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Apr 20, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

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SLOP 111


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8:01 PM
Sebastian Gandera - La Visite Au Musée
Sebastian Gandera La Visite Au Musée
Le Raccourci 1993
8:04 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:07 PM
Oliver Coates - Butoh baby
Oliver Coates Butoh baby
skins n slime RVNG Intl. 2020
8:10 PM
Oneohtrix Point Never - I Don't Love Me Anymore
Oneohtrix Point Never I Don't Love Me Anymore
Magic Oneohtrix Point Never Warp Records 2020
8:13 PM
A. G. Cook - 2021
A. G. Cook 2021
7G PC Music 2020
*current favorite!!!!
8:15 PM
OTTO - Dairy Adventure
OTTO Dairy Adventure
Clam Day PLZ Make It Ruins 2020
8:19 PM
E B U - Falling
E B U Falling
Hinge No Corner 2019
8:22 PM
Kasra Kurt - Rough rug
Kasra Kurt Rough rug
Nino Tomorrow 2017
8:25 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:28 PM
Sun Araw - Right Off
Sun Araw Right Off
Stones Throw and Leaving Records Present: Dual Form 2013
8:33 PM
Dem Hunger - Glue Suit
Dem Hunger Glue Suit
Stones Throw and Leaving Records Present: Dual Form 2013
8:35 PM
Hrvatski - Vatstep Dsp
Hrvatski Vatstep Dsp
Swarm & Dither 2002
*another fav
8:41 PM
Romperayo - Estudio Corto para Sintetizador en Cumbia Genérica
Romperayo Estudio Corto para Sintetizador en Cumbia Genérica
¿Qué Jue? Souk Records 2019
8:42 PM
Romperayo - Maquino Landero
Romperayo Maquino Landero
¿Qué Jue? Souk Records 2019
8:49 PM
Carl Stone - Huanchaco
Carl Stone Huanchaco
Stolen Car
8:55 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:59 PM
Mira Calix - Rightclick
Mira Calix Rightclick
Utopia - EP
9:01 PM
Juana Molina - Paraguaya - ANRMAL
Juana Molina Paraguaya - ANRMAL
ANRMAL (Live in México) Crammed Discs 2020
9:05 PM
Maral - Avesta Khani Reggaeton
Maral Avesta Khani Reggaeton
Mahur Club Astral Plane Recordings 2019
9:08 PM
Maral - Lori Lullaby
Maral Lori Lullaby
Mahur Club Astral Plane Recordings 2019
9:10 PM
Dijit - Morra (feat. SD)
Dijit Morra (feat. SD)
Hyperattention - Selected Dijital Works vol 1
9:12 PM
Shamos - Tarass
Shamos Tarass
Music For Broken Adverts YOUTH 2020
9:16 PM
Amnesia Scanner - AS Enter
Amnesia Scanner AS Enter
9:19 PM
1991 - Reborn Ice Horn
1991 Reborn Ice Horn
1991 Astro:Dynamics 2013
9:21 PM
LA timpa - UU UU Animal
LA timpa UU UU Animal
Animal - EP
9:25 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:29 PM
Lola's Pocket PC - Your Near-Death Experience
Lola's Pocket PC Your Near-Death Experience
Lola's Pocket PC
9:35 PM
Odd Nosdam - Untitled Three
Odd Nosdam Untitled Three
9:41 PM
Sex Worker - Tough Love
Sex Worker Tough Love
Waving Goodbye 2010
9:46 PM
Tickley Feather - A Certain Way
Tickley Feather A Certain Way
9:52 PM
Tickley Feather - Trashy Boys
Tickley Feather Trashy Boys
Hors D'oeuvres Paw Tracks 2009
9:57 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:00 PM
bar italia - letting go makes it stay (feat. Mica Levi)
bar italia letting go makes it stay (feat. Mica Levi)
Bedhead World Music 2021
10:02 PM
Sleephead - My Little Dove
Sleephead My Little Dove
10:05 PM
Sleephead - +Oxascand
Sleephead +Oxascand
10:12 PM
Dean Blunt - Darcus
Dean Blunt Darcus
HyperSwim 2019
10:14 PM
Doon Kanda - Perfume
Doon Kanda Perfume
HyperSwim 2019
10:16 PM
GG Skips - Sings the Blues
GG Skips Sings the Blues
Slow Dance '17 2018
10:21 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:23 PM
Dis Fig - Drum Fife Bugle
Dis Fig Drum Fife Bugle
10:25 PM
Sockethead - Love Loss Missing Yearning
Sockethead Love Loss Missing Yearning
10:28 PM
Lorenzo Senni - Canone Infinito
Lorenzo Senni Canone Infinito
Scacco Matto
10:33 PM
Holly Herndon - Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
Holly Herndon Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
PROTO 4AD Ltd 2019
10:37 PM
SETH - Fish Oil
SETH Fish Oil
Chick On the Moon UNO NYC 2013
10:42 PM
Maral - Sweet Thing
Maral Sweet Thing
10:44 PM
Susumu Hirasawa - Parade
Susumu Hirasawa Parade
Paprika (Original Soundtrack Album)
10:50 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:54 PM
Kitchen Cynics - Phosphorus Tenement
Kitchen Cynics Phosphorus Tenement
Beads Upon an Abacus The Trilogy Tapes 2021
Chat is archived.
PAX (host) 8:01:34 PM
hey everyone! come hang/ party!
Brian D (Donor) 8:05:20 PM
Scrubbie sponging the speakers...
PAX (host) 8:05:56 PM
you should be able to click and drag it around if you're interested in cleaning the page
PAX (host) 8:06:14 PM
scrub away the slop perhaps
Brian D (Donor) 8:07:07 PM
A lil slop is good. Keep the immune up. GOT MY 2nd SHOT TONIGHT!!
Tyler B. 8:07:22 PM
Aw congrats clone of Brian
PAX (host) 8:07:25 PM
congrats! i got mine just about three weeks ago now!
Brian D (Donor) 8:09:12 PM
Clonor Donor.
Larry Fizz 8:09:34 PM
Got my first on Saturday and am feelin allll worn out. Think I'll just listen and let the radio reach me.
Brian D (Donor) 8:10:13 PM
A Bone Crone Drone Clone (to paraphrase Sheila Chandra - a great LP minus the last word)
PAX (host) 8:10:26 PM
tone bone kone clone
Brian D (Donor) 8:10:36 PM
PAX (host) 8:11:37 PM
and i hope you get the rest you need larry! girlfriend is at home also pretty sick from the vax, but it's all for the best/ a super cool future where we can dj from the station studio again
Brian D (Donor) 8:11:42 PM
I can still hear her sing the classical percussion syllables. Dave Obscure (or Sangeet Dave?) was playing Zakir Hussain long piece with the singing syllables and explanation/education. I could listen to that for hours.
Brian D (Donor) 8:13:34 PM
Sorry to hear she's under the weather from it PAX but glad she's on mend and open doors are ahead... My wife & I were talking tonight about WHAT ARE WE GOING TO PLAN. WHERE ARE WE GOING TO GO. Statements not ?s. I said it's kind of like graduation.
PAX (host) 8:14:02 PM
beach day perhaps??? bring a radio!
Brian D (Donor) 8:16:57 PM
YES. We did a chilly walk next to the surf this past weekend. The drive down was better and more healing. Just to have the car go straight without stopping for a while.... It was a bit too crowded for her. But soon we will be back w/said radio and warmer climes.
PAX (host) 8:17:52 PM
we've got plans to hit the beach sometime soon too- you ever pass mighty joe on 206?? big monkey in the pine barrens, definitely homies with the jersey devil
Brian D (Donor) 8:24:58 PM
Ha yes. Nice! Have not been down 206 in the Pineys in a while. I love that drive. I always take back roads. I take that route when heading to points way south in Jerz. There is (hopefully not was) a great sandwich shop I used to hit way down Rt 47 or 347 somewhere on way to Cape ppoints south
PAX (host) 8:29:19 PM
i'll have to look for it next time i'm down that way!
Brian D (Donor) 8:30:42 PM
Sugar Hill Sub & Deli THAT'S IT!! Found it Mays Landing area
PAX (host) 8:31:19 PM
oh word
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 8:36:52 PM
This is a big hit in the kitchen btw
PAX (host) 8:38:53 PM
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 8:42:46 PM
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 8:43:15 PM
There's still some leftover charcuterie if you want any! Kinda old tho but we can't let it go to waste, especially on earth week
PAX (host) 8:44:15 PM
i would love some charcuterie michelin accomplished chef emeril lagasse....... make sure u scrub the dishes with the sponge provided above
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 8:47:04 PM
Is that a WPRB™ brand sponge?
PAX (host) 8:47:50 PM
it is, you just cant see the logo, its on the underside :-/
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 8:59:40 PM
PAX (host) 8:59:55 PM
v clean
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 9:01:10 PM
4 now
PAX (host) 9:01:30 PM
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 9:04:18 PM
Btw where did the name SLOP come from
PAX (host) 9:05:49 PM
came from the song "slop" by forth wanderers originally, but came to mean a sort of a mystery meat of a radio show
PAX (host) 9:06:35 PM
been on the air for three years, i think my show has officially been called slop for two of those
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 9:07:50 PM
Oooo very cool, thanks pax! Big fan of the word and concept of slop
PAX (host) 9:08:21 PM
glad i could enlighten you! check out the song if you're not familiar, very nostalgic and sweet for me
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 9:08:24 PM
As you may know from one of my signature dishes EMERIL'S HOT SLOP™ 🙂
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 9:08:36 PM
I will for sure, thank you!
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 9:08:44 PM
Special slop
PAX (host) 9:08:46 PM
RobBoat from Maryland 9:09:14 PM
I like the avesta reggaeton
PAX (host) 9:10:24 PM
isn't it crazy!
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 9:14:18 PM
WOW WHAT, that forth wanderers song and the music video are fucking amazing
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 9:14:46 PM
The video totally epitomizes the feeling of hanging out
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 9:15:24 PM
Thank you for sharing that with me <3 gonna play it over the restaurant Pa now
PAX (host) 9:16:00 PM
i'm so glad you like it! it was a super formative song for me, very much captures the feeling of being a teenager
PAX (host) 9:16:13 PM
i hope the customers enjoy it as much as they do their emeril soup
jimbeaux 9:21:17 PM
haLLO pAX!
PAX (host) 9:21:25 PM
yooooo jimbeauuuuxxxx
jimbeaux 9:22:06 PM
been enjoying the show, albeit thru haze of power nap zzzzzzzzzzzzz
PAX (host) 9:22:56 PM
have any sweet dreams???
jimbeaux 9:23:57 PM
not that i can remember...one of those half awake half smothered by a heavy cloud...or maybe those were my cats
PAX (host) 9:24:46 PM
sounds warm
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 9:28:44 PM
What pledge drive??
jimbeaux 9:29:38 PM
oui oui, chef...you missed it but can still donate MULTIPLE times if the spirit moves you!
PAX (host) 9:29:57 PM
this is true!
Chef Emeril "Michelin Accomplished" Lagasse 9:33:19 PM
Larry Fizz 10:00:21 PM
Hey PAX, I’m leaving early- gonna finish the nap jimbeaux started. Extremely and exceedingly fine playlist tonight. Thanks. Hope your girlfriend feels better soon. Night all. Til next week...
jimbeaux 10:55:13 PM
dang how did it become 11 OO?