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Fresh from the Garden

Aug 24, 2021 1:00 AM – 3:00 AM

With DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant)

Episode #11 - Jade Cross Brussel Sprouts

Fresh from the Garden
1:01 AM
ICEHOUSE - Street Café
Primitive Man Dive Records Pty Limited 2012
1:07 AM
Guerilla Toss - Future Doesn't Know
Guerilla Toss Future Doesn't Know Guerilla Toss
What Would the Odd Do? - EP NNA Tapes
1:11 AM
Piroshka - Scratching at the Lid
Piroshka Scratching at the Lid Piroshka N
Love Drips and Gathers Bella Union 2021
1:16 AM
Koleżanka - 7th St/ 7th Ave
Koleżanka 7th St/ 7th Ave Koleżanka N
Place Is Bar/None Records 2021
1:20 AM
John Martyn - Look In
John Martyn Look In John Martyn
Inside Out (Expanded Version) UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2005
1:25 AM
John Martyn - Ain't No Saint
John Martyn Ain't No Saint John Martyn
Inside Out (Expanded Version) UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2005
1:28 AM
Oregon - Beppo
Oregon Beppo Oregon
Always, Never, And Forever intuition 2014
1:34 AM
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Miles Beyond
Mahavishnu Orchestra Miles Beyond Mahavishnu Orchestra
Birds of Fire Sony Music Media 2001
1:40 AM
The Shins - Girl Inform Me
The Shins Girl Inform Me The Shins N
Oh, Inverted World (20th Anniversary Remaster) Sub Pop Records 2021
1:43 AM
Pageants - Worse
Pageants Worse N
Sun and Settled Days Eye-Dull Records 2021
1:46 AM
Big Thief - Little Things
Big Thief Little Things Big Thief N
Little Things/Sparrow - Single 4AD 2021
1:59 AM
Kansas Smitty’s - Judgement
Kansas Smitty’s Judgement Kansas Smitty’s
Things Happened Here Ever Records 2019
2:03 AM
Eddie Harris - Freedom Jazz Dance
Eddie Harris Freedom Jazz Dance Eddie Harris
The In Sound Rhino Atlantic 2005
2:15 AM
Hank Jones - Deep River
Hank Jones Deep River Hank Jones
Come Sunday Universal Music Group International 2010
2:15 AM
Eddie Harris - You Got It In Your Soulness (Live At Montreux Jazz Festival)
Eddie Harris You Got It In Your Soulness (Live At Montreux Jazz Festival) Eddie Harris
Swiss Movement Warner Jazz 2007
2:25 AM
Erroll Garner - It Might As Well Be Spring
Erroll Garner It Might As Well Be Spring Erroll Garner
Other Voices Columbia/Legacy 1957
2:28 AM
Quatuor Ébène - Águas de Março
Quatuor Ébène Águas de Março Quatuor Ébène
Brazil Erato/Warner Classics 2014
2:32 AM
Bill Evans Trio & Orchestra - Concerto For Orchestra And Jazz: 2. Elegia
Bill Evans Trio & Orchestra Concerto For Orchestra And Jazz: 2. Elegia Bill Evans
Bill Evans Trio with Symphony Orchestra Verve 1990
2:39 AM
Oscar Peterson Trio - Some Day My Prince Will Come
Oscar Peterson Trio Some Day My Prince Will Come
Oscar Peterson & Nelson Riddle
2:40 AM
George Shearing - Misty
George Shearing Misty George Shearing
More Than You Know Happy Laboratory 2014
2:43 AM
Quatuor Ébène - Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)
Quatuor Ébène Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) Quatuor Ébène
Fiction Warner Classics 2010
2:51 AM
Tom Paxton - Outward Bound
Tom Paxton Outward Bound Tom Paxton
Outward Bound Rhino/Elektra 1966
2:51 AM
Dan Reeder - I Don't Always Miss You
Dan Reeder I Don't Always Miss You Dan Reeder N
Every Which Way (Deluxe Edition) Oh Boy Records 2021
2:51 AM
Charlie Byrd - Barbara Allen
Charlie Byrd Barbara Allen
Folk Festival with Oscar Brand
2:58 AM
Charlie Byrd - Romance D'amor
Charlie Byrd Romance D'amor
Folk Festival with Oscar Brand
2:58 AM
Kevin Roth - Nightingale
Kevin Roth Nightingale Kevin Roth
The Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Album Smithsonian Folkways Recordings/Folkways Records 2004
Chat is archived.
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:03:05 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:03:22 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:03:33 AM
<3 <3 <3
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:04:23 AM
welcome to the garden!
trueneutralchatmember 1:06:15 AM
absolute banger
trueneutralchatmember 1:07:16 AM
"what!.... would the odd do"
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:09:11 AM
what WOUld the odd do
trueneutralchatmember 1:10:55 AM
what would they do!!
trueneutralchatmember 1:11:03 AM
question of the century
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:11:59 AM
80s vibes with the synths and pulsing backbeat!
trueneutralchatmember 1:13:49 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:14:01 AM
who's idea was it to use brussel sprouts?
trueneutralchatmember 1:14:09 AM
they must be a genius
trueneutralchatmember 1:14:41 AM
what a hilarious vegetable
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:14:51 AM
tru dat
trueneutralchatmember 1:14:51 AM
i had to google how to spell vegetable
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:15:00 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:16:19 AM
who knew that there was an e? veg-eh-table
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:16:38 AM
I thought it was veggtable
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:16:53 AM
or vegggtable
trueneutralchatmember 1:16:57 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:17:04 AM
i mean veggie is spelled veggie
trueneutralchatmember 1:17:17 AM
so vegetable should be spelled veggtable
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:17:18 AM
I once spelled it Vedge Table
trueneutralchatmember 1:17:32 AM
my god
trueneutralchatmember 1:17:38 AM
im ur biggest fan
Aegir Z. 1:22:33 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:22:49 AM
wow i wonder what the a stands for
Aegir Z. 1:23:08 AM
Ehhh, def not my name
trueneutralchatmember 1:23:47 AM
no definitely not
trueneutralchatmember 1:24:12 AM
subversive and groovy
trueneutralchatmember 1:24:21 AM
more like submissive and breedable
trueneutralchatmember 1:25:14 AM
Aegir Z. 1:25:28 AM
Deleting messages :/
Aegir Z. 1:25:46 AM
Actually weak
trueneutralchatmember 1:25:47 AM
i was just too funny i guess
trueneutralchatmember 1:25:56 AM
my hilarity knows no bounds
trueneutralchatmember 1:26:08 AM
is that how you spell hilarity ?? who knows
Aegir Z. 1:26:10 AM
Your humbleness does neither
trueneutralchatmember 1:26:11 AM
not me
trueneutralchatmember 1:26:59 AM
:D being humble is my middle name idk what ur on abt
Aegir Z. 1:27:31 AM
When is captain ahab coming on? Can’t wait
trueneutralchatmember 1:28:35 AM
what you dont like my company?????
Aegir Z. 1:29:13 AM
Aegir Z. 1:30:05 AM
I’m here to talk to DJ Gigantor but he won’t chat with me :/
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:30:28 AM
I'm observing this fantastic interaction
trueneutralchatmember 1:32:34 AM
tbh? cant believe sleepluvr copied me but ok
Aegir Z. 1:33:27 AM
I mean you’re just jealous DJ Gigantor likes me more 💁‍♂️
trueneutralchatmember 1:33:57 AM
omg he doesnt even kNOW you ok
trueneutralchatmember 1:34:06 AM
im his #1 fan
trueneutralchatmember 1:34:44 AM
wow gigantor this vibe is so groovy
Aegir Z. 1:34:46 AM
Well we’re still going to marry, and you’ll be left alone grow old and become a cat mom
trueneutralchatmember 1:34:50 AM
youre so good at what you do
trueneutralchatmember 1:34:54 AM
what the fk
trueneutralchatmember 1:35:02 AM
since when !!!
Aegir Z. 1:35:28 AM
Do you want to tell her gigantor?
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:35:40 AM
I was waiting for a better moment...
trueneutralchatmember 1:35:41 AM
i cant believe this
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:35:45 AM
I'm sorry
trueneutralchatmember 1:35:46 AM
i feel so betrayed rn
trueneutralchatmember 1:35:50 AM
i j ust..... wow
Aegir Z. 1:36:09 AM
No sugar left for you I’m sorry
trueneutralchatmember 1:36:22 AM
u guys suk
Aegir Z. 1:36:55 AM
Uff even changed the name! And you used to call yourself the n1 fan
Aegir Z. 1:37:10 AM
You made the right choice Gigantor 🤗
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:37:22 AM
true love is never a choice
trueneutralchatmember 1:37:36 AM
apparently for sleepluvr it is.....
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:37:42 AM
Aegir Z. 1:38:55 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:39:14 AM
tbh? guitar was fire for sure
trueneutralchatmember 1:39:37 AM
Aegir Z. 1:39:40 AM
Omg this voice
trueneutralchatmember 1:40:02 AM
putting me to sleep tbh
Aegir Z. 1:40:28 AM
Perfect way to fall asleep 😴
trueneutralchatmember 1:40:49 AM
oh do you like sleep?
trueneutralchatmember 1:40:56 AM
never wouldve guessed
trueneutralchatmember 1:41:10 AM
oh bet i actually love this song
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:42:11 AM
TrueNeut this song is a classic!
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:42:20 AM
perfect organ playing
trueneutralchatmember 1:42:23 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:42:34 AM
very solid wakey song after that sleepy voice
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:42:34 AM
not too busy but it fills up the mix
trueneutralchatmember 1:44:19 AM
unf the vibes
Aegir Z. 1:48:48 AM
Hi 👋
Aegir Z. 1:49:01 AM
Ohh my profile picture didn’t change…
Aegir Z. 1:49:21 AM
I wanted to pretend to be someone completely else, a true fan
trueneutralchatmember 1:49:26 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:49:37 AM
you shouldve just commited to the bit
trueneutralchatmember 1:49:45 AM
now we all know youre the same person
trueneutralchatmember 1:49:57 AM
all two of us
Aegir Z. 1:50:08 AM
Or maybe I’m just trying to trick you into thinking these are the same persons
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:50:37 AM
oh no
trueneutralchatmember 1:50:42 AM
what happened to nugget guy
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:50:48 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:50:51 AM
who's this "going to smoke now"
trueneutralchatmember 1:50:58 AM
gigantor i missed you
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:51:27 AM
I was on a long journey into uncharted depths, searching for new sounds just for you all
trueneutralchatmember 1:51:36 AM
i cant believe it
trueneutralchatmember 1:51:42 AM
you do so much for us lowly fans
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:51:52 AM
like i said
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 1:51:58 AM
im benevolent
trueneutralchatmember 1:52:22 AM
truely the friendliest giant of all
Aegir Z. 1:52:26 AM
Thank you o humble dj
trueneutralchatmember 1:54:37 AM
omg did you hear that he called us friends
Aegir Z. 1:54:54 AM
I thought we were more…
trueneutralchatmember 1:55:01 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:55:08 AM
he rly did u dirty there
Aegir Z. 1:55:23 AM
Well do you want to be engaged truemember?
Aegir Z. 1:55:45 AM
I’ve been abandoned
trueneutralchatmember 1:56:16 AM
rip to you man
trueneutralchatmember 1:56:26 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:56:33 AM
weren't we already engagaed
trueneutralchatmember 1:56:38 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:57:03 AM
Aegir Z. 1:57:10 AM
I’ve known you for 40min…
trueneutralchatmember 1:57:28 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:57:37 AM
i felt it went deeper than that but ok
trueneutralchatmember 1:57:41 AM
trueneutralchatmember 1:58:03 AM
lanternflies are actually really pretty :(
Aegir Z. 1:59:30 AM
Our connection is deep again now, gigantor rejected me ):
trueneutralchatmember 1:59:43 AM
you know what? im shallow i'll accept it <3
Aegir Z. 2:00:41 AM
Let’s talk about who will play music at our wedding 👰
trueneutralchatmember 2:01:13 AM
gotta get this sax guy there this is groove central right here
Aegir Z. 2:01:25 AM
I heard captain ahab is coming on at 3, he is supposed to be great ;)
trueneutralchatmember 2:01:48 AM
i dunno abt that one m8
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 2:01:53 AM
I heard they caught a dolphin or smthn
trueneutralchatmember 2:01:58 AM
w h a t
trueneutralchatmember 2:02:06 AM
w h a t
Aegir Z. 2:02:16 AM
A narwhal… he is a real man
trueneutralchatmember 2:02:24 AM
omg girl fight
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 2:02:33 AM
couldn't have done it without Starbucks
trueneutralchatmember 2:02:50 AM
the true hero...... starbucks
Aegir Z. 2:03:09 AM
Unironically the most boring book I’ve ever read
trueneutralchatmember 2:03:27 AM
oh my god donesmoking doesnt appreciate classic literature
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 2:03:41 AM
you didn't like the 35 page chapter on whale science thats almost entirely innaccurate?
trueneutralchatmember 2:04:44 AM
best chapter ive ever read
trueneutralchatmember 2:04:47 AM
by faaar
Aegir Z. 2:04:58 AM
I loved that part, but why did the author have the need to actually put a story in it. He should have just been descriptive of everything around him like he did in 90% of the book
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 2:05:15 AM
man loves the sea
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 2:05:19 AM
don't hate
trueneutralchatmember 2:05:23 AM
you can't argue with that one
trueneutralchatmember 2:05:31 AM
man really did love the sea
Aegir Z. 2:11:06 AM
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Moby Dick. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of whale biology most of the jokes will go over a typical viewers head. There's also Captain Ahab’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes,
Aegir Z. 2:11:16 AM
to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Moby Dick truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Ahab’s existential quest to hunt the Narwhal which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenevs Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Herman Melville’s genius wit unfolds itself.
Aegir Z. 2:11:26 AM
What fools.. how I pity them.
trueneutralchatmember 2:12:48 AM
i gotta tell you guys something
trueneutralchatmember 2:13:00 AM
and this is actually really hard for me to admit ok
trueneutralchatmember 2:13:10 AM
i never actually read moby dick
trueneutralchatmember 2:13:20 AM
i only read the picture book version
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 2:13:24 AM
i stopped at the whale chapter
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 2:13:36 AM
but c o o l dude
trueneutralchatmember 2:13:39 AM
cant believe donesmoking is a genius tho damn
Aegir Z. 2:13:40 AM
The only book i started but never finished
trueneutralchatmember 2:13:45 AM
thats crazy
trueneutralchatmember 2:14:02 AM
you know what's a fantastic book ?
trueneutralchatmember 2:14:14 AM
the princess diaries
Aegir Z. 2:16:44 AM
The movie looks terrible…
trueneutralchatmember 2:17:31 AM
trueneutralchatmember 2:18:19 AM
princess diaries is a CLASSIC
trueneutralchatmember 2:18:25 AM
and the book is even BETTER
trueneutralchatmember 2:18:58 AM
i mean julie andrews as a queen???? mia thermopolis's whole character arc??? the drama with her friend??? a cat named louis the whatever tf it was
Aegir Z. 2:18:59 AM
I’ll add it to my list :)
trueneutralchatmember 2:19:03 AM
trueneutralchatmember 2:19:07 AM
there's a sequal too
Aegir Z. 2:19:21 AM
Uhh you had me at cat 😻
trueneutralchatmember 2:20:42 AM
you ever see the cat returns??
Aegir Z. 2:21:22 AM
No haha what is that?
Aegir Z. 2:21:29 AM
trueneutralchatmember 2:22:08 AM
its a cinematic masterpiece is what it is
trueneutralchatmember 2:22:16 AM
also this piano playing is fucking insane
Aegir Z. 2:29:15 AM
Brazilian music :D
trueneutralchatmember 2:29:38 AM
what you like brazilian music now too
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 2:29:43 AM
Played by a french string quartet!
Aegir Z. 2:30:13 AM
Whst do you mean now too!?
trueneutralchatmember 2:31:05 AM
first the rant about moby dick, now liking brazilian music....... are you like,, cultured???? cause..... that'd be kinda..... embarrassing \
trueneutralchatmember 2:33:11 AM
y i k e s
trueneutralchatmember 2:33:34 AM
honestly? getting censored is kinda heteronormative
DJ Gigantor (The Friendly Giant) (host) 2:39:27 AM
Aegir Z. 2:44:41 AM
I have returned, reformed and a better man thanks to the fair judgement of the benevolent DJ Gigantor
trueneutralchatmember 2:45:14 AM
our lord and savior, the friendly giant gigantor
Aegir Z. 2:47:17 AM
Don’t forget to give a shout-out to your two biggest fans :)
trueneutralchatmember 2:50:02 AM
trueneutralchatmember 2:50:07 AM
im the friend
trueneutralchatmember 2:50:19 AM
just gotta put that out there
Aegir Z. 2:50:25 AM
<3 that’s me too
trueneutralchatmember 2:58:20 AM
the sleepy vibes <3
trueneutralchatmember 2:58:27 AM
love quiet folk
trueneutralchatmember 2:59:01 AM
goodnight gigantor
trueneutralchatmember 2:59:05 AM
ill miss you <3
Aegir Z. 2:59:08 AM
Really nice show! 👏 thanks for inviting me!
trueneutralchatmember 2:59:09 AM
until next time