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Jun 9, 2021 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Jon Solomon

Every Wednesday night on 103.3 fm WPRB.

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Jon Solomon
5:00 PM
The Rub - The Death Of Pop
The Rub The Death Of Pop
Bikini Gospel Happy Squid
5:04 PM
Set Break
5:10 PM
Squid - Narrator
Squid Narrator
Bright Green Field Warp Records 2021
Featuring Martha Skye Murphy.
5:18 PM
Veyrouz Mint Seymali - Dwaye
Veyrouz Mint Seymali Dwaye
Music from Saharan WhatsApp 09 Sahel Sounds 2020


5:22 PM
New Standards Men - Spain's First Astronaut A
New Standards Men Spain's First Astronaut A
Spain's First Astronaut 2021
5:41 PM
The Raincoats - Fairytale In The Supermarket
The Raincoats Fairytale In The Supermarket
Left Of The Dial: Dispatches From The '80s Underground V/A Rhino


5:44 PM
Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy - I Am A Youth Inclined To Ramble
Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy I Am A Youth Inclined To Ramble
Superwolves Drag City Records 2021
Traditional tune, assisted by Mdou Moctar.
5:50 PM
WASNT WISNT - Nefarious Elders
WASNT WISNT Nefarious Elders
Disassembling Already Dead 2021
5:55 PM
sallow - claw
sallow claw
Cloud of Thought


5:58 PM
Set Break
6:06 PM
The Maids - Back To Bataan
The Maids Back To Bataan
7" Anemic Records 1979


6:08 PM
emily - all the delay
emily all the delay
bealtaine 2021


6:10 PM
75 Dollar Bill - I Was Real (2019)
75 Dollar Bill I Was Real (2019)
live ateliers claus


6:47 PM
Upper Wilds - Hole In The Sky
Upper Wilds Hole In The Sky
Hole In The Sky

Black Sabbath cover.


6:51 PM
Lucy Dacus - Brando
Lucy Dacus Brando
Home Video Matador 2021
Out later this year.
6:53 PM
Sigh Of Relief - The Tranquility Sequence
Sigh Of Relief The Tranquility Sequence
The Dark Surround

Bubba from Bedhead.


7:02 PM
Datblygu - Dafydd Iwan Yn Y Glaw
Datblygu Dafydd Iwan Yn Y Glaw
Wyau Hate Records 2021
Reissue of a 1988 album.
7:04 PM
Set Break
7:11 PM
Literature - 19:40
Literature 19:40
Live on WPRB
7:31 PM
Set Break
7:36 PM
black midi - Hogwash and Balderdash
black midi Hogwash and Balderdash
Cavalcade Rough Trade 2021
7:38 PM
Sabir Mateen, Patrick Holmes, Federico Ughi - Clarifying
Sabir Mateen, Patrick Holmes, Federico Ughi Clarifying
Survival Situation 577 Records 2021
7:52 PM
Anorak Patch - Irate
Anorak Patch Irate
7:55 PM
The Bevis Frond - Enjoy
The Bevis Frond Enjoy
We're Your Friends, Man Fire Records 2018
Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon (host) 4:58:16 PM
Welcome to the chat. Take a ticket with a number on it and your hoagies will be prepared to-order shortly.
Brian D 5:05:26 PM
Good at heaving a heavy body!
DSM 5:05:29 PM
Are Pepperoncini‘s extra?
Jon Solomon (host) 5:06:40 PM
Brian D 5:07:09 PM
I'll throw in pepperoncini, banana peppers, peppadew shooters w/mozz n prosciutto
Mark 5:08:19 PM
ha who’s missing ? i looked earlier because stitch pink mentioned in her FB
jimbeaux 5:10:12 PM
Postal cicada pics? You can ship honeybees thru US Mail.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:10:19 PM
Hey, Mark!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:10:33 PM
I left my phone in the car, otherwise I would have snapped a shot of this grossness.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:10:48 PM
You can ship scorpions too, but only live ones. Don't ask how I know.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:11:09 PM
I think cards 52 and 54 are MIA. Will review the stack! I like to go in order...
Jon Solomon (host) 5:13:04 PM
Mark 5:13:30 PM
thanks for posting them they r unbelievably amazing fantastic!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:14:00 PM
Yeah, I think I have a plan now for how best to display in the studio post-triumphant return.
Captain Ahab 5:14:57 PM
I'm impressed the order was more or less intact, barring a few
Captain Ahab 5:15:38 PM
A student mailed me a postcard in december, I didn't get it until May!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:16:02 PM
True indeed. If this was the prior WPRB address a few would have gone to the wrong departments, others would circulate for weeks without being delivered.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:16:20 PM
USPS is a mess but the mail delivery improvement is considerable with this new set-up.
Mark 5:18:46 PM
hopefully flickr is still online and running until the sender completes their mailing :)
Jon Solomon (host) 5:20:01 PM
It is implied that 59 might be the last in the series for now.
Brian D 5:21:16 PM
Sahel once again ... love it
jimbeaux 5:21:29 PM
Maybe there are tracking #s?
Jon Solomon (host) 5:21:48 PM
I know you're a fan, Brian. This does factor into my playlist creation! Also, this was the last track I ran out of time for one week prior...
Brian D 5:24:53 PM
I have something else by that last artist 's relative ... Noura Mint Seymali. LP is Tzenni. Great stuff
Mark 5:26:12 PM
what hoagie order # is ice station Solomon up to ?! i think i ordered on the prb request app
Jon Solomon (host) 5:27:00 PM
Number 1032? Anyone? 1032?
Mark 5:27:11 PM
Mark 5:29:16 PM
& we can all blame captain ahab for getting us hungry w the hoagie talk / the inquirer veggie article was good review
Jon Solomon (host) 5:33:13 PM
I had the vegan Italian hoagie from Grindcore they listed before going to see a movie in 2019 and it was outstanding.
DSM 5:34:50 PM
Cafe Con Leche in Newtown make an excellent vegan Italian as well, owned by the Luhv folks.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:35:57 PM
I had an excellent vegan pizza on Monday night in south jersey. Marinara pie with rabe and long hots. Spicy but not overwhelming!
Mark 5:36:49 PM
thanks for that rec I’ve been meaning to try cafe leche quite a few Luhv locations
Jon Solomon (host) 5:37:07 PM
Luhv is everywhere. Impressive.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:37:18 PM
Luhv is all around = better.
DSM 5:38:25 PM
@Mark they do a vegan cheesesteak as well that’s really good, some of the other items can be hit or miss. The soups are always fantastic
Brian D 5:39:46 PM
Chef Daniel L & family are great people. Believe I mentioned it before in chat that he used to work at Meils in Stockton way back. Cafe is great
Brian D 5:40:18 PM
Mi amigo Argentino
Brian D 5:40:58 PM
For a brief time they had a restaurant in Richboro called Patagonia
Brian D 5:41:39 PM
Sweet potato jalapeno soup yeah
jimbeaux 5:41:51 PM
This is an Admiral retort to Capt Ahab's Hawkwind closer.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:41:58 PM
Skies have very much opened up here, so if we lose connection please let me know!
jimbeaux 5:42:05 PM
DSM 5:42:41 PM
Brian yes that potat-peno soup is spectacular!
DSM 5:43:21 PM
Thunder here, rain not yet
Jon Solomon (host) 5:44:11 PM
No thunder, just sheets o' rain.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:47:59 PM
Yes indeed, Ahab's closer was of high quality.
Brian D 5:48:35 PM
His Balsamico dressing is great. Little farm grocery / dairy Tanners sells that . Maybe other stores too. And he had a Caesar dressing bottled for sale too. Not sure if that still exists.
DSM 5:50:50 PM
Oh! That’s great to know, Tanners is right by me and that balsamico is indeed great, thanks!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:52:57 PM
Where is Tanners located? I wonder if it is the place I am thinking of.
DSM 5:55:37 PM
I think technically Ivyland? But it’s right outside of Richboro
DSM 5:56:09 PM
On 332/Almshouse road
Jon Solomon (host) 5:56:43 PM
It is by a carousel?
DSM 5:57:11 PM
Ah, no. I think you’re thinking of Organons!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:57:16 PM
DSM 5:57:24 PM
Also a great market
Jon Solomon (host) 5:57:45 PM
Good ice cream next door too.
DSM 5:58:22 PM
Indeed! And they used to have a good Indian food truck parked outside
Mark 5:58:37 PM
thanks for all the suggestions here & the pizza recommendations a few weeks ago :)
Jon Solomon (host) 5:59:32 PM
Sallow - https://sallowtn.bandcamp.com/album/cloud-of-thought
Jon Solomon (host) 6:07:11 PM
Did I first hear this on Giants of Jazz? I suspect I did!
betsy grossman 6:12:29 PM
DSM 6:18:40 PM
Hello Betsy 👋
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:19:25 PM
Good evening everyone
Jon Solomon (host) 6:23:04 PM
Hey, BG and Rob!
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:25:08 PM
Hey Jon. I'm really liking this 75 Dollar Bill piece
Jon Solomon (host) 6:26:49 PM
It is a slow burn. I am delighted they are putting live stuff on their Bandcamp. This is off the latest in that series.
betsy grossman 6:27:22 PM
hi DSM, Rob, Jon!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:27:33 PM
Also, gave me a moment to sneak off for a portobello and some mustard / potato / dill action.
betsy grossman 6:27:47 PM
omg portobello yes
betsy grossman 6:28:07 PM
this is a gorgeous track
betsy grossman 6:28:18 PM
helped me bang out part of a spreadsheet ;)
Pat Von CC 6:28:22 PM
Portobello & 75 Dollar Bill a winning combination
Jon Solomon (host) 6:28:27 PM
Great band. Just a guitar player and a percussionist. Perfect for that.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:28:59 PM
I had a spreadsheet I had to deal with last Thursday night and thank goodness for WPRB as my soundtrack as I tried to crack it (took two days but ultimately - success!)
Bo 6:29:00 PM
Hi ye Jon!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:29:09 PM
Welcome on in, Pat and Bo. All the stars are coming out tonight!
betsy grossman 6:30:07 PM
i need to wrangle some coffee and breakfast but i'll be listening
Jon Solomon (host) 6:30:22 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:30:38 PM
I know there's a time difference where you are but...
betsy grossman 6:30:54 PM
Jon, did i tell you we were thinking about starting a record label?
Bo 6:31:04 PM
Ha, thanks :), I am more of a shooting star
Jon Solomon (host) 6:31:09 PM
You did not!
betsy grossman 6:31:33 PM
i worked pretty late and then slept and have been working in bed but i need to get up and get food, so .... uh... brunch?
betsy grossman 6:31:53 PM
All Your Base Records (as in all you base are belong to us)
Bo 6:32:29 PM
Also enjoying this track a lot!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:32:34 PM
All Your Bass?
betsy grossman 6:32:39 PM
mm hmmm
betsy grossman 6:33:10 PM
i was afraid people would pronounce it like the fish if we spell is bass
betsy grossman 6:33:31 PM
which would also be hilarious i suppose
Jon Solomon (host) 6:33:35 PM
One way to find out!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:36:42 PM
Had to check if the rumble I heard was the track or the sky (it was thunder).
Jon Solomon (host) 6:37:31 PM
What did everyone else have for dinner (or breakfast in some cases)?
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:37:49 PM
Hi betsy and Bo
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:38:57 PM
Jon, we have salad with avocado, and pelmeni. And rum with some watermelon juice
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:39:38 PM
That is dinner. My breakfast this morning was bran and gran(ola), and a boiled egg
Jon Solomon (host) 6:40:10 PM
Had to look up pelmeni. Nicely done!
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:41:06 PM
It is tasty. We've never had it before. Too bad we didn't have portobello to go with it
betsy grossman 6:42:16 PM
watermelon juice sounds good right about now
betsy grossman 6:42:33 PM
i am enjoying an iced coffee with homemade cashew mylk
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:42:52 PM
So I've been naming the cicadas I've removed from my car tires, or picking up off the street, after WPRB djs. It's sort of like the postcard project but only for shows I've be listening to. Jon, I named a couple after you
betsy grossman 6:43:05 PM
which reminds me of the way coffee fribble if anyone remembers those from Friendly's
betsy grossman 6:43:19 PM
of the way coffee fribbles tasted
Jon Solomon (host) 6:43:49 PM
I got a coffee on Monday that I think they forgot to put the coffee in. 16 oz of straight oat milk, baby!
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:43:55 PM
betsy, iced coffee at 6:40 pm? That sounds kind of late
DSM 6:44:06 PM
Just finished a big bowl of buttered egg noodles with some green beans and radish and a fried egg on top. Scrapping tonite
Jon Solomon (host) 6:44:25 PM
I returned it (which I never do) and they tried to explain what lattes were to me. So I suggested they try my drink. Because there was no coffee to be found.
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:44:26 PM
@Jon, I hope you didn't *need* that coffee on Monday...
Jon Solomon (host) 6:44:49 PM
Take two was comically bitter but I just went with it. Because at least the coffee was present.
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:44:51 PM
Radish, yum
Jon Solomon (host) 6:45:09 PM
Good work, DSM. Excellent meals, all!
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:45:21 PM
@Jon, I'm glad you did finally get coffee on Monday
betsy grossman 6:45:30 PM
Rob, i am on the west coast and currently operating on DJ hours
betsy grossman 6:45:50 PM
due to being at a festival with some DJ friends last week in TN
betsy grossman 6:46:12 PM
but yes, it is late for coffee!
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 6:47:14 PM
betsy, I see. Don't stay up _too_ late (or latte)
pethie is clashing 6:48:05 PM
Cheesy cauliflower!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:48:09 PM
That segue should provide an extra jolt or two.
betsy grossman 6:48:17 PM
is 6:30am too late?
Jon Solomon (host) 6:48:22 PM
Pethie! Friday's finest in the house!
betsy grossman 6:48:31 PM
caffeine via music. i like it!
Brian D 6:49:04 PM
pethie is clashing 6:49:22 PM
That last track was aiding my digestion.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:49:28 PM
I hadn't planned on more Upper Wilds but then they went and dropped that cover on us.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:49:51 PM
Same, Pethie. Perfect soundtrack here as well.
pethie is clashing 6:50:16 PM
There’s a lotta fingers on that Upper Wilds cover.
betsy grossman 6:51:05 PM
jon, have you heard ill.gates "more tea"?
betsy grossman 6:51:08 PM
betsy grossman 6:51:27 PM
that's another fun "aid digestion"-type song vibe
betsy grossman 6:51:32 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:51:35 PM
I will try and check that out post-show.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:51:41 PM
Remind me if you can!
Corage Mike 6:51:49 PM
That rocked.
betsy grossman 6:52:16 PM
i'll email it to ya
Jon Solomon (host) 6:52:23 PM
The new Upper Wilds album is as catchy as it is loud. Almost makes me mad how they find hooks in the din.
betsy grossman 6:56:18 PM
ooo this is nice
betsy grossman 6:56:26 PM
reminds me of Stranger Things
pethie is clashing 6:56:30 PM
“Hooks in the din” is a wonderful phrase
betsy grossman 6:58:01 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:59:49 PM
Ol' din hooks get me every time!
Guelo 7:00:29 PM
just tuned in, exactly what I needed : )
Jon Solomon (host) 7:00:53 PM
Glad to have you on board, Guelo.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:01:12 PM
Some cicada-esque sounds deep in this mix.
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 7:11:24 PM
Oh man, how many cicadas were inside the post office?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:12:22 PM
Rob, I take no pleasure in saying "over 100 easy."
Jon Solomon (host) 7:12:40 PM
I was VERY SURPRISED and also pitying the person who probably had to broom them up after I left.
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 7:13:33 PM
Were they dead, or alive?
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 7:13:56 PM
That is a lot of cicadas for an indoor location
Jon Solomon (host) 7:14:08 PM
They were very much alive.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:14:17 PM
Not the shells either.
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 7:14:53 PM
Yikes. A lot of misguided cicadas
Jon Solomon (host) 7:15:02 PM
Rob, why did you mail WPRB all these cicadas from your brood?
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 7:15:17 PM
Um, well, urrr,
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 7:15:41 PM
Oh, right, because I was all out of postcards
Bo 7:17:23 PM
@Jon, Bealtainne is the old Irish Gaelic for May Day.
Patrick White 7:18:03 PM
Our USPS location handled Phila Zoo shipments.We often had broken cricket box invasions.
Bo 7:18:18 PM
Hi Rob and all listening!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:19:45 PM
Postcards ✅ cicadas 🚫
Jon Solomon (host) 7:20:44 PM
Thank you, Bo! I knew it was somehow seasonal. Much appreciated.
Guelo 7:21:39 PM
live music?!
Bo 7:23:30 PM
Diggin' Literature
Jon Solomon (host) 7:23:31 PM
Yes. I've been playing a session taped at WPRB in the third hour of my show every Wednesday.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:23:48 PM
Started with an early 2020 session, we're backwards in time to 2014 now.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:24:25 PM
Will continue to do so until the WPRB staff is reunited in the station (and might keep it going after potentially).
Guelo 7:24:54 PM
Bo 7:25:08 PM
@Jon, " local" band?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:25:24 PM
Texas -> Philly.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:25:36 PM
Two of the members went on to a group called Tres Oui.
Bo 7:26:08 PM
Brian D 7:28:30 PM
One of my faves tonight... usually a weekend thing: oven warm baguette, St Andre triple cream brie cheese, uncured Genoa salami, mixed olives, green salad w/cukes/shredd carrot n purple cabbage, some mustards n spicy harissa spread for the bread/cheese/charcutes and a nice bottle of Italian organic red vino.... mmmm
Jon Solomon (host) 7:29:20 PM
Dang, Brian!
Brian D 7:30:20 PM
It is really easy. The list sounds like a bunch. But that is an easy, tired from work or play, come home & throw together w/no effort. I mean I did not have to bake the bread, cure the sausage, make the cheese so ya easy.
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 7:30:25 PM
Hi Bo!
Bo 7:30:34 PM
Now I'm getting hungry, sounds delish Bri
Jon Solomon (host) 7:30:47 PM
Another impressive assortment of meals in the chat tonight.
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 7:30:51 PM
Brian, delicious
Brian D 7:33:43 PM
Altomontes in Doylestown and Trader Joe's for the wins on the ingredients. And a bit of the local CSA vegs but we ate just about all of our share in less than a week. Tomorrow is replenish night at the farm! Fennel, broccoli, dandelion & collard greens added to the shares this week! Still pick yer own strawberries 2 qts wow thought they'd run out.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:36:40 PM
Do not fret! Chat remains open until the top of the hour, then refresh for Mike's show chat please.
Guelo 7:37:13 PM
thnx Jon
Brian D 7:37:31 PM
Bunkum and tommyrot...
Jon Solomon (host) 7:39:14 PM
In equal measures!
Mark 7:43:29 PM
ha nice show but I’m still waiting for my hoagie ticket # to be called :)
Jon Solomon (host) 7:45:57 PM
1033? Ticket 1033? Anyone?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:47:21 PM
Hmmm. Ticket 0001?
James A 7:49:51 PM
Great show! I listened making dinner and now I have to go back and see what a few of those were :)
Jon Solomon (host) 7:50:14 PM
Thanks for listening, James. What did you make?
Mark 7:50:31 PM
haha good thing wawa still has mare of Easttown hoagies remaining/ see u next week :)
James A 7:50:49 PM
Polenta w/ veggie sausage.
James A 7:51:15 PM
child approved
Jon Solomon (host) 7:51:32 PM
James A 7:51:52 PM
oh, also a microwave naan, that turned out to be quite good.
James A 7:52:07 PM
James A 7:53:24 PM
you going to Hoagie Haven?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:53:50 PM
Me? No hoagie on my docket tonight. Had a nice meal between songs.
James A 7:54:23 PM
Ah. Cool.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:56:23 PM
A little Bevis Frond to wrap up our evening. Mike will be up shortly. See you in his chat!
Bo 7:58:18 PM
Great show Jon as per! Peace.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:59:19 PM
See ya soon, Bo.
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 7:59:55 PM
Great show, thanks, Jon
Jon Solomon (host) 8:00:07 PM
Be well, Rob!
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:01:08 PM
You too! Hopefully no more cicadas in your future!