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The Scarlet Pumpernickel

Oct 25, 2021 9:00 AM β€“ 10:00 AM

With Pangaeo

with Pato, not Pangaeo

The Scarlet Pumpernickel
9:00 AM
Lena Platonos - Russian Lament
Lena Platonos Russian Lament N
Balancers Dark Entries Records 2021
9:06 AM
Pamela Z - Echolocation
Pamela Z Echolocation N
Echolocation Freedom To Spend 1988
single from upcoming reissue
9:10 AM
Pink Martini - Hey Eugene
Pink Martini Hey Eugene
Hey Eugene! A.K. MΓΌzik 2007
9:13 AM
Paul Schwartz - Gloria
Paul Schwartz Gloria
State of Grace, Vol.2: Turning to Peace Windham Hill Records 2003
9:19 AM
Dick Kent - Five Feet Nine and a Half Inches Tall
Dick Kent Five Feet Nine and a Half Inches Tall
Songs in the Key of Z, Vol. 2: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music (Expanded, Remastered) V/A Key of Z Records 2013
9:23 AM
Thunder Beat - Ancient Sun
Thunder Beat Ancient Sun
Ancient Sun Thunder Beat 2009
9:28 AM
Set Break: And now it's time for the SCARLET PUMPERNICKEL GAME SHOW. Is this cover song A. Better than the original. B. Waaaay better than the original. D. All of the above ... G'luck
9:32 AM
XTC - All Along the Watchtower
XTC All Along the Watchtower
White Music Virgin Records 2001
9:38 AM
Hildegard - Jour 3
Hildegard Jour 3
Hildegard section1 2021
9:41 AM
Kinderwise Music Co. - Three Fine Mice
Kinderwise Music Co. Three Fine Mice
Kinderwise Music Co. Vol. 1 self-release 2009
9:44 AM
Yikii - Doll's Synaesthesia δΊΊεΆηš„ι€šζ„Ÿ
Yikii Doll's Synaesthesia δΊΊεΆηš„ι€šζ„Ÿ N
Crimson Poem ζ·±η΄…δΉ‹θ©© Danse Noire 2021
9:47 AM
Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad
Queen I'm Going Slightly Mad
Greatest Hits II Hollywood Records 2014
9:52 AM
Scott Kinsey Mer Sal - Don't Let Go (feat. Alex Machacek)
Scott Kinsey Mer Sal Don't Let Go (feat. Alex Machacek) N
Adjustments Blue Canoe Records 2021
9:55 AM
Zan - Get to Work
Zan Get to Work
1 of the Starz Dadd's Production Inc. 2001
9:56 AM
Al Gromer Khan & Emin Corrado - Pleasure Palace
Al Gromer Khan & Emin Corrado Pleasure Palace
Tantra Electronica Shiva Shakti 2004
Chat is archived.
Pato (host) 9:02:31 AM
Today's loaf of red bread, admittedly, has some unusual ingredients. But hey, don
Pato (host) 9:02:40 AM
't be scared
jimbeaux 9:08:28 AM
Red bread? Beet bread? Beat bread?
Christine 🦊 9:08:51 AM
Pamela Z: so interesting.
Christine 🦊 9:09:24 AM
Also, are these chia seeds in the red bread? I think they might be chia seeds.
Pato (host) 9:10:43 AM
yes, chia, christine -- and you can grow them into all different shapes
Doo-Wop the Mok 9:10:56 AM
Bob Ross chia seeds
Pato (host) 9:11:05 AM
Beat Bread. I like it, Jimbeaux. Thanks for checking itn
Pato (host) 9:11:33 AM
Bob Ross' chia scalp treatment
Christine 🦊 9:22:13 AM
This guy is kind of preoccupied with his height, and the heights of others...
Pato (host) 9:22:28 AM
not at tall
jimbeaux 9:23:55 AM
those aren't chia seeds, Christine...some sort of insect protein.
Christine 🦊 9:24:46 AM
@Pato, lol
Christine 🦊 9:25:55 AM
@jimbeaux, so it's this protein bread I've been hearing all this buzz about! πŸ¦—
Pato (host) 9:26:32 AM
(buzz: one of the clues where the protein source comes from)
jimbeaux 9:27:14 AM
chirp, chirp...i hear crickets. Errr...chapulines.
Andy Wing 9:28:00 AM
Morning all! Nice mix.
Pato (host) 9:34:01 AM
Morning Andy Wing. Thanks for dropping in.
Christine 🦊 9:34:59 AM
Morning, Andy πŸ‘‹
ǝɹnΙ”sqκ“³ ǝΙ₯κ“• ΗΚŒΙκ“· 9:35:56 AM
I will go so far as to say that ANY cover of a Bob Dylan song will be wa-a-ay better than the original.
Doo-Wop the Mok 9:36:25 AM
That is not crazy talk
Pato (host) 9:38:04 AM
Andy Wing has joined us just in time to hear Andy Partridge. Coincidence?
Pato (host) 9:41:38 AM
Morning ǝɹnΙ”sqκ“³ ǝΙ₯κ“• ΗΚŒΙκ“·. Thanks for your provocation
ǝɹnΙ”sqκ“³ ǝΙ₯κ“• ΗΚŒΙκ“· 9:42:27 AM
Yes, I realize this position is not a popular one, and might upset some people.
Christine 🦊 9:43:16 AM
@Dave, I don't know if you're upsetting anyone here...
Christine 🦊 9:43:24 AM
Pato (host) 9:43:51 AM
But I think a lot of people also would agree with you, DtO
Pato (host) 9:45:14 AM
Me, I've learned to appreciate Mr. Zimmerman's voice. Don't know if I'd want to hear him singing a Sinatra tribute ... no wait, I probably would want to hear that.
DSM 9:45:39 AM
Chiming in to say I am very upset DTO!
DSM 9:45:49 AM
And good morning everyone
uno clay 9:46:26 AM
i think the real winner of these contests is the Scarlet P, who is clearly designing his posed questions as fodder for chat debate
uno clay 9:47:11 AM
fun fact, i was once at a concert and overheard a younger couple discussing all along the watchtower as "one of dave mathews best songs"
Christine 🦊 9:48:05 AM
@uno clay, that is both scary and hilarious.
Pato (host) 9:48:18 AM
Uno, that's funny! I knew someone who insisted it was a Hendrix original.
Doo-Wop the Mok 9:48:42 AM
Dave does do a killer version though
uno clay 9:48:48 AM
i think its actually fair to think its a Hendrix original, he defined it, and its probably 50/50 people who'd get it right in a quiz
Andy Wing 9:50:04 AM
There are other Andrews who hang out on station chat, 😁
Christine 🦊 9:50:11 AM
That Queen, well off their trolley...
Andy Wing 9:50:55 AM
...and a Colin, too (?) to match Mr. Moulding.
Pato (host) 9:51:53 AM
points well taken. Bonus points given.
Christine 🦊 9:57:09 AM
Thx Pato πŸ™ You've kept us from going more than slightly mad today.
Pato (host) 9:58:12 AM
Thanks everyone! You're all winners in my book ("The Book of Lies"). Stay tuned for Blues, Off the Record, with Sonny Boy Williamson the II (or maybe the I-IV-V)
Pato (host) 9:58:44 AM
Thanks @christine. I think I may have gone more than slicely mad
Andy Wing 10:01:38 AM
Al Gromer Khan's Mahogany Nights is a space music classic.