the weather report

Sep 30, 2021 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM

With sara

Fun spins and a weather report for you on Thursday mornings.

very off morning

We're still out here!

the weather report
7:38 AM
Set Break: Audio Issues

Hello all! Unfortunately the morning is off to a rough start with some technical issues, so you're hearing our hardy studio robot automation right now. Apologies for the weird statics and loops on air before that, and hopefully will be on with you all soon.

8:28 AM
Lô Borges - Trem de Doido
Lô Borges Trem de Doido Lô Borges
Clube da Esquina Universal Music Ltda. 1972
8:34 AM
Set Break: Back on the Air

Thank you Mike and Carl for getting us back on the FM waves!

8:37 AM
Broadcast - Ominous Cloud
Broadcast Ominous Cloud Broadcast
Haha Sound Warp Records 2003
8:40 AM
Dorothy Ashby - The Windmills of Your Mind
Dorothy Ashby The Windmills of Your Mind Dorothy Ashby
Dorothy's Harp Verve Reissues 1969
8:42 AM
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Ever New
Beverly Glenn-Copeland Ever New
Ever New (Kelsey Lu's Transportation) - Single Transgressive 2021
8:52 AM
Björk - Cover Me
Björk Cover Me
Hyperballad - EP One Little Independent Records 1996
8:54 AM
MJ Lenderman - Ghost of Your Guitar Solo
MJ Lenderman Ghost of Your Guitar Solo MJ Lenderman
Ghost of Your Guitar Solo Dear Life Records 2021
9:04 AM
Dee Dee Sharp - I Really Love You
Dee Dee Sharp I Really Love You Dee Dee Sharp
Cameo Parkway: The Best of Dee Dee Sharp, 1962-1966 V/A ABKCO Music and Records, Inc. 2005
9:06 AM
MOONLIT FOOLS RCA Records Label 2021
9:09 AM
Prophet - Insanity
Prophet Insanity Prophet
Wanna Be Your Man Stones Throw Records 2018
Album recorded with Mndsgn, who is on cue next.
9:13 AM
Mndsgn - Slowdance
Mndsgn Slowdance Mndsgn
Rare Pleasure Stones Throw 2021
9:19 AM
KIRBY - Kool Aid
Sis. KIRBY 2020
9:22 AM
Heatwave - Always and Forever
Heatwave Always and Forever Heatwave
Boogie Nights - EP Charly Records 2006
9:26 AM
Dorothy Ashby - Alone Together (feat. Frank Wess, Roy Haynes & Herman Wright)
Dorothy Ashby Alone Together (feat. Frank Wess, Roy Haynes & Herman Wright) Dorothy Ashby
The Jazz Harpist (feat. Frank Wess, Wendell Marshall, Eddie Jones, Ed Thigpen, Herman Wright, Art Taylor, John Tooley, Terry Pollard & Jimmy Cobb) Fresh Sound Records 2012
9:37 AM
Bad Sauna - Kaikki kotona
Bad Sauna Kaikki kotona Bad Sauna
Kaikki kotona - Single All That Plazz 2021
Title translates to "All at home" (roughly?)
9:41 AM
MÄSÄ - Sekaisin Makista
MÄSÄ Sekaisin Makista MÄSÄ
Mä&Sä Luova Records 2016
9:45 AM
Saatanan kojootti - Tolokummies
Saatanan kojootti Tolokummies Saatanan kojootti
Tolokummies - Single Secret Entertainment 2020
9:48 AM
Joni Ekman - Mikään ei riitä
Joni Ekman Mikään ei riitä Joni Ekman
Mikään ei riitä - Single Soit Se Silti 2020
Title translates to "Nothing is Enough"
9:51 AM
Bad Sauna - Tehdään jotain tyhmää
Bad Sauna Tehdään jotain tyhmää Bad Sauna
Olen rikas sillä minulla on teidät All That Plazz 2020
Title translates to "Let's do something stupid." Everyone let's all do something stupid all right now at the same time!!
9:53 AM
Palo Alto - Triptych / Chaosmos
Palo Alto Triptych / Chaosmos Palo Alto
Difference and Repetition, a Musical Evocation of Gilles Deleuze 2020
Chat is archived.
Andy Wing 8:14:55 AM
Today's weather: station breaks 😃
sara (host) 8:38:03 AM
working on getting the broadcast back up!! A very accurate weather report @Andy
Mike Lupica 8:40:41 AM
Howdy, folks! Apologies for all of the messed up audio this morning. A server reboot overnight seems to have hosed a few settings which we're working on restoring right now. WPRB's streams are presently down, but we are broadcasting on FM loud and proud, so set your devices accordingly.
Mike Lupica 8:41:16 AM
I should say: the streams aren't necessarily "down", but they're not playing Sara's show.
Mike Lupica 8:41:27 AM
And that's what we're aiming to fix.
Christine 🦊 8:42:02 AM
Morning all 🌄 the pop-up player is playing some chill guitar groove right now.
Jon Solomon 8:42:42 AM
Thanks for the update, Mike!
Christine 🦊 8:44:12 AM
I'll switch to terrestrial radio.
jimbeaux 8:44:17 AM
Looping King of the Hill/toilet sounds station ID had me cracking up during AM fitness routine!
Mike Lupica 8:45:50 AM
Last night I dreamed of a funky drummer. He was punching me repeatedly in the face.
Brian D 8:46:52 AM
Yo Looping Tengo
Mike Lupica 8:50:43 AM
I believe we are back. Please refresh your player if you're trying to listen online.
Mike Lupica 8:51:21 AM
Semi-related: That Beverly Glenn-Copeland song is tops.
sara (host) 8:51:26 AM
Huge thank you to mike for helping fix this!!
Christine 🦊 8:52:37 AM
You're back!
Christine 🦊 8:53:01 AM
Björk on both now.
Andy Wing 8:53:08 AM
I've heard far more "intense" looping glitches on streams, lol.
Christine 🦊 8:53:50 AM
Thanks, Mike!
Brian D 8:54:11 AM
Bjork and harp yes
sara (host) 8:55:04 AM
They were both necessary for this morning
Brian D 8:57:33 AM
Channeling their inner Fripp here
Brian D 9:00:07 AM
Yay Sara! Yay Mike and crew!
Brian D 9:03:33 AM
Same pose as the avatar pic... hand at cheek/ear level just right
sara (host) 9:05:01 AM
lol @Brian agreed
Brian D 9:13:49 AM
Good sounds today Sara!
Mike Lupica 9:14:45 AM
OK, I gotta bounce and get my day started for real, but thanks to Sara for hanging through this morning's tech woes. Everything should be good to go now.
Christine 🦊 9:22:37 AM
Thanks, Sara & Mike
Michael KT 9:29:30 AM
is there any way the DJ can see a record of what was playing in the 7-8am hour today? Trying to figure out what track played after "Every Last Coffee or Tea"....
hannnnna 9:30:01 AM
beeeeeen loving the show :^))))
hannnnna 9:30:19 AM
mike should indeed have a human sized trophy of him
hannnnna 9:30:31 AM
and yep, maybe we call that a statue
Joe Rathbone 9:33:33 AM
Love "Alone Together" here's another great version
Brian D 9:35:20 AM
Michael KT I was wondering the same. Today in the 8am EST was a unique robo dj experience so i guess only those 2 tracks were captured. I do know that the 75 $ Bill coffee or tea track was about a half hour long track or so. After that a mellow Yo La Tengo track played more than once maybe not complete all times
Brian D 9:37:27 AM
The 7am hour robo dj is now visible as of last couple months so that is a big bonus! Many a mystery tune heard over last 18 months
sara (host) 9:37:43 AM
@joe thanks, looking forward to listening to this!!
sara (host) 9:38:10 AM
@hanna let's get working on that statue promptly thank you
Brian D 9:40:54 AM
And you know... now that I think of it there may have been a Mdou Moctar or similar Mali / W African gtr track before 75 $ Bill... so my estimate of 1/2 hour length was wrong for their coffee tea song.
Christine 🦊 9:56:19 AM
Thanks for the weather report today, Sara. ☀ You & Mike showed grace under pressure fetting it resolved. Have a great day!
Brian D 10:00:57 AM
Thanks Sara Mike Carl and all
Mike Lupica 10:04:02 AM
Not sure if anyone is still looking, but the track that played after the first 75 Dollar Bill track this this morning was a recording of the same band playing live at WPRB several years ago.