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The Right to Remain Silent

Jun 10, 2021 8:00 PM β€“ 11:00 PM

With Dante

dante enters completely unprepared for his newfound freedom

The Right to Remain Silent
8:08 PM
Colleen - Summer Water
Colleen Summer Water
The Golden Morning Breaks Thrill Jockey Records 2005
8:11 PM
The Dead Science - Unseeing Eye
The Dead Science Unseeing Eye
Submariner Absolutely Kosher 2003
First in a series of artists who "have not been played on WPRB in at least the past year"
8:19 PM
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - ...denn Nacht ist jetzt schon bald!
Kammerflimmer Kollektief ...denn Nacht ist jetzt schon bald!
Cicadidae 2003
8:23 PM
8:30 PM
Robin Guthrie - Some Sort of Paradise
Robin Guthrie Some Sort of Paradise
Carousel 2009
Robin Guthrie solo > Cocteau Twins.....
8:33 PM
Codeine - Gravel Bed
Codeine Gravel Bed
Frigid Stars 1991
In honor of Chris Browak's visit to Esoterica's show today (god i love slowcore)
8:37 PM
Tarkosia - Metanoia
Tarkosia Metanoia
The Unevening 2017
8:46 PM
Banned Books - Armor
Banned Books Armor
Banned Books 2016
8:54 PM
Karate - Bad Tattoo
Karate Bad Tattoo
Karate Numero Group 2021
8:58 PM
Christopher Alan Durham - All My Old Friends Are Dead
Christopher Alan Durham All My Old Friends Are Dead
Bread & Wine 2020
recorded in 2013 - new 7" is in WPRB's new music collection
9:03 PM
ZS - Don't Touch Me
ZS Don't Touch Me
New Slaves 2010
unbearable, but has not been played on PRB in the past year
9:06 PM
Oceansize - Remember Where You Are (Remastered)
Oceansize Remember Where You Are (Remastered)
Effloresce (Remastered) Beggars Banquet 2003
prog???? am i listening to prog??? in some weird indie version, perhaps
9:11 PM
Time of Orchids - Advent
Time of Orchids Advent
Sarcast While 2005
9:13 PM
Time of Orchids - It Gone
Time of Orchids It Gone
Sarcast While 2005
9:23 PM
Readymade - Outlast by Rain
Readymade Outlast by Rain
All the Plans Resting 2005
Nugaze - not sure if I like it or hate it...Almost Auburn Lull vibes?
9:28 PM
Hala Strana - Quarter Mesto
Hala Strana Quarter Mesto
Hala Strana 2003
9:34 PM
Gultskra Artikler - Slovami Poeta
Gultskra Artikler Slovami Poeta
Kasha Iz Topora 2007
9:35 PM
Won James One - Lodva
Won James One Lodva
Corpus Unhearmeticum 2004
9:42 PM
Clau Aniz - Quero Te Guardar Nesse Lugar Bonito Que Γ‰ O Mundo
Clau Aniz Quero Te Guardar Nesse Lugar Bonito Que Γ‰ O Mundo
Filha De Mil Mulheres 2018
9:49 PM
Rothko - On the Day We Said Goodbye
Rothko On the Day We Said Goodbye
A Continual Search for Origins Too Pure 2002
9:53 PM
Clau Aniz - Romana
Clau Aniz Romana
Filha De Mil Mulheres
10:02 PM
Gypsophile - Marthe
Gypsophile Marthe
Assunta 2006
10:12 PM
Rothko - Fragile Strands of Time
Rothko Fragile Strands of Time
A Continual Search for Origins Too Pure 2002
10:16 PM
Bluish - Two Truths
Bluish Two Truths
Two Truths - Single 2019
10:19 PM
Time of Orchids - All We Ever Wish
Time of Orchids All We Ever Wish
Sarcast While 2005
this one has julee cruise on vox....or does it....
10:27 PM
Time of Orchids - A Man To Hide
Time of Orchids A Man To Hide
Sarcast While 2005


okay allegedly has juleee 4 real????????????????????? pls?????

Update: it does!!!

10:41 PM
Wendy Eisenberg - Centreville
Wendy Eisenberg Centreville
Auto Ba Da Bing! 2020
10:43 PM
Station 17 - Es Ist Wie Es Ist
Station 17 Es Ist Wie Es Ist
Mikroprofessor 2007
10:47 PM
Stereo Nova - Orama
Stereo Nova Orama
Vitamina Tek 2008
10:52 PM
Restless Leg Syndrome - Alta
Restless Leg Syndrome Alta
Rooted 2017
10:55 PM
Colleen - Sweet Rolling
Colleen Sweet Rolling
The Golden Morning Breaks Thrill Jockey Records 2005
10:58 PM
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Sie tranken Regen
Kammerflimmer Kollektief Sie tranken Regen
Cicadidae 2003
Chat is archived.
dj bob (host) 8:03:13 PM
waiting for a connection with reality to be estabishe.d..
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:05:43 PM
dj bob (host) 8:06:54 PM
Hi there! That was one of the most rattled mic breaks I've ever done
dj bob (host) 8:07:19 PM
i just got my laundry out of the washing machine only to find out that it hadn't been wrung out at all...
Brian D 8:07:23 PM
Voice of Philip Baker Hall: "You know what we call people who broadcast in library parking lots? We call them DJs."
dj bob (host) 8:07:27 PM
therefore, cannot speak whatsoever on mic
dj bob (host) 8:08:16 PM
I'll never live up to that remote broadcast - now I have no excuses whatsoever!!
Brian D 8:09:53 PM
Dewey decimal? Dewey ever!
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:10:00 PM
Yikes about the laundry! I'd be rattled too
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:10:42 PM
You did good tho with your opener!
dj bob (host) 8:13:04 PM
Too kind!! Some day I'll be trained in the school of Mike Lupica and be able to speak on mic
Brian D 8:13:09 PM
Marty the laundry wasn't wrung out. That's HEAVY doc
Brian D 8:14:29 PM
It took 50 yrs of coins... but now i have one in the house(washer) and i gladly put it on 2 spins
dj bob (host) 8:16:16 PM
is that a back to the future line or something way further into the recess of pop culture or something different alltogether?
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:16:59 PM
This The Dead Science song really reminds both of us of Radiohead :-)
Brian D 8:17:23 PM
Ya. Back Future mashup paraphrase fan fiction on the spot
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:17:25 PM
and/or a Yorke-Greenwood acoustic thing
Brian D 8:17:54 PM
Ya this is great. Jangle drone gtr. Like
dj bob (host) 8:18:28 PM
Yes! Very Radiohead but for whatever reason (probably because its obscure), I like it more than most radiohead songs I've heard hahah
DSM 8:19:44 PM
Was that very first thing Caretaker?
dj bob (host) 8:20:41 PM
Yep - gets played as my backup track when the signal is having issues. I think I'm one of the only DJs who doesn't have Funky Drummer as a backup track
DSM 8:22:23 PM
Someone put that album or one of his albums on at an LSD party once and it was the strangest thing to hear on acid, no one could figure out what was happening!
DSM 8:23:05 PM
Like if it was modern or ancient. F’d with us very hard it did
Brian D 8:24:57 PM
The Rite to Remain Spring. Soon expiring
Brian D 8:25:41 PM
Ya Ameena played some Doopees i think the other day
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:26:03 PM
Brian D 8:27:03 PM
Cicada did, katydidn't.
Brian D 8:28:09 PM
Buckley esque guitar too. Jeff the son that is
dj bob (host) 8:29:15 PM
Cicadas on the mind
DSM 8:33:36 PM
This is lovely
dj bob (host) 8:34:05 PM
Robin Guthrie solo work is highly underrated imo
dj bob (host) 8:34:39 PM
Imperial (2003) is fantastic
DSM 8:43:05 PM
I will check it out thanks!
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:44:44 PM
No sound
dj bob (host) 8:45:02 PM
oh shoot really?
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:45:26 PM
Yep. I'm streaming in Maryland
dj bob (host) 8:45:31 PM
was switching to a CD
dj bob (host) 8:45:37 PM
gotta love at home setup..
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:45:39 PM
Yhjrtr zo I mean there it is!
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:46:01 PM
A brand new song just came on
dj bob (host) 8:47:13 PM
welp didn't get to play time of orchids
dj bob (host) 8:47:20 PM
will have to see if I can find an mp3
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 8:54:26 PM
I'm glad you found your earring!
Brian D 8:56:10 PM
Great album, band, prb memories here. Karate
Brian D 8:56:25 PM
And great sounding reissues this year!
dj bob (host) 8:57:03 PM
numero group doesn't miss!!
dj bob (host) 8:57:28 PM
didn't know much about karate before the reissue so very glad to have the opportunity to listen
dj bob (host) 8:58:45 PM
glad I found my earring, too. already have lost the other one...
Brian D 9:01:52 PM
just drop in...
dj bob (host) 9:02:17 PM
dj bob (host) 9:02:36 PM
laptop dj team
Rob from Maryland & Brood X Cicadaland 9:47:18 PM
I've enjoyed this show, Dante/bob! I'm heading out shortly.
dj bob (host) 9:48:43 PM
thanks 4 listening! hopefully next week I can see if I can make myself listen to non-downer music to present to the Thursday night listening public
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 9:59:34 PM
Nice vibes, DJ Dante or dj bob if you prefer! Any chance we could hear that Time of Orchids/Julee Cruise tune??
dj bob (host) 10:10:52 PM
Will try and find a good song to play which features Julee. Biggest problem with not being in the studio is not being able to cue tracks hahah
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:13:32 PM
Oh, interesting. Thanks for the information. Weird Julee Cruise is just β€œvocals on album”. Now she’s part of the band!
dj bob (host) 10:14:07 PM
wait is time of orchids still active?
dj bob (host) 10:14:25 PM
i'm seeing their last release was 2010
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:15:28 PM
Probs no, yet they’re New to me! Thanks, DJ Dante!
dj bob (host) 10:15:57 PM
i will play the song that possibly for-real features Julee next lol
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:17:08 PM
I will enjoy whatever gets played, thx!!
dj bob (host) 10:19:04 PM
That's Julee backing!
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:20:10 PM
dj bob (host) 10:20:16 PM
dj bob (host) 10:20:28 PM
unless we are being punked
dj bob (host) 10:20:32 PM
and this is all a rouse
dj bob (host) 10:20:46 PM
I will try another song next that possibly is the real one that features julee
dj bob (host) 10:20:53 PM
lots of conflicting info
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:21:56 PM
maybe that’s Juliey Kruusee
dj bob (host) 10:22:27 PM
I think nobody has listened to this album since 2005
dj bob (host) 10:22:39 PM
all the info on it is from then lol
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:23:08 PM
dj bob (host) 10:23:10 PM
and its not easy to find on the internet either....
dj bob (host) 10:23:16 PM
we need a numero group reissue
dj bob (host) 10:23:20 PM
in 10 years
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:23:24 PM
thank you
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:23:28 PM
dj bob (host) 10:23:29 PM
but for now it can be a secret....
jimbeaux 10:24:04 PM
Heyo dante!
dj bob (host) 10:24:20 PM
hey jimbeaux!! thought i would see you hopping by hah
dj bob (host) 10:25:14 PM
even without julee, this song is pretty nice
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:25:36 PM
this album is just for us!
dj bob (host) 10:26:32 PM
alright this next song "allegedly" is the real one with Julee
dj bob (host) 10:26:40 PM
all of these songs are so long too hahah
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:27:22 PM
guud start…
dj bob (host) 10:28:23 PM
yes its 4 real!!! here she is...
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:28:57 PM
this mood is more J Cruise
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:32:47 PM
this was fun timez! thanks for going on the exploration for us!
dj bob (host) 10:33:57 PM
more than happy!!! i actually wanted to play a lot more of this album. think its a sleeper cult find
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:34:17 PM
I agree and concur
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:40:44 PM
I’m posting everything you say on The Washington Post and it’s getting read live on CNN
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:41:33 PM
(TheWashPo website)
dj bob (host) 10:41:48 PM
but i said the legally required disclaimer!!!
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:41:52 PM
I’m a goof πŸ€ͺ
dj bob (host) 10:41:58 PM
can there be no decency in this world!!!
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:42:12 PM
Not from MrM!!
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:42:27 PM
totes indecent
dj bob (host) 10:42:53 PM
as long as its after 10pm...
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:43:48 PM
Ha! Only 7:43pm over hure
dj bob (host) 10:44:35 PM
there are no rules on the internet, however
dj bob (host) 10:44:49 PM
i can say anything as long as its streaming on the cybernetic highway
DJ McSweden 10:45:52 PM
been listening a lil while driving around tn
DJ McSweden 10:45:58 PM
great tunes
DJ McSweden 10:47:13 PM
dante have u heard that Sweet Trip just put out "you will never know why" on vinyl
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:47:37 PM
Hi, DJ McSweden!!
DJ McSweden 10:47:46 PM
i got the pink version today in the mail after pre-ordering it in January. only 1000 made
DJ McSweden 10:47:51 PM
hi mr m!
dj bob (host) 10:48:20 PM
wow that's awesome hahah. i've never been able to get into sweet trip for some reason. maybe need to give it another chance. last time i tried was back in my shoegaze faze hahah
dj bob (host) 10:48:31 PM
thats a collectable vinyl!!
dj bob (host) 10:48:34 PM
protect it...
DJ McSweden 10:48:46 PM
milk is the main song i know from it, got the album based only on that song
DJ McSweden 10:49:11 PM
gonna give my first full listen through it, on the record i just got
DJ McSweden 10:49:30 PM
will do my best to protect it haha
dj bob (host) 10:50:19 PM
i think i only tried velocity
dj bob (host) 10:50:33 PM
have tried a couple of times. WKDU actually just did an interview with them too
dj bob (host) 10:50:49 PM
which was super cool (and I was only extremely jealous hahah)
DJ McSweden 10:51:06 PM
i saw that announcement, i wish i did that interview instead lol
dj bob (host) 10:51:30 PM
we gotta start going for interviews more agressively lol. gonna be a summer goal of mine
dj bob (host) 10:51:44 PM
erica had a super cool interview guest today tho
dj bob (host) 10:51:48 PM
major clout
DJ McSweden 10:52:40 PM
forever bummed the garden thing didnt work out
DJ McSweden 10:53:14 PM
will attempt hopefully to try and set something up again for the fall when they tour again
dj bob (host) 10:54:46 PM
yea that would be a great get. need to start looking at touring schedules for the fall to see who we can get to do live sets
DJ McSweden 10:56:42 PM
DJ McSweden 10:56:57 PM
devo coming to nyc... maybe we should contact them
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:56:58 PM
DJ Dante, you had a GREAT show! Many thanks and kind regards!
DJ McSweden 10:57:39 PM
glad to hear ur show back on the air, will try and catch it again next week
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 10:57:46 PM
dj bob (host) 10:57:57 PM
thank u both 4 listening!!
dj bob (host) 10:58:08 PM