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Jul 22, 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

With Bernie King

Buckle up because we’re going on a wild ride! This genre-hopping hot rod will take you on a unique journey each week. There’ll be bumps, stops, and swerves, but you’ll (probably) arrive at your musical destination!


I've always been someone fascinated and invested in technology, but I've been thinking about technology and its role in our lives more than ever before this summer. So, in today's broadcast, we'll be exploring every corner of cyberspace (and other digital technologies) using a smattering of songs from all different genres, eras, and artists!

10:00 AM
Olivia Kaplan - Temporary Thing
Olivia Kaplan Temporary Thing N
Tonight Turns to Nothing Topshelf Records 2021
10:03 AM
Set Break: find your place in cyberspace
10:06 AM
yeule - Pixel Affection
yeule Pixel Affection
Serotonin II Bayonet Records 2019
10:09 AM
Arca - Time
Arca Time
KiCk i XL Recordings 2020
10:12 AM
Ha Ha Ha - Turing Test
Ha Ha Ha Turing Test
Turing Test - Single Smokestack Lightning 2021
10:14 AM
Ravyn Lenae - Computer Luv (feat. Steve Lacy)
Ravyn Lenae Computer Luv (feat. Steve Lacy)
Crush - EP Atlantic Records/Three Twenty Three Music Group 2018
10:17 AM
Sophie - Faceshopping
Sophie Faceshopping
Oil of Every Pearl's Un - Insides MSMSMSM / Future Classic 2018
10:21 AM
MINSU - Myspace
MINSU Myspace
Myspace - Single Magic Strawberry Sound 2020
10:25 AM
Tama Gucci - Online
Tama Gucci Online
Fantasy - EP Tama Gucci 2019
10:28 AM
Set Break: my brain software keeps glitching
10:31 AM
Rina Sawayama - Cyber Stockholm Syndrome
Rina Sawayama Cyber Stockholm Syndrome
Rina Dirty Hit Ltd 2017
10:35 AM
NØ SIGNE - Reddit
Reddit - Single STMPD RCRDS 2020
10:36 AM
Soulwax - Is It Always Binary
Soulwax Is It Always Binary
FROM DEEWEE Play It Again Sam 2017
10:40 AM
Okay Kaya - Comic Sans
Okay Kaya Comic Sans
Surviving Is the New Living Jagjaguwar 2020
10:43 AM
Oingo Boingo - Weird Science
Oingo Boingo Weird Science
Totally '80s for Kids Universal Music Enterprises 2010
10:46 AM
Rico Nasty - IPHONE
Rico Nasty IPHONE
Nightmare Vacation Sugar Trap 2020
10:49 AM
Survive Said The Prophet - Network System
Survive Said The Prophet Network System
Wabi Sabi Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. 2017
10:53 AM
King Krule - Cellular
King Krule Cellular
Man Alive! True Panther Sounds 2020
10:56 AM

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11:00 AM
ML Buch - I'm A Girl You Can Hold IRL
ML Buch I'm A Girl You Can Hold IRL
Skinned Anyines 2020
11:03 AM
Sidewalks and Skeletons - Cybercrimes
Sidewalks and Skeletons Cybercrimes
Cybercrimes - Single Sidewalks and Skeletons 2020
11:07 AM
JUNKO OHASHI - Telephone Number
JUNKO OHASHI Telephone Number
TOKYO - CITY POP - UMG Recordings, Inc. 2021
11:11 AM
Frank Ocean - Facebook Story
Frank Ocean Facebook Story
Blonde Boys Don't Cry 2016
11:12 AM
F.W. Tittenbrow - Plug In
F.W. Tittenbrow Plug In
Summons 3137174 2021
11:15 AM
Róisín Murphy - Simulation
Róisín Murphy Simulation
Róisín Machine Skint Records 2020
11:23 AM
Set Break: build a better community
11:27 AM
Cassandra Jenkins - Hard Drive
Cassandra Jenkins Hard Drive
An Overview on Phenomenal Nature Ba Da Bing! 2021
11:32 AM
Metta - Semiconductor
Metta Semiconductor
The light is right there Metta 2021
11:36 AM
Rew - Deleteme
Rew Deleteme
Rew 707431 Records DK 2019
11:39 AM
Holliday Howe - Digital Affection
Holliday Howe Digital Affection
Digital Affection - Single GRADUATION* 2021
11:43 AM
Lightning Bug - The Flash
Lightning Bug The Flash N
A Color of the Sky Fat Possum 2021
11:46 AM
DISCO4 :: PART I Loma Vista Recordings 2020
11:51 AM
Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer (feat. Brian Wilson)
Janelle Monáe Dirty Computer (feat. Brian Wilson)
Dirty Computer Bad Boy Records 2018
11:53 AM
Jessie Ware - Pale Blue Light
Jessie Ware Pale Blue Light
What's Your Pleasure? (The Platinum Pleasure Edition) EMI 2021
11:58 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:59 AM
downstairs J - Wired
downstairs J Wired
basement, etc... Incienso 2021
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Bernie King (host) 10:04:51 AM
howdy howdy! I hope y'all are having a wonderful morning so far. :)
DSM 10:09:53 AM
Good morning Bernie King! So far so good, tho I was very close to dropping my technology in the toilet this morning 😅
Bryon Mollica 10:13:29 AM
Love the breathy vocals with staccato cross rhythms
Mark Reichard 10:14:51 AM
I'm having difficulty with the link to listen
Mark Reichard 10:15:25 AM
I can get to the playlist as you can see, but on both Safari and Chrome I'm getting the message "The site can't be reached"
Bernie King (host) 10:15:41 AM
@DSM oh lord, that is never a fun moment 😭 even if a lot of tech has become waterproof, you almost want to throw the whole device away when that happens
Bernie King (host) 10:16:07 AM
and couldn't agree more, Bryon! I'm a true sucker for breathy vocals
Brian D 10:16:15 AM
Stream is working on my end. Sorry to hear that is happening Mark
Bernie King (host) 10:17:51 AM
@Mark hmm I just checked and the link is working for me. I'll message some other people at WPRB, but in the meantime maybe restarting your device could help out? Also what a fitting theme to have technical difficulties! 😂
Brian D 10:18:03 AM
Here is the direct link to stream guys site for listening.... http://player.streamguys.com/wprb/sgplayer/mobile.php
Brian D 10:19:06 AM
In case the LISTEN buttons on the site are not linking you to that site
Brian D 10:20:10 AM
Or you can maybe try an external radio tuner app depending on your device. Many of those out there
Bernie King (host) 10:21:23 AM
agreed with Brian! there's a plethora of other sites or apps that might provide a workaround
Christine 🦊 11:02:53 AM
This ML Buch track is just grabbing me. Wow 💚
Christine 🦊 11:03:16 AM
Good morning, DJ Bernie! Morning, all
Bernie King (host) 11:23:58 AM
I can't even explain how much I have fallen in love with that ML Buch song. There is something so ethereal about it! And good morning to you as well! ☀️
Bernie King (host) 11:33:23 AM
hey, y'all! I hope you are enjoying the playlist so far. unfortunately, I will have to close the chat a little bit early :'( but don't worry, the music will play on! I hope y'all have a fantastic Thursday 💫