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Oct 13, 2021 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

With Jon Solomon

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Jon Solomon
5:00 PM
The Rub - The Death of Pop
The Rub The Death of Pop
Bikini Gospel Happy Squid
5:04 PM
Set Break
5:09 PM
Meat Wave - Tugboat
Meat Wave Tugboat
Volcano Park 2021
5:13 PM
Sal Davis - Sultan Qaboos Song
Sal Davis Sultan Qaboos Song N
Habibi Funk 015: An eclectic selection of music from the Arab world, part 2 V/A Habibi Funk 2021


5:15 PM
Aeon Station - Queens
Aeon Station Queens
Observatory Sub Pop 2021
Kevin from The Wrens.
5:20 PM
Motrik - Outer Reaches
Motrik Outer Reaches
Artificial Head 2020
5:42 PM
Prince Rakeem, Treach, Tony D & LA Law - Thursday Night Live
Prince Rakeem, Treach, Tony D & LA Law Thursday Night Live
Live On WPRB (June 27, 1991)


5:49 PM
Jaimie Branch - nuevo roquero estéreo
Jaimie Branch nuevo roquero estéreo N
FLY or DIE LIVE International Anthem 2021
5:57 PM
Blind Butcher - 1983
Blind Butcher 1983


6:02 PM
Set Break
6:15 PM
Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps
Bush Tetras Too Many Creeps
45 99 Records 1980

RIP Dee Pop.


6:19 PM
Baba ould Hembara & Badi ould Hembara - Ayni ‘ana (Seyni Karr)
Baba ould Hembara & Badi ould Hembara Ayni ‘ana (Seyni Karr)
Wallahi Le Zein!! - Wezin, Jakwar And Guitar Boogie From The Islamic Republic Of Mauritania V/A Mississippi Records


6:28 PM
Sleaford Mods - Nudge It (feat. Amy Taylor)
Sleaford Mods Nudge It (feat. Amy Taylor)
Spare Ribs Rough Trade 2021
6:32 PM
Loren Rush - Dans le Sable
Loren Rush Dans le Sable
Dans le Sable Recital Program

First new album in over 40 years.


6:52 PM
Tropical Fuck Storm - Reporting of a Failed Campaign
Tropical Fuck Storm Reporting of a Failed Campaign N
Deep States Joyful Noise Recordings 2021
6:58 PM
Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O - Umkhumbi kaMa
Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O Umkhumbi kaMa
UMDALI Mushroom Hour Half Hour 2021

Debut solo record by a member of South Africa's SPAZA.

7:06 PM
Primitons - All My Friends
Primitons All My Friends N
Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987 V/A Captured Tracks 2020
Originally from 1985.
7:08 PM
Set Break
7:15 PM
Pink Skull - 38:01
Pink Skull 38:01
Live on WPRB
7:53 PM
Set Break
7:57 PM
Game Theory - Bad Year At UCLA
Game Theory Bad Year At UCLA
Distortion of Glory Alias 1993

First found on the band's 1983 album "Blaze of Glory."


Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon (host) 4:45:18 PM
Chat is open! How is everyone doing this week?
Colin 5:04:10 PM
hey there! I'm about to step out and tune in from the road. But, I've had flat top vampire stuck in my head for a week and and it is spooky music season...
Jon Solomon (host) 5:04:20 PM
Wow! A quality jam!
Colin 5:05:22 PM
Have a fantastic show and I'll be jamming in the car to all your jammie jams.
Patrick Rapa 5:05:56 PM
This guy again
Gaby Ripoll 5:06:18 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 5:09:23 PM
Hey, Gaby! Hello as well, Patrick.
Patrick Rapa 5:12:13 PM
Meat Wave is keto punk
Christine 🦊 5:12:30 PM
Hey Jon! I'm getting lost in the Rush marching band performance above. Wild.
Patrick Rapa 5:13:00 PM
gout rock
Rob from Maryland 5:13:32 PM
Good afternoon Jon, Christine, Patrick, Gaby, Colin. That Meat Wave song sounded like it could have been from 1993
Jon Solomon (host) 5:14:05 PM
Christine, isn't it great? The music *and* the visuals.
Rob from Maryland 5:14:17 PM
Now I'm listening to the Rush marching band performance (at least for a bit)
Jon Solomon (host) 5:14:21 PM
Hello, Rob. I very much agree.
Christine 🦊 5:14:33 PM
Hi Rob 👋
Rob from Maryland 5:15:27 PM
Christine 🦊 5:16:07 PM
@Jon, having been in a high school marching band for 2 years, I know a little of how difficult that choreography must be. This marching band is tops.
Rob from Maryland 5:16:09 PM
For better or worse I don't really know too many Rush songs. But, I see the band just made themselves into a guitarist, then 2112 ...
Christine 🦊 5:16:28 PM
And that's not even touching the quality of their music!
Rob from Maryland 5:16:46 PM
I agree, Christine, the choreography and the music are both good
Jon Solomon (host) 5:16:53 PM
I lived with a few die-hard Rush fans in my 20s so through osmosis alone I appreciate what they're doing.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:17:20 PM
It really is impressive that marching band members in formation don't collide more.
Christine 🦊 5:18:42 PM
Marching band people are often obsessives, even at the high school level.
Rob from Maryland 5:18:53 PM
Ooh, I see it was University of Maryland vs. Ohio. I wonder who won. Not that I follow my local university teams
Jon Solomon (host) 5:19:09 PM
Saturday did not go well for the Terapins.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:19:16 PM
Best you heard it from me.
Rob from Maryland 5:20:29 PM
I see that, Jon. What a rout! I actually had seen that score on Saturday and then dumped it from my brain in favor of something more fun, like birds or WPRB
Jon Solomon (host) 5:21:45 PM
My alma mater lost 56-7 last time out so things aren't much better over here...
Rob from Maryland 5:22:05 PM
Patrick Rapa 5:22:45 PM
thumbs up on Aeon Station. is that record out? I'm on a computer so i can check. No. December 10.
James Totally 5:23:32 PM
I missed the Rush/Marching band talk? That choreography is amazing
Rob from Maryland 5:23:41 PM
With all the practice Ohio State put into the choreography, it's great that they won so handily!
James Totally 5:25:42 PM
I'm really curious how they did it. Did they use laser projections onto the field to learn the steps?
Brian Kijewski 5:25:58 PM
Good day Jon and everyone of the chat! That Aeon Station track gets more enjoyable by the listen.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:27:03 PM
Brian, I am more of a Wrens appreciator than a fan (I am not sure I know one of their songs but might guess it if you played it) but I thought that tune was excellent and has me more curious about the album than the one people waited 19 years for.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:27:38 PM
James, there has to be some sort of marching band formation computer program? But also that's why they practice! Wonder who chose Rush.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:28:41 PM
Yeah, there's this and many more like it - https://fieldartistcentral.com/faindex.htm
James Totally 5:28:48 PM
They have done other musicians in the past, but I'm guessing this has been in the works since the passing of Neil Peart
Patrick Rapa 5:29:02 PM
Secaucus Democracy
Jon Solomon (host) 5:30:33 PM
I can't believe The Wrens submitted a finished album to Sub Pop in 2013 but then one member decided it wasn't actually done.
Patrick Rapa 5:31:35 PM
that's self-Secaucabaotage
Patrick Rapa 5:32:53 PM
i think i saw Joe Keyes sing an REM song with the Wrens at a Magnet party long ago
Mary Jones 5:32:56 PM
Well, somebody—I won’t say who, but he’s working next to me—is now blaring that Rush marching band music with glee.
Brian Kijewski 5:33:44 PM
Hmm interesting, aside from reading the name in past I don't think I know any Wrens songs
Rob from Maryland 5:34:25 PM
I'm now watching the pregame performance of the Ohio State marching band from last Saturday. Sorry, Jon!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:34:30 PM
This thread implies the other half of the album will come out as a solo record - https://twitter.com/thewrens/status/1445817902645616641
Jon Solomon (host) 5:34:43 PM
Mary, I have narrowed it down to 3-4 suspects.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:34:59 PM
Pat, that whole sentence is very 2002.
James Totally 5:35:50 PM
Magnet, the magazine?
Jon Solomon (host) 5:36:51 PM
I am not Pat, but yes.
Patrick Rapa 5:36:59 PM
yeah. it was at one of Philly's many Ukrainian Halls, I believe
Patrick Rapa 5:38:08 PM
It was probably later ’90s, yeah
Patrick Rapa 5:38:58 PM
I remember talking about Mr. Show there with Shaky Mike and the guys from Lenola
Jon Solomon (host) 5:39:42 PM
To the time machine!
James Totally 5:40:40 PM
I feel old. I was there when they launched the magazine. in 93. I wrote some articles for it's previous incarnation Philly Rock Guide
Patrick Rapa 5:40:54 PM
Patrick Rapa 5:41:38 PM
That was before they moved to an all-Pollard format
Jon Solomon (host) 5:45:41 PM
I had to look up who Dewey Oxburger was.
Patrick Rapa 5:46:15 PM
these lyrics need hot links
Jon Solomon (host) 5:46:17 PM
(John Candy's character in Stripes.)
Patrick Rapa 5:46:24 PM
Chris Mohr 5:49:51 PM
Quick Draw McGraw!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:49:58 PM
If you want to hear that whole freestyle (broken into two parts) I'll have a link in the chat next mic break.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:50:26 PM
Prince Rakeem would have little success on Tommy Boy but re-appear two years later as...the RZA!
James Totally 5:53:19 PM
I did not know that. Now I'm in a wikipedia spiral
Jon Solomon (host) 5:55:23 PM
Yeah. It seems he had almost a full album as Prince Rakeem that never came out. I liked his 12".
Ambrose Hughes 5:57:10 PM
Hi Jon!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:57:42 PM
Hey hey Ambrose!
Ambrose Hughes 5:57:48 PM
Hello all in the chat!
James Totally 5:57:52 PM
Ambrose Hughes 5:58:52 PM
So, does anybody know why they sent T.J Hooker in to space today?
James Totally 6:00:08 PM
@ambrose If I had to guess, it was in protest of the Rolling Stones decision to stop playing Brown Sugar at their shows
Rob from Maryland 6:00:09 PM
@Bo, because it's the final frontier?
Rob from Maryland 6:01:10 PM
Hi Bo, James, Chris
Jon Solomon (host) 6:01:27 PM
This oneupmanship ends with us routinely sending the world's oldest person to space. You've been warned.
James Totally 6:02:14 PM
Hi Rob
Ambrose Hughes 6:03:12 PM
Blind But her are killer!
Rob from Maryland 6:04:05 PM
I'm not listening, just watching the chat, right now. Are we having an Ice Bear segment now?
Dennis Lingg 6:04:06 PM
Make it happen, Jon!
jimbeaux 6:05:28 PM
13 Eisbärs or 14 Iced Bears...your choice.
Dennis Lingg 6:05:49 PM
3 hours, that's 18 times as long as TJ Hooker was in space.
Rob from Maryland 6:05:54 PM
@jimbeaux, exactly!
James Totally 6:06:44 PM
I'm out of the loop. Is it a special type of cover song?
Jon Solomon (host) 6:06:53 PM
Rob from Maryland 6:08:44 PM
I'm listening now
Jon Solomon (host) 6:17:05 PM
James, nothing particularly special about it, simply had no idea so many had covered this Grauzone song called Eisbar!
Corage Mike 6:17:45 PM
Jon…What is the Gun Club relationship?
Corage Mike 6:17:56 PM
Thanks for the tunes!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:18:16 PM
One of many groups Dee Pop drummed for in their life.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:18:59 PM
Sounds like he lasted eight months.
James Totally 6:19:05 PM
I heard a bizarre cover song this past weekend. You'd either love it or hate it...
Corage Mike 6:19:24 PM
Ha…. Love Jeffrey Lee Pierce!
James Totally 6:20:44 PM
I have no idea how to share a spotify link, but it was a EDM cover of a sea shanty
Ambrose Hughes 6:21:29 PM
R.I.P. Dee Pop and another great drummer in Everett Morton of The Beat passed away recently.😞
Jon Solomon (host) 6:22:43 PM
Is anyone listening to the actual radio signal presently (not the web stream)? If so I have a question...
Ambrose Hughes 6:23:45 PM
Yes Jon ???
jimbeaux 6:24:03 PM
On the waves as well
Jon Solomon (host) 6:24:15 PM
Is the signal fuzzy at all? Got a text from my parents saying it was and I told them I'd get a second opinion.
Ambrose Hughes 6:24:49 PM
Nope, sounds good to me.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:25:14 PM
Excellent. They thought it might be them and they're closer to the transmitter than most.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:25:20 PM
Much appreciated.
jimbeaux 6:26:12 PM
Little static-y. I'm a few miles from Le Tower.
Ambrose Hughes 6:26:34 PM
I blame T.J. Hooker.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:28:37 PM
I think the perfect fall guy is The Fall Guy.
James Totally 6:29:09 PM
nice. I know this song :)
Jon Solomon (host) 6:29:30 PM
James, it was you who mentioned this last week - right?
James Totally 6:29:41 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 6:29:42 PM
I blew Mike's mind when I sent it to him.
Ambrose Hughes 6:29:48 PM
He likes falling!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:29:55 PM
He too hadn't put 2+2 together.
Kristin Belz 6:30:11 PM
late to the boisterous chat here but wanted to weigh in and say i for one am a huge fan of that whole wrens meadowlands record, so do go listen, ya'll. the new aeon station/kevin song i'm not grabbed by yet but will give it a bit of time. eager to hear charles's stuff, hope he does release it.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:30:52 PM
Someone trying to sequence the unreleased Wrens together from these two separate LPs is so very Internet and I look forward to the attempts.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:31:24 PM
Hey, KB!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:39:14 PM
I think it is time to ask everyone what they're having for dinner but I have to admit I might EAT AFTER THE SHOW.
James Totally 6:44:12 PM
kielbasa on rye. steamed veggie medley on the side
jimbeaux 6:45:44 PM
Orchiette, broc raab, walnut/ricotta puree.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:46:07 PM
Very nice. I have a feeling my endgame is "peanut butter and marmalade sandwich" but I also need to prep two days of lunches for the kid...
jimbeaux 6:48:11 PM
PB & marmalade IS the kid lunch!
James Totally 6:48:48 PM
did you see that pic going around of the kid that told her dad that she wanted to be a transformer for halloween?
Jon Solomon (host) 6:49:12 PM
She doesn't like peanut butter! For shame!
jimbeaux 6:49:18 PM
I actually eat that a lot....and PB & pickle sammies.
James Totally 6:49:56 PM
Rob from Maryland 6:50:02 PM
Boef Bourguinon (sp.) and a salad with a delicious avocado and cherry tomatos
Kristin Belz 6:50:04 PM
my late lunch discovery was dipping roasted sweet potatoes and yam chunks in greek yogurt/seedy mustard/parsley mixture. and same on the skillet toasted chick peas and green pepper mix.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:50:08 PM
PB & pickle with some sriracha and sesame seeds is good!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:50:35 PM
Transform and roll out. Seriously kid, get on your side and roll.
Rob from Maryland 6:50:40 PM
@Kristin, that sounds delicious
Kristin Belz 6:51:31 PM
and your maryland bourguigon (sp!?) sounds tres elegante @Rob!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:51:51 PM
Yeah, I might need to think bigger for dinner.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:54:22 PM
Because of you all.
jimbeaux 7:04:12 PM
Will have to upgrade my PB&🥒
Jon Solomon (host) 7:06:28 PM
There was a NYT "no recipe recipe" about the Splcy Peanut Butter Sandwich I must now try and find...
Jon Solomon (host) 7:06:46 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 7:07:06 PM
Lots of ideas here.
Kristin Belz 7:07:53 PM
ooh nice to hear this old nugget - so glad it's being rediscovered on the new comp!
Ambrose Hughes 7:08:12 PM
Man I wish this band were still around!💥
Chris Mohr 7:08:16 PM
@Krstin Yeah!
Rob from Maryland 7:08:45 PM
I've capped off dinner with peanut butter straciatella (sp) gelato. 🍨 🥄 😋 😋
Rob from Maryland 7:09:28 PM
Strum and Thrum is my favorite cd purchase this year
Rob from Maryland 7:10:27 PM
and I purchased it because like 5 PRRB djs in a row (that I listen to) played it during the summer
Chris Mohr 7:12:20 PM
Late to the chat, but was listening in the car in Philly until a little while ago and the signal sounded like 14,000 Watts of Stereo 103.3 power goodness
James Totally 7:12:36 PM
right on
Jon Solomon (host) 7:15:51 PM
Thank you, James! Away we go!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:19:08 PM
Rob, that's great. The system works.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:19:37 PM
Oh, thanks for the signal update Chris. Missed that while on-mic.
Ambrose Hughes 7:27:05 PM
@Jon, diggin' this band, are they still together?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:30:56 PM
Pink Skull was mostly this guy Julian and I know they put out a new single this year but I don't expect a full band Pink Skull again anytime soon.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:31:38 PM
Swedish 45 was their most recent outing - https://hoganordrekords.bandcamp.com/album/hnr040-taki-chrome-strummer-maxxx
Ambrose Hughes 7:35:59 PM
@Jon, thanks for the info, did, (He) relocate to Sweden?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:37:29 PM
Excellent question. I think the answer is actually Germany?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:38:47 PM
Berlin seemingly.
Ambrose Hughes 7:40:21 PM
Oh, interesting.
Ambrose Hughes 7:41:35 PM
@Jon, have you heard of Warm Duscher?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:44:32 PM
I don't believe I have. What is that?
Ambrose Hughes 7:48:35 PM
That sir is a band that I do believe you'd like, if I may say so!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:50:35 PM
Oh nice. If you remember, send me a Bandcamp link when I'm not on the radio please and I will check 'em out.
Ambrose Hughes 7:51:58 PM
No prob!
Christine 🦊 7:55:56 PM
Great show tonight, Jon! 🙏 Sorry I couldn't hang out in the chat.
Rob from Maryland 7:55:59 PM
Thanks for this great show, Jon, and especially for the marching band video!
James Totally 7:56:32 PM
Thank you Jon! Have a good evening everyone
jimbeaux 7:57:45 PM
Marching Band THIS: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CUu-EHRg9hK/?utm_medium=share_sheet
Jon Solomon (host) 7:57:50 PM
You are all so totally welcome. Apologies if I missed anyone.
jimbeaux 7:57:56 PM
Thanks Jon!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:58:15 PM
Oh no. The robots are here earlier than I calculated.
Chris Mohr 7:58:20 PM
Game Theory!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:58:50 PM
Chris, did you ever hear the piece I read at a Scott Miller tribute several years back? If not, I will share with you!
Ambrose Hughes 7:58:59 PM
Thanks Jon, excellent show tonight!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:59:21 PM
The show is only as good as the listeners in the chat, scout's honor.