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Running Redlights

May 14, 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

With Jen

Friday mornings at 10am this spring! Refresh the playlist page to see updated song info, and please do say hi in the chat!

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Running Redlights
10:01 AM
Devo - Dogs of Democracy
Devo Dogs of Democracy
Hardcore Devo, Vol. 2 Rykodisc 1991


10:05 AM
Set Break
10:06 AM
Arcwelder - Raleigh
Arcwelder Raleigh
Raleigh 7" Touch and Go 1992


10:08 AM
Osees - Mizmuth
Osees Mizmuth
Protean Threat Castle Face 2020
10:11 AM
Landspeedrecord! - Freezie Poof
Landspeedrecord! Freezie Poof
The Corporate Secret Resin Records 1999


10:14 AM
Suburban Reptiles - Coup d'état
Suburban Reptiles Coup d'état
Suburban Reptiles - EP Raw Power Records 2004
10:15 AM
Sweeping Promises - Blue
Sweeping Promises Blue
Hunger for a Way Out Feel It Records 2020
10:19 AM
Set Break
10:20 AM
The BellRays - Cold Man Night
The BellRays Cold Man Night
Let It Blast Scooch Pooch 1998
10:23 AM
Dynamo Productions - Hit the Floor
Dynamo Productions Hit the Floor
Get It Together Unique 2004


10:27 AM
All Scars - C
All Scars C
Introduction To Humanity Slowdime Records 1999


10:35 AM
Negativland - Create the Visitor
Negativland Create the Visitor N
The World Will Decide Seeland 2020
10:40 AM
Kiwi Jr. - Highlights Of 100
Kiwi Jr. Highlights Of 100 N
Cooler Returns Sub Pop 2021
10:40 AM
Set Break
10:42 AM
Fastbacks - In the Summer
Fastbacks In the Summer
Very, Very Powerful Motor Popllama Records 1990
10:47 AM
Longwave - Everywhere You Turn
Longwave Everywhere You Turn
The Strangest Things RCA 2002
10:50 AM
Greenhorn - Callous
Greenhorn Callous
Conversations With Myself 7" Anyway Records 1992


10:53 AM
Holly Golightly - No Hope Bar
Holly Golightly No Hope Bar
Singles Round-Up Damaged Goods Records 2001
10:57 AM
Vintage Crop - Streetview
Vintage Crop Streetview
Serve to Serve Again Upset The Rhythm 2020
10:59 AM
Set Break
11:10 AM
Todd Briefly - Houseproud
Todd Briefly Houseproud N
Demos - EP Just Step Sideways 2021
11:10 AM
The War Lords - Real Fine Lady
The War Lords Real Fine Lady
I've Got It Bad / Real Fine Lady 7" V/A Thor Records 1966


11:12 AM
Faust - Jennifer
Faust Jennifer
Faust IV Virgin Records 1973
11:19 AM
Skip James - I'm So Glad
Skip James I'm So Glad
The Complete 1931 Recordings Universe 2004
11:21 AM
Godammit and the Holy Shits - Cradle of the Deep
Godammit and the Holy Shits Cradle of the Deep
Godammit and the Holy Shits s/r 2020
11:24 AM
Set Break
11:28 AM
Mt. Mountain - Aplomb
Mt. Mountain Aplomb N
Centre Fuzz Club Records 2021
11:33 AM
Human Bell - Splendor and Concealment
Human Bell Splendor and Concealment
Human Bell (Bonus Track Version) Thrill Jockey Records 2008
11:37 AM
Les Thugs - Side By Side
Les Thugs Side By Side
Nineteen Something Labels/SubPop 1997
11:42 AM
Seven Storey Mountain - Descending
Seven Storey Mountain Descending
A La Mierda s/r 2015
11:44 AM
BAMBARA - Serafina
BAMBARA Serafina N
Stray Wharf Cat Records 2021
11:48 AM
The Chocolate Watchband - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
The Chocolate Watchband I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Inner Mystique Tower 1968
11:51 AM
Set Break
11:54 AM
Andy Bell - Indica
Andy Bell Indica
The View from Halfway Down Sonic Cathedral Recordings 2020
Chat is archived.
Jen (host) 10:09:04 AM
good morning! everyone awake now?
Brian D 10:09:29 AM
Jen (host) 10:11:26 AM
the right way to start every show
Mark 10:15:17 AM
devo(tees) still smarting over their RnR HoF snub yesterday :( there actually was quite a push on their part to try to get inducted
Colin McDonnell 10:15:39 AM
Punk rock saxophone!! essential ingredients to a stellar day.
Christine {¤_θ}° 10:16:27 AM
After hearing Devo, my morning just improved 103.3%
Colin McDonnell 10:16:45 AM
lol clever percentages.
Jen (host) 10:17:05 AM
wow, not that i am a fan of the RnR Hall of Fame, but what the hell were they thinking?
Jen (host) 10:17:40 AM
and Iron Maiden and New York Dolls ignored??? lordie.
Colin McDonnell 10:19:04 AM
They did induct the cure. So I have mixed feeling about the rnrhof. the devo snub is a major dig on the record tho.
Mark 10:19:34 AM
yeah it’s a bit of a bogus institution but lots take it quite seriously/ go gos were ecstatic they got induction
Jen (host) 10:20:59 AM
I can't fathom the voting process, but yay for the Go-Go's...Foo Fighters? Geeeeeeeez. Who else should be in there?
Colin McDonnell 10:21:48 AM
wprb should be in there for being wprb.
Mark 10:21:49 AM
kate bush snubbed too :(
Jen (host) 10:23:36 AM
hahhah WPRB will be in SOME hall of fame. ;)
Mark 10:25:07 AM
yes obv pee are bee way too cool for regular HoF :)
Jen (host) 10:26:57 AM
are bee hall o' famous rox
Brian D 10:30:53 AM
WPRB Id right here!
Colin McDonnell 10:31:14 AM
this one of my favorite station id's
Colin McDonnell 10:31:25 AM
that and the yeah boooooiiiiiiiiiii
Brian D 10:31:34 AM
It reallyis just a bunch of people standing around screaming.... as mom says
Colin McDonnell 10:32:17 AM
my mom once in the 80's actually used that line when i was listening to wprb
Colin McDonnell 10:32:46 AM
then years later the station id. i legit rotfl
Mark 10:33:11 AM
& what’s the background on this crazy noise playing ?
Mark 10:34:20 AM
all scars
Brian D 10:35:44 AM
I see there's am interview on wfmu from 2000
Jen (host) 10:36:26 AM
Bunch of DC notables in that band playing arguably "free jazz" for a couple of albums. Fun stuff!
Brian D 10:36:41 AM
Ah hhhh Negativland!
Mark 10:37:36 AM
thanks where else would u ever hear any of this :)
Christine {¤_θ}° 10:38:09 AM
Having a positive reaction to Negativland 💜
the_dude 10:40:16 AM
Same over here Christine! Whole set has been inducing positive vibes over here
Mark 10:40:32 AM
st vincent did an hour mixtape on the other “community” station this morning / it was rather disappointing
Brian D 10:40:51 AM
I like that Kiwi Jr too
Jen (host) 10:42:42 AM
me too!
Brian D 10:43:30 AM
Jetty Factorial fave
Colin McDonnell 10:44:18 AM
my first time hearing this song. that spark plug album cover is pretty tight. raises hand to the life under a rock question.
Jon Solomon 10:44:42 AM
I...missed All Scars.
Mark 10:45:07 AM
ha now ur making me nostalgic for last seasons dj jetty used to open w these dudes :) !
Brian D 10:46:31 AM
Factorial / Jetty Rocks NY Eve dance party 2020/2021 was fun times for sure
Jon Solomon 10:47:07 AM
Oh that was the best! Driving around Mercer / Bucks to get tomato pies and Turkish food with that as my soundtrack was a great close to a lousy year.
Jon Solomon 10:47:16 AM
(Hi, Jen.)
Jen (host) 10:47:23 AM
that sounds dreamy! hi, Jon!
Brian D 10:48:57 AM
It was a nice happy sigh filled with Acetone / Vox/ Farfisa organ. Left work early. Tied things up. Goodbye 2020
Mark 10:51:45 AM
why in the heck is there only one other shazam on this one ?!
Jen (host) 10:53:24 AM
Mark 10:54:29 AM
there were 2 others for all scars ! love holly - great song
Brian D 10:56:16 AM
Fave ID here
Mark 10:56:36 AM
agreed !!
Mark 11:08:13 AM
cmon columbus listeners let us know about when the area’s music scene hey day was/is !
Jen (host) 11:11:19 AM
I still have never been to Columbus - I'm sure it's hopping!
Brian D 11:12:16 AM
Wow Warlords 45 was hot volume compared to rest of the set overall volume. Had to scramble to turn down vol. Back to regular now
Jen (host) 11:13:27 AM
oh weird - thanks for letting me know
Brian D 11:14:15 AM
Love this Faust lp
Tom 11:15:03 AM
morning y'all
Jen (host) 11:15:04 AM
I hadn't listened to it in ages - glad you like it! Though clearly I need to dig deeper to find any records you DON'T know. ;)
Jen (host) 11:15:11 AM
hey, Tom!
Mark 11:16:44 AM
backstory on what happened to faust pretty interesting/ great kraut prog sound :)
Mark 11:19:41 AM
wow wow wow the original is so greeaat !! :)
Jen (host) 11:22:11 AM
Mark 11:23:08 AM
the remake wasn’t bad tho :)
Jen (host) 11:24:51 AM
Clearly I need to go back and take a listen!
Brian D 11:26:54 AM
Thinking about heading to the PRFM tomorrow.
Mark 11:27:14 AM
u do know cream covered it ? :)
Jen (host) 11:28:05 AM
I assume we are talking Cream, but do enlighten me!
Mark 11:29:53 AM
haha u gotta listen / imho cream is the gold standard of blues interpretations and their version of skip james is great
Jen (host) 11:31:49 AM
I’m on it! Thanks for the reminder!
Mark 11:33:49 AM
np/ great show today quintessential prb- great sounds from so many i have little to no idea who they are !
Jen (host) 11:34:30 AM
That’s great, Mark! Thanks a ton for listening!
Brian D 11:37:25 AM
This is beautiful guitar interweaving
Brian D 11:38:11 AM
Human Bell that is
Jen (host) 11:40:29 AM
That whole album is brilliant!
Brian D 11:49:42 AM
kinks cover!
Andrew Gruen 11:50:02 AM
this set has made a fantastic soundtrack for driving around on the backroads of hunterdon county with the windows down!
Mark 11:50:15 AM
there’s upscale restaurants in nyc named serafina now i know the origin of their name/ ancient goddess thanks 4 playing that one
Jen (host) 11:52:02 AM
@Andrew, outstanding!! @Mark, you got it. :}
Christine {¤_θ}° 11:55:24 AM
Thanks, Jen for a fun show! 🙏
Jen (host) 11:55:42 AM
@Christine, thanks for being here! Today is a good day!
Christine {¤_θ}° 11:57:12 AM
Have fun, anyone who visits the Punk Rock Flea Market tomorrow. I'm sure it will be great, especially with PRB representing 💯
Jen (host) 11:59:33 AM
Hell yes! Have a blast!