Then well bass solos and drum solos take it down to almost silence... it's fun.
Krista 6:16:19 PM
I also love that standup bit, Brian. Mulaney is one of my favorites. Other classics are his dad pulling in to McDonald's and ordering just a plain black coffee
Krista 6:17:05 PM
This song is about cheetahs, man
Brian D 6:17:13 PM
HA! Yes! His delivery. wow.
Elliot (host) 6:17:14 PM
I was alone in a bar in Arkansas and played the self-titled Viet Cong album, whose final track has a few minutes of pure SLUDGE
Elliot (host) 6:17:27 PM
I asked permission, of course
Brian D 6:18:31 PM
Mulaney said a classmate of his in elementary school met him on first day of school. Then that kid went home and said "Papa, today I met a boy with no eyes" or something like that
Krista 6:19:57 PM
Alone at an arkansas bar asking permission to use the jukebox?? That's a midwest emo album waiting to happen (is arkansas considered midwest? Or is it not Kansas enough?)
Elliot (host) 6:20:32 PM
Sorry for this, everyone
Brian D 6:20:52 PM
No sorrys for clavinettes allowed
Elliot (host) 6:21:19 PM
I was in Ft. Smith, in a border region they call (no joke) 'Arklahoma'
Krista 6:21:48 PM
Ah it's the promised peanut butter songs
Brian D 6:21:50 PM
Kid Creole and the Coconuts "Endicott" I just thought of for no particular reason. Other than it is a weekendish fun jam
Brian D 6:26:41 PM
Running Red Lights w Jen played The One Way Streets 'We All Love Peanut Butter' That was fun
Elliot (host) 6:27:03 PM
you can take away my DJ card, but I don't think I've ever listened to Kid Creole!
Elliot (host) 6:27:10 PM
you know how I feel about weekend jams, though
Elliot (host) 6:29:11 PM
we're all entitled to our weird gaps! hearing Abbie From Mars broadcast herself listening to Weezer for the first time was *chef's kiss*
Brian D 6:32:38 PM
Yeah I do not know much about Kid Creole but there is some kitsch there that is interesting. Seems like a fun band to see at a casino or some such club
Elliot (host) 6:33:37 PM
seeing Willie Nelson at a casino changed my life
Krista 6:33:54 PM
I saw Aziz Ansari at a casino, he was great
Brian D 6:35:07 PM
Bob Weir once. And Ween once. Atlantic City. It is fun to see the casino get overrun by concert freaks. This Salt Peanuts is way daddy o hip cool cats spats bees pajamas and all that
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 6:35:19 PM
Saw Kid Creole & the Coconuts at Penns Landing. Endicott would totally fit this vibe.
Brian D 6:35:54 PM
evaD !
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 6:36:27 PM
Brian D. !
Elliot (host) 6:36:31 PM
the inevitable conclusion to any set about peanut butter: a song that turns the concept on its head
Brian D 6:36:49 PM
Eddie Murphy's Boogie in Your Butt ?...I don't know if we are ready tho
Elliot (host) 6:37:30 PM
💎♢ gR𝑒ⓔ𝐭ⒾηᎶs, 𝔻άשᗴ! ♕☢
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 6:39:30 PM
You have learned well the art of ᙎᘿi𐌓ᴅ fonts.
Elliot 6:40:28 PM
Years of Googling 'Fancy text generator' paid off!
pethie-ish 6:49:06 PM
Loving the show!!! BILL NELSON RULEZ
Elliot (host) 6:54:41 PM
Hey Pethie!!!
Elliot (host) 6:55:11 PM
if only I could have been in the Bill Nelson Fan Club in 1982
pethie-ish 6:56:47 PM
Elliot (host) 7:05:03 PM
this song is way weirder than I remembered. we'll ride through it!
Elliot (host) 7:06:01 PM
one dose of dissonant droning Dutch dirges a day is good for the soul
Selecta Jerry 7:09:29 PM
No turning back now E
Elliot (host) 7:10:59 PM
you were right about the roller coaster!
Selecta Jerry 7:11:57 PM
Or the mine shaft cart in indiana jones 🎢
Elliot (host) 7:26:07 PM
Feeling a bit laid back at the moment! I guess we're in a lazy river
Elliot (host) 7:26:55 PM
this group, Dilijans, is a wonderful ensemble from Haiti: https://blog.superflyrecords.com/storyboard/ayizan-dilijans-haiti-rara-meets-spiritual-jazz-in-nyc/
Elliot (host) 7:28:28 PM
*Ayizan, the album is Dilijans
Krista 7:49:39 PM
Lots of interesting flutes snuck into songs tonight
jimbreaux 7:50:03 PM
Sneaky dang floooooots!
Liz Bot 7:50:10 PM
Smooooooooooth. This is reminding me of early Gary Wilson “You think you really know me” era
Liz Bot 7:50:37 PM
This sneaky bass! We’re eating dinner and all dancing in place
Krista 7:50:52 PM
And I can't wait to go to a water park. One of the world's largest is weirdly in Wisconsin
Liz Bot 7:50:55 PM
Sneak floot, meet sneak bass
Liz Bot 7:51:29 PM
Loving the show!
Elliot (host) 7:51:37 PM
Yes! Incidentally, I have a big pet peeve against music with sensual moaning, but I believe this is a haunted house! It's a ghost!
jimbreaux 7:51:43 PM
Elliot (host) 7:52:02 PM
It was getting lonely here! I'm glad you're all back!
Elliot (host) 7:55:00 PM
Every time I think I've heard every UFO funk song, I find a dozen more!
Liz Bot 7:56:05 PM
👻 🎶
jimbreaux 7:57:00 PM
Unidentified flying object! object! object!
jimbreaux 7:57:43 PM
UFWhoooooaaaaaaaaa Oh Oh Oh
Elliot (host) 7:59:00 PM
any covers you record are guaranteed airplay, Jimbø!
Liz Bot 7:59:20 PM
🛸 👻
Elliot (host) 7:59:28 PM
I guess the show is ending! How did that happen so fast?
jimbreaux 8:00:11 PM
Time acceleration...daylight savings time!
Elliot (host) 8:00:19 PM
STATES is coming up next on Uneasy Listening!