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Don't Back the Front

Apr 8, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With Dana K


Don't Back the Front
8:01 PM
The Desperate Bicycles - Don't Back the Front
The Desperate Bicycles Don't Back the Front
7" 1977
8:07 PM
Captain Sensible - Wot
Captain Sensible Wot
Mad Cows & Englishmen
8:12 PM
Gang of Four - To Hell With Poverty
Gang of Four To Hell With Poverty
Solid Gold EMI 1981
8:15 PM
The B-52's - Give Me Back My Man
The B-52's Give Me Back My Man
Wild Planet Rhino/Warner Records 1980
8:19 PM
Set Break: Dana K and Esoterica PLEDGE TALK
8:26 PM
Devo - That's Good
Devo That's Good
Oh, No! It's Devo Warner Records 1982
8:30 PM
China Crisis - Working With Fire and Steel
China Crisis Working With Fire and Steel
Working With Fire & Steel Virgin Records 1983
8:34 PM
Heaven 17 - Crushed By the Wheels of Industry
Heaven 17 Crushed By the Wheels of Industry
The Luxury Gap Virgin Catalogue 1983
8:39 PM
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
Kate Bush Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
Hounds of Love EMI 1985
8:45 PM
Book of Love - I Touch Roses
Book of Love I Touch Roses
Book of Love Sire 1986
8:53 PM
Echo & The Bunnymen - The Cutter
Echo & The Bunnymen The Cutter
Porcupine (Expanded Version) Korova 1983
8:58 PM
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cities in Dust
Siouxsie & The Banshees Cities in Dust
Tinderbox (Remastered & Expanded) UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2009
9:00 PM
Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark - Messages
Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark Messages
Souvenir: The Singles Collection 1979 - 2019 UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2019
9:04 PM
Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday
Strawberry Switchblade Since Yesterday
Strawberry Switchblade Domino Recording Co 1997
9:07 PM
Holly & The Italians - Tell That Girl to Shut Up
Holly & The Italians Tell That Girl to Shut Up
Tell That Girl to Shut Up - Single Virgin 1979
9:09 PM
Set Break: Dana K and Esoterica PLEDGE TALK
9:25 PM
Frank Zappa - Valley Girl
Frank Zappa Valley Girl
Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch Frank Zappa Catalog 1982
9:30 PM
Sparks - Cool Places
Sparks Cool Places
In Outer Space (Remastered Bonus Track Version) Repertoire Records 2013
9:32 PM
Yazoo - Situation
Yazoo Situation
Upstairs at Eric’s
9:40 PM
Scritti Politti - Perfect Way
Scritti Politti Perfect Way
Cupid & Psyche 85 1985
9:45 PM
Talking Heads - Making Flippy Floppy
Talking Heads Making Flippy Floppy
Speaking In Tongues 1982
9:51 PM
David Bowie - Modern Love
David Bowie Modern Love
Let's Dance Parlophone UK 1999
9:55 PM
Set Break: Dana K and Esoterica PLEDGE TALK
10:04 PM
Shriekback - Nemesis
Shriekback Nemesis
Oil & Gold Island Records 1985
10:07 PM
Lene Lovich - New Toy
Lene Lovich New Toy
Lucky Number (The Best Of)
10:11 PM
The Human League - Love Action (I Believe In Love)
The Human League Love Action (I Believe In Love)
10:16 PM
Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
Simple Minds New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd. 1982
10:22 PM
Haircut 100 - Love Plus One (Live)
Haircut 100 Love Plus One (Live) R
Live At the Ritz
10:29 PM
Set Break: Dana K and Esoterica PLEDGE TALK
10:37 PM
Our Daughters Wedding - Lawnchairs
Our Daughters Wedding Lawnchairs
Lawnchairs 7"
10:41 PM
Pete Shelley - Telephone Operator
Pete Shelley Telephone Operator
10:44 PM
Thomas Dolby - Europa and the Pirate Twins
Thomas Dolby Europa and the Pirate Twins
The Golden Age of Wireless
10:47 PM
Dexys Midnight Runners - Plan B
Dexys Midnight Runners Plan B
Too Rye Ay
10:49 PM
The Icicle Works - Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)
The Icicle Works Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)
The Icicle Works Beggars Banquet 1984
10:57 PM
Orange Juice - Rip It Up
Orange Juice Rip It Up
Rip It Up Analogue Enhanced Digital Limited 1982
Chat is archived.
Dana K (host) 8:01:39 PM
Commie Francis 8:03:06 PM
No more time for spectating!
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 8:03:17 PM
Woo! 🎉
pethie-ish 8:06:02 PM
pethie-ish 8:06:25 PM
Tyler B. 8:06:26 PM
Captain sensible!!!!
Rob from Maryland (2021 donor) 8:06:46 PM
Say wot?!!
Dana K (host) 8:07:44 PM
Don't back the front, do back WPRB!
pethie-ish 8:07:57 PM
Dana K (host) 8:08:21 PM
Dolly Mixture ft. Captain Sensible
Commie Francis 8:08:50 PM
Damn straight
Lizbot 8:09:40 PM
deliriously tired & dancing!
esoterica 8:09:43 PM
Lizbot 8:09:47 PM
wot wot wot
esoterica 8:09:56 PM
wot u want
Readie 8:10:01 PM
bass bass bass!
esoterica 8:10:11 PM
great job, lizbot and readie!
Readie 8:10:41 PM
Thanks, Esoterica-!!!
Rob from Maryland (2021 donor) 8:11:32 PM
let's have some cheap wine
Readie 8:12:01 PM
ah ah ah owwwww!!!
Zapshifter X 8:12:09 PM
Cheap wine like Thunderbird?
Dana K (host) 8:12:39 PM
please make all cheques out to WPRB
esoterica 8:13:11 PM
this rules right now
Readie 8:14:15 PM
To my neighbour upstairs- DEAL WITH IT
Lizbot 8:14:18 PM
get Readie that cheap wine or chianti, stat!
Readie 8:14:36 PM
Lizbot 8:15:35 PM
thanks, esoterica!
Lizbot 8:15:51 PM
you & dana double doses today!!!
Dana K (host) 8:15:55 PM
please give WPRB everything you have in your hand
Zapshifter X 8:16:21 PM
This should be played in its entirety every time someone plays it.
Readie 8:16:36 PM
cheddar cheese and apple slices ....wrapped with dolla bills
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 8:17:26 PM
Hey Dana, Readie, Liz Bot, Esoterica...you're all killing it today! 📻 💛
Conradical 8:17:40 PM
esoterica 8:17:42 PM
thx! christine!
Readie 8:17:45 PM
Hi CHristine!
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 8:17:53 PM
.....Take my money! 💸
Dana K (host) 8:17:53 PM
thank you christine!
crucialobject 8:18:24 PM
omg DJ party in here ...self conscious 😳
crucialobject 8:18:56 PM
hi folks
Liz Bot 8:19:11 PM
B-52s party!
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 8:19:16 PM
Hey DJ Pethie & Commie Francis! You are all killing it!
Readie 8:19:18 PM
Hiya! it'a a everybody party!
Katt 8:19:28 PM
Loving the start of the show!!!!!
Dana K (host) 8:19:59 PM
we DJs would be nothing! nothing! without our listeners
Zapshifter X 8:21:28 PM
I wouldn't listen to ANY radio if it wasn't for WPRB.
Readie 8:21:53 PM
That folk show was EPIC11!
Dana K (host) 8:22:11 PM
John Prine passed exactly a year ago yesterday :(
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 8:22:31 PM
Rest in Peace, John Prine. 💜
Jon Solomon 8:23:22 PM
I was told this is where the party is. Can anyone confirm or deny?
Mark 8:23:40 PM
it was excellent show / Phil ochs Tape from California :)
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 8:23:57 PM
Hey, Jon! It's a DJ party in the chat!
Dana K (host) 8:24:00 PM
now that you're here, jon, the party has truly started
Readie 8:24:02 PM
Readie 8:24:15 PM
Awww, thanks y'all
esoterica 8:24:42 PM
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 8:26:23 PM
Seriously, listening to PRB and being able to interact with the listening community has KEPT me GOING this past year. 2020 was pretty awful, but WPRB was always a bright spot.
Readie 8:26:56 PM
Liz Bot 8:26:59 PM
Hi Christine! Same here!
Dana K (host) 8:27:06 PM
so glad to hear that, christine.
Readie 8:27:31 PM
Christine, thanks for being there!!! (here)
Liz Bot 8:27:43 PM
Man, as a spudgirl lifelong DEVO fan, this was one of the first songs I remember seeing them play on Tv when I was a kid!
Readie 8:28:43 PM
are we not spuds?
Dana K (host) 8:29:10 PM
this of course had the famous french fry in donut video
Mark 8:30:16 PM
@lizbot : just came across an interesting guardian article right now: penned by margret Atwood on laurie andrrson
Commie Francis 8:31:28 PM
Belated thanks Christine!
Liz Bot 8:31:28 PM
@Mark- whoa, I gotta go look that up after Dana’s show!
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 8:32:19 PM
@Mark, that sounds very interesting. Thanks for mentioning it!
Commie Francis 8:32:47 PM
When things were shutting down last march but radio was still allowed and i thought we might keep broadcasting from the studio i pictured wprb as this quarantine community hub. Obviously we didn't get to keep using the studio but it happened anyway!!
Dana K (host) 8:33:17 PM
Has anyone read the new Tracey Thorn book about Lindy from the Go-Betweens?
esoterica 8:34:49 PM
no i havent, but sounds cool
Liz Bot 8:36:07 PM
Was just reading an interview of Tracey Thorn about music industry fame in the 90s. I like her, I need to check out more of her writing
Dana K (host) 8:37:44 PM
I read the Robert Forster memoir which was criticized for pretty much only focusing on the Go-Betweens as a two piece, so I'm very interested
Liz Bot 8:37:55 PM
@Commie- And, and now we all know a whole lot about remote broadcasting! Who knew?!
Liz Bot 8:38:05 PM
Was that written right after Grant died?
Dana K (host) 8:38:40 PM
I think it's from 2016, so a decade later
Liz Bot 8:39:08 PM
I remember Jannon Stein from student board way back around 2003 & I both wanting to go see Go-Betweens for Oceans Apart tour.
Liz Bot 8:39:32 PM
Yesssss, KB
Dana K (host) 8:40:51 PM
very fond memory of dancing to this song in a field near my friend's mom's house in medford this past summer
Katt 8:41:24 PM
a banger
esoterica 8:41:35 PM
great memory!
Katt 8:41:38 PM
that sounds like a great memory
Liz Bot 8:43:40 PM
Love that image. Medford = Pineys adjacent!
Alexander Banksy 8:43:42 PM
Had a very busy work day but I am still JAMMIN to WPRB 🔥 feel like I’ve been runnin up a hill or something
Kristin Belz 8:43:57 PM
just want to chime in again as one of those PRB-ers who are forever grateful to the station, from undergrad dj years on, including now via chat line as i work from home the past year with no "officemates" besides my dear hubby with his wfh job in another room! always so much to learn and listen to.
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 8:44:14 PM
@Alexander, with no problem, right?
Alexander Banksy 8:44:49 PM
😂 no problem at all
Liz Bot 8:44:49 PM
Reminds me of Jetty on the Rocks’ Night of 1000 Kates, which was virtual this year, but at least then it wasn’t too crowded in a sweaty Johnny Brenda’s and my kid could see it!
Dana K (host) 8:45:35 PM
thank you for sharing, kristin! that's so lovely.
esoterica 8:45:58 PM
yes, thanks, dear Kristin!
Readie 8:46:34 PM
@Kristin- sweet!
Liz Bot 8:47:52 PM
So sweet, Kristin! And thanks for pledging!
Jon Solomon 8:48:22 PM
You're the best, KB.
Gary Melnick 8:51:14 PM
I'm trying to find this out, so I figured I'd ask the experts at WPRB: is something like "Water in the Well" by Shame something that is trying to sound early 90's/Mission of Burma?
Dana K (host) 8:55:02 PM
i'm only vaguely familiar with that band but that's probably a safe bet
Jon Solomon 8:56:25 PM
That does make me want to move the new Shame up my preview list, at least.
esoterica 8:56:33 PM
Gary Melnick 8:56:34 PM
same...it was a YouTube recommendation, go figure it was fools gold
Gary Melnick 8:56:58 PM
(not to allude to Stone Roses)
pethie-ish 8:59:39 PM
Talk about high school memories....so much of your show is bringing em back for me!❤️
Commie Francis 9:01:23 PM
How many of these songs are from... 1981???
Dana K (host) 9:02:18 PM
sorry i've copyrighted the year 1981
Gary Melnick 9:02:22 PM
when I first heard some of those new releases from St. Vincent, as well as "Leave the Door Open" a few weeks ago, I was thinking, "is everyone going for a 70's vibe?"
Gary Melnick 9:03:08 PM
Youtube and the algorithm...could be a band name
pethie-ish 9:04:15 PM
We are definitely swirling around the magic year of 1981....
esoterica 9:05:15 PM
i can attest to the magic of that year:)
Kristin Belz 9:05:30 PM
super fun boppy show. is everyone's hair getting a lot higher from the '81 vibe?
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 9:07:03 PM
Hooray for 1981! 🎉
pethie-ish 9:07:47 PM
I can smell the Aqua net!
Rob from Maryland (2021 donor) 9:08:03 PM
@DanaK said "sorry i've copyrighted the year 1981" and this is why I love the show so much!
Kristin Belz 9:08:25 PM
actually i think '81 was when i started listening to PRB and first heard laurie anderson. i was hooked.
Gary Melnick 9:08:28 PM
"Procession" by New Order feels like the beginning of time...I came into the world a little bit later, but that song by itself just feels like [the start of something different]
Elliot 9:08:41 PM
Katt 9:09:32 PM
Katt 9:09:39 PM
wprb tattoo would epicly epic
Liz Bot 9:09:58 PM
@Kristin, nice! I love Laurie so much!
esoterica 9:10:03 PM
yes! it would
Liz Bot 9:10:27 PM
Read is gonna get a WPRB knuckle tattoo in comic sans...she promised!
Jon Solomon 9:10:34 PM
I know a former WPRB DJ with the word "WPRB" tattoo'd on their foot.
Krista 9:10:46 PM
Papyrus on the other hand
Jon Solomon 9:11:14 PM
Can try to dig up a photo, but also don't want to be "the person who sends you a photo of someone else's foot."
Dana K (host) 9:11:31 PM
no feet pics please
esoterica 9:11:39 PM
haha right
Liz Bot 9:12:02 PM
Jon, whoooooooo?!
Readie 9:12:11 PM
wait a minute! @lizbot!!!!
Jon Solomon 9:12:15 PM
I found it. Think it might be on Instagram. This is a mistake.
Liz Bot 9:12:59 PM
Haha Readie! You said it! Allegedly (alleged by me!)
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 9:13:22 PM
My curiosity is piqued.
Liz Bot 9:13:37 PM
Haha, got an Irish/Eastern European Jewish kiddo right here!
Jersey Jeff 9:13:44 PM
Jews are cool!
Readie 9:13:45 PM
That was a donor who just mentioned that!
Commie Francis 9:13:53 PM
My only music tattoos are nation of ulysses and mahler
yoni from kdu 9:14:04 PM
Lithuanian Jews in the house
Readie 9:14:06 PM
Commie Francis 9:14:32 PM
I wish I had gotten some poorly done band logos as a teen
Jon Solomon 9:14:32 PM
With the understanding that this is a photo of a foot with a WPRB tattoo on it, here - https://www.instagram.com/p/7i4WDnm9Jb/
esoterica 9:14:36 PM
yeah, yoni!
Jersey Jeff 9:14:36 PM
Oy vej ist mir
CMDR Poopypants 9:14:49 PM
Liz Bot 9:14:50 PM
Booji Boy DEVO promo video in clamshell case somewhere in my house!
Dana K (host) 9:15:33 PM
yoni, don't we have the friend with the RHCP tattoo they gave themselves when they were 14
Katt 9:15:47 PM
i vote wprb knuckle tat
Liz Bot 9:15:53 PM
Do it, Esoterica!
yoni from kdu 9:16:27 PM
I don't know what you're talking about and I hope he never gets it removed.
Mark 9:16:37 PM
haha i love the el Camino that’d b great tattoo:)
Krista 9:16:56 PM
I know a self given hatchet man tattoo haver, done at juvenile detention
Krista 9:17:18 PM
Still a Juggalo. Also a nurse practitioner.
CMDR Poopypants 9:17:19 PM
Surf Punks "My Wave"
Liz Bot 9:17:38 PM
Play “Crystal Shit” Doors cover band
yoni from kdu 9:17:45 PM
Frank & Moon Unit
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 9:17:47 PM
Playing "Valley Girl" would be like, so gnarly!
esoterica 9:17:49 PM
yes, love surf punks!
Mark 9:18:02 PM
moon unit: gag me w a spoon !
Jersey Jeff 9:18:10 PM
Liz Bot 9:18:11 PM
@Krista - Wow. That’s dedication I guess!
esoterica 9:18:15 PM
yup, mark!
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 9:18:22 PM
By the way, the pledge page is very easy to use. Thumbs up!
Liz Bot 9:18:49 PM
@Jon- I have seen the foot now! I am forever changed.
Commie Francis 9:18:57 PM
I don't like icp but i feel a weird grudging kinship with the juggalos
Jersey Jeff 9:19:18 PM
I've pledged in the past and I may restart tonight.......
Elliot 9:19:31 PM
Commie Francis 9:19:31 PM
And hatchet man would be relatively easy to stick n poke
Liz Bot 9:19:40 PM
I get a kick out of juggalos’ wonderment with such “miracles” as magnets
Commie Francis 9:20:02 PM
I mean how DO they work
Liz Bot 9:20:23 PM
Haha. It isn’t for us to know
Liz Bot 9:20:48 PM
Go for it, R J G
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 9:21:22 PM
@Jon, wow. That's certainly a WPRB tattoo! That DJ has admirable commitment.
Jon Solomon 9:21:43 PM
R! G! J! R! G! J! Pledge! Pledge! Pledge!
Liz Bot 9:22:06 PM
It’s blurry, but I recognize that font! I’d be psyched if I ran into someone with that tatto in the “wild”
Dana K (host) 9:22:29 PM
the best time to pledge is NOW!
Jersey Jeff 9:22:30 PM
I do need to update my sticker on my guitar case.......
Mark 9:22:30 PM
agree so much / learning from this station all the time !
Commie Francis 9:23:01 PM
I'm just psyched that dana now has to thank CMDR poopy pants on the air
Commie Francis 9:23:10 PM
Thanks CMDR!!
Gary Melnick 9:23:32 PM
for those whose office is WFH: do you ever feel like you need to accomplish more work in order to get a Reply in your company's group chat? sometimes I just want to be like, "hey, my message has been sitting there for 2 hours...and it has a question mark at the end of it...where is everybody???"
Liz Bot 9:23:44 PM
that USED to be my go-to - Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar! I lived 2 blocks away for a few years
Jersey Jeff 9:23:54 PM
Hi Francis - RGJ is Jeff from Flemington..
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 9:23:59 PM
Shout out to both Robert Drake & John Stanley! And Ray's HB bar 🎂
Liz Bot 9:24:30 PM
And John Stanley of course had Space Boy, which got MANY of my dollars in the early 2000s!
esoterica 9:24:29 PM
Commie Francis 9:24:30 PM
I know!
Jon Solomon 9:24:44 PM
Wow. You did it.
Jersey Jeff 9:24:49 PM
my secret is out???
Commie Francis 9:24:55 PM
Hi Jeff from flemington!
Commie Francis 9:25:05 PM
i figured it out
Dana K (host) 9:25:26 PM
Spaceboy was one of my first favorite record stores!
Commie Francis 9:25:33 PM
DANA did you hear that a head cheese 12" just came out? The 7" plus demos and stuff i guess?
Jersey Jeff 9:25:38 PM
You said my Lou Reed request was "Anti- Anti Racist" but I am good with that now
esoterica 9:25:39 PM
i am so going to ray's sometime when it is safe to do so! never been. i am a karaoke fiend.
Dana K (host) 9:25:52 PM
I did not hear that, Commie! That's wild!
Dana K (host) 9:26:14 PM
WPRB karaoke night at Ray's, once things can happen again
Liz Bot 9:26:15 PM
Dana, yeah- I loved Space Boy so much. Space Boy was my favorite, and Buskirk actually worked there
Commie Francis 9:26:25 PM
Yeah bill just walked in and showed it to me on the sorry state website
Dana K (host) 9:26:52 PM
We both have the 7" so we're especially cool
esoterica 9:26:56 PM
totally! can't wait to meet john stanley, too!
esoterica 9:27:31 PM
Mark 9:28:05 PM
dweezil puts on a great show too / for those who haven’t seen him
esoterica 9:28:15 PM
haven;t seen him
Liz Bot 9:28:35 PM
Had so many great music convos at Spaceboy. I walked there every Saturday and spent all my music on music!
Commie Francis 9:28:53 PM
I used to love when dweezil and ahmet appeared on late night talk shows. I think they were available last minute if someone canceled
Liz Bot 9:28:59 PM
Briefly lived near Plastic Fantastic in Ardmore- spent a lotta $ there too!
Liz Bot 9:29:07 PM
Mark 9:29:12 PM
Moon unit & bro sued him over using Frank’s name / he plays keswick annually
Liz Bot 9:29:31 PM
Now I’m seeing Russell dancing with his 80 hair!
Commie Francis 9:29:49 PM
I just got the 12" of this
Gary Melnick 9:29:50 PM
for anyone who has ever paid for VIP/meet-n-greet: is it worth paying hundred(s) of dollars? I keep thinking, "man, that's equivalent to sooo many hours of working at my first job" just to buy that experience
Jersey Jeff 9:29:54 PM
Wots the theme here?
Liz Bot 9:30:22 PM
Russell + Jane Wiedlin in that hat!
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 9:30:23 PM
Commie Francis 9:30:51 PM
I probably would not pay for a meet & greet except for $100 you can go on a zoom with Mike Nesmith for half an hour. Just you and him I might do that.
Dana K (host) 9:31:12 PM
I have a very specific memory of hitting up Spaceboy before I saw Mission of Burma (one of my first shows ever) and buying the Essential Logic CD
Commie Francis 9:31:20 PM
Theme is dana k stuff but all dancey
Jon Solomon 9:31:21 PM
Wow, this rules.
Dana K (host) 9:32:34 PM
I'm going to the big Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this summer (if it happens), so, uh, I'll be doing some meet and greets
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 9:32:39 PM
*dancing intensifies*
Gary Melnick 9:33:06 PM
I looked into doing VIP for Smashing Pumpkins/Billy Corgan a few years ago, but never ended up doing it...you actually get to ask questions in-person, hand something to get signed, maybe pass along a demo tape...
Jersey Jeff 9:33:41 PM
The Wait
esoterica 9:33:43 PM
this is crazy college nights right here
Jersey Jeff 9:33:49 PM
esoterica 9:33:51 PM
for me!
Liz Bot 9:33:56 PM
@Dana Only time I saw Mission of Burma was at the Siren Festival in Coney Island . Was a great day!
Commie Francis 9:34:13 PM
Yaz (oo) is so goddamn cool
Dana K (host) 9:34:22 PM
I went to the Siren Festival in 2008 I think. Malkmus headlined.
Jon Solomon 9:34:28 PM
When I went to Star Wars Celebration with my daughter in 2019 I was surprised to learn about the prices of some meet / greets. Was not what we were personally there for but for some others it was all they were there for!
Mark 9:34:57 PM
esoterica gotta find those college dj tapes for us :) !
esoterica 9:35:37 PM
oh yeah, mark!
Liz Bot 9:35:42 PM
At the Siren Fest, we met a buncha friendly punks who invited us back to their house! This was like 2004ish.
Stephanie O 9:36:53 PM
I was present during that tattoo!
Dana K (host) 9:36:58 PM
What I remember of the Siren Festival is that it was hot and crowded. I think Times New Viking played though - I loved them
CMDR Poopypants 9:37:05 PM
this reminds me of listening to WPRB, about 1990-91 before going out to City Gardens for Randy's Thursday Night dance/industrial night. Drinking the cheap stuff from home.
Stephanie O 9:37:08 PM
Great playlist
Eleanor Steele 9:37:13 PM
Nostalgia night! Swear I was looking at that BOL LP today.
Dana K (host) 9:37:23 PM
I owe Randy a visit at the Man Cave!
Jersey Jeff 9:37:25 PM
boy they can loop
Liz Bot 9:37:43 PM
Haven’t seen solo Malkmus since Jicks show at TLA for first Jicks album with Bent Leg Fatima (need new body) opening! But years later I was to that Pavement reunion show in Central Park along with half of Philly!
Gary Melnick 9:38:03 PM
I'm a little on the fence about VIP/meet-n-greet...I sometimes think it's such a novelty, compared to other people/places that could really benefit from the funds, I would feel guilty. But, the chances of me ever running into Billy Corgan in real-life are slim to none.
Elliot 9:38:33 PM
he's been spotted at Disneyland, Charlie!
Liz Bot 9:38:34 PM
@CMDR- Nice! Just saw some old Randy Now dance party footage in little doc about City Gardens!
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 9:39:44 PM
Commander Poopypants for the win!
Liz Bot 9:39:50 PM
Only thing I didn’t like at Siren was businesses were charging $$$ to pee, and yeah, it t’were crowded!
pethie-ish 9:40:31 PM
Commie Francis is doing 1981 too! We are having sistah shows!
pethie-ish 9:40:40 PM
Gary Melnick 9:41:03 PM
@Elliot, yeah I saw that a few years ago. But now with a growing family, etc, the chances are reduced. I might try to visit Madame Zuzu's (tea shop in Chicago)...I think he oversees it and therefore pops in a few times a week.
CMDR Poopypants 9:41:45 PM
@ Liz - so cool, fun times. But actually in those days WPRB wasn't playing this stuff LOL.
Jon Solomon 9:41:53 PM
I think the only Siren Festival I went to was Superchunk, JSBX, Quasi, GBV and...more?
Dana K (host) 9:42:00 PM
I feel like I've really come full circle with Scritti Politti. Fifteen years ago I only liked "Skank Bloc Bologna" and never touched their pop stuff.
Mark 9:42:04 PM
haha Pethie is the station green gartside guru :)
pethie-ish 9:42:22 PM
Green is my number one teen dream
Jon Solomon 9:42:36 PM
Aha! The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion with Enon, Peaches, Rainer Maria, Quasi, Man or Astro-man?, Superchunk and Guided by Voices on 21 July 2001.
Liz Bot 9:43:03 PM
The one time I went in that zillion dollar Hudson Yards mall complex after seeing Steve Reich show at The Shed, the chain candy store was blasting Scritti Politti, so now I associate that place with SP
Dana K (host) 9:43:05 PM
I did not see Pavement in Philly, but I did see them in Brooklyn for that reunion tour.
pethie-ish 9:43:06 PM
Only the strongest souls can love “skank bloc” and “wood bees”
Dana K (host) 9:43:34 PM
Hudson Yards is hell on earth
pethie-ish 9:43:58 PM
Mark 9:44:02 PM
@lizbot when see Steve reich?
Gary Melnick 9:44:34 PM
I wish we knew where to find artists, like, if they each had their own lounge. Les Paul had a lounge in NYC and constantly had a few shows every week. You could walk up and say Hello after the show.
jimbeaux 9:45:03 PM
hallooooo pledgey-peoooople!
Commie Francis 9:45:37 PM
Oh it's a different head cheese :(
Liz Bot 9:45:41 PM
@Dana K- before the they had only announced one show, which was at Central Park and made eveyone think maybe that would be it, and there would be no tour, so my friends and I all bought tickets for each other worry it would sell out immediately and it did sell out fast, but we all managed to get each other duplicate tickets, so we brought a big ole convoy from Philly. Not long after that show, they announced the tour
Dana K (host) 9:46:03 PM
OH :( must be some kind of d-beat head cheese
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 9:46:51 PM
all star chatters
Dana K (host) 9:47:23 PM
I heard rumors of a 2022 Pavement tour
Liz Bot 9:47:30 PM
Liz Bot 9:48:07 PM
@Mark- it was collab between painter Gerhard Richter with music by Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt
esoterica 9:48:51 PM
hi, bri and jimbeaux!
Liz Bot 9:48:57 PM
June 2019 at The Shed. Couldn’t get tickets to that friggin Bjork show there, but steve Reich and Arvo Pärt hit the spot
Mark 9:49:10 PM
interesting I wanted to see him at st mary gathering series on Penn campus
Liz Bot 9:49:28 PM
esoterica 9:49:47 PM
isn't this song a tiny bit evocative of the time?
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 9:49:48 PM
Pavement at the Mann on reunion tour was a big ol fuzzy love. I never got to see them back in day
Liz Bot 9:49:51 PM
@Mark- here’s the event https://theshed.org/program/2-reich-richter-part
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 9:50:33 PM
good golly was the reunion tour 2010? Eleven years ago?
esoterica 9:50:36 PM
like, "what time is it?' (also 1982)
Mark 9:50:44 PM
wow! lucky you :)
Jon Solomon 9:50:59 PM
I'm out for the night. Happy Membership Drive, all!
Jersey Jeff 9:51:04 PM
If you play Numbers/Computer World 2 : you gotta pledge
Dana K (host) 9:51:20 PM
goodnight jon! see you wednesday!
Commie Francis 9:51:24 PM
Night Jon!
esoterica 9:51:28 PM
bye, jon!
Gary Melnick 9:52:03 PM
man, after listening to all of this early 80's stuff, it really makes me think that Goo Goo Dolls were part of the "new school" or something
Liz Bot 9:52:38 PM
@Brian D- Yeah, friends I staffed a rag tag bookstore with back in end of 90s/early 2000s all played a lot of Pavement in the store and we got together for that reunion show and sang along! One of the best nights. Used to drive around blasting Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain in friend’s old Chevy Citation after work late at night to Chinatown to eat at Ho Sai Gai late night Chinese food
Liz Bot 9:52:54 PM
Night, Jon! Thanks for foot!
Gary Melnick 9:54:12 PM
WFH people: do you ever feel like you need to accomplish more work in order to get a Reply in your company's group chat? sometimes I just want to be like, "hey, my message has been sitting there for 2 hours...and it has a question mark at the end of it...where is everybody???"
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 9:54:13 PM
I had a ball with some friends that lived in Phila not far from the Mann. Went down solo from Bucks Co. Met that lot down there. Hung out w/them until the wee hours afterwards. It was a greatest set list gift.
Liz Bot 9:54:16 PM
Okay, Modern Love def gonna lodge itself in my brain! My older cousins got to go to Serious Moonlight tour, luckies!
Dana K (host) 9:54:29 PM
Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain was my first Pavement, the summer I was 13.
Gary Melnick 9:54:34 PM
(compared to pre-WFH response time)
Liz Bot 9:55:22 PM
@Brian D- I miss and love The Mann! I guess the last pre-pandemic I saw there was B-52s with OMD and Berlin anniversary tour.
jimbeaux 9:55:27 PM
saw Pavement with Gary Young still on drums in 1991 or 1992!
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 9:55:46 PM
The Serious Moonlight HBO live special. I was glued to the TV for that. The twin brothers in the band. That was Bowie just shining. Bringing theater and rock and all that. Look Back in Anger in the set... wow. Great memory
Liz Bot 9:56:13 PM
@jimbeaux, nice! I still have an old Khyber flyer with Pavement show on schedule!
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 9:56:56 PM
Yeah, SHRIEKBACK! 🇦🇺 💙
CMDR Poopypants 9:58:08 PM
There used to be a guy on the NYC side of the Holland Tunnel and he would wear this cool Alien mask and he would wash people windshields who were stuck in traffic. He hada boombox and would always be playing the full Wowee Zowee CD. Strange, surreal, hot (it was summer), awesome. I used to watch him from my office.
Mark 9:58:13 PM
esoterica: sound a bit nonplussed:) am i using it right ?!
Krista 9:58:26 PM
@lizbot, my early 20s had a soundtrack of crooked rain too, in my chevy cavalier! Big-time pavement phase for me. Grooming dogs, listening to Pavement and The Replacements
Liz Bot 9:58:56 PM
Yeah! Dialogue! I said “Hi” to Peth tonight with Bill Nelson! And “Hi” to the whole station through The Fall!
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 9:59:05 PM
🤖 Liz Bot = Cheer-Accident! Baby Dee!
Liz Bot 9:59:07 PM
Awwwww! Gee, thanks!
esoterica 9:59:22 PM
well, what do you mean by "nonplussed", mark? haha
esoterica 9:59:38 PM
we love ya, lizbot!
Liz Bot 9:59:41 PM
Got my What Makes a Man Start Fires CD from a giveaway on Mike Lupica’s show before he left for FMU
Gary Melnick 9:59:42 PM
WFH folks: how do you cope with group chat messages that go unresponded to for 30, 60, 120 minutes? It seems the delay from some people is worse than pre-pandemic times...
Liz Bot 10:00:03 PM
Ah, thanks, Esoterica!
esoterica 10:00:10 PM
mike: tough guy veneer (sweet). haha
Mark 10:00:23 PM
haha still figuring out if I’ve been using wrong my entire life !
esoterica 10:00:58 PM
"Historically, "nonplussed" simply means to be confused or bewildered to the point where you don't know how to speak or act."
Liz Bot 10:01:10 PM
@Christine - Yeah! No one else seems to play Cheer Accident! Baby Dee mr various used to play too sometimes
Rob from Maryland (2021 donor) 10:01:20 PM
@Lizbot, is Mike Lupica gone from WPRB?
Dana K (host) 10:01:31 PM
lupica is still very much here!
esoterica 10:01:48 PM
oops extra quotation mark. but you get the point. but now merriam-webster is includingthe incorrect definition (because it is popular) which is "unfazed"
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:01:54 PM
To be able to chat with all these people you mentioned AND the newer guard is so cool. I finally was able to tell a bunch of stories to them, give compliments to them, recommend songs books movies,tell jokes. So love the chat & the community
Liz Bot 10:01:58 PM
@Krista- what is it about driving around in large old boat cars listening to Pavement late at night?! Very my 20s
Rob from Maryland (2021 donor) 10:02:03 PM
Thanks DanaK
Mark 10:02:30 PM
haha I’ve been tangled up al day trying to figure proper usage / it was my PRB new concept today :)
Liz Bot 10:02:41 PM
@Rob- No, no! Thankfully not! No, he started at WPRB, then went to WFMU for a buncha years,
Liz Bot 10:02:49 PM
then returned to WPRB!
Gary Melnick 10:02:51 PM
where I live, people love their big trucks/SUV's
Rob from Maryland (2021 donor) 10:02:54 PM
Thanks Lizbot!
Gary Melnick 10:03:04 PM
I prefer an older sedan
Jersey Jeff 10:03:06 PM
we need stickers
Liz Bot 10:04:03 PM
Yeah! Exactly!! And Spotify is a heartless bot that spams me and I will not give in and subscribe to them! Instead back hearted bots and human DJs!
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 10:04:09 PM
Definitely DO NOT back the Front!
Gary Melnick 10:04:20 PM
sometimes my work group chat feels like an algorithm...like someone/some thing is at the switchboards
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:04:22 PM
I finally got a car with a cd player in it and it was a 10 cd magazine player. Right at that time the 2 cd Pavement reissues started to come out... that player was soon loaded w Malkmus
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:04:41 PM
Circa early to mid 00s
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:05:02 PM
Gary Melnick 10:05:08 PM
@Brian, similar situation...never had a CD player in car before
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 10:05:13 PM
This song is lovely for many reasons, but also because it contains the word "parthenogenesis."
Liz Bot 10:05:15 PM
Nice, Brian! Yeah, spent a lotta time with those albums around then
esoterica 10:05:20 PM
haven't heard this in forever - great!
Mark 10:05:26 PM
Hearted bots = lizbot :) 🤖
Liz Bot 10:05:55 PM
Haha, Christine, my husband loves talking about parthenogenesis!
Rob from Maryland (2021 donor) 10:06:15 PM
@Jeff, I'd love to see WPRB stickers at some point
Gary Melnick 10:06:18 PM
I can't argue with tapedecks in the car, as long as I have a 3.5mm converter (and something that plays it)
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 10:06:45 PM
@Liz Bot, I bet you have the best, most interesting conversations at your house!
Krista 10:07:01 PM
@CharlieRose, working from home has ultra productivity expectations that make people slow to respond. It's easier to "get in the zone" working at home and hyperfocus
Liz Bot 10:07:23 PM
Hi Chris!
Chris Mohr 10:07:33 PM
@lizbot Hi back through The Fall!
Chris Mohr 10:07:47 PM
Erased first text because typos
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:07:49 PM
Had a fun decade or less in the car cd era. Then it was all about digital and mostly WPRB! I use the cd slot in my car for a phone clamp holder last 6 yrs or so
Liz Bot 10:07:59 PM
Yes! LENE! Played her last week
Commie Francis 10:08:16 PM
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 10:08:17 PM
💜💜💜 Lene
Dana K (host) 10:08:20 PM
My car doesn't have an aux port or a tape deck, so i'm limited to CDs and the radio.
Mark 10:08:26 PM
everyone loves ❤️ lene !!
Liz Bot 10:08:29 PM
Lene Lovich played in store at Plastic Fantastic in Ardmore!
Krista 10:08:32 PM
@Brian those 2cd reissues were my introduction to Pavement! Got em at Borders Books, of all places.
Gary Melnick 10:08:33 PM
@Krista, I can understand that, however, what if a particular group chat is for Emergencies...and still no one replies...it's like Management is not taken seriously or enforcing that
CMDR Poopypants 10:08:39 PM
great tune!!
Chris Mohr 10:08:44 PM
Steve and Paul Hanley have a brand-new podcast about being in The Fall. It's called Oh Brother.
Liz Bot 10:09:23 PM
@Chris- I gotta check that out. After one of their Philly shows, I went to this unassuming bar acorss
Commie Francis 10:09:39 PM
This is from the golden moment when thomas dolby and lene lovich were collaborating
Commie Francis 10:09:53 PM
They brought out the best in each other i think
Mark 10:09:53 PM
how does she hit those notes :)
pethie-ish 10:10:04 PM
Yes! He’s in the video, sneaking in a corner
Krista 10:10:13 PM
@Liz, I'm in Ardmore a lot (in non pandemic times)! My boyfriend's family lives right around there. Wish I could have seen Lene!
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:10:17 PM
You can get an fm transmitter Dana K! But i bet you are satisfied w what you have. I would donate my transmitter to you if you want tho!
pethie-ish 10:10:27 PM
I looked just like Thomas Dolby in 9th grade
Krista 10:10:49 PM
Or Dana join us in the ham radio world and get a CB, lol
Mark 10:10:57 PM
@pethie : science ! :)
esoterica 10:10:58 PM
that's great, pethie
Liz Bot 10:11:03 PM
...across the hotel where the Fall was apparently staying. No one else in the bar but them and my friend Carey and her boyfriend who was the bartender. Whole band came over and sat at a table with us and chatted EXCEPT Mark. Mark sat alone. I was afraid to say Hi to him! This is when he’d Messed up his hip on tour
Dana K (host) 10:11:04 PM
I tried using an FM transmitter about ten years ago and it didn't work particularly well, though they might have gotten better since then.
pethie-ish 10:11:16 PM
Another 1981!❤️
esoterica 10:11:29 PM
human league
Liz Bot 10:11:36 PM
Can’t not dance to this song
esoterica 10:11:36 PM
Chris Mohr 10:11:37 PM
So cool, @lizbot!
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:11:50 PM
Krista i think i got my Pavement reissues all at Siren in Doylestown. I raided their Pavement, Guided by Voices and Pollard sections!
Commie Francis 10:12:09 PM
I had a great fm transmitter that i think is now illegal due to its awesome range. You could cover 2 cars with it
pethie-ish 10:12:17 PM
“But This is Phil talking”
Commie Francis 10:12:37 PM
But i got one later on and it sucked
Jersey Jeff 10:12:55 PM
Play Kraftwerk Computer World - my destressing group in the 80s, after school, my bedroom, Chips A hoy cookies.
Gary Melnick 10:13:13 PM
the first time I heard Human League was 30+ years after their release, on a tape I got in a box of assorted tapes from Ebay...I only bought the lot for Pixies, but ended up discovering a few other bands
Liz Bot 10:13:13 PM
Greg Lyon, whose show The Good, The Bad & The Ugly used to be on after me, was a huge Fall and Residents fan and he did manage to interview Mark E Smith and was pleasantly surprised by how nice he was! They got drinks afterwards! Greg still does that show, but in Asheville now
CMDR Poopypants 10:13:30 PM
Is it too corny to request "Love Plus One" Haircut 100? This is literally my first recollection of listening to WPRB when I was in 8th grade. So popular now, but in 1982, it was WPRB material.
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:14:01 PM
Haa sounds like my 2005 era Sirius player Commie . It was non FCC compliant defs. It finally quit this year. FM transmitter had like a 50 yard range haa!
pethie-ish 10:14:17 PM
@CMDR we started listening to WPRB around the same time!
Liz Bot 10:14:22 PM
Jersey Jeff - Kraftwerk + cookies sounds like me in high school, or now!
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 10:14:32 PM
@Commander Poopypants, I think that's a great suggestion.
Liz Bot 10:14:48 PM
Love Haircut 100!
CMDR Poopypants 10:14:49 PM
@pethie - those were the good old days
Krista 10:14:48 PM
WPRB is at the forefront of popular music, poopy pants. We were the first commerical station in the country to play Old Town Road (Weingart did on his show)
Jersey Jeff 10:14:53 PM
Saved a ton on psychotherapy through them
Commie Francis 10:15:09 PM
Yep we may have had the same transmitter Brian!
Liz Bot 10:15:14 PM
@Jersey Jeff- Yeah, I wish I’d hadn’t missed their tour!
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:15:25 PM
You can look up Greg's interviews w M.E.S. on WPRB main website
Jersey Jeff 10:15:52 PM
I like you Francis, but you'll always be Rachel to me
Gary Melnick 10:16:04 PM
Hot Chip?
Chris Mohr 10:16:12 PM
I got to interview Craig Scanlon of The Fall by phone. Very soft-spoken, with Mancunian accent was a bit hard for me to hear at times
pethie-ish 10:16:28 PM
Oh, all my faves tonight!!!! New Gold Dream! 81-82-83-84!
esoterica 10:17:00 PM
CMDR Poopypants 10:17:10 PM
when I heard Agnostic Front "Victim in Pain" on PRB I was like "what?" Doors weren't opened, they were kicked down.
Mark 10:17:20 PM
haha even cynical me is smiling at this 80s dance party :)
esoterica 10:17:56 PM
love jim's voice!
Gary Melnick 10:18:05 PM
Ozma..."take me back to 1988"
pethie-ish 10:18:14 PM
Liz Bot 10:18:18 PM
@Brian D- Yeah, Great MES interview! Greg was so nervous the week before when I saw him at the station. The following week, he was beaming like a little kid when he told me all about his excursion with Mark!
Jersey Jeff 10:18:49 PM
I remember my older brother Jon, (RIP) coming home from the Peddie School and telling me Jeff, You gotta hear this station. T'was about 1981
Chris Mohr 10:19:14 PM
Wish Spinitron would let us like comments
Chris Mohr 10:19:26 PM
So many good 'uns!
Commie Francis 10:19:51 PM
Poopypants you should tune in for my Nancy Barile interview Saturday after next! If you wanna hear about hahhhdcoah
Dana K (host) 10:20:15 PM
i need to get a copy of her book!
Gary Melnick 10:21:02 PM
goodbye WFH heroes et al
Gary Melnick 10:21:12 PM
pray for DMX, too
Commie Francis 10:21:12 PM
I can give you mine when I'm done with it! It's being passed around our friend group
Commie Francis 10:21:26 PM
Goodbye Charlie
Dana K (host) 10:21:34 PM
I didn't realize I was playing the live version - oh well! It's still nice.
Mark 10:21:39 PM
gonna put in my calendar nancy barille interview !
Jersey Jeff 10:21:50 PM
(spock voice) what is this WFH you speak of?
pethie-ish 10:21:50 PM
I’ve never heard the live version!
CMDR Poopypants 10:22:02 PM
Commie Francis 10:22:11 PM
The book is great, she's a good writer and the Philly punk scene has never been that well documented
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 10:22:42 PM
Wow, never heard this live version either.
esoterica 10:22:44 PM
cool, chris! that was m 16th bday event...taking the bus with my friend, Paula, to Fullerton, where my bro ron was in college. he then took us to Pasadena to see the Furs!
esoterica 10:23:17 PM
such a great song!
Chris Mohr 10:23:40 PM
@esoterica Nice!
Mark 10:24:22 PM
same bro who took u to see billy jack:) ?
Jersey Jeff 10:24:34 PM
I coulda been someone.... I coulda been a DJ
Chris Mohr 10:24:38 PM
I mentioned the P Furs, thinking of them as another band that was obscure in 1980 or 1981 but got a lot more popular later
Mark 10:25:29 PM
psych furs weee pretty big deal on their first tour
esoterica 10:25:51 PM
yes, true. when i interviewed robyn hitchcock he talks about the butker. boys and how cool they were
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:25:54 PM
That was fun !
esoterica 10:26:02 PM
Commie Francis 10:26:07 PM
I love that first psychedelic furs record.
Liz Bot 10:26:32 PM
esoterica 10:26:40 PM
Chris Mohr 10:26:50 PM
P Furs were obscure to high school students in Bridgewater, Central Jersey, shall we say
CMDR Poopypants 10:26:57 PM
word up
Mark 10:27:06 PM
they played keswick recently butler still amazing / india is great song
Liz Bot 10:27:16 PM
Yeah! Loved when it was Dana & Readie back to back!
Liz Bot 10:27:46 PM
Haha, thanks! The Liz & Readie Show will be back for Recherché tomorrow!
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:27:53 PM
I like the vocal trade offs and how the lone sax handled that whole melody famous part of the song. That was a hoot live
esoterica 10:28:39 PM
agreed, bri
Mark 10:29:27 PM
haha esoterica should go all watt and talk for next 20 minutes straight:)
Chris Mohr 10:29:31 PM
So much love for all the DJs! Former PRBer Ken Katkin often ended his shows by saying, "with nothin', nothin', nothin' but love."
Chris Mohr 10:29:45 PM
esoterica 10:29:53 PM
haha! mark...
esoterica 10:30:43 PM
and! forgot to mention that when celtic frost showed up they were playing the VU "jesus" song haha nice juxtaposition
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:30:53 PM
I heard the beginning of H100 and... wow instant time machine back to early 80s MTV (or pre MTV arriving in my town) era.
Liz Bot 10:31:04 PM
Yes! You can do that, Esoterica! I was an obsessive mixtape maker growing up and used to “host” a show with my tape cassette recorder where I recorded spoken bits between songs when I was really little! Mixed tapes in high school and college I treated like a science
esoterica 10:31:12 PM
my roommates were enjoying a quiet evening listen to that soft song!
Jersey Jeff 10:31:14 PM
I wish they all could be California girls
Liz Bot 10:31:46 PM
Haha, I remember that Celtic Frost story, Esoterica!
esoterica 10:32:05 PM
haha. i am srepeating myself!
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:32:20 PM
My friends taped CF off a metal show on late night fm radio back in mid 80s. Never heard that kind of sludge distortion gtr tone! Loved it
Jersey Jeff 10:32:22 PM
Did Princeton U. help out at all?
Liz Bot 10:32:23 PM
Best staff! Seriously so grateful to them! We all adapted so much this year.
Mark 10:32:30 PM
esoterica = WPRB terri gross !
esoterica 10:33:04 PM
i love that mixtape story, lizbot!
Liz Bot 10:33:05 PM
@Mark, haha, true but better than Terri!
Mark 10:33:22 PM
much cooler !
esoterica 10:33:48 PM
yeah, bri!
esoterica 10:34:05 PM
aw shucks, mark:).
Liz Bot 10:34:34 PM
@Jersey Jeff - No. We’re independent from Princeton U. Our studio is on the campus, that’s all, and of course we can’t access it now. All operating costs, transmitter costs come from community support
Commie Francis 10:34:41 PM
The only funding we get from princeton is for airing sports which we didn't do this year. Other than that they just provide us the space (which is certainly very appreciated)
esoterica 10:34:43 PM
i don't want this to end!
Liz Bot 10:34:48 PM
LOve Heatloaf!
esoterica 10:35:05 PM
agree, liz!
Dana K (host) 10:35:12 PM
good news, erica - we've got to do it all over again next week!
Mark 10:35:19 PM
too modest / now u have to sing on air at some point
Liz Bot 10:35:23 PM
Yeah; when Pax was in Sea Slug before they DJed at WPRB!
esoterica 10:35:24 PM
Chris Mohr 10:35:42 PM
Maybe Abbie will come back like Lupica did?
Liz Bot 10:35:48 PM
Laurie was teaching at Princeton and Abbie was a student. Arto taught in same seminar
esoterica 10:35:48 PM
yes, loved seaslug. go pax
Jersey Jeff 10:36:07 PM
Back in the day they helped fund you - you guys are warriors
Dana K (host) 10:36:23 PM
i saw a photo of arto and laurie anderson at one of abbie's performances and i told her "they look like your parents"
Commie Francis 10:36:30 PM
Laurie has a radio show now
Commie Francis 10:36:39 PM
Not on wprb sadly
esoterica 10:36:44 PM
wow, commie
Mark 10:36:47 PM
loved both sea slug & heat loaf before even knew there was pax connection
Chris Mohr 10:36:56 PM
People are people so why should it be....
Liz Bot 10:37:07 PM
Laurie Anderson had taught a similar class at Princeton many years earlier and Jetty on the Rocks tried to get her to come fo the studio
Commie Francis 10:37:34 PM
It's on the wesleyan radio station, wesu
Liz Bot 10:38:40 PM
Laurie did that late night radio thing and now has a regular show! I love it! Also love that one of my fav directors, Allison Anders, does a radio show with her daughter! She was in music writing before she was a filmmaker
Chris Mohr 10:38:42 PM
Oh, wow, I haven't Our Daughters Wedding in maybe 30-35 years?
pethie-ish 10:39:03 PM
That’s the magic of WPRB
Mark 10:39:30 PM
ha i remember Pethie playing this & saying same thing
Dana K (host) 10:39:35 PM
i never get sick of getting comments like that!
Commie Francis 10:39:53 PM
I just found out that evelyn and.mark from teenbeat, who have kindly recorded amazing jingles for wprb and uneasy listening also have a radio show!
Jersey Jeff 10:40:00 PM
Princeton U. only has an endowment of $26,000,000,000 (I swear I am not making this up)
Chris Mohr 10:40:06 PM
Dana mentioned the listeners. One of the most memorable listener calls I ever got was from a man who said he and "his lady" really wanted to hear "Sex Bomb" by Flipper, becaise... they REALLY liked it.
Commie Francis 10:40:41 PM
Hahah i won't say who i once caught making out to sex bomb in the music office
esoterica 10:40:44 PM
Dana K (host) 10:40:54 PM
Chris Mohr 10:40:59 PM
I can't even remember if I played it or not!
Commie Francis 10:41:01 PM
So romantic
esoterica 10:41:02 PM
whoa haha
Commie Francis 10:41:09 PM
Oh you should have
pethie-ish 10:41:09 PM
@Commie I wish it had been me!
Chris Mohr 10:41:28 PM
Yes, I should have but cannot confirm at this time
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:41:37 PM
Aw Pete...
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:42:09 PM
Has-ing the sads
esoterica 10:42:19 PM
yes, bri, such a great song.
Dana K (host) 10:42:43 PM
i did a pete shelley memorial show in 2018, i regret not saving it.
pethie-ish 10:42:55 PM
Pete left us all this fun music to enjoy! Dance and remember him!
esoterica 10:43:31 PM
another reason we have to be grateful. learning curve means I now archive the shows, so many I things I learned to do this past year...
esoterica 10:44:04 PM
OMG! THis is my HS experience. love it
pethie-ish 10:44:09 PM
I’m having flashbacks
Liz Bot 10:44:33 PM
That was a great tribute to Pete Shelley, Dana. I was driving to pick up something off Internet Yardsale and I didn’t get outta my car until the end of then tribute. I remember I called you
esoterica 10:45:05 PM
andy partridge makes guest appearance?
Mark 10:45:27 PM
yes Dana k I remember that playlist & mad too u didn’t archive to mixcloud:(
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:45:29 PM
1981 and surrounding year or so was a great time to be a post kid pre teen into music that loved the Brit invasion big bands. The Kinks, The Who, The Stones all had new LPs at the time. I bought them all and devoured them. Solo Lennon and his mates had some fine offerings too.
Dana K (host) 10:45:31 PM
my process for doing this kind of show is "you know that one hit wonder? i'm going to play the song that should have given them a second hit"
pethie-ish 10:46:05 PM
@esoterica I had no idea! Just makes me love the song more!
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:46:12 PM
Is this recorded in Dob-ly?
Dana K (host) 10:46:32 PM
mark you really do have the best memory!
pethie-ish 10:46:39 PM
Europa was my favorite Dolby song
Liz Bot 10:46:49 PM
This was my Dolby go-to track
Mark 10:46:50 PM
no radio station does Memorial tributes like WPRB !!!
Liz Bot 10:47:07 PM
Haha, Peth! Same Wavelength
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 10:47:09 PM
@Mark, I agree.
esoterica 10:47:32 PM
i am so happy right now.
esoterica 10:48:00 PM
haha bri
Jersey Jeff 10:48:34 PM
they had another song?
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:49:08 PM
I would get very excited even a 100 yds away from a record store circa 1981. Mall had 3 or more counting the dept stores. Hours and hours.... read lp covers... Hours and hours more.... smell... listen... maybe count change and few bills and buy something too
Mark 10:49:36 PM
this was amazingly fun show / I’ll see many on dave chat early tomorrow:)
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:50:17 PM
Ohhh this.... great song!
Liz Bot 10:50:25 PM
@Brian D - That Emminence Front song from It’s Hard was great! I was a big mod obsessive and loved The Who as a tween and at first I wouldn’t deign listen to It’s Hard but then I embraced that song. Post-Keith Moon was hard to accept!
esoterica 10:50:38 PM
yes! you are hitting all the best songs, danak!
Dana K (host) 10:50:41 PM
this was an extremely fun show to put together, between chatting with esoterica and playing all the hits that get me on the dance floor
Liz Bot 10:51:07 PM
OMG, this is one of my all-time favorite new wave songs. I put this on the first mix I ever made my daughter!
Liz Bot 10:51:49 PM
It’s been a great show tonight! Thanks for the dance party vibes! Had so much great Esoterica time today too!
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:51:59 PM
Did i hear you play this on yer show just before shut down last March Dana? Maybe late night rerun... i think i was driving home from airport when we took a vacation just before the world shut down
Dana K (host) 10:52:20 PM
i don't think i did! but i've heard it on WXPN quite a few times
Mark 10:53:22 PM
Debbie Piarbie 10:53:43 PM
Great show, thanks! It reminds me of i92.
esoterica 10:54:52 PM
so much fun working with dana k and listening today to all the best shows.:). thanks, everyone!
lili 10:55:13 PM
gotta call out dad
lili 10:55:16 PM
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:55:20 PM
Tues March 10 2020. Looked it up. Headed home from Trenton airport late at night. Listening to WPRB... had no idea what we were in for
Tyler B. 10:55:23 PM
Lmao at smooth brain ape that's great
Christine (send your $ to PRB!) 10:55:25 PM
Thanks, Esoterica & Dana & Liz Bot!
Commie Francis 10:55:27 PM
Commie Francis 10:55:50 PM
great show dana! Really nice day of radio overall
Chris Mohr 10:55:53 PM
pethie-ish 10:56:23 PM
Fabulous show, Dana! Thank you for the fine memories!
Dana K (host) 10:56:25 PM
thank you! i love you all
jimbeaux 10:56:34 PM
Dana...you already know the gender of your 2nd head?!?
esoterica 10:56:37 PM
i love you all, too!
Eleanor Steele 10:56:48 PM
Best ending!
Brian D (2021 Donor-you can too!) 10:56:51 PM
Thank you Dana K & Eso & chatters!
esoterica 10:56:54 PM
feel like i took a hit of xtc. haha
Dana K (host) 10:56:58 PM
whatever my second head decides, i will support them
Chris Mohr 10:57:00 PM
Yes, fun times, thanks Dana and Esoterica
jimbeaux 10:57:21 PM
I'm of two minds about that DK :)
Liz Bot 10:57:31 PM
You’re playing all my favorites! Played You Old Eccentric from the Felicity single on my show tonight
esoterica 10:57:55 PM
i will be dancing off to the land of nod!
Ian Smith 10:58:24 PM
seriously I don't know what my life would be like without the great DJs of WPRB. You are all awesome and I'm so thankful for this stuff
Chris Mohr 10:58:24 PM
Edwin Collins of Orange Juice is a good Twitter follow @edwyncollins
Liz Bot 10:58:31 PM
Haha, that’s exActly what I thought when I heard Dana say “he” about her future other head, jimbeaux!
Chris Mohr 10:58:43 PM
Darn auto correct
Liz Bot 10:58:51 PM
Aw, so nice, Ian
esoterica 10:58:55 PM
thank you all :) so great to be a part of this tribe
Dana K (host) 10:59:10 PM
this was so much fun! i love feeling that drive energy, even from home!
Liz Bot 10:59:24 PM
@Chris- good to know know! If I did Twitter more. Maybe I’ll follow Edwyn
esoterica 10:59:26 PM
yes, me too!
Liz Bot 10:59:39 PM
Thanks, Dana & Esoterica!!!
esoterica 10:59:55 PM
thanks for hanging out, liz!
Chris Mohr 10:59:58 PM
Liz Bot 11:00:21 PM
I was worried before this Drive if the Drive energy would come through from home, but it really does!
Dana K (host) 11:00:21 PM
night night folks!
Commie Francis 11:01:17 PM
Lili time!