Apr 7, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With Tim

Subbing for Mike- Where is he?

Top secret mission? On assignment in the middle east?

He'll be back next week

8:00 PM
University of Washington Husky Marching Band - Bohemian  Rhapsody
University of Washington Husky Marching Band Bohemian Rhapsody
n/a n/a
8:06 PM
The Sky Drops - Now would be a good time
The Sky Drops Now would be a good time
Cloud People
8:09 PM
Aye Nako - Particle Mace
Aye Nako Particle Mace Aye Nako
Silver Haze Don Giovanni Records 2017
8:12 PM
The Fiery Furnaces - Restorative Beer
The Fiery Furnaces Restorative Beer The Fiery Furnaces
Widow City Thrill Jockey Records 2007
8:15 PM
Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Activate
Frankie and the Witch Fingers Activate Frankie and the Witch Fingers
Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters... RAS / Greenway 2020
8:23 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------set break
8:26 PM
A Band of Bees - These Are the Ghosts
A Band of Bees These Are the Ghosts A Band of Bees
Free the Bees Virgin Records 2005
8:30 PM
Beachwood Sparks - Something I Don't Recognize
Beachwood Sparks Something I Don't Recognize Beachwood Sparks
Beachwood Sparks
8:32 PM
Death Valley Girls - Under the Spell of Joy
Death Valley Girls Under the Spell of Joy Death Valley Girls
Under the Spell of Joy Suicide Squeeze Records 2020
8:36 PM
Choir Choir Choir - Undertow
Choir Choir Choir Undertow
n/a n/a
8:39 PM
urabukki ikkubaru - ambient guitar
urabukki ikkubaru ambient guitar
n/a n/a
8:42 PM
Alvvays - In Undertow
Alvvays In Undertow Alvvays
live at cbc n/a
8:46 PM
I Monster - Daydream In Blue
I Monster Daydream In Blue I Monster
Daydream In Blue - EP Instant Karma 2001
8:49 PM
Julia Reidy - Clairvoyant
Julia Reidy Clairvoyant Julia Reidy
Vanish Editions Mego 2020
8:52 PM
Kero Kero Bonito - Only Acting
Kero Kero Bonito Only Acting Kero Kero Bonito
Only Acting - Single
8:55 PM
Julia Reidy - Clairvoyant
Julia Reidy Clairvoyant Julia Reidy
Vanish Editions Mego 2020
9:01 PM
Girlpool - Corner Store
Girlpool Corner Store Girlpool
Powerplant Anti/Epitaph 2017
9:03 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------set break
9:06 PM
Horselords - Fanfare for Effective Freedom
Horselords Fanfare for Effective Freedom
//// /
9:14 PM
Polvo - Vibracobra
Polvo Vibracobra Polvo
9:18 PM
Black Sabbath - Killing Yourself to Live (Live in 1973)
Black Sabbath Killing Yourself to Live (Live in 1973) Black Sabbath
Live in Asbury Park N J /
9:26 PM
Earthless - Violence of the Red Sea
Earthless Violence of the Red Sea Earthless
From the Ages Nuclear Blast Entertainment 2018
9:39 PM
The Mooney Suzuki - Electric Sweat
The Mooney Suzuki Electric Sweat The Mooney Suzuki
Electric Sweat
9:44 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------set break
9:44 PM
Jack Scott - Leroy
Jack Scott Leroy Jack Scott
Leroy - Single Black Sheep Music 2013
9:47 PM
Leroy Pullins - Im a Nut
Leroy Pullins Im a Nut
SINGLE 45 Kapp
9:49 PM
Ronnie Hawkins - Who Do You Love (Single Version)
Ronnie Hawkins Who Do You Love (Single Version) Ronnie Hawkins
9:51 PM
Elmore James - Dust My Broom
Elmore James Dust My Broom Elmore James
Dust My Broom Jewel 2010
9:57 PM
Lemon Drops - I Live In The Springtime
Lemon Drops I Live In The Springtime
Sunshine Flower Power Rembrandt
9:57 PM
Supreme Four - I Lost My Job
Supreme Four I Lost My Job
Eccentric R&B: The Cuca Label V/A Numero Group 2020
10:01 PM
Merle Haggard & The Strangers - Workin' Man Blues
Merle Haggard & The Strangers Workin' Man Blues Merle Haggard
Okie from Muskogee (Live) CMCapNash (N91) 2015
10:03 PM
Lemon Drops - Sometime Ago ( raga version)
Lemon Drops Sometime Ago ( raga version)
Sunshine Flower Power Rembrandt
10:08 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------set break
10:08 PM
Snarls - Walk in the Woods
Snarls Walk in the Woods Snarls
Burst Take This To Heart 2020
10:12 PM
Paint - Strange World
Paint Strange World PAINT
Spiritual Vegas Mexican Summer 2020
10:14 PM
Humble Pie - Sour Grain
Humble Pie Sour Grain
Rock On A&M 1971
10:17 PM
Audacity - lock on the door
Audacity lock on the door
live on wfmu n/a
10:20 PM
Aye Nako - Nightcrawler
Aye Nako Nightcrawler Aye Nako
Silver Haze Don Giovanni Records 2017
10:26 PM
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Your Imagination
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors Your Imagination
Turing Into Small Gern Blandstien
10:32 PM
springtide - We Are Heading to the East
springtide We Are Heading to the East
Sounds Strange, Weird, But Unmistakably Romantic, Vol. 1 - EP Springtide Records 2018
10:36 PM
The Undisputed Truth - UFO's
The Undisputed Truth UFO's The Undisputed Truth
The Best of Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces
10:40 PM
Terry Riley - Descending Moonshine Dervishes
Terry Riley Descending Moonshine Dervishes Terry Riley
Riley: Descending Moonshine Dervishes
10:43 PM
Serena Maneesh - Hear Bleed Philharmonic
Serena Maneesh Hear Bleed Philharmonic Serena Maneesh
Fixxations - EP Honeymilk Records 2002
10:46 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------set break
10:47 PM
The Helio Sequence - Knots
The Helio Sequence Knots
young effects ano
10:57 PM
buff organization - upside down world
buff organization upside down world
60's intrumentals vol 2 n/a
10:58 PM
peter ban and the good fairies - balloons
peter ban and the good fairies balloons
60's instrumentals vol 2 n/a
Chat is archived.
Tim (host) 8:00:48 PM
oh hi
Tim (host) 8:01:36 PM
Mike is out tonight - subbing for him is Tim
Hi! Oh!
Tim (host) 8:01:58 PM
mr malcontent what will it take to make you Mr content?
Too. Many. Things. To. List.
How’s you??
Tim (host) 8:03:52 PM
someday,,,, mr mal someday...
Tim (host) 8:04:14 PM
good - id ask you I would ask you but um i already know
Tim (host) 8:04:44 PM
malocntented- ! its right there in the name
Started out well and then you went with “Mr Mal”. INCORRECT! It’s MrMalcontent or MrM.
Tim (host) 8:05:57 PM
duly noted
I like the start of the show tho yo!
Tim (host) 8:08:56 PM
ok well see you were not malcontented with that beginning - you redemption begins drunk guys singing bohemian rhapsody are always a strong start
drunk?! I’m not drunk. 🥴
Tim (host) 8:15:55 PM
no earlier in the show i played a recording of a drunk guy singing I thought you were referrnctin that
Tim (host) 8:16:15 PM
yeah the firey furnaces are a well of creativity
isa 8:17:14 PM
i was there for the drunk guys singing bohemian rhapsody, it was great
I was there however I missed it. Maybe I am drunk
jimbeaux 8:19:06 PM
People! HELLO!
Person! Hi!
Tim (host) 8:19:48 PM
thanks isa - someday an entire show of just drunk guys
isa 8:20:11 PM
that sounds awesome
Tim (host) 8:20:13 PM
hi jim beaux whats going on in him beaux world did ya get yourshot?
Tim (host) 8:20:34 PM
@ isa - it would be a pretty interesting show idea
jimbeaux 8:20:36 PM
How did I not realize it is National Beer Day until 20 hours into it?
jimbeaux 8:21:10 PM
been double shotted...all good!
Tim (host) 8:21:15 PM
one of the most honorable holidays
Tim (host) 8:21:58 PM
golden monkey beer == offical beer of wprb?
Tim (host) 8:22:13 PM
i drink it just to say the name
Tim (host) 8:22:40 PM
@ jim beaux nice!!!
jimbeaux 8:24:46 PM
golden monkey is gooood! many permutations now like sour monkey and maybe some mango monkey thang?
Tim (host) 8:24:52 PM
me too - im a vaccintated mfer !!
Tim (host) 8:25:21 PM
oh really i didn't know there were monkey variations - I will have to explore
Tim (host) 8:25:37 PM
sooo anybody know where mike went ?
Tim (host) 8:26:24 PM
hmmm maybe hes doing time
Tim (host) 8:26:44 PM
nothing more popular in jail then a indie rock hipster
jimbeaux 8:26:44 PM
mike is channeling his energies in anticipation of fund drive is my guess
Tim (host) 8:26:56 PM
@ jim yeah ill bet
I haven’t seen him HereHere tho 🤨
Oh! He’s gotta be in Ibiza leading the DJ conference!!
Tim (host) 8:29:30 PM
hmm maybe or he started a new "mike as the supreme leader " cult thing
Tim (host) 8:30:01 PM
no your right he is probably at the conference in Ibiza most dj conferences are held there
Jon Solomon 8:30:12 PM
I saw Mike on my front porch yesterday. He is both alive and well. Stopped by between trips to / from Ibiza.
Tim (host) 8:30:38 PM
whew -- good to know
oh thanks gawd
Tim (host) 8:31:51 PM
so far he has never been on my front porch - how about you Mr malcomntent
jimbeaux 8:32:20 PM
maybe he's mediating between his old chickens and new chickens (if he got some...was contemplating)
Tim (host) 8:32:49 PM
i don't know he doesn't seem like a chicken meditatror
Tim (host) 8:33:26 PM
does he really have chickens?
I wish he was on my porch rn and af
jimbeaux 8:33:45 PM
yes he does!
Tim (host) 8:34:04 PM
ha thats funny - a new mike fun fact -
Tim (host) 8:34:44 PM
what the hell is a hipster doing with chickens - does he make them wear dark sunglasses and a cool stooges black t shirt
I miss you, DJ MikeLupica!! Imma join his cult.
Tim (host) 8:35:32 PM
@ mr malcontent im sure mike would drink golden monkey beer with you on your front porch but you would've to be a least a little contented - not totally malcontented in order for this to happen
Tim (host) 8:36:12 PM
yeah it time for the mike cult - " it started out as a little college radio show that burst into a cult following "
Tim (host) 8:36:24 PM
I think MikeLupica is the same amount of malcontented as I am, don’t ya think???
Tim (host) 8:38:10 PM
hmmmm that is a really difficult question - I think onhis next show its time to start asking mike about his inner workings and contented next on the chat board
Wait. That’s not possible. He’s “some” amount. Enough to BOND with me! Haha.
Tim (host) 8:38:55 PM
get to know the real "inner" mike
Tim (host) 8:39:08 PM
yeah mr malcontent that is true
Tim (host) 8:40:03 PM
i guess most prb listerners are rebels- or " malcontent " a leat a little bit and really who is totally truly contented
Tim (host) 8:40:13 PM
DJ Tim, is this nice show LIVE or is it memorex?? Did I also miss the announcement??
Tim (host) 8:46:35 PM
Tim (host) 8:47:07 PM
its fun spring indie rock hits -----
good deal. I’m enjoying all these nice selections
Tim (host) 8:47:59 PM
soooooo,,, your saying your kinda content
Tim (host) 8:48:48 PM
Tim (host) 8:51:57 PM
ok well my side mission as a dj is to put together some jams that get you to a title change that says " mrcontent" HA
you’ve taken it too far
please tell me this playlist doesn’t include mutski or Quartley Barfnett
Tim (host) 8:53:07 PM
i did --- nope!
Tim (host) 8:53:17 PM
neither of those
jimbeaux 8:53:53 PM
unless either is requested by a loyal listener
Read through the chat, jimbeaux
jimbeaux 8:55:37 PM
just rilin' you up :}
jimbeaux 8:58:35 PM
what was the glitchy mashup?
Tim (host) 8:58:54 PM
kero kero bonito
jimbeaux 8:59:30 PM
that was wild. sounding like a disc skipping but then boom inbetween tracks
Tim (host) 8:59:52 PM
yeah it was kero then julia reidy
Tim (host) 9:00:09 PM
the kero kero is a really creative pop song i think
kentman 9:00:22 PM
greetings all, missed the Fiery Furnaces, but Julia Reidy rings my bell
Tim (host) 9:00:40 PM
and julia reidy is such a good trip out sound scape
Tim (host) 9:00:48 PM
hey kentman
hey, kentman!
kentman 9:02:08 PM
Mr M you got a donkey?
jimbeaux 9:03:14 PM
yeo kentman!
kentman 9:03:46 PM
kentman 9:05:18 PM
I'm a sucker for animal charities, gave some money to a donkey rescue in Va
Hey, donkey. What’s goin’ on? You’re a donkey, I like that. You eat apples, right?
jimbeaux 9:06:23 PM
i do not have a donkey...would have to burro one
kentman 9:06:56 PM
good one
you’re a good guy, kentman!
kentman 9:07:53 PM
way to go with your shot Tim, I get my 2nd on the 14th
Tim (host) 9:08:53 PM
@kentman sweet
kentman 9:09:01 PM
who's gonna vaccinate you Mr M? Mitski?
Tim (host) 9:09:11 PM
it will be kinda wierd to be able to do what ever you want after this is over
Tim (host) 9:09:26 PM
mr m has natrual imuunites
I think I had this mess in November of 2019! 😳
Rob from Maryland 9:10:06 PM
Howdy everyone. Tim, I've been enjoying your show tonight
Tim (host) 9:10:15 PM
@ rob cool thanks
kentman 9:10:47 PM
once all the djs get vaccinated you can go back to the studio right?
Tim (host) 9:10:57 PM
i would think so
Mark 9:11:09 PM
hi tim/ cbc = canadian broadcast corporation/ alvayys r juno award winners - canadian grammy equivalents
Tim (host) 9:11:26 PM
so far havent heard anything - i haven't been in the studio in a year - it will be weird
Tim (host) 9:11:46 PM
aha - thanks mark
Still need to wear two masks everywhere you want to go in the free world.
Tim (host) 9:12:11 PM
@ mark allvvays they seem very different and non rock star like
Tim (host) 9:12:41 PM
@ mr m - yeah i still wear a mask - it will be nice to not wear one someday
kentman 9:12:54 PM
too many anti-vac people, your right MrM
Tim (host) 9:13:12 PM
i always get out to car forget mask then have to go friign back to get it
Mark 9:13:35 PM
oh I thought the same but i think all Canadian bands end up getting one
Tim (host) 9:13:58 PM
@mark huh how about that
Tim (host) 9:14:39 PM
its really hard to get vacc in suburban philly they really suck about getting it done
Mark 9:15:19 PM
nice show so far - hope u used the third hour to really space out :)
jimbeaux 9:15:38 PM
horse lords are phenomenal
Tim (host) 9:16:06 PM
@ mark - yeah i didnt really space out on this one- just kinda spat out the indie rock spring hits
Tim (host) 9:16:31 PM
@ jim its funny they said the same thing about you one
kentman 9:16:50 PM
Horselords and Polvo two bands I never heard of, leave it to Tim to come up with these tracks.
Kristin Belz 9:17:11 PM
love the ever tuneful cacaphony of polvo!
Tim (host) 9:17:18 PM
@ kentman - cool thats the whole idea of prb -
Tim (host) 9:17:53 PM
hey Kristin - yup they are pretty dam good
Tim (host) 9:20:47 PM
How people look and people stare Well I don't think that I even care You rot your life away and what do they give? You're only killing yourself to live Killing Yourself To Live! Killing Yourself To Live! Just take a look around you, what do you see? Pain, suffering, and misery It's not the way the world was planned It's a pity you don't understand Killing Yourself To Live! Killing Yourself To Live!
Mark 9:21:26 PM
black sabbath/ first indie spring band that i think of :)
Tim (host) 9:21:50 PM
@ Mark - ha ha ha - yeah kinda took a turn there
Mark 9:23:45 PM
just read an article yesterday how much Zappa admired sabbath/ was gonna jam live w them at MSG show but circumstances prevented it
Bo 9:23:50 PM
Hi Mike!
kentman 9:24:12 PM
live in Asbury Park 1973, that's Bruce Springsteen territory
Bo 9:24:48 PM
And Tim.
Tim (host) 9:26:21 PM
@ mark that would have been a cool mix
kentman 9:26:23 PM
Bo, how you be?
Tim (host) 9:26:43 PM
@ kentman - would have been even funnier to see sabbath and bruce jam
Mark 9:26:43 PM
always fond of nuclear blast entertainment record releases !
Bo 9:27:40 PM
I be just Bo(zie)!
kentman 9:27:51 PM
they were both really big then, filled up stadiums in a flash
Mark 9:29:29 PM
yeah sabbath show at MSG got started an hour late they had Zappa kinda calm the restless crowd down & then decided he shouldn’t play w them becuz they were having a bad show/ saw it on YouTube
kentman 9:31:38 PM
Zappa would've blown everybody away, but I guess the crowd was already out there
Bo 9:32:24 PM
Weird thing s I was reminiscing about the OLD Asbury Lanes with a friend earlier tonight and had the TV on and there's Sharon bloody Osbourne then I turn on the radio and I find this! :-?
kentman 9:36:13 PM
never made it to Asbury Park, used to go deep sea fishing off the coast of Brielle, that's as far north as I ever got
Tim (host) 9:37:09 PM
@ its kinda rejuniated lots of things to od - silver ball musem is with the trip pinball museum - if your of that vintage for the old days of playing pinball
Tim (host) 9:37:29 PM
Tim (host) 9:38:10 PM
i think asbury even has a record store as well as a pinball musem - so add he ocean and its perfect for me
jimbeaux 9:38:31 PM
love silverball!
Mark 9:38:39 PM
@bo : as fate would have it / asbury + Osborn + sabbath!
kentman 9:38:47 PM
a day trip for a Pa boy for sure
Tim (host) 9:39:06 PM
@ jim i know im always like oh i remember this from the arcade in 1975 and this be too etc
jimbeaux 9:39:35 PM
and the art & mechanics are amazing!
Tim (host) 9:39:40 PM
they have elton john beatles and kiss pinball machine - I def remember playing elton john and kiss back in the day
Bo 9:39:47 PM
@Mark! Isn't fate a fine thing!
Tim (host) 9:39:53 PM
@ jim yep
jimbeaux 9:40:02 PM
kentman 9:40:12 PM
don't test it
Mark 9:40:38 PM
@bo just don’t tempt it :)
jimbeaux 9:41:10 PM
Funhouse was a wild pinball game
Bo 9:41:52 PM
Saw these guy's at TLA in '05 there about, friggin' superb!
Tim (host) 9:42:09 PM
@ BO are they still together
jimbeaux 9:42:38 PM
nice Bo (and yeooo)!
Tim (host) 9:42:58 PM
soo best concert experience? --- discuss
Bo 9:44:40 PM
@ Tim, I do not know, hopefully yes!
fun playlist! THE MOONEY SUZUKI❣️
Bo 9:45:08 PM
Yeaux Jimbeaux!
Mark 9:45:15 PM
hmmm thinking about that discussion question
kentman 9:45:46 PM
the Police and Adam Ant 1980 at that west philly place
Bo 9:45:58 PM
Dig that rockabilly beat maaan!
Tim (host) 9:46:04 PM
ill start-- cowboy junkies 96 lay it down tou r- ritchie havens - jesus and mary cahinand mazzy star at the trco - and flaming lips -
Tim (host) 9:46:13 PM
@ bo cool
Mark 9:46:45 PM
haha saw Adam ant @ keswick couple years ago he was as still great.
Tim (host) 9:46:50 PM
i think my very best ws flaming lips at the Fillmore in Philly ---oohh and polyphonic spree at the tla -- both mega epic
Mark 9:48:14 PM
i wish i saw polyphonic at underground arts few years ago - some YT video out there
Tim (host) 9:48:39 PM
@ mark -- oh i was at that one - they are soo cool
Tim (host) 9:48:57 PM
but i think they are done .....
kentman 9:49:39 PM
The Who, Blues Magoos, & Herman and the Hermits Feb 1968 at some auditorium on U of Penn campus
Tim (host) 9:49:55 PM
@ kent man no way
Mark 9:51:20 PM
really liked the philly met as concert venue - saw my last indoor shows there in 19 - Bryan ferry / ry cooder & Roseanne cash doing johnny
Tim (host) 9:51:47 PM
@ mark i i never have been there
kentman 9:52:00 PM
i was 16 and went on my own, Keith Moon & Townsend broke their instruments an literally hurled them into the audience, I think some girl got whacked
Mark 9:52:16 PM
U Penn auditorium is irvine/ interesting place
Tim (host) 9:52:28 PM
@ kentman - I think you win the who were pretty formidable in 68
kentman 9:52:29 PM
that's it
Mark 9:52:39 PM
the restored met is fantastic !!
Tim (host) 9:53:09 PM
and seeing the blues magoos is pretty cool - and ok its kinda fun to see hermans hermits
Bo 9:53:12 PM
@Kentman ... l ...I ... There are no words.
Tim (host) 9:53:24 PM
ill fess up i saw hermans hermits openfo rrthe monkees in the eighties
kentman 9:53:43 PM
The Who weren't as loud as they they later became
Tim (host) 9:53:50 PM
i used to LOVE the trocadero
Mark 9:54:45 PM
the monkees r great / The Who weren’t on their first of 25 farewell tours in 68 :)
Tim (host) 9:54:57 PM
meh soimetimes i see bands and they are ti find loud - i was at a prb show and the band was CRANKDED Up and it kinda ruined it - but i admit to being an old dude so that may be part of it
kentman 9:56:01 PM
the loudest band i ever heard was Mahavishnu Orchestra, god my ears were ring for days after that
Tim (host) 9:56:14 PM
@ mark yeah the who kinda whored it out to themax - kinda embarrassing - yup the Monkees are cool combining marx brothers humour and sixtes pop that was like crack to me
Tim (host) 9:56:43 PM
@ kentman - funny you wouldnt expect them to be loud
Tim (host) 9:56:57 PM
i wouldn't anyway
Mark 9:57:03 PM
was about to say same thing !
kentman 9:57:50 PM
maybe because it was in a high school gym, if i remember, the big one in Bucks
Bo 9:58:32 PM
Loudest band(s) for me and best, The Stooges, The Jim Jones Revue, ((Dear God)), and The Dead Boys!
Tim (host) 9:58:48 PM
bo what year did you see the stooges
Mark 9:59:37 PM
haha I saw dead boys too / very loud stiv & cheetah chrome!
Bo 9:59:58 PM
Reunion Tour, '07 I think it was at The Electric Factory.
Bo 10:00:35 PM
@Mark YEP!
Mark 10:01:53 PM
iggy played at academy of music couple years ago / still mad i missed that
kentman 10:02:23 PM
the original Electric Factory on Arch st. was shut down by Frank Rizzo
kentman 10:03:01 PM
he was a real storm trooper
Bo 10:03:17 PM
@Mark, yes, I'd have had to take out a loan to afford that show.
Tim (host) 10:03:54 PM
@ kentman yeah frank wasnt havin it not the grooviest guy
Bo 10:04:16 PM
The less said about Rizzo the better.
Mark 10:04:16 PM
the crazy thing i knew and usher there / coulda got a freebie:(
Tim (host) 10:04:29 PM
@bo - ticket prices have gotten crazy
kentman 10:04:36 PM
too manuy kids getting high for him
Tim (host) 10:06:11 PM
man i so dont want to go to work tomorrow
Bo 10:06:16 PM
@Kentman, we can't have that now can we ;-)
kentman 10:06:33 PM
saw the Youngbloods at the Trauma right around the corner from Arch st.
Bo 10:06:56 PM
@Tim, I won't stop you ;-)
Tim (host) 10:07:00 PM
@ kentman thats another calssic he had a great voice jessie colin young i thinkit was?
Tim (host) 10:07:10 PM
Tim (host) 10:07:21 PM
@kentman - you saw all the good ones
Tim (host) 10:07:33 PM
but thier records are kinda hit and miss
kentman 10:07:39 PM
yeh i think that guy with the dar hair was tripping
Tim (host) 10:07:55 PM
i wouldnt be surprised
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:09:06 PM
really enjoyed the old stuffs
Tim (host) 10:09:17 PM
yeah old records are great
kentman 10:09:22 PM
I think Woody's Truck Stop was there
Tim (host) 10:09:38 PM
love these lyrics- took a walk in the woods.. great opening line
Tim (host) 10:09:52 PM
a@ kentman --- ahhh todds old band
kentman 10:09:57 PM
maybe I was tripping
Tim (host) 10:10:18 PM
well if yoiu were at the trama watching the youngbloods it could be so ...
kentman 10:11:17 PM
they really did the intense strobe crap which I never liked
Tim (host) 10:11:54 PM
@ kentman - thge youngbloods did? they don't seem that psychedelic
kentman 10:12:40 PM
it was the style of the Trauma, elaborate light shows
Tim (host) 10:12:53 PM
@kentman -a ha i see
Tim (host) 10:13:15 PM
ever go to the 2nd fret in Philly backing the day
kentman 10:13:40 PM
there's that art school nearby,
kentman 10:15:25 PM
yes, but by 1966 the folk scene had moved to New York
Tim (host) 10:15:59 PM
@kentman - i think humble pie dedicated this album to the electric factory rip ( the first one)
kentman 10:16:27 PM
was kind of a hole in the wall, not very conducive for loud music
Tim (host) 10:16:37 PM
@ kentman - how bout that -
Bo 10:16:46 PM
Steve Marriott is up there with my all time favorite vocalist's, thank you for playing this!
Tim (host) 10:16:55 PM
how about the main point - the original one
Tim (host) 10:17:07 PM
@ bo sure - yeah he could sing
Bo 10:17:44 PM
I loved the Small Faces.
kentman 10:18:42 PM
saw Janis Ian and Buddy Guy there
Mark 10:18:42 PM
Haha bo small faces > faces yes or no ?
Bo 10:19:01 PM
Tim (host) 10:19:21 PM
@ kentman wow both great show s
Tim (host) 10:20:03 PM
i say faces= small face but in different ways
Mark 10:20:29 PM
was just reading about Steve Marriott tragic death the other day :(
kentman 10:21:12 PM
Buddy Guy was amazing, he used to do a James Brown kind of thing were he'd walk off stage cause he was exhausted and then come back then come back
Mark 10:21:14 PM
I know I put that quiz out there cuz it’s a tough call for me
Mark 10:23:34 PM
I saw buddy guy @ keswick theater / he was great did a lot of walking into the crowd
Mark 10:24:10 PM
I saw peter frampton as a teen !
Bo 10:25:48 PM
@Tim, there's some confusion over the name's, "Steve Marriott's" Small Faces (England), verses Rod Stewart's Small Faces (in the U.S.) later The Faces.
Tim (host) 10:25:53 PM
@ mark what year?
kentman 10:26:12 PM
you got me all reminiscing and stuff Tim, Iagree and concur with Mr.M , great show as always
Tim (host) 10:26:36 PM
@ thanks
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:27:32 PM
I agree and concur with all of us about everything
Tim (host) 10:27:38 PM
@ bo yeah i like them both - the steve and rod versions
Tim (host) 10:28:00 PM
@ mr malcontnet - that s the coolest thing that anyone has said
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:28:36 PM
I agree and concur
Mark 10:28:38 PM
saw frampton comes alive - prob my 1st concert ever as a tween
Tim (host) 10:28:47 PM
Tim (host) 10:29:05 PM
freally during the frampton comes alive tour? swwweeeet that's a classic
Bo 10:29:12 PM
Mr Mal(I'm content with everything) content?
Tim (host) 10:29:12 PM
kentman 10:29:35 PM
Peter Frampton was a breath of fresh air in the 70's, got tired of the damn Eagles
Tim (host) 10:29:59 PM
yeah frampton was pretty cool for a hot minute
Mark 10:30:41 PM
yes i always get pangs of nostalgia whenever i hear do you feel (like i do) ! :)
Tim (host) 10:30:57 PM
goes to show you you never know after he left humble pie he was kinda a cautionary tale --- a big ooops they got big after he left then they folded and he became huge
Bo 10:31:41 PM
@Kentman, Eagles were a fekin scurge in my home country, (Ireland). Thank fuck for the Sex Pistols!
Tim (host) 10:31:53 PM
@ mark there is a really cool youtube of him in Oakland in 77 a long jam of do you feel where he plays the drums
kentman 10:31:56 PM
for real
Tim (host) 10:32:23 PM
oh i remember my friends telling me about the sex pistols as a younen
Tim (host) 10:32:30 PM
Mark 10:32:32 PM
wow I gotta check that one out !
kentman 10:33:00 PM
those guys toured Texas can you believe that?
Bo 10:33:11 PM
@Tim, 8-))
Tim (host) 10:33:19 PM
@ mark it so 1977 one of the comments is - this is like taking the top off a big bucket of the late sevintes and sticking my face init
Mark 10:33:52 PM
haha i always like the big lebowski scene : can u turn the station i hate the f’n eagles maaaan
Tim (host) 10:33:58 PM
@kent man - ha yes they seemed to love trouble it sounds like them
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:34:32 PM
I disagree and oppose with that bit from Bo
kentman 10:34:47 PM
Ha ha, yeh the Big Lebowski
Tim (host) 10:34:59 PM
the dude abides
kentman 10:35:43 PM
that's a classic I'm sure Mr. M hasn't seen
Mark 10:35:51 PM
haha i was just watching a kynyrd skynyrd Oakland concert recently from 78 Now that’s classic 70s freebird!
Bo 10:36:30 PM
Suck it up Mr M. :-)
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:36:33 PM
I saw it once a few years ago and cannot remember anything about it.
Tim (host) 10:36:34 PM
@c mark i think it was the same concern t maybe day on the green ------ i wasn't a big skynard fan but the live album was pretty good - my friend older brother had it
kentman 10:37:01 PM
but the radio stations would never play the whole song
Tim (host) 10:37:57 PM
@ mark dazed and confused best seventies movie ever -
Mark 10:38:12 PM
I’m trying to remember the openers for the stadium show I saw frampton at / there were prob 4 bands total
kentman 10:38:36 PM
were you tripping?
Bo 10:38:39 PM
@Tim, thanks for this tune!
Tim (host) 10:38:43 PM
@ mark im sure its on the net - everything is
Tim (host) 10:39:03 PM
@ bo sure-- space funk!
Tim (host) 10:39:27 PM
@ bo i think the only real funk- psychedelic album
Mark 10:39:28 PM
it’s up there / I’ve been meaning to rewatch / Lottsa stars starting up in dazed :)
Bo 10:39:37 PM
It's been a minute ...
Tim (host) 10:39:55 PM
@ mark yeah = start for alotta people
Tim (host) 10:40:30 PM
@ mark i think what's his name was till in college Matthew mconghjey
Tim (host) 10:40:39 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:41:56 PM
Bo, I was just trying to be true to my name. Gosh. So you suck it. L0LZ
kentman 10:41:56 PM
you ain't leaving this party are ya Tim?
Tim (host) 10:42:21 PM
nope im on till 11 ---
jimbeaux 10:42:29 PM
THIS was the first track I heard on WPRB nearly 30 yrs ago from philly!!!
Tim (host) 10:42:44 PM
@ jim funny
Tim (host) 10:43:04 PM
@ jim sounds about right
Mark 10:43:25 PM
yeah him , parker posey , rennee z Ben affleck etc just getting started
Tim (host) 10:44:07 PM
@ yeah i love that movie - you got a joint man - no not one man - bealot cooler if you did
Tim (host) 10:44:55 PM
i think the director was a young dude just starting out to -
Mark 10:45:44 PM
@jimbeaux : the terry riley was ur first prb track ?
Tim (host) 10:46:07 PM
he had made slacker - and then he got to make dazed -
kentman 10:46:32 PM
I Remember tuning in to that kid's corner show, and I'm like what's this and being single I turned it off, later at night was better
Mark 10:46:32 PM
Yeah linklater
Tim (host) 10:47:26 PM
@ kentman - check out music with space on fri night for cool late night stuff for your head
kentman 10:48:19 PM
yeh that DJ is intense, reminds me of Chuck van sale on XPN
Mark 10:48:27 PM
haha tim u gotta do more fill ins I miss the monday evening scratchy vinyl wierd outs :)
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:49:10 PM
DJ Tim, I’m already looking forward to the next time you’re on air!! Big cheers to you, Sir! Kind regards!
Mark 10:49:19 PM
music w space : for what’s between right & left ear!
kentman 10:49:21 PM
Van Syl
Mark 10:50:14 PM
similar to chuck van zyl Saturday/ Sunday morning show
kentman 10:50:35 PM
heard there was a space somewhere in philly where they do live space music concerts, or used to
Tim (host) 10:50:36 PM
@ mark yeah
Tim (host) 10:51:27 PM
@ mr m - mark cool yeah i should be on in the summer I think
Tim (host) 10:52:00 PM
yeah music for space is really good for late night space out
Tim (host) 10:52:09 PM
er music with space
Mark 10:52:36 PM
@kent they were doing those shows at st mary church Penn campus / roach reich etc there were some sleep overs
kentman 10:52:52 PM
that's it
Tim (host) 10:53:01 PM
@ mark - now that sound cool wer these like ambient concerts
kentman 10:53:11 PM
Mark 10:53:34 PM
yes I had been meaning to attend one
kentman 10:53:56 PM
me too then all hell broke loose
Tim (host) 10:54:00 PM
oh yeah reich ok that sounds really really good in sanfancisoc they would do that and slow down a classic piece til it became ambient and do that so trippy but cool
Tim (host) 10:54:16 PM
and have it go all night
Mark 10:55:14 PM
great show tim now we gotta get ready for flex & the sludge !
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ- 10:55:30 PM
Cheers Dears and especially those with Big Ears! 🖤💀
Tim (host) 10:56:16 PM
cya -----
kentman 10:57:04 PM
lots of fun, thanks Tim
Bo 10:57:37 PM
Slainte Tim, great tunes!
jimbeaux 10:58:47 PM
Thanx TIM 💥💥💥