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A Lull in Conversation

Mar 18, 2021 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

With Lili

ode to the femme voice

it's whm! i feel like i barely celebrated it. how did you celebrate it?

A Lull in Conversation
11:03 PM
Fazi Bataglia - Fragile
Fazi Bataglia Fragile N
Immovable Motion hidden nexus tapes 2021
11:08 PM
Okay(K) - Everybody Knows (feat. Honey Gentry)
Okay(K) Everybody Knows (feat. Honey Gentry)
Everybody Knows (feat. Honey Gentry) - Single sefl-released 2021
Mar. 5 release.
11:10 PM
Bivolt - Você Já Sabe
Bivolt Você Já Sabe
Bivolt Som Livre 2020
11:15 PM
Mombojó - Hortelã
Mombojó Hortelã
Alexandre Slap 2014
11:17 PM
Mombojó - Dance
Mombojó Dance
Alexandre Slap 2014
11:22 PM
Numün - Voyage Au Soleil
Numün Voyage Au Soleil N
Voyage Au Soleil Musique Impossible 2020
11:31 PM
Beach Bunny - Blame Game
Beach Bunny Blame Game
Blame Game - EP Tugboat Records 2021
11:34 PM
Holy Motors - Midnight Cowboy
Holy Motors Midnight Cowboy N
Horse Wharf Cat Records 2020
11:39 PM
Dude York - Longest Time
Dude York Longest Time
Falling Hardly Art 2019
11:43 PM
Nerd Magnet - FREAKS & GEEKS
Nerd Magnet FREAKS & GEEKS
Dear My Invisible Friend THISTIME RECORDS 2019
11:48 PM
Lady Flash - Death Safari
Lady Flash Death Safari
Koi Suru Bill Murray Dead Funny Records 2016
11:51 PM
Cayetana - Phonics Failed Me
Cayetana Phonics Failed Me
New Kind of Normal Plum Records 2017
11:54 PM
KUNG-FU GIRL - Between You And Me
KUNG-FU GIRL Between You And Me
11:58 PM
THE PATS PATS - Girls talk
THE PATS PATS Girls talk
Girls talk / Our song PASSiON RECORDS 2017
12:04 AM
Peach Kelli Pop - Close to You
Peach Kelli Pop Close to You
Lucky Star - EP LAUREN RECORDS 2020
12:07 AM
Great Grandpa - 28 J's L8R
Great Grandpa 28 J's L8R
Plastic Cough Double Double Whammy 2017
12:12 AM
Obinrin Trio - Aquele Gingado (feat. Eva Figueiredo, Lari Eva, Rafael Gomes da Silva & Marina Bastos)
Obinrin Trio Aquele Gingado (feat. Eva Figueiredo, Lari Eva, Rafael Gomes da Silva & Marina Bastos)
Origem Tratore 2020
12:17 AM
Cabruêra - Xangã
Cabruêra Xangã
Colors Of Brazil Tumi Music Ltd 2015
12:23 AM
Slothrust - Cubicle
Slothrust Cubicle R
Of Course You Do Ba Da Bing! 2014
12:26 AM
Ryley Walker & Kikagaku Moyo - Shrinks the Day
Ryley Walker & Kikagaku Moyo Shrinks the Day N
Deep Fried Grandeur Husky Pants Records 2021
12:46 AM
Chinelo de Couro - Hey! Man
Chinelo de Couro Hey! Man
Cantos Brasileiros Miniestéreo da Contracultura 2016
12:51 AM
Letícia Fialho e a Orquestra da Rua - Vem / Fumaça
Letícia Fialho e a Orquestra da Rua Vem / Fumaça
Maravilha Marginal self-released 2018
12:56 AM
Cidadão Instigado - Dudu Vivi Dada
Cidadão Instigado Dudu Vivi Dada
Fortaleza self-released 2014
Chat is archived.
lili (host) 11:11:44 PM
i'm live yall <3
Selecta Jerry 12:08:12 AM
Evening Lili you goofed 😂calling you out 🤣
DJ | JD 12:08:38 AM
I'm a huge Great Grandpa fan - I love their audiotree live sessions <3
lili (host) 12:09:29 AM
hahaha thanks jerry :)
lili (host) 12:09:51 AM
omg yes!! just found them but in love already @jd
DJ | JD 12:10:33 AM
I might recommend the band Slothrust as another female led indie rock group 8)
lili (host) 12:10:48 AM
sick! where from?
DJ | JD 12:11:19 AM
I've seen them live in SF but apparently they're from Boston!
lili (host) 12:11:29 AM
are you from the bay?
DJ | JD 12:11:53 AM
nah, but kicked it out there for 2 yrs between undergrad and grad school (where I'm at now) :)
lili (host) 12:12:18 AM
oh nice! grew up there so i know a thing or 2 about the scene over there :)
lili (host) 12:12:30 AM
a frequent 924 gilman loiterer
DJ | JD 12:12:46 AM
sick, whereabout? I was stationed in South SF, workin' in the biotech hub
lili (host) 12:13:11 AM
sf proper! most of my friends in oak tho
DJ | JD 12:13:49 AM
nice nice nice! Yeah, I've definitely been to Gilman before, tho my memories are hazy LOL
lili (host) 12:14:35 AM
ahahah sounds about right
DJ | JD 12:17:18 AM
(re: slothrust; I think 'Cubicle' might be my formal recommendation if u were interested hehehehe)
lili (host) 12:17:40 AM
if u wanna consider it a request i can cue it up
DJ | JD 12:18:28 AM
I 'pose I could consider that a request 8)
DJ | JD 12:23:35 AM
woohoooooo 8)
Selecta Jerry 12:23:42 AM
I know nothing you called yourself out haha
lili (host) 12:24:23 AM
hey appreciate holding me accountable anyway
Selecta Jerry 12:26:05 AM
Slothrust nice request 🎶🎶
DJ | JD 12:27:08 AM
Thanks Jerry! They're a favorite of mine - I just saw that they've got some new release that I wasn't aware of :O
lili (host) 12:27:56 AM
i find it maddening that spotify doesn't tell u when bands release new stuff like bandcamp does
DJ | JD 12:28:30 AM
tbh I've actually never used bandcamp before - is it worth exploring?
lili (host) 12:28:36 AM
lili (host) 12:29:05 AM
it feels much more geared towards giving the bands a platform as opposed to making money
Selecta Jerry 12:29:12 AM
Bandcamp is excellent ive never used spotify
lili (host) 12:29:56 AM
and you can subscribe to bands' newsletters, which will give you heads ups for merch drops and releases
DJ | JD 12:30:26 AM
making an account right now!!!!
Selecta Jerry 12:30:32 AM
Their app is very slick and easy to use too
lili (host) 12:30:34 AM
thanks to bandcamp i preordered godcaster's new album like 7 months ahead of its release
Selecta Jerry 12:31:39 AM
I get all my euro releases through band camp
DJ | JD 12:33:15 AM
Sick, I feel like it's Christmas
Selecta Jerry 12:33:47 AM
Tie your wallet down
DJ | JD 12:35:31 AM
LOL accurate; I just spent my hard earned $$$ on an audio interface to improve my home setup :D (so bandcamp will have to wait to get my monies)
lili (host) 12:36:00 AM
^^ seriously, i could spend hundreds on bandcamp and still want more stuff
lili (host) 12:37:15 AM
i really want to see folks' home studio setups... it was gonna be a social media series like dj spotlights but no one ever got the ball rolling
DJ | JD 12:38:56 AM
Omg that sounds like a great idea, and especially helpful for the new DJ's (like myself)
DJ | JD 12:39:34 AM
do u know who I can bug about that? I'd be willing to write something up to share what I'm rockin'
Selecta Jerry 12:40:02 AM
DJ | JD 12:40:58 AM
Awesome Jerry, thanks for that glimpse!!!
lili (host) 12:40:58 AM
it'd be great to show the variety cause there's pros like jerry and then there's me on my bed with my laptop propped up on a teabox, mic on my lap, and a bowl of rice in the other hand
lili (host) 12:41:27 AM
lili (host) 12:41:35 AM
bug paolo about that
DJ | JD 12:41:48 AM
hahahaha; I want to listen to the audio on Jerry's video but I'm grooving so hard to this jam right now
lili (host) 12:42:00 AM
thank dan ruccia for this gem right here
Grady 12:42:11 AM
hello hello i am tuning in for a little before bed i loved the slothrust track and this also rules
lili (host) 12:42:27 AM
welcome back grady! thanks man :) sleep tight!
Selecta Jerry 12:42:35 AM
Yes amazing track and the rain pelting my window sill
DJ | JD 12:43:47 AM
omg 18 minutes of this? what a joy
Selecta Jerry 12:46:40 AM
Husky pants > Big Jeans
Grady 12:46:49 AM
wait wait are you the dj who played the plus-tech squeeze box (sorry i've forgotten) bc that has set me off on a japanese music kick for the past several weeks omg
lili (host) 12:47:05 AM
yes that was me! lol welcome back
lili (host) 12:47:16 AM
i'm glad, i've been going on a jpop bender too
Grady 12:48:04 AM
word okay sorry sorry can't keep all of y'all straight loll yeah that whole album was great
lili (host) 12:48:13 AM
haha no worries
lili (host) 12:48:34 AM
cartooom is a treasure
Selecta Jerry 12:48:41 AM
Lili i must say no one would ever know you were on your bed with a bowlful of rice doing radio. Great radio
DJ | JD 12:50:13 AM
I agree with Jerry, you're sounding great! :D Thanks for the energy to keep me in lab this late, lol; I'm about to bike home, so take care, everyone!
lili (host) 12:50:31 AM
thanks for tuning in jd! bike safe
Selecta Jerry 12:50:50 AM
Have a peaceful night everyone
lili (host) 12:50:53 AM
thank you jerry 💕💕feeling so loved
lili (host) 12:50:59 AM
good night!
Selecta Jerry 12:51:15 AM