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A Lull in Conversation

Apr 8, 2021 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM

With Lili


en donet to wprb if you've fallen in love with new bands you met here...

A Lull in Conversation
11:15 PM
Cordalene - You Become So Bright/Would It Have Killed You?
Cordalene You Become So Bright/Would It Have Killed You?
Live at WPRB WPRB 2003
11:15 PM
Carpool Tunnel - Forget My Name
Carpool Tunnel Forget My Name
Bloom Pure Noise Records 2021
11:24 PM
Shinner - Slouched
Shinner Slouched
Bad Taste Keeper Records 2019
11:25 PM
Unpopular Opinion - Dear Alice
Unpopular Opinion Dear Alice
Punk Lemonade - EP Night Shift Media 2019
11:30 PM
The Dead Milkmen - Laundromat Song
The Dead Milkmen Laundromat Song
Big Lizard In My Back Yard Golf Pro Music 1985
11:31 PM
Godcaster - Don't Make Stevie Wonder
Godcaster Don't Make Stevie Wonder
Long Haired Locusts Ramp Local 2020
11:35 PM
Sarchasm - Deadname
Sarchasm Deadname
Beach Blanket Bummer Pop! Asian Man Records 2019
11:38 PM
Livewater - Adderall
Livewater Adderall
Make Me - EP Flip It Over Records 2019
11:53 PM
Urusei Yatsura - Kewpies Like Watermelon (Radio Scotland 1995)
Urusei Yatsura Kewpies Like Watermelon (Radio Scotland 1995)
You Are My Urusei Yatsura Rocket Girl 2016
11:57 PM
Ultra Q - redwoood
Ultra Q redwoood
redwoood - Single DCD2 2018
12:00 AM
Fashion Jackson - She's Alright
Fashion Jackson She's Alright
She's Alright - EP Fashion Jackson 2017
12:05 AM
Andrew Montana - On Your Mind
Andrew Montana On Your Mind
On Your Mind - Single Andrew Montana 2019
12:09 AM
Boogarins - Sombra ou Dúvida
Boogarins Sombra ou Dúvida
Sombrou Dúvida OAR 2019
12:22 AM
Pancho and the Wizards - Buzzard (Melted)
Pancho and the Wizards Buzzard (Melted)
The Return Tristan Wildey 2018
12:25 AM
The Lazy Eyes - Cheesy Love Song
The Lazy Eyes Cheesy Love Song
EP1 - EP
12:30 AM
beabadoobee - She Plays Bass
beabadoobee She Plays Bass
She Plays Bass - Single
12:35 AM
MyKey - Please Don't Go
MyKey Please Don't Go
Please Don't Go - Single
12:47 AM
Just Friends - Dublin, California
Just Friends Dublin, California
Rock 2 the Rhythm Counter Intuitive Records 2019
12:51 AM
L.A. WITCH - Baby in Blue Jeans
L.A. WITCH Baby in Blue Jeans
L.A. WITCH Suicide Squeeze Records 2017
12:56 AM
The Grinns - Golden Hour
The Grinns Golden Hour
Golden Hour Too Blue Records 2017
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lili (host) 10:58:50 PM
lili (host) 10:59:08 PM
keeps us free, independent, and out of corporate music!
lili (host) 10:59:27 PM
become patrons of ~ f r e e f o r m ~
Mark 11:07:22 PM
hi lili who is this playing ? Don’t see it on playlist yet
lili (host) 11:12:05 PM
sorry we're having some tech problems
lili (host) 11:15:50 PM
it was cordalene!
jimbeaux 11:16:31 PM
wee our celebrettin'
Commie Francis 11:16:59 PM
I gotta go to sleep but knock em dead lili get that $$$$
Mark 11:17:34 PM
Got it see it now :)
lili (host) 11:17:38 PM
thanks commie ;)
lili (host) 11:27:43 PM
yes jimbeaux indeed celebrettin
lili (host) 11:28:19 PM
i looked it up and apparently it's latin for "let him celebrate" so the catholic church like uses that as a name for a paper from the diocese certifying that someone can do mass
lili (host) 11:28:26 PM
lili (host) 11:28:40 PM
lili (host) 11:30:20 PM
local band #3!! philly rules yall
Katt 11:30:26 PM
hello! yall are keepin me company for a little :) not a lonely night when wprb is liveee
lili (host) 11:32:03 PM
yay! welcome katt :)
lili (host) 11:32:18 PM
also local band #4!! godcaster, another philly band
Catherine 11:33:52 PM
hi lili! this godcaster track is always so much fun
lili (host) 11:35:02 PM
right?? godcaster just hits the spot
Christien Ayers 11:35:11 PM
hi all, this is james hughes (but my fake name is christien)! hope all are well
Katt 11:35:43 PM
yea this track is fun hahah
Christien Ayers 11:48:15 PM
check out pere ubu please :)
lili (host) 12:33:08 AM
@playboymanbaby go vote on their next ep name
lili (host) 12:33:21 AM
i'm gunning for apathy sandwich
lili (host) 12:33:59 AM
other choices: marmalade flipflop
lili (host) 12:34:06 AM
wichita squish
lili (host) 12:34:15 AM
armadillo horseradish
Katt 12:34:42 AM
i like wichita squish
Katt 12:34:57 AM
apathy sandwich hits too close to home
lili (host) 12:35:50 AM
hahaha fair enough
lili (host) 12:35:58 AM
wichita squish is my second favorite
lili (host) 12:36:06 AM
i really don't like armadillo horseradish
Katt 12:36:55 AM
i kind of hate all of them except for apathy sandwich and wichita squish hahah
lili (host) 12:37:13 AM
haha there were better ones the first round
Katt 12:43:30 AM
i always pronounce her name "be abu dhabi' in my head
lili (host) 12:50:31 AM
hahaha i just picture one of those tiny fat frog doodles saying "beebadobee" really fast
lili (host) 12:50:40 AM
that's why i say it so fast lol
lili (host) 12:52:30 AM
Katt 12:53:26 AM
me like
Katt 12:53:58 AM
Katt 12:54:08 AM
which dj???? or do u not remember
Katt 12:54:40 AM
i remember listtening to the wprb when i first started and not knowing any of the shows/djs
lili (host) 12:54:54 AM
i think it's horsewater? he's new
Katt 12:55:39 AM
sick ! i love his show... so sad i always miss iut
lili (host) 12:55:45 AM
me too haha i shadowed jon solomon my first day as a trainee and didn't even realize the psychitude at the time
Katt 12:55:53 AM
Katt 12:56:49 AM
i shadowed flex luthor the first time (we were in a seminar together so i asked him) and it was so fun.
Katt 12:57:10 AM
lili (host) 12:57:48 AM
flex luthor is the nicest omg
Katt 12:58:41 AM
hes so nice and friendly. very much not the guy you would expect to have a metal show
lili (host) 12:59:38 AM
i feel like a lot of metal people are secret softies
lili (host) 1:00:16 AM
so nice hanging with you tn katt! thank you! have an epic night
Katt 1:00:57 AM
you too lili! and james!