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Jul 21, 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

With Elliot

Sporadic broadcasts from an overeager listener.

Home Broadcast #58: Subbing Pink


Filling in for The Legendary Pink Stitches this morning! One hour of globetrotting, a bit of old school boom bap, and a raucous finale of Deirdre Dionysiac-inspired experiments.

10:01 AM
Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band - Egypt Strut
Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band Egypt Strut N
Egyptian Jazz Strut 2021
10:09 AM
Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band - Ramadan in Space Time
Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band Ramadan in Space Time N
Egyptian Jazz Strut 2021
10:14 AM
Pedro Miguel y Sus Maracaibos - Descarga Maracaibo
Pedro Miguel y Sus Maracaibos Descarga Maracaibo
¡Gozalo! Vol. 4: Bugalu Tropical V/A Vampi Soul 2011
10:15 AM
Mário Rui Silva - Maniku
Mário Rui Silva Maniku N
Stories from Another Time 1982 - 1988 Time Capsule 2021
10:21 AM
Manzanita y su Conjunto - Catita
Manzanita y su Conjunto Catita N
Trujillo, Perú 1971 - 1974 Analog Africa 2021
10:23 AM
Léonie - Mozart
Léonie Mozart
Le Jardin Anglais / Mozart Les Disques Motors 1972
10:27 AM
宮沢正一 - メェメェ
宮沢正一 メェメェ
キリストは馬小屋で生まれた Political Records 1981
10:36 AM
Ches Smith and We All Break - Here's the Light
Ches Smith and We All Break Here's the Light N
Path of Seven Colors Pyroclastic Records 2021
10:47 AM
Synagetic Voice Orchestra (シナジェティックボイスオーケストラ) - Luna Park
Synagetic Voice Orchestra (シナジェティックボイスオーケストラ) Luna Park
Mios (ミオス) Voice Records 1990
10:51 AM
Foyer Des Arts - Eine Königin mit Rädern untendran
Foyer Des Arts Eine Königin mit Rädern untendran
Von Bullerbü nach Babylon WM Germany 1982
10:57 AM
Nicolas Collins & Ned Rothenberg - [untitled]
Nicolas Collins & Ned Rothenberg [untitled]
100 of the World's Most Beautiful Melodies Trace Elements Records 1989
10:59 AM
Dara Puspita - Kerdja Kami
Dara Puspita Kerdja Kami
A Go Go Elshinta Records 1967
11:01 AM
Frente Cumbiero - Soldaditos
Frente Cumbiero Soldaditos
Cera Perdida Salgaelsol & Biche 2020
11:05 AM
Tabu - Farbenblind
Tabu Farbenblind
Tanz Intim CNR Records 1982
11:14 AM
Ayesha - Million Dollar Bill
Ayesha Million Dollar Bill
Funky Vibes (The EP) V/A IQ Records 1993
11:20 AM
The Dismasters - Small Time Hustler
The Dismasters Small Time Hustler
Small Time Hustler / You Must Be Crazy (Brutus) Urban Rock Records 1988
11:22 AM
E.C.H.O. - All About Bouncin' (Barkan's Macdaddy Mix)
E.C.H.O. All About Bouncin' (Barkan's Macdaddy Mix)
All About Bouncin' Phat Wax 1992
11:24 AM
SK-1 & Soundmurderer - Whowanseekwar (Rewind Mix)
SK-1 & Soundmurderer Whowanseekwar (Rewind Mix)
Whowanseekwar Shockout 2003
11:34 AM
Pamela Z - Declaratives In First Person
Pamela Z Declaratives In First Person
Mendi & Keith Obadike present CROSSTALK V/A Bridge 2008
11:39 AM
Satoshi Hashimoto - Makuraga (excerpt)
Satoshi Hashimoto Makuraga (excerpt)
Cause and Effect Compilation 001: Best Text of Japan V/A Cause and Effect 2011
11:41 AM
Yantra de Vilder - Dolphin Diving
Yantra de Vilder Dolphin Diving
Oceania: The Promise of Tomorrow Solar Wave 1989
11:45 AM
Gagakiriseye Thrill Jockey Records 2015
11:49 AM
Hooshyar Khayam & Bamdad Afshar - Chār
Hooshyar Khayam & Bamdad Afshar Chār
This Is Tehran? V/A 30M Records 2021
11:53 AM
Emil Beaulieau - Rock 'N' Roll
Emil Beaulieau Rock 'N' Roll
Spill Your Guts, Friend V/A Stomach Ache Records 1993
11:55 AM
我殺 Crime Fighter - 我殺国家
我殺 Crime Fighter 我殺国家
Rude Beat ADK Records 1984
Chat is archived.
Elliot (host) 10:00:02 AM
Good morning, everyone! I'm Elliot, filling in for Stitching Pink this week! I hope you enjoy the show
Brian D 10:02:29 AM
Welcome back Elliot
Elliot (host) 10:04:07 AM
Hey Brian! Going a month without playing Egyptian jazz for the Delaware Valley has been agony! I hope you're doing well!
Brian D 10:06:30 AM
I was strutting in my seat.
Krista 10:07:58 AM
Let the moustache speak
Brian D 10:08:09 AM
Do it!
Elliot (host) 10:09:15 AM
there's a noise set later today, I think! I'll toss in some secret mustache ASMR
Krista 10:09:15 AM
Nice surprise to hear you as Matt drives us to PA
Elliot (host) 10:09:46 AM
hi Matt!!
Krista 10:10:01 AM
Elliot (host) 10:10:47 AM
I couldn't find any songs called Eid al-Adha in Space Time, so I guess we'll have to record one
Elliot (host) 10:11:56 AM
Dan Quayle doesn't know how to spell muchatoes
Elliot (host) 10:16:24 AM
there are some vocal swoops in this Mário Rui Silva that are just... *chef's kiss*
Elliot (host) 10:16:41 AM
(*cue arrival of Emeril)
Ookla the Mok 10:19:17 AM
def sneak some King Crimson in
Elliot (host) 10:21:07 AM
maybe the quiet part of 'Moonchild' has been in the background all along!
Brian D 10:21:25 AM
Sway in the hammock on that last one
Ookla the Mok 10:22:20 AM
I've been prog rocking for months on end. KC is sublime
Elliot (host) 10:25:06 AM
Angola! The music has a bit of Portuguese, a bit of indigenous rhythm
Elliot (host) 10:27:19 AM
I'm sure my neighbors are annoyed by how much I've been looping their classics. Still need to explore the most recent albums
Ookla the Mok 10:29:34 AM
recent delights = Rare Bird, Patto, Colosseum
connor 10:35:37 AM
That picture of philly looks about as hazy as it is today
deirdre dionysiac (1) 10:36:41 AM
Hey Elliot, great to hear you on the air (even though I'll be doing my last minute shuffle over the next 90 mins). Though I think I'll be prerecording next week and thus will have a nice sit down with your show then. Funneling strength and endurance to "the legendary" stitching pink while she gets stitched up
Elliot (host) 10:37:06 AM
I got VERY creeped out when I learned it was smoke from the PNW, Connor!
deirdre dionysiac (1) 10:37:48 AM
I sat outside for far too long yesterday before learning what I was inhaling...
Ookla the Mok 10:38:54 AM
wow killer horn
Elliot (host) 10:39:01 AM
I'm sure most of what I'll be playing is already in the eternity tank! Good luck digging!
Elliot (host) 10:39:50 AM
Ches Smith is in a thousand bands, and somehow they're ALL good
Elliot (host) 10:47:40 AM
this Synagetic Voice Orchestra record was GREAT bookshelf assembly music this weekend
Mark Reichard 10:48:04 AM
Is smoke from the Pacific Northwest really coming all this way? OMG, it's The End Times!!!
Elliot (host) 10:48:53 AM
That would explain the flaming chariots in the sky, too! I was wondering what they were up to...
Elliot (host) 10:58:39 AM
liner notes for this one are cool: https://www.discogs.com/Nicolas-Collins-100-Of-The-Worlds-Most-Beautiful-Melodies/release/362649
Elliot (host) 10:59:13 AM
Nicolas Collins uses an electronically modified trombone to manipulate the sounds of whoever he's performing with
Brian D 10:59:19 AM
I felt like a ton of lead bricks were dumped on my shoulders yesterday. Started to feel a little burn in the eyes on Monday eve. That haze makes for some great sunrises and sunsets but wow... hard on the system
Elliot (host) 11:00:05 AM
I hadn't even thought about the health affects! My run yesterday felt miserable, but I just assumed it was the heat
Elliot (host) 11:06:44 AM
once again, I've fallen into a Germans-talk/singing-over-synth-funk hole...
Elliot (host) 11:06:50 AM
maybe I never left
Ookla the Mok 11:08:29 AM
I feel like Val Kilmer in Real Genius
Elliot (host) 11:15:05 AM
now I'm craving popcorn
Elliot (host) 11:18:15 AM
anyone catch what slang term that song was using for a $50 bill? sounded like 'Grant's on the buck', but that doesn't sound right to me!
Elliot (host) 11:19:26 AM
I took a grad course on numismatics once, but the syllabus ended before the invention of paper money :(
Elliot (host) 11:20:05 AM
also, point to this track if anyone thinks that triplet-rapping was invented by Migos !
Colin 11:30:07 AM
a perfect combo of coffee and jungle at the office!
Colin 11:30:17 AM
Elliot (host) 11:34:29 AM
I don't know if my system could handle both at once!
Elliot (host) 11:34:34 AM
thanks for listening!
Elliot (host) 11:47:10 AM
a lil Yamatsuka Eye to carry us home!
Brian D 11:48:28 AM
As another DJs mom once said... it really just a bunch of people standing around screaming. Thank goodness
Elliot (host) 11:49:19 AM
even when I'm channeling Deirdre, I'm too scared to play https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mieskuoro_Huutajat
Brian D 11:50:42 AM
Great release here. Is This Tehran.
John Tobias 11:51:55 AM
Burned some serious calories on the elliptical listening today.
connor 11:52:46 AM
great show today ty elliot
Elliot (host) 11:52:47 AM
Yes! I love diverse compilations like this. Not that there's anything wrong with comps like "Garage Rock in France, September 1980 to October 1980"
Elliot (host) 11:53:20 AM
Nice to see you, John! Hopefully this one doesn't break the machine
Elliot (host) 11:53:29 AM
Touched as always, Connor!
Dante 11:53:44 AM
this is sweeet
Dante 11:53:48 AM
requesting it for DNE
Dante 11:54:48 AM
Hooshyar that is!
Elliot (host) 11:55:05 AM
I'm also sending you this noise, D
John Tobias 11:55:12 AM
I just wrapped up so I’m safe.
connor 11:55:14 AM
this led zeppelin cover is mocking me
Brian D 11:58:26 AM
fun ride there Elliot. See you next week
Colin 11:59:44 AM
Thanks great show!!
Elliot (host) 12:00:08 PM
Glad everyone made it to the other side!