Weird Old America

May 24, 2021 3:00 PM β€“ 5:00 PM

With Dylan Fox


Weird Old America
3:01 PM
The Besnard Lakes - Raindrops
The Besnard Lakes Raindrops The Besnard Lakes N
The Besnard Lakes Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings Full Time Hobby 2020
3:06 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:13 PM
Bob Dylan - Love Sick
Bob Dylan Love Sick Bob Dylan
The Complete Album Collection: The 90's-00's Columbia/Legacy 1990
3:19 PM
Calexico and Iron & Wine - Dark Eyes
Calexico and Iron & Wine Dark Eyes Bob Dylan
I'm Not There (Music From The Motion Picture - Original Soundtrack)
3:23 PM
Ted Lennon & Brett Dennen - Don't Think Twice It's All Right
Ted Lennon & Brett Dennen Don't Think Twice It's All Right Bob Dylan
3:27 PM
Nico - I'll Keep It With Mine
Nico I'll Keep It With Mine Bob Dylan
Chelsea Girl Verve 1967
3:30 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:38 PM
Dr. Lonnie Smith - Epistrophy
Dr. Lonnie Smith Epistrophy Dr. Lonnie Smith N
Breathe Blue Note Records 2021
3:42 PM
Odetta - Mr. Tambourine Man
Odetta Mr. Tambourine Man Odetta
Odetta Sings Dylan Revolver Records 1965
3:53 PM
Bryan Ferry - A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall
Bryan Ferry A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall Bryan Ferry
Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music (Platinum Collection) EMI Marketing 2004
3:58 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:05 PM
Bob Dylan & The Band - I'm Not There
Bob Dylan & The Band I'm Not There Bob Dylan
The Basement Tapes - Complete: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11 (Deluxe Edition) 2007
4:10 PM
The Chieftains & The Decemberists - When The Ship Comes In
The Chieftains & The Decemberists When The Ship Comes In Bob Dylan
Voice of Ages Hear Music 2012
4:13 PM
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - It Ain't Me Babe
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash It Ain't Me Babe Bob Dylan
Carryin' On with Johnny Cash & June Carter
4:16 PM
Lou Reed - Foot of Pride
Lou Reed Foot of Pride Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan: The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered] Columbia/Legacy 1993
4:25 PM
Sam Cooke - Blowin' In the Wind
Sam Cooke Blowin' In the Wind Bob Dylan
A Change Is Gonna Come - EP
4:28 PM
Joan Baez - Tears of Rage
Joan Baez Tears of Rage Bob Dylan
Baez Sings Dylan Vanguard Records 2006
4:32 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:35 PM
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Blowin' in the Wind
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Blowin' in the Wind Bob Dylan
Weld (Live)
4:43 PM
Bob Dylan - Desolation Row
Bob Dylan Desolation Row Bob Dylan
Highway 61 Revisited (2010 Mono Version) Columbia/Legacy 2010
4:53 PM
Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower
Jimi Hendrix All Along the Watchtower Jimi Hendrix
Voodoo Child: The Jimi Hendrix Collection Legacy Recordings 2009
4:58 PM
Toshiyuki Hiraoka - Disappering Soul
Toshiyuki Hiraoka Disappering Soul Toshiyuki Hiraoka N
Waterphone II
Chat is archived.
Dylan (host) 3:00:15 PM
Hey everybody!
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 3:01:01 PM
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 3:01:30 PM
Bob’s Your Uncle!
Brian D 3:01:46 PM
Dylan (host) 3:02:05 PM
David Shortell 3:05:33 PM
Happy birthday, Dylan! I hear you turn 80 today.
Dylan (host) 3:05:59 PM
Been around for awhile
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 3:10:51 PM
I’ve eaten 1000 cicadas over the last two days.
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 3:11:27 PM
WHUT?!? Summer break!?!
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 3:11:38 PM
Boo. Hiss.
Brian D 3:12:08 PM
refresh the batteries Dylan. We'll miss ya but understood. Have a great summer
Brian D 3:12:49 PM
Ya prb kept me sane for past year. Thank YOU
ǝɹnΙ”sqκ“³ ǝΙ₯κ“• ΗΚŒΙκ“· 3:13:39 PM
It's also Harold Budd's birthday.
Dylan (host) 3:14:15 PM
Happy Birthday Harold
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 3:14:21 PM
Harold’s Your Budd!
Brian D 3:14:54 PM
Yeah. I LOVE that run from Time out of Mind, Love and Theft and Modern Times. Gold
Dylan (host) 3:15:54 PM
Also John C Reilly
Brian D 3:16:19 PM
Brule's Rules... for your health!
Brian D 3:19:13 PM
And i love the live shows he did from 1999 and 2000. Especially autumn of 99. And summer 2000.
Brian D 3:19:37 PM
That band he had at the time was so good.
Dylan (host) 3:19:56 PM
Only one I ever saw was in 2018 at the Beacon, really liked it. He did a little old man dance.
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 3:21:06 PM
DJ DylanFox, do you have a version of β€œOne More Cup Of Coffee” planned for today?? β˜•οΈ
Dylan (host) 3:21:48 PM
Don't currently but maybe
Dylan (host) 3:22:57 PM
Have to see about time
Brian D 3:23:15 PM
That version by Sertab Erener is great. But i like Bob's just fine
Brian D 3:26:19 PM
Saw a band do a great version of Black Diamond Bay couple years ago. Outdoors. House party w tons of bands. I like the way that whole story unfolds
Dylan (host) 3:26:50 PM
Bob is such a natural storyteller
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 3:29:27 PM
Nice selections to start the show!
Brian D 3:36:38 PM
Patti Smith and Dylan did Dark Eyes when i saw him in 1995. She and her great band opened up (Lenny Kaye and Tom Verlaine in the band rhen) . Bob's band at the time was great too
Brian D 3:37:53 PM
Lively shows. That's when i thought ok he's really playing well live now, i better see him more often now...
Brian D 3:39:12 PM
this new Lonnie Smith is really good
Dylan (host) 3:43:55 PM
It is!
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 3:54:42 PM
Dylan (host) 3:56:12 PM
Thats him
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 3:57:35 PM
Brian D 3:59:12 PM
Brian D 4:01:19 PM
Brian D 4:01:25 PM
Still no
Brian D 4:02:00 PM
The capital letters Dylan mean say that syllable LOUDER
Brian D 4:02:18 PM
That's like phonetic pronunciation 101
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:02:46 PM
Do better, Brian D
Brian D 4:03:10 PM
Brian D 4:03:35 PM
Iss rhymes with miss
Brian D 4:03:55 PM
C'mon you can do it! I know you can!
Brian D 4:04:37 PM
O well
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:04:48 PM
Selecta Jerry 4:04:52 PM
Brian D 4:05:02 PM
Look up stressed syllables
Selecta Jerry 4:05:05 PM
He just called you honey!
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:05:12 PM
Brian D 4:05:16 PM
Selecta Jerry 4:05:58 PM
Dylan you had me laughing hard
Brian D 4:06:37 PM
Yeah all in good fun in chat. Good try
Dylan (host) 4:07:02 PM
You should have seen me in Spanish class
Selecta Jerry 4:07:24 PM
Brian D and dylan fox world tour the people demand it
Dylan (host) 4:08:07 PM
Brian come on the show and analyze me accent
Brian D 4:09:21 PM
Spanish is easier than English! Almost perfect pronunciation rules in Spanish. English is HARD to pronounce yes
Brian D 4:09:45 PM
Not that meaning of the word accent
Brian D 4:10:00 PM
Different connotation
Dylan (host) 4:10:19 PM
Three years of me in Spanish disagree
Brian D 4:10:33 PM
Accent meaning the stressed syllable of the word
Dylan (host) 4:11:45 PM
What are interesting things about the way I speak.
Brian D 4:12:02 PM
The main thing is speaking and not reading . The printed word is a cue. It has to come out of the mouth like natural speech. That can be hard to get past that barrier yes
Brian D 4:13:48 PM
For Spanish and other foreign language classes it was like play acting. Step inside a room and leave English behind for a bit. Different character.
Selecta Jerry 4:16:03 PM
Great selections today on top of the phonetics lesson πŸ”₯🎢
Brian D 4:16:40 PM
I like Johnny Cash in his Mariachi phase!
Dylan (host) 4:16:40 PM
I wanted to avoid most the famous covers or ones that were way more popular than the original.
Brian D 4:18:03 PM
I remember watching Lou do this on tv when the 30th anniv special aired
Brian D 4:18:24 PM
Rocking performance
Selecta Jerry 4:18:27 PM
Dylan (host) 4:18:31 PM
I think I still out in space at that point.
Brian D 4:18:40 PM
Dylan (host) 4:19:03 PM
Yeah I was still on Jupiter
Brian D 4:19:15 PM
Lp came out in 93. Concert was fall 92 or late summer?
Dylan (host) 4:19:38 PM
Crazy that they convinced Bob to do it.
Brian D 4:20:15 PM
TV broadcast, radio broadcast and audio and video releases were all different
Dylan (host) 4:21:09 PM
The 1990s were crazy
Brian D 4:21:19 PM
I like when Bob himself did It's Alright Ma... solo acoustic. Great job on that
Brian D 4:22:31 PM
This was the perfect song for Lou to do. That delivery
Brian D 4:23:56 PM
Such a similarity between Bob and son Jakob on the cover photo for the Basement Tapes box @ 4:05 pm.
Dylan (host) 4:23:59 PM
Such a crazy song, very Lou
Brian D 4:24:26 PM
That line about the Suisse bank ha
Dylan (host) 4:25:21 PM
Basement Tapes Bob was the hottest Bob
Dylan (host) 4:26:08 PM
Blowing in the Wind was the song that led Sam Cooke to write A Change Is Gonna Come
Brian D 4:26:09 PM
They had a ball recording at the pink house it sounded like.
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:26:10 PM
There was a hot Bob?
Dylan (host) 4:26:48 PM
He's pretty hot
Brian D 4:27:46 PM
That Basement Tapes box has some funny stoner goofy moments. The See You Later Alligator jokey version. And the one about the dog.... fun stuff
Dylan (host) 4:27:55 PM
Was he a good romantic partner, no?
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:28:15 PM
Full stop
Selecta Jerry 4:28:23 PM
Had to sing blowing in the wind as a class for my eighth grade graduation
Dylan (host) 4:28:24 PM
See You Later Allen Ginsberg is a song you can smell the weed on
Brian D 4:28:34 PM
Brian D 4:28:44 PM
I thought the same
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:28:52 PM
SelectaJerry ❀️‍πŸ”₯
Dylan (host) 4:29:00 PM
I think we sung Blowin in the Wind for music class in Elementary School
Brian D 4:29:14 PM
Like schoolkids goofin around
Selecta Jerry 4:29:44 PM
Must be an elementary school standard
Dylan (host) 4:29:54 PM
We had no idea what was going on. They also had "If I Had a Hammer" and I thought it was about carpentry
Brian D 4:30:25 PM
Trini Lopez version of "Hammer". Like that
Dylan (host) 4:30:27 PM
Tears of Rage is one of the best songs about the Vietnam Era
Brian D 4:31:03 PM
Yeah. Just watched the Band/Robbie docu.
Dylan (host) 4:31:41 PM
Shakespeare meets Bob meets Nixon
Brian D 4:33:49 PM
There's that dog again.... (dog dog dog....)
Brian D 4:34:38 PM
And then there's that one about the locusts!
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:34:47 PM
Brian D 4:34:49 PM
animal kingdom well represented
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:35:15 PM
What do you think of that one, Brian D???
Brian D 4:35:21 PM
Strohs? They still make Strohs?
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:35:43 PM
Oh what did I do?!?
Dylan (host) 4:35:56 PM
A piss trophy
Brian D 4:35:57 PM
Jus bein silly
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:36:32 PM
Oh RUM! 🍹
Brian D 4:37:13 PM
Ya usually I'd begin the syllables with a consonant not a vowel . But your show. You can type piss if ya want
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:37:50 PM
Brian D 4:38:42 PM
This was a great Neil Crazy Horse tour. Giant Yellow ribbon draped on the giant microphone prop for this. 1991. Gulf War era
Corage Mike 4:39:09 PM
Great version. Those chords....
Brian D 4:39:28 PM
Crazy Horse could do some fine harmonies.
Dylan (host) 4:39:59 PM
I remember Bob played Masters of War at the beginning of the Gulf War when getting a life time achievement award and when asked why, he replied, "The war."
Brian D 4:40:03 PM
I forget who does the high harmony Billy or Ralph
Brian D 4:41:17 PM
He talked about that in the book. Did not name names but he mentioned how people were afraid to come to the event
Brian D 4:42:13 PM
Jack Nicholson got props for showing up and introducing him (i think it was Jack)
Brian D 4:43:29 PM
"Chronicles Vol 1". Interesting read. Strange the way it's layed out but it makes sense in that it's Bob
Dylan (host) 4:44:20 PM
Desolation Row is what I'd probably call his greatest song in a literary sense.
Brian D 4:44:22 PM
Love the lead gtr fills on this
Dylan (host) 4:44:50 PM
Such a great portrait of a moment in his imagination.
Brian D 4:44:55 PM
Yeah it is up there. Johanna too
Selecta Jerry 4:46:59 PM
Would i have seen that 91 neil tour at the camden water front venue brian d ?
Dylan (host) 4:47:14 PM
Johanna is more in Bob's mind while I feel like Desolation Row is how Bob views the world. Like it feels like one long tracking shot through the Greenwich Village right before the Soviet Missiles arrive.
Brian D 4:48:10 PM
No indoors show that year/ tour Jerry
Brian D 4:48:47 PM
Hershey hockey arena.... maybe the Philly Civic Center that tour?
Selecta Jerry 4:49:31 PM
Didnt think i missed any neil shows back then but dont remember the ribbon
Brian D 4:49:34 PM
He purposely avoided the usual arenas. Said he wanted to play the dive s---hole arenas. Neil
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:50:05 PM
Final Ten Mins?!? This is madness!!!
Brian D 4:50:29 PM
The 1991 tour was First time w the Horse since 1986
Brian D 4:50:47 PM
In Phila that is
Selecta Jerry 4:50:58 PM
Saw the 86 gig! In the garage stage set up
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:51:38 PM
DJ DylanFox! Job well done! Very nice penultimate show! Looking forward to next week!
Selecta Jerry 4:51:56 PM
No place like the spectrum !
Brian D 4:52:27 PM
Yep looked it up. Feb 5th & 6th 1991 Phila Civic Center.
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:53:07 PM
Cheers Dears especially those with Big Ears!
Brian D 4:53:11 PM
Ya i loved the Neil/Horse show Spectrum 1986. First time i saw him/rhem
Brian D 4:53:21 PM
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:53:45 PM
Too much rhum!
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:54:00 PM
Brian D 4:54:04 PM
Crazy Horse Live From a Rusted Out Garage
Dylan (host) 4:54:14 PM
Mr. Skeleton, the Rum bit isn't going anywhere
Selecta Jerry 4:54:17 PM
As jerry g would say this is a softball all along fhe watchtower
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 4:54:39 PM
I’m enjoying it. That’s what matters.
Brian D 4:54:48 PM
Dave Mason on 12string acoustic gtr
Dylan (host) 4:54:53 PM
Neil would sound weird if he sounded great
Selecta Jerry 4:56:19 PM
Check him singing to his chickens on pandemic edition of farm aid dylan
Dylan (host) 4:56:29 PM
Like I love the Bob Dylan original on John Wesley Harding, but the Hendrix one is just so great as a thing in itself. Like The process to get from the original to this is just astounding.
Selecta Jerry 4:57:42 PM
Fabulous afternoon of tunes D thanks!
Brian D 4:58:05 PM
Good time Dylan!
Brian D 4:58:34 PM
80 more! Dylan and prb (yeah 81 for prb)
Brian D 4:59:03 PM
Good night all
Dylan (host) 4:59:06 PM
Night everybody!