Desert Cruising

Sep 22, 2021 3:00 PM โ€“ 5:00 PM

With Captain Ahab


Ep. 158: 9/22/21

Desert Cruising
3:01 PM
Monolord - The Weary
Monolord The Weary N
Single 2021
3:05 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:08 PM
Bogwife - The Approach
Bogwife The Approach N
A Passage Divine Majestic Mountain Records 2021
3:15 PM
Sheev - Well Whined
Sheev Well Whined N
Well Whined - Single 2021
3:20 PM
Jointhugger - Midnight
Jointhugger Midnight N
Midnight - EP 2021
3:31 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:34 PM
Wolfnaut - Feed Your Dragon
Wolfnaut Feed Your Dragon N
Feed Your Dragon - Single Fuzzpanzer 2021
3:38 PM
Mother Iron Horse - The Devil's Work
Mother Iron Horse The Devil's Work N
The Devil's Work - Single 2021
3:41 PM
Cynic - Mythical Serpents
Cynic Mythical Serpents N
Single 2021
3:47 PM
Duster 69 - Oppose
Duster 69 Oppose N
2021 - Single 2021
3:50 PM
Planet Fatale - Talking To Myself
Planet Fatale Talking To Myself N
The Cycle Repeats Planet Fatale 2021
3:54 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:00 PM
Greenwater - Spilth
Greenwater Spilth
Spilth - Single Greenwater 2021
4:04 PM
The Heavy Clouds - Today Is the Day
The Heavy Clouds Today Is the Day N
Life Side Effects The Heavy Clouds 2021
4:08 PM
Psychedelic Source Records - Dull Rivershell Blues
Psychedelic Source Records Dull Rivershell Blues N
Nagykรถrรผ Sessions 2021
4:25 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:31 PM
Estacado - Chamomile
Estacado Chamomile N
Estacado The Committee for Acoustical Metaphysics 2021
4:37 PM
Glasgow Coma Scale - Magik
Glasgow Coma Scale Magik N
Sirens Tonzonen Records 2021
4:44 PM
Transmission Zero - Those Brief Moments
Transmission Zero Those Brief Moments N
Those Brief Moments - Single 2021
4:51 PM
Rasputniki - ะœะพะฝะฐั€ั…
Rasputniki ะœะพะฝะฐั€ั… N
ะœะพะฝะฐั€ั… - Single 2021
4:54 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:56 PM
Arabbia - Zeitgeistus
Arabbia Zeitgeistus N
Green Goddess Arabbia 2021
Chat is archived.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:02:00 PM
And away we goooo
Brian D 3:04:01 PM
Cheese sauce pasta pics... so hungry make
Captain Ahab (host) 3:04:32 PM
Hi Brian!
Brian D 3:04:49 PM
Hello Ahab
Jon Solomon 3:07:35 PM
So far, so good!
Jason DiVirgilio 3:07:37 PM
Crystal clear over here.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:08:38 PM
Phew knock on wood
Captain Ahab (host) 3:10:32 PM
Happy Fall Equinox! Summer is officially over :'(
DSM 3:11:16 PM
Does Fall Equinox get less love historically due to fear of night?
Teresa Peacock 3:12:19 PM
Woo!! Salutations Cap'n and DC Crew! Happy Autumn Equinox to you too! I am LOVING this SUMPFFRAU! (everything sounds more metal in German)
Captain Ahab (host) 3:13:15 PM
I think it's a bit of that and just the end of the growing season, lots of harvest festivals around this time. Lots of new growth in spring lends itself more to a time of new beginnings haha
Captain Ahab (host) 3:13:27 PM
Hi Teresa!
Teresa Peacock 3:15:07 PM
Hi Ahab! <3 Harvest festivals and new calendar year for many religions as well.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:15:44 PM
Indeed! I'll try to drop some fun facts throughout the show
DSM 3:16:10 PM
Plus gotta survive that coming harsh winter with nothing but pickled root vegetables
DSM 3:17:07 PM
Happy Equinox Teresa!
Jon Solomon 3:23:12 PM
Hearing some of your show last week was the only way I knew it was Wednesday, Ahab!
Captain Ahab (host) 3:25:08 PM
Nice to have you back Jon!
Captain Ahab (host) 3:25:18 PM
Hope you had a nice break
Brian D 3:30:08 PM
O the low low low.... the low is strong with this
Jon Solomon 3:30:28 PM
It is very good to be on the other side of school starting and the high holidays. A routine is forming!
Jon Solomon 3:32:11 PM
Sheev is Emperor Palpatine's first name! Seriously!
Captain Ahab (host) 3:35:57 PM
all sorts of fun facts today
Brian D 3:38:38 PM
Really good show today Ahab!
Captain Ahab (host) 3:40:34 PM
Thanks very much!
Zapshifter X 3:47:26 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:48:28 PM
Aye aye! signal seems to be solid this week
Brian D 3:55:16 PM
I only go by metric time
Brian D 3:56:10 PM
A minute seems like a lunchtime....
Jason DiVirgilio 3:59:41 PM
There will be a quiz later
DSM 3:59:45 PM
I thought it wuz cuz ancient aliens had 12 meals a day
Captain Ahab (host) 4:01:04 PM
That's the other main competing theory!
DSM 4:01:36 PM
Fun factoids today
Jon Solomon 4:04:02 PM
Like a These Vibes Are Too Cosmic / Desert Cruising crossover episode.
Colin 4:05:48 PM
this cosmic desert is a total cruising vibe radio show.
Brian D 4:06:02 PM
I was reading about the decimal time / metric time tidbits at the same time as your last break. Fun facts indeed. In addition to the French info i found out about the Chinese use of the "centiday" or "kรฉ". Used as a division of time. About 15 minutes as we know it.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:08:01 PM
The traditional japanese calendar had only 12 hours in the day, so each hour was about 2 of the hours we are used to. It's so fascinating once you fall down the rabbit hole of why we measure time the way we do
DSM 4:10:16 PM
The WPRB community measures time in 2 to 3 hour chunks based on programming length.
Christine ๐ŸฆŠ 4:10:33 PM
Looking at different ways to measure time is pretty fascinating.
Christine ๐ŸฆŠ 4:11:18 PM
Ahoy, Cap'n! ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐Ÿƒ Happy Autumn Equinox, everybody
Twofive Assity 4:11:46 PM
God l love this track. Your whole show is just so cool.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:13:02 PM
Good because there's another 13 minutes of it!
Captain Ahab (host) 4:13:13 PM
Glad you're enjoying the show
DSM 4:13:24 PM
HppY โ€˜Nox Christine! ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚
Captain Ahab (host) 4:13:24 PM
Hi Christine!
Christine ๐ŸฆŠ 4:16:46 PM
Happy Fall y'all! ๐ŸŽƒ ๐ŸŒ•
Zapshifter X 4:18:17 PM
If it wasn't for time we'd have no time at all.
Christine ๐ŸฆŠ 4:20:54 PM
"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." ~Douglas Adams
Brian D 4:24:00 PM
ultimate psych breakdown here... Really good stuff
Zapshifter X 4:25:18 PM
I know I say it a lot about a lot of shows on WPRB but I love this show.
Jon Solomon 4:28:57 PM
I measure time in a unit called the "Dopesmoker." There are 22.85 of these in a single day.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:31:47 PM
Awww thanks Zap
Brian D 4:32:11 PM
Much fun hearing and reading the time discussion!
Captain Ahab (host) 4:32:18 PM
@Jon that's a pretty good system
DSM 4:32:44 PM
I heard a single unit of โ€˜Dopesmokerโ€™ can be extremely variable however
Captain Ahab (host) 4:34:01 PM
Depends a lot on one's ~activities~
Alan Pasnyk 4:34:29 PM
Hi Captain!! Just tuning in now... Happy Woden's-day!
Captain Ahab (host) 4:34:32 PM
Also just reminded me of that story about why CDs are 74 minutes long and Beethoven
Captain Ahab (host) 4:34:47 PM
Hey Alan! Thanks for stopping by
Captain Ahab (host) 4:35:31 PM
More fun facts: in order to replace the saints days of the catholic calendar, the French republican calendar assigned an agricultural product, tool, plant, animal etc to each day
Captain Ahab (host) 4:35:37 PM
Today is grape day
Christine ๐ŸฆŠ 4:36:18 PM
@Jon, cool. We could also measure time in Bath Boy units. There are 142.15 Bath Boys in a day.
Alan Pasnyk 4:36:40 PM
(Trying here to find an emoji for grapes..)
Jon Solomon 4:36:52 PM
6+ Bath Boys = one Dopesmoker.
Christine ๐ŸฆŠ 4:37:55 PM
๐Ÿ‡ ๐Ÿท
Alan Pasnyk 4:39:46 PM
Hi Christine! โœจ Emoji Queen!!
Christine ๐ŸฆŠ 4:41:21 PM
Desert Cruising is 2.86 dopesmokers long, which is to say 17.77 Bath Boys.
Alan Pasnyk 4:41:53 PM
Sirens = Great Music to drive an old Classic Pontiac thru the desert, Cruisin"...
Brian D 4:48:33 PM
Just perfect here.... totally epic.
Alan Pasnyk 4:53:32 PM
Sputnik = "Traveller" in Ruuski..
Christine ๐ŸฆŠ 4:53:56 PM
I will not disputnik
Alan Pasnyk 4:54:32 PM
Also reads "Monarch"
Jon Solomon 4:56:56 PM
Excellent show, Cap. Lotta new stuff I need to look into!
Christine ๐ŸฆŠ 4:57:03 PM
Thanks, Captain Ahab! Nice chatting with all you desert cruisers...
Alan Pasnyk 4:57:31 PM
Happy Equal Night Ahab, ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚ and Thanks! bcnu
Captain Ahab (host) 4:57:45 PM
Thanks team! Glad you could join me and catch you all next week
Rob from Maryland 4:58:08 PM
I just dropped in before my 5 pm video thing. This Arabbia track is fabulous. Hi and bye everyone. Thanks Captain!
Captain Ahab (host) 4:58:36 PM
Hi and bye Rob!
Brian D 5:00:23 PM
See y'all