Not Truth, But Effect

Oct 25, 2021 5:00 PM β€“ 8:00 PM

With KPC

It's the Fall 2021 Silent Drive, so of course the theme for week 1 is "Silent" (starts 1/2 way thru the show)

New music from Cochonne, Macie Stewart, Moontype & more. Also, old music.

Not Truth, But Effect
5:01 PM
Kinski - Silent Biker Type
Kinski Silent Biker Type
Down Below It's Chaos Sub Pop Records 2007
5:15 PM
Meatbodies - Let Go (333)
Meatbodies Let Go (333) N
333 In The Red 2021
5:19 PM
SUUNS - C-Thru
The Witness Joyful Noise Recordings 2021
5:21 PM
Mouth Painter - Mother Carey's Chickens
Mouth Painter Mother Carey's Chickens N
Tropicale Moon Arrowhawk Records 2021
5:24 PM
Moontype - About You
Moontype About You
Bodies of Water Born Yesterday Records 2020
5:26 PM
Jim Noir - Peppergone
Jim Noir Peppergone N
Deep Blue View Dook Recordings 2021
5:33 PM
Moon Duo - The World and the Sun
Moon Duo The World and the Sun
Stars Are the Light Sacred Bones Records 2019
5:38 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
5:45 PM
Cable Ties - Lani
Cable Ties Lani
Far Enough Poison City Records 2020
5:51 PM
Cochonne - Trop
Cochonne Trop N
Cochonne - EP Sorry State Records 2021
5:55 PM
The Nels Cline Singers - Segunda
The Nels Cline Singers Segunda
Share The Wealth Blue Note Records 2020
6:02 PM
Dinosaur Jr. - Take It Back
Dinosaur Jr. Take It Back
Sweep It Into Space Jagjaguwar 2021
6:05 PM
Macie Stewart - Mouthful of Glass
Macie Stewart Mouthful of Glass N
Mouth Full of Glass Orindal Records 2021
6:08 PM
Set Break: ----------------FUNK------------------------------------
6:17 PM
Black Market Brass - Undying Thirst
Black Market Brass Undying Thirst
Undying Thirst Colemine Records 2020
6:23 PM
Baby Brother - How Do You Like Your Love
Baby Brother How Do You Like Your Love
Baby Brother Cotillion Records 1981
6:25 PM
Margie Joseph - You Better Know It
Margie Joseph You Better Know It
Margie Joseph Atlantic 1973
6:29 PM
Mazarati - 100MPH
Mazarati 100MPH
Mazarati Paisley Park 1986
written by Prince
6:35 PM
Black Uhuru - Sponji Reggae (Discomix)
Black Uhuru Sponji Reggae (Discomix)
"Sponji Reggae"/"Trodding" (12" single) Island Records 1981
6:44 PM
Set Break: ----------------SILENT------------------------------------
6:57 PM
Young Marble Giants - Radio Silents (Taken from the Final Day Single)
Young Marble Giants Radio Silents (Taken from the Final Day Single)
Colossal Youth Domino Recording Co 2007
7:06 PM
Swervedriver - Radio-Silent
Swervedriver Radio-Silent
Future Ruins Dangerbird Records 2018
7:08 PM
Cabaret Voltaire - Silent Command
Cabaret Voltaire Silent Command R
The Original Sound of Sheffield - '78 / '82: Best Of Mute 2002
Originally released 1980
7:10 PM
David Bowie - Sons of the Silent Age (2017 Remastered Version)
David Bowie Sons of the Silent Age (2017 Remastered Version)
"Heroes" RCA Victor 1977
7:13 PM
Modern English - Silent World
Modern English Silent World
"Drowning man"/"Silent World" (7" single) Limp Records 1979


7:19 PM
The Mediaters - Silent Battles
The Mediaters Silent Battles
Waiting Room V/A Object Music 1980
7:21 PM
Tall Dwarfs - Song of the Silents
Tall Dwarfs Song of the Silents
Hello Cruel World Flying Nun Records 2005
Originally released 1982
7:29 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:31 PM
Bauhaus - Silent Hedges
Bauhaus Silent Hedges
The Sky's Gone Out Beggars Banquet 1982
7:34 PM
The Sound - Silent Air
The Sound Silent Air R
From the Lion's Mouth 1972 Records 1981
7:39 PM
Marine Girls - Silent Red
Marine Girls Silent Red
Beach Party Cherry Red Cherry Red Phonograph 1981
7:39 PM
Cruel Summer - Silent Star
Cruel Summer Silent Star
Cruel Summer - EP Mt.St.Mtn. 2013
7:46 PM
AUSMUTEANTS - Silent Genes
Band of the Future Aarght Records 2016
7:50 PM
Bad Brains - Silent Tears
Bad Brains Silent Tears
Quickness Caroline Records 1989
7:52 PM
Radioactivity - Silent Kill
Radioactivity Silent Kill
Silent Kill Dirtnap Records 2015
7:53 PM
Electric Eye - Silent By the River
Electric Eye Silent By the River
Different Sun Jansen Records 2016
7:58 PM
Three Trapped Tigers - Silent Earthling
Three Trapped Tigers Silent Earthling
Silent Earthling Superball Music 2016
Chat is archived.
KPC (host) 5:01:29 PM
Chat is on :)
KPC (host) 5:01:55 PM
Bud Burroughs 5:10:57 PM
I always hear "chew the okra... chew the okra" in your theme
sean burns 5:14:44 PM
John Cage, 4'33"... It's well worth listening to
KPC (host) 5:14:58 PM
Whoa chew the okra that's cool.
KPC (host) 5:15:15 PM
@sean yeah but maybe not on the radio?
Dana K (in exile) 5:23:33 PM
this is gorgeous
KPC (host) 5:23:55 PM
Thanks Dana!
KPC (host) 5:24:43 PM
Cool title too
Matthew Snopenhauer 5:42:38 PM
Werner Herzog vs chickens
KPC (host) 5:45:41 PM
He has a fear of chickens heard
Matthew Snopenhauer 5:47:42 PM
He hates em
KPC (host) 5:48:51 PM
I'm kinda scared of them too actually
KPC (host) 5:49:15 PM
Somehow I'm less afraid of horses than chickens
KPC (host) 5:49:37 PM
"Look into the eyes of a chicken and you will see real stupidity. It is a kind of bottomless stupidity, a fiendish stupidity. They are the most horrifying, cannibalistic and nightmarish creatures in the world." -- Werner Herzog
KPC (host) 5:49:56 PM
Eggs are really cool though, in general.
Matthew Snopenhauer 5:52:34 PM
Eye of the Chicken - Butthole Surfers
Matthew Snopenhauer 5:53:50 PM
Yr listening to Talkin' Chickens with KPC on WPRB
KPC (host) 5:54:08 PM
Boc Boc Boc
KPC (host) 5:54:21 PM
Jon Solomon 5:55:52 PM
Cable Ties as I drove up Route 1 with the sun starting to go down was terrific.
KPC (host) 5:56:03 PM
Thanks Jon! :)
KPC (host) 5:56:11 PM
Great record!
Bill Davidson 5:56:35 PM
Does anyone remember Chickenman from WPST or WHWH?
Bill Davidson 5:56:48 PM
KPC (host) 5:57:03 PM
Yes Bill I remember Chickenman!
KPC (host) 5:57:17 PM
Here's everywhere he's everywhere
Bill Davidson 5:58:31 PM
KPC (host) 5:59:25 PM
Thats all I remember of it lol
KPC (host) 6:00:56 PM
Vaguely some sort of vigilante/crimestopper
Bill Davidson 6:02:58 PM
Yes. I didn't know what to make of it when I first heard it (early '80s).
Kristin Belz 6:02:59 PM
J. goes jaunty!
KPC (host) 6:03:13 PM
Yeah very much on this
KPC (host) 6:03:25 PM
He can be jaunty
KPC (host) 6:03:41 PM
See "Take a run at the sun"!
David Shortell 6:17:17 PM
This debuted on TV shortly after that radio show:
David Shortell 6:17:20 PM
KPC (host) 6:17:59 PM
I hope it's a 5-hour documentary on Werner Herzog filming chickens like he hates them.
Bill Davidson 6:18:55 PM
Super Chicken was created by the Rocky & Bullwinkle people, right?
David Shortell 6:21:22 PM
Yes. Jay Ward.
Selecta Jerry 6:39:39 PM
Sly and robbie πŸ”₯
Selecta Jerry 6:40:19 PM
This song made for one awkward and dumb moment on the cosby show
KPC (host) 6:41:17 PM
Oh do tell
Selecta Jerry 6:41:21 PM
Great 12” kpc enjoy
KPC (host) 6:41:40 PM
Thank you Jerry! !
Selecta Jerry 6:43:15 PM
KPC (host) 6:43:33 PM
LOL I'll watch later! Thanks.
KPC (host) 6:45:24 PM
Bill Davidson 6:45:54 PM
"Silent Command" by Cabaret Voltaire?
James Simmons 6:47:19 PM
Thanks for turning me on to SUUNS. Really intriguing and original
DSM 6:51:17 PM
Hey KPC, and everybody!
DSM 6:53:31 PM
Hmmm, the right to remain silent by Silver Jews comes to mind. Oh and kinda related, Silence Kit by Pavement
KPC (host) 6:57:52 PM
KPC (host) 6:58:39 PM
Thanks James! Yes it's a really cool album.
KPC (host) 6:58:48 PM
Love the sound they got.
KPC (host) 6:59:04 PM
@Bill Yes I have Caberet Volatair & will play! Thanks! :)
Thomas Baker (1) 6:59:35 PM
Pennsbury H.S. Class of 86. Grew up in Yardley listening to WPRB and WTSR.
Li Maria 6:59:40 PM
Evening! "In a Silent Way" by Miles?
Bill Davidson 6:59:50 PM
Thanks, KPC!
KPC (host) 7:02:47 PM
@Thomas: My wife went to Pennsbury HS!
Thomas Baker (1) 7:03:15 PM
Thomas Baker (1) 7:04:00 PM
Did you go to Truman?
KPC (host) 7:04:39 PM
No I went to PHS here in Princeton.
KPC (host) 7:05:08 PM
@Maria: Amazingly I do not have In A Silent Way by Miles Davis. Gotta fix that.
Li Maria 7:06:14 PM
Thomas Baker (1) 7:06:22 PM
Oh, nice. Thanks for the PA shout out.
KPC (host) 7:06:52 PM
KPC (host) 7:06:55 PM
Bill Davidson 7:10:48 PM
Bowie! I thought about requesting this song.
KPC (host) 7:11:37 PM
Sweet...thanks BIll!
KPC (host) 7:11:48 PM
Any song Bowie plays sax on is OK with me.
Bill Davidson 7:19:18 PM
Very cool Modern English track. Never knew they once sounded like that.
KPC (host) 7:19:56 PM
Yeah I think they were known as The Toilets at one point too!
Bill Davidson 7:21:46 PM
Dana K (in exile) 7:22:42 PM
If you’re taking requests, I think The Sound’s β€œSilent Air” would go great!
KPC (host) 7:23:04 PM
Thanks Dana! Yes I have & will play!
Dana K (in exile) 7:23:45 PM
Yay! Love this set. Right up my alley.
KPC (host) 7:24:28 PM
Excellent! :)
Andy Wing 7:35:00 PM
Just tuning in, maybe Thomas Dolby's Radio Silence?
KPC (host) 7:37:25 PM
*Next* week is "silence"! :)
KPC (host) 7:37:34 PM
*This* week is "silent"
KPC (host) 7:38:26 PM
I'll play next week at this time!
KPC (host) 7:40:46 PM
Unless, of course, you won't be around next week.
KPC (host) 7:40:50 PM
I can play now then :)
Andy Wing 7:45:16 PM
Depends, this show is my usual dinner time-ish. I'll definitely hang around for Rosasolis and hop the storm doesn't knock anyone's power out. Looks like it's already hit Rob from Maryland's area.
jimbeaux 7:45:59 PM
Yeooo KPC!
Andy Wing 7:46:17 PM
Storm just got here 😱
Bill Davidson 7:49:08 PM
Hooray for ridiculous people on the air!
KPC (host) 7:49:48 PM
Thanks Bill!
KPC (host) 7:50:55 PM
Last one for this week:
KPC (host) 7:53:29 PM
Thanks everybody for listening, requesting, chatting, watching & PLEDGING! Love you! See you next week!
Li Maria 8:01:58 PM
Thanks KPC!