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Jon Solomon

Mar 24, 2021 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Jon Solomon

Every Wednesday night on 103.3 fm WPRB.

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Jon Solomon
5:00 PM
The Rub - The Death Of Pop
The Rub The Death Of Pop
Bikini Gospel Happy Squid
5:04 PM
Set Break
5:07 PM
Corvair - Sailor Down
Corvair Sailor Down
Corvair wiaiwya 2021
5:12 PM
Lushlife - Depaysement (feat. Dälek)
Lushlife Depaysement (feat. Dälek)
Redamancy EP Fortune Tellers 2021
5:21 PM
Dan Wriggins - All Things Being Equal
Dan Wriggins All Things Being Equal
Mr. Chill Orindal Records 2021
He of Friendship.
5:24 PM
Jonathan Kane & Dave Soldier - Requiem for Hulis Pulis
Jonathan Kane & Dave Soldier Requiem for Hulis Pulis
February Meets Soldier String Quartet 2020
5:40 PM
The Breeders - The Dirt Eaters
The Breeders The Dirt Eaters
Bills & Aches & Blues EP1 (40 Years of 4AD) V/A 4AD 2021
His Name Is Alive cover.
5:44 PM
Mdou Moctar - Tala Tannam
Mdou Moctar Tala Tannam
Afrique Victime Matador 2021
Out in May.
5:49 PM
100 Flowers - Triage
100 Flowers Triage
Drawing Fire+ In The Red


5:51 PM
Set Break
5:59 PM
SOUL GLO - Violence Against Black Women Goes Largely Unreported
SOUL GLO Violence Against Black Women Goes Largely Unreported
Untitled 2016
6:01 PM
Natural Information Society with Evan Parker - d(OoOc) IV
Natural Information Society with Evan Parker d(OoOc) IV
Descension (Out of Constrictions) Eremite 2021


6:20 PM
Lucy Dacus - Thumbs
Lucy Dacus Thumbs
Thumbs Matador 2021
6:24 PM
Curtis Andrews - The Rainmaker
Curtis Andrews The Rainmaker
Speaking Hands 2021


6:38 PM
Jetstream Pony - Hit The Snow
Jetstream Pony Hit The Snow
Grief of a (Frozen) Sailor / Hit the Snow Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club 2020
6:41 PM
The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr - Forssa Saeeda
The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr Forssa Saeeda
Habibi Funk 009: Jazz, Jazz, Jazz Habibi Funk 2018
6:47 PM
Engine Kid - Holes to Fight In
Engine Kid Holes to Fight In
Angel Wings Southern Lord 2020
1994 album, remastered.
6:54 PM
Set Break
7:02 PM
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band - 46:07
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band 46:07
Live on WPRB
7:48 PM
Set Break
7:52 PM
En Attendant Ana - Words
En Attendant Ana Words
Juillet Trouble In Mind
7:56 PM
Los Wembler's De Iquitos - El Puente de Aguaytia
Los Wembler's De Iquitos El Puente de Aguaytia
Visión del Ayahuasca Barbès Records 2019
7:58 PM
Axes - Christmas Number One
Axes Christmas Number One
Double A Side


Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon (host) 4:50:39 PM
Welcome back to the chat! Great to have you all here on this rainy Wednesday night in New Jersey. Thanks again to DJ Pup for filling in last week.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:01:36 PM
Brian D 5:03:03 PM
What's louder, the rain outside or that crushing show by Ahab?
Jon Solomon (host) 5:03:12 PM
Two way tie for FIRST.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:03:30 PM
Program coming through for you OK Brian? Minor connection issue up top but I think we're sorted now...
Brian D 5:06:00 PM
I hear ya loud n clear JS.
Brian D 5:07:06 PM
Spaysss- aysss - ayssssss (infinite reverb through space.....)
Jon Solomon (host) 5:08:19 PM
Phew. Thank ya. I think I have the hang of going live now (knocks on all sorts of wood surfaces repeatedly).
Brian D 5:10:37 PM
Very nice this Corvair ! Pop n crunch n acoustics n nice vocals. Gotta hear more
Jon Solomon (host) 5:12:19 PM
Yeah, it is not only a very good record but a very good-sounding record if that makes sense.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:12:31 PM
I think fans of say The New Pornographers should be all over it.
Brian D 5:14:19 PM
Yeah both counts. NPs. And i heard all sorts of good sounds in the 'phones well recorded. They know what they're doing
Jon Solomon (host) 5:15:22 PM
One of the changes with my pared-down live setup is I now have to listen to the whole show in headphones. When I get the new rig built I aspire to have monitors.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:15:32 PM
So that is how I got to enjoy Corvair today, for sure.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:37:33 PM
Getting lost in this one, hope it is a nice soundtrack for those driving in the downpour.
fr1dayafternoon 5:39:27 PM
Yeah, this is awesome. Really dig it.
Kristin Belz 5:43:02 PM
wow never heard this cover before. nice - though i admit i prefer the HNIA original so far!
jimbO3.O 5:43:39 PM
The real Deals!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:45:19 PM
The reason you haven't heard it before is because it just came out.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:45:39 PM
4AD is doing a bunch of "current bands cover other songs from our catalogue" for their 40th (now 41st).
Jon Solomon (host) 5:46:07 PM
A lot of Breeders covers in the mix. EP3 reached me today. One more to go, vinyl down the line!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:46:40 PM
Sorry, KB. Without an exclamation mark at the end of my first sentence that sounded more "dude behind the counter at a record store" than I intended!
Chris Mohr 5:53:04 PM
Nice segue from Mdou Moctar to 100 Flowers!
Kristin Belz 5:53:42 PM
no harm JS! And hey dude behind the counter, dontcha know i get most releases a month or so before the record stores do? JK. cool release. and then seeing that 100 flowers in a fresh new copy too - that plain cardboard with letterpress was oh so new at the time!
Brian D 5:59:28 PM
Whattaya mean you only got terteen tabs open at once mon?
Jon Solomon (host) 5:59:49 PM
I run an efficient laptop ship! Someday the Two Screen Experience will happen again.
Buck Wild 6:00:42 PM
Hey man, thanks for playing good music
Jon Solomon (host) 6:01:31 PM
You're very welcome, Mr. Wild.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:06:59 PM
What's on the dinner docket tonight, chat?
Jon Solomon (host) 6:08:21 PM
There seems to be some sort of pesto situation in the other room.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:08:34 PM
Pesto Situation, also on one of the worst jam bands.
Brian D 6:11:10 PM
Luv Black Bean Burgers on corn tortillas w cheez, fried onions & baby peppers. Top w/crunchies (shred cabbage/ carrot etc & pepitas)
Brian D 6:11:25 PM
And only like 7 kinds of hot sauce
Brian D 6:11:39 PM
Maybe plain yogurt too
Jon Solomon (host) 6:11:41 PM
Outstanding, Brian.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:12:03 PM
Update from The Other Room. This is happening - https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1013814-stuffed-yellow-peppers-with-israeli-couscous-and-pesto
Brian D 6:12:39 PM
Very nice
Jon Solomon (host) 6:13:13 PM
Finding pearl couscous was harder than expected this AM. They moved it to "Passover" at the grocery even though it is decidedly not Kosher for Passover!
Brian D 6:14:20 PM
Kashrut conundrum
Jon Solomon (host) 6:15:33 PM
I think they saw the word "Israeli" in big letters on the front and made some very incorrect assumptions.
Chris Mohr 6:15:59 PM
Oven BBQ chicken, home made biscuits, a little tossed salad.... no pathogens, hopefully...
Jon Solomon (host) 6:16:23 PM
Just Freeform ones, but that's not for a couple hours.
Chris Mohr 6:16:39 PM
I have another commitment at 7 and might have to miss DJ Mike 😕
Jon Solomon (host) 6:17:55 PM
I enjoy unwinding with the first hour of his show after I get done. It is a legit highlight of the week now.
Brian Kijewski (1) 6:17:59 PM
Love Natural Information Society! Such chill minimal grooves. Have you heard Joshua Abrams' Cloud Script? I see it came out early this year, but doesn't seem to be available anywhere digitally.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:18:23 PM
Oh, I don't know that one Brian.
Brian D 6:18:51 PM
Saw this pop up online other day & it screams several PRB dj's names : "Heisei No Oto: Japanese Left-field Pop from the CD Age, 1989-1996 "
Jon Solomon (host) 6:19:08 PM
JA and I went to college together and I am delighted to see what he's accomplished. He was always hustling somewhere with a giant upright bass. Really found "his people" post-school in the Chicago jazz / post-rock world.
Brian D 6:19:16 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:19:54 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:21:07 PM
Thanks, Brian.
Brian Kijewski (1) 6:22:38 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:23:07 PM
Interesting. I played his solo lathe a couple weeks back.
Brian Kijewski (1) 6:23:07 PM
Looks like it came out in December actually.
Brian D 6:23:23 PM
Fingerprintz – The Best of Fingerprintz: Bullet Proof Heart - also sounded good. Soft Cell & mega Tom Jones box set... ooo so many
Brian Kijewski (1) 6:25:04 PM
@Jon yes I do remember that. When I first heard I thought maybe it was from Cloud Script. And that's very cool regarding college anecdote.
Brian D 6:33:02 PM
This Curtis Andrews is a journey. wow
Jon Solomon (host) 6:33:26 PM
It is indeed.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:33:33 PM
We are going some places tonight.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 6:36:00 PM
Got MY attention for sure.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:37:02 PM
Hey, DTO!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 6:37:22 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:39:14 PM
Surprised to realize I still had a few "not Christmasy-enough for the Christmas show" tunes like this lying around. Speaking of which, nine months until Xmas Eve...
Factorial 6:43:07 PM
just tuned in at the end of the last song and that aisler's set cover at the end through me off!
Factorial 6:43:16 PM
*threw me
Factorial 6:43:55 PM
always loved that song.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:44:24 PM
I must admit it didn't register with me beyond "oh this is quite good!" I'll have to listen again off-air. Good catch.
Bo 6:55:09 PM
Hi Jon!
Bo 6:56:36 PM
Have you heard Pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs
Bo 6:56:58 PM
pigs pigs?!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:03:40 PM
Pigs? Pigs!
jimbO3.O 7:06:38 PM
Mmm...had Israeli couscous w pesto last night! Topped with roasted sweet potatoes hummus, hot peppers. Tonight was a grilled sammy w brie granny smith apple & carnelized onions.
jimbO3.O 7:08:56 PM
Caramelized. Carnalized onions are rated X.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:09:49 PM
Safe it for safe harbor!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:09:59 PM
That's an excellent accident.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:13:43 PM
Love that Unlawful Caramel Knowledge record...
Bo 7:15:24 PM
Pigs x7! They're real!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:18:23 PM
So they are! I admit I didn't know what you were getting at initially...
Jon Solomon (host) 7:18:43 PM
Will look into all seven pigs.
Brian D 7:23:20 PM
Love this Chris Forsyth & band approach. Twin gtr knitting. You played a live piece about a month ago or so on ride home. Thanks for turning on. What year is this PRB performance Jon?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:24:28 PM
February 2016!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:24:49 PM
When they were supporting The Rarity of Experience.
Brian D 7:26:17 PM
Like the gtr tones. Sound like they really listen to each other and take things where they go. Is it more mapped out or more improv I wonder?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:27:21 PM
Hard to say but with Forsyth + Nick Millevoi going up against each other's guitars it is a period of the Solar Motel Band catalogue I'm quite fond of.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:27:57 PM
Those are two gents who know how to play without overdoing it / being as showy as they could be about their ability.
Brian D 7:32:02 PM
yes it is a partnership indeed
Jon Solomon (host) 7:40:05 PM
If memory serves we panned the guitars in the mix to like "10" and "2" so this also sounds quite ace in headphones.
kentman 7:48:42 PM
another great Philly band to watch out for when concerts start up again. Cold Rain and Snow from the Dead's debut, lots of good jam references here.You've blown my ming again Jon Solomo
kentman 7:49:12 PM
Solomon, I got cut off
Jon Solomon (host) 7:53:13 PM
Thank you, Kentman. Glad you could tune in.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:57:38 PM
Keep it going for Mike Lupica live from the Starlight Lounge at the top of the hour! I'll join you in the chat accordingly.