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Don't Back the Front

May 13, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With Dana K

Don't Back the Front
8:01 PM
The Desperate Bicycles - Don't Back the Front
The Desperate Bicycles Don't Back the Front
7" 1977
8:03 PM
A Number Of Names - Sharevari
A Number Of Names Sharevari
12" Cappricio 1981
8:14 PM
A Certain Ratio - Knife Slits Water (12" Version)
A Certain Ratio Knife Slits Water (12" Version)
Acr:Box Factory
8:22 PM
Liquid Liquid - Scraper
Liquid Liquid Scraper
Optimo - EP 99 Records 1983
8:26 PM
Liars - Tumbling Walls Buried Me In the Debris With ESG
Liars Tumbling Walls Buried Me In the Debris With ESG
They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top Blast First 2001
8:31 PM
Charles Manier - Sift Throught Art Collecting People
Charles Manier Sift Throught Art Collecting People
American Manier Bopside 2015
8:42 PM
Roxy Music - Same Old Scene
Roxy Music Same Old Scene
Flesh + Blood Virgin Records Ltd 1981
8:46 PM
Scritti Politti - Asylums In Jerusalem
Scritti Politti Asylums In Jerusalem
Songs To Remember Rough Trade 1982
8:50 PM
Delta 5 - Triangle
Delta 5 Triangle
Delta 5: Singles & Sessions 1979-81 2006
From 1981 album "See The Whirl"
8:53 PM
Young Marble Giants - Music for Evenings
Young Marble Giants Music for Evenings R
Colossal Youth Rough Trade 1980
8:56 PM
Marine - Animal In My Head
Marine Animal In My Head
Life In Reverse LTM Recordings 2004
9:00 PM
A Sudden Sway - Don't Go
A Sudden Sway Don't Go
7" Chant Records 1981
9:05 PM
Kissing the Pink - Big Man Restless
Kissing the Pink Big Man Restless
Kissing the Pink - EP Atlantic 1983
9:15 PM
Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Hard-Boiled Babe
Lizzy Mercier Descloux Hard-Boiled Babe
Press Color ZE Records 1979
9:20 PM
The Peech Boys - Don't Make Me Wait
The Peech Boys Don't Make Me Wait
12" West End Records 1982
9:26 PM
Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face?
Loose Joints Is It All Over My Face?
Is It All Over My Face? - EP West End Records 1980
9:33 PM
Mantronix - Bassline
Mantronix Bassline
12" Sleeping Bag Records 1986
9:39 PM
A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray
A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray
Voodoo Ray - EP A Guy Called Gerald Music 1988
Original 12" mix
9:46 PM
Doctor's Cat - Feel the Drive
Doctor's Cat Feel the Drive
Feel the Drive - Single ZYX Music 1985
9:53 PM
Clio - Faces
Clio Faces
Faces (2020 Remaster) - Single Crash 1985
10:00 PM
Madonna - Ain't No Big Deal
Madonna Ain't No Big Deal
Revenge of the Killer B's V/A Warner Bros. 1985
10:03 PM
Cristina - Things Fall Apart
Cristina Things Fall Apart
Things Fall Apart Ze Records 1981
10:11 PM
Alexander Robotnick - Problèmes d'amour (Ah Ou Ah version)
Alexander Robotnick Problèmes d'amour (Ah Ou Ah version)
Problèmes d'amour 1983
10:19 PM
Jonzun Crew - Pack Jam
Jonzun Crew Pack Jam
Lost in Space Tommy Boy 1983
10:25 PM
Model 500 - The Chase
Model 500 The Chase
12" Metroplex Records 1989
10:31 PM
Nu Jacks - House Sensation
Nu Jacks House Sensation
House Sensation - Single Fokus Recordings 1991
10:36 PM
Golden Teacher - Sauchiehall Withdrawal
Golden Teacher Sauchiehall Withdrawal
No Luscious Life Golden Teacher Records 2017
10:42 PM
Gramme - Like U
Gramme Like U
Pre Release Output 1999
10:46 PM
Biting Tongues - Meat Mask Separatist
Biting Tongues Meat Mask Separatist
Trouble Hand Factory 1985
10:54 PM
Funkapolitan - As The Time Goes By
Funkapolitan As The Time Goes By
12" London Records 1981
Chat is archived.
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:01:22 PM
still here! still boz!
Rob from Maryland & Brood X 8:03:35 PM
Hello Boz!
Brian D 8:03:35 PM
Boztastic. Don't Boz the Skaggs
Christine {¤_θ}° 8:03:58 PM
@Brian, good one
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:04:18 PM
hi rob, brian, christine!
Christine {¤_θ}° 8:04:31 PM
Hi, Boz!
yoni from kdu 8:05:56 PM
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:06:20 PM
yoni in the haus
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:06:30 PM
the haus of boz
yoni from kdu 8:06:49 PM
Welcome to the Haus of Boz
Christine {¤_θ}° 8:07:16 PM
WPR-Boz! 📻 🎶
yoni from kdu 8:07:53 PM
Has the B always stood for Boz?! Wow
yoni from kdu 8:07:58 PM
The more you know!
yoni from kdu 8:10:01 PM
Mister Scaggs if you're nasty
pethie-ish 8:10:55 PM
Mark 8:11:54 PM
or go for a cigarette break during the long songs as fm dj’s of yore did :)
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:13:09 PM
i'm going to take up smoking just to have something to do during knife slits water
Mark 8:15:17 PM
haha won’t b able when u do ur normal 3 to 4 min songs
Mark 8:16:22 PM
question: what’s the music in commie francis ID that precedes DBTF ?
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:16:44 PM
that's oi polloi - anarcho pie
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:17:02 PM
i specifically asked her to make that one!
Mark 8:19:08 PM
it’s great i associate her voice now w desperate bicycles even more than dana k :)
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:19:49 PM
hmmm i'll have to start playing my pure moods ID more then
crucialobject 8:29:22 PM
Yay don't back the front! always such a good surprise to tune in for this bc I can't think in clock time recently
crucialobject 8:29:28 PM
hi everyone.
crucialobject 8:29:56 PM
ok this is an amazing song, and its the first time I'm really feeling a Liars song!
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:29:58 PM
yay! glad you found us tonight!
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:30:34 PM
the first liars album (which is what that song is from) is quite a bit different from the rest of their output
jimbeaux 8:30:53 PM
Did Liars just totally rip off UFO by ESG?
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:31:30 PM
they sampled it!
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:31:53 PM
the full song title got cut off, it's actually "Tumbling Walls Buried Me In The Debris With ESG"
jimbeaux 8:34:30 PM
We'll call that "homage" :)
crucialobject 8:36:47 PM
that's amazing! I'm excited to listen to the full album :)
crucialobject 8:40:43 PM
uncomfortable 😆
Dennis Prieto 8:42:54 PM
great set as always! thanks!!
jimbeaux 8:43:13 PM
Different Liars drummer on 2nd album...actually knew first drummer Ron, who was in a few good non-funky bands prior in Nebraska.
Dennis Prieto 8:43:46 PM
i learned about the liars. i had seen the lyres (from boston) about 30 years ago.
Dennis Prieto 8:44:05 PM
can you fit any Young Marble Giants into the mix?
jimbeaux 8:45:36 PM
Lyres would have been good to see!
pethie-ish 8:46:23 PM
Dennis Prieto 8:46:30 PM
they were legendary, jimbeaux
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:47:20 PM
Lyres were great. I'll see if I can fit some YMG in - love them.
Rob from Maryland & Brood X 8:47:35 PM
Ooh, YMG?
Dennis Prieto 8:47:46 PM
thanks, boz!
pethie-ish 8:47:54 PM
First Roxy Music, then my beloved Green Gartside... thank you, Dana K!
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:48:25 PM
so glad you're listening, peth!
pethie-ish 8:49:06 PM
Dennis Prieto 8:50:01 PM
this is why PRB is the only station in NJ! Fantastic!
Horsewater 8:50:40 PM
this is rocking!
Dennis Prieto 8:52:14 PM
YMG fans love the Delta 5!
Dennis Prieto 8:52:37 PM
i have never heard!
Dennis Prieto 8:53:10 PM
thank you!
Horsewater 8:53:26 PM
this whole show has been bananas
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:53:27 PM
thanks for requesting them!
Dennis Prieto 8:54:11 PM
i love this station. always bananas. always on point for where i live.
Boz Scaggs (host) 8:54:38 PM
WPRB loves you back!
Mark 9:06:05 PM
@pethie : don’t forget delta 5 from 1981 :)
Mark 9:07:03 PM
and to think i missed that trio in order to go into giant:(
pethie-ish 9:08:46 PM
I wouldn’t dare forget em
Mark 9:10:54 PM
haha tho I prefer the 79 delta 5 / can i interfere in your crisis .... :)
Tyler B. 9:15:13 PM
Play icp
Rob from Maryland & Brood X 9:17:20 PM
@Mark heck yeah!
Rob from Maryland & Brood X 9:17:51 PM
@Boz, thanks for the YMG song
Boz Scaggs (host) 9:18:08 PM
i'm afraid i'll have to disappoint my juggalo fans tonight
Dennis Prieto 9:19:42 PM
thank you, dana!
Mark 9:21:24 PM
haha rob i always get a laugh out of that lyric :)
Tyler B. 9:24:55 PM
Noooooo D:
jimbeaux 9:27:42 PM
Loooooooose jooooooiiiiinntttsssss!
jimbeaux 9:30:45 PM
<3 arthur
pethie-ish 9:31:35 PM
I got confused and thought Tyler meant “ICB”
Mark 9:32:00 PM
and I’m in awe of the lyrics in this one :)
jimbeaux 9:33:40 PM
@pethie juggaloes covering new order? :)
pethie-ish 9:34:03 PM
It could happen
Boz Scaggs (host) 9:34:23 PM
i would play that if it existed
jimbeaux 9:34:49 PM
Genre bending⚡⚡⚡
Dennis Prieto 9:35:54 PM
rocking our house. rocking NJ. thank you Dana!
Boz Scaggs (host) 9:36:14 PM
the pleasure is all mine!
crucialobject 9:37:04 PM
this is searing
esoterica! 9:48:33 PM
hi! this is peppy!
Boz Scaggs (host) 9:48:58 PM
yo esoterica! hope the paper grading is going well!
esoterica! 9:50:00 PM
haha! well, i am getting going tonight. I just starting a new batch of 16! i just interviewed Chris Brokaw, which was great!
esoterica! 9:50:15 PM
hi boz!
esoterica! 9:51:48 PM
perfect soundtrack. this is a nice accompaniment to the new bio-series, Halston, starring Ewan McGregor... I think it starts this Friday (some Studio 54 scenes for sure)
crucialobject 9:52:12 PM
I love this stretch of the set hehehe
crucialobject 9:52:30 PM
i want to dance. but broke my foot. but I'm dancing.
Boz Scaggs (host) 9:52:40 PM
i know i played this clio track a couple of months ago but i can't help playing it again
esoterica! 9:52:59 PM
i feel you. i do that with mott the hoople.
Rob from Maryland & Brood X 9:54:22 PM
@Mark, I love that song
Mark 10:03:49 PM
@esoterica looks like the halston family not very happy w the doc series
esoterica! 10:04:30 PM
interesting, mark. tom ford and others say ewan does a good job though
esoterica! 10:04:46 PM
understanding that is not the family.
Mark 10:06:45 PM
but of course Tom Ford would :) r u breaking out ur studio 54 era halston duds to watch the series
esoterica! 10:07:38 PM
good idea!
esoterica! 10:08:35 PM
tom ford described himself as a Halston "twinkie" - this from the cool NYT article this past weekend. Can't wait for this miniseries and the Gucci one too coming out
Mark 10:08:38 PM
I know I would if I could watch it / gotta get Netflix one of these days :)
jimbeaux 10:10:00 PM
Madonna deep cuts!
Mark 10:11:16 PM
gonna read that NYT article : thanks for the heads up !
Mark 10:12:16 PM
my favorite designer of all time: vivian westwood
esoterica! 10:13:13 PM
she is super punk!
esoterica! 10:14:14 PM
It's really you!:)
Mark 10:14:34 PM
there should b a special category inRnR HoF for vivienne
Dennis Prieto 10:16:20 PM
Madonna's legit! She came out of that whole scene!
Boz Scaggs (host) 10:20:37 PM
esoterica! 10:20:56 PM
agree, mark.
Mark 10:24:08 PM
haha is esoterica with an exclamation your late nite dance mix alter ego ?!
esoterica! 10:25:18 PM
Yeah! High energy! i am going to dance in between each graded paper!
Mark 10:26:01 PM
haha totally appropriate dance mix from Dana k !
esoterica! 10:27:50 PM
yes! this is great!
Mark 10:30:02 PM
might have to watch movie last days of disco after this / chloe s & kate bekinsale - pretty amusing for those who haven’t seen
esoterica! 10:40:00 PM
i did see that awhile ago.
Mark 10:43:06 PM
and this is perfect background music as i read up on halston/,Tom ford etc etc - love the description of what halston survived on in nyt article
jimbeaux 10:44:27 PM
This show has been BUMPIN
esoterica! 10:45:17 PM
Boz Scaggs (host) 10:45:28 PM
glad you've all been enjoying :3
esoterica! 10:47:49 PM
cocaine, potatoes with beluga, chilled stoli, mark?
esoterica! 10:48:19 PM
oh yes, we are enjoying...
esoterica! 10:48:35 PM
the music, dana, that is!
Mark 10:50:52 PM
yet another fantastic thursday on wprb/ thank you to all dj’s present as well as the others !
esoterica! 10:51:09 PM
nooooo. not the end.
esoterica! 10:51:34 PM
thanks, dana! nice hanging with you
Mark 10:52:00 PM
what would mrM day ? I 😭
Mark 10:52:12 PM
esoterica! 10:53:01 PM
cheers dear
esoterica! 10:53:19 PM
dears, especially those with big ears
Boz Scaggs (host) 10:53:25 PM
thank you both!!!
Mark 10:53:28 PM
august Darnell is great for those too young to know who he is :)
Mark 10:54:06 PM
great immitation Esoterica with an !
esoterica! 10:55:03 PM
Mark 10:55:25 PM
& yes halston survived on that 80s style diet ! :)
Boz Scaggs (host) 10:56:38 PM
goodnight friends! thanks for the tv/movie recommendations