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Not Truth, But Effect

May 3, 2021 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With KPC

Hey refresh the browser when you wanna see what's playing now.

Theme: "Angel" (starts 1/2 way thru the show)

New music from Flock Of Dimes, Real Numbers, Katy Kirby & more. Also, old music.

Not Truth, But Effect
5:11 PM
Dead Meadow - Copper Is Restless ('til It Turns to Gold)
Dead Meadow Copper Is Restless ('til It Turns to Gold)
Warble Womb XEMU 2013
5:15 PM
Activity - Spring Low Life
Activity Spring Low Life
Unmask Whoever Western Vinyl 2020
5:25 PM
Menahan Street Band - Snow Day
Menahan Street Band Snow Day
The Exciting Sounds of Menahan Street Band Daptone Records 2021
5:25 PM
Flock of Dimes - Hard Way
Flock of Dimes Hard Way N
Head of Roses Sub Pop Records 2021
5:28 PM
Beautify Junkyards - Cosmorama
Beautify Junkyards Cosmorama
Cosmorama Ghost Box 2021
5:31 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
5:38 PM
The Mommyheads - Greta Thunberg
The Mommyheads Greta Thunberg
New Kings of Pop Fanar! 2020
5:41 PM
David Nance - Gentle Traitor
David Nance Gentle Traitor
Staunch Honey Trouble In Mind Records 2020
5:43 PM
Ela Minus - el cielo no es de nadie
Ela Minus el cielo no es de nadie
acts of rebellion Domino Recording Co 2020
5:47 PM
Real Numbers - Brighter Then
Real Numbers Brighter Then N
Brighter Then - EP Slumberland Records 2021
5:51 PM
Elvis Costello - Revolution #49
Elvis Costello Revolution #49
Hey Clockface Concord Records 2020
5:53 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:00 PM
Katy Kirby - Secret Language
Katy Kirby Secret Language N
Cool Dry Place Keeled Scales 2021
6:03 PM
Andrew Wasylyk - The Violet Hour
Andrew Wasylyk The Violet Hour
Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation Athens Of The North 2020
6:08 PM
Firestations - Low Ratio
Firestations Low Ratio
Melted Medium - EP Lost Map 2021
6:12 PM
Latitude - Vertical Highway
Latitude Vertical Highway
Mystic Hotline Emotional Response 2020
6:16 PM
Jane Weaver - Heartlow
Jane Weaver Heartlow N
Flock Fire Records 2021
6:20 PM
Lande Hekt - Undone
Lande Hekt Undone
Going to Hell Get Better Records 2021
6:22 PM
The Reds, Pinks and Purples - The Biggest Fan
The Reds, Pinks and Purples The Biggest Fan N
Uncommon Weather Slumberland Records 2021
6:25 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:34 PM
Organi - The Getaway
Organi The Getaway N
Parlez-vous Français? Alien Transistor 2021
6:36 PM
Sex Clark Five - She Collides With Me
Sex Clark Five She Collides With Me
Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987 V/A Captured Tracks 2020
Originally released 1987
6:38 PM
Tamar Aphek - Nothing Can Surprise Me
Tamar Aphek Nothing Can Surprise Me
All Bets Are Off EXAG'/Kill Rock Stars 2021
6:43 PM
Yasmin Williams - Juvenesence
Yasmin Williams Juvenesence N
Urban Driftwood Spinster Records 2021
6:46 PM
Set Break: ------------ANGEL----------------------------------------
6:51 PM
John Prine - Angel from Montgomery
John Prine Angel from Montgomery R
John Prine Atlantic Records 1972
6:53 PM
Roxy Music - Angel Eyes
Roxy Music Angel Eyes R
Manifesto Atco Records 1979
6:57 PM
Belly - Angel
Belly Angel R
Star 4AD 1992
7:01 PM
Jimi Hendrix - Angel
Jimi Hendrix Angel R
First Rays of the New Rising Sun MCA/Experience Hendrix 2009
originally released on The Cry of Love in 1970
7:05 PM
Massive Attack - Angel
Massive Attack Angel R
Mezzanine Circa 1998
7:11 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:16 PM
Lucinda Williams - Drunken Angel
Lucinda Williams Drunken Angel R
Car Wheels On a Gravel Road Mercury Records 1998
7:18 PM
The Mighty Lemon Drops - Like an Angel
The Mighty Lemon Drops Like an Angel
CD86 V/A Castle/Sanctuary 2006
Originally released 1985
7:24 PM
Slant 6 - Blue Angel
Slant 6 Blue Angel
Soda Pop * Rip Off Dischord Records 1994
7:24 PM
The Clash - Red Angel Dragnet
The Clash Red Angel Dragnet
Combat Rock Epic Records 1982
7:28 PM
They Might Be Giants - She's an Angel
They Might Be Giants She's an Angel
Then: The Earlier Years Restless Records 1997
Originally released 1985
7:30 PM
Babes In Toyland - Angel Hair
Babes In Toyland Angel Hair
Painkillers Reprise Records 1993
7:33 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:38 PM
Talking Heads - Thank You for Sending Me an Angel
Talking Heads Thank You for Sending Me an Angel R
More Songs About Buildings and Food Sire Records 1978
7:39 PM
The Strypes - Angel Eyes
The Strypes Angel Eyes
Snapshot Virgin/EMI 2014
7:44 PM
Laurie Anderson - Gravity's Angel
Laurie Anderson Gravity's Angel
Mister Heartbreak Warner Records 1984
7:49 PM
James Mastro - Angel in my pocket
James Mastro Angel in my pocket
Nuts And Bolts (with Richard Barone) Passport Records 1983
7:51 PM
Mazzy Star - Be My Angel
Mazzy Star Be My Angel
She Hangs Brightly Capitol Records 1990
7:54 PM
Heavenly - Mark Angel
Heavenly Mark Angel
Operation Heavenly K Records 1996
8:00 PM
Boris - Angel
Boris Angel
Noise Sargent House Records 2014
Chat is archived.
KPC (host) 5:11:49 PM
Chat is on :)
Bo 5:14:01 PM
KPC (host) 5:14:53 PM
Hi Bo!
Bo 5:15:33 PM
Happy belated birthday!
KPC (host) 5:15:49 PM
Ah thank you!
Bill Davidson 5:16:03 PM
Hey Kevin, Bill Davidson here! I tried calling the request line, but it just kept ringing.
Bill Davidson 5:16:17 PM
I am new to this chat feature.
KPC (host) 5:16:20 PM
LOL. There is no request line
Bill Davidson 5:16:24 PM
KPC (host) 5:16:28 PM
We are broadcasting from home
Bill Davidson 5:16:41 PM
Ah, yes, of course. COVID.
KPC (host) 5:16:41 PM
Y'know COVID & all....
Bill Davidson 5:16:49 PM
KPC (host) 5:16:58 PM
Yes it's fun!
Bill Davidson 5:17:03 PM
Can I request an "Angel" song?
KPC (host) 5:17:07 PM
Of course.
Bill Davidson 5:17:23 PM
(More curious if you've already chosen the song.)
Bill Davidson 5:17:41 PM
"Angel from Montgomery," John Prine
Bo 5:18:43 PM
@Bill Davidson, read my mind, was the first one that entered my head.
KPC (host) 5:18:45 PM
Ah yes I will play it for you.
Bill Davidson 5:19:01 PM
Okay, cool, thanks!
KPC (host) 5:19:14 PM
I have 4 four versions of it lol. But I will play the original of course!
KPC (host) 5:19:47 PM
Thanks for coming in the chat Bill.
KPC (host) 5:19:59 PM
(I went to high school with Bill)
Bill Davidson 5:20:06 PM
Bo, yes! John Prine. I bet John Weingart has played his music more than once.
KPC (host) 5:20:14 PM
(He also managed my band in the 90s)
Bill Davidson 5:20:29 PM
"Managed" ;-)
KPC (host) 5:20:38 PM
Less I use the term loosely
Bo 5:20:41 PM
Ah that's great!
Bill Davidson 5:20:44 PM
Bo 5:21:18 PM
KPC, what was your band's name?
KPC (host) 5:22:07 PM
Furiously Stiff
Bill Davidson 5:22:27 PM
Are John Weingart and Jon Solomon the old-timer DJs at 'PRB? I remember listening to them eons ago.
Bo 5:22:40 PM
HA! :))
KPC (host) 5:23:03 PM
Bo 5:23:11 PM
Great name!
KPC (host) 5:23:22 PM
...taken from the lyrics of The Doors' "Horse Latitudes"
Bill Davidson 5:23:50 PM
Yes! I was just about to say that!
Bo 5:23:52 PM
Oh, I see.
Bill Davidson 5:24:13 PM
"Legs furiously pumping Their stiff green gallop"
KPC (host) 5:24:29 PM
Yes. I came up with it in juinor year if high school
Bo 5:25:00 PM
KPC (host) 5:26:06 PM
KPC (host) 5:26:25 PM
You might be able to find some songs on the Youtubes
Bo 5:26:47 PM
Have you played The Stiff Richards yet?
KPC (host) 5:26:57 PM
Not today
Bo 5:28:46 PM
So you've heard of them I take it, of coarse you have.
Bill Davidson 5:29:39 PM
It occurred to me recently that Devo's "Be Stiff" would make a good FS cover.
Bill Davidson 5:30:13 PM
...What happened?
KPC (host) 5:30:14 PM
Yes O
KPC (host) 5:30:20 PM
CD is skipping
Bill Davidson 5:30:28 PM
Oh, that stinks.
KPC (host) 5:30:35 PM
Happens sometimres
KPC (host) 5:30:53 PM
I'll see if it wants to play it this time....
Bill Davidson 5:30:55 PM
Do you get record skips on air, too?
KPC (host) 5:31:02 PM
Of course
Bill Davidson 5:31:47 PM
Skipping again. Shit.
Mark 5:33:24 PM
beautiful song / wish didn’t have the tech difficulties
Mark 5:33:45 PM
flock dimes was great too
Bill Davidson 5:34:00 PM
Yes, I liked "Cosmorama," too
Mark 5:35:51 PM
theme suggestion: roxy music angel eyes / if u haven’t already considered :)
Bill Davidson 5:36:02 PM
Yes, Mark, good choice!
KPC (host) 5:36:55 PM
Thanks Mark! Yes I will play!
Mark 5:36:56 PM
haha we’ll see if the dj agrees :)
Mark 5:44:50 PM
and mr kpc: don’t do like olaf & put letters in a litter baskets/ I’ve been looking thru these postcards like a Kremlinologist:)
KPC (host) 5:45:22 PM
KPC (host) 5:45:45 PM
Yes...they are fun actually!
Mark 5:46:22 PM
whoever sent is incredible clever & creative :)
KPC (host) 5:46:54 PM
I agree,,,they are very cool. Maybe they are from Fran?
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 5:47:26 PM
We expect no less from the amazing WPRB listeners.
KPC (host) 5:47:48 PM
Yes very true Dave.
Bill Davidson 5:49:22 PM
Anyone here remember the 'PRB show "Thanks for Sharing?"
Bill Davidson 5:50:07 PM
(1980s. I am old.)
KPC (host) 5:51:35 PM
Not me!
KPC (host) 5:51:52 PM
I don't remember the names of shows from back then. Not even my own.
KPC (host) 5:53:04 PM
My first show: 1988
Bill Davidson 5:53:06 PM
It was a call-in show where the DJs just chatted with callers. They ended each call with "Thanks for sharing."
Bill Davidson 5:53:35 PM
It was funny. I think the DJs were University students.
KPC (host) 6:01:07 PM
Most of them are!
Bill Davidson 6:01:46 PM
Your first show was in 1988?
Mark 6:02:21 PM
haha she does remind of pipi longstocking & there’s a great old photo that suggests greta may be A time traveler
KPC (host) 6:02:31 PM
Yep...summer of '88
KPC (host) 6:02:48 PM
Bill Davidson 6:03:54 PM
Did you ever run into Wilbo Wright at 'PRB?
Bill Davidson 6:04:10 PM
He had a show in the '90s, I think.
Bill Davidson 6:06:15 PM
Wilbo was in the NYC band UI. He also used to run the TAG fest in Trenton.
KPC (host) 6:06:42 PM
Yes Wilbo had the show right after mine.
KPC (host) 6:06:54 PM
I've actually spent some time with him
KPC (host) 6:06:58 PM
He's fun
KPC (host) 6:07:12 PM
But he's not ding a show right now b/c of COVID
Bill Davidson 6:08:30 PM
Wow, that's cool! I met Wilbo through Chris Harford. I talked to him once on the phone. Seemed like a cool guy.
KPC (host) 6:08:59 PM
Yes he is! He plays out still -- or did before the virus
Bill Davidson 6:09:47 PM
Wilbo was also in Fusionaires with Sim Cain.
Bo 6:10:09 PM
KPC, do you have Angel by Belly or Angel/ Massive Attack?
KPC (host) 6:11:14 PM
Yes & yes! Will play both for you!
Bo 6:12:04 PM
Awe SWEET, many thanks!
Bo 6:14:00 PM
Perfect pop this!
KPC (host) 6:14:26 PM
Yes it's an adorable bop!
Mark 6:14:46 PM
@bill : just looked up Chris Hartford as kinda recalled the name / musician artist vintner & lax coach !! Wow
Mark 6:15:51 PM
*harford / misspelled
Bill Davidson 6:15:56 PM
Yes, Chris is Princeton's local hero. He still plays out in the area.
Bill Davidson 6:16:35 PM
He and Mickey from Ween play together at John & Peter's in new Hope pretty often.
Mark 6:17:50 PM
and i think how i recognized name is esoterica interviewd him / i can’t wait until J&P can safely do music again - never saw a show there
Bill Davidson 6:18:37 PM
The International is supposed to be a killer show at J&P's.
Bill Davidson 6:19:20 PM
...Oops, I mean the Invitational
Bill Davidson 6:20:31 PM
Mark 6:20:53 PM
i stop by their outside seating occasionally/ they said they’ve done a few invite only concerts w limited crowds to test things out
Bo 6:21:20 PM
The last live Show I went to was Dead Boys @ J&P's
Bill Davidson 6:23:10 PM
Dead Boys at John & Peter's? That must have been mayhem. Although those guys are ancient now.
Mark 6:23:14 PM
Whoa when wrre dead boys there ?!
Bo 6:24:25 PM
It was a cattle crush, my hearing still hasn't recovered fully ;))
Mark 6:25:01 PM
hahaha i saw them way back in the day :)
Bill Davidson 6:25:06 PM
Bill Davidson 6:25:32 PM
Woo hoo!
Bo 6:26:42 PM
That was back in 2019, I remember looking at the poster in the doorway and thinking my eyes are deceiving me, what a night!
Mark 6:28:35 PM
ahhh the good old days of 2019 / i kinda remember them :)
Bo 6:30:24 PM
LOL Mark! :))
Bo 6:30:59 PM
Love the "singing saw" :)
Mark 6:32:50 PM
ha Bo was it good craic time as I’ve seen u asked on these chats Am i using the term right ?
Bo 6:35:02 PM
For sure, the craic was mighty!
Mark 6:36:36 PM
haha i only learned the term from these chats !
Bo 6:38:42 PM
Ha, happy to spread some Gaelic about ;)
Bill Davidson 6:38:57 PM
Oh, cool, the Strum & Thrum collection! How is that? I've been curious.
Bill Davidson 6:39:25 PM
I've only heard one track off of it (on your show).
KPC (host) 6:40:19 PM
KPC (host) 6:40:28 PM
is really excellent
KPC (host) 6:40:32 PM
KPC (host) 6:40:43 PM
I've played it a bunch recently
Bill Davidson 6:40:48 PM
KPC (host) 6:41:07 PM
NIce kinda obscure stuff but all good
Brian D (Donor) 6:41:13 PM
Hello sounds good. I would have to request the Jimi Hendrix song for the theme if possible. "Angel".
KPC (host) 6:41:39 PM
Hey Brian! Yes I will play!
Brian D (Donor) 6:42:02 PM
Yes Bill, Mark , all, Chris Harford is great! Saw many a Band of Changes show. Especially at John & Peter's.
Brian D (Donor) 6:42:39 PM
And Thanksgiving shows he did there. As well as Thanksgiving eve shows at a private party just about every year.
Bill Davidson 6:43:12 PM
Right on, man!
Mark 6:43:33 PM
great first half of the show / before becoming a prb listener i thought almost all new music was bad - was i ever wrong
KPC (host) 6:44:23 PM
Thanks Mark!!
Bill Davidson 6:44:58 PM
One of my favorite BOC shows at J&P's was when Chris handed his guitar mid-song to Michael Hampton who was sitting next to the stage.
Bill Davidson 6:45:59 PM
Cool guitar solo cameo
Mark 6:46:13 PM
and now i really have to keep an eye out for chris harford shows w all these learned Expert recommendations
Brian D (Donor) 6:47:15 PM
Chris has quite the repertoire of original songs. And throws in some great covers too.
Mark 6:49:04 PM
& just saw that esoterica interview w him is on sound cloud that I’ll listen to later on !
Bill Davidson 6:49:47 PM
Chris has been playing live on Facebook recently. One night he wearing a mask and noodling with a rhythm machine.
Bill Davidson 6:50:16 PM
Thanks, KPC!
Brian D (Donor) 6:50:45 PM
Ooh yeah from the jazz world "Angel Eyes" some great versions to choose from
KPC (host) 6:51:34 PM
Yes I have many -- Sinatra, Chet Baker, Joe Albany...
Bo 6:52:42 PM
Sucks Covid took this guy :((
KPC (host) 6:53:03 PM
Yes...sad. He was one of the greats
KPC (host) 6:55:36 PM
I have a soft spot for his album The Missing Years.
Mark 6:55:55 PM
thanks always loved this one since wilbo & pethie opened their drive show in 19 w it / her theme was 1979 :)
KPC (host) 6:57:05 PM
That's cool I remember that!
Brian D (Donor) 6:58:59 PM
OOh Bob Dylan/Band "You Angel You". And Willie Nelson "Angel Flyin Too Close to the Ground"
Bo 6:59:48 PM
Belly still sound fantastic! Thanks KPC.
Mark 6:59:55 PM
i asked pethie to post a link to it on archive it was a great show w amazing banter between them and great music !
Rick Remlinger 7:00:17 PM
Lucinda Williams - Drunken Angel
KPC (host) 7:00:37 PM
Thanks Rick! I will play that! Great tune
KPC (host) 7:00:46 PM
Sorry Dave I don't have the last two!
KPC (host) 7:01:19 PM
But I have this one at least
Rick Remlinger 7:03:22 PM
James Taylor Baroom Blues or Honky Tonk Angel
Mark 7:05:43 PM
another great station ID :)
Chris Mohr 7:05:54 PM
Yoooooou are my angel
KPC (host) 7:06:21 PM
Thats Fran!
KPC (host) 7:06:26 PM
She's auper cool.
KPC (host) 7:06:33 PM
Has her own echo plate
Bo 7:07:44 PM
KPC, thanks again :)
KPC (host) 7:08:53 PM
Thank you for the request!
Chris Mohr 7:09:46 PM
I had tickets for the Massive Attack tour when they were playing Mezzanine at the Metropolitan in Philly. But they had to cancel because of illness. And my niece was getting married on the makeup date so I missed it.
KPC (host) 7:10:01 PM
Damnnnnn that sucks
Chris Mohr 7:10:05 PM
Did anyone catch that show or tour?
Rick Remlinger 7:10:13 PM
the Angels Have Gone David Bowie
Bill Davidson 7:11:18 PM
Never seen Massive Attack, but seems like it would be a trippy show
Bo 7:13:01 PM
@Chris, nor I, would've been great to see.
Mark 7:13:02 PM
looks like there’s videos out there from that met show / musta been fantastic it’s a great venue
Bill Davidson 7:13:58 PM
Chris Harford's named his backing band The First Rays of the New Rising Sun on his Elektra debut Be Headed.
KPC (host) 7:15:21 PM
Hendrix fan
KPC (host) 7:15:24 PM
But who isn't?
Mark 7:15:38 PM
haha u gotta get back in studio so u can play all these great requests:) congrats on 2nd vax
KPC (host) 7:16:44 PM
Thanks Mark! Idk if I could find Willie or Dylan/Band in the RPB library either lol
Bill Davidson 7:19:47 PM
Wow, Mighty Lemon Drops! Reminds of going to The Ritz in NYV in 1988. Everyone cheered when their image came up on the projection screen.
Bill Davidson 7:19:56 PM
KPC (host) 7:20:07 PM
LOL Excerllent.
KPC (host) 7:20:21 PM
you've been to like a million shows Bill
Bill Davidson 7:20:57 PM
That was my first rock show, The Church at The Ritz, summer 1988.
Chris Mohr 7:21:23 PM
How about Talking Heads, "Thank You for Sending Me an Angel"? (aka KPC)
Bill Davidson 7:21:33 PM
Between acts The Ritz would play videos on a projection screen promoting upcoming shows
Brian D (Donor) 7:21:40 PM
Late reply: I love The Missing Years lp too from John Prine. Saw him around that time w/a bigger band and Junior Brown opened up and the roof was raised. Tower Theater in Phila mid 90s
KPC (host) 7:22:39 PM
That's so cool Dave! Sounds beautiful
Bill Davidson 7:22:40 PM
That sounds like an awesome show, Brian! Never got to see John Prine. Would have been cool.
Brian D (Donor) 7:22:55 PM
Chris M: that was on my request list too ! Forgot that one. Such a good song.
KPC (host) 7:23:16 PM
Chris -- I played that TH song during Thank you Theme a few weeks ago...but I can play it again why not??
KPC (host) 7:23:23 PM
Sorry Brian -- not Dave
KPC (host) 7:23:27 PM
Doing too many things
Mark 7:24:50 PM
haha i was just about to say u played TH song recently: tho no thank you or angel ref in the lyrics:)
Bo 7:25:10 PM
Slant six song kicked butt!
KPC (host) 7:25:25 PM
They absolutely kick ass
KPC (host) 7:25:39 PM
Mark: Title counts!
Mark 7:25:59 PM
yes of course ! :)
Brian D (Donor) 7:26:04 PM
Bill: Love that Chris Harford big label debut. Great guest stars: Loundon Wainwright III, Ween, Richard Thompson, Proclaimers, Toshi Reagon, great studio/touring musicians David Mansfield
Brian D (Donor) 7:26:12 PM
Wilbo Wright too
Bo 7:26:43 PM
Totally forgot about this, excellent choice!
KPC (host) 7:26:50 PM
Thanks Bo!
Bill Davidson 7:27:02 PM
Yes! And I wish Elektra had released Chris' second album.
Chris Mohr 7:27:11 PM
@kpc It's just a request, but seriously, thx for being one of WPRB's angels
KPC (host) 7:27:26 PM
Awww thanks Chris!
Brian D (Donor) 7:27:42 PM
Yes must have been one of those record company shakeups, changes..
Andrew Gruen 7:28:02 PM
best tmbg song!
Brian D (Donor) 7:28:10 PM
OH ! This was on the list too! TMBGs. That "shriners loaned us a car" line love it
Bill Davidson 7:28:22 PM
I think the guy who signed Chris got canned.
KPC (host) 7:28:23 PM
Thanks Andrew! Yes I love that line too...
Mark 7:30:52 PM
when was he on the elektra label ?
Bill Davidson 7:31:03 PM
Brian D (Donor) 7:31:21 PM
My wife & I just remembered a time we stayed w/her family down in Va Beach. Hotel right on the ocean. There was a Shriner convention at our hotel or the one next door maybe. BIG CARAVAN of little cars on the boardwalk and sidewalks and trails all around. A moment to behold
Bill Davidson 7:31:43 PM
Mark: https://www.discogs.com/Chris-Harford-The-First-Rays-Of-The-New-Rising-Sun-Be-Headed/master/1816795
Brian D (Donor) 7:32:44 PM
Some great songs still in the sets these days on that one
Mark 7:34:04 PM
a college friend of mine’s father was actually the president of elektra for a time / he was a crazy & great music Industry character
Bill Davidson 7:34:33 PM
Mark, what's his name?
Mark 7:36:06 PM
I just found out he passed not to long ago: Joe Smith - his obits were pretty amazing
Bill Davidson 7:36:42 PM
Bill Davidson 7:36:49 PM
Found this: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/joe-smith-record-executive-grateful-dead-obit-920936/
Andrew Gruen 7:36:58 PM
hey, angel by das damen?
KPC (host) 7:37:43 PM
Sorry Andrew don't have that one!
Chris Mohr 7:37:57 PM
Thanks, @kpc!
KPC (host) 7:38:15 PM
My pleasure Chris!
Bill Davidson 7:40:33 PM
Joe Smith signed The Grateful Dead. So many of our Princeton High School classmates owe Joe Smith a debt of gratitude.
Mark 7:40:35 PM
my biggest regret from my college years i never met him / he was notoriously the most fun parent to come visit / signed all the big acts using crazy tactics :)
Chris Mohr 7:41:08 PM
@kpc I think this is my 1st time dropping into your chat, but I've been listening to NTBE for a few years. Always enjoy yr picks. Keep it up!
Bill Davidson 7:41:30 PM
Those things happen. I chickened out on my chance to meet the actor Jason Robards at his daughter's wedding.
KPC (host) 7:41:40 PM
That's great Chris! I
Bill Davidson 7:41:51 PM
Would have been cool, but he left behind tons of great work.
Mark 7:42:06 PM
haha that would a been great meet too !
KPC (host) 7:42:17 PM
I'm glad you've liked the show for so long...thanks for chatting & requesting!
KPC (host) 7:42:54 PM
I love any song that mentions Lee Van Cleef
Bill Davidson 7:43:44 PM
Yes, laurie Anderson! I thought about this one, too.
Bo 7:43:48 PM
KPC, I kinda do too strangely enough :)
Bill Davidson 7:43:55 PM
KPC (host) 7:44:14 PM
Andrew Gruen 7:44:20 PM
that's alright! so many great angel songs tonight!
Bo 7:44:51 PM
The Strypes were an talented bunch of lads!
KPC (host) 7:45:26 PM
Yes Bo! It's so hard to do blues rock well these days. They really do it well.
Bo 7:45:34 PM
Mark 7:46:10 PM
ha this one may inspire me to actually try to read gravity’s rainbow:)
Bo 7:46:12 PM
I think they split up ???
Zapshifter X 7:46:30 PM
Wouldn't mind hearing I'm no angel by Greg Allman
KPC (host) 7:47:44 PM
I'm sorry Zap I don't have that one!
Zapshifter X 7:48:09 PM
KPC (host) 7:48:26 PM
Bo--that's too bad. I didn't know that.
Brian D (Donor) 7:48:30 PM
Love these theme sets. Thanks KPC.
Mark 7:48:40 PM
and reminder : laurie anderson narrates the doc film that deirdre did an hour set about today
KPC (host) 7:48:43 PM
Thanks Brian! You guys really make them fun!
Bill Davidson 7:49:09 PM
Mark, what film is that?
Bill Davidson 7:49:49 PM
Holy shit, man! You have Nuts and Bolts?!?
Bill Davidson 7:50:06 PM
Did you know that I knew James Mastro when I lived in Hoboken?
Mark 7:50:24 PM
sisters of transistor/ streaming online about women electronic music pioneers - it sounds pretty great
KPC (host) 7:50:26 PM
LOL no I didn't know that
Bill Davidson 7:50:37 PM
He sold my grandmother's Martin for me.
Bill Davidson 7:50:49 PM
At his shop Guitar Bar
KPC (host) 7:51:05 PM
Wow that's cool Bill. I love this album.
Bill Davidson 7:51:10 PM
Thanks, Mark, I'll have to check that out!
Bill Davidson 7:51:34 PM
Yeah, I love this record, too
Brian D (Donor) 7:52:02 PM
Bill another great Chris Harford memory is Angel Dust his duo w/Andrew Weiss. Lots of waste (a good word) synth and echo. Saw them up in New Brunswick at that Hungarian place... Budapest Lounge I think it was called
Mark 7:52:18 PM
Ha but can’t wait too long / i think he said only available til thurs
Rob from Maryland 7:52:48 PM
Just dropping in, wishing I'd caught all the angel songs
KPC (host) 7:53:13 PM
Hi Rob! Sorry you missed them!
Brian D (Donor) 7:53:21 PM
Joe Smith name has popped up in so many rock bios and music industry bio books that I have read in the past years.
Mark 7:53:47 PM
rob u missed great show / thanks kpc:) !
Bill Davidson 7:55:12 PM
Yes, Brian, I remember hearing about Angel Dust! Their tune Catacombs of Paris ended up on Chris' 2004 album Time WEarp Deck.
Bill Davidson 7:55:28 PM
Time Warp Deck
Bo 7:56:11 PM
KPC, Great, great show, thank you and the Chat thank you too, always an education.
Brian D (Donor) 7:56:23 PM
Great LP! Bought that digital right off Chris I remember
KPC (host) 7:56:25 PM
Thank you everyone for listening, chatting, requesting & watching! You're the best listeners! See you next week!
Bill Davidson 7:57:01 PM
Thank you!
Rob from Maryland 7:59:06 PM
Hi Mark and KPC. I'll try to drop by for the devil show next week