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Apr 10, 2021 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Elliot

Weekly broadcasts from an overeager listener.

Home Broadcast #49: WPRB DRIVE!!!!

6:00 PM
Gershon Kingsley - Hey, Hey
Gershon Kingsley Hey, Hey
Music To Moog By Tam-Tam Media 2007
6:03 PM
Ipek Köçman - Canli Canli
Ipek Köçman Canli Canli
Canli Canli / Uranüs 3000 Black Pearl 2019
6:07 PM
Isabelle - Amstramgram
Isabelle Amstramgram
Wizzz French Psychorama : 1966-1970, Vol. 2 V/A Born Bad Records 2008
6:10 PM
Grupo Folklorico y Experimental Nuevayorquino - Anabacoa
Grupo Folklorico y Experimental Nuevayorquino Anabacoa
Concepts in Unity Clave Latina 1997
6:22 PM
Nugrape Twins - I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape
Nugrape Twins I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape
American Primitive Vol. 2: Pre-War Revenants (1897-1939) V/A Revenant 2005
6:25 PM
Michael Hurley, Unholy Modal Rounders & Jeffrey Frederick & The Clamtones - What Made My Hamburger Disappear
Michael Hurley, Unholy Modal Rounders & Jeffrey Frederick & The Clamtones What Made My Hamburger Disappear
Have Moicy! Rounder 1991
6:29 PM
Joseph Spence - We Shall Be Happy
Joseph Spence We Shall Be Happy
Happy All the Time Water 2003
6:37 PM
Sabelo Mathe - Hambanini
Sabelo Mathe Hambanini
Bulawayo Blue Yodel V/A Olvido Records 2019
6:40 PM
The Barrence Whitfield Soul Savage Arkestra - Muck Muck
The Barrence Whitfield Soul Savage Arkestra Muck Muck
Songs From the Sun Ra Cosmos Modern Harmonic 2019
6:44 PM
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Ain't No Sunshine
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Ain't No Sunshine
Blacknuss Rhino 2005
6:47 PM
Machanic Manyeruke & the Puritans - Cain na Abel
Machanic Manyeruke & the Puritans Cain na Abel
Machanic Manyeruke & the Puritans Flying Fish 1989
6:59 PM
J.B. Smith - I Heard the Reports of a Pistol
J.B. Smith I Heard the Reports of a Pistol
No More Good Time in the World for Me Dust-to-Digital 2015
7:09 PM
Planet Ha Ha - Home
Planet Ha Ha Home
Home EMI 1982
7:13 PM
Marzio Dance - Adventure (Dub Version)
Marzio Dance Adventure (Dub Version)
Adventure Xenon 1982
7:20 PM
Wayne Horvitz, Butch Morris, Robert Previte - The Duchess
Wayne Horvitz, Butch Morris, Robert Previte The Duchess
Nine Below Zero Sound Aspects 1988
7:24 PM
Härte 10 - Weit Fort
Härte 10 Weit Fort
Welcome to Germany Baff 1985
7:35 PM
Tassos Chalkias - Dirminitsa (The Bride’s Dance)
Tassos Chalkias Dirminitsa (The Bride’s Dance) N
Divine Reeds: Obscure Recordings From Special Music Recording Company (Athens 1966-1967) Radio Martiko 2021
7:40 PM
Favourite's Group - Pasti Kembali
Favourite's Group Pasti Kembali
Vol. 2
7:42 PM
Whyte Horses & St. Bart's Choir - The Snowfalls
Whyte Horses & St. Bart's Choir The Snowfalls
St. Bart's Choir Perform Pop or Not: The Music of Whyte Horses CRC Music 2016
7:49 PM
Gunesh - Туки Деря / Tuki Derya
Gunesh Туки Деря / Tuki Derya
Gunesh Everland Jazz 2018
7:57 PM
Babla & Kanchan - Babu
Babla & Kanchan Babu
In Carnival Hibiscus Records 1987
Chat is archived.
Elliot (host) 5:59:54 PM
IT'S DRIVE TIME! Welcome to tonight's show!
Elliot (host) 6:00:24 PM
Thanks to Selecta Jerry and Selecta Pink for the great vibes this afternoon. I'll try to pay it forward will Sonny Boy Williamson III for the next two hours!
Brian D (2021 Donor! u can too!) 6:00:48 PM
A fine Duo!
Elliot (host) 6:01:46 PM
The crossover episode you've all been waiting for!
esoterica 6:02:49 PM
Go, Elliot and Sonny Boy III!
Readie Righteous 6:03:06 PM
Hey Elliot!
esoterica 6:03:10 PM
and hi brian D!
Readie Righteous 6:03:17 PM
Sonny Boi!!
esoterica 6:03:17 PM
and Readie!
Readie Righteous 6:03:31 PM
Elliot (host) 6:04:11 PM
Hey everyone! This show began offline with me asking, 'So, should I call you Sonny Boy or what?'
Readie Righteous 6:04:19 PM
Love me some throat singing!
Elliot (host) 6:04:28 PM
Only here!
Zapshifter X 6:04:31 PM
Big fan of both of your shows!
Elliot (host) 6:04:48 PM
Zapshifter! Welcome!
Readie Righteous 6:04:49 PM
Commie Francis 6:05:19 PM
Pangaea was playing a throat singing cover of black magic woman earlier today!
Readie Righteous 6:05:40 PM
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 6:05:48 PM
Go get 'em Elliot!
Readie Righteous 6:06:04 PM
Commie Francis 6:06:32 PM
I actually prepared for my show enough in advance that i can listen to MOST of your show!
Elliot (host) 6:06:36 PM
World's Fare has been such an influence on my taste! I have to be careful not to listen too much some weeks!
Commie Francis 6:06:51 PM
It's a fantastic show for sure
Commie Francis 6:08:47 PM
Today he was playing covers of american/british rock music by people from other places and honestly i thought it was going to be hokey but it was not
Elliot (host) 6:09:03 PM
That not-quite-in-sync piano has strong cartoon vibes
Elliot (host) 6:09:22 PM
as does this whole song, I guess! Amstramgram -- the French eenie meenie minie mo!
Readie Righteous 6:09:51 PM
Fun DJ nerd fact about Pangeo - I used to follow him on Saturdays back at the mothership, and he would time his last track to the "tenth of a second", ending at EXACTLY 2 pm
Elliot (host) 6:10:51 PM
I usually just play Napalm Death's 'You Suffer' on loop!
Commie Francis 6:10:50 PM
DJ goals
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 6:10:52 PM
Matt from The Rhythm of the One was the same. It was insane. If something ended three seconds over I would act fake enraged. Miss that guy!
Readie Righteous 6:11:33 PM
@Jon- good guy! I miss Matt too!
Brian D (2021 Donor! u can too!) 6:12:09 PM
Amstramgram tikka tikka ... is my new jam
jimbeaux (pledgified) 6:12:18 PM
Pangaeo covers show was on fire...especially Light My Fire in Spanish!
Elliot (host) 6:12:21 PM
some other eenie meenies: 'Pito Pito Gorgorito' in Spain
Elliot (host) 6:12:28 PM
'Ambarabà Ciccì Coccò' in Italy
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:12:46 PM
Hi everyone!
esoterica 6:12:58 PM
readie, that is exactly why i felt incredibly guilty asking him to end his show EARLY when redd kross/melvins came in the studio Saturday Oct. 12, 2019. he was accommodating, generous...
esoterica 6:13:20 PM
pangaeo, that is///he is great
Elliot (host) 6:13:34 PM
was it from Music from Lil Brown?
Elliot (host) 6:13:40 PM
Brian D (2021 Donor! u can too!) 6:13:45 PM
Professor Matt Rhythm of the One... This. Is. The. Funk. Yes I miss him too.
Readie Righteous 6:13:51 PM
@Esoterica- that's Pangaeo- one all-around great, generous guy
Elliot (host) 6:14:08 PM
SBWIII has entered the chat!
Readie Righteous 6:14:33 PM
Sonny Bo-eeeeeeee 3
esoterica 6:14:58 PM
SBWIII is super! hi there
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 6:15:07 PM
S! B! W! 3!
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:15:17 PM
Happy to be here! I also followed Pangaeo and can confirm the legends of his precise timing
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:15:44 PM
Hi everyone! I've been enjoying listening to the drive so much over the past few days and can't wait to listen all week!
Readie Righteous 6:15:48 PM
IKR, Sonny Boy!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 6:17:23 PM
Nobody beats the Wizzz.
Elliot (host) 6:22:58 PM
I wish Sonny Boy could narrate every show I do!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 6:23:09 PM
Love the concept for this next set. Not sure I've heard someone do that on a Membership Drive show before. Brilliant.
Elliot (host) 6:23:44 PM
Any excuse to play the Nugrape Twins, Jon!
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:25:18 PM
Very flattering to me too! Recorded 11/2/1926 in Atlanta, released as Columbia 14187-D. Side A "I've Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape." Side B "There's a City Built of Mansions."
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:26:27 PM
According to Wikipedia Nugrape soda is "almost impossible to find for sale west or north of Murfreesboro, Tennessee"
Elliot (host) 6:27:04 PM
Sounds like a great special premium for next year's drive!
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:27:51 PM
Yes! Case of Nugrape. I was alterted to this page by Richard from Rocky Hill, an avid Off the Record listener: the comments have the best info I've been able to find on the duo. http://www.elinornauen.com/blog/posts/26288
Elliot (host) 6:28:05 PM
once I'm fully vaxxed, I'm hoping to make a soda road trip to get some Moxie
jimbeaux (pledgified) 6:28:08 PM
THEY STILL MAKE NU-GRAPE?!! Will look in TN this summer.
Elliot (host) 6:28:12 PM
I'll add this to the list!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 6:29:20 PM
Elliot (host) 6:30:04 PM
subscribe and save 10%! sort of like WPRB!
Elliot (host) 6:30:09 PM
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:35:38 PM
Steve Weber from the Holy Modal rounders had Bucks County, PA, connections! Michael Hurley, too.
Elliot (host) 6:39:09 PM
This song -- 'Hambanini' -- is just beautiful
Elliot (host) 6:39:18 PM
I love the chromatic runs
Elliot (host) 6:40:41 PM
I wonder whether Michael Hurley and Steve Weber listened to WPRB!
Elliot (host) 6:40:53 PM
it would explain a lot of things...
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:42:29 PM
It really is! The vocal melody reminds me of the Carter Family -- and the picking too shows some similarities with Maybelle Carter's influential technique.
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:43:30 PM
This cut reminds me of seeing "Space is the Place" at the Garden Theatre... back when such things were possible
Elliot (host) 6:44:39 PM
Yes! I remember when they screened Stop Making Sense -- was very sad to miss that one
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:45:09 PM
None other than Jon Solomon gave a very nice introduction!
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:45:48 PM
And Abbie From Mars danced in the aisle with impressive stamina
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 6:47:00 PM
Abbie From Mars started dancing...and was soon joined by roughly 20-25 other theatergoers. It was wild!
Readie Righteous 6:47:11 PM
@Sonny Boy- Jon and Abbie dancing was extra special! That was a great night!Happy to say I joined in the dancing that night!
Elliot (host) 6:47:56 PM
Next year in the Princeton Garden Theatre, as they say!
Readie Righteous 6:48:12 PM
Readie Righteous 6:48:58 PM
@Elliot- hope so!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 6:49:24 PM
The most amazing part of that already amazing evening was meeting someone after the screening who had been at the concert we all had just watched on the Garden screen.
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:50:13 PM
I was too square to dance but I loved watching from the comfort of my seat. Wow that's very cool Jon!
Elliot (host) 6:50:31 PM
I wonder how the big the suit looked in person
Elliot (host) 6:50:47 PM
they say the camera adds a few square feet
Elliot (host) 6:51:55 PM
https://vintagevinyl.com/ !
Brian D (2021 Donor! u can too!) 6:52:00 PM
Ian Anderson got some tricks from Kirk No Doubt
Elliot (host) 6:52:02 PM
they got the URL!
Elliot (host) 6:52:25 PM
we're trying to name drop as many programs as we can tonight!
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:53:13 PM
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:53:46 PM
Dave Van Ronk has a song called "Garden State Rag" which is just a list of towns in Jersey
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:53:54 PM
Someone should compose the WPRB Rag
Sonny Boy Williamson III 6:54:40 PM
Garden State *Stomp. I of all people should know my rags from my stomps.
Elliot (host) 6:57:55 PM
Krista and I were recently talking about modern alt-country/Americana with lyrics that critics call 'Whitman-esque'
Elliot (host) 6:58:19 PM
but my hot take is that no song can be called Whitman-esque unless it's a giant list
Krista 7:00:19 PM
"giant list of beautiful things". Luckily, catalog songs are already a genre
Elliot (host) 7:00:51 PM
hi Krista!!!
Krista 7:00:55 PM
Elliot (host) 7:01:27 PM
someone should make a list song about the list of list songs
Krista 7:01:54 PM
Very first recorded commerical Cole Porter song was from the sarcastic opera See America First
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 7:02:16 PM
WrestleMania on mute, Elliot's show on the laptop. Perfect Saturday night.
Krista 7:05:04 PM
Agree, Jon, my son is too impressionable so I had to stop watching professional wrestling but I'm following the matches online a little. Love to see it live, especially smaller venues and up and comers.
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:05:48 PM
I can only imagine this JB Smith recording is helping to bring out the melancholic aspect of the spectacle
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 7:06:07 PM
Apparently I get WM for free with our cable now so on it goes. I was more of a Chikara guy until they imploded...
Elliot (host) 7:06:10 PM
the vaccuuming sound in the background adds a lot
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 7:06:32 PM
Former WPRB DJ maura.com is the real rock-n-wrestling connection among my peers. I follow her lead.
Elliot (host) 7:07:04 PM
this one is for John from Aberdeen!
Brian D (2021 Donor! u can too!) 7:08:08 PM
The background sounds make it they're like the instruments
Elliot (host) 7:11:03 PM
my other post-pandemic bucket list item is to see a monster truck rally
Elliot (host) 7:11:37 PM
sometimes when I close my eyes, I can still hear the man on TV from my childhood growling GRAVEDIGGER
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:11:51 PM
Does he get home? Can't wait to find out.
Elliot (host) 7:12:03 PM
all this talk about phones is making me miss the station :'(
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 7:12:19 PM
I once went to a team demolition derby event in Joliet that was one of the most thrilling sporting events I've ever attended.
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:12:25 PM
Frank from New Egypt, where are you?
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:12:45 PM
I miss the phones too
Elliot (host) 7:13:19 PM
pure id, Jon -- nothing better
Elliot (host) 7:15:18 PM
sorry folks, it had been too many weeks without any Italo
Elliot (host) 7:15:24 PM
I had to do it
jimbeaux (pledgified) 7:18:54 PM
Thumbs up on old school demolition derbies! Ford Torino Wagons often won.
Elliot (host) 7:20:37 PM
I have memories of a Boy Scout event where we paid a few dollars to hit old broken computers and TVs with sledgehammers
Elliot (host) 7:20:46 PM
probably not the safest idea for a fundraiser
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:21:53 PM
As a boy scout I was involved with some events where we had local waste management companies donate dumpsters and then would charge people to take their junk. We would usually smash it, ostensibly to make it more compact but mostly for fun.
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:22:27 PM
The satisfying crunch of smashing a cathode ray tube screen is hard to forget.
Elliot (host) 7:24:01 PM
early on in the pandemic, I started disassembling a cathode ray TV to make a liquor cabinet
Elliot (host) 7:24:15 PM
I was extremely paranoid about discharging it properly, etc.
Elliot (host) 7:24:28 PM
so I've clearly regressed over time
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:24:54 PM
Krista 7:25:00 PM
My family participates in demolition derbies! My parents' ford escort made it a long way at the county fair
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:25:34 PM
Did you finish Elliot?
Guelo (Pledged! Long live WPRB) 7:25:45 PM
This is fire
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 7:26:08 PM
Team Demo Derby seemed to have two types of drivers on each team. Those in charge of going the furthest before time ran out and those who would recklessly drive across the infield to ram into the first type of driver.
jimbeaux (pledgified) 7:26:59 PM
@krista Nice! Wholesome midwest smashing.
Elliot (host) 7:27:10 PM
hey Guelo! that's for bumping along with us!
jimbeaux (pledgified) 7:28:32 PM
Time? Last dinosaur left standing. Or last Plymouth Duster.
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:28:43 PM
I think a tractor pull is the closest I've gotten to a demo derby.
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 7:29:01 PM
Listener Michael G checking in with a one time pledge and listener Commie Frances’ Mom joining the rank of recurring donors!
jimbeaux (pledgified) 7:29:25 PM
Yea Mommie Commie!
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:29:32 PM
Thanks Michael! Thanks Mommie Commie!
Commie Francis 7:29:35 PM
Aw shucks!
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:29:45 PM
Alas I was beaten to the rhyme
Elliot (host) 7:29:46 PM
Michael G! Thank you!!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 7:30:28 PM
If my back of the ol' scratchpad calculations are correct WPRB is closing in on halfway to the station's fundraising goal!
Elliot (host) 7:30:40 PM
Moms Against Algorithmic Radio!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 7:32:40 PM
"Keeping score at home..."
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:34:46 PM
Elliot (host) 7:35:08 PM
Elliot (host) 7:35:15 PM
soundtrack on bandcamp!
Elliot (host) 7:35:50 PM
@Sonny Boy, here's a before photo of the TV: https://ptpimg.me/607f78.png
Elliot (host) 7:36:27 PM
and after: https://ptpimg.me/lux652.jpg
Elliot (host) 7:36:51 PM
a little understocked, but I've been going through it fast lately...
Elliot (host) 7:37:06 PM
I could listen to Epirote clarinets for the rest of time
jimbeaux (pledgified) 7:42:38 PM
So good!
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:43:00 PM
Same here! Cabinet looks great Elliot
Elliot (host) 7:43:06 PM
in heaven, they only play Epirotika and Indonesian soft rock
jimbeaux (pledgified) 7:47:45 PM
Epirote made me think of this https://folkways.si.edu/music-of-indonesia-vol-3-from-the-outskirts-of-jakarta-gambang-kromong/islamica-world/music/album/smithsonian
Elliot (host) 7:48:55 PM
yes, the violins (or whatever droning strings we were hearing) don't get enough credit!
Elliot (host) 7:50:23 PM
3/3 so far! I'm really hoping I don't get Anguilla
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:51:08 PM
Count me impressed
Elliot (host) 7:51:22 PM
I'm all dry on the Solomon Islands, too. Maybe I should've asked Jon
jimbeaux (pledgified) 7:51:30 PM
You're on a hot streak!
Elliot (host) 7:51:54 PM
unbelievably, there are TWO great Turkmen jazz fusion groups to choose from
Elliot (host) 7:52:11 PM
Elliot (host) 7:53:13 PM
if you dig, there's are TONS of unusual records on Melodiya, the state-sponsored label in the USSR
Elliot (host) 7:53:31 PM
Elliot (host) 7:56:54 PM
had to rush there to share this amazing -- and unique -- style of music! enjoy chutney and remember to go to pledge.wprb.com!
Readie Righteous 7:57:23 PM
Great time tonight! @Elliot and @SBWIII
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:57:29 PM
Yes thanks all for listening!
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:57:51 PM
Great fun. And thanks to Elliot. We'll be back together Wednesday noon to 3pm.
Sonny Boy Williamson III 7:58:09 PM
Uneasy Listening next!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 7:58:16 PM
Great show!
Elliot (host) 7:58:17 PM
Sonny Boy, thanks for celebrating all this great music with me! I can't wait to talk more on Wednesday!
Elliot (host) 8:00:58 PM
What a hall of mirrors: soca meets Indian pop! Only on NEW JERSEY'S ONLY RADIO STATION