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May 4, 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

With Pethie

Episode 13!

Hello and enjoy!

10:02 AM
Blurt - The Fish Needs a Bike
Blurt The Fish Needs a Bike
Blurt + Singles LTM Recordings 1982
10:05 AM
Ohmme - Selling Candy
Ohmme Selling Candy
Fantasize Your Ghost Joyful Noise Recordings 2020
10:08 AM
Roy Ayers - Love Will Bring Us Back Together
Roy Ayers Love Will Bring Us Back Together Roy Ayers
The Best of Roy Ayers (The Best of Roy Ayers: Love Fantasy) Polydor 1997
10:14 AM
Dome - Jasz
Dome Jasz
10:18 AM
Maximum Joy - Searching For a Feeling
Maximum Joy Searching For a Feeling
Station M.X.J.Y.
10:23 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:24 AM
Abwärts - Japan
Abwärts Japan
Amok Koma
10:27 AM
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Beautiful Zelda
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band Beautiful Zelda
The Bonzo Dog Band, Vol. 1: The Intro
10:29 AM
Cocteau Twins - Ella Megalast Burls Forever
Cocteau Twins Ella Megalast Burls Forever Cocteau Twins
Blue Bell Knoll (Remastered)
10:33 AM
Gino Soccio - Try It Out (Mixed Version)
Gino Soccio Try It Out (Mixed Version) Gino Soccio
10:37 AM
Eartha Kitt - Mademoiselle Kitt
Eartha Kitt Mademoiselle Kitt
Miss Kitt to You
10:39 AM
Big Blood - Sweet Talker
Big Blood Sweet Talker N
Do You Wanna Have a Skeleton Dream? Feeding Tube 2021
10:42 AM
Bauhaus - Spirit (Single Version)
Bauhaus Spirit (Single Version)
The Sky's Gone Out Beggars Banquet 1982
10:46 AM
Zru Vogue - Nakweda Dream
Zru Vogue Nakweda Dream
Zruism 1980-84 Zero Disk 1982
10:51 AM
Polyrock - Your Dragging Feet
Polyrock Your Dragging Feet Polyrock
10:55 AM
Cha Cha Guitri - Non non non
Cha Cha Guitri Non non non
French Synth Wave (St Etienne 1981) Born Bad Records 2014
10:59 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:02 AM
Solex - Dork at 12 O'Clock
Solex Dork at 12 O'Clock Solex
Pick Up
11:05 AM
Gene Clark - For Me Again
Gene Clark For Me Again
11:07 AM
Juana Molina - Cara De Espejo
Juana Molina Cara De Espejo Juana Molina
Halo Crammed Discs 2017
11:12 AM
Lush - Untogether
Lush Untogether
Spooky 1992
11:15 AM
Todd Rundgren - You Cried Wolf
Todd Rundgren You Cried Wolf
Hermit of Mink Hollow Rhino 1978
11:18 AM
Lee Wiley - Keepin Out of Mischief Now
Lee Wiley Keepin Out of Mischief Now
Every Little Things
11:22 AM
Liars - No Tree No Branch
Liars No Tree No Branch
11:26 AM
James Chance - Contort Yourself (1st Version)
James Chance Contort Yourself (1st Version) James Chance
Irresistable Impulse
11:33 AM
Julia Holter - Maxim's II
Julia Holter Maxim's II Julia Holter
Loud City Song
11:38 AM
Maddy Prior - Gutter Geese (1994 Remaster)
Maddy Prior Gutter Geese (1994 Remaster) Maddy Prior
Woman in the Wings (1994 Remaster)
11:42 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:43 AM
24-Carat Black - Mother's Day
24-Carat Black Mother's Day
Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth Stax 2017
11:52 AM
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Hybrid
Siouxsie & The Banshees Hybrid
Kaleidoscope (Remastered & Expanded)
11:58 AM
The Flying Lizards - Her Story
The Flying Lizards Her Story
The Flying Lizards Caroline Records 1980
Chat is archived.
Pethie (host) 10:01:48 AM
Good Morning, clashers!
kentman 10:04:19 AM
PRB is kicking out the jams this morning!
Pethie (host) 10:04:36 AM
We are!
DJ Breezy 10:06:52 AM
jimbeaux 10:06:55 AM
Hello Pethie! Ohmme my gosh this is great.
Pethie (host) 10:07:13 AM
Ha! I agree!
Mark 10:07:31 AM
hi pethie! rather appropriate label for this one :)
Pethie (host) 10:07:57 AM
Hey Mark!
kentman 10:10:12 AM
was up late listening to number 6 and lizbot ,set my alarm for 9am, missed the beginning of Breezy's show, but the vibe started in the early hours of the am
Stevie P 10:10:35 AM
I finally remembered to tune in.
Pethie (host) 10:10:57 AM
DJ Breezy is great! Her morning show gets me going
Pethie (host) 10:11:30 AM
Hey, morning Stevie!
Stevie P 10:12:43 AM
Howdy Pethie
Pethie (host) 10:12:48 AM
Hi jimbeaux, kentman, welcome to the show
DJ Breezy 10:14:31 AM
thank you pethie <3 i am loving your show today!
Pethie (host) 10:15:04 AM
thank you!!!
Selecta Jerry 10:19:37 AM
Pethie powerclash is happening
Pethie (host) 10:20:19 AM
Morning Selecta Jerry!
Selecta Jerry 10:23:41 AM
Good morning to you and all the good chatters
Mark 10:25:25 AM
hmmm 1981 why does that music year sound familiar to power clashers ? :)
Pethie (host) 10:27:33 AM
gee whiz, I don't know???? ;)
Stevie P 10:35:58 AM
Stevie P 10:36:20 AM
New Clasher wants to know
Mark 10:37:16 AM
haha u gotta listen to next years power clashing to understand!! :)
Pethie (host) 10:37:25 AM
1981 is a magical year for music for me. It's around that time that I started to get into 'new wave', and all this crazy fun stuff was coming out of the UK--synth pop and post punk...
Mark 10:37:34 AM
*drive show
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 10:37:43 AM
See the April 13th playlist.
Stevie P 10:38:20 AM
thanks OG Clashers
Pethie (host) 10:38:33 AM
You're one of us now, Stevie...
Mark 10:38:40 AM
but my personal preference is the 1979 drive show theme :)
Stevie P 10:38:46 AM
one of us one of us one of us
Pethie (host) 10:38:54 AM
1979 was a fabulous year too!
Mark 10:39:19 AM
haha u know the chant stevie: one of us one of us :)
Peter Small 10:45:22 AM
Loved the Maximum Joy track. Searching for the lyrics I came across a 2019 Charlotte Richardson Andrews interview in The Guardian with co-founder Janine Rainforth. Worth reading.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 10:45:25 AM
kentman 10:46:04 AM
love this song Pethie, thank you!
Pethie (host) 10:47:11 AM
Glad you were enjoying it, Peter! I will try and check out the article.
Peter Small 10:47:54 AM
Pethie (host) 10:48:16 AM
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ--gotta love that Prince Randian...
Pethie (host) 10:48:33 AM
@kentman--you are welcome!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 10:49:30 AM
Prince Randian could roll his own cigarettes.
Pethie (host) 10:50:25 AM
He was amazing! He's my favorite part of Freaks
Mark 10:50:57 AM
and as we who pore over mysterious post cards know the name of the show is : PWRCLSHNG !*!*!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 10:51:30 AM
Another clue!
Pethie (host) 10:52:28 AM
Those postcards are a supreme delight in their mystery and execution.
Mark 10:53:33 AM
haha maybe it’s a clue from the sender or just joyful noise !
Diane Girer 10:53:38 AM
THANK YOU for playing Polyrock!!
Pethie (host) 10:55:53 AM
Oh you're welcome, Diane!!!
Pethie (host) 10:58:58 AM
I think they are so underrated. Their sound is so pleasing to me; I wish they had made more music.
Pethie (host) 11:00:18 AM
Oh, Happy May the Fourth if you celebrate!
Brian D (Donor) 11:01:34 AM
Sometimes they left the dog out. Bonzo nomenclature variation
Pethie (host) 11:01:48 AM
No wonder I get so confused.
Brian D (Donor) 11:02:05 AM
Sometimes they left the doo dah in...
Pethie (host) 11:02:29 AM
I like to leave the doo dah in...
Mark 11:03:10 AM
and i completely forgot why some may celebrate today as a holiday:)
Pethie (host) 11:03:43 AM
I must admit, I forgot too. I like Star Wars, but not enough, I suppose.
Stevie P 11:03:45 AM
May The Fourth be with you
Pethie (host) 11:03:55 AM
And to you!
Pethie (host) 11:04:11 AM
But I am a big fan of Lando.
Mark 11:04:26 AM
I did see the first one / apparently there’s more in the series ?!
Pethie (host) 11:04:36 AM
A few.
Brian D (Donor) 11:08:55 AM
Love Juana!
Mike Lupica 11:10:00 AM
Hello, my Juana Molina sensors just tripped.
jimbeaux 11:10:51 AM
Juana sensors ACTIVATE!
Pethie (host) 11:11:01 AM
Haha! The Force is strong with her.
esoterica 11:13:02 AM
John Pittman 11:13:21 AM
Hi Pethie! running around doing bee things, so mostly away from a keyboard, but I'm listening!!
esoterica 11:13:22 AM
I was driving around Bucks County and you are killing it, Peth!
Pethie (host) 11:14:10 AM
John: bzzzzzzzzzz! Tell the bees I said hello!
Daniel Buskirk 11:14:22 AM
Loved the Juana Molina....
John Pittman 11:14:37 AM
I will. bzzzzzzzz
Pethie (host) 11:14:41 AM
Thank you @esoterica!
Pethie (host) 11:15:00 AM
@Daniel Buskirk she's so great.
esoterica 11:15:02 AM
thank you!
jimbeaux 11:15:23 AM
yo John...beekeeper, too? swarmy time of year.
esoterica 11:15:29 AM
I had my juana sensors beeping too:)
Pethie (host) 11:15:51 AM
Beekeepers unite!
esoterica 11:16:12 AM
Pethie (host) 11:17:15 AM
I've been digging around Todd's albums...enjoying what I find.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 11:17:43 AM
I was thinking of starting beekeeping. But maybe starting small, with just one bee.
Pethie (host) 11:18:22 AM
That's wise, ǝʌɐꓷ. Ramp it up to maybe 4 eventually
Stevie P 11:18:31 AM
How about a Todd interview on PRB?
Pethie (host) 11:19:53 AM
Does he still have a connection to the area?
Mark 11:19:55 AM
todd would b a great interview get / lottsa angles
Pethie (host) 11:20:12 AM
sounds like a job for esoterica!!
Daniel Buskirk 11:21:00 AM
Don't know if I've ever played Lee Wiley.,..
Pethie (host) 11:22:08 AM
She's fun. Despite her lack of mischief.
Mark 11:22:17 AM
& lizbot collaboration too : todd just joined up with sparks for the 1st time in 50 years
Stevie P 11:22:26 AM
power clashing is power crushing it
Pethie (host) 11:23:04 AM
thanks, Stevie!
jimbeaux 11:24:51 AM
DTO...one bee. Hilarious! Typically 50,000 in one colony, so slow & steady wins the race :)
Mark 11:25:14 AM
mael bros described their new single w todd as “working together again after a brief 50 year hiatus” :)
Pethie (host) 11:25:49 AM
Time means nothing to the Maels.
jimbeaux 11:25:49 AM
Sometimes I wish I just had a handful o' bees and not half a million unruly ones.
Brian D (Donor) 11:26:34 AM
Clap along while contorting yourself
Pethie (host) 11:27:27 AM
I'm too busy taking out all this brain garbage
Mark 11:27:39 AM
haha clapping along / is this james white or black or chance ?
Pethie (host) 11:29:30 AM
James Chance!
Pethie (host) 11:29:38 AM
man of many names, he is.
Pethie (host) 11:30:00 AM
contort yourself while holding handfuls of unruly bees
Mark 11:30:57 AM
haha he went by many / looks like this is the august darnell aka kid creole remix !
Stevie P 11:32:16 AM
i plan to announce to the bees in my back yard that henceforth, i will be their handler
Pethie (host) 11:33:10 AM
WPRB listeners make excellent bee keepers, so I have the utmost faith in your success.
Stevie P 11:33:50 AM
keeper. i said handler.
Brian D (Donor) 11:34:13 AM
Chance track Made me think of Rapture "Out of the Races and onto the Tracks" Heard that on prb every day when that was out.
Mark 11:34:16 AM
krista gonna have to interview jimbeaux as the resident bee expert/ I’d love to hear all about his 500k colony
Stevie P 11:34:20 AM
bee handler is something else, like those guys who wear bee beards
Pethie (host) 11:36:17 AM
Oh! Gotcha.
Daniel Buskirk 11:37:21 AM
Let a bumblebee outside after listening to it buzz against the glass in my waking moments. Felt like a proud parent, seeing the kid off to school...
Mark 11:38:23 AM
really crazy lyrics to that julia holter song ...
Pethie (host) 11:38:54 AM
Mark, that whole album is a treasure.
Brian D (Donor) 11:39:00 AM
The great Maddy Prior
Pethie (host) 11:39:02 AM
a treasure of crazy
Brian D (Donor) 11:40:08 AM
Jethro Tull as Maddy's backing band on this LP
Pethie (host) 11:40:35 AM
Oh! I didn't know that!
Pethie (host) 11:41:48 AM
I seriously have trouble saying Todd's last name.
Daniel Buskirk 11:43:31 AM
Thanks for the shout-out!
Pethie (host) 11:43:47 AM
Yer welcome!
Daniel Buskirk 11:44:48 AM
Those recent 24-Carat Black releases (of old unreleased stuff) have been fantastic....
Mark 11:46:56 AM
thank you for the show / the two hours flew by - i swear this station bends time forward :)
Stevie P 11:48:13 AM
great show. lots of clashing. powerful clashing, i like it.
Pethie (host) 11:49:45 AM
Thank you, folks!
Brian D (Donor) 11:50:42 AM
Good time Pethie!
Pethie (host) 11:51:17 AM
Thanks! Having good folks in the chat definitely adds to the good time!
Daniel Buskirk 11:53:57 AM
Stick around for jazz at noon, I have some great mbira music in the opening set....
Pethie (host) 11:54:53 AM
Love the mbira! My grandparents had one, I used to love to play it when I was little.
Daniel Buskirk 11:56:44 AM
Yeah, their sound always gets me. Drummer Chad Taylor has a whole new record playing it...
jimbeaux 11:58:33 AM
thanks pethie! missed bee chat...had to step away.
Pethie (host) 11:59:29 AM
Thanks for tuning in, everybody! Keep on listening to WPRBeeeeeeee
Stevie P 12:00:09 PM
Next: Dan Buzzzzzkirk, on WPRBeeeee
esoterica 12:00:22 PM
i have to confess something but it turned out alright;) I caught a bee in my kitchen in a plastic bag and forgot about him for a moment, then panicked that they would suffocate. luckily I let him outside, and he was pissed (as per the manic buzzing), yet hearty. go, bee!
Pethie (host) 12:00:44 PM
it's all good, esoterica!!!
esoterica 12:01:23 PM