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Apr 3, 2021 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Elliot

Weekly broadcasts from an overeager listener.

Home Broadcast #48: Holy Saturday, Batman!


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6:01 PM
Los Jaivas - Bolerito
Los Jaivas Bolerito
El Volantin Sony 2011
6:02 PM
A Filetta - Miserere
A Filetta Miserere
Ab Eternu (Polyphonies corses) Saravah 1992
6:07 PM
Dollar Brand - Jabulani-Easter Joy
Dollar Brand Jabulani-Easter Joy
African Space Program Enja Records 1991
6:33 PM
Bernard Chabert - Helga Selzer
Bernard Chabert Helga Selzer
Wizzz Vol. 3: French Psychorama 1967-1970 V/A Born Bad Records 2015
6:37 PM
Die Radierer - Autobahn
Die Radierer Autobahn
Eisbären und Zitronen 3-Klang 1991
6:38 PM
Grauzone - Ich Lieb Sie
Grauzone Ich Lieb Sie
Eisbær Welt-Rekord 1981
6:41 PM
C. Memi + Neo Matisse - No Chocolate(サイケデリックバージョン)
C. Memi + Neo Matisse No Chocolate(サイケデリックバージョン)
ネオマチス1982高野山 Off-Song 2003
6:47 PM
Khana Bierbood (คณะ เบียร์บูด) - Plankton Bloom (แพลงก์ตอนบลูม)
Khana Bierbood (คณะ เบียร์บูด) Plankton Bloom (แพลงก์ตอนบลูม)
Strangers From The Far East​ (คนแปลกหน้าจากดินแดนบูรพา) Guruguru Brain 2019
6:53 PM
Cerberus Shoal - Christopher's Winded
Cerberus Shoal Christopher's Winded N
Crash My Moon Yacht (Deluxe Expanded Edition) Temporary Residence Ltd. 2021
6:59 PM
RAKTA - Tudo Que É Sólido
RAKTA Tudo Que É Sólido
SERPENTE La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 2015
7:03 PM
Ladrones - Pulsión
Ladrones Pulsión
Ladrones Slovenly Recordings 2019
7:05 PM
Timber - Stupid Reasons
Timber Stupid Reasons
Stupid Reasons / Owner Dog Butt Rag Records 1996
7:10 PM
Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin - Kyrie
Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin Kyrie
Missa Luba
7:13 PM
Gorrión - Gloria
Gorrión Gloria
El Rock de la Misa Criolla Star Events International 2016
7:19 PM
Woima Collective - Credo
Woima Collective Credo
Tezeta Kindred Spirits 2010
7:22 PM
Mary Lou Williams - Holy, Holy, Holy
Mary Lou Williams Holy, Holy, Holy
Mary Lou's Mass Smithsonian Folkways 2005
7:24 PM
Matana Roberts - Benediction
Matana Roberts Benediction
Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile Constellation 2013
7:26 PM
Popol Vuh - Agnus Dei
Popol Vuh Agnus Dei
Aguirre (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
7:32 PM
Le Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou - Teiduma
Le Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou Teiduma
Le Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou Kindred Spirits 2011
7:37 PM
Eddy Detroit - Who Knows the Land
Eddy Detroit Who Knows the Land
Jungle Captive Majora 1997
7:41 PM
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III - Mercy Kae Dabi
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III Mercy Kae Dabi
Control Mr Bongo 2019
7:45 PM
Dieter Wachtel - Help Me Girl
Dieter Wachtel Help Me Girl
Take The Time Yellowstone 1979
7:50 PM
La Peruanita - Recuerda Corazón
La Peruanita Recuerda Corazón
Andina - The Sound of the Peruvian Andes - Huayno, Carnaval & Cumbia 1968 To 1978 V/A Tiger's Milk Records 2017
7:53 PM
Betty Botox - Beginning of The Heartbreak (Love of Life Orchestra)
Betty Botox Beginning of The Heartbreak (Love of Life Orchestra)
Chat is archived.
Elliot (host) 5:59:40 PM
HI WPRB! Happy Saturday!!
Krista 6:06:31 PM
Me, searching on my actual radio for 103.3, hear some chanting, stop
Elliot (host) 6:07:59 PM
they say we're supposed to start our shows with something upbeat and engaging
Elliot (host) 6:08:08 PM
Brian D 6:08:11 PM
...someone plays a whistle so you know it's good... love it
Brian D 6:08:32 PM
I hear a bit of ALW there. Superstar!
Brian D 6:09:07 PM
Don't you remember you told me you loved me Judas.....
Elliot (host) 6:10:03 PM
someone also plays a whistle on a Sunn O))) album, which is also how you know it's good
Elliot (host) 6:10:08 PM
Black One, I think
Brian D 6:10:44 PM
Hello Elliot 2 L's 1 T
Brian D 6:10:53 PM
Hello Krista!
Elliot (host) 6:11:37 PM
Krista is risen!
Brian D 6:12:54 PM
Krista we were talking about you today. My wife and I were talking (takking) to my mom who is from midwest. Said we loved to hear your soothing voice on Mon am as we try to let the coffee in to start the day. And your stories, animals, fun songs about farm equipment. We sold it well
Elliot (host) 6:16:11 PM
I would buy Krista's audiobook
Brian D 6:16:14 PM
This is a wonderful stew Elliot. Burbling and bubbling with joy it is.
Brian D 6:16:31 PM
YES! She could read the animal phone book
Elliot (host) 6:16:41 PM
It's been hard to save it all these weeks, Brian!
Elliot (host) 6:17:32 PM
Free jazz for the carnival crew
Elliot (host) 6:26:21 PM
Cecil McBee, folks!
Krista 6:27:32 PM
Hello, I'm back, I was trying to explain via text to my mother how to book a motel online
Brian D 6:28:15 PM
Cool! We were JUST looking at motels at the NJ shore for a possible mom and mom get together.
Brian D 6:28:48 PM
We'll see if it is the right time the right summer yet. Maybe. But good to look & research it
Elliot (host) 6:28:57 PM
Oooh! Where are you looking?
Elliot (host) 6:29:59 PM
I've always wanted to stay at one of the goofy Doo-wop motels in the Wildwoods
Brian D 6:30:00 PM
Anywhere in that Asbury down to Pt Pleasant long stretch there.
Elliot (host) 6:30:42 PM
A much nicer choice!
Brian D 6:30:53 PM
Ya that sounds fun Elliot! I went to Wildwood for Senior Week after high school graduation 34 years ago
Krista 6:31:30 PM
Same, Elliot, to the wildwood motels
Brian D 6:32:59 PM
Wildwood is cool for a short trip to Cape May and other sites. Good eats, Victorian houses, wineries, breweries etc.
Brian D 6:34:40 PM
Fun fact.... Cape May, NJ is about the same latitude as Washington DC! Waaayyyy South Jerz
Krista 6:35:34 PM
I stay in Wildwood Crest every summer! My boyfriend's aunt has a place there! There's a little crab shack I love. The Acme is great for people watching.
Elliot (host) 6:36:15 PM
Yes, the Washington Post website starts showing you local news when you're there!
Krista 6:36:30 PM
The starlux motel is one I love to tell my boyfriend we will honeymoon at, he's not amused
Elliot (host) 6:37:24 PM
I'm not wrong in thinking that 'Helga Selzer' is making some sort of reference to 'Helter Skelter', right?
Elliot (host) 6:37:50 PM
Who doesn't love sneaking the Beatles into WPRB?
Krista 6:37:50 PM
I thought it was an alka seltzer commercial tbh
Elliot (host) 6:38:09 PM
'Hallo Rolf und Florian'
Brian D 6:38:34 PM
Sie liebt dich ja
Krista 6:39:18 PM
Ah, a favorite, I love this song
Brian D 6:39:47 PM
But for the natural no boardwalk, no commercial interruptions we love Island Beach State Park. Lovely. EAGLE SIGHTINGS among other great species
Krista 6:40:15 PM
Ich lebte hinter Masken feels a little too real
Elliot (host) 6:41:10 PM
Elliot (host) 6:41:22 PM
Further reading for any who care!
Brian D 6:42:03 PM
Pour me a Kolsch or an Alt and I am all set...
Krista 6:42:49 PM
The singer pulling a Heidi and living in the Alps is perfect
Brian D 6:43:27 PM
Ski down the slopes and end up in another country! Bring the passport and ID's
Brian D 6:44:20 PM
We were just talking today about how raclette is the perfect shape and angled food to eat while in a restaurant where the outside ground is at a 45 degree angle
Elliot (host) 6:44:35 PM
The Alt is back! I've seen more Alts and Kellerbiers in the last 4 months than the last 4 years!
Elliot (host) 6:44:44 PM
Could just be me, though
Brian D 6:45:30 PM
I just opened a bottle of Auchentoshan single malt Scotch. Wow. So mellow. Campfire yes but not harsh. Very nice
Brian D 6:46:00 PM
I love a Kolsch on a sunny spring or summer day any time
Brian D 6:46:25 PM
Love the Alt as well
Elliot (host) 6:48:16 PM
Save some for us!
Elliot (host) 6:48:25 PM
Sounds like a perfect Saturday
Brian D 6:49:31 PM
oh... we are in it now...
Brian D 6:50:35 PM
Thai script and Burmese script is lovely.
Elliot (host) 6:51:11 PM
The curlier the better as far as I'm concerned. The Georgian alphabet is also A+++
Elliot (host) 6:54:58 PM
me: 'I'm a freeform DJ, every show is different!'
Elliot (host) 6:55:27 PM
also me: **plays a 9 minute long ambient song at 6:50pm for two months in a row**
jimbeaux 7:04:05 PM
E L L I O T !
jimbeaux 7:07:52 PM
Timber was a GEM!
Krista 7:08:15 PM
How did you not laugh on "butt rag records"
Krista 7:08:22 PM
We are laughing here at my house
Jon Solomon 7:13:32 PM
Is Butt Rag records related to the zine of the same name? Hello, chat!
Jon Solomon 7:14:07 PM
Looks like it - https://www.discogs.com/label/36852-Butt-Rag-Records
Jon Solomon 7:14:20 PM
Run by music writer Peter Margasak, who grew up...listening to WPRB!
jimbeaux 7:16:18 PM
Yeooo krista & jon!
Elliot (host) 7:16:25 PM
Ooh! I like that Biggest Square Thing record, too!
Elliot (host) 7:16:35 PM
Anyway, no one can tell the FCC
Elliot (host) 7:18:09 PM
Welcome, Jimber!
Krista 7:26:07 PM
Hi jimbeaux
Elliot 7:28:30 PM
This is my most spiritual playlist
Elliot 7:28:33 PM
Commie Francis 7:31:14 PM
stay tuned after mass for seder!
Commie Francis 7:32:02 PM
i can't believe i actually got to listen to some of your show!
Elliot (host) 7:32:16 PM
On all other nights we only have two ritual playlists, why on this night do we have two?
Elliot (host) 7:32:25 PM
UGH my dumb fingers
Elliot (host) 7:32:30 PM
I almost nailed the joke
Elliot (host) 7:33:08 PM
Welcome, Cde.!
Elliot (host) 7:42:47 PM
more songs need this PYEW PYEW sound
Elliot (host) 7:57:17 PM
Thanks for listening, y'all! Stay tuned for Uneasy Listening!